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February 1682

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
Feb. 1.Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 69l. 6s. 8d. to Phillip Warwicke for 1681, June 24 quarter, on his salary as collector outwards of the Petty Customs, London port.Money Book III, p. 227.
Same to same to pay 241l. 13s. 4d. to Sir John Shaw for 1681, June 24 quarter, on his salaries of 466l. 13s. 4d. per an. as collector inwards, London port, and of 500l. per an. as surveyor of the Navigation Act.Ibid, p. 228.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to the Treasurer of the Ordnance 5,200l. out of the purchase money of the Artillery Ground now remaining in the Exchequer.Disposition Book II, p. 119.
Same to Dr. Barbon to hasten the agreement of the King's warrant for the conveyance of Well Close. As soon as agreed on send it to the Treasury Lords in order to its being passed.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 403.
Same to Col. Legge, forwarding two books relating to the Office of Ordnance, one containing orders signed by the late King for the government of the said Office, the other concerning the surveying of remains, provision of stores etc. Send me a copy of the paper which you lately brought to the Treasury Lords concerning several fortifications designed to be made at Hull, Portsmouth and other places.Ibid.
Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Maria Coulscott of divers lands and tenements in co. Devon, part of the estate of James Hamond, outlaw: at a rent of 10s. 6d. and fine of 21s.Warrants not Relating to Money IX, p. 36.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Smeaton as a tidesman extraordinary, London port, in the first vacancy next after those in fee.Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 51.
Treasury reference to Sir Richard Mason, Bartholomew Fillingham and Sergt. Ramsey [Agents for Taxes], of the petition of Tho. Harrison (Herrison): petitioner shewing that in 1674 Mr. Wiseman in the name of Edward Loyde had an order [of loan] and a tally thereupon dated 1674, Dec. 14, for 1,717l. 10s. 0d. upon the arrears of the Eighteen Months' Assessment of 13 Car. II. (there being then sufficient of the said arrears [to meet said order]): but of the said sum Wiseman has only received 741l. 8s. 0d. thus leaving 976l. 2s. 0d. which petitioner hopes to discover [the requisite funds to discharge it] by inquiry into the arrears of that assessment: therefore prays that his order of loan and tally as above may be directed to be satisfied out of such money as petitioner shall prosecute and recover [as above].Reference Book I, p. 548.
Feb. 1.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Richard Sands for the place of customer of Bridgwater loco his near kinsman, Andrew Worth, who for want of health is willing to resign; petitioner having ever faithfully served the late and present King and being bred up all ways to accounts.Reference Book I, p. 549.
Feb. 2.Same to the Attorney General of the petition of Mr. [Robert] Mason. The Attorney General is to enquire into Mr. Mason's title and to consider of the best means of firmly assuring to his Majesty the particulars of the said proposal.Ibid, pp. 546–8.
Prefixing: (a) said Mason's petition to the King shewing that Edward Cranfield has been by his Majesty appointed Commander in Chief of the Province of New Hampshire, whereof the propriety of the soil is vested in petitioner by a grant from James I; "and as I am fully sencible of the advantages that will arise unto me in particular by the influence of your Majesty's royal protection and governments, as well as unto all other of your Majesty's subjects in that province who have been lately relieved by your Majesty's great grace and favour from the oppression of their neighbours. To the end therefore [that] the charge of government may be made most easy unto your Majesty as I am chiefly concerned therein, so I think myself obliged in gratitude and duty to contribute a considerable part of my own estate and lawful inheritance" towards the maintenance of the Governor who shall reside there. I therefore offer to your Majesty a fifth part of all rents, revenues and profits arising of which shall arise to me by virtue of my propriety as well in that part of the Province now under your Majesty's obedience as in that other part hitherto unjustly detained from your Majesty and myself by the Governor and Company of Massachusetts Bay, for which I am yet a petitioner to your Majesty; [the said fifth part] to be applied for and towards the support and maintenance of your Majesty's Governor or Commander there residing. "And whereas with the propriety of soil there is also granted unto me all prerogatives, royalties etc. whereby as I am advised I am entitled to all fines and forfeitures arising in the Province" I humbly surrender and give to your Majesty the right of all such fines and forfeitures, hoping and praying that your Majesty will allot same for the better support and public uses of the [said] government "and I humbly presume to add that when your Majesty shall have enabled the said Mr. Cranfeild to goe and settele himselfe in the possession of the Government the Council and Assembly will in a short time raise and establish such further additionall revenue as will be to your Majesties great satisfaction and answare the whole charge and expense which shall be necessary to maintain and support your Majesties authority and government there."
(b) Order of reference from the King in Council dated at the Court at Whitehall 1681–2, Jan. 25, referring said petition to the Treasury Lords who are to consider what allowance is fit for Mr. Cranfeild to enable him to perform his voyage to New Hampshire and to settle himself as Governor there.
Feb. 2.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.:Disposition Book II, p. 121.
to Mr. Johnson for the Forces 2,000
to ditto for off-reckonings 2,000
to me [Guy] for secret service in part of 5,000l. 200
to Mris. Gwynne 250
to the Duke of Southampton 214
to the Duke of Grafton 600
Money warrant for 10l. each to the following as groom littermen, being for one year each to the dates stated on their allowance of 10l. per an. each: viz. Henry Baldwin to 1677, Lady day, John Williams to 1676, Lady day, Thomas Franklyn (Francklyn) to same date, Robt. Emms to 1680, Lady day, James Goodenough to same date, James Taylor to same date, John Hosey to 1676, Lady day, Richard Jones to 1680, Lady day, the executrix of John Eldridg, deceased, to 1676, Lady day. (Money orders dated Feb. 4 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 231. Order Book XXXVIII, pp. 279–80.
Same for 1,500l. to Heneage, Earl of Nottingham, Lord Chancellor, 500l. thereof for 1681, June 24 quarter, and 1,000l. thereof in full of 1681, Sept. 29 quarter, on his annuity or pension of 4,000l. per an.Money Book III, p. 232.
Same for 388l. to Arthur, Earl of Anglesea, Lord Privy Seal, for 1681, Sept. 29 quarter, on his 4l. a day in lieu of diet. (Money order dated Feb. 3 hereon.)Ibid, p. 232. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 279.
Same for 100,000l. to Nicholas Johnson, Paymaster of the Forces, as imprest for the pay of the Guards and Garrisons and contingencies thereof for half a year from Jan. 1 last to July 1 next. (Money order dated Feb. 3 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 233. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 279.
Same for 20l. 6s. 8d. to Sir Robert Sawyer for 1681, Christmas quarter, on his fee or salary as Attorney General.Money Book III, p. 233.
Same for 35l. to Heneage Finch, esq. for half a year to 1681, Christmas, on his fee or salary as Solicitor General.Ibid, p. 234.
Same for 125l. to Sir George Jefferys, kt. for 1681, Sept. 29 quarter, on his salary or allowance of 500l. per an. as one of the Justices for the city of Chester.Ibid.
Same for 50l. to John Warren for same quarter on his same as one of the Justices for the city of Chester.Ibid, p. 235.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies of assignment on the Tenths of the dioceses of Oxford, Worcester, Hereford and St. Davids for 212l. 10s. 0d. to Elizabeth Hamilton for last Christmas quarter on the annuity to her children; and for 125l. on the Tenths of Chester and Rochester for same on the annuity to herself.Ibid, pp. 235–6.
Feb. 2.Money warrant for 25l. each to the following as Masters of Requests, viz. Sir Charles Cotterell for 1680, Sept. 29 quarter, Sir William Glascock for same, Thomas Povey for same and William Fanshaw for 1681, June 24 quarter.Money Book III, p. 236.
Feb. 3.Royal warrant to the Treasury Lords to give warrant to the surveyors of Woods, Trent South, and to the woodward of Windsor Forest with the assistance of Hugh May, Comptroller of the Works to fell 50 loads of declining timber in Braywood, Haslewood and Hadneyswood in Windsor Forest, to be delivered to the officers of the Works within Windsor Castle for the service of the said Works. The offal to be sold and accounted for before the auditor for co. Berks. (Treasury warrant accordingly, dated Feb. 9 hereon, to Tho. Agar and Charles Strode [surveyors ut supra] and to William Chiffinch, woodward [ut supra]. The Treasury Lords, dated Feb. 7, to Prince Rupert, informing him of the present warrant. The Treasury Lords, dated Feb. 9, to the Earl of Chesterfield, similarly informing him.)King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 328. Money Book III, p. 244. Out Letters (General) VI, pp. 405, 409.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for a salary of 1,000l. per an. each to the seven Commissioners of the Admiralty, viz. Daniel, Lord Finch, Sir Humphrey Wynch, Sir Thomas Meres, Edward Hales, William Visct. Brouncker, Henry Savile, Vice-Chamberlain of the Household, and Sir John Chichley, kt., they being thereto constituted by a great seal of Jan. 20 last in place of said Finch, Wynch, Meres, Hales, Brouncker and Sir Thos. Littleton, deceased. The first payment hereof to be at Lady day next. The privy seal of 1679–80, Mar. 6, for the like salary to the said late Commissioners is hereby revoked.King's Warrant Book VIII, pp. 320–331.
Feb. 4.Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of a reversionary lease to Tho. Saunders of the scite of the manor of Shippon, co. Berks, for 99 years, terminable on the lives of George Saunders and Elizabeth Saunders: at a rent of 66s. 8d. and fine of 120l.Warrants not Relating to Money IX, p. 36.
Henry Guy to the Master of the Ordnance to give order for payment of the interest due to Mr. Sheldon for the time he lent 1,000l. for the Ordnance Office. Same to is be paid out of what shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Ordnance out of the purchase money of the [old] Artillery Ground. (Letter repeated on the 6th, with the additional instruction to allow him two per cent. gratuity "in regard he lent the money upon a great exigency.")Out Letters (General) VI, p. 404.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the Customs money paid into the Exchequer this morning, viz. 3,000l. to the Judges, 275l. to the Masters in Chancery, 175l. to the Welsh Judges, 100l. to the Masters of Requests, 1,500l. to the Lord Chancellor, 388l. to the Lord Privy Seal, 375l. to Sir William Scroggs, 20l. 6s. 8d. to the Attorney General, 35l. to the Solicitor General, 4,400l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for the ship Foresight. (Total, 10,268l. 6s. 8d,) (Same to Visct. Falkland, Treasurer of the Navy, to apply the said 4,400l. for the pay of the Foresight.)Disposition Book II, p. 122.
Feb. 4.Money warrant for 135l. to Phil. Burton for Crown law charges and costs. (Money order dated Feb. 4 hereon.) (Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay same out of the fines and forfeitures of Popish Recusants now remaining in the Exchequer.)Money Book III, p. 236. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 279. Disposition Book II, p. 122.
Treasury warrant to William Hewer [Treasurer for Tangier Garrison] to pay the following sums which have been allowed by the Committee of Council for the affairs of Tangier: viz. 40s. each to Robt. Stapleton, John Faircloath and Dennis Loughland, three of the unserviceable soldiers returned from Tangier, 3l. each to eight gunners and carpenters, viz. John Godwin, William Palmer, Hen. Dove, John Enoe, Tho. Walton, Moses Goff, Jno. Humpherys and John Jackson for their passage home from Tangier (it appearing that though they took shipping at Tangier about June 8 they came on shore at Deal not till Sept. 9 last) and 29l. 18s. 0d. each to Andrew Arbuthnet and John Bell, late lieutenants in the Earl of Dumbarton's Regiment at Tangier, who were both wounded in the action against the Moors, [being] 2s. a day [each] for their service there as reformado officers from 1680, June 5, to 1681, April 1: the abovesaid payments to the eight carpenters being ordered by the King in Council, Dec. 21 last, and the other abovesaid persons being on the said date referred by the King to the Treasury for payment. (Total hereof, 89l. 16s. 0d.)Money Book III, p. 237.
Same to Phillip Burton to pay out of Crown law charges 200l. to Richard Graham for his disbursements in Crown prosecutions and other services, pursuant to direction from the King and the Privy Council; and 135l. to John Hardisty, gent., for disbursements and reward in drawing several indictments against several Papists and others from 1678, Nov., "to this time."Ibid, pp. 237–8.
Money warrant for 1,000l. to Aubrey, Earl of Oxford, for half a year to 1681, June 24, on his pension as by the patent of 1673, June 19, and the privy seal of 1680, May 19.Ibid, p. 238.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 13l. each to the 19 King's waiters in London port for 1681, June 24 quarter, on their salaries.Ibid.
Money warrant for 13l. 6s. 8d. to Richard Nevill, esq., Knight Harbinger, for one year to 1677, Christmas, on his fee of 20 marks; and 182l. 10s. 0d. for one year to 1678, May 6, on his allowance of 10s. a day.Ibid, p. 239.
Feb. 6.Money order for 730l. 5s. 3d. to Robert Packer, usher of the Receipt of the Exchequer, for paper, parchment, books, bags, ink and other necessaries delivered for the use of the officers of said Receipt and for the diet and fees of the said usher for 1679, Easter and Trinity terms, 1678–9, Feb. 13, to 1679, July 9. To be paid by tally on the Tenths of the diocese of Norwich.Order Book XXXVIII, p. 281.
Henry Guy to Mr. Duncomb. There is wanting 1,300l. to pay off the Foresight and 600l. to pay off the Hampshire. The Treasury Lords desire you to pay these two sums into the Exchequer to-morrow morning without fail "because the men who are to have this money lye at the Navy Office every day, their fellows being paid off." My Lords also recommend you to pay in 7,000l. for the Faulcon, "you having given their Lordships encouragement to believe it should quickly be done." Adjust with Mr. Stephens the time when that sum shall be paid in.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 404.
Feb. 6.Henry Guy to Capt. Shales. As soon as you are ready with your reasons for coining tin farthings you and Mr. Palmer are to attend the Treasury Lords with such reasons before they are offered to the Privy Council.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 405.
Feb. 7.Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners for the delivery, Customs free, of the equipage and goods of his Excellency the Count de Pertengue, Ambassador Extraordinary from Savoy, except the wines or goods prohibited under the Poll Act.Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 52.
Appending: schedule of said goods signed by Arneux, secretary to the said Embassy.
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to constitute Robert Spencer, Charles Fanshaw, Sir Paul Neale, kt., George Doddington and Edward Seymour to be Commissioners of Appeals in cases of Excise: with the salary of 200l. per an. each to commence from Christmas last and to be payable quarterly, the first quarter at Lady day next: to continue during pleasure.King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 331.
Henry Guy to the Master of the Ordnance, forwarding from the Treasury Lords a book of orders, rules and instructions for the better government of the Office of Ordnance. If you think fit to make any alterations write on blank sides, but cross out nothing in the book.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 405.
Same to Mr. Brisbane for the Admiralty Lords to attend the Treasury Lords on Thursday morning.Ibid.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to peruse and consider the supers depending upon the foot of Sir Tho. Littleton's last account [as Treasurer of the Navy] and those remaining on the accounts of the Rt. Honble. Edward Seymour as same. Certify to the Treasury Lords the names of such persons as you conceive to be real debtors to the King and the dates when, and the services for which, such moneys were imprested, so that process may be issued to compel them to account. (The like letter to the Master of the Ordnance as to the supers on Sir George Wharton's last account. Said account is to be forthwith dispatched so that it may be sent to the Auditor. Also an account is to be forthwith made up of all arrears now due from the Office of Ordnance, expressing therein, according to the priority of the debt, each man's name and service, the date of his debenture, bill of debt or Quarter Book and the sum thereby due.)Ibid, pp. 406, 406 7.
Money warrant for 3,478l. 10s. 8d. to Col. William Stapleton, governor of St. Christopher, being 700l. for one year to 1679, June 24, on his own allowance and 2,778l. 10s. 8d., as imprest for one year to 1679, July 7, for the pay and contingencies of the two foot companies upon the said island. (Two money orders dated Feb. 7 hereon: both sums to be paid out of the farm of the Four and a Half per cent. duty in Barbados etc.)Money Book III, p. 240. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 283.
Feb. 7.Money warrant dormant for the fee or salary of 100l. per an. each to Sir Leoline Jenkins and the Earl of Conway as Principal Secretaries of State: together with a clause for payment of what is now due thereon.Money Book III, p. 241.
Money warrant for 120l. to Robert Killigrew, esq., for one year to 1681, June 24, on his annuity or pension as a Page of Honour.Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Pinnock for a tidesman's place, he having served under Col. Tuchet in the Isle of Sheppey and since in the Earl of Oxford's Regiment of Guards under Capt. William Legge and having been formerly a good housekeeper in the borough of Reading.Reference Book I, p. 549.
Same to Nicholas Johnson, Paymaster of the Land Forces, of the petition of George Wahup, esq.: petitioner shewing that being Commissary of Musters to the Forces in Virginia, he hoped that Mr. Johnson, in whose hands his pay is deposited, would have paid him as he has the rest of the said Forces, but now finds that he has as yet no order for the same neither from Mr. James Archer, engineer (from whom he has a letter of attorney and for whom petitioner is engaged on account of pay to the amount of 350l. of which sum Lord Colepeper likewise stands engaged in 113l.). This will prove utter ruin to petitioner unless remedied. Petitioner further shews that the Treasury Lords signed an establishment in which petitioner was allowed 5s. a day which was the only security petitioner had for his employment; further that he was faithful in his office and came away with the leave of the then Lieut.-Governor, leaving a deputy: further petitioner shews that said James Archer faithfully executed his place and was, contrary to his desires, detained there by Col. Jeffereys, the said Lieut.-Gov., when the rest of the Forces [were] sent home. Therefore prays for his pay and that of the engineer proportionately to the rest of the Forces on that establishment.Ibid, p. 550.
Same to Mr. Courtney of the petition of Geo. Treweeke, one of the surveyors of the blowing houses in the Stannaries: petitioner shewing that about nine months since he seized some uncoined tin, that the owner thereof, Joseph Growden, a pewterer, controverts the seizure, pretending the same to be the product of old mixed metal not liable to coinage duty; that petitioner has hitherto defended same at his own cost, but Growden is a wealthy man and countenanced by others who in such cases assist one another: therefore petitioner prays that the charges of this prosecution may be paid by the Receiver of the Coinage Duty and so on the like occasions on the certificate of the Vice-Warden or Steward of the Stannaries.Ibid, p. 551.
Appending: certificate by N. Courtney as to said seizure and as to Treweeke's expenses therein.
Same to [?the Auditors of Imprests] of Mr. Parry's answer to Mr. Corbett's exceptions.Ibid, p. 552.
Feb. 8.Royal sign manual for 1,000l. to Henry Guy for secret service: without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. dormant privy seal of Jan. 31 last. (Money warrant dated Feb. 9 hereon. Money order dated Feb. 11 hereon.)King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 331. Money Book III, p. 242. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 283.
Feb. 9.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Gore for delivery of a seizure of 28 tons of hemp lately arrived in London in the ship Justice, William Shortneck, master, and seized for mis-shipment; same being sold for his Majesty's service and by contract to be delivered this day.Reference Book I, p. 552.
Same to same of the petition of Albion Howell for discharge of a seizure of 180l. pieces of Eight which he took on board with him at Gravesend and were there seized by Capt. Price, one of the seizers, because petitioner had no coquet for the same, petitioner being ignorant of the practice in such cases.Ibid, p. 553.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on a draft of a proposed royal letter as follows, said draft being recommended by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and being referred to the Treasury Lords by order of the King, dated Whitehall, Jan. 10 last. Hereon the Treasury Lords hereby report that the proposed directions be restrained to the money saved before 1681, April 30, "by omitting the clause which extends to the payment of any part of the 1,000l. therein mentioned out of the savings after the said last day of April."Out Letters (Ireland), pp. 197–9.
Prefixing: said proposed draft being a royal letter to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. In consideration of the many faithful services of Dudley Philips, of Limavady, co. Londonderry, and George Philips, his son, the King has been willing to grant to said George Philips 1,000l. out of any money that might be saved to the King upon the present establishment of Ireland towards enabling him to purchase therewith the government of the fort of Culmore, co. Londonderry, from Col. William Sesill, who held same by patent from the Crown. The said George Philips has since agreed with said Col. Secill for said government and has with his consent passed a patent thereof and now enjoys the same. But the King not having paid the said intended 1,000l. said Philips was obliged to borrow same and the Duke of Ormonde became bound for the same. In the present establishment of Ireland there is an allowance of 3d. a day to each private horseman of four Troops doing duty at Dublin, amounting to 756l. per an. and the same hath not been of late employed to that service so that a great part thereof has been saved from the commencement of said establishment to April 30 last. Therefore Sir John Champante, kt., Deputy Vice-Treasurer of Ireland, is hereby forthwith to certify what thereof has been so saved within said time and thereupon so much of said 1,000l. as the said saving extends to is hereby to be paid to the said Duke of Ormonde, and if same does not amount to 1,000l. then the residue is hereby to be paid out of what has been or shall be saved on said fund since April 30 last. The Vice-Treasurer of Ireland or Mr. Tho. Tayler are hereby to issue said 1,000l. by way of imprest.
Treasury reference to Mr. Prowse [Solicitor to the Customs] of the Customs Commissioners' report on the petition of William Nutt, et al. ut supra, p. 361. Hereon Prowse is to report as to the proceedings in the Exchequer "and how far the Privy Purse grant [of seizures] extends hereto."Reference Book I, p. 535.
Feb. 9.Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to open the goods and equipage of the Savoy Ambassador at his house in St. James's Square.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 407.
Same to Mr. Duncomb to forthwith pay 4,000l. to the Cofferer of the Household as "in part of the 11,000l. which was designed upon your note," or at least to pay him 3,000l. presently.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners returning the report of [concerning] the undersearchers [of London port]. Reconsider it in view of the further information you have.Ibid, p. 408.
Same to Mr. Duncomb. "I have spoke to my Lord Hyde about Mris. Nelly's [Gwynn's] 500l. It could not possibly be done this week, but his Lordship promises it shall the next without fail." The following is the list of the disposition of the Excise money for this week, viz. 11 Feb. 1681:Ibid.
l. s. d.
subsistence [money for the Forces per Mr. Johnson] 2,00000
Cofferer of the Household 2,00000
[me, Guy for] secret service 20000
The bankers 1,49847
Mr. Horneby's interest 1,551155
Duke of Southampton's debt 25000
Duke of Grafton 50000
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 25l. to Mris. Elianor Mather out of the Wine Licence money now remaining in the Exchequer.Disposition Book II, p. 122.
Same to same to reserve in the Exchequer for the Treasury Lords' disposal 1,161l. 13s. 0d. part of the 1,742l. 9s. 6d. which will be forthwith paid into the Exchequer by Henry Dering, esq., as advance on the Wine Licence revenue.Ibid, p. 123.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to issue out of the 1,742l. 9s. 6d. which will be forthwith paid into the Exchequer by way of advance on the Wine Licence revenue the following sums to Henry Dering, amounting in all to 580l. 16s. 6d., viz. 250l. principal money on an order, No. 39, registered on the Customs commencing at 1671, Michaelmas, and 270l. 16s. 6d. principal money on the order, No. 334, registered on the fee farms and 60l. on the order, No. 194, on the same register.Money Book III, p. 242.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay 25l. to Tho. Doyly, gent., for 1681, Christmas quarter, on his annuity.Ibid.
Money warrant for 100l. to William, Earl of Derby, Thomas Cholmondley and William Bankes for one year to 1680, Lady day, on the annuity or pension to be by them disposed of towards the maintenance of ministers in the Isle of Man.Ibid, p. 243.
Feb. 9.Treasury warrant to William Roberts, Receiver of the revenues of Windsor Castle, to pay 100l. to Bernard Smyth for changing and altering the organ in his Majesty's Chapel in Windsor Castle: 50l. thereof to be paid presently and the remaining 50l, when the organ is finished; the finishing thereof to be certified by Hugh May, Comptroller of the Works at Windsor Castle.Money Book III, p. 243.
Money warrant for 1,551l. 15s. 5d. and to Joseph Hornby and Nathll. Hornby, of London, goldsmiths, for 6 per cent. interest and 2 per cent. gratuity to Dec. 27 last on 45,000l. [loan] and 126l. 11s. 6d. to said Nathll. Hornby for 6 per cent. interest to July 23 last on 10,000l. [loan]: said interest being certified by Hen. Aldworth, deputy to Auditor Anthony Stephens. The present warrant is by virtue of the patent of July 13 last and the privy seal of 1668, April 30, and is to be satisfied out of Excise money for the first item and out of Customs money for the second item. (Money order dated Feb. 11 hereon for the first item only.)Ibid, p. 244. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 282.
Feb. 11.Treasury order for the renewal of a lost order dated 1679, July 8, for 50l. with 8 per cent. interest to Lieut.-Col. Thomas Connisby in full of all pay to him as by a certificate dated 1679, May 31, and signed by the Commissioners for Disbanding the Forces.Order Book XXXVIII, pp. 281–2.
Prefixing: copy of said order; certificate by Sir Robert Howard, Auditor of the Receipt; and affidavit by said Conyngsby as to the loss of said order.
Henry Guy [to the Auditor of the Receipt] to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.:Disposition Book II, p. 123.
l. s. d.
to Mr. Johnson for subsistence [for the Forces] 2,00000
to the Cofferer of the Household 2,00000
to me [Guy] for secret service in part of 5,000l. 20000
to the Duke of Southampton 25000
to the Duke of Grafton 50000
to Mr. Horneby 1,551155
Same to same to issue 1,900l. to the Treasurer of the Navy out of Customs money now remaining in the Exchequer; 1,300l. thereof is to be for the Foresight and 600l. for the Hampshire. (Same to Visct. Falkland, Treasurer of the Navy, to apply said 1,900l. for the pay of the Foresight and Hampshire.)Ibid, pp. 123, 124.
Same to the Solicitor General. The Treasury Lords pressed Dr. Barbon this morning to pay the purchase money for Well Close. He says the draft of the grant is before you. Despatch it, in regard his Majesty's affairs require the speedy payment of that money.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 409.
Same to the Master of the Great Wardrobe. Send an estimate of the charge of a new travelling bed for the Queen and also for new furniture for his Majesty's Chapel at Windsor.Ibid.
Feb. 11.Henry Guy to Sir James Shaen. Attend the Treasury Lords on Monday with an account concerning the payment of the money for the Ordnance in Ireland.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 409.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Nicholas Reddin for a place as tidesman.Reference Book I, p. 553
Treasury recommendation to same of Edward Reading's petition for a place as tidesman extraordinary, London port.Ibid, pp. 553, 554.
The like of Alexander Douglas's petition for a tidesman's place, ibid.
The like of Edward Done's petition for any place in the Customs.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General Crown Lands of William Kekewich's petition for a grant for two lives in reversion in certain small tenements and mill in West Bonyalva (with the addition of two small tenements next adjoining late [possessed by] Chubbs and French and in the said manor) to the value of 40l. or 45l. per an. for the former and 15l. for the two additional tenements: petitioner being tenant of the former by a lease granted 1662, Aug. 6, to him and his brother Richard, lately deceased, both which lives were put in by the children of Joseph Jane, their uncle; petitioner having petitioned three years since for an exchange of lives therein.Ibid, pp. 554–5.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of George (Rob.) Bendish's petition for one of the vacancies which are likely to issue from the returns from several ports of sundry persons not duly qualified.Ibid, pp. 555–6.
Same to same of the petition of Arthur Cowel of St. Andrew, Holborn, for a place in the Customs, he having been a housekeeper in the parish for 23 years and undergone most offices in said parish.Ibid, pp. 556–7.
Same to same of Richard Cooper's petition for a tidewaiter's place, London port, he having been bred to merchandise and accounts and having recently prayed for the place of George Best, deceased (struck through and in the margin marked cancelled 4 Sept., 1682).Ibid, p. 557.
Same to same of John Alsop's petition for a landwaiter's place at Plymouth loco Samll. Somerster, dismissed, petitioner having been bred in the Customs under Lewis Stuckley, comptroller of Plymouth.Ibid, p. 558.
Feb. 13.Same to same of William Fuller's petition concerning a seizure of certain stockings, hats and other small goods accidentally attempted to be shipped for Ireland without entry.Ibid.
Treasury warrant for the execution of a warrant of Treasurer Danby dated 1677, July 30, to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to John, Earl of Bath, for 15 years on the rents as below and fines of 159l. and 133l. of premises ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. V, p. 708, viz. of (1) a tenement called Hillgrove, containing¼ acre, a close called Hillgrove, containing 16 acres, the grove called Hillgrove, containing 12 acres, a close called Barne Park, containing 3½ acres, a close of pasture, containing 2½ acres, another close of pasture, containing 12 acres, near the tenement of Thomas Scanbury, all which said premises were formerly held by Katherin Tremaine (by lease from the late Prior and Convent of Launceston), and formed parcel of the manor of Eastway and of the Duchy of Cornwall and were lately demised to Timothy Browninge by grant of 1626, May 17 for 31 years at 20s. rent and were by patent of 1661, Dec. 31 (inter al) demised to Edward Seymour, one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber for 31 years at 20s. per an. rent and 9l. increased rent. (2) a tenement containing 26 acres and lately in the tenure of Thomas Chinge and Joan Sherne, widow, deceased, who paid a fine of 66l. 13s. 4d. for same in 1615–6, Feb. 6, being also parcel of the said manor of Eastway and priory of Launceston and now annexed to the Duchy of Cornwall and demised to said Seymour at a rent of 20s. and increased rent of 5l. by the abovesaid grant for 21 years. (3) The tenement containing 26 acres, late in the tenure of the said Joan Sherne at 20s. per an. rent and demised to said Seymour for 31 years at 20s. rent and 5l. increased rent.Warrants not Relating to Money IX, pp. 37–41.
The rents abovesaid, 22l. per an. in all, have been constantly and yearly paid to the Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall by Thomas Whaddon since 1662, to 1676, Michaelmas, and came by assignment from said Whaddon to said Seymour. The last two tenements are entered upon views of account by the names of Comb and Harscott by direction of the said Whaddon, being so termed as he allegeth.
Prefixing: particulars and ratals of the said three sets of premises.
Feb. 13.Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners. Send to the lodgings of the Russian Ambassador at Charing Cross to see his goods and those of his son and retinue made up for export, being 60 trunks, 10 kettledrums and 12 trumpets.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 410.
Treasury warrant to the Wine Licence Commissioners to pay to Henry Dering half yearly from the 9th inst. six per cent. interest on 1,742l. 9s. 6d. which he paid into the Exchequer on the 9th inst. by way of advance on the Wine Licence revenue; the interest to be abated proportionably as the principal comes to be paid off. The tallies for repayment of the principal are to be paid next in course after the payments directed by the privy seal of Nov. 31 [sic] last.Money Book III, p. 245.
Money warrant for 121l. 12s. 8d. to Phillip Burton as imprest for Crown law costs and charges. (Money order dated Feb. 16 hereon.) (Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay same out of fines and forfeitures of Popish Recusants now remaining in the Exchequer.)Ibid, p. 245. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 284. Disposition Book II, p. 124.
Same for 375l. to Sir William Scroggs for the present Hilary term on his annuity or pension of 1,500l. per an.Money Book III, p. 246.
Feb. 14.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Staresmore, gent., for employment in the Customs in Plymouth, Exeter or any of the Western ports; having been bred in business and suffered great losses for loyalty.Reference Book I, p. 559.
Feb. 14.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Russell, shewing that in July, 1677, he imported in the Thomas and Eliza, Thomas Brappell master, 196 quarters and one bushel of oats liable, as he thought, to pay only the low duty, but the [Customs] Commissioners contended it with him and at length compelled him to pay the high duty which was 5s. 4d. per quarter; and that the corn lying in open lighters it was so damaged during the dispute that it was not worth 6s. a quarter: therefore prays an allowance thereon another person having obtained it who denied to pay his money without a suit which petitioner readily did.Reference Book I, p. 560.
Same to same of the petition of Charles Stysted, one of the deputy searchers, London port, shewing that to break the daily practice of evading the Act of Tonnage and Poundage relating to the export of woollen manufacturers (which if not prevented would have diminished above a third part of the subsidies accruing to his Majesty thereby) he made a seizure and prosecuted it at his own charge and has settled the point by the rule of the Exchequer Court on behalf of his Majesty for the future, and the said evasive practice is now wholly obviated to his Majesty's advantage at least 2,000l. per an. Therefore prays repayment of the 30l. so expended by him on his Majesty's behalf.Ibid, pp. 561–2.
Appending: certificate by W. Mountague, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, that said case was tried last Michaelmas term and petitioner's charges were 60l. but he could only be allowed 30l. by the Court, but petitioner has done good service to his Majesty by settling the point for the future.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pass, customs free, the goods of the Russian ambassador, his son, secretaries and retinue, on the Mary yacht.Out Letters (Customs) VIII, p. 53.
Feb. 15.Treasury reference to the same of the petition of Capt. Nicho. Cholwell for the now vacant place of collector at Plymouth, petitioner having served in the wars against the Dutch.Reference Book I, p. 563.