Appendix VI
Miscellaneous, 1668


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Appendix VI: Miscellaneous, 1668', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 7: 1681-1685 (1916), pp. 1651-1652. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Miscellaneous, 1668

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
The King's present revenue.Egerton MS. 2543, fo. 209.
Chimney money170,000
The smaller branches of the revenue120,000
Proposals for retrenchment of the expenses within the revenue.
The Navy ordinary 200,000 0 0
The Army and Garrisons182,00000
The City of Tangier55,50000
His Majesty's Household90,00000
Buildings and repairs8,00000
His Majesty's Privy Purse12,00000
The Treasury of the Chamber20,00000
The Great Wardrobe16,00000
The [Band of Gentlemen] Pensioners3,00000
The Robes5,00000
The Jewel House2,00000
The Office of the Ordnance ordinary and extraordinary30,00000
The Queen Consort23,00000
The Queen Mother40,00000
Ambassadors, agents etc.20,00000
Foreign ambassadors10,00000
The 12 Judges12,00000
The Courts of Ludlow and Masters of Chancery and Requests2,50000
Angel gold for Healing1,20000
The Master of the Horse for [purchase of] horses2,00000
The Master of the Stud horses50000
Creation money to the nobility1,50000
Lord Privy Seal's diet1,40000
Liberates of the Exchequer1,50000
Dormant privy seals50000
Chief officers of the Falconry (besides an allowance of keeping two cast of hawks)1,00000
The Tower expenses76800
Gamekeepers and keepers of forests1071510
Interest paid yearly150,00000
Deductions upon farms [of various branches of the revenue] and for other accidents and contingencies100,00000
Remains, 33,524l. 4s. 2d.
The said remains of 33,524l. 4s. 2d. to be employed after [payment of] all the ordinary charge before mentioned with [the abovesaid] interest and deductions in manner and order following, as his Majesty shall direct, for paying of pensions.
(1) to those who had a hand in the King's escape from Worcester etc.
(2) to the Coldstreamers.
(3) to those who have pensions or salaries for present service.
(4) to those who have grants for valuable consideration.
(5) for past service.
(6) grants on mere grace.
Rules for regulating the Revenue and easing of charge.
All pensions and payments hereafter shall be removed from other founds [funds] or branches of the revenue and made payable only in the Exchequer [so] that the King may have the view of his whole expense in one place.
A new establishment to be made of the expense of the Household in one book.
The impost [wines] of ambassadors from Mich., 1668, to be as in the time of his late Majesty Charles I.
The papers to be looked out and new orders to be settled for the establishing and clothing the Yeomen of the Guard.
All that by office or otherwise have houses or lodgings of the King's out of the Court or his houses of residence [are] to be obliged to keep them at their own charge in repair; and the Surveyor [of the Works] is to look to it.
The chief officers of the falconry only are to be continued, amounting to 1,000l. The rest are to have their wages due paid off.