Declared Accounts, 1704-5
First Fruits and Tenths


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Declared Accounts, 1704-5: First Fruits and Tenths', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20: 1705-1706 (1952), pp. CCCXXXVI. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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First Fruits and Tenths

Declared Accounts : First Fruits.
Audit Office, Bundle 1227, Roll 183.
John Fenn, Esq., Remembrancer of First Fruits and Installed Tenths, and William Glanville, Esq., Receiver of the said First Fruits and Tenths.
Account for one year from 1 January 1704-5 to 31 December 1705.
l. s. d.
arrears depending upon sundry persons detailed at the foot of the preceding account 54,787 3
issues of First Fruits 5,684 4 9
Total charge £60,471 8
l. s. d.
surplusage on the last account 0 4 11
arrears of First Fruits exonerated by judgment of the Exchequer Court 28 5 0
ordinary payments by virtue of letters patents and other warrants 343 6 8
Money paid into the Exchequer, as by tallies detailed 4,910 0 0
Total allowances £5,281 16 7
Remains 55,189l. 11s. d.
l. s. d.
resting on divers incumbents for arrears of First Fruits as by bonds given 320 4 7
arrears as at 25 years to 1685 as at the foot of the preceding accompt 3,848 2
arrears depending at the foot of the last account for the several years from 1686 to 1705 yearly accounts only stated 10,708 8
Supers charged on Lawrence Steele, Esq. deceased late Receiver of First Fruits 9,424 7 1
ditto on Sir John Prettyman late same 19,864 9 9
ditto on William Prettyman deceased late Remembrancer of First Fruits 10,549 0
ditto on Robert Squibb, Esq. deceased late same 447 10
ditto on Sir Charles Porter late same 52 16
Total of supers £55,214 19 4
John Fenn present Remembrancer of First Fruits and Tenths in surplusage 0 4 10¼
William Glanville present Receiver of First Fruits and Tenths in surplusage 25 2
Declared 18 July 1707.