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'Appendix', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20: 1705-1706 (1952), pp. 101. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Prefatory Note

For the account of the Record known as the Treasury Alphabetical Register of Papers see

Appendix to Vol. XVII of this Calendar, pp. 104, 436.

Appendix to Vol. XIX, p. 79.

It is there explained that the indications of date in the record are so vague that it is not possible to assign the papers to any particular day's session. In the present instalment of this appendix the evidence of the Queen's presence at the reading of the petitions is even more scanty, but there can be little doubt that Queen Anne was not only present when the petitions were considered at Windsor Castle but that the decisions taken were frequently her own. All such decisions are terse and brief but are distinguished by strong common sense.

Where the papers here referred to are still preserved amongst the Treasury Board Papers the reference to the volume and number of the Paper is added at the end of the particular entry.

As before, the office reference for the volume abstracted in the present appendix is
T 4/16 (Index 4630).