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'Index Of Subjects: Q', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20: 1705-1706 (1952), pp. 1168-1169. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Quarries, Queen's, at Portland, bailiff of, petition of, 117.

Quarter Sessions, at St. Albans, 432.

Quay, at Dublin, enlarging of, 675.

Quaymen. See Customs.

Queen Anne's Bounty to poor clergy—

Governors, Commissioners or Corporation of—

arrangement concerning a pension on the First Fruits and Tenths, 672.

General Court, 672.

letters patent or charter of incorporation, 446.

meetings of, incidental expenses of, 161, 446.

memorial of, for an account of arrears of First Fruits and Tenths, 157, 400.

Secretary to (J. Chamberlain), petition of, 141, 161.

Treasurer to (E. Tennison), issue to, 161, 446.

Governors of charity to widows of poor clergy, petition of, 139.

Queen Mother, hangings of. See Tapestries.

Queen's Advocates. See Advocates.

Queen's Arms. See Arms.

Queen's Barges. See Barges.

Queen's Beds. See Beds and Bedding.

Queen's Bench, Court of—

Attorney General's attendances in, charges of, 283.

Crown Office in—

Clerk of the Crown, fees or allowances to, relating to Irish Bills, 434
-, salary to, 317, 369, 425.

clerks in, fees or allowances to, relating to Irish Bills, 435.

printed Acts of Parliament, proclamations, forms of prayer, speeches etc. for, 337-338, 506-507.

stationery for, 506-507.

Queen's Bench Prison, 681.

Queen's Birthdays. See Birthdays.

Queen's Bounty
-, See Queen Anne's Bounty
-, Royal Bounty.

Queen's Chaplains. See Chaplains.

Queen's Counsel (Sir W. Whitlock et al.), 168.

fee to, 528.

in Plantations—

Court of Admiralty, Massachusetts Bay (T. Newton), 502, 503.

to conform to regulation of fees and other charges incident to an Armiralty process and otherwise relating to captures, 124, 289.

Rymer's Foedera for, 121.

Queen's Enemies. See Enemies.

Queen's Gamekeeper, at Newmarket. See Gamekeepers—at Newmarket.

Queen's Goldsmith. See Goldsmiths.

Queen's House
-, at Westminster. See Lords, House of
-, in Jamaica, 710.

Queen's Jeweller. See Jeweller.

Queen's Kettledrummers. See Serjeant Trumpeter.

Queen's Latin Secretary. See Latin Secretary.

Queen's Laundress. See Laundress.

Queen's Library Keeper. See Library Keeper.

Queen's Little House, at Windsor, 319.

Queen's Locksmith. See Works and Buildings—locksmith.

Queen's Musical Instruments. See Musical Instruments.

Queen's Paper Office. See State Paper Office.

Queen's Physician. See Physicians—to, Queen Anne.

Queen's Pictures. See Pictures.

Queen's Principal Painter. See Painters.

Queen's Printers. See Printers.

Queen's Private Chapels. See Chapels— Royal.

Queen's Private Pensions, Allowances or Bounties. See Pensions.

Queen's Private Roads. See Roads.

Queen's Proctor. See Proctors.

Queen's Quarries. See Quarries.

Queen's Rat Killer. See Rat Killer.

Queen's Remembrancer. See Exchequer Court.

Queen's Seals. See Seals and Signets.

Queen's Share of Prizes. See Prizes— shares of, Queen's (or King's) share.

Queen's Signets. See Seals and Signets.

Queen's Stamps. See Stamps.

Queen's Tennis Courts. See Tennis Courts.

Queen's Treasure. See Exchequer Receipt—treasure in.

Queen's Trumpeters. See Serjeant Trumpeter.

Queen's Waiters. See Customs—Queen's or King's Waiters.

Queen's Watermen. See Watermen— Royal.

Queen's Weigh House. See Weigh House.


calico, 318.


footmen in waiting at St. James's Palace, 572
-, lodgings at Hampton Court, 318
-, Queen's service at Winchester, 387
-, Queen's service at Windsor, 364
-, Yeomen of the Guard, 524.

fustian, 387.

Holland, 318, 387.

mattress, 572.

pinado, 387.

satin, 364.

See also Beds and Bedding.

Quit Rents

in Ireland. See Index of Persons and Places—Ireland, revenue, rents.

in Plantations—

Jamaica. See Ibid.—Jamaica, revenue.

New York. See Ibid. —New York, revenue.

Virginia. See Ibid.—Virginia, revenue.

yearly rental of, and setting of arrears in super, 108, 306.