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'Index Of Subjects: V', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20: 1705-1706 (1952), pp. 1204-1205. URL: Date accessed: 17 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Valances and Cornishes, for—

Queen's Drawing Room, Kensington Palace, 342
-, Queen's Dressing Room and Bedchamber, Newmarket, 704
-, Queen's Withdrawing Room in Queen's Little House, Windsor, 319.

Varnishing, of furniture and furnishings, 430, 452, 463.

-, stamped. See Stamp Duties
-, writing, flourishing and embellishing a letter upon vellum, payment for, 225.


black, 563.

blue, 616.

caps, 653.

carpets. See Carpets.

coats, 388.

coverings and linings for furniture, 319, 387, 429, 430, 463.

garter of, in regalia of Order of Garter, 616.

green, 328, 430, 463, 465.

Vicarages, of—

Bladon and Stonesfield, advowsons of, grant of, 225.

Thurnby, pension settled upon, 610.

Vicars, of—

Lichfield Cathedral, perpetuity to, 418.

Redbourn (W. Marston), recognizance of, for J. Cairns, 169, 483, 505.

Thurnby (J. Needham), petition of, for arrear of pension, 104, 224, 610.

Victualling. See Navy—Victualling.

Victualling House Keeper, at Hoylake (D. Renison), 170, 483.

-, duties on. See Customs— duties, Continued Impositions
-, Excise—duties.

Vines, at Ludlow Castle, pruning of, 366.

Vintner (E. Lockett), 299, 394.

Votes, carrying of, allowance for (to C. Bint and C. Harler), 554.

See also Commons, House of
-, Parliament.