Declared Accounts
Post Office


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William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Post Office', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30: 1716 (1958), pp. CDII-CDVIII. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Post Office


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1960, ROLL 48 [A.O.1/1960/48]

Stephen Lilly and Arthur Onslow, successively Receivers General of the Revenue and Profits of the General Letter Office and Penny Post Office

25 March 1715 to 25 March 1716

Arrears: depending on several persons for the balance of their Accompts to Ladyday 16852,12560
depending upon divers Postmasters etc. in the General Letter Office for ditto to Ladyday 171565,42482
depending on several persons belonging to the Penny Post Office; ditto1,86257
and upon several other persons in arrear at the same time671141
(total arrears 70,083l. 13s. 10d.)
Receipts: profits of the General Post Office 25 March 1715 to 25 March 1716:
in the Foreign Office [of the General Post Office]:
the produce of the letters brought in by the mails; detailed by months
letters sent and received to and from Portugal, not included above897196
money received of Capt. Philipson for freight of passengers in the Packet boats between Holland and Harwich143156
ditto of Joseph Durden for ditto to and from Lisbon 25 Dec. 1714 to 24 June 1715 and for letters to and from Lisbon for the same time13770
ditto of Clement Buck and Charles Lovell for goods, passengers and horses to and from Dover, Calais and Ostend, year to Xmas 1715, 256l. 5s.; and for postage of letters from Calais delivered at Dover, same time, 5l. 2s.26170
ditto of John Six of Amsterdam under his contract with the Lords Burgomasters for freight of goods and passengers from England to Amsterdam; year to Ladyday 17161,20000
in the Inland Office:
money received from letters at the Inland window, by months
money received of the Letter Receivers, ditto382130
the Letter-carriers' charge for letters sent up from the Country, ditto55,41606
the Postmaster's charge for letters sent from London into the Country, ditto72,93276
way letters taken in at one stage and delivered at another, farmed to divers Postmasters:
John Stuckley of Plymouth
Anne Hayman of Dartmouth2000
James Buckley of Totness1000
Abraham Hackett of Blandford300
Mary Coven of Dorchester600
William Waterman of Sarum400
Moses Baxter of Portsmouth700
Robert Rodham of Berwick400
John Bell of Newcastle3000
Nicholas Paxton of Durham1000
John Wilson of Darlington500
Elizabeth Harker of Northallerton900
Barbara Thwayts of Great Abridge [Greta Bridge]200
William Mann of Burrowbriggs500
Catherine Dawson of York4000
Mary Mold of Hull5000
Robert Patterson of Beverley400
John Herring of Newark500
Hannah Petty of Gainsborough2400
John Sharp of Grantham500
Francis Ward of Boston1000
John Rishton of Spalding1000
Edward Tinkerson of Peterborough100
John Exton of Lynn2000
(total 514l.)
money received of Isaac Manley, Manager of the Letter Office in Dublin, for letters sent from Chester661111
ditto for letters sent from Holyhead1536
money received for the charge of the Crossroad letters; year to Xmas 17153,242131
money received for the port of expresses sent into the Country146159
money received for by-letters in the Chester road457188
money received of Letter-Carriers for letters short taxed097
money received for expresses sent to London37159
in the North British Office:
profits in Midsummer quarter 1715
in the Irish Office:
profits for half-year to 29 Sept. 1715
ditto for half year to 25 March 17167,7641210
(total Receipts of the General Post Office 176,069l. 9s. 2d.)
profits of the Penny Post Office:
for the produce of 753,693 letters taken in by the Officers of the Penny Post Office at 1d. per letter
for the produce of the second penny for 62,778 letters taken in the Letter-Receivers in London and directed and delivered to persons in the Country261116
for the produce of 52,512 letters taken in the six Penny Post Offices in London218160
surcharge on the Penny Post Office in the accompt of Ralph Blackhall, Collector, for the year to Ladyday 170222150
overpayments due to the several Postmasters:
Martinus Souter of Asburton
John Smith of Bodmin378
Edward Wood of Wells Road81110
Lucy Downs of Hartford Bridge35148
Grace Alder of Belford020
Joseph Legard of Almusk274
Catherine Young of Morpeth1131
John Merfin of Bautry2003
William Wimberley of Portwitham080
Eleanor Fox of Stilton6911
Richard Snow of Royston498
Richard Phillips of Newbury3157
Edward Lock of Hounslow10119
Richard Wellington of the Hay235
Margaret Griffith of Lamindefry325
James Egnon of Tenby035
Ann Coats of Pickadilly2440
Margaret Buckley of Beaumaris28186
John Mackey of Holyhead21107
John Brook of Colshill051
Richard Davis of Fenny Stratford1457
John Tranter of Aldersgate1500
Ann Armiger of Ely1197
Nicholas Sharpley of Whitechappell1150
Thomas Fulks of Sittingbourn687
John Elliot of Hubberstone2154
George Palmer of Halston131
Mounsiur Richards of Paris2,633189
Arthur Onslow, being overpaid by him52000
total charge and receipts£253,18428
Abatements out of the General Charge:
Country Letters from foreign parts and from the Deputy Postmasters in England first charged at the General Post Office in London and sent as directed into the Country and likewise charged on the Deputy Postmasters; in the Foreign Office 3,412l. 11s. 5d.; in the Inland Office 7,265l. 9s. 9d.; with a short allowance made in the Accompt to Ladyday 1702 171l. 13s.d.
returned letters charged on several Postmasters etc.2,03003
the King's and Members of Parliament letters, brought and delivered free20,800107
foreign letters and packets, enclosing bills of exchange etc. exempted by Act of Parliament and for errors etc. allowed Postmasters832143
money due to several Postmasters for the balance of their Accompts2,90403
salaries detailed:
the Hon. Sir Thomas Frankland and Sir John Evelyn, bts., late Postmasters General at 1,000l. per an. each, 25 Dec. 1714 to 8 March 1714–15; Charles, Lord Cornwallis, and James Craggs, senior, succeeding them to 25 Dec. 1714
Arthur Maynwaring, for the Auditor's fee for the Accompt to Ladyday 1702, not before allowed20000
Thomas Foley, for ditto for this Accompt26000
Stephen Lilley and Arthur Onslow, successively Receivers General30000
George Searle, Accomptant30000
Arnold Beeby, Comptroller of the Inland Office20000
Henry Weston, Secretary, for Ladyday quarter 1715 and John Lloyd succeeding him20000
Richard Swift, Solicitor, to Michaelmas 1715 and John Fowle succeeding him20000
Charles Jackson, clerk of the Chester Road, at 100l. per an. and Robert Giddings, his assistant, at 60l. per an.16000
George Colley, clerk of the North Road, and Robert Russell, his assistant; at 60l. per an. each12000
Thomas Sawtell, clerk of the West Road, and Philip Musgrave, his assistant; ditto12000
William Green, clerk of the Bristol Road and Evan Lewis, his assistant; ditto12000
Robert Colcroft, clerk of the Yarmouth Road, at 60l. per an. and Hugh Hay, his assistant, at 50l. per an.11000
Martin Buckle, clerk of the Kent Road and Richard Turbutt, his assistant, same rates11000
Edmund Warren, clerk of the Kent Road on by-nights6000
Alexander Say, Alphabet keeper and Windowman6000
James Walker, Windowman for the by-days5000
ten sorters at 50l. and 40l. each48000
the Postmaster General's clerk6000
the Receiver and Accomptant's clerks10000
Jacob Vanderpoole, Manager of the packet boats at Helversluice, at 120l. per an.nil
Ashburnham Froud, Comptroller of the Foreign Office15000
William Gostling, Alphabet keeper10000
seven clerks in the Foreign Office at 50l. and 40l. per an. each34000
letter receivers etc. London and Westminster20568
Elizabeth Boys, Mailmaker15000
Margaret Lang, Housekeeper2000
sundry letter carriers etc.2,321160
the Postmasters, detailed14,046112
pensions and annuities:
the Dukes of Northumberland and Grafton; year to Xmas 1715
Henry, Earl of Rochester; same time4,00000
the Duke of Marlborough; same time5,00000
the Duke of Schonberg; same time4,00000
William, Lord Cowper, Lord Chancellor; same time4,00000
the Duke of Grafton as Executor to the late Duchess of Cleveland in part of an arrear2,05000
Court post: Dennis Bond for carrying Royal letters etc. to the first Post Stage36500
charges of Expresses1,81591
charges of the packet boats:
Capt. John Philipson, for the Harwich packet boats; for the Eagle, Dolphin, Dispatch and Prince; 29 Dec. 1714 to 27 Dec. 1715; for the Endeavour hoy (Edward Hunt, master) and the Batchellor hoy (Richard Bagett, master); to Cornelius Vanheusden for bringing over two Holland mails; to William Meeds for three ditto; and for disbursements and for his own salary
Joseph Durden, agent for Falmouth, for several packet boats, 25 Dec. 1714 to 24 June 1715, and for his own salary1,249183
Clement Buck and Charles Lovell, successively agents at Dover; for ditto, 25 Dec. 1714 to 25 Dec. 1715; for subsisting poor British subjects etc.; to Captain Pybus for sending on Ostend mail from Calais to Ostend; to Michael Etteinre for an express from Calais; to Amos Sanders and Samuel Potter for a boat to carry Mr. Palmer to Ostend; to Abraham Webster for carrying Humphrey Beckly to Calais; to George Stuckey for hire of a boat to Ostend; for small expenses and for the agent's own salary1,482176
Henry Neale, Postmaster of Port Mahon, for the Resolution packet boat plying between there and Marseilles etc., 11 Nov. 1714 to 10 Aug. 1715349510
Robert Bradyll and Robert Hull, for the King George packet boat carrying mails between Falmouth and Corunna, 17 Feb. 1714–15 to 18 Jan. 1715–1672000
Samuel Eyre, for the Boscawen packet boat, carrying mails between Falmouth and the Groyne, 28 March to 5 Dec. 171554000
sundry incident charges, detailed with names of tradesmen etc.4,11840
allowances of various natures, detailed:
John Six of Amsterdam, for his moiety of the Hambrough and Italian letters
John Camfield of Lisbon, for the exchange of money63141
the same, for money paid John Duarta de Costa for exchange of 549l. 6s.54187
Monsieur Pajot, Comptroller of the French Posts, for the port of Spanish, Italian and Turkey letters1,880132
allowed the Farmers for collecting money from the Deputies at 10l. per cent.1,159139
Robert Walker and John Smart, Collectors for the Land Tax, for Inferior Officers' taxes17900
George Bugby, Postmaster at Lincoln, and Frances his wife, being remitted to them after payment of 50l. for discharging a debt of 171l. 12s. 1d. due to the Crown121121
the six surveyors of the main Post Roads (Laurence Stanyan, Kent; John Jess, Chester; Joseph Bell, Bristol; George Thompson, North; Joseph Gadman, West; Richard Swift, Yarmouth)1,03800
discharge to the Executors of Edmund Dummer, late Manager of the West India packet boats, of a sum set in super upon him19,00000
George Main, Deputy Postmaster General of North Britain for charges of the North British Office [of the General Letter Office], detailed795190
Isaac Manley, Deputy Postmaster General at Dublin, for charges of the Irish Office [ditto], detailed12,645185
money paid into the Exchequer, detailed by dates63,00647
(total allowance for salaries, pensions, expresses, packet boats incident charges etc. and for money paid into the Exchequer 159,748l. 17s. 5d.)
payments and allowances of the Penny Post Office:
salaries and wages, detailed: Robert Baylis, Comptroller, 200l.; Joshua Baker and Richard Titterton, successively his clerk, 30l; Nathaniel Golling and Edmund Green, successively Accomptant, 70l; Edmund Green and William Pate, successively Collector, 70l; sorters, messengers etc. 1,936l. 16s. 11¼d.)
rents of the Penny Post Offices: the late Office in Broad Street; the Chief Office in St. Christopher's Court, Threadneedle Street; St. Pauls Office; the Temple Office; Westminster Office; Southwark Office; the Hermitage Office; the Exchange House Office147100
sundry disbursements, detailed90417
allowance of an overpayment to the Penny Post Office13176
total payments and allowances£200,5381810¼
and so remains52,6453
whereof depending in super:
for arrears due at Ladyday 1685 (Welchpoole, Wellington, Dublin, Wisbitch, Llandiffery)
and upon several Postmasters and others, detailed at length47,99517
arrears due for Penny Post letters, ditto1,8526
arrears due from several other persons (the Duke of Leeds; Anthony Row; Oliver Hill of Spain; George Levet, purser of a Spanish boat; March Fletcher for fitting up the Spanish Princess; Oliver Hill on accompt of his salary; Mr. Symonds, master of the Irish packet boats; Mr. Manley for the feasts paid to the Officers)671141
and so this Accompt is even and Quit.
Memorandum. In pursuance of the Act 20 Car. 2 [19 & 20 Car. II, c. 7] the several Receivers and Postmasters are chargeable with damages at 12l. per cent. per an. for sums received and remaining in their hands and here noted etc.
Declared 7 February 1717–18.