Declared Accounts
Treasury Solictor


Institute of Historical Research



William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Treasury Solictor', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 30: 1716 (1958), pp. CDXXXIV-CDXXXVI. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Treasury Solictor


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2319, ROLL 42 [A.O.1/2319/42].

Anthony Crachrode, Solicitor of the Affairs of the Treasury.

1 June 1715 to 1 June 1716.

Arrears: none, this being his first Accountnil.
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer: Easter term, 1 & 2 George I; for the expenses of suits at law etc.; by General Letters Patent Dormant of 14 August 1 George I1,00000
the same term; to defray the charges of Letters Patent creating Prince George Augustus Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester; by General Writ of Privy Seal 29 Sept. 1714 and Royal Sign Manual of 8 July 1715, 1 George I1,738154
Michaelmas term, 2 George I; for expenses etc.; by General Letters Patent Dormant of 14 Aug. 1 George I6,00000
Easter term, 2 & 3 George I; for expenses etc.; by the same1,00000
total charge and receipts£9,738154
Expenses of prosecutions etc.:
v. Allen, for a misdemeanour in Staffordshire
v. Anderton and others, for process of outlawry for treason in Lancashire370
v. Bennett, for seditious words1151611
v. Burr and others (for moving for a good jury in the City of Canterbury etc.)614
v. Bishop54123
v. Bayes, for seditious words1330
v. Burt, for a riot570
v. John Batt, for a misdemeanour815
v. Humphrey Batt, for ditto815
v. Chapon, for seditious words17104
v. Churchill, for seditious words9174
v. Carr alias Kerr, for high treason71176
v. Cole, for a misdemeanour in Kent815
v. Cheap, for a libel51710
v. Depole, for a libel52127
v. Douglass, for misdemeanours in his government of Antegoa10126
v. Dorrell and others, for high treason30808
v. Dalton, for a libel51710
v. Dalton and others for high treason83176
v. Dover for a libel604
v. Eversfield1154
v. Errington, for high treason75100
v. Flower, Bray and others, for a riot in Hampshire1579
v. Flint, for libel51710
v. Francia, for high treason20153
v. Gibbs alias Gipps, for publishing a libel5851
v. Gordon, for high treason7176
v. Gascoign and others for high treason230311
v. Harris, for seditious words1185
v. Hipwood, for a misdemeanour in Staffordshire570
v. Home alias Hume and others, for high treason3800
v. Hall and others, for high treason3800
v. Hornby, for libel51710
v. Hornby, Sunderland and Watson, for libel346
v. Hammer188
v. Jenkins7103
v. Jennens, for a misdemeanour in Staffordshire570
v. Innes and others, for high treason75126
v. Jones0184
v. Kelsall2168
v. Lowe and Abbis, for murder (Oxford Assizes)6726
v. Lord Lansdown44111
v. Lord Lovat (for discharging his recognizance)428
v. the rebels tried in Middlesex34963
v. Mackinnen, for high treason15154
v. Mucklestone (to move for a good jury at the trial in Shropshire)81310
v. Mackintosh and others, for high treason3800
v. Menzies and others, for the like75126
v. Newberry, for a riot in Warwickshire950
v. Nicholls, for a misdemeanour in Kent815
v. Norcross, for seditious words0174
v. Oldham6448
v. Paul4186
v. Perks, for seditious words28311
v. Penruddock and others, for a riot at Salisbury93160
v. Pritchard, for seditious words14117
v. Patinson and Robinson6150
v. Palmer and his wife (about Sir William Robinson's two Wills)4168
v. Painter and others, for high treason6138
v. Quinton for a misdemeanour in Norfolk570
v. Radcliffe and others, for high treason32126
v. Rokeby, for seditious words11100
v. rioters at Dudley etc.206
v. rebels tried in Surrey142106
v. Smith and others for high treason at Antegoa182134
v. Stringer and others for riots8016
v. Stone (to move for a good jury in Worcester)4834
v. Sullivan alias Silver and others for high treason17046
v. Scriven and others, for seditious words11108
v. Smithson, for seditious words9174
v. Saville, for seditious words9174
v. Skinner, for the like1008
v. Springate, for the like14145
v. Saberton and Wingfield18410
v. Smith and others41010
v. Stanton and others, for a riot191111
v. Sherley for a misdemeanour (Norfolk Assizes)570
v. Christopher Smith, for libel31410
v. Thomson, for publishing ‘The English Advice8194
v. Tyrer, for a misdemeanour in Lancashire570
v. Taylor and others388
v. Townley and others, for high treason264176
v. Royal (charges in defending Tyball, a witness against the offenders in Chelsea Hospital)8110
v. Watson, for a libel5415
v. Watkins, for high treason15154
v. Wine, for publishing a libel5491
v. Wyld, for a riot570
v. Wogan and others, for high treason75126
v. the Earl of Winten, for high treason23546
casual and customary allowances within the time of this Accompt, and money disbursed by Warrants etc.:
casual disbursements of various natures, detailed (riots in London and at Oxford trials for treason etc.)
customary disbursements, detailed3681910½
extraordinary disbursements upon the execution of the special Commission in Lancashire, detailed3,27942
extraordinary disbursements by letters of the Secretary of State and of the Treasury, detailed533172
payments by Treasury Warrants, detailed2,69824
total payments and allowances£11,1841710½
whereunto is added money depending on Nathan Willcocks, for subsistance to witnesses on the road to London1770
and on Gilbert Douglass, for ditto of the King's evidence in Lancashire and for his own expenses in going there8336
and so the Accomptant is in Surplusage
Declared 9 May 1717.