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William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Navy', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 31: 1717 (1960), pp. CLXXII-CLXXXII. URL: Date accessed: 25 October 2014.


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AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2310, ROLL 25 [A.O.1/2310/26].

Sir Thomas Colby, bt., appointed as Commissioner to settle the Affairs of the Transport Office.

22 July 1715 to 17 December 1717.

See Volume XXX of this Calendar, p. cli.


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 233, ROLL 811 [A.O.1/233/811].

John Merrill, late Receiver and Paymaster of the money appointed for the payment of Pensions due to the Widows of Officers who were killed or died in the Service.

25 December 1715 to 25 April 1717.

See Volume XXX of this Calendar, p. clix.


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1732, ROLL 160 [A.O.1/1732/160].

John Aislabie, Treasurer of the Navy Royal and of the Victualling.

1 January 1716–17 to 31 December 1717.

Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands on the end of the last Account251,62537
and depending on sundry persons at the foot of the said last Account2,40018
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer: Michaelmas term, 3 George I, in full of 1,000,000l. by Privy Seal of 28 July 1 George I28,2595
the same term, in part of 1,000,000l. by Privy Seal of 29 Sept. 1714 and Royal Sign Manual of 9 March 3 George I.126,8291
Easter term, 3 & 4 George I, in further part of the same791,4305
Michaelmas term, 4 George I, in full of the same81,740139
the same term, in part of 1,000,000l. by Privy Seal of 25 Nov. 4 George I.431,4296
money received in imprest bills paid by former Treasurers and cleared within the time of this Account, detailed:
by Lord Falkland (by bill dated 2 Dec. 1684); by the Earl of Orford (by bills dated 7 March 1690–91 and 22 July 1696 respectively); by Sir Thomas Littleton (by bills of divers dates from 11 July 1704 to 10 Aug. 1709); by Robert Walpole (by bills dated 23 Nov. 1709 to 21 Sept. 1711); by Charles Cæsar (by bills dated 26 April 1711 to 17 Sept. 1714)
money received for goods and provisions sold and on other occasions:
several persons for decayed and other stores sold
several persons by abatements made on their bills for stores delivered short or works not done according to contract5785
Sir John Jennings for so much disbursed on necessaries for hospitals45550
abatements for dead men's clothes and tobacco1296
several men serving on board ships etc. for bedding supplied45809
several Officers being indebted on their accounts for victualling ships' companies19197
several men for ships' stores lost etc.60611½
ditto for abatements for their being picked up straggling from their ships.11100
ditto by abatements for clothes supplied in their Bick quarters53647
ditto by abatements from ships' books on several occasions23811
sundry other persons by abatements on yard books23570
Francis Whitworth, towards clearing his imprests for sick and wounded at Port Mahon30000
Charles Cæsar in money raised on sale of South Sea Stock to satisfy bills of exchange on victualling, long since due2,097180
James Littleton, Executor of Sir Thomas Littleton, bt., deceased, late Navy Treasurer, in tallies on reversionary annuities4,86400
interest received on tallies and profit on sale of reversionary annuities, detailed1,15878
on accompt of the victualling:
sundry Commanders etc. for the balance of their victualling accounts
sundry persons for damaged provisions etc.2,09218
ditto for old stores sold864110½
Jeremiah Peachie, purser of the Warwick, to make good the sum due for so much paid him to provide beer which he took short in victualling the ship1839
sundry masters etc. by abatements made for one third of the earnings of several hoys for petty warrant provisions etc.4721
several persons for the like sums defalked from them by this Accomptant out of perfect bills towards clearing the several imprests paid them:
by Lord Falkland:
Capt. Cloudesley Shovll, 47l. 5s.; Mary Wakelin, widow of Capt William Wakelin, late of the Princess Ann, 8l. 19s. 9d.; Thomas Ayles, 97l. 6s. 8d.;
by Sir Thomas Littleton, bt.:
the Executors of the late Rear Admiral Benbow, 1,423l.; Alderman Charles Turner, 66l. 17s. 2d. and 186l. 19s. 4d.; John Stuckley, late Agent at Plymouth, 4l. 1s. 11d., 11s. 5d., 1s., 850l.; John Maddin, late purser of the Mary galley, 1l. 5s. 9d.; Robert Reynolds 10l. and 10l.; Joseph Gascoigne, 100l., 36l., 50l.; Thomas Revell, 30l.; Samuel Peck, 25l.; Thomas Atkinson and three other coopers, 24l.; Joseph Goodrick and four other bakers, 47l. 10s.; Isaac Mills, 6l.;
by Robert Walpole:
John Stuckley, late Agent at Plymouth 47l. 2s. 7d.; Berkley Taylor, 300l.;
by Charles Cæsar:
the Executors of Thomas Hanaway, 320l.; Capt. John St. Lo, late of the Valeur 8l. 4s. 1d.; John Horton and Daniel Mahon, 4,795l. 1s. 4d.; Edward Goulding, 1,828l. 15s. 11d.; Francis Whitworth, late Agent in the Mediterranean and Port Mahon, 2,764l. 4s. 5d.; Joseph Cascoigne, late Agent at Port Mahon, 1,759l. 7s. 10d.
surcharge: for an overpayment to William Hayman0100
total charge and receipts£1,761,44011
emptions and provisions, detailed136,13584
the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty:
Edward, Earl of Orford, at 1,000l. per an.; 26 Dec. 1716 to 15 April 1717
Sir John Jennings; same rate and time3071310
Sir Charles Turner, same rate; 30 Sept. 1716 to 15 April 17175571310
Abraham Stanyan, same rate; 26 Dec. 1716 to 15 April 17173071310
George Baillie; same rate and time3071310
George Dodington, same rate; 30 Sept. 1710 to 20 Dec. 1710 and 26 Dec. 1716 to 15 April 171754090
James, Earl of Berkeley, at 3,000l. per an.; 16 April 1717 to Michaelmas 17171,326185
Sir George Byng, at 1,000l. per an.; three quarters to Michaelmas 171775000
Matthew Aylmer, same rate; 16 April 1717 to Michaelmas 171744262
John Cockbourne; same rate and time44262
William Chetwind; same rate and time44262
the Earl of Rothes, Vice Admiral of Scotland, as Judge of the Admiralty there; same rate; year to Michaelmas 17171,00000
Josiah Burchett, Secretary to the Lords Commissioners; three quarters to Michaelmas 171760000
the Navy Commissioners:
John Hawler; same time
James Littleton, at Chatham; year to Michaelmas 171750000
Isaac Townsend, at Portsmouth; same time50000
Francis Dove, at Plymouth; three quarters to same time37500
Kendrick Edisbury, a Commissioner for Sick and Wounded, at 400l. per an.; 13 March 1716–17 to Michaelmas 1717214810
Sir Charles Wager, Comptroller of the Navy; three quarters to Michaelmas 171737500
Charles Sergison, Clerk of the Acts of the Navy; same time37500
William Dale, his Assistant, at 300l. per an.; 30 Sept. 1716 to 9 April 171716273
Samuel Percivall, succeeding him; to Michaelmas 1717137129
Jacob Acworth, Surveyor of the Navy; three quarters to Michaelmas 171737500
Thomas Fellows, assisting him; same time112100
John Aislabie, Navy Treasurer; same time1,50000
Dennis Lyddell, Comptroller of the Treasurer's Accounts; same time37500
Richard Burton, Comptroller of the Victualling Accounts; same time37500
Thomas Swanton, Comptroller of the Storekeepers' Accounts; same time37500
Edward Honywood, Judge Advocate of the Fleet; year to Michaelmas 1717182100
John Coupland, Deputy Judge Advocate of the Fleet; same time14600
John Bridger, Surveyor General of the Woods in the Plantations on the Continent of America; two years to Michaelmas 171740000
Sir Henry Penrice, President and Judge of the Admiralty Court of Great Britain; year to Michaelmas 171740000
George Townsend, Council at Law for the Admiralty and Navy, in lieu of fees; same time10000
John Warter, his Assistant, in lieu of fees; same time40000
George Atkins, Storekeeper at Port Mahon; half year to Ladyday 1717 and thereafter at Lisbon to Michaelmas 171720000
Thomas Warren, Muster-master and Storekeeper at Deal; for himself and clerks; Xmas quarter 1716 and half year to Michaelmas 1717; and for sending daily lists of ships in the Downs15600
Joseph Griffin, ditto at Konsale in Ireland; year to Michaelmas 1717; and for stationery wares and house rent11500
Charles Alleyn, Clerk of the Checque and Storekeeper of Harwich Yard; same time; and for stationery wares10500
George Turberville, late Master Surgeon of the Hospital at Port Mahon, 20 March 1713–14 to 19 May 1716 and thereafter to 25 July 1716 as late Surgeon and Agent to Sick and Hurt Seamen; and for a clerk555142
John Wright, late Mate to the Surgeon to the Hospital at Port Mahon, 8 April 1714 to 13 Feb. 1716–1616950
Daniel Fuzzer, Master Mastmaker at Port Mahon; half year to Michaelmas 17174700
Dr. Richard Fuller, Advocate General to the Office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain; year to Michaelmas 17171368
John Bressey, late Marshal for Prisoners of War in the Island of Guernsey; 1 Jan. 1712–13 to 30 Sept. 171337100
clerks in the Office of the Lord High Admiral, named etc.8841910
clerks belonging to the Clerk of the Acts, ditto454112
clerks belonging to the Comptroller of the Navy, ditto727100
clerks belonging to the Surveyor of the Navy, ditto222138
clerks belonging to the Treasurer of the Navy, ditto1,48653
clerks belonging to the Comptroller of the Treasurers' Accompts, ditto929131
clerks belonging to the Comptroller of the Storekeepers' Accompts, ditto5321610
clerks belonging to the Comptroller of the Victualling Accompts, ditto57133
clerks examining books etc. relating to Petitions; ditto7500
clerks belonging to the Navy Commissioners, ditto443110
Richard Larking, clerk to the Clerk of the Checque etc. at Port Mahon and thereafter at Lisbon87100
Thomas Rogers, Storekeeper at Portsmouth, for a clerk976
John Warner, clerk to the Storekeeper at Harwich Yard27137
William Jeffrys, succeeding him265
John Beavour, clerk to Joseph Griffin at Kinsale3000
porter, gardeners, housekeeper, watchmen etc.644122
Sir Strafford (sic) Fairborne, late one of the Council to the Lord High Admiral; half year to Michaelmas 1716
Sir John Leake, late Admiral and Commander in Chief; three quarters to Xmas 171645000
Sir John Munden, equal to half-pay as Rear Admiral of the Fleet; same time240126
Rebecca Hayter, relict of Thomas Hayter, late a Navy Commissioner, half year to Michaelmas 171615000
Sir Thomas Hopson, having borne the flag of a Vice-Admiral; three quarters to Xmas 171646150
Richard Edwards, late a Navy Commissioner; same time187100
Thomas Jennings, ditto; Midsummer quarter 171662100
George St. Loe, ditto; same time62100
Benjamin Tymewell, ditto; three quarters to Xmas 1716187100
John Hubbard, as a Senior Captain and late Superintendent at Plymouth; same time15000
Christopher Myngs, ditto and late Superintendent at Portsmouth; Midsummer quarter 17165000
four superannuated Master-attendants at the Yards at 100l. per an. each; Belshazar St. Mitchell for long and faithful services at 150l. per annum; Captains at 10s. and 8s. per diem; other Officers etc. named; divers rates and times9,00982
flag pay:
Matthew Aylmer, as Admiral of the Fleet at 5l. a day, 21 June 1716 to 11 July 1716, and 3 Dec. 1716 to 31 Dec. 1716; and for 20s. a day table money; same time
Sir John Norris, as Admiral of the Blue in the Baltic at 3l. 10s. a day, 2 April 1716 to 3 Dec. 1716, and for table money at 20l. a day, same time1,10700
Sir Charles Wager, as Vice-Admiral of the Blue at 2l. 10s. a day, 19 Nov. 1716 to 1 Dec. 1716 and 7 Jan. 1716–17 to 16 Jan. 1716–1757100
John Baker, as Vice-Admiral of the White, same rate, 1 Jan. 1715–16 to 10 Nov. 1716787100
the Executors of John Baker, for his allowance of table-money at 20s. a day, 18 Feb. 1714–15 to 10 Nov. 171663200
Charles Cornwall, as Rear Admiral of the Red, at 35s. a day, 24 July 1716 to 31 Dec. 1716281150
Capt. William Cleaveland, for the time he commanded a Squadron, as Rear-Admiral at 35s. a day, 13 Oct. 1716 to 26 Dec. 1716 (abating 35l. 10s. for an allowance of 10s. a day while rated a Commodore on the books of the Exeter)95150
rewards: for carrying an express, for importing tar and pitch, for a survey of stores, for conducting the press, for wounds received in fight, for getting up a slipped anchor and sundry other extraordinary services, detailed at length30,39009
disbursements: for stores, repairs and other contingencies, detailed30,81974
extraordinary services, detailed1,0761811
wages per bills, detailed22725
interest on bills, at 6l. per cent.1536
law charges: Anthony Crachrode, Solicitor for Treasury affairs, for charges of the fifth subscription to the South Sea Corporation and charges of earlier subscriptions still unsatisfied1,84108
Chatham chest: to the Governors of the Chest, as a balance on account of defalcations by Sir Thomas Littleton, bt., late Navy Treasurer, out of seamen's wages for the said Chest3,845189
recompense to Commanders and other Officers for advantages lost by the loan of the Warwick, Elizabeth, Bedford and Anglesea to the South Sea Company, by reason of the ships not being fitted out as they would otherwise have been1,543211
travelling charges2,270100
[victualling charges:] ‘Voluntiers diett’1,15794
free gifts and medicines for furnishing surgeons' chests1,189185
hire and freight, detailed:
the Thomas and Hester smack (Thomas Hipper, master); 29 July 1715 to 30 Aug. 1715
the Deptford lighter (Henry Watson, employed as master); 1 Jan. 1715–16 to 8 May 17165150
the St. George store ship (the Executors of Abraham Corfield, master); 1 Jan. 1709–10 to 30 June 17123,264115
the Mayflower (Matthew Flower, master); 14 May 1716 and 21 June to 7 July 171613134
the Elizabeth and Mary (George Thomas, master); 7 March 1715 to 30 May 1716 and 23 June 1716 to 6 Sept. 17163018
the George and Mary (George Bradbury, master); 11 July 17164162
the Delight smack (Charles Curtis, master); 29 July 1715 to 31 Aug. 17151169
the Unity smack (Miles Heart, master); 29 July 1715 to 29 Aug. 17151096
the Mary Hope (Thomas Wayles, master), for transporting 27 men of the August from the Baltic to England2906
the Artemisia of London (Josiah Dornford, master), for transporting 16 men as above1740
Melchia Rabenett, for transporting ballast from Greenhith to Chatham and Sheerness; Ladyday to Midsummer 171653910
the same, for ditto from Northfleet; 2 July to 26 Sept 171645125
house rent of the Principal Officers of the Navy etc., detailed535115
wages and entertainments of sundry Officers and seamen serving on board the following ships etc
the Assistance; 4 March 1714–15 to 21 Oct. 1717
the August; 20 March 1715–16 to 10 Nov. 17163,42172
the Royal Ann galley; 26 July 1715 to 8 Aug. 17175,123810
the Bedford; 8 April 1712 to 29 Jan. 1716–1721,513145
the Barfleur; 16 Feb. 1716–17 to 12 Aug. 17174,75816
the Burlington; 13 Jan. 1714–15 to 30 Sept. 17179,844107
the Bridgewater; 21 July 1715 to 13 Feb. 1717–18nil
the Burford; 11 Feb. 1716–17 to 2 Dec. 17175,673127
the Bedford galley; 27 Feb. 1716–17 to 26 Sept. 1717550191
the Chatham; 4 March 1714–15 to 10 Dec. 171711,71193
the Cumberland; 8 March 1714–15 to 3 Jan. 1716–1712,81270
the same; 11 Feb. 1716–17 to 9 Aug. 17173,421136
the Chester; 26 July 1715 to 26 July 17177,94404
the Charlot yacht; 26 March 1711–12 to 31 July 17141,840176
the Devonshire; 11 Feb. 1716–17 to 17 June 17171,15396
the Dreadnought; 8 March 1714–15 to 27 Sept. 171712,852141
the Dragon; 26 July 1715 to 11 Nov. 17179,506110
the Dartmouth; 30 Jan. 1716–17 to 9 Dec. 17174,055130
the Dublin yacht; 1 Jan. 1712 to 30 Sept. 1716nil
the Elizabeth; 11 Aug. 1713 to 8 Jan. 1716–1713,05556
the Exeter; 26 July 1715 to 19 Dec. 171712,516162
the Falkland; 8 Jan. 1714–15 to 4 Jan. 1716–176,479141
the Falmouth; 25 Feb. 1715–16 to 21 Aug. 17176,429185
the Fox; 5 April 1715 to 27 June 17173,73903
the Gloucester; 5 Feb. 1714–15 to 10 Dec. 171712,35939
the Guarland; 11 Oct. 1715 to 22 Feb. 1716–173,089169
the Gibralter; 17 Feb. 1714–15 to 29 Jan. 1716–173,23467
the Griffin fireship; 27 Feb. 1716–17 to 26 Sept. 1717552151
the Guarland fireship; 26 Feb. 1716–17 to 26 Sept. 1717559128
the Hampshire; 4 March 1714–15 to 2 Dec. 171711,59523
the Hind; 31 Dec. 1711 to 22 July 17178,74818
the Henrietta; 1 July 1708 to 31 July 17143,54588
the Jersey; 22 Sept. 1716 to 26 Dec. 17175,216107
the Lyon; 31 Dec. 1714 to 28 Feb. 171612,2281810
the Loo hospital ship; 14 March 1716–17 to 5 Dec. 17171,02724
the Monk; 9 May 1711 to 28 Jan. 1716–1716,687174
the Montague; 1 March 1716–17 to 19 Dec. 17174,68442
the Mary yacht; 1 July 1708 to 31 July 17143,676113
the Norfolk; 9 March 1714–15 to 21 Sept. 17166,51598
the Oxford; 18 Jan. 1714–15 to 30 May 17178,46104
the Orford; 26 July 1715 to 6 Dec. 171710,42443
the Royal Oak; 11 Feb. 1716 to 4 Dec. 17175,63450
the Panther; 1 Feb. 1716 to 16 Dec. 17174,007149
the Rose; 25 April 1712 to 14 Oct. 17177,476180
the Roebuck; 7 Feb. 1714–15 to 10 Aug. 17176,340311
the Rochester; 13 April 1716 to 17 May 17174,3331811
the Shrewsbury; 5 March 1715–16 to 13 Aug. 171710,39442
the Solebay; 21 Aug. 1711 to 10 Aug. 171710,09791
the Suberbe (sic); 6 March 1715–16 to 19 Oct. 17178,800153
the Success storeship; 23 Aug. 1716 to 21 Sept. 17171,598174
the Valure; 10 Jan. 1710–11 to 14 Jan. 1716–179,4087
the Worcester; 18 Feb. 1714–15 to 23 Dec. 171712,18372
the Weymouth; 12 March 1714–15 to 31 Jan. 1716–177,012310
the Yarmouth; 11 Jan. 1714–15 to 25 Sept. 17179,281149
the York; 13 March 1715–16 to 17 Dec. 17179,53451
the King George tender; 6 March 1716–17 to 20 Nov. 171711993
the North Foreland sloop, a tender; same time88135
the William and Sarah brigantine; 8 March 1716–17 to 4 Dec. 1717102165
wages and entertainments of Officers and others employed in the Dockyards and Ropeyards:
Deptford in ordinary (James Beverley, clerk of the Checque), 1 Oct. 1715 to 30 Sept. 1716
Woolwich in ordinary (Daniel Wiseman, ditto); same time3,614811
Chatham in ordinary (Thomas Pool Parmiter, ditto); same time14,00561
Sheerness in ordinary (William Hogg, ditto); same time3,02781
Portsmouth in ordinary (Richard Hale, ditto); same time11,290311
Plymouth in ordinary (Robert Frost, master-attendant); same time4,883183
Portmahon in ordinary (Elias Best and others); 1 Jan. 1715–16 to 31 Dec. 171613216
Lisbon in ordinary (same); 1 Jan. 1716–17 to 30 June 171757161
Deptford in extraordinary (Joseph Whitman and others); 1 Oct. 1715 to 30 Sept. 171620,935111
Woolwich in extraordinary (Thomas Aldridge and others); same time20,309167
Chatham in extraordinary (Thomas Smith and others); same time28,06775
Sheerness in extraordinary (George Richardson and others); same time6,961147
Portsmouth in extraordinary (Thomas Bucknall and others); same time38,14772
Plymouth in extraordinary (Thomas Gibbs and others); same time12,155108
Portmahon in extraordinary (Daniel Furzer and others); 1 Jan. 1715–16 to 31 Dec. 171650019
Lisbon in extraordinary (same); 1 Jan. 1716–17 to 30 June 171715054
Woolwich ropeyard (John Quelch and others); 1 Oct. 1715 to 30 Sept. 17163,993183
Chatham ropeyard (Thomas Adams and others); same time3,621104
Portsmouth ropeyard (Thomas Melmerby clerk, and others); same time2,74413
Hamoze ropeyard (Robert Young, clerk, and others); same time1,96055
(total for the dockyards and ropeyards 180,931l. 13s. 8d.)
several surgeons etc. for curing and subsisting sick and wounded seamen:
Woolwich: William Ellis, surgeon, and John Hughes, William Dubbins etc., undertakers; 30 Sept. 1715 to 30 Sept. 1716
Rochester: Oliver Bickley, surgeon, and Thomas Knackston, undertaker; same time2,33177
Gosport: Robert Heart, surgeon, and Thomas Grave, undertaker; same time574198
Deal: Edward St. Leger, surgeon, and William Frame, John White and John Wraight, successively undertakers; same time324168
Plymouth: Nicholas Winston, surgeon, and Samuel Slater, undertaker; same time103102
Portmahon: George Turberville, surgeon, and Francis Whitworth and William Corbet, successively undertakers, 1 April 1714 to 19 May 17161,45137
Kingsale: Moses La Croix, surgeon, and several undertakers; 30 Sept. 1714 to 1 Jan. 1714–15 and 31 March 1715 to 1 Oct. 1716144173
(total for the Navy as above 831.442l. 1s.d.)
money paid for satisfying the Interest due from the Public to the Proprietors of the South Sea Company's Stock for the year 171794,572510
on accompt of the Victualling:
Emptions and provisions, detailed
moneys due to several pursers, masters of ships etc., detailed, for the balance of their victualling accounts12,382143
workmanship, detailed1,518611
hire and freight2,703136
disbursements, detailed2,37379
salaries of the Commissioners for Victualling etc.: Denzil Onslow, Thomas Reynolds, Thomas Bere, Robert Arris, Peter Jeyes, Henry Vincent, Waller Bacon, Commissioners, at 400l. per an. each (the last named for three quarters only); Sprig Manesty, Secretary; John Silvester, muster master; Stephen Thomson, master cooper; clerks etc.; detailed with names5,406711
rents, detailed312107
wages, detailed13,34948
necessary and extraordinary necessary money6,0051811
short allowance money16,492164
travelling charges56158
ordinary allowances: Exchequer fees 6l. 13s. 4d.; the Accomptant for charges of passing the Accompt 16l. 13s. 4d.; Thomas Hawes, for charges etc. 42l. 10s.65168
total payments and allowances£1,086,2741211¼
and so remains675,16518
whereof depending on several persons for money imprested for victualling the Navy as in the previous Accompt2,40018
and so this Accomptant is Indebted672,7651611¼
Declared at the Treasury 8 January 1719–20 and at the Exchequer 18 January 1719–20.