Declared Accounts
Post Office


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William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Post Office', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 31: 1717 (1960), pp. CCCLXV-CCCLXX. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Post Office


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1960, ROLL 49 [A.O.1/1960/49].

Arthur Onslow, late Receiver General of the General Letter Office and Penny Post Office.

25 March 1716 to 25 March 1717.

Arrears: depending on several persons at Ladyday 16852,12560
depending on divers Postmasters etc. of the General Letter Office at Ladyday 171647,99517
depending on several persons of the Penny Post Office1,8526
and upon several other persons in arrear671141
Receipts: revenue and profits of the General Post Office, 25 March 1716 to 25 March 1717:
in the Foreign Office [of the General Post Office]:
the produce of the letters brought in by the mails; by months
letters to and from Portugal, not included in the above; by quarters58850
received of Capt. Phillipson for freight of passengers in the Holland packet boats; year to 25 Dec. 171610156
received of Charles Lovell for passengers, goods and horses to and from Dover, Ostend and Callis; same time17826
received of Joseph Penhallowes for passengers between Falmouth, Lisbon and the Groyne; half years to Ladyday and Michaelmas 171614600
ditto for letters ditto; ditto103710
received of Mr. Buck and Mr. Lovell of Dover for letters from Callis; year to 25 March 1717684
received of John Six of Amsterdam, by virtue of his contract with the Lords Burgomasters there, for freight between England and Amsterdam; same time1,20000
received of Mr. Milner for letters received at Port Mahon78118
in the Inland Office [of the General Post Office]:
money received for letters at the Inland window; by months
money received of the letter receivers; ditto369311
the letter carriers' charge for letters sent up from the Country; ditto57,980411
the Postmasters' charge for letters sent from London into the Country73,906187
way-letters taken in at one stage and delivered at another, farmed to divers Postmasters:
John Stuckley of Plymouth
Anne Hayman of Dartmouth2000
John Buckley of Totness1000
Abraham Hacket of Blandford300
Mary Coven of Dorchester600
Mary Paine of Salisbury400
Moses Baxter of Portsmouth700
Robert Rodham of Berwick400
John Bell of Newcastle3000
Nicholas Paxton of Durham1000
John Wilson of Darlington500
Elizabeth Harker of Northalerton900
Barbara Thwaites of Great Abridge [Greta Bridge]200
William Mann of Burrowbriggs500
Mary Mould of Hull5000
Robert Pattison of Beverley400
John Herring of Newark500
Hannah Petty of Gainsborough2400
John Sharp of Grantham500
William Wyat of Boston1000
John Rishton of Spalding1000
Edward Tinkerson of Peterborough100
John Exton of Lynn2000
and Catherine Dawson of York4000
(total for way-letters 514l.)
money received for cross-road letters: Xmas 1715 to Xmas 17163,46502
ditto from Isaac Manley, Manager of the Letter Office in Dublin for letters sent from Chester within the time of this Accompt703141
ditto from the same for letters from Holyhead to Dublin; same time1646
ditto from letter carriers for letters short-taxed; same time055
ditto of several Postmasters for by- or way- letters; same time1,257179
ditto for several expresses sent into the country; same time57176
ditto for ditto sent to London for which the Postmasters received the money; same time3700
in the Irish Office [of the General Post Office]:
money arising by the profits of the Irish Office; half year to 29 Sept. 1716
ditto; half year to 25 March 17177,071156
(total for the General Post Office 182,233l. 9s. 8d.)
revenue and profits of the Penny Post Office, 25 March 1716 to 25 March 1717:
the produce of 777,841 letters taken in by the Officers of the Penny Post Office at 1d. a letter
the produce of the second 1d. on 66,888 letters taken in by the letter receivers in London, and directed and delivered to persons in the Country278140
the produce of 57,291 letters taken in at the six Penny Post Offices at 1d. each letter238143
overpayments remaining due at the termination of this Accompt:
Lucy Downes of Hertford Bridge
John Beauchamp of Staines1253
Grace Alder of Bedford2170
William Wimberley of Portwitham245
Thomas Simpson of Bourn346
Elinor Fox of Stilton61010
Henry Pine of Bristoll6556
Edward Lock of Hounslow9183
John Boucher of Piccadilley2000
John Mackey of Holyhead1000
Maurice Parry of Holyhead33118
Margaret Buckly of Beaumaris12128
John Draper of Conway11137
Richard Lloyd of Sazpley16100
Carolinus Chapman of Barnett14195
John Tranter of Aldersgate Street17110
Thomas Banks of Halston4144
Thomas Wilson of Leadenhall Street1150
Jeremiah Ford of Southwark1150
William Alamond of the Brill3000
Samuel Martin of Epping81910
Edward Marshall of Wickham5173
Charles Timson of Smithfield2300
James Luck of Tonbridge7105
Richard Davies of Fenny Stratford13911
Monsieur Richards of Paris2,633189
Arthur Onslow [Receiver General]26000
total charge and receipts [viz. Arrears 52,645l. 3s.d., General Letter Office Receipts 182,233l. 9s. 8d., Penny Post Office receipts 3,758l. 8s. 4d., overpayments 3,273l. 17s. 1d.]
Abatements out of the general charge and revenue of the Post Office within the time of this Accompt:
country letters brought from foreign parts and from the Deputy Postmasters in England, first charged in London and then sent as directed to persons in the Country and again charged on the Deputy Postmasters: in the Foreign Office 3,007l. 13s. 6d. and in the Inland Office 7,936l. 3s. 5d.
letters charged on Postmasters and letter carriers, returned because the addressees could not be found2,052154
his Majesty and Members of Parliament:
their letters and packets delivered free (for his Majesty's service 18,471l. 14s. and for Parliament-men's letters 237l. 7s. 2d.)
foreign letters and packets, wherein we enclosed bills of exchange etc., 608l. 0s. 10d.; errors etc., 300l. 2s. 2d.90830
money due to Postmasters and others for balance of their Accompts to Ladyday 17163,38795
salaries: Charles, Lord Cornwallis, and James Craggs, senior, Postmasters General, 2,000l.; Edward Harley for the Auditor's fee 260l.; Arthur Onslow Receiver General 300l.; George Searle, Accomptant General 300l.; Arnold Beeby, Comptroller of the Inland Office 200l.; John Lloyd, Secretary 200l.; John Fowle, Solicitor 200l.; Clerks of the several Roads, detailed, with their assisttants 800l.; windowmen etc. detailed 110l.; sorters 480l.; clerks to the Postmasters General, to the Receiver General and to the Accomptant General 160l.; Ashburnham Frowde, Comptroller of the Foreign Office 150l.; clerks etc. in the Foreign Office 440l.; letter receivers, 375l. 6s. 8d.; mail maker, letter carriers etc. 2,321l. 16s.; and several Postmasters in England and Wales, detailed at length 13,846l. 19s.22,14418
annuities and pensions:
Henry, Earl of Rochester
the Dukes of Northumberland and Grafton and the Executrix of the former4,70000
the Duke of Grafton, as Executor to the Duchess of Cleveland, in part of an arrear2,00000
the Duke of Schonberg4,00000
the Duke of Marlborough5,00000
William, Lord Cowper, late Lord Chancellor4,00000
William Brocket for 2½ years1,00000
Court Post: Dennis Bond, for carrying Royal letters etc. between the Court and the first Post Stage36600
charges of expresses; by quarters1,4461810
charges of the packet boats:
for the Eagle, Dolphin and Prince, belonging to Capt. John Phillipson of Harwich, viz.: hire 540l.; wages 602l. 18s. 2d., victualling 400l. 3s.; to Edward Hunt, Henry Keeble, Vander Hoeve, each for carrying a mail to the Brill in Holland and to George Cockrein and Giles Baker, each for carrying two like mails 70l.; disbursements to Xmas 1716 63l. 6s. 3d.; Capt. Phillipson, for salary 150l.
for the Dover packet boats, viz.: Charles Lovell, agent, for hire etc. of the packet boats between Dover, Calais and Ostend 1,279l.; subsistence of poor British subjects 14l. 10s.; an additional man to each boat and victuals 22l. 10s.; guarding of Thomas Taylor 5l.; Capt. Pybus, for carrying Flanders mails overland 10l. 18s.; carriage of mails not by packet boat 30l. 3s. 8d.; small expenses 10s.; William Smith for carrying Daniel Moor to Calais 3l. 4s. 6d.; James Sampson for carrying a King's Messenger 1l. 1s. 6d.; Thomas Hammond for hire of a vessel 2l.; Charles Lovell, for salary, 150l.1,518178
for the Falmouth packet boats, viz.: Joseph Penhallow, agent, for wear and tear 827l. 1s. 8d., wages 1,265l. 18s. 8d., victualling 590d. 17s. 4d., sick quarters 77l. 13s.; incidents 149l. 6s. 7d.; Joseph Penhallow, for salary and as Postmaster of Falmouth, three quarters to 25 March 1716 112l. 10s. 0d.3,02373
for the packet boats between Falmouth and the Groyn and Corunna: Robert Bradyl and Robert Hull for the King George 540l.; Samuel Eyre for the Boscawen 900l.1,44000
James and Joseph Milner for the Postmaster of Port Mahon for the Resolution and afterwards the Cornwallis packet boats between Port Mahon and Marseilles etc.30000
sundry incident charges, detailed4,05731
allowances of various natures:
John Six of Amsterdam, for his moiety of the Hamborough and Italian letters
John Camfield of Lisbon for exchange of money at 10l. per cent paid John Duarta De Costa for collecting all letter money and for exchange and remitting of money7320
Monsieur Pajot, Comptroller of the French Posts for the port of Spanish, Italian and Turkey letters2,77660
allowed the several farmers66410
taxes allowed on clerks' salaries17900
charges of the Irish Office:
Isaac Manley, Deputy Postmaster General at Dublin:
state letters and letters of Members of Parliament7,24191
English and Irish takings off or Country letters2,319151
insolvent letters etc.611135
stationery wares and incidents1,48241
expresses and ship letters2452
exchange of money496138
money paid into the Exchequer, detailed by dates64,81954
(total for salaries etc. of the General Post Office 146,148l. 4s. 11d.)
money paid to the Postmaster at Corunna for his salary and other charges2051
payments and allowances of the Penny Post Office:
salaries and wages: Robert Baylis, Comptroller 200l.; his clerk 30l.; Accomptant, 70l.; Collector, 70l.; sorters, subsorters, messengers etc. 1,748l. 17s. 9d.
rent of the Penny Post Offices117100
incident charges, detailed3601511½
several letter receivers for their tenths on 777,841 letters received32420
this Accomptant for 772 returned letters344
Officers' taxes5500
total payments and allowances£185,842510½
and so remains56,06813
whereof depending in super:
arrears due at Ladyday 1685, detailed
upon several Postmasters etc. detailed at length51,4458
arrears of the Penny Post, ditto1,8264
arrears due from several other persons: Thomas, late Duke of Leeds and Anthony Row, for money received; Oliver Hill of Spain; George Levet, purser of a Spanish packet boat; March Fletcher, for fitting up the Spanish Princess; Oliver Hill for salary; Mr. Symonds, master of the Irish packet boats; Mr. Manley for the feasts paid the Officers671141
and so this Accompt is even and Quit.
Declared 5 September 1721.