Declared Accounts
Treasury Solicitor


Institute of Historical Research



William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Treasury Solicitor', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 31: 1717 (1960), pp. CCCXCI-CCCXCVII. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Treasury Solicitor


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2319, ROLL 43 [A.O.1/2319/43].

Anthony Crachrode, Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury.

2 June 1716 to 1 June 1717.

Arrears: remaining in the Accomptants' hands at the end of his last preceding Accompt, none, he being in Surplusagenil
but depending upon several persons particularly named at the foot of the said last Accompt100106
Receipts: had out of the Exchequer:
Easter term, 2 & 3 George I, by way of imprest, by General Letters Patent Dormant of 14 Aug. 1 George I
Michaelmas term, 3 George I, ditto, by the same9,00000
Easter term, 3 & 4 George I, ditto, by the same2,50000
Michaelmas term, 3 George I, for the charges of Letters Patent creating Prince Ernest Augustus, Duke of York, Albany and Ulster and for ditto appointing the Prince of Wales Guardian of the Kingdom, by General Letters of Privy Seal 29 Sept. 1714 and Royal Sign Manual of 11 Feb. 1716–171,252110
money received of John Aislabie, late Treasurer of the Navy, to satisfy the bill of charges of the fifth subscription:
to the South Sea Corporation and unsatisfied charges of the earlier subscriptions
surcharge for money placed to his accompt as paid to Daniel Underhill as Solicitor at Hicks's Hall, being more than was actually paid168
total charge and receipts£21,695810
Surplusage on the preceding Accompt1,54613
charges and expenses of several prosecutions etc.:
v. Anderton and others, for high treason in the late Rebellion
v. Ashburn, for printing ‘the Shift Shifted6140
v. Sarah Alexander, for publishing the same370
v. Attlesey and others, for a misdemeanor at Norwich8911
v. Ashton, for seditious words370
v. Buttler et al., for high treason in the late rebellion76150
v. Balfour et al., for ditto54150
v. Bishop, for printing a libel at Exeter920
v. Barnett, for a misdemeanour at Shaftsbury13140
v. Bull and Bowers, for ditto in Oxfordshire262
v. Bedford, for a misdemeanour0170
v. John Batt et al., for ditto in Kent44172
v. Humphrey Batt et al., for ditto6130
v. Baker, for a trespass in Windsor Forest256
v. Brown, for cursing the King (indicted at the Sessions at Hicks's Hall)922
v. Burnett, for a misdeameanour at Norwich6140
v. Bays, for seditious words (prosecuted at Hicks's Hall)2100
v. Benson, for the like (indicted at Hicks's Hall)370
v. Baker, for the like in Berks.7180
v. Brooks, for a misdemeanour in Shoreditch708
v. Barwick, for suffering a conventicle in his house at Norwich1447
v. Breet, for a misdeameanour in Norfolk1146
v. Cheap, for publishing a libel1496
v. Cole, for a misdemeanour in Kent690
v. Cowper, for publishing a libel1036
v. Cookson, for publishing a libel in Yorkshire1470
v. Cavenah alias Robroy, for publishing seditious words7180
v. Crisp, for frauds in Chelsea Hospital7180
v. Douglas, for a misdemeanour in Antegoa13166
v. Isaac Dalton, for printing and publishing a libel, for cursing the King, for persuading the soldiers at Newgate to drink the Pretender's health7954
v. Lord Dupplin, for treasonable practices256
v. Dover, for printing and publishing libels1126
v. Dale, for endeavouring to suborn witnesses1906
v. Mary Dalton, for publishing a libel2136
v. Dowel et al., for high treason246
v. John Dormer, for seditious words6140
v. Davies and Edwards, for a misdemeanour in Denbighshire280
v. Michael Dalton in the Exchequer, by information of intrusion on Pimlico House on the King's private road to Fulham0150
v. Darbyshire, for seditious words1010
v. Douglas, for the like6140
v. Alice Dixon, for the like6140
v. Dowden et al., for high treason in Dorsetshire20110
v. Dugard, for seditious words7180
v. Francia, for high treason (indicted at the Old Bailey)41350
v. George Flint, for publishing a libel27176
v. Fox, for seditious words in Devonshire920
v. Mary Flint, for publishing ‘the Shift Shifted15110
v. Fluck, for seditious words (tried at Hicks's Hall)6128
v. Freeman, for the like (ditto)6112
v. Fish, for a misdemeanour in Yorkshire1168
v. Gibson, upon affidavits from Lancashire256
v. Gurley, for seditious words6112
v. Harley and Foley, Auditors of the Imprests, on information for misdemeanours in their office (fn. 1) 19194
v. Harvey, for high treason17190
v. Hornbey, gentleman, for publishing a libel35106
v. Howard, for high treason in the late Rebellion7842
v. Home, for the like54150
v. Hornby, the hawker, for the like1496
v. Harris, for a misdemeanour in Derbysire24100
v. Hussey, Recorder of Shaftsbury256
v. Howell, for publishing a libel (tried at the Old Bailey)26110
v. Hornyold, for a misdemeanour (indicted at the Old Bailey)6140
v. Hill, for printing ‘the Shift Shifted’ (tried at the Old Bailey)15110
v. Halsted, for seditious words at Oxford5150
v. Humphreys, for seditious words (indicted at the Old Bailey)370
v. Hesketh, for high treason in Lancashire10150
v. Hodges, for seditious words (prosecuted at Norwich)1192
v. Keymer, for publishing a libel6140
v. Kitchen, for seditious words (indicted at the Old Bailey and tried at Westminster16100
v. Layburn, for high treason in the late Rebellion (tried in Southwark)76150
v. Langham, for publishing a libel (tried at the Old Bailey)15110
v. Mackentosh et al., for high treason (at Westminster Hall)7980
v. Mynors, for printing and publishing a libel sermon1150
v. Duncan Mackentosh, one of the Preston rebels, for high treason8120
v. Montgomery, for holding a conventicle256
v. Morphew, for publishing ‘Mercurius Politicus’ (fn. 2) 1470
v. Milton, for a misdeameanour774
v. Newberry, for a riot in Warwickshire2589
v. Nodes, for frauds in Chelsea Hospital (fn. 3) 7180
v. Nichols, for seditious words in Kent1380
v. Nichols, clerk, for a seditious sermon6140
v. Nash, for seditious words (indicted at Hicks's Hall and tried at the Old Bailey)2456
v. Nunnery, for the like (indicted at Hicks's Hall)740
in defence of Craven, sued by the Marquis of Navarres et al., for recovering jewels etc. seized by defendant Craven when Governor of Carolina31116
v. Osborne, for printing the ‘Shift Shifted15110
v. Pearks, for a misdemeanour in Worcester370
v. Paul, for high treason in the late Rebellion82100
v. Pitts, for high treason in permitting Thomas Foster to escape [See Vol. XXX of this Calendar, p. vi]5692
v. Paynter, for high treason in Cornwall65147
v. Puleston et al., for misdemeanours in Denbighshire5906
v. Plowman, for high treason in Dorsetshire6140
v. Row, for a lease forfeited by the felony of Row370
v. Read, for publishing a libel6140
v. Robins, for a misdemeanour in Norfolk7180
v. Redmayn, for affirming by printing that the Pretender hath a right to the Crown3326
v. Rokeby, for seditious words1586
v. Strahan, for publishing a libel27176
v. the Earl of Scarsdale, for treasonable practices256
v. Smith, for publishing a libel1496
v. Stanton, for a riot at Birmingham4110
v. Shaftoe et al. for high treason in the late Rebellion54150
v. Satchfield, for seditious words370
v. Scriven, for the like1330
v. Sunderland, for publishing a libel19170
v. Standish et al., for treason in the late Rebellion76150
v. Spinks, for distributing money to nonjuring clergy256
v. Sheffield et al., for frauds in mingling tobacco with hops and other leaves100
v. Simanit, for publishing a libel19196
v. Thornton et al., for high treason in the late Rebellion153100
v. Taylor et al., for a riot at Shoreditch6140
v. Talbot, for high treason3070
v. Trueman, for seditious words1776
v. Tarran, for seditious words in Yorkshire1768
v. Vavasour, for seditious words7180
v. Watson, for publishing a libel6140
v. Sir William Windham, bt., for misprision of treason ((See Vol. XXIX of this Calendar, p. x)6000
v. Wild, Hopwood, Allen and Jenings, for a misdemeanour in Staffordshire5600
v. Watson, for a misdemeanour in Kent256
v. Woodhouse, for cursing the King6140
v. Walker, for seditious words at Doncaster in Yorkshire66164
v. Weston, for seditious words30146
v. Whitmore and Ravenagh, for the like6140
v. Williams et al., for riot near Norwich26124
v. Warmworth, for seditious words7180
v. Yemes, for a misdemeanour in Norwich6140
v. Yates, for printing and publishing a libel (tried at the Old Bailey)1240
payments to sundry persons for business done and for disbursements:
Mr. Harcourt of the Crown Office
John Richardson, Attorney at Law, Preston, for disbursements1,40010
the Attorney General7660
Richard Combs, William Dixon and — Downe, for discovering libels, etc.832
James Shaler, Matthew Tanner and Daniel Underhill, for taking trials in shorthand, filing indictments, etc. at Hicks's Hall and the Old Bailey5582
Gerard Fitzgerald, for copies of two Acts of Parliament and Robert Sanderson for copy of a grant from Queen Elizabeth relating to the prosecution of George Rowe83
this Accomptant, for coach-hire3347
Michael Letton and others, for errands31811
Joseph Mellish and George Werden, for Counsels' fees v. Whitaker and others at Nottingham and York Assizes9158
99 persons for expenses of witnesses etc.89699
money paid on Orders of the Principal Secretaries of State:
Ralph Bethel and Mossom Wye, for services to the Government
Jeremiah Grebell, Richard Verralls and others, for discovering suspected persons74138
William Downes, John Wright and others, for detecting printers and publishers of libels etc.66130
Mrs. Howard, for subsistence of herself and family while her husband was on Government service26120
Robert Read, victualler in Salisbury Court, for his damage5000
William Jones and John Tench, for fees for discharging George Ridpath's recognizance and for the pardon of Thomas Shaw and others etc.135198
Samuel Bayley and other attorneys512151
Mr. Richardson, attorney-at-law at Preston107100
several witnesses for necessaries4281110
John Venables, of the Duchy of Lancaster, for preparing warrants230
payments by Treasury Warrant:
Joseph Crisap, for cleaning firearms etc.
Thomas Gibson and Robert Patten, clerk20000
Thomas Gill at the Roebuck in Cheapside20000
John Fog, of Bolton, co. Lanc., for services when the rebels were approaching Preston5000
Richard Werge, minister at Alnwick, of the Royal Bounty, for service and losses when the rebels were in Northumberland10000
Thomas Ogle, of Linkhouse, co Northd., clerk, as of the Royal Bounty4000
Thomas Aldcroft, for expenses in defending himself against a malicious prosecution3600
Thomas Read, of Salisbury Court, for losses in a riot40000
three Hanoverian soldiers who conducted Lord Duffus to England, to enable them to return home5000
Capt. Ralph Whitfield, to reimburse damages and expenses in conducting witnesses to London12500
Lord Duffus, Earl of Carnwarth and the Lord Nairn for their subsistence in the Tower24900
Jeremiah Sambrook, William Jones and Joseph Wace, for fees of passing patents etc.1,272182
Robert Knight, late Cashier of the South Sea Company for charges of the fifth subscription etc.1,84108
Edward Harley, for the Auditor's fee7000
this Accomptant, for his care and expenses in the prosecutions before and since the Rebellion54076
charges and expenses of the Special Commissions at Preston, Carlisle, Liverpoole etc., detailed:
to Sergeant Page and three other Counsel; to Henry Masterman, sent to collect evidence; to Francis Bretton, Clerk of the Crown, and others named; Sir John Fortescue Aland and Laurence Carter, Counsel at Preston and Carlisle; to five other Counsel; to Nicholas Paxton, as Solicitor to his Majesty; to Thomas Holland and John Perry, for coach hire; to Francis Bretton, Samuel Harris and other Officers of the Court and Judges' servants; to Thomas Crisp, High Sheriff of Lancashire
sundry other charges, detailed; to the Attorney General, for settling the two Commissions in Cumberland; to Nicholas Paxton, for settling evidence against the Scotch rebel prisoners to be tried at Carlisle and for disbursements; to Daniel Chandler, for disbursements for the Judges and Counsel on the road etc.; and to sundry others for disbursements etc.2,837189
this Accomptant for fees at the Treasury60263
(total allowed as above 22,062l. 16s. 5d.)
total payments and allowances£23,6099
and so remains [in Surplusage]1,9140
to which is added money depending on Nathaniel Wilcocks for subsistence of witnesses on the road1770
and on Gilbert Douglas for the like in Lancashire and for his own expenses8336
and so the Accomptant is in Surplusage
Declared 8 December 1724.


1 See D.N.B. under “Harley, Edward”. The Auditors were accused of embezzlement but proved that their Accounts were correct but for a clerical error of 3s. 4d.
2 Daniel Defoe, while awaiting the judgment of the Court of King's Bench for a libel on Lord Annesley, was secured by the Government as a clandestine ally; having been first directed to write a weekly paper in opposition to the ‘Shift Shifted’, he soon laid this aside for a monthly journal called ‘Mercurius Politicus’ but on Dyer's death undertook the management of and became owner of a share in the ‘News Letter’. [Torrens ‘History of Cabinet’. Vol. I, pp. 187, 188 and ‘D.N.B.sub voce ‘Defoe’.]
3 See also Crisp above.