Declared Accounts
Forfeited Estates


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William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Forfeited Estates', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 31: 1717 (1960), pp. CDXVI-CDXXIV. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Forfeited Estates


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 362, ROLL 20 [A.O.1/362/20].

Lewis Elstob, Receiver and Collector of the Rents etc. Forfeited Estates.

Mayday 1716 to Mayday 1718.

Charge. £s.d.£s.d.
Arrears, none, this being the Accomptant's first and only Accompt of this Servicenil
Receipts: money due and payable within the time of this Accompt for the rents, issues and profits of the estates forfeited by the following:
in Lancashire:
Sir Francis Anderton:
year to 1 May 1717, the demesne being unlet
year to 1 May 17181,37217
Hugh Anderton:
year to 1 May 1717, the demesne and tithes being then in his hands
year to 1 May 1718, the demesne and tithes being let to Mr. Leigh of Chorley7055
Richard Bilbrough:
year to Ladyday 1718
William Bolton:
three years to 1 May 1718
Thomas Briars:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 1718899
Richard Butler:
two years to 1 May 1718
— Chorley:
two years to same time
Robert Cooper:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 17181600
Dickinson's tenants (the late Mr. Richardson's estate left to Dickinson):
year to 1 May 1717
John Dalton:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 1718 (the demesne being let to Mr. Greenwood)603911
and from Mr. Forster in lieu of 5 salmon customarily paid to them126
Gabriel Hesketh:
year to 1 May 1717 (including Shippen Mill)
year to 1 May 1718 (including Hambleton Mill)118123
Albert Hodgson:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 1718 (8l. allowed for two young springs of wood)31693
John Leyburne:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 1718281115
John Parkinson:
two years ended same time at 5l. 17s. 6d.
John Plessington:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 171841144
— Sherburn:
two years ended same time at 32l. 10s.
Richard Shuttleworth:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 17184500
Ralph Shuttleworth:
two years ended same time
Thomas Stanley:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 1718151100
Ralph Standish:
year to 1 May 1717 (Burwick Hall not included being claimed as her jointure by Mrs. Standish)
year to 1 May 17183753
Christopher Trapps of Charlton in Yorkshire:
two years' rent ended same time
half year's rent to Martinmas 17182556
Joseph Wadsworth:
two years to 1 May 1718 at 12l. per an.
Thomas Walton:
two years to same time at 92l. 11s. 6d. per an.
Richard Widdrington:
two years' rent of a house in Preston in possession of Anne Bradley, at 8l. per an.; same time
in Northumberland and Lincolnshire:
the late Lord Widdrington:
half year's rent at Widdrington due 1 May 1716, the demesne being unlet
two years' rents due 1 May 17182,907168
half years' rent at Stella, due 1 May 171676461
two years' rent due 1 May 17183,05744
money received of tenants in Lincolnshire for the year to 1 May 17164793
ditto for the year to 1 May 171759556
year's rent to 1 May 17181,49906
John Thornton:
year to 1 May 1717 (the demesne being in his own hands and other lands untenanted)
received of Robert Wood for rent of a close since let to Ralph Wood1100
year to 1 May 17181,35924
William Shaftoe:
two years' rents due 1 May 1718
George Collingwood:
two years' rents due same time
Thomas Errington:
two years' rents due same time
Edward Swinburne:
two years' rents due same time
Philip Hodgson:
years' rents to 1 May 1718
George Gibson:
two year's rents due 1 May 1718 at 234l. 10s. per an.
Thomas Forster:
year to 1 May 1717
year to 1 May 171828000
in Yorkshire:
the late Lord Derwentwater:
two years' rent of Whenby estate; from 1 May 1716 to 1 May 1718
half year's rent due Martinmas221102
rents due for the Alstone Moor estate60150
two years' rents due 1 May 1718
(total for the above rents etc. 27,454l. 12s.d.)
received for fines, two third parts of debts discovered, and proceeds of sale of goods and chattels, detailed:
in Lancashire:
the late Earl of Derwentwater, 20l. 10s.; James Blundell, 2l. 13s. 4d.; Thomas Hatton and William Rainsforth, 2l.; Robert Cooper, 8l.; Sir Francis Anderton, 233l. 4s. 10d.; Richard Butler, 4l.; John Gregson, 1l. 16s.; John Dalton, 182l. 6s. 10d.; John Biswick of Manchester, 2l. 8s.; Mr. Prescott, 26l.; Gabriel Hesketh 166l. 15s.; Robert Daniel, 1l.; George Clifton, 92l. 18s.; Thomas Wadsworth, 2l. 13s. 4d.; Jordan Langdale 278l. 16s. 8d.; Ralph Shuttleworth, 94l.; John Garside of Manchester, 59l. 10s.; Christopher Trapps, 8l. 6s.; and in Northumberland: the late Lord Widdrington, 625l. 6s. 6d.; Thomas Errington, 32l. 9s. 4d.; the late Earl of Derwentwater and Richard Butler 250l. 19s. 9d.; John Thornton, 54l.; George Collingwood, 9l.; John Hall, 1l. 15s.; Philip Hodgson, 235l. 12s. 6d.
received for the rents of estates in Lancashire and for money produced by sale of goods and chattels given to superstitious uses:
Aldcliffe, 176l. 11s. 4d.; Crowhall, 20l.; tithes of Westleigh, 15l.; Physick Hall, 158l. 15s.; sale of goods from a house given to superstitious uses, 7l. 1s. 6d.
total charge and receipts£30,2281
for land tax and allowances to tenants of Widdrington manor and Stella colliery3,27053
for fee farm rents etc.106123
for salaries, outgoings and other allowances, detailed7361610¼
arrears returned to succeeding factors, who have accompted for the same607811½
disbursed for travelling charges etc.88916
salaries etc. (for this Accomptant and his clerk, from Ladyday 1719, 45l.; Albert Silvertop for the management of Stella Colliery 114l. 12s. 9d.; overcharged for the rent of Blaydon Haugh meadow 33l. 8s. 6d.; for ditching and cleaning the said meadow, 9l. 7s.; for rent due to the Duke of Somerset out of George Gibson's estate, 81l.; Mr. Douglass for fee farm rents, 21l. 16s. 4d; gratuity to the Rev. Mr. Ogle, 5l. 5s.)31097
money paid into the Exchequer, by dates22,699163
total payments and allowances£28,62010
and so remains1,60710
against which depending on sundry persons, named, for money remaining in arrear, detailed:
on the estate of John Leyburne, in Westmoreland
Physick Hall, given to superstitious uses, in Lancashire923
on the estate of Ralph Standish, in Lancashire4880
on ditto of Christopher Trapps, in Yorkshire100
at Blackney in Lincolnshire, on the late Lord Widdrington's estate95280
on the estate of John Thornton, in Northumberland17313
on ditto of William Shaftoe, ditto13534
on ditto of George Collingwood, ditto32160
on ditto of Thomas Errington, ditto3000
on ditto of George Gibson, ditto273110½
on ditto of Thomas Forster, ditto5150
on ditto of Mr. Dickinson in Lincolnshire and Lancashire3030
on the late Lord Widdrington's estate in Durham2540
and so the said Accomptant is in Surplusage40357
the said surplusage is directed by Warrant to be waived by the Accomptant. and so the said Accomptant is even and Quit.
Auditor's Memorandum.—Out of 1,168l. 7s. 3d. due for arrears of rent at Blackney, Eveden, Kirby Green and Stopwick in Lincolnshire for the year to 1 May 1716 there appears to have been accompted for no more than 47l. 9s. 3d. and of 1,479l. 14s. ditto for the year to 1 May 1717 no more than 595l. 5s. 6d.
The Accomptant has not charged himself with the rent of a house belonging to Philip Hodgson at Newcastle, nor with the rent of Southworth Hall, nor with a year's rent of a colliery of Mr. Standish's estate, nor with two years' profits of Mr. Hall's estate.
Declared 22 November 1740.


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 362, ROLL 21 [A.O.1/362/21].

Chambers Slaughter, deceased, late Paymasters of Inferior Officer employed under the Commissioners and Trustees to enquire of the Estates of Traitors and Popish Recusants, etc.

24 June 1716 to 24 June 1722.

Arrears: none, this being the Accomptant's first and only Account of this servicenil
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Easter term, 2 & 3 George I, to Chambers Slaughter and William Kennedy by way of imprest etc.
Michaelmas term, 3 George I, to Chambers Slaughter, ditto1,68000
Easter term, 3 & 4 George I, ditto, ditto2,50000
Michaelmas term, 4 George I, ditto, ditto1,82619
Easter term, 4 & 5 George I, ditto, ditto1,17315
Michaelmas term, 5 George I, ditto, ditto2,50000
Michaelmas term, 5 George I, ditto, ditto2,50000
Easter term, 5 & 6 George I, ditto, ditto1,20000
Michaelmas term, 6 George I, ditto, ditto3,862182
Easter term, 6 & 7 George I, ditto, ditto2,00000
Michaelmas term, 7 George I, ditto, ditto1,753159
Easter term, 7 & 8 George I, ditto, ditto2,00000
Michaelmas term, 8 George I, ditto, ditto 2,00000
Easter term, 8 & 9 George I, ditto, ditto1,00000
£26,9961411½ (sic) (fn. 1)
William Moore, Master of the Reference, and Thomas Marten, successively Register and Secretary; six years Midsummer 1716 to Midsummer 1722
Arthur Braithwait, Secretary, and George Turbill, Register; same time1,80000
Chambers Slaughter, Accomptant General; same time1,20000
John Wicker, Surveyor General; year to Midsummer 171720000
Francis Foot, Solicitor, 3½ years to Xmas 171952500
William Kynaston and Samuel Allen, successively Clerks of the Discoveries, same time, 525l.; and to Allen as Solicitor, 2½ years to Midsummer 1722, 375l.90000
Henry Gibbs, Deputy Surveyor; Midsummer 1716 to 9 May 17178766
Francis Shuckforth, Deputy Register; 4¼ years from Ladyday 1718 to Midsummer 172234000
William Marwood, Clerk to the Master of the Reference, and Carew Hoar, clerk to the Register; six years to Midsummer 172279000s
William Fetherstonhaugh and William Byles, successively clerks to the Secretary; same time[39500]
John Harris, clerk to the Clerk of the Discoveries; same time36000
Thomas Hancock, clerk to the Surveyor; 3¾ years to Midsummer 172022500
James Mosman and William Cook, successively clerk to the Accomptant; six years to Midsummer 172236000
William Lewellen, another; 1¼ years to Michaelmas 17177500
Nicholas Took, a clerk, afterwards Collector of Rents etc.; Midsummer 1716 to Midsummer 1719177100
William Byles, clerk to the Secretary; three years Midsummer 1719 to Midsummer 172218000
Jonathan Forbes, another; three quarters to Michaelmas 17194500
John Prideux, another; Midsummer quarter, 17191500
Emelia Elwyn, Housekeeper; six years to Midsummer 172230000
William Bishop, Doorkeeper; same time24000
John Mansergh, an Officer under the Commissioners; 1¾ years to Midsummer 171911000
Duncan McFarland, another; 4¼ years to Midsummer 172217000
Jonathan Wheeler and Thomas Collins, respectively porters; 5½ years to Midsummer 172222000
Lewis Elstob, Agent to the Exchequer, for himself and clerk; 2¾ years to Ladyday 171999000
incident charges etc.:
travelling charges etc. of the Commissioners etc. from London to Preston and Newcastle and back in 1716 and 1718
ditto (of Henry Cunningham and Dennis Bond) to Ireland and back52056
ditto (of Dennis Bond) to Scotland and back10000
ditto of the Register and of the Clerk of the Discoveries to Ireland and back46214
ditto of James Mosman to take possession of the late Lord Bolingbroke's estates in Berks. and to Dennis Bond, for surveying the same35131
ditto of George Gregory and Tobias Wildboare in surveying the estate of the late Lord Widdrington at Blackney in Lincolnshire10100
ditto of John Wicker in surveying several estates, 27 July 1716 to 24 April 1717, and to him and Sarah Wicker, his Administratrix154150
riding charges etc. of Henry Gibbs, Deputy Surveyor; 27 July 1716 to 13 May 17177200
the like of Thomas Hancock, the Surveyor's clerk; 27 July 1716 to 7 June 171915271
ditto of Matthew Lewellen, deceased and to his Administratrix; 21 Sept. 1716 to 29 Sept. 171756117
ditto of Nicholas Tooke; 5 Sept. 1716 to 1 March 1718–1923946
ditto of William Fetherstonhaugh to Dublin and back and into Wilts. and Berks.3400
William Moore, Master of the Reference, for disbursements at Preston and Chester700
Thomas Marten, for travelling charges to Preston115100
Francis Foote for law-charges etc.279911
Samuel Allen, to discharge several bills for business done in the Exchequer Court etc.305184
Francis Peters, for drawing and engrossing two parts of a lease of the office220
Ralph Peters of Leverpoole, for charges at law etc.139149
Thomas Dobison, for his bill of charges on Lowhouse, Wragmere, etc.1500
George Turbell, Secretary, for Counsel's fees etc.90140
William Moore, Master of the Reference, for ditto10100
Thomas Marten, Register, for fees to the Attorney General and Mr. Serjeant Pengelly2150
William Taylor, for stationery1,76529
Thomas Clements, for binding Reports etc.1000
Mrs. Emilia Elwin, for rent of the office in Essex Street etc. and for additional clerks989170
the same, for providing office furniture, etc.1,05317
Thomas Marten, for goods bought for the office3272
James Smith, as a gratuity on the sitting of the Commissioners in the Speaker's Chambers and Bridget Davis, for cleaning the said Chamber3153
John Bell for rent at Newcastle and for servants' gratuities in 1716546
Evan Hewson, for rent at Preston to 1 May 17173400
for office-rent etc. at Preston in 171864132
Daniel Quare, for care etc. of the office clock556
Thomas Fletcher, for charges and reward70126
for appraising the Duke of Ormond's goods at Richmond and St. James's Square etc.19834
John Mansergh and Duncan McFarland, for delivery precepts etc. and for a silver head to Mausergh's porter's staff26123
for publishing precepts etc.45111
Thomas Marten, Register, for disbursements in serving precepts etc.13905
Thomas Salter, for Exchequer fees0126
this Accomptant, for travelling charges, 11 Sept. 1716 to 5 Nov. 1719230133
John Middleton, for the charges of working ‘Stella’ colliery and supporting the ‘gynns’ there etc.26242
Jonathan Maughan, for looking after the colliery and lead mines in Northumberland etc.19000
the Revd. Dr. Richard Hitchmough, by way of gratuity and for his wife and children2740
supernumerary clerks, named, for their wages etc.401146
9,5051810¼ (sic) (fn. 2)
(total for salaries and incidents as above 22,810l. 15s.d.)
sundry incidental and extraordinary charges, detailed1,528169
money paid or detained by Mary Slaughter and Sarah Slaughter, daughters and Executrices of the Accomptant, by virtue of Treasury Warrants, detailed706210¼
money repaid into the Exchequer by the said Executrices1,00000
total payments and allowances£26,0451411½
and so remains95100
whereof depending on the following for which they remain accomptable:
Samuel Allen, Solicitor, to be expended on Counsel's fees etc.
William Gibson, for incidents20000
Thomas Gibson, ditto10000
and so this Accompt is even and Quit.
Declared 4 February 1743–4.
Auditor's Memorandum.—In pursuance of a Warrant of 13 August 1740, I have inserted the copy of the Accompt found amongst the vouchers of this Accomptant whereby he seems to be indebted 506l. 19s. 9d. but there appears no sufficient ground to charge him therewith. [The account follows.]


1 The figures given on the roll add up to 27,996l. 14s. 11½d.
2 The figures given on the roll add up to 9,505l. 18s.d.