Treasury Minutes
April 1717, 1-30


Institute of Historical Research



William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

Year published



8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


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'Treasury Minutes: April 1717, 1-30', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 31: 1717 (1960), pp. 8-13. URL: Date accessed: 21 October 2014.


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April 1717, 1–30

April 1.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir William St. Quintin, Mr. Edgcumbe.
On reading a report from the Customs Commissioners upon a petition of the widow and the heir of John Goddard, Esq., deceased, who was one of the securities of John Sansom as late collector of Bristol port, and on hearing John Smith, Esq., on the behalf of the said Mrs. Goddard, his [Smith's] niece, my Lords order a warrant to be prepared in order to a privy seal for discharging the heir and executors of the said Goddard from the security entered into by him as aforesaid.
My Lords order 30l. to be paid to Eleanor Wren by the hands of Mr. Lowther. Ibid., p. 87.
April 2.
Present: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir William St. Quintin, Lord Torrington, Mr. Edgcumbe.
Sir John Lambert and Mr. Gibbon attending are called in. My Lords propose to them the making a further loan of 20,000l. upon the tin remaining in their hands at Hamburg at an interest of 5 per cent. per an. They say they will attend my Lords with a proposal for that purpose.
[My Lords order a letter to] direct the Treasurer of the Navy to apply to the services following the sum of 63,024l. 3s. 6d. out of the sum of 100,000l. issued to him at the Exchequer out of loans on credit of the Vote of the House of Commons: viz.
to the head of Wages5,17236
to the head of Wear and Tear29,66500
to the head of Victualling28,18700
Mr. Sloper on behalf of the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces] is called in and on reading his memorial [for money for the Forces] my Lords order that the sum of 48,350l. 5s.d. out of the 100,000l. issued to the said Earl out of the Exchequer (out of loans on credit of the Vote [of Credit of 5 March last] of the House of Commons) be applied to the services following: viz.
for subsistence and Contingences to Forces in Minorca to 24 April 171713,343150
for ditto to the Forces in Gibraltar to same time8,64287
for subsistence and pay to Forces in the Plantations to same time10,095134
for subsistence, pay &c. to Regiments, Troops and Companies in Great Britain: upon account16,2688
Ibid., p. 88.
April 3.
Present: ut supra.
The hearing of Mr. Woolaston, on his caveat against the lease passing to the heirs of Mr. Preston of the manor of Furness, Co. Lanc., comes on, there being present Sir Thomas Powys on the behalf of Woolaston and the Attorney General and Solicitor General for the heirs of Mr. Preston.
Sir Thomas opens how the lease has been successively granted by the Crown, and the several terms therein, all in recompense and favour to the Preston family for — years at least, and that the leases were sometimes passed under the great seal alone and others both under that [seal] and the Duchy [of Lancaster] seal and then again under the Duchy seal alone: that Woolaston's family had formerly a lease of the Duties of Lott and Cope of the mines of Wirksworth in Derbyshire but were outed by a lease in reversion obtained by the Lord Clifford; upon the expiration of which Woolaston became a petitioner to her late Majesty and had her favour so far as to be promised a grant thereof, but by the interposition of the Vice Chamberlain [Thomas] Cooke he was defeated therein, but [was] bid to find out an equivalent [grant which might be] in her Majesty's power and she would gratify him therein: that Woolaston on searching the Duchy Records finds thereby that a term of two years only was remaining unexpired of the lease to Preston of the said manor of Furness, and thereupon by her Majesty's favour obtains a lease thereof under the Duchy seal for — years, to take place after the lease to Preston should expire: that this lease to Woolaston was set aside by a decree in the Exchequer because it happened that Preston had obtained under the great seal a lease of 15 years more, which said grant was not entered in the Duchy Records, whereby Woolaston had no notice thereof: that Preston's family may be supposed to be well recompensed for the services they have done by the long time they have enjoyed the estate under the Crown leases, and the intended renewal being now in favour of an infant of another family and of great estate, he hopes that after all the expenses, trouble and solicitation he [Woolaston] has been at, his great zeal for the present establishment, the lowness of his fortune, great family and other necessities [he] may have his Majesty's favour for a lease in reversion, to take place after the term in being, to which time they do not except against the present possessors: and says that though Preston seems to have paid 1,000l. fine for the lease now obtaining yet Woolaston has affidavits to produce of wastes, of more than that value, of woods on that estate, so that the fine seems to be paid with the Crown's money and that the buildings and houses thereupon are gone to ruin and some fallen down.
The Attorney General says the former lease which would have ended — is surrendered and his client has paid 1,000l. fine for a new lease for—from the time of the surrender, which [new lease] after hearing the previous petitions, reports and examinations [has] passed the Treasury and all the Offices to the great seal where it now lies: that no term can be too great a recompense to the Preston family (whose estate the said manor formerly was, but settled by the grandfather to superstitious uses) because Preston, the first lessee, who discovered [informed of] the said [superstitious] settlement would not become a Papist: that as to the waste and ruins of the premises a Bill has been exhibited against the lessee and it is sworn upon the answer that no such waste or decay has been committed and the woodfells (if any) have been made for the repair of the premises.
My Lords do not enter into the merits of either side, whatever sense they have of Mr. Woolaston's service and sufferings, but are of opinion since the lease has had all its regular progresses to the great seal where it now stops, that it [does] rest with the Lord Chancellor to do therein as he shall see cause.
Write a signification of this to the Lord Chancellor. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, pp. 89–90.
[pp. 91–94 inclusive of this Minute Book are left blank.]
[April 15.]
Memorandum: His Majesty by a Commission under the great seal dated the 15th day of April 3 Geo. I. did determine the Commission dated the 25th June 2 Geo. I., whereby Robert Walpole, Esq., Sir William St. Quintin, Paul Methuen, Thomas Newport (since Lord Torrington) and Richard Edgcumbe, Esqrs., were made Commissioners for executing the office of Treasurer of the Exchequer and appoints James Stanhope, Esq., the said Thomas, Lord Torrington, with John Wallop, Esq., George Bailie, Esq., and Thomas Micklethwait, Esq., to be Commissioners for executing the said office. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 95.
April 16.
Present: Mr. Stanhope, Mr. Wallop, Mr. Bailie, Mr. Micklethwaite. The new Commission [for the Treasury as above] is read. Ibid.
April 17.
Present: ut supra.
Prepare a warrant to the Auditors of Imprests to charge the interest upon the tallies for repayment of the [Vote of Credit] loan of 600,000l. upon the front of the account of the Paymaster [of the Forces].
The Governor and Company of the Bank of England are called in. They congratulate my Lords upon their accession to their office and proffer their assistance upon all occasions and desire their favour and protection.
Mr. Stanhope answers he will acquaint his Majesty with their readiness in offering their assistance and recommends to them the promoting the public service in the Bill now depending in Parliament for reducing interest.
The Deputy Governor and Directors of the South Sea Company attending are called in. They congratulate my Lords in a speech to the same effect and are answered in like manner.
[My Lords order] “a complete list to be made of the several off[icers] in all the Branches of the Revenue with their salaries: [to wit all the officers] that are appointed by the Treasury.”
Mr. Sloper on behalf of the Earl of Lincoln [Paymaster of the Forces] is called in; and on reading his memorial [for money for the Forces] my Lords order the sum of 70,681l. 2s. 10d. to be [issued out of the funds as follows and to be] applied to the services hereunder mentioned in manner following: viz.
out of tallies and orders remaining in his Lordship's [the Earl of Lincoln's] hands of loans and on credit of the Vote of the House of Commons51,64914
out of interest money accrued on the said tallies and orders314710½
out of moneys to be issued to his Lordship [out] of loans remaining in the Exchequer on credit of the said vote18,71702
and to be for the services following:
in further part of 959,943l. 1s. 10½d. voted for Guards and Garrisons &c. anno 1717.
for month's subsistence to 24 May 1717 [to the said Forces]
in further part of 34,742l. 14s. 2d. for the Forces in the Plantations anno 1717.
for a month's subsistence to 24 May 1717 [to the said Forces]
in further part of 57,029l. 14s. 4d. voted for Forces and Garrisons in Minorca anno 1717.
for two months' subsistence to 24 June 1717 [to the said Forces]
for contingencies for the same time353160
in further part of 37,192l. 14s.d. voted for Forces and Garrisons in Gibraltar anno 1717.
for two months' subsistence to 24 June 1717 [to the said Forces]
for contingencies for the same time16723
in part of 1,500l. voted for subsistence and contingent expenses of the Rebel prisoners anno 1717.
to Col. Solomon Rapin for subsistence of the Rebel prisoners for the month of January 1716–17
for the month of February9920
for the month of March11100
for salaries from 1 Jan. 1716–17 to 31 March following, being 90 days at 1l. 10s. 0d. a day13500
Treasury Minute Book XXIII, pp. 96–7. Disposition Book XXIII, p. 284.
April 24.
Present: Mr. Stanhope, Mr. Baillie.
The Directors of the East India Company attending are called in.
They congratulate my Lords in a speech to the same effect with that of the Bank of the 17th inst. and are answered in like manner by the Chancellor. Treasury Minute Book XXIII, p. 97.
April 29.Present: Mr. Chancellor [Stanhope], Mr. Baillie, Mr. Micklethwaite.
Prepare a warrant for his Majesty's signature granting a pension of 400l. per an. to Charles Douglass, Esq., during his Majesty's pleasure: to commence from Michaelmas last [and to be] payable by Mr. Clayton.
The like for — Blaignac for 150l. per an.: to commence from Lady day last.
[Write to the] Surveyor [General] of Woods [Trent North and South] and the Surveyor [General] of Crown Lands to attend [my Lords] on Friday morning next.
Mr. Thomas Hawes from the Treasurer of the Navy is called in. His memorial [for money for the Navy] is read and my Lords order the sum of 7,000l. (out of the residue of the 100,000l. remaining in the hands of the said Treasurer of loans on the Vote of the House of Commons) to be applied to the payment of [seamen's] wages to turned over men.
My Lords having received his Majesty's pleasure that new farthings and half pence should be coined, do, in order thereto, order the following advertisement to be inserted in the Gazette:
His Majesty thinking it necessary that new farthings and half pence should be coined and made of the finest British copper, the Treasury Lords give this notice thereof so as all persons who are minded to supply his Majesty's Mint with the finest British copper for that purpose may give in proposals to their Lordships in writing sealed and left with their Secretaries or one of them at any time before the 25th of May next.
Ibid., p. 98.
April 30.
Present: ut supra.
Several papers are read and minutes [are] taken thereupon [and are endorsed thereon].
Write to the several Offices, viz. Customs &c. [Excise, Salt, Wine Licences, Post Office, Hawkers and Pedlars, Alienations, Office for Hides, Works, Stamp Duties] for a complete list of all the officers employed in the respective revenues, with a distinct account of the salaries and allowances to each of them.
[Write the] Agents for Taxes to attend on Thursday morning next with a list of the Receivers of the Land Tax and Duties on Houses with an account of the payments made by them into the Exchequer, what remains in their hands and what stands out in the country upon the said Duties.
Write to Mr. Clayton for a copy of the Establishment of pensions payable by him. Ibid., p. 99.