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'Declared Accounts: Ordnance', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 32: 1718 (1962), pp. CLXXI-CLXXXVII. URL: Date accessed: 24 October 2014.


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AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1865. ROLL 129 [A.O.1./1865/129].

The Hon. Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance.

30 June 1717 to 30 June 1718.

Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands at the determination of his last Accompt51,2871510
and depending in Super on sundry persons for money imprested to them, as by the said last Accompt200,5065
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Easter term 3 and 4 George I, in further part of 99,077l. 9s. 3d. by General Writ of Privy Seal of 29 Sept. 1714 and Royal Sign Manual of 22 March 1716–17
Michaelmas term 4 George I, in further part of the same19,386610½
Easter term 4 & 5 George I, in full of the same29,5502
the same term, in part of 99,327l. 12s. 11d. by Privy Seal of 30 April 171810,4491710½
Voluntary charge: money received of divers persons for stores sold etc., detailed:
for old and unserviceable stores sold 10,865l. 0s. 9d.; for guns delivered for the King of Portugal 1,020l. 9s. 4d.; for stores wanting at Jersey 22l.; for money due on a protested Bill of Exchange 100l.; for the charge of protesting the said bill 4l. 2s.; for stores wanting on the Expedition to Canada 36l. 15s.; for stores wanting at Lisbon 100l.; the master gunner of the ship Bridgewater for a pair of pistols lost in the boat 1l. 5s.; for gunstocks not cleared off 25l.; for repayment of an overpayment 10l.; for salaries remaining undemanded 57l. 18s. 4d.; for 5l. per cent. interest of Bank Annuities 284l. 10s.; for 6l. per cent. interest on tallies on the Candle Duty 2,153l. 3s. 8d.; for sale of Bank Annuities above par 1,041l. 1s. 6d.; and received of the Navy Treasurer in Annuities at 4l. per cent. 26,000l.
total charge and receipts£399,39811
Salaries etc.:
on the Old Establishment:
salaries and entertainment of the Principal Officers of the Ordnance:
John, Duke of Marlborough, Master General 1,500l.; Thomas Erle, Lieut. General 800l.; Michael Richards, Surveyor General 400l.; Edward Ashe, Clerk 400l.; Sir Thomas Wheate, bt., Storekeeper 400l.; Thomas Frankland, Clerk of the Deliveries 300l.; John Armstrong, Principal Engineer 300l.; the Hon. Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer 500l.; Thomas Frankland, Secretary to the Master General 200l.; year to 31 March 1718
clerks, daily attending, detailed with names96000
three armourers and three furbishers, named; year to 31 March 171814800
storekeepers; William Nicholas, Keeper of the Armoury and others, named etc.; same time86000
four engineers; same time70000
gunners; Col. James Pendlebury, Master Gunner of Great Britain, two mates, named, and 48 gunners; same time1,15700
bombardiers; Col. James Watson, Chief Bombardier, and ten bombardiers; same time419150
petardiers; George Musgrave, Chief Petardier, and four petardiers; same time200150
fireworkers; Col. Henry Hopkey, Comptroller of the Fireworkers; Col. Albert Borgard, Chief Firemaster, John Baxter his mate, and two fireworkers; same time51000
waggon master; Robert Eden; same time10000
proof masters; John Blake and Jonathan Dowson; same time4000
clerk of the check upon the labourers; William Wright; same time6000
purveyor for hiring hoys etc.; Robert Bennet; same time4000
yeoman of the tents and toils; Thomas Fosbrook; same time2000
messenger; Edward Farmer; same time6000
fifty-eight labourers; same time1,50800
(total on the Ordinary Establishment 11,583l. 10s. 0d.)
on the Additional Establishment:
five engineers 30 April 1717 to 31 March 1718; and another to 30 Sept. 1717 only
three sub-engineers; eleven months to 31 March 1718137100
five Gentlemen of the Ordnance; same time18368
eight bombardiers for the same time; one to 31 Dec. 1717 only; one to 31 July 1717 only30126
fifty gunners for eleven months to 31 March 1718, two to 31 Dec. 1717 only; one to 30 Sept. 1717 only; one to 31 July 1717 only872192
(total on the Additional Establishment 1,994l. 18s. 4d.)
allowances to the Train of Artillery in the war against France by the Establishment of 14 Feb. 1698–9; for eleven months to 31 March 1718:
Edward Williamson and William Bousfield, Captains
Ralph Wood and John George Breidenstein, First Lieutenants91134
George Spencer and Roger Colborne, two Second Lieutenants7368
Zachariah Smith, Thomas Heydon and James Finney, fireworkers11000
(total on the above Establishment 385l.)
wages of sundry Officers and others on the Queen's Establishment of a Field Train in North Britain:
Captain John Sleezer, Captain of the Company of Gunners at Edinburgh; to 31 Dec. 1717
Capt. Theodore Dury, Chief Engineer in North Britain; year to 31 March 1718127150
David Livingstone, Lieutenant of the Company of Gunners; same time9150
Alexander Campbell, Commissary of the Field Train; same time9150
William Idle, Corporal of the Gunners; same time22163
eight gunners of the Train; same time14600
three practitioner gunners; same time2776
six bombardiers; same time21900
one petardier; same time36100
two miners; same time54150
James Campbell, storekeeper at Edenburgh; same time11150
James Robbe, deputy storekeeper there; same time3000
James Gibson, gunsmith at Edenburgh; same time4000
Robert Forest, storekeeper at Sterling Castle; same time5226
John Donn, deputy storekeeper there; same time3000
Donkin Kerr, gunsmith; same time4000
Alexander Muir, storekeeper; same time7300
James Browne, gunsmith; same time36100
Walter Galloway, wheelwright; same time36100
(total for the Artillery Train in North Britain 1,375l. 11s. 3d.)
emptions and provisions, detailed:
the Earl of Weymiss, for two brass ordnance; Stephen Peters, Maximilian Western, John Fuller, Richard Jones and William Harrison, for new iron ordnance, etc.; Thomas Hollier and Thomas Probin, for sets of iron work for ‘musquetts’ etc.; Phillipa Walton, for corn powder made serviceable; James Holt, for flints; John Withers, for match; Christopher Gould, Bartholomew Wood and Robert Murden for white and tarred rope etc.; John Lash, for handspikes; Thomas Nunn, for fascines; George Lee, for lead; William Waterman for ‘tampeons’; Abraham Shooter and William Meades, for billet wood and fathom wood; Simon Potton, for sheepskins; Thomas Smirthwaite, for jack-flags etc.; Gabriel Ayres, John Dodson, Oakes Bickford and John Rowley, for copper and tin wares etc.; John Taylor, for ragstone; Henry Neale, for coals; the Navy Treasurer, for junk; William Grimes, for powder-horn slings etc.; William Ogborne, for beds etc.; Jane Hill, for painting waggons etc.; Thomas Bateman, Henry Stanniford, John Lash, William Smith, William Ogborne and John Cloake, for timber etc.; John Edward and William Silvester, Susanna Newell, Thomas Bass, Archibald Maxwell, senior, Archibald Maxwell, junior, and Daniel Wright, for smiths' work; Stephen Peters, for shot and shells; John Heard, Jacob Pickering, John Manning, Josias Clarke, Benjamin Dunning and John Short, coopers, for powder barrels etc.; Robert and John Eyre, for spirit of wine etc.; Mary Webb, for brooms etc.; James Milner, upholsterer, for cloth etc.; Edward Gare, for ‘merlin spikes’ etc.; Edward Castle and John Basket, stationers, for stationery wares etc.; John Suddell, for bluecloth and ‘camblett’ for the office sloop; sundry gunsmiths for pistols, pistol locks, ‘musquet’ barrels, ‘musquet’ locks and swords
cleaning and repairing of arms2,281151
repairs at Castles and Forts, detailed:
the Tower of London
Dover, Deal and Walmer2754
Landguard Fort8083
Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight5,7360
Plymouth and Scilly Islands2,901911
Pendennis and St. Maws2671
Tilbury and Gravesend4,7431710½
Edinburgh, Sterling, Dunbarton and Blackness Castles6000
lands in or about Portsmouth and Harwich purchased for fortifications567100
disbursements of divers natures; detailed:
Edward Farmer, messenger, for disbursements 8,650l. 13s. 10¼d.; William Done, storekeeper at Chester, for office contingencies etc. 287l. 9s. 2d.; Alexander Muir, storekeeper at Fort ‘St. William’, for ditto, 87l. 9s. 9d.; Daniel Cartii, storekeeper at Windsor, for ditto 3l. 19s.; Major John Webb, storekeeper at Upnor, for ditto 71l. 8s. 6d.; Major Henry Hooke, storekeeper at Plymouth, for ditto 116l. 17s. 10d.; Hugh Downman, clerk to Alexander Grant, storekeeper at Sheerness, for ditto 199l. 18s.d.; Capt. George Goodricke, storekeeper at Chatham, for ditto 409l. 8s.d.; John Baxter, storekeeper at Greenwich, for ditto 97l. 18s.; William le Merchant, storekeeper at Guernsey, for ditto 416l. 8s. 11¼d.; Joseph Hansnett, storekeeper at Tilbury, for ditto 45l. 9s. 5d.; James Felton, storekeeper at Woolwich, for ditto 206l. 13s.; Robert Johnson, overseer at Fort William, for repairing of bedding etc. 756l. 3s. 7d.; Nicholas Hunton, storekeeper at Landguard Fort, for ditto 156l. 7s. 2d.; George Barrett, overseer at Hull, for postage etc. 3l. 8s.; William Dumaresque, storekeeper at Jersey, for ditto 1,179l. 7s.d.; Peter Coward, barrack master at Portsmouth, for repairing bedding 25l. 13s. 2d.; Anthony Swift, John Whichell and James Garrett, for wages to mariners on board the Unity hoy etc. 123l. 10s.; George Anderson, for disbursements at Chatham 183l. 0s. 2d.; Capt. William Owen, Commander of the Solebay for gunners' stores for the said ship at New York (145l. of New York money to 100l. English) 46l. 14s.; Capt. Edward Vernon, Commander of the Rye, for the like while abroad 190l. 10s.d.; Capt. Tyrwhit Caley, Commander of the Rose for the like at New England 217l. 15s. 3d.; Andrew Fanevil, merchant of Boston, for disbursements by Sir Hovendon Walker's direction, for furnishing his squadron 2,260l. 19s. 11d.; Capt. Thomas Philips, for reparations at Hull etc. 4,175l. 9s.d.; George Minnens, for disbursements during his survey of the Cinque Ports 88l. 16s.d.; the Town and Corporation of Newcastle, for ammunition delivered during the Rebellion 75l. 4s. 10d.; Lieut. Joseph Egerton, for disbursements when taking an accompt of stores etc. 3l. 15s.; William Spooner, master gunner of North Yarmouth, for disbursements 3l. 1s. 8d.; Lieut. Gen. George Carpenter, for money disbursed in sending up arms seized from the rebels in Scotland to Edinburgh 67l.; Thomas Bowerbank, overseer at Portsmouth, for removing the arms of Col. Bowles's Regiment from Salisbury to Portsmouth 5l. 13s.; Sir Basil Dixwell, for repairing Dover Castle 12l. 17s.d.; William White etc., for driving the office carts 48l. 4s. 1d.; John Stockley, for cartage from Hyde Park and St. James's to the Tower and back 21l. 6s.; Thomas Pickhaver, for carpenters' work at the Cinque Ports 27l. 4s.; this Accomptant, for office expenses etc. 551l. 13s.; the same, for Exchequer fees etc. 902l. 16s. 3d.
half pay and other disbursements:
half pay: to Henry Hopkey, James Pendlebury and Richard King, Colonels; to Jonas Watson and John Jeffreys, Lieut. Colonels; to Lewis Duterme, James Petit, George Spencer and John Hanway, Majors; to Francis Hawkins, John Chardelon, Maximilian Favier, John Grenel and John Romer, Engineers; to Bloom Williams, Francis Seys, Nicholas Dubois, Edward Ridley and Noel Marchand, Sub-engineers; to Peter Gulumyden, Thomas Marwood and Zachariah Smith, Captains; to Thomas Heydon, Firemaster; to Godfrey Franks, Henry Pillet, Peter Stepkin and Joseph Burton, Lieutenants; to George Minnens and James Guernon, Adjutants; to James Fawcett, Master Gunner from Barbados; to Thomas Salisbury, Henry Garnett, Anthony Brown, Richard Somerfield, Gentlemen of the Ordnance; to George Michelson, Burnett Godfrey, Edward Backhouse, John Humphreys, John Cartwright, Abraham Carpenter, John Melledge, Thomas Bassett and Michael Crass, Fireworkers; to Josiah Sandby, Chaplain; and to John Redknap, Engineer
William Rickets, as smith at St. John's 5 Oct. 1710 to 15 Dec. 1713, and as gunner at Placentia 16 Dec. 1713 to 23 Oct. 171418900
Humphrey Hutcheson, for the Train in North Britain 27 Nov. 1715 to 12 May 17162,81243
William Hawys for disbursements of the Train of Artillery on the Expedition to Canada3,843159
Francis Yonge, late Commissary of Sea Stores at Lisbon, for disbursements 10 Oct. 1704 to 31 May 171116,30019
John Jeffreys, late Paymaster to the Train in Spain, for dollars lost at the battle of Villa Viciosa and for his allowance1,597188
John Blake, junior, Paymaster of the two Marching Companies of Gunners, for their pay 1 Oct. 1716 to 31 Dec. 17172,58313
Capt. George Goodricke, storekeeper at Chatham, for disbursements443
Lieut. George Aikenhead, for disbursements in North Britain171111½
William Pate and Richard Sandys for shirts, white and grey yarn stockings, neckcloths, scarlet cloth, shalloon and buttons and gold lace for the two Marching Companies of Gunners62712
payments for hire and freight of ships and for land carriage of stores3,7261811
salaries and other allowances by debentures:
Michael Richards, Assistant to the Lieut. General of the Ordnance
Edward Ashe, for keeping a ‘checque Leidger’ on the storekeepers20000
seven clerks to the Principal Officers of the Ordnance28000
George Musgrave, clerk to the Surveyor General12000
William Meads, for measuring the works of the fortifications etc.6000
William Dixon, for gunning the Navy2000
nineteen extraordinary clerks for a year, and three others for varying periods81863
John August, clerk to the storekeeper of the small arms in the Tower4000
Peter Coward, ditto at Plymouth4000
Richard Nightingale, conductor to the Train at Plymouth36100
Thomas Winter, conductor at Upnor Castle13139
to the several storekeepers, named etc.64426
to the several overseers, ditto20963
to the furbushers, ditto27246
Richard King, engineer10000
Robert Whitehead, draughtsman10000
John Flamstead, Astronomical Observator10000
three Gentlemen of the Ordnance, named12000
Anthony Swift, master of the Unity hoy9000
George Ayres, master of the Marlborough hoy9000
Peter Coward, barrack master at Portsmouth6000
John Walford, for attending the water-engine in the Tower etc.5600
Francis Mackfield, barrack keeper at Dover4000
the same for cleaning the beds etc. belonging to the barracks at the Tower1200
Francis Hemmings, for cleaning the graft round the fortifications at Portsmouth3000
John Bailey, for repairing the wharfing etc. at Sheerness4000
Hugh Downman and John Hammond, labourers at Sheerness5200
John Gardner, surgeon to the Office of Ordnance2600
Christopher Phillipson, for care of Portland Castle1000
Thomas Shillingford, master of the Office barge, for ‘rozin’ and tallow800
John Lloyd, clerk to the Master General54150
Sebastian Smith, clerk to the Records to the Office of Ordnance in the Tower3900
George Michaelsen and Thomas James, for attending the ‘draugth’ room etc.3140
Robert Johnson, Overseer of the Works etc. at Fort William etc.77108
Andrew Shalch, for attendance in casting brass ordnance19640
Abraham Rogers, for care of the lamps in the Tower3600
Anne Gittos, for cleaning the Ordnance Office etc.6100
Capt. Edward Ridley, a practitioner engineer in the Netherlands5000
travelling charges etc.2,6131610
rent of dwelling houses and storehouses, detailed94500
gratuities and rewards: to Hannah Browne, widow of Col. George Browne, late Principal Engineer to the Ordnance 100l.; John Cox, late matrosse in the Train, for the loss of his eyes 15l.; Dr. John Gardner, surgeon, for medicines 143l. 19s. 6d.; Thomas Greene, for cutting the King's Arms at the Grand Storehouse, Chatham etc. 51l.; Andrew Jelfs, for ‘draugths’ 52l. 10s.; John Hargrave, for a survey of Fort William etc. 21l. 10s.; William Ogborne and John Lash, for going on board ships at the Nore and blackstakes to repair guns 3l. 15s.; Samuel Richards, for salvage of arms from the Antelope 11l. 10s. 6d.; Sebastian Smith, for attendance at the Record Office in the Tower 18l. 10s.; William Fiske, for assisting the master smith at Placentia 3l. 6s.; Exchequer fees 3l. 6s. 8d.; Edward Harley, for the Auditor's fee 310l.734168
total payments and allowances£144,50213
and so remains£254,89518
whereof depending on sundry persons for money imprested to them:
by Sir George Wharton, late Treasurer and Paymaster, from 26 March 1673 to 30 June 1681 [as in previous Accompts]
by Charles Bertie, late ditto, from 30 June 1681 to 30 June 1699 [ditto]26,7431311¾
by the Hon. Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer etc., from 30 June 1699 to 30 June 1702 [ditto]3,73750
by Charles Bertie, late ditto, from 30 June 1702 to 30 June 17031,30820
charged on Edward Hubbald, clerk to Charles Bertie [ditto]36000
30 June 1703 to 30 June 170427711
30 June 1704 to 30 June 1705 (143l. 16s. 0d. cleared by Francis Young, then commissary of Stores at Lisbon)33611
and by the Hon. Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer of the Ordnance:
30 June 1705 to 30 June 1706
30 June 1706 to 30 June 1707490910
30 June 1707 to 30 June 1708530100
30 June 1708 to 30 June 17092,97826
30 June 1709 to 30 June 17103,51616
30 June 1710 to 30 June 17112,86618
30 June 1711 to 30 June 171231,154107
by Charles Eversfield, late Treasurer:
30 June 1712 to 30 June 1713
30 June 1713 to 30 June 17149,65223
30 June 1714 to 1 Dec. 17142,935184
by Harry Mordaunt present Treasurer:
2 Dec. 1714 to 30 June 1715
30 June 1715 to 30 June 171611,02818
30 June 1716 to 30 June 171715,21693
and within the time of this Accompt43,2571110½
and so this Accomptant is Indepted
Declared 5 September 1721.


PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1877 [E351/1877]. No Audit Office Roll.

Francis, Earl Godolphin, Cofferer and Keeper of the Great Wardrobe of the Household.

1 October 1717 to 30 September 1718.

Arrears: none, the Accountant being in Surplusagenil
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer by way of imprest:
by Privy Seal of 20 Nov. 1716
by ditto of 28 Dec. 17173,82816
further, by the same Privy Seal47,14300
other receiptsnil
total charge and receipts£95,55700
Surplusage on the previous Account13,0115
expenses of the Household for diets and of the Stables:
butlery and cellar7,93111
purveyor's office6,722010
hall and chamber1,2409
wages to several persons of the Household etc.3,292123
allowance for writing this Account2000
the Auditor's fee3000
paid to divers creditors for victuals and extraordinaries of the Household and for extraordinaries of the Stables:
the Household at Hampton Court, October 1717
ditto, ditto, November 17175695
ditto, at St. James's, December 17173125
the Board of Green Cloth, ditto, December 17173971
the Household at Newmarket, October 1717719118
the Stables at Hampton Court and St. James's, 1 Oct. 1717 to 31 Dec. 171729001
the Household at St. James's, January 1717–182103
the Board of Green Cloth, ditto, January 1717–184733
the Household at St. James's, February 1717–18219165
the Board of Green Cloth, ditto, February 1717–1837412
the Household, ditto, March 1717–1830916
the Board of Green Cloth, ditto, March 1717–1847709
the Stables, ditto, 1 Jan. 1717–18 to 31 March 1718184136
the Household at St. James's and Kensington, April 17182075
the Board of Green Cloth at St. James's, April 17181211810
provisions for the Maundy at Whitehall, 10 April 17189714
the inauguration banquet of Prince Frederick and the Duke of York and others at Windsor Castle, 30 April 17188661010¼
the Household at Kensington and St. James's, May 171831914
ditto, ditto, June 17185271110¾
the Stables, ditto, 1 April to 30 June 171826330
the Household at St. James's and Kensington, July 1718223133
ditto, at Hampton Court and Kensington, August 171847512
ditto, at Hampton Court, September 171860618
wines etc. presented by the King to the Duke of Orleans, Regent of France, September 17181,047154
the Stables at Hampton Court and Kensington, 1 July 1718 to 30 Sept. 1718379107
10,221114¾ (fn. 1)
total payments and allowances£108,0660
and so the Accountant is in Surplusage
Declared 17 May, 7 George I.


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 410, ROLL 154 [A.O.1/410/154].

Charles Bodville, Earl of Radnor, Treasurer of the Chamber.

26 December 1717 to 25 December 1718.

Arrears: none, this Accomptant being in Surplusagenil
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term, 4 George I, in further part of 30.000l. by Privy Seal of 10 Aug. 4 George I
Easter term, 4 & 5 George I, in full of the same6,94119
the same term, in part of 60,000l. by Privy Seal of 24 May 4 George I10,5341611¼
Michaelmas term, 5 George I, in further part of the same9,05870
total payments and allowances28,404711½
Surplusage on the previous Accompt195110¾
Wages and other annual allowances to the several Officers of the Household, pursuant to an Establishment under Royal Sign Manual of 4 July 1716
: the Royal Almoner, by Dr. Robert Canon and Dr. Thomas Lynford, successively Sub-almoners, for daily alms and for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and in Easter week, at 719l. per an. for three quarters to Michaelmas 1718 539l. 5s. and for Maundy Thursday 1718 200l.
physicians, apothecaries and surgeons:
Sir John Shadwell, Physician to the King's person; three quarters to Michaelmas 1718
Dr. Tancred Robinson, another Physician; same time22500
Dr. Thomas Goodwyn, another Physician; Midsummer 1718 to Michaelmas 17187500
Dr. George Lewis Tesseir, Physician to the Household; three quarters to Michaelmas 171815000
James Chace, Apothecary to the King's person, for sweets etc. and in lieu of bills; same time12000
Thomas Grahme, another ditto, for salary and physick and in lieu of bills; same time24039
William Jones, Apothecary to the Household, in lieu of bills; same time8000
Claudius Amyand, Principal Surgeon, and Ambrose Dickins, Serjeant Surgeon; same time59500
Thomas Bates, Surgeon to the Household; same time21000
(total for physicians etc. 1,920l. 3s. 9d.)
Officers of the Jewel House:
the Hon. James Brudnal, Master; same time
Edward Pauncefort, Yeoman; same time8013
Edward Yardley, Groom; same time7913
Robert Sedgwick, Clerk; same time1000
(total for the Jewel House 206l. 12s. 6d.)
William Vanhuls, Clerk of the Robes and Wardrobes; same time12000
Officers of the Removing Wardrobe: the Hon. Grey Maynard, Yeoman; same time172100
Chester Eyre and Thomas Williams, Grooms; same time19500
Kendal Heron and Peter Forbes, successively Pages; same time7500
Charles Lucas and Thomas Matocks, Pages, same time15000
housekeepers etc.:
Peircy Kirk, Housekeeper at Whitehall, in lieu of salaries, servants' wages, necessaries etc.; same time
Edward Brown, Under-keeper of St. James's House; same time7500
Somerset English, Under-keeper of Hampton Court House; same time24000
Richard Marriot, Keeper of the Privy Lodgings and Standing Wardrobe there; same time15000
Henry Lowman, Housekeeper of Kenssington; same time7500
Theodore Randue, Housekeeper of Windsor Castle; same time24000
Daniel Child, late Keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at Whitehall; same time15000
Thomas Hall, ditto at Windsor; same time12000
Thomas Hutton, ditto at St. James's; same time82100
and as Housekeeper and Wardrobe Keeper at Somerset House; same time7500
(total for housekeepers etc. 1,695l.)
the Treasurer of the King's Chambers, this Accomptant, (including his Patent Fee at 155l. 6s. 8d. per an.); same time35210
Sir John Stanley, bt., the Secretary to the Lord Chamberlain; same time4500
John Evans, Clerk to the Chamberlain of the Household; same time22100
the King's Body Guard:
the Earl of Derby, Captain; same time
Thomas Wyndham, Lieutenant; same time37500
Andrew Charlton, Ensign; same time22500
William Wood, Clerk of the Checque; same time112100
John Bigg and Prescot Maynard, successively Corporals; Soloman Ashley, Francis Clerke and Thomas Whitmore, three other Corporals; same time45000
100 Yeomen; same time2,96739
(total for the Bodyguard 4,879l. 13s. 9d.)
eight Yeomen Ushers, six Yeomen Hangers and two Bedgoers; same time12000
Master of the Game at Newmarket; the Earl of Orford; same time4500
Groom Porter; Thomas Archer, in lieu of all payments; same time412100
Comptroller of the Treasurer's Accompts; Peter Nichols; same time112100
Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter Assistant; Mark Anthony Savrin; same time5000
Historiographer Royal; Thomas Madox; same time15000
Poet Laureat; Nicholas Rowe; same time7500
John Eccles, Master of the King's Musick; same time
24 Musicians and an Instrument Keeper; same time75000
(total for the Musicians 900l.)
Sergeant Trumpeter; John Shore; same time7500
Master of the Barges; Christopher Hill; year to Xmas 171810000
48 Watermen and 12 Pensioners; same time187100
ten Grooms of the Chamber; three quarters to Michaelmas 171830000
Barber to the King's Person; Claudius Amyand, in lieu of salary and for linen; same time127100
Surveyor and Keeper of the Pictures; Peter Walton; same time15000
Principal Painter; Sir Godfrey Kneller; same time15000
Clockmaker and watchmaker; Joseph Antram, in lieu of bills; same time22500
Yeoman of the Revels; Thomas Lambe; same time34189
two Coffer-keepers; Michael Woolrich and Matthew Mounsey; same time4113
rat killer; Samuel Stubbs; same time3626
mole taker; John Turner; same time613
gardener at Somerset House; Ruben Borer; same time37100
locksmith; Thomas Robinson; same time13139
joiner of the Privy Chamber; John Howard; same time14139
Embellisher of Letters; Sir Thomas Brand; same time4500
rent of the passage into Channel Row; Elizabeth Batersby; half year to Midsummer 17181150
Strewer of Herbs; Alice Bill; three quarters to Michaelmas 17181800
Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal, in lieu of three deer; for the year 17182000
Court Drummer; John Clothier; three quarters to Michaelmas 17181800
Pensionary Yeoman; the Executor of Thomas Smith; Xmas 1717 to 29 July 1718, the day of Smith's decease817
clerks of the cheque to the messengers; William Sharpe and William Barbon; three quarters to Michaelmas 1718149126
forty messengers of the Chambers; same time1,35000
payments made upon particular Warrants for extraordinary services, agreeable to the Instructions in the Establishment etc.:
payments on Warrants under the Royal Sign Manual countersigned by the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury:
the Lady Francis Keightley, by the Sub-almoner; three quarters to Michaelmas 1718; by Royal Sign Manual of 23 Feb. 1714–15
the Sub-almoner, as an additional charity payable on Maunday Thursday; for the year 1718; by ditto of 9 April 171720000
the Duke of St. Albans for the seven Gamekeepers in Bucks., Berks, etc.; for three quarters to Michaelmas 1718, with 70l. for liveries for the year 1718227100
William Lowen, Huntsman, for him self, six servants, nine horses and 30 couple of buckhounds etc.; John Hudson and three Yeomen Prickers; Roger and John Webb, the two Harbourers; year to Michaelmas 1718; by ditto of 27 May 1718, 25 Oct. 1718 and 19 Jan. 1718–191,00000
Andrew Trebeck, Preacher at the Royal Chapel at St. James's for 33 sermons at a guinea each (14 in 1716 and 19 in 1717); by ditto of 19 Aug. 171834130
Robert Manning, Yeoman of the Guard to the late King William, for a year's salary due at Xmas 1701; out of the said King's arrears; by ditto of 21 Oct. 17183000
(total by Warrants under the Royal Sign Manual as above 1,792l. 3s. 0d.)
payments made on bills for stationery ware delivered to the Offices of the Principal Secretaries of State:
Edward Castle, stationer, for wares delivered into the offices of the Earls of Sunderland and Stanhope 306l. 11s., and of Joseph Addison and James Craggs 310l. 10s., and of the Duke of Roxburgh 101l.; by six bills signed by the respective Secretaries of State; half year to Midsummer 1718
payments upon Warrants of the Privy Council:
Thomas Beake, Underkeeper of the Council Records, for stationery wares for the service of the Privy Council; by the Council's Warrant of 2 Feb. 1717–18
payments upon Warrants of the Duke of Newcastle, Lord Chamberlain of the Household:
travelling charges of various officers of the Household etc. at rates set by two Establishments
John Incledon, Housekeeper of the Palace at Westminster, for cleaning etc.28300
Sir William Oldes, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, for attendance at the House of Peers3600
Christopher Hill, King's Bargemaster, for carrying the Crown to the Parliament House etc.240170
Samuel Stubbs, ratkiller, for destroying vermin67180
Edward Woodson and Thomas Powell, late two Children of the Chapel Royal, whose voices have broken4000
Sir Godfrey Kneller, bt., Principal Painter, for drawing six full length pictures of the King, for the Duke of Wolfenbuttle, Lord Orford, Sir Robert Sutton, Mr. Stanyan, Mrs. Hawley and [the] Guild Hall322100
John Howard, joiner of the Privy Chamber, for carved gilded frames and cases for the King's pictures178149
John Eccles, Master of the King's Musick, for pricking and fair writing compositions for New Year's Day 1717–18 and for the King's Birthday 17182200
John Walsh, Instrument maker; for the year 171713140
Dr. William Crofts, for the use of an harpsichord for the theatre at Hampton Court600
John Lenton, Groom of the Chapel, for brooms etc.; year to Lady Day 17181000
Somerset English, for lodging two Chaplains in Waiting at Hampton Court 19 July 1717 to 13 Nov. 17173400
Dr. William Croft, Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal, for lodgings hired for them at Kingston25100
Peter La Roche, Deputy Knight Harbinger, for charges of hiring houses etc. for the Ministers of the Czar of Muscovy3000
Timothy Goodwin, stationer, for stationery ware for the Lord Chamberlain's office 18 April 1717 to 24 March 1717–1829191
John Lloyd, for New River Water for St. James's Palace and the Stables there; year to Xmas 1717; and for office fees37160
Luke Flintoft, for reading prayers during the King's absence from St. James's the summer season 17181500
Robert Blackway, for reading prayers to the Family at Kensington during the said season4000
Thomas Hall, Keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at Windsor, for so much disbursed at the Installation of Prince Frederick and the Duke of York72911
Thomas Williams, Groom of the Removing Wardrobe, for removing furniture to Hampton Court 16 Oct. 1716 to 28 Nov. 171760113
the Hon. Grey Maynard, Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe, for washing sheets etc. Lady day 1717 to Midsummer 171810609
Edward Gouge, painter, for drawing the King's picture for the Board of Green Cloth, and for office fees37126
Thomas Archer, Groom Porter, for so much disbursed for grates, and irons etc. for the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Munster, Mrs. Killmansac, Mrs. Shulynberge, Baron Hatoff and General Humberston Ladyday 1717 to Ladyday 1718231136
William Jones, Apothecary to the Household, for lodgings hired during the King's residence at Hampton Court2290
Christopher Shirder, organmaker, for cleaning etc. the organs of the King's Chapels 1 Aug. 1716 to 1 Aug. 171811100
John Rowley, for a large Universal dial, engraved and silvered with pedestal and case presented by the King to the Landgrave of Hesse Cassell; and for office fees64100
Thomas Robinson, locksmith, for providing locks etc. Michaelmas 1717 to Michaelmas 17181,08000
Edmond Taylor, locksmith, for new brass locks etc. for apartments at St. James's6580
Sarah Peach, necessary woman, for cleaning etc. the Old Council Chamber, Ballroom and passage leading to the chapel at St. James's 1 Aug. to Michaelmas 17183267
Alice Haberley, necessary woman, for cleaning etc. the bedchamber, little drawing room, great drawing room and Council chamber; same time7118
Katherine Chadwick, necessary woman, for cleaning etc. the King's backstairs and the back stair rooms at St. James's; same time2611
Jane Spencer, necessary woman, for cleaning the rooms at St. James's appointed for the German Chancery; same time361811½
Benjamin Bedford, ‘upholder’, for rent of a house hired by Baron Schake, the Czar of Muscovy's late Minister at 400l. per an. quarter to 30 Oct. 1717; with 60l. for loss and damage 27 June 1711 to 30 Oct. 1717; and 28l. 1s. 6d. for office fees18816
John Reeves, for rent of a house hired for the Czar of Muscovy's Minister at 260l. per an. 10 Aug. 1717 to Michaelmas 1718; with 23l. 18s. 3d. for office fees319109
Dr. William Croft and eleven others, Gentlemen of the Chapel, for their attendance at the Installation of Prince Frederick and the Duke of York at Windsor2400
William Wells and twelve other Musicians, for their like attendance2600
Anne Hall, for sweeping the chimneys in St. James's 29 Sept. 1717 to 26 Sept. 171853160
Edward Browne, underhousekeeper at St. James's, for disbursements for cleaning lodgings etc.1446
Thomas Walker, housekeeper at Newmarket, for mops etc. and for sweeping chimneys; year to Xmas 1717368
Edward Aspinval, Sub-dean of the Chapel, for new books for the Chapel etc.6623
Claudius Amyand and Ambrose Dickins, Serjeants Surgeons, and Thomas Graham, Apothecary to the Person, for opening and embalming the body of Prince George William12000
John Hopson, late Master Joyner, for making coffins for enclosing the said body6000
(total upon Warrants from the Privy Council or the Lord Chamberlain of the Household as above 5,666l. 5s. 3¾.)
payments to Messengers of the Chamber for their bills of services:
John Bill, John Brighter, William Browne, Elias Chalke, Joseph Chancey, Daniel Chandler, John Cooper, Anthony Dagley, Edward Davis, Peter John Du Commun, George Fry, Edward Gibbs, George Gordon, Richard Hayward, John Hutchings, Charles Kenge, Francis Lyng, Enoch Mottram, Thomas Nightingale, William Parker, William Plumber, Thomas Roberts, Valentine Randall, William Squire, Francis Sawyer, Thomas Smith, Joseph Smith, John Turner, John Warren, for carrying expresses, apprehending state criminals etc
ordinary allowances: Exchequer fee 3l. 6s. 8d.; Thomas Foley for the Auditor's fee 73l. 6s. 8d.; this Accomptant for necessaries and a clerk 6l. 13s. 4d.8368
total payments and allowances£28,65213
and so this Accomptant is in Surplusage
Declared 16 July 1720.


PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2847 [E.351/2847]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2055: ROLL 40 [A.O.1/2055/40].

William, Earl of Cadogan, Master of the King's Robes.

1 August 1714 to 25 March 1721.

See Volume XXIX of this Calendar, p. clxii.


1 The figures given add up to 10,221l. 11s.d.