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William A. Shaw and F. H. Slingsby (editors)

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'Declared Accounts: Hanaper', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 32: 1718 (1962), pp. CCCLXXI-CCCLXXIII. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1399, ROLL 266 [A.O.1/1399/266].

Thomas Edwards and Joseph Whitehead [joint holders of the office of] Clerk or Keeper of the Hanaper.

Michaelmas 1717 to Michaelmas 1718.

Arrears: money respited to divers persons as at the foot of the last Account374117
and remaining in the Accountants' hands as at the foot of the said last Account4915
Receipts: money received within the time of this Account of the issues and profits of Charters or Letters Patent, Commissions, Indentures and other Deeds:
small patents: 265 at 2s. each
sheriffs' patents: 46 at 3s. each6180
commissions of sewers: three at 2s. 6d. each076
exemplifications: nineteen at 16s. 4d. each15104
deaneries: one at 16s. 4d.0164
archdeaconries and prebends: five at 16s. 4d. each418
presentations: 39 at 16s. 4d. each31170
dispensations: 43 at 16s. 4d. each35188
conge des leirs [congés d'élire], royal assents, commendams and restitutions of temporalities; nine at 16s. 4d. each770
grants of office for life; one at 49s.; two at 32s. 8d. each5144
ditto during pleasure: fourteen at 32s. 8d. each; 22 at 16s. 4d. each40168
ditto during good behaviour: four at 32s. 8d. each6108
ditto in reversion: three at 32s. 8d. each; three at 16s. 4d. each770
denizations: one at 65s. 4d.354
appeals and adjuncts: four at 16s. 4d. each354
copies (duplicamarta): two at 16s. 4d. each1128
annuities and pensions: three at 16s. 4d. each290
indentures of leases: one at 16s. 4d.; one at 51s.374
special commissions: seven at 32s. 8d. each; one at 16s. 4d.1250
special licences: six at 24s. 4d. each760
special pardons and [pardons] de cursu: three at 16s. 4d. each290
confirmation: one at 65s. 10d.31510
grants of great fee: four at 7l. 11s. 8d. each3068
money received of the issues of fines of Statute Staple and for Original Writs:
fines of Statute Staple
original Writs100
farm of the profits of the Seals of the King's Bench and of the Common Pleas, leased to Charles Duke of Cleveland (as Charles, Earl of Southampton) and to his heirs male in perpetuity 2 June 25 Car. II1,653140
farm of Common Fines and Writs of Concord, leased to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury1,546120
farm of the Sixpenny Writs leased to Anne, Countess Dowager of Newburgh, by patent 8 June 31 Car. II for 41 years from 13 Jan. 1688–91,00000
total charge and receipts£4,9023
Payments by letters patent:
William, Lord Cowper, late Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, for diets, for his annuity, for extraordinary attendance, for robes, for his allowance of Gascon wine and for wax
Sir Joseph Jekyl, Master of the Rolls, and the eleven other Chancery Masters, for their winter and summer robes8280
George Wright, Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, for his fee6000
these Accountants, for their several yearly allowances981
Matthew Snow, Prothonotary of the Chancery, for his allowance10000
William Cowper, Clerk of the Parliaments, for his fee4000
William Oaker, General Scrivener of Chancery Leases, for his fee2000
John Roberts, Clerk of the Writs in Chancery2000
Francis Jephson, Serjeant at Arms attending the Lord Chancellor, for his fee54150
the two Auditors of the Hanaper1000
John Collins, one of the Six Clerks in Chancery, as Clerk Comptroller of the Hanaper1000
Thomas Harris, Chafe wax, for wax and for his wages36316
John Trevor, Crier of the Chancery, for his wages, for his winter robe and for thread, needles etc.810
the said John Trevor and other Officers, for their yearly allowance of parchment282120
(total payments by letters patent 2,247l. 1s.d.)
payments by warrant:
George Wright, Clerk of the Crown, for writing patents etc.
John Collins, one of the Six Clerks, for engrossment of the Comptrol Book1368
William Cowper, Clerk of the Parliaments, for delivering to the Chancery and Rolls Chapel several Acts of Parliament27900
Matthew Johnson, Assistant Clerk of the Parliaments, for copying several journals in the Parliament Office6250
Edward Castle, for stationery wares supplied to the House of Lords in the years 1716 and 17177936
the same for several Calendars supplied to the Council Chamber in the year 17174660
Jacob Tomson, for stationery wares for the Chancery, Michaelmas 1716 to Michaelmas 1717261143
Christopher Coningsby, for stationery wares supplied to the Crown Office, Michaelmas 1717 to Michaelmas 171844150
John Gilpin, for disbursements for the Court at the Lord Chancellor's House 4 Jan. 1716 to 14 April 171857176
Robert Briscoe, for his fee of 3s. a day as Messenger attending the Great Seal54150
the same, for distributing several Election Writs for Knights and Burgesses to serve in Parliament420100
the same for attending the Lord Chancellor at Hampton Court 25 July 1717 to 8 November 17171180
Israel Harrison, for stationery wares supplied to the Hanaper Office43182
these Accountants, for the increased cost of parchment7340
Esther Tomlinson, for two richly embroidered purses in which to carry the Great Seal, and for two velvet bags to hold the said purses and two boxes to conserve the embroidered purses11600
Joseph Harvey, Sealer to the Great Seal, for his diets, for his wages of 4½d. a day and for necessaries4218
Thomas Harris, Chafewax, for his wages and necessaries28120
Joseph Harvey, Sealer, Thomas Harris, Chafewax, and Robert Lyndsey, clerk to the Clerk of the Hanaper, for riding charges in the summer of 17184500
Thomas Lee, smith, for ‘a screw press’ for the Great Seal1600
four messengers attending the Great Seal and the Receipt of the Exchequer, for publishing Proclamations, Michaelmas 1717 to Ladyday 171826000
James Hunter, for cleaning Westminster Hall at 6s. 8d. a term168
the Auditor for his additional allowance for checking and engrossing their Account2000
these Accountants, for the charges of passing this Account4000
(total payments by warrant 2,257l. 15s.d.)
payments by way of reward:
Sir Joseph Jekyl, Master of the Rolls, for keeping the House of Converts (13l. 6s. 8d.), for the fees of two Chaplains (8l.), of one clerk (26s. 8d.) and of two converts Joseph Jonah and Henry Cotigno at 1½d. a day (4l. 11s. 3d.) and to him and the Clerk of the Petty Bag for the writing and examination of Originals in the Chancery, year to Michaelmas 1717
total payments and allowances£4,542110
and so remains£3601
against which respited moneys, detailed374117
and so these Accountants are in Surplusage
Declared (in the Exchequer) 15 February 1719–20.