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'Declared Accounts: Mint', Calendar of Treasury books, Volume 32: 1718 (1962), pp. CCCLXXXII-CCCLXXXVII. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1607, ROLL 99 [A.O.1/1607/99].

William Thompson, Warden of the Exchange and Coinage of Money within the Mint in the Tower etc.

1 January 1717–18 to 31 December 1718.

Receipts: money received of the Master of the Mint: for salaries 1,428l. 17s. 9d.; for repairs of houses etc. 434l. 10s. 6d.; for the charges of prosecuting clippers and coiners 71l. 16s. 4d.£1,93547
Salaries etc.: Sir Richard Sandford and William Thompson, successively Warden of the Mint, for themselves and clerks, year to 25 Dec. 1718, 440l.; Martin Bladen, Comptroller of the Mint, ditto, same time, 340l.; Charles Brattell, Assay-master, ditto, same time, 220l.; Hopton Haynes, Weigher and Teller, ditto, same time, 100l.; Henry Segar, Assistant Weigher, same time, 40l.; William Evans, Surveyor of the Meltings etc., ditto, same time, 130l.; Edward Harley and Thomas Foley, Auditors of the Mint, 40l.; Thomas Hall, Chief Clerk etc., three quarters and sixty-two days to 22 Nov. 1718 and Thomas Hill succeeding him for 7 days to 25 Dec. 1718, 93l. 17s. 9d.; Philip Dallowe, Porter, 20l.; William Hawkins, Minister of the Chapel, 4l.; Daniel Warren, Sexton, 1l.1,428179
repairs etc.: Thomas Churchill, for bricklayers' work, 69l.; Richard Driver, for carpenters' work etc., 51l.; Thomas Burden, for paviours' work, 80l. 10s.; Hezekiah Walker, plumber, for lead pipes, 98l.; Reuben Fletcher for smiths' work, 5l. 2s.; John Ryalls, mason, 8l. 2s.; William Cooper, painter, 5l. 6s.; John Grinsell, for plasterer's work, 4l. 12s. 0d.; Sarah Loyd, glazier, 4l. 10s.32620
incidents etc.: Richard Morgan, for rent of the porter's house, 14l.; John Walford, for water, 20l.; Elizabeth Ashley, for looking after the rooms, 10l.; Thomas Kemp, for oil and cotton and care of the lamps, 16l.; John Nicholas, woollen-draper, for blue cloth, red shallon’ and red ‘bays’ for the watermen's liveries, 4l. 18s. 4d.; Edward Martin, tailor, for making the two watermen's liveries, for two pairs of blue stockings and two velvet caps, 2l. 18s. 6d.; John Cowper, upholsterer, 3l. 17s. 11d.; William Nicholl, scavenger, 5l. 19s. 3d.; Charles Rawson, stationer, 9l.; John Snart, scale-maker, 3l. 4s. 6d.; Francis Child, for half the charges of the diet, 7l. 17s.; the same, for brooms etc., 11l. 3s.; Calverley Pinckney, employed in prosecuting clippers and coiners, 71l. 16s. 4d.180410
and so this Accomptant is even and Quit.
Declared 16 July 1720.


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1635, ROLL 280 [A.O.1/1635/280].

Sir Isaac Newton, Master and Worker of the Mint in the Tower, etc.

1 January 1717–18 to 31 December 1718.

Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands on the determination of the last Accompt18616
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term, 4 George I, in further part of 20,000l. by General Letters of Privy Seal 29 Sept. 1714 and a Warrant of the Prince of Wales of 1 Oct. 1716
Easter term 4 and 5 George I, in further part of the same3,887810½
money received out of the pyx; 1,255 guineas at 21s. each, 1,317l. 15s. and in silver (fn. 1) 54s. 10d.1,320910
total charge and receipts£8,2171411½
Fees and salaries payable under the Indenture of the Mint:
Sir Isaac Newton, Master and Worker, for his salary, 500l.; for an Under-Assaymaster, 60l.; for a purveyor, 20l.; for three clerks, 120l.; John Briant, Provost of the Managers, as Engineer, 100l.; John Croker, Chief Engraver, 200l.; Samuel Bull, Assistant Engraver, 80l.; Reuben Fletcher, smith, assistant to the Engravers, 40l.
charges and waste in the coinage of gold and silver moneys:
in coining 3,010 lb. of gold moneys at 6s. 6d. per lb.
in coining 2,295 lb. of silver moneys at 1s.d. per lb.15715
allowance to the moneyers for the more exact sizing of silver moneys and for making the due proportion of small money, at 1d. per lb. on 2,295 lb.9113
money put into the pyx box within the time of this Accompt:
in gold 97 guineas at 21s. each, 101l. 17s., and in silver 39s. 2d., and for the loss by the assay of these moneys 16s. 3d.
necessary and incident charges: William King, for coals, 66l.: Thomas Sternes for copples etc., 6l. 13s.; John Cartlitch for aqua fortis etc., 31l. 7s. 8d.; the same for fine copper for ‘allay’ of gold and silver at 18d. per lb., 18l. 15s. 9d.122165
expenses of the trial of the pyx, 4 Aug. 1718:
John Cully, Warden of the Goldsmiths' Company, for entertainment of the jury of goldsmiths
this Accomptant, for fees and charges paid to several persons attending and for loss by the Assays24170
Exchequer fees etc.: charges of receiving money, 22l. 3s. 6d.; charges of passing the Accompts of the Master and of the Warden to 31 Dec. 1717, 22l. 1s. 6d.; fees for the Indenture of the Mint of 6 May 1718, 256l. 1s. 10d.; the Auditor of this Accompt, 84l.384610
Charges of prosecuting coiners: paid John Mills5283
(total payments and allowances as above 2,990l. 12s. 9½d.)
payments to William Thompson, Warden of the Mint:
for salaries
for repairs to houses etc.434106
for charges of prosecuting clippers and coiners71164
total payments and allowances£4,92517
and so the Accompt is Indebted£3,291177
Auditor Hurley's Memorandum: The Accomptant is to be charged in the Accompt for the year in which the next trial of the pyx shall be made with 72½ guineas at 21s. and 12s. in silver put into the pyx after 4 Aug. 1718 and allowed in this Accompt.


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1669, ROLL 494 [A.O.1/1669/494].

John Francis Fauquier, Warehouse keeper of Tin in the Tower of London and Agent to dispose thereof.

25 December 1717 to 24 June 1725.

The produce of the tin received from Sir Richard Sandford bt., Sir Isaac Newton and Martin Bladen, late Officers for receiving and disposing of Tin in the Tower of London:
5,182 cwt. 3 qrs. 6 lb. sold, pursuant to Treasury Minute of 13 June 1718, to Col. John Shorey and Co. at 3l. 8s. per cwt. (Abating 7l. 15s. for tare)
2,003 cwt. 3 qrs. 24 lb. sold pursuant to Treasury Minute of 16 Jan. 1718–19 to the East India Company at 3l. 6s. per cwt.6,61317
10,005 cwt. 0 qrs. 11 lb. sold pursuant to Treasury Warrants of 4 June 1719 and 11 Aug. 1719 to Col. John Shorey and Co. at 3l. 5s. per cwt.32,516114
19,853 cwt. 2 qrs. 4 lb. sold to the same by like Warrant of 27 Aug. 1720 at 3l. 4s. per cwt.63,53163
divers parcels of tin and the produce thereof received within the time of this Accompt of Moses Beranger by Messrs. Meuilman and Meulenaer of Amsterdam and money paid to balance their Accompts with the said Beranger:
564 blocks of tin weighing 1,580 cwt. 1 qr. 15 lb. remaining unsold on the foot of the Accompt of Messrs. Meuilman and Meulenaer, which tin was afterwards sold to them at 63l. a ton by Treasury Warrant of 2 Aug. 1723, thus producing (after deducting 4l. 14s. 2d. for warehouse rent)
for the balance of the Accompts of Messrs. Meuilman and Meulenaer with Moses Berenger of all moneys borrowed (for which divers quantities of tin were pledged)2,33823
tin received from John Gore, late Agent for tin Affairs at Hamburgh, for the balance of this Accompt of 756 tons of tin:
100 tons sold to Richard Blount at 66l. a ton
50 tons sold to Alexander Cleeve; same rate3,30000
50 tons sold to John Shorey & Co.: same rate3,30000
50 tons sold to Lambert Ludlow; same rate3,30000
132 tons 1 cwt. 3 qrs. 5 lb. sold to John Gore; same rate8,717184
money received to balance the Accompts of Sir John Lambert and Edward Gibbons of tin sold by them at Hamburgh:
money received of the trustees of the Forfeited Estates of the late South Sea Directors for the balance of the Accompt of 960 tons of tin sold or otherwise disposed of at Hamburgh
produce of divers old stores belonging to the Tin Affair9180
(total produce of tin and money received by this Accomptant as above 152,994l. 4s.)
Voluntary charge: the produce of List Tin, the overweight by receiving tin in stannary weight and disposing of the same in merchant's weight: 477 cwt. 3 qrs. 27 lb. sold at 3l. 4s. per cwt. to John Shorey & Co.1,529115
total charge and receipts£154,523155
Surplusage on the Final Accompt of Edward Eliot, late Receiver and Paymaster for Tin Affairs203134
ditto on the Stated Accompt of John Gore, late an Agent for Tin at Hamburgh3,6891811
Salaries and incidents: this Accomptant for his own salary Xmas 1717 to Xmas 1725, 750l.; Tobias Dixon, Underwarehouse keeper, same time 375l.; this Accomptant on accompt of a ‘Scotts Silver Mine’, for Exchequer fees etc., 25l. 2s. 6d.; the same for money paid Tobias Dixon for incidents, 657l. 9s. 7d.1,807121
money paid into the Exchequer, detailed by dates148,822111
total payments and allowances£154,523155
and so the said Accomptant is even and Quit.
Declared 18 October 1725.


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1635, ROLL 281 [A.O.1/1635/281].

Sir Isaac Newton, Master and Worker of the Mint in the Tower of London etc. Account of all Copper Money coined pursuant to Royal Sign Manual of 13 September 1717, 4 George I.

15 January 1717–18 to 14 January 1724–25.

Arrears: none, this being the first and only Accompt of this Servicenil
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer for the service of the Coinage50000
the produce of 139 tons 17 cwt. 1 qr. 12 lb. of Copper coined into half-pence and farthings30,288172
total charge and receipts£30,788172
Money paid for copper and for tools etc.:
Henry Hines and John Applebee, junior, merchants, for 139 tons 17 cwt. 1 qr. 12 lb. of copper delivered at 18d. per lb., exclusive of the scissel received back
John Braint, Engineer of the Mint, for engines for coining copper, with a large beam and weights and a copper scale23256
John Suart, scale-maker, for brass weights446
John Applebee, for copper used and work done about a large barrel to cleanse the copper money and for two copper ‘cullinders’2033
Charles Rawson, stationer, for 3 folio books to take accounts of the copper1130
Richard Driver, for carpenter's work5120
Richard Head for iron-bound oval tubs, etc.7170
Benjamin Glandfield, millwright, for wheels etc.2600
John Ryals, for new laying old stone and for a new hearth in the blanching room1180
Thomas Churchill, for bricklayer's work0160
Francis Child, for shovels and sacks and for the expenses of two clerks to attend the melting of ill-coined pieces8176
rewards to the Master-Worker and to the Comptroller of the Copper Coinage:
this Accomptant, for his own allowance at 3½d. per lb. on 139 tons 17 cwt. 1 qr. 121b. of copper
Richard Walker, Comptroller, at 20s. a ton139174
salary to the King's Clerk and Comptroller of Irish half-pence and farthings; to Matthew Barton at 200l. per an. from Midsummer 1723 (to which time the same was satisfied by William Wood, patentee for the Irish coinage) to 14 Aug. 1725 (when he surrendered his patent)425155
Exchequer fees etc.134166
money paid into the Exchequer1,6661410
total payments and allowances£30,788172
and so the Accomptant is even and Quit.
Declared 17 December 1725.


1 The 1,255 guineas and 54s. 10d. in silver is made up as follows:
in the year to 31 Dec. 1716, 222 guineas;
in the year to 31 Dec. 1717, 1,008½ guineas and 27s. 8d. in silver;
in the year to 31 Dec. 1718, 97 guineas and 39s. 2d. in silver;
total put into the pyx box to 31 Dec. 1718, 1,327½ guineas and 66s. 10d. in silver; less deposited after the trial of the pyx 72½ guineas and 12s. in silver leaving at the date of the trial 1,255 guineas and 54s. 10d. in silver.