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'Declared Accounts: Army', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24: 1710 (1952), pp. CXXX-CLXIX. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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JOHN HOWE, Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons.
For one year ended 22 Dec. 1710.
Remains in the hands of this accomptant11,29513
depending on several persons26,137146
Receipts-money out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne192,985100
Easter term 9 Anne372,7485
" " "1491511
Michaelmas term 9–10 Anne1,4751511½
" " "61108
" " "31835
" " "800
Easter term 10 Anne30000
Deductions out of the pay of the First Regiment of Guards and the Coldstream Regiment for provisions furnished them by the Commissioners of Transportation98120
ditto from Farrington's Regiment, Livesay's, Lord Mark Kerr's, the First Regiment of Guards in Spain, Coldstream Regiment, Earl of Essex's Regiment for arms and tents delivered to them out of the Ordnance666112
ditto from the First Regiment of Foot Guards, the Coldstream, Carpenter's and Sir Richard Temple's for subsistence of several prisoners in France belonging to them1,4391111½
interest received on tallies and Exchequçr Bills: voluntarily charged7656
stopped from the pay of the Company in Newfoundland for an overpayment1000
total charge£608,46010
pay and entertainment of the General Officers:£s.d.
Duke of Marlborough, Commander in Chief4,866134
Robert Walpole and George Granville, Secretaries at War36500
Henry Durell, Adjutant General; William Cadogan, Quartermaster General; Dr. Laurence, Physician General; Dr. Thomas Gardner, Chirurgeon General; Isaac Teale, Apothecary General912100
Michaell Hyde Commissary General of Masters46911
David Crawford for the Deputy Commissaries and clerks1,52515
Richard Rutherford, Deputy Commissary of North Britain36500
Thomas Byde, Judge Advocate36500
Sir Philip Meadows and Thomas Broderick, Comptrollers of Army Accounts1,50000
Gregory King, Secretary to the Board of General Officers30000
Charles Pinkney, Marshal to the Horse127150
Sir Charles Hopson and then Hugh Warren, Surveyor General of the Guards45126
Col. Jones Watson, Firemaster54150
Capt. John Mawgridge, Drum Major3000
Capt. Kennedy, Provost Marshal14600
Lieut. Gen. Erle as Lieut. General1,642100
Earl of Leven as Lieut. General in North Britain1,642100
First Troop of Horse Guards (Earl of Portland; officers and 160 private gentlemen)16,546134
Second ditto (Duke of Ormonde; same numbers)16,546134
Third ditto (Earl of Arran; same numbers)16,546134
Fourth ditto (Duke of Argyll; same numbers)16,546134
First Troop of Grenadier Guards (Lieut. Gen. Cholmondeley; officers and 145 privates)10,74334
Second ditto (Earl of Crawford; same numbers)10,74334
Royal Regiment of Horse (Duke of Northumberland; officers and 513 privates)33,00834
Royal Regiment of Dragoons (Lieut. Gen. Carpenter; officers and 360 privates)15,72584
Sir Richard Temple's Regiment of Dragoons (same numbers)15,62084
Col. Kerr's Regiment of Dragoons (officers and 324 men)14,739184
Earl of Hyndford's Regiment of Dragoons (same numbers)14,739184
Lieut. Gen. Echlin's Regiment of Dragoons (480 men)20,652184
First Regiment of Foot Guards (Duke of Marlborough; officers and 1,680 men)49,76926
Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards (General Charles Churchill; officers and 980 men)25,31992
Third Regiment of Foot Guards (Marquess of Lothian; officers and 1,260 men)37,3721010
Lieut. Gen. Mordaunt's Regiment of Foot (708 men)14,507170
Lieut. Gen. Farington's ditto (672 men)14,755010
Lord Mark Kerr's ditto (600 men)13,7731510
Earl of Portmore's ditto (728 men)15,471168
Lieut. Gen. James Maitland's ditto (708 men)14,520184
Maj. Gen. Wightman's ditto (728 men)15,512100
Maj. Gen. Livesay's ditto (624 men)13,876124
Lieut. Gen. Seymour (in succession to Col. Churchill) (628 men)15,512100
Col. William Grant's Independent Company of Foot in North Britain (80 men)1,42092
Col. Alexander Campbell's ditto in North Britain (50 men)991118
Col. Duncan Mackenzie's ditto in North Britain (50 men)991118
Col. Robert Hunter, four Companies of Foot at New York (400 men)6,83128
Capt. Benjamin Bennett's Company of Foot at Bermudas (50 men)89420
Maj. Gen. Handasyde's Regiment of Foot at Jamaica (951 men)15,57234
Col. Francis Alexander's ditto in the West Indies (708 men)12,1841010
pay of the Garrisons:
Edinburgh Castle4,206126
Sterling Castle4,0911110
Dunbarton Castle2,05326
Blackness Castle1,681116
Fort William1,074100
Berwick and Holy Island801176
Calshott Castle133186
Clifford's Fort and Tinmouth488130
Cinque Ports1,51300
Gravesend and Tilbury82026
Hull and the Blockhouse74726
Hurst Castle136176
Landguard Fort255100
St. Mawes191126
Tower of London2,34492
Isle of Wight1,38526
North Yarmouth7300
the gunners in St. James's Park130116
garrisons as above for fire and candle2,804170
contingent disbursements and pensions, detailed12,42413
payments, detailed, out of respits for raising recruits &c.2,443176
payments, detailed, for the intended Expedition under Col. Nicholson and for other extraordinaries of the war, as by the royal warrant of 17 April 171012,89425
Invalids at Guernsey, Tilbury, Landguard Fort, Chester, Hampton Court, Tinmouth, Windsor, Dover, Upnor, Greenwich9,964157
total for pay, garrisons, contingencies and extraordinaries555,67912
clothing for Invalids526120
interest paid on discompting Exchequer Bills and advances by the Bank of England5,634711
Auditors' fee26100
money paid to several Detachments in Spain in 1707 on the Establishment of Guards and Garrisons and sent to Spain in that year: viz. from the
First Regiment of Foot Guards 25 April to 25 Oct. 17073,41526
Coldstream Foot Guards, same time3,40652
Royal Regiment of Dragoons (Carpenter's), 1707 Oct. 24 to Feb. 24)1,44900
Temple's Dragoons (same time)1,300190
money applicable to the support of Chelsea Hospital and charged on that account15,39215
total of payments and allowances Remains 21,394l. 9s. 11d.587,0710
against which depending on£s.d.£s.d.
Sir Thomas Littleton, late Treasurer of the Navy1,67900
James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad59400
Capt. Thomas Lloyd, for his Company at Newfoundland30000
Charles Caesar, Navy Treasurer, for the same Company1,67900
total for Forces on the Establishment of Guards and Garrisons for the Forces sent to Spain:4,25200
Henry Vincent, late Deputy Paymaster in Spain4,643610
ditto for the Expedition6,8611011
ditto from the Earl of Donegal1,40000
ditto from Martin Ferrabosco1,52500
ditto from Mark Proudfoot90000
Col. Samuell Vetch on detailed bills for the extraordinaries of the war in 17096,955169
ditto on same and on Col. Francis Nicholson for the Expedition anno 1710, including 996l. 16s. 9d. to Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer of the Ordnance, for stores for five items of arms delivered out of the Stores7,403119
total of imprests£33,54163
and so this accompt at the determination of this accompt remains in surplusage£12,146164
Auditor's memoranda.
The following sums are to be accompted for or repaid:
Disbursed in the time of preceding accompts:
92l. 3s. 8d. in 1705 for beer for the Company at Newfoundland.
221l. 10s. 0d. for subsistence to Col. Rook's Regiment.
4,400l. for subsistence of Col Wynn's and Col. Lepel's Regiments.
8,207l. 1s. 0d. for items detailed for the Expedition intended under Brig. George Mac Cartney and Brig. Thomas Whetham, since put under the Paymaster of the Forces Abroad.
3,110l. 9s. 2d. paid by this accomptant in his last accompt toRegiments on the Establishment of the Forces Abroad which he was directed to pay in lieu of other Regiments of loose numbers on the Establishment of Guards and Garrisons.
5,750l. in three items detailed in the time of this accompt: to the officers &c. of the intended Expedition under Col. Nicholson.
1,096l. 8s. 11d. to James Taylor for widows of Officers.
Col. Arnott's accounts for subsistence to the prisoners in France is not yet received. When received it is to be charged on this accomptant.
Declared 23 March 1713.
JAMES BRYDGES, Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad.
Remains in this accomptant's hands1,09780
depending upon several persons117,42010
receipts: money received out of the Ex-chequer:
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne536,16000
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne105,1629
Easter term 9 Anne83,0051
Michaelmas term 9–10 Anne26,3157
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne204,3559
Easter term 9 Anne442,8610
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne96,8801
Easter term 9 Anne466,4438
Michaelmas term 9–10 Anne4,52283
Poundage deducted fron the payments to the British Forces:
on the 40,000 men22,94918
on the 20,000 augmentation3,095410¾
on other payments1,2790
deduction of one day's pay1,452130
deductions for provisions furnished during transportation517142
money imprested to Henry Cartwright, one of this accomptant's Deputies, by Thomas Micklethwait, Treasurer for Transport14,00000
voluntary charge, repayment to him by Walef's Regiment for extraordinaries688155
total of charge and receipts£2,128,2066
pay of the General and Staff Officers:
Duke of Marlborough, Commander in Chief3,65000
his six Aides de Camp (Henry Durell, Thomas Panton, Medcalf Graham, John Pitts, John Armstrong, Charles Lancaster)1,09500
nine Lieut. Generals (Henry Lumley, Earl of Orkney, Hy. Withers, Cornelius Wood, Charles Ross, John, Duke of Argyll, John Richmond Webb, William Cadogan, Thomas Meredith)16,42500
four Majors General (George Maccartney, Earl of Stair, Sir Rich. Temple, Lord North and Gray)3,65000
eight Majors of Brigade (Claudius Testefolle, John Hookes, Charles Cathcart, George Keene, Thomas Whitney, Edward Wolfe, George Grove)1,46000
Hy. Durell, Adjutant General182100
William Cadogan, Quarter Master General182100
Lieut. Col. John Armstrong, Deputy Quarter Master General9150
Adam Cardonnell, Secretary to the Commander in Chief182100
Revd. Francis Hare, Chaplain to ditto121134
William Forster, Physician to ditto182100
Mr. Couraud, Surgeon to ditto182100
Henry Watkins, Deputy Judge Advocate182100
Col. Giles Spicer, Waggon Master General13000
John Fury, Provost Marshal, and his two men21900
pay of Regiments in the 40,000 men Establishment:
Queen's Regiment of Horse (Lieut. Gen. Hy. Lumley, Officers and 513 Troopers)33,00834
Cornelius Wood's (342 Troopers)22,286510
Major Gen. Cadogan's (same numbers)22,155210
Lieut. Gen. Francis Palmes (same numbers)22,2001710
Meinard, Duke of Schonberg, and after him the Marquess of Harwich (same numbers)22,286510
Royal Reg. of Scots Dragoons (Earl of Stair, 540 privates)23,116134
Royal Reg. of Dragoons of Ireland (Lieut. Gen. Charles Ross, same numbers)23,116134
Royal Reg. of Foot (Earl of Orkney, 1,580 privates)31,953144
Duke of Argyll's, and then Col. John Selwyn, Reg. of Foot (790 men)16,266168
Lieut. Gen. John Richmond Webb (same)16,266168
Lord North and Grey (same)16,252120
Earl of Hertford (same)16,266168
Col. Francis Godfrey (same)16,266168
Lieut. Gen. Ingoldesby (same)16,266168
Lieut. Gen. Thomas Erle, and then Brig. George Freke (same)16,252120
Earl of Orrery, North British Fuziliers (same numbers)16,22388
Maj. Gen. Joseph Sabine, Welsh Fuziliers (same)16,266168
Brig. Gilbert Primrose (same numbers)16,266168
Col. George Preston (same)16,266168
Col. William Newton (same)16,255130
Col. William Windress (same)16,266168
Maj. Gen. William Evans (same)16,266168
total of British Regiments427,77069
The moiety of the pay of Foreign Forces on the Establishment of the 40,000 men: Sieur William Schnell, Commissary of the Danish Forces, for 12,000 Danes of eight Regiments of Horse, one of Dragoons, one of Foot Guards and four of Foot, as by the Treaty of 15 June 1701116,266167 5/7
Daniel Meynhertzhagen, Commissary of the Prussian Forces, for two Regiments of Horse, five of Foot: as by the Treaty of 28 Nov. 170443,018182 6/7
Monsieur Henry Schermer, Commissary of the Hessian Forces, for one Reg. of Horse, two of Dragoons and five of Foot, as by the Convention of 13 Feb. 170153,676146 2/7
Sieur de Klingraff, for two Regiments of Horse and 12 of Foot, as by the Convention between Queen Anne and King George as Elector of Hanover of 30 Dec. 1704171,33084 4/7
384,292179 3/7
total for the 40,000 men, 843,291l. 5s. 1 3/7d.
On the Establishment of the 20,000 men:
Maj. Gen. Sybourgh's Reg. of Foot (728 men)15,449194
Brig. John Hill (same)15,51094
Col. Richard Cane (same)15,43820
Col. Jasper Clayton (same)15,50680
total for British Regiments61,904188
moiety of pay of the Foreign Forces, as by the Treaty of Repartition of 30 Aug. 1703: allowed without musters by royal warrant of 1716 June 22:
to the Sieur William Petcum and _ Thomsen, successively Agents for the Troops of Holstein Gottorp, for two Regiments of Dragoons and two of Foot, as by the Convention of 15 Nov. 170327,331129 2/7
to the Sieur John Hallungius, Agent for the Troops of Saxe Gotha, for two Regiments of Dragoons and two of Foot, as by the Convention of 27 March 170323,25130 5/7
the Sieur Henry Schirmer, Commissary of the Hessian Forces, for one Reg. of Foot, as by the Convention of 31 March 170310,855010 2/7
the Sieur John Hallungius, Agent for the Regiment of Dragoons of Liège under the Baron de Waleff, as by the Convention with the said Waleff dated 23 Feb. 170314,61444 4/7
Monsieur William Schnell, Commander of the Danish Forces, for 520 Danes transferred to this Establishment as supernumeraries from the 40,000 men8,321112 5/7
84,373123 4/7
total for the 20,000 men, 146,278l. 10s. 11 4/7d.
pay of Foreign Forces on several Establishments for Additional Forces:
Monsieur Anthony Bout, Agent to the Corps of 3,000 men of the Elector Palatine, of one Regiment of Horse and two Regiments of Foot for two-thirds of their pay, as by the Treaty of 26 May 170634,20939 5/7
Baron de Gersdorf, for the moiety pay of 4,639 Saxons of one Regt. of Horse and two Regiments of Dragoons, as by the Treaty between the Queen, the States General and King Augustus of Poland, dated 27 April 170743,08234
the Sieur de Klingraaf, for the moiety pay of Bothmar's Regt. of Dragoons, as by the Treaty between the Elector of Hanover and Queen Anne9,269168 6/7
Baron de Gersdorf, Agent for the 1,621 Saxons added to the numbers formerly taken into service, being two Troops of Horse and 90 Troopers added to the other six Troops of Saxon Horse to complete them to 75 per Troop of Horse, and the like addition for the six Troops of Dragoons; and a new Regiment of Foot, as by the Treaty of 1708–9 Feb. 22 between the Queen, the States General and King Augustus33,0251011 3/7
Monsieur de Keyserfeldt, for the pay of a Battalion of Treves, as by the Treaty between the Queen and the Elector of Trèves of 7 Nov. 17099,441153 5/7
Major Gen. Seckendorf, for the pay of a Regiment of Saxons, as by the Treaty of 30 May 171012,33615 1/7
141,364116 6/7
allowances to several Officers, detailed, of the British Forces to make up their pay according to their commissions and stations8,56800
Forage and waggon money for the British Forces22,15589
Respits taken off, detailed256134
Contingent payments for the service of the British Forces:
John Senior and John Vandenande, Trumpeters to the Commander in Chief2000
Henry Watkins, postage for the office of Secretary at War to the Forces in the Low Countries754100
Duke of Marlborough, for the Contingent uses of the Forces in the Netherlands: allowed by privy seal of Geo. II, dated 22 June 17169,225100
extraordinary services relating to the British Forces:
Brig. Cadogan, for recruit horses in 170652500
horses killed in five British Regiments of Horse and two Regiments of Dragoons in 17072,02000
ditto in 17094,51000
clothing &c. for the Drummers of the Queen's Regiment of Foot to 171024000
Robert Hazlefoot, for care of Sick and Wounded soldiers landed at Harwich3610
Simon Sandford, Mayor of Harwich, for ditto8946
Queen Anne's proportion of Extraordinaries to the Foreign Forces:
Sieur Klingraaf, Councillor to the Elector of Hanover, for the allowances to the Troops of Luneburg for their ordinary recruits as in lieu of all douceurs to 1710 Dec.7,198190
ditto, for the moiety allowance of waggon money and ordinary recruit money for Baron Bothmar's Regiment of Dragoons for 1707, 1708 and 17091,0061310 6/7
Monsieur William Forneuberge, for the moiety of waggon money for six Regiments of Foot and two Regiments of Dragoons of the Prince of Hesse's Troop to 7 Dec. 17091,347162 2/7
ditto for the moiety of the extraordinary pay of the Prince of Hesse as Lieut. Gen. in 1710 and a moiety advance of three months' waggon money 1710 and for douceurs for three Regiments of Horse, two Regiments of Dragoons and six Regiments of Foot for 17102,03186 6/7
Monsieur William Schnell, Commissary of the Danish Troops, for a moiety of the extraordinary pay of the General and Staff Officers and their waggon money 17 May 1708 to 5 Jan. 1708–9: and of the waggon money of 11 Danish Regiments 1 May 1708 to 12 Jan. 1708–9 and for ditto 13 Jan, 1708–9 to 9 May 1709 and 10 May 1709 to 6 Nov. 1709 and of douceurs to eight Danish Regiments of Horse, one Regt. of Dragoons and 10 Battalions of Foot for recruits and horses lost13,832175 1/7
Monsieur Bout, for the Queen's two-thirds of waggon money to the Palatine Regiment under Col. Bettendorf and an extraordinary douceur to the four Palatine Regiments of Foot and one Regiment of Horse in Jan. 1709838110 6/7
Monsieur Norff, for the moiety forage to the Foot Regiments of the Bishop of Munster under Lieut. Gen. Elverfeldt and Col. Swardz [Swartz] from 13 Jan. 1708 to 9 May 1709 and waggon money to same and to the Regt. under Col. Dieren and Major Gen. Landsbergen from 10 May 1709 to 6 Nov. 1709 and advance pay and waggon money for 1710 and moiety forage money and allowances for men and horses killed in the beginning of the 1710 campaign2,03160
Baron de Gersdorf and Solomon Abrahams, for a moiety of waggon money for the Saxon Troop 1 April 1708 to 14 Jan. 1708–9 and forage money to 9 May 1709 and waggon money to 6 Nov. 1709 and ditto and of douceurs for three months' advance for 17107,217710 6/7
Monsieur Meynertshagen, formoiety forage to two Prussian Regiments under the Prince of Hesse and the Prince of Anhalt Zerbst in garrison at Ryssel [ter Yssel] 13 Jan. 1708–9 to 27 April 1709; and to Gen. Heyden's Regt. of Horse in garrison at Maestricht 1 June 1709 to 30 Sept. 1709 and douceurs to them and to five Prussian Regiments of Foot and two of Horse and recruits in 1709; and forage to the Regiments of the Prince of Anhalt Zerbst, Varennes and Dutrousell 13 Jan. 1708–9 to 9 May 1709; waggon money of six Regiments 10 May 1709 to 6 Nov. 1709; and a moiety of the first three months of 1710 for waggon money in advance and for recruits for men and horses lost in 17104,469116 2/7
Monsieur Stuerman, for moiety of forage of the Regt. of the Prince of Oost Vrieslandt 13 Jan. 1708–9 to 9 May 1709 and advance of waggon money for the first three months of 171048958 4/7
Monsieur Lausell, for moiety of allowances to Regt. of Col. Caris for forage and waggon money 13 Jan. 1708–9 to 3 Dec. 1710 and for recruits of men and horses lost in 1709 and 171098961 4/7
Monsieur Brackman, for moiety allowances of the Regt. of Col. Jamaert for forage 21 Nov. 1705 to 30 April 1706, douceur for 1707 and three months' waggon money 170837500
Monsieur Braant, for moiety allowances for forage for Col. Delsuperche's Regt. 13 Jan. 1708–9 to 1709 May 9 and [recruit money] for men and horses in 170944328
Monsieur Keyserveldt, for moiety forage to the Battalion of Trèves for 150 days to 5 April 171021458 4/7
Monsieur Hallungius, for moiety allowances to the four Regiments of SaxeGotha serving in Italy, for Hospital charges in 1706, 1707, 1708, 1709; waggon money 10 May 1709 to 6 Nov. 1709 and forage money 6 Nov. 1709 to 10 April 1710; recruits for men lost by two of the said Regiments in 1709; and for first three months' waggon money for 1710 for all four Regiments2,50617
Monsieur Hallungius, for moiety allowances to Waleff's Regt. for remounting it after it was taken prisoner at Diest in 1705, for waggon money 10 May to 6 Nov. 1709 and forage money from 12 Nov. 1709 to 10 April 1710 for men and horses lost in 1709 and for moiety douceur in Jan, 1709–10 and waggon money for first three months of 1710 campaign840710 6/7
Monsieur Hallungius, for the Regt. of Osnabrugge for an additional allowance for the dearness of provisions whilst in garrison at Lisle 16 Dec. 1708 to 1 May 1709; forage and waggon money 13 Jan. 1708–9 to 10 April 1710; for a douceur in Jan. 1709 and advance of first three months' waggon money 1710 and recruits in 1709963166 6/7
Sieur Petkum, Resident of the Duke of Holstein Gottorp, for the Holstein Forces, for moiety forage and waggon money 13 Jan. 1708–9 to 6 Nov. 1709; for dearness of provisions whilst in Lisle garrison in the winter of 1708–9; recruits of men and horses 1709 and 1710; extraordinary pay and waggon money for three months of 1710 and extraordinary douceur 17103,69809 1/7
50,39456 1/7
payments to the Foreign Forces for men and horses lost by the enemy or by distemper in 1708, 1709 and 1710, as certified by Monsieur Slingelandt:
Monsieur William Schnell, Commissary of the Danish Forces 1708 and 170920,26328
Monsieur William Fornenberg, Agent for the Hessian Troops 1709 and 17103,64677 6/7
Monsieur Bout for two thirds to the Palatine Regiment of Carabineers under Baron Venneger 170994794
Baron de Gersdorf, for the Saxon Regiments 1709, 17107,479116 6/7
Monsieur Daniel Meynertzhagen, for the Prussian Regt. of Horse under Col. Katt 170944458 4/7
Monsieur Hallungius, for Baron de Waleff's Dragoons 170976559 5/7
Sieur Klingraaf, for the Hanover Troops 1707, 1708, 17096,64503 3/7
40,29130 3/7
Monsieur Gerard Rover, Commissary of the Prussian Troops, for the allowance granted for the Prussian Corps of Augmentation for horses killed and men wounded in 1709 and 17105,55782 2/7
Sir Solomon de Medina, for extraordinary loss as bread contractor by the unusual length of the campaign 1708, including the 16,000l. as by royal warrants of 1 July 1709 and 29 Sept. 1709, for which he was set in super on the preceding accompt: all as by the royal warrant of 1709–10 Jan. 1820,452150
same, advance on his bread contract anno 171050,325150
same, bread waggons for 171022,50000
same, for surplus charge of bread for 1710 over and above the deductions and for the full price of bread for several Prussian Regiments serving there15,00000
the Sieurs Code and Le Maire, for the inhabitants of West Flanders for two fifths of the over price of corn furnished by them to the Queen's Forces in Flanders in 1708825193 2/7
Francis Beaumont, contractor for forage, for extraordinary charge of forage in 17092,103115
Sieur Grabeel's, for extraordinary charge of waggons 1709, as by the royal warrant of 6 Aug. 17111,85504
113,06310 2/7
total for forage, waggons, recruits and extraordinaries257,70654 1/7
Subsidies to Foreign Princes:
King of Denmark, for year ended 15 Dec. 1710, by Treaty of 15 June 170137,812100
King of Prussia, for 6,205 men for same year, by Treaty of 12 April 170968,57186 6/7
ditto, for 8,000 men serving in Italy for 12 months ended 15 Jan. 1710 and for agio and exchange in remitting said subsidy for nine months ended 15 Oct. 1710, as by Treaty of 19 April 170849,404152 6/7
ditto, for bread and forage for 12,000 Prussians to 22 Dec. 1710 and for agio in their pay61,801129 3/7
Landgrave of Hesse Cassel, for one year to 23 Dec. 1710 for 9 000 men and additional Subsidy for two Regiments of Horse in Italy 1 Dec. 1709 to 30 Nov 171021,82578 4/7
Elector Palatine, moiety of 100,000 guilders for four Battalions, as by Treaty of 17 May 1703; for one year to 23 Dec. 17104,761181 1/7
Elector of Trèves, moiety for three Battalions for same year, as by Treaty of 7 May 17025,95277 3/7
Elector Palatine, for her Majesty's share of 60,000 Crowns for his extraordinary Subsidy for eight Regiments of Foot and 15 Squadrons of Horse as an augmentation for the 1710 Campaign, as by the royal warrant of 1713 June 277,142171 5/7
the Duke of Savoy, for the ordinary Subsidy under the Treaty of 4 Aug. 1704 for one year ended 3 Feb. 1710–11158,888177
ditto, on account of the extraordinary Subsidy allowed him in consideration of the extraordinary charge of the war in Italy in 171050,416134
Arrears of Subsidy due in the time of the war against France in the reign of Wm. III.:
to the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel, for arrears as above made good to him in the Session of Parliament of 1708–9: as by the royal warrant of 7 June 170960,4763
to the King of Prussia, for an arrear of subsidy due in the same year as by the royal warrant of 25 March 170913,33368
total for Subsidies to Foreign Princes540,38718
money paid out of the deduction of Poundage and one day's pay:
William Gill, as Commissary for the exchange of prisoners of war7000
John Davies, as Chaplain of the Hospitals2000
Sieur Adrian Vanderkay, for the charge of waggons for transporting sick and wounded soldiers to the Garrisons and Hospitals in 171070000
Duke of Würtemberg, for the allowance made to the Danish Troops in consideration of their pretensions for their sick and wounded men that ought to be received into the Hospital in 171060000
Benjamin Teale, Apothecary General, for 34 pair of chests of medicine for several Regiments in 171067986
the Physicians, Surgeons and Apothecaries for attending the Hospitals in 1710 campaign and till the breaking up the said Hospitals2,25500
fees at the Receipt of the Exchequer on receiving 3,302,852l. 11s. 9½d. issued to this accomptant for the year 1710 and charged upon his or this accompt and in the account for the Forces in Spain and Portugal anno 1710, being 1d. per £ as the rate settled by Act of Parliament13,761178
fees for privy seals &c. for said money and for imprest rolls16758
this accomptant for salaries and incidents of his Office4,212186
this accomptant's two Deputies at Amsterdam and Antwerp for their salaries and contingencies, viz. Benjamin Sweet, Deputy Paymaster residing at Amsterdam, 1,098l. for himself for 1710 and for his clerks and contingents from 24 June 1705 to 23 Dec. 1710, 2,900l.; and Henry Cartwright, Deputy Paymaster residing at Antwerp, 1,095l. salary for himself and 1,513l. for clerks and contingencies from 1 Nov. 1706 to 22 Dec. 17105,71500
Henry Cartwright, for the charge of carrying money to the Army in the Low Countries from 30 Oct. 1706 to 31 Dec. 17091,741134
Auditor Edward Harley60900
money disbursed by the Revd. Richard Hill, late Envoy Extraordinary to the Duke of Savoy, for the Queen's share of the expense in assisting the Cevennois in France who had taken up arms in 1703 and 1704, which expense amounted in the whole to 1,540l., on which he has been paid by the States General, the rest being 1,000l. was issued to him by Charles Fox, late Paymaster General, and is set in super on him in the said Fox's last accompt ended 25 June 1705 by the name of Richard Hill, Esq., as by the royal warrant of 30 Aug. 1704 and of which he is discharged by the privy seal of 10 Feb. 1715–161,00000
sum total of payments and allowances£1,960,56015
And so remains 167,645l. 11s. 2¼d.
Against which there is charged upon the following:
imprested in 1703.£s.d.
Samuel Atkinson and Nicholas Roop, for transport3,00000
ditto for the Holland transport &c.926108
imprested in 1704.
John Nuttin, Paymaster of the Transports, for provisions for 3,467 men and 1,024 horses transported to Holland from the Thames as part of the 40,000 men5,53775
ditto, for 2,405 men as part of the 20,000 men1,800010
Charles Bertie, Treasurer of the Ordnance, for the Queen's Bounty to the Train of Ordnance1,658100
John Hudson, Director of the Hospitals in the Low Countries, for royal bounty to the Officers of the Hospital that attended the Army in Germany43500
money imprested to John Hudson, Director of the Hospitals in the Low Countries in 1703, 3,939l. 11s. 5½d.; in 1704, 9,254l. 11s. 3d.; in 1705, 9,261l. 5s. 11d.; in 1706, 9,010l. 14s. 0d.; and in 1707, 10,895l. 4s. 0d., in all42,3616
ditto, for same in 170825,359140
ditto for same in 170919,34212
ditto for same in 171021 57932
more for imprests to the said John Hudson and partners for extraordinary forage provided by them for the Troops in the Low Countries from the beginning of the winter quarters of 1708–9 to the end of the 1710 Campaign48,05619 2/7
Francis Beaumont, in advance on his contract for furnishing forage to the Troops in Queen Anne's pay upon the Maas during the winter quarters 1710–11 by warrant of the Duke of Marlborough dated 27 Dec. 1710582171 5/7
total imprests£170,63812
And so this accomptant is in surplusage 2,993l. 1s. 7¼d.
Auditor's Memoranda:
(1) In 1704 the Queen lent 40,000l. to the now Emperor of Germany, then King of Spain. Care is to be taken of this when the account is settled with him.
(2) There is due from the States General a moiety of 800l. for waggon money 1708 to the four English Battalions on the Establishment of the 20,000 men: and similarly 869l. 15s. 4d. for 1709 and 800l. for 1710.
(3) The sums remaining undeducted at the foot of Charles Fox's account for 1704 for transport amount to 2,721l. 12s. 9d.
(4) In the 1706 account 5l. 14s. 6d. is deducted from Ingoldesby's Regiment and there still remains to be charged 2,715l. 18s. 1d.
(5) In Charles Fox's account for the half year ended 24 June 1705 there remains undeducted for provisions [for men] in transport the sum of 150l. 8s. 2d.
(6) The sum of 72l. 3s. 8d. remains undeducted for the transportation charges for 1702.
(7) This accomptant is to be charged in his next [Army in] Flanders accompt with 10,000l. allowed in his 1709 accompt as paid to Sir Solomon de Medina as advance on his bread contract, which by the royal warrant of 9 Sept. 1709 is directed to be deducted from the Regiments.
Declared 6 August 1716.
JAMES BRYDGES, Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad.
Account for the Forces employed in Spain and Portugal from 23 Dec. 1709 to 22 Dec. 1710.
Remains: in the hands of this accomptant; he being in surplusage 27,510l. 12s. 3½d.nil
depending upon persons particularly named at the foot of the preceding accompt216,87716
money out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne603,16157
Easter term 9 Anne475,266117
Michaelmas term 9–10 Anne47,607190
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne151,4663
Easter term 9 Anne59,645108
deduction of 12d. per £ from pay from the British Forces [in Spain]1,960101
deduction of day's pay from ditto10219
deduction for victuals [for men] during transportation60129
voluntary charge for deductions or receipts: for tents supplied by the Ordnance to the Officers of Brig. Sutton's Regiment148210
clothing delivered by Henry Vincent, one of the Commissaries of Stores, to the Spanish Troops34,86050
ditto to the Portuguese Troops1,972183
ditto to the Imperial Troops1,65279
ditto delivered by Theophilus Blyke, who succeeded on the death of said Vincent, to the Spanish Troops6,86677
ditto to the Portuguese Troops1298
small clothing to the British Forces by Charles Medlycot, Commissary of Stores in Portugal780310
refund from the Treasury of Ireland of the pay of the Regiments of Major Gen. Gorges and Lord Mountjoy, and Brig. Pearce6,559166
the value of reversionary Annuities delivered over by Charles Fox, the preceding Paymaster9843
money repaid by John Mead, this accomptant's Deputy in Spain, being repaid by Lieut. Col. Clement Nevill, late Paymaster of the prisoners in Spain1,14814
total charge and receipts£1,611,27113
Surplusage at the foot of the preceding accompt27,5107
pay of the General and Staff Officers:
James Stanhope, Esq., Commander in Chief4,197100
Maj. Gen. George Carpenter1,37000
Maj. Gen. Charles Wills912100
Brig. Gen. John Pepper730100
Brig. Gen. George Wade73000
Brig. Gen. Nicholas Lepell71400
Maj. Humphrey Bland112100
Maj. John Wyvill182100
Col. Thomas Harrison as Adjutant General182100
Col. Charles De Bourgay as Quarter Master General182100
William Salter as Judge Advocate182100
James Craggs as Commissary of Musters182100
Arent Furley, Secretary to the Commander in Chief182100
Peter Geneste, Surgeon to the General142100
John Armfield, for the pay of Capt. James Johnson as Provost Marshall and his four men23070
James Teale as Provost Marshall from 30 Sept.79180
Dr. John Le Caan, Physician to the Hospital36500
James Penman, Surgeon to the Hospital182100
John Hawkins, John Cole, Richard Quinn, mates to the Master Surgeon273150
Vincent Chabanes, Director of the Hospital45650
Rowland Seys, Apothecary to the Hospital9150
Dr. Alexander Innes, Chaplain to the Hospital121134
subsistence, pay and clothing of the British Regiments:
Lieut. Gen. Harvey's Horse20,21317
Earl of Strafford, Royal Regt. of Dragoons18,09419
Maj. Gen. Pepper's Regt. of Dragoons17,50816
Lieut. Gen. Stanhope, Regt. of Dragoons17,821108
Brig. Nicholas Lepell, Regt. of Dragoons16,19562
Col. Thomas Harrison, Regt. of Foot13,01013
Maj. Gen. Wade. same13,2483
Col. Charles Du Bourgay, same12,83814
Maj. Geo. Whetham, same12,8811710½
Brig. Dormer, same12,2966
Brig. Bowles, same13,6509
Brig. Munden, same11,22932
Col. William Stanhope, same12,71161
Col. Edward Stanhope, same13,13715
Brig. Gore, same12,85019
Lord Tyrawley, Regt. of Fuziliers13,8751
Brig. Windsor's Regt. of Foot11,989120
Sir Charles Hotham, same11,96606
Maj. Gen. Elliot, same12,73017
Sir Rob. Rich, same13,225611½
Col. Molesworth, same5,3948
Col. Robert Dalzell, same, raised by the Instructions to General Stanhope, out of the Portuguese prisoners returned from France11,9661210½
pay of the Foreign Forces serving in Spain in the pay of her Majesty:
the Sieur Pareid, Commissary of the Imperial Troops of 3,000 Imperialists and 1,200 Italian Foot, and 8,000 Imperial Foot more and 1,000 Horse205,320162
Prince Eugene of Savoy and Count Gallas, the Emperor's Envoy, for levy money of 1,700 men for recruiting the Imperial Troops at 20 Crowns each man, as by a Convention signed 13 April 1710 by the Duke of Marlborough and the said Eugene on the part of the Emperor8,09413
Count Attalaya, General of the Portuguese Troops, and Alexander de Costa Pinheiro, Treasurer to the said Troops, for the pay of the Portuguese Troops serving in Catalonia who were taken into Queen Anne's pay from 1 Jan. 1709–10 by a Treaty in that behalf signed by Lieut. Gen. Carpenter and Count Attalaya stipulating that 103,100l. 10s. 0d. should be paid by the year for the said Troops103,100100
Monsieur Steinghens, for the Queen's proportion of the pay of three Battalions of Palatine Troops of Augmentation in Spain from 1 Jan. 1708–9 to 6 May following; for the waggon money of the said three Battalions from 6 Nov. 1708 to 31 Dec. following; for forage money for the 2,600 men for the same time and the waggon money to the six Reduced Battalions from 1 Jan. 1708–9 to 6 May following: as by the certificate of Monsieur Slingelandt, Secretary to the Council of the States General, setting out the whole charge and that they had paid a moiety thereof2,009178
pay of Troops hired for the service of Charles III., King of Spain (for pay of the Troops kept for his service and payments to said King to enable him to subsist, clothe and provide the Spanish Troops raised and kept on Foot by him in Spain, and towards the maintenance of said King and his household and for mules, bread, artillery &c.):
Don Joseph de Larrea, for pay of a Regiment of Grisons under Baron de Buol for ten months from 1 Jan. 1709–1012,52719
Tho. Martin, for pay and clothing of a Spanish Regt. of Foot and two Troops of Horse which served in Alicante for the year 170813,1851811¼
Col. John Cavalier, for the Regiment late under him sent by Queen Anne into the service of the said King of Spain: to be paid without deduction out of the money appointed for the use of the said King for the year 1709: as by the royal warrant of 7 June 17095,258170
For the Subsidy allowed to the King of Spain:
sundry persons for the money paid to them by orders of the said King or of Queen Anne for his Subsidy for 1710: being for subsistence, clothing &c. for the Spanish Troops raised and kept on foot by him in Spain; and for the said King's maintenance and household; and for fortifications and provisions at Tarragona and Alicante and Denia; and for subsisting Spaniards who came over from the enemy; and including 41,726l. 8s. 0d. for clothing and stores delivered by the Queen's Commissaries to the King of Spain's Troop111,5429
more paid on account of the Subsidy to the King of Spain for the said year: viz. 70l. to Lieut. Col. Don Ferdinand de Guzman, who left the enemy; 175l. to Don Francisco Partella as a bounty for his early services to Charles III. in Spain and to enable him to go into the service of the Confederates in Flanders; 200l. to Major Hubert Jennings for his quitting the French service for that of Charles III.; 1,400l. to Monsieur Hoffman for the use of Charles III. in part of the money granted by Parliament for the extraordinaries of the war in Catalonia in 17101,84500
for sundry extraordinary charges of the war:
Don Antonio Bellvitghes and Joseph Larissa, contractors for supplying the Army in Spain with draft mule carriage for bread and for the Train, paid to them on their contract with Charles III., 109,250l.; more to the Commissary and 10 muleteers that went with the mules sent in Oct. 1709 from Gibraltar to Lisbon, 71l. 13s. 9¾d.109,32113
John Jeffrys, Paymaster to the Train, for the pay of the King of Spain's Company of Artillery belonging to the Pontoons 12 Jan. 1709–10 to 11 Jan. following, 1,162l. 16s. 0d.; and for the Contingents of the Pontoons from 25 May 1709 to 7 April 17101,24363
John Price, Commissary of Stores to the British Artillery, for stores for the said pontoons in April–June 1710147191
Col. Michael Richards, for repairs of the said King's Train at Madrid 28 Sept. to 22 Oct. 1710, 130l. 13s. 2¼d., and for the contingent charges of the pontoons, 144l. 3s. 5d.28416
Vincent Chabanes, Commissary of Provisions, for Contingent charges of the Expedition to Gibraltar in 1709, 148l. 16s. 4¼d.; and for necessary money to the masters of the transports used in the said Expedition, 256l. 11s. 11¼d.4058
John Boys, in full of his account for provisions for the Expedition to Alicante33187
Col. Trevers, for transporting that part of Lord Rochfort's Regiment left at Majorca from thence to Barcelona7600
sundry Officers of the Foot and Train for an allowance of 15s. to each Serjeant and 10s. to each corporal and private actually on the spot at the battle of Saragossa for the loss of their knapsacks taken by the enemy and the wear of shoes and stockings in the long marches made before and after that battle2,35615
Mr. Guade, for bullocks lost in following the Army after the actions of Almenara and Saragossa16321
Major Gen. Seisan, for secret services done by him38000
Sir Theodore Janssen, for so much advanced by him to Monsieur D'Arselliers, Resident at Geneva, for service relating to the war in Italy466134
Samuell Scott, for his extraordinary charges in attending the campaign in 1710 with the public cash239110½
Sundry Contingent and extraordinary charges defrayed by William Chetwynd, her Majesty's Envoy at Genoa, for the service of the war: viz.:
for agio, provision, brokerage &c. on remittances made by him from Genoa to Barcelona for the use of the Forces in 1708 and 17091,311811¾
for his own charges and for expresses sent to Turin, Leghorn, Vado and other places to receive money negotiated there in 1708 for the use of the Troop, and to receive the Imperial Troops which were taken into Queen Anne's pay in 1708 to serve in Spain; and his disbursements in shipping the money and in postage29111
for the like disbursements in receiving the Imperial Troops in 1710 and in embarking and victualling 473 recruits for the said Troops transported from Vado to Barcelona in 1710: and for postage of letters84564
money paid by the said Chetwynd to Lieut. Col. Peter Hawker for the cost of 322 horses bought in Italy and Germany for mounting the Earl of Rochfort's Regt. of Dragoons5,607211
(total paid by Chetwynd, 8,055l. 10s. 0d.)
Capt. William Menzie, for the hire of four Tartans by order of Admiral Norris to assist in an expedition under his command691810½
to the Captains of several of the Queen's men of war for taking care of money and bullion sent from Italy and Spain for the use of the Forces in 1710 by William Chetwynd, at the rate of 10s. per 100l. allowed by warrant of Gen. Stanhope, and to the Vice Admiral of Holland for freight of money sent from Portugal to Spain in 1709 at the same rate1,8113
Admiral Sommelsdyke and others for transporting 1,582 men of the German Regt. of Horse commanded by General Eck from Vado to Barcelona in 17102,036211¼
Lieut. Thomas Fitzgerald of Maj. Gen. Pearce's Dragoons, royal bounty for wounds at Almanza where he was taken prisoner20000
Visct. Falkland, for his charges when sent express to England after the Battle of Brihuega with proposals about the exchange of prisoners20000
John Jeffryes, Paymaster of the British Train of Artillery, for mule allowance19800
Col. John Harnage, for taking care of clothing sent from England22900
John Trepsack, Secretary to Brig. Lepell whilst he commanded in chief in Spain10000
Major Richard Nugent and several others that left the enemy and his brothers, Capt. Ignatius and Capt. Christopher Nugent197190
Capt. Peter Gilbert de Paget, Engineer in Catalonia, 19 April 1709 to 19 July 1710228100
Brig. William Watkins, for the pay of Alexander Inglis, a supernumerary Ensign in his Regiment, 23 Oct. 1706 to 25 Aug. 170916481
Auditor Edward Harley, for examining Henry Vincent's accounts as Deputy Paymaster in Spain in 1705; and the account of Henry Martin as Paymaster of the prisoners in Spain taken at Almanza in 1707 and of Lieut. Col. John Arnott, the succeeding Paymaster of same in 170845000
pay of the Officers of Gibraltar Garrison.
Maj. Gen. Roger Eliot, Governor of the city and garrison547100
Maj. William Watkins, Lieut. Governor182100
Capt. Edward Bucknall, Town Major9150
Henry Irwin, Town Adjutant54150
William Morice, Paymaster of the Garrison182100
William Russell and William Beavoir, successively Chaplains to the Garrison109100
Mathew Nal, Judge Advocate7300
John Norris, Surgeon Major182100
two surgeon's mates182100
the Turnkey, Signalman and Provost, at 12d. a day each54150
William Easte, Postmaster and Secretary to the Governor109100
contingent charges relating to the Forces in Spain by warrants of the Commander:
Col. Benson, for the 60 men on party with him when Count Yergsler was attacked by the enemy1720
John Desgruzelliers, late Ensign in Col. Bowles's Regiment9100
Joseph Malferret and Joseph Arbigas, due to them from Cornet Greenwood, late of Count Nassau's Regiment718
Francis de Luna, salary as Spanish Secretary to Lieut. Gen. Stanhope142100
Lieut. Peter Bradshaw of Count Nassau's Regiment2500
John Grevile, engineer3800
William Salter, for Laurence Steel's subsistence7120
Elizabeth Pillon, a deceased Quartermaster's widow4150
Capt. Charles Stuart, Commander of the Dartmouth, for secret service17500
Joseph Micklethwaite, Secretary to General Stanhope89500
William Salter, for Contingents161100
Col. Richards, for the people of the Train, for services at Bellaguer47100
James Craggs, charge of going from Spain to England30000
Capt. John Archer, for disbursements by Maj. Gen. Wade on prisoners &c.162136
Major Gen. Wade, for clothing prisoners6900
Lieut. Gen. Carpenter, disbursements for spies and propios1720
Jos. Micklethwaite, for ochavos, being an allowance on receiving money from Sir Francis Arthur for the Forces1630
Barnat Escarra, master of the bark hired to carry letters to Lisbon after the action of Almenara47100
Arent Furley, Secretary to Lieut. Gen. Stanhope, to be paid by order28500
Samuel Scot, clerk to the Deputy Paymaster, for expenses8417
Capt. Thomas Philips, for the expedition he was sent upon under Sir John Norris19190
John Armfeild, for Count Nassau's pay as Brigadier from 24 Dec. 1709 to 16 July 1710307100
Capt. de Leuze, for the widow of a drummer sent to the enemy, who was murthered on his return900
Lieut. Col. Mackenzie, Paymaster of the Battalion of Foot Guards serving in Spain, for money which Lieut. Col. Montgomery died indebted to his Company835
Major Gen. George Carpenter, for acting as Commander in Chief in Spain in the absence of Lieut. Gen. Stanhope, 24 Dec. 1709 to 23 June 171040000
James Stanhope, Commander in Chief, for payments to several Spaniards and for his charges in going to Great Britain and back1,05899
Forage, waggon money and baggage money: to
James Stanhope, Commander in Chief, for the maintenance of 36 mules for himself and three Aides de Camp43200
Major Gen. George Carpenter (18 mules)27600
Major Gen. Charles Wills (18 mules)21600
Brig. John Pepper (18 mules)18000
Brig. George Wade (12 mules)16800
Brig. Nicholas Lepell (12 mules)16800
Quarter Master Charles Du Bourgay (four mules)4800
Major Humphrey Bland (two mules)1500
Major J. Wyvill as Major of Brigade (two mules)2400
Commissary J. Craggs (three mules)3600
Arent Furley (six mules as Secretary to the Commander in Chief)9600
Deputy Paymaster John Mead (six mules)7200
Officers of Regiments, detailed, for allowance for mules at 12l. per an. each according to the returns of effective Officers: Pepper's Dragoons, 63 mules; Wade's Foot (64); Bowles' Foot (91); Harvey's Horse (41); Royal Regt. of Dragoons (56); Count Nassau's Dragoons (69); Rochfort's Dragoons (70); Harrison's Foot (55); Du Bourgay's (69); Dormer's (70); Munden's (77); Lepell's (77); Gore's (77); Inchiquin's (71); Fuziliers (66); Dalzell's (74); Dalhousie's Battalion of Guards (81)7,83600
Capt. Deleuse, due to the late Capt. St. Felix as Capt. in Col. Windsor's Regiment to 28 Feb. 1709–10400
Waggon and Baggage money due to several Officers, detailed, for the year 170922400
contingencies of the Hospitals in Spain in 1710;
Dr. Paul Margaret, for medicines52213
Col. Jervas Packer, charges of the Hospital at Monroig [Monroyo] in 170944548
Col. Ramsey, for the sick men of Harrison's Regt. in their quarters at Tarragona10500
Dr. Roviere, for medicines for Col. Rapin's sick1540
Lieut. Gen. Carpenter, for his sick at Ariza and Siguenza9275
Dr. Geneste, for medicines89410
Isaac Teale, Apothecary General, for chests of medicine740311
Capt. Thomas Butler, for a gratuity to be paid by him to the invalids and useless women and children sent to Great Britain at 1l. per man and 10s. per woman and child at their landing107100
Dr. Paul Margaret, pay as Surgeon General &c.8640
pay of several Officers respited on the musters and allowed by special warrants, detailed173156
Levy money for new raising or augmenting the Regiments as follows "over and above the men they received which had formerly been made prisoners at Almanza": out of money saved by Regiments discontinued on the Establishment of Spain:
Earl of Ilay's Foot1,80000
Brig. William Bretton's1,80400
Brig. Edward Pearce, for horses to mount a new raised Regiment of Dragoons; and for augmenting Lieut. Gen. Echlyn's Dragoons2,820210
Extraordinary expenses of the Garrison of Gibraltar:
John and Thomas Watts, for coals144810½
Tempest Milner, for coals13070
Charles Medlycot, for blankets101140
John Sherman, merchant of Lisbon, for 448,092 rations of bread delivered to the Garrison, as by his contract with the Earl of Galway between 15 Jan. 1709–10 and 25 Dec. 17105,24213
William Russell, Chaplain to the Garrison, being money paid to the schoolmasters there1114
Charles Russell, merchant of Cadiz, for private services to the Garrison on several occasions21500
total for the Forces in Queen Anne's pay in Spain933,19919
For the pay and Contingencies of the Forces in Portugal:
General and Staff Officers serving in Portugal:
Henry, Earl of Galway, Commander in Chief, at 10l. a day and three Aides de Camp at 10s. a day, 24 Dec. 1709 to 23 Aug. 17102,799100
Earl of Portmore, succeeding Galway, 24 Aug. 1710 to 23 Dec.1,40300
Richard, Lord Shannon, as Lieut. Gen., from 23 Dec. 1709 to 1 May 171064500
Francis, Marquis de Montandre, as Major Gen., from 24 Dec. 1709 to 22 Feb. 1709–10152100
John Newton as Major Gen., from 23 Feb. 1709–10 to 23 Dec. 171076000
Thomas Pearce, as Brig. Gen.903100
James, Earl of Barrimore, as Major Gen.912100
Nicholas Sankey, as Major Gen.912100
Thomas Stanwix, as Brigadier547100
John Newton, as Brigadier, from 24 Dec. 1709 to 22 Feb. 1709–1091100
Major Henry Pullein, as Major of Brigade, for 61 days to 23 June 171030100
Major Richard Manning, as same, from 24 June to 23 Dec. 171091100
four other Majors of Brigade, not named73000
John Pradele, Quarter Master General182100
Magnus Kempenfelt and Andrew de Boismorell, successively Adjutant General182100
Ralph Bucknall, as Judge Advocate and as Commissary of Musters36500
Charles Medlycot, Commissary of Provisions and Commissary of Stores of War912100
Thomas Le Fever, Secretary to the Commander in Chief, to 23 Aug. 1710, and John Conduit, succeeding him182100
John Cradock, Chaplain, to 23 Aug. 1710, and John Beaven, succeeding him121134
Christopher Wilmot, Physician to the Commander in Chief, to 23 Aug. 1710, and Michael Keating, succeeding him182100
Jonathan Keate, Surgeon to the Commander in Chief, to 23 Aug. 1710, and Michael Keating, succeeding him182100
Ralph Bucknall, Provost Marshal, and four men31050
Claude St. Amour, waggon master54150
Officers of the Hospital, viz. David Denoon, physician, two master surgeons and four mates, an apothecary, a Director, a chaplain1,86434
pay of the General and Staff Officers serving with the King of Portugal's Forces pursuant to Queen Anne's Establishment:
Brig. Collier, as Brig. Gen., 23 Dec. 1709 to 2 Sept. 171025300
Bartho. Ogilvie, as same, 23 Dec. 1709 to 23 Aug. 171024300
Mark Anthony Moncall, as same, 24 Aug. 1710 to 23 Dec12100
Peter Carle, as same, for same time12100
Col. Robert Lundie, as Adjutant General, 23 Dec. 1709 to 25 Aug. 1710, and as Brig. Gen. from 25 Aug. to 22 Dec. 171036500
Brig. Abraham Mazeres, as Brig. Gen.36500
On account of subsistence, pay and clothing of several Regiments of the Queen's Establishment serving in Portugal; as by the royal warrant of 1716 June 11 directing that the money received on account as follows be surcharged on the accounts of the full pay according to Establishments and muster rolls as the same shall come to be cleared:
Col. La Bouchetiere's Regt. of Dragoons18,55154
Col. de Tavora's Regt. of Dragoons for same time, 9,390l. 14s. 1d.; and for 1709, 1,285l. 16s. 10d.: in all10,6761011
Col. Gually's Regt. of Dragoons for same time 9,459l. 3s. 0¾d.; and for 1709, 1,486l. 6s. 2d.: in all10,9455
Col. Sarlande's Regt. of Dragoons for same time, 9,645l. 9s. 9d.; and for 1709, 1,064l. 6s. 8d.10,709165
Col. Magny's Regt. of Dragoons for same time, 9,461l. 7s. 1d.; and for 1709, 1,434l. 7s. 2d.10,895143
Col. Foisac's Regt. of Dragoons for same time, 9,794l. 19s. 10d.; and for 1709, 459l. 6s. 11d.10,25469
Brig. Withers' Regt. of Dragoons for same time, 9,893l. 10s. 6½d.; and for 1709, 1,489l. 19s. 0d.11,3839
Maj. Gen. Pearce's Regt. of Foot for 171011,77312
Maj. Gen. Newton's same11,1918
Lieut. Gen. Sankey's same12,057192
Brig. Stanwix's same9,2638
Earl of Barrimore's same11,3571811¼
Brig. Vezey's same12,6369
Marquis de Montandre's same12,18063
more within same time116100
Brig. Bretton's same8,3433
the Spanish Regt. of Foot commanded by the Earl of Galway4,020110
more for clothing of same by royal warrant of 13 April 17101,4195
Brig. Windsor's Regt. of Foot on same account121100
pay of several Officers respited on the muster rolls and allowed by special warrant:
Col. Charles Churchill's Regiment394198
Capt. John Shaftoe in Lord Paston's Regt.182100
Capt. William Eason, for loss sustained by an extraordinary desertion11208
Levy money for new raising or completing Regiments:
Col. Owen Wynn for three dead men900
the agents of six Regiments of Dragoons raised in Portugal in 1710 to enable them to purchase 247 horses for each of the said Regiments at 18l. each horse and one for the kettle drums of each Regt. at 24l. each horse26,71200
Contingents relating to the Forces in Portugal:
Lawrance Tilley, Trumpeter to the General, charges going to the enemy61198
Col. Charles Cusick, quitting the enemy's service18300
Charles Medlycot, carriage of stores2527
Thomas Code, Agent and Surgeon, for the sick and wounded landed at Falmouth from Spain and Portugal151168
Archibald, Earl of Ilay, for carriage of tents &c. in his Regiment's marches17380
Sir Charles Hotham for ditto for his Regiment from the time of their raising142120
Capt. George Treby, for contingencies of Lord Mountjoy's Regt. of Foot1200
Alexander Stevensone, for ditto of Lord Raby's Dragoons9100
for stockings for the Train of Artillery, per Col. Albert Borgard9211
for Lieut. Hall and Lieut. Combecrose, supernumeraries of Col. Pearce's Dragoons from 15 April, occasioned by the reduction of two Troops of that Regiment59158
John Dowell, clerk in the Office of Secretary to the Commander in Chief15696
John Leaves, for bringing from Portsmouth to London 65,000 moidores of her Majesty's money123116
Sir Daniell Caroll, Peter Carle, Ralph Bucknall, John Kelley, John Whitton, John Conduit, for contingents (the services are not detailed)3,1140
the Queen's bounty (Capt. De Le Gall; Cornet de Legall; Ensign John Baptist Thian de Bleville; Major Daniell Addee; Capt. Thomas Giles of Major Gen. Thomas Pearce's Regiment)30000
payments out of the allowance for forage and waggon money:
the Assientistas of Alentejo for the allowance of 7 rees, Portuguese money, per loaf of bread, at the rate of 39 rees per loaf, being granted to them to make good the extraordinary charge of the bread over and above the 30 rees per loaf paid by the soldiers between 1 Dec. 1709 and 31 Aug. 17101,07314
to the Paymasters of the said Regiments for the like overprice between 1 Sept. 1710 and Dec. 25 following915710
Brig. Hunt Withers' Dragoons, as allowance for the excessive price of barley and forage after the rate of 26 milreis 40 reis Portugal money by the week from 24 Aug. 1709 to 23 Dec. 1710543910¼
Capt. Johnson and Peter Ribot, for 3,676 skull caps bought in London for the six new raised Regiments of Dragoons and for necessaries provided by Mr. Peter Vallet of Lisbon51932
Peter Ribot, paid for mounting several Officers en Second of the said six Regiments40780
ditto for subsistence of same25212
Capt. Thomas Forbes, as Captain en Second in the Earl of Barrimore's Regt. from 1 Feb. 1709–10 to 24 Aug. 171076100
same for same to 23 Dec. 17108580
Capt. John Batterau, as Adjutant Gen.10000
Capt. Henry Fane, for pay from 1 Dec. 17101700
pay of Capt. Marechall, Monsieur Bertin, Lieut. Carny, and a Spanish friar for bringing Marines that deserted out of a man of war from Estremos to Lisbon12513
Capt. Vonndberg, Capt. of the pontoons, for services46160
Capt. Martin Bladen, for a voyage to England on public affairs and attending above three months in London about her Majesty's affairs in Portugal13000
John Dowell, paid for waggons &c.30000
John Hamilton, for several services12000
Lieut. Peter Ribott, for private services18000
John Whitton, for the like6000
same, for payments to Manuell de Oliveira Inis de Fora of Alde Gallega [Aldea Gallega] for services to the Troops (28l. 16s. 0d.); and to Maj. Gen. Don Brass de Silveira for same (31l. 10s. 0d.); and to Brig. Abraham Mazeres for same (200l.); and to Maj. Gen. Sampayo for same (144l.)40460
contingent charges of the Hospital in Portugal:
John Beale, Surgeon's mate, for pay 24 Dec. 1707 to 9 May 170834100
Dr. David de Noon, for sheets for the Hospital35133
Dr. Robert Lightfoot, for six chests of medicines delivered12900
Capt. John Johnson, for mules to carry necessaries to Estremos for the Hospital1843
Ralph Bucknall, for disbursements8680
William Ellis, for medicines delivered5017
ditto, for funerals of soldiers286
John Whitton, for the Hospital in Abeira1480
Jonathan Keate, for medicines for Col. Sarland's Regt. of Dragoons71
Capt. William Banckes, for victualling several soldiers sent to the Marine Hospital56113
Dr. William Neilson, Director of the Hospital, for pay from 24 Dec. 1708146100
sundry extraordinary charges of the war in Portugal in 1710:
Earl of Portmore, equipage as Commander in Chief there3,00000
John Robinson, for accoutrements by him provided for new raised Portugal Regiments in Queen Anne's pay5,66300
Major Churchill and Richard Harnage, for clothing for the French Regt. of Dragoons, of which Col. Francis La Fabrique was Lieut. Col., the said Regt. being reduced from twelve to six Troops on 23 June 1708 and entirely reduced 23 July 17085,88307
Arthur Stert, for an entire clothing to Maj. Gen. Earle's Regt. in lieu of clothing provided for same by John Robins but delivered to the Earl of Galway's Spanish Regt. of Foot, the said Regt. having no offreckonings between 1 Aug. 1708 and 22 Dec. 1709, not being provided for by Parliament till 1710: and so ordered to be paid out of the savings on the five new Regiments raised in Portugal2,838114
Peter De la Port, for 37 fatts of accoutrements sent on board the Mary and Margaret to Lisbon and received there by Commissary Charles Medlycott114126
Francis Young, paid by him to Major John Massey and Major James Johnson as Engineers 1707–9361110
for the subsidy paid to the King of Portugal for maintaining 13,000 men by the Treaty of 16 May 1703150,00000
money paid for the service of the Forces in Portugal399,63816
paid to the Agents of the following Regiments for additional Levy money for 1708: by the royal warrant of 11 April 1708: to be charged to the Regiments till their claim for Levy money shall be determined:
Lord Mohun's33200
Sir Roger Bradshaw's7600
Brig. Stanwix's21400
Maj. Gen. Brudenall's20000
Col. Toby Caulfield's24600
Lord Mountjoy's3400
Maj. Gen. Sankey's10000
Lord Paston's5800
Lord Barrimore's7200
Maj. Gen. Newton's16000
Brig. Watkins's5200
Col. Moore's18400
money paid out of the deductions of Poundage and one day's pay stopped from the British Forces:
Robert Walpole, Secretary at War75000
John Mead, Deputy Paymaster in Spain1,09500
Thomas Morrice, Deputy Paymaster in Portugal1,09500
Edward Harley, Auditor449168
Thomas Savery, Treasurer to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded seamen and prisoners of war: to be paid to Thomas Code, Surgeon, for cure of sick soldiers landed at Falmouth 1 Sept. 1706 to 30 Sept. 170835875
ditto, for the undertakers of the Hospital at Gosport and Deal for several soldiers of Livesay's and Erle's Regiments in the Expedition under said Erle133180
ditto, for same for sick soldiers of eight other Regiments in the said Expedition and for funerals362190
total payments and allowances£1,366,3084
Remains 244,963l. 9s. 1d.
Against which
Depending upon sundry persons for imprests:
in the year 1703.
Samuel Atkinson and Nicholas Roop, for transport22,44476
in the year 1704.
ditto, for refitting transports which attended the Expedition to Portugal and were damaged by the great storm6,30000
ditto, for Martin Tucker, agent for Transports in Ireland1,00000
John Nuttin, Paymaster of Transports, for charges of 1,500 recruits from Ireland to Portugal3,60000
same for transport of a Battalion of Foot Guards to Portugal3,08982
same for transport from Ireland to Portugal6,60000
Dr. Peter Amyot, Physician to the Hospital in Portugal, for cordials and for a further allowance tlo the nurses5000
(total imprests for 1704, 20,639l. 8s. 2d.)
imprests in 1705.
Mr. Nuttin, for carriage of gunpowder and saltpetre to Portugal for the Duke of Savoy60000
same for transporting the Forces9,010106
(imprests for 1705, 9,610l. 10s. 6d.)
imprests in 1706.
Charles Medlycott, Commissary of Provisions in Portugal31100
Philip Durell, for 500 moydores for extraordinaries for the war (being 2,000 milreis at 6s. each)72000
John Whitton, for special services10000
Robert Smith, for expenses and secret service23596
same, for same14550
(total, 1,238l. 4s. 6d.)
for Earl Rivers' Expedition.
Commissary Edward Douglas, for Edward Southwell2500
John James Debadie, Secretary to Earl Rivers, for contingencies50000
Charles Le Bas, for special service4500
Peter Capon, for an allowance4140
Edward Castle, for special service3050
Earl Rivers, for Contingencies40000
(total for Rivers, 1,041l. 9s. 0d.)
for the Forces in Spain.
Earl of Peterborough's bills, as by the privy seal of 7 Aug. 171016,8771410
Richard Langhorne, for bills from Genoa for service of the Forces in Catalonia5,182132
Henry Vincent, Deputy Paymaster of the Forces under the Earl of Peterborough, for bills on Richard Hill31,790150
(total for Peterborough, 53,831l. 3s. 0d.)
imprests in 1707.
Col. Joseph Bennet's bills for fortifications at Gibraltar82000
Col. Elliot and said Bennet, for provisions for same1,405110
Capt. John Webb, for said fortifications3,55000
Major James Allen, as Commissary for Provisions20000
Joseph Cortiso, for the Garrison of Alicante297133
Brig. Gage, for same47500
Don Joseph Cortiso, for the Train of Artillery8,207106
John Norridge, for the Hospital of Gibraltar14500
Vincent Chabanes, Commissary of Provisions, for corn delivered by Mr. Sherman12,030192
John Sherman, on his contract for soft bread for Gibraltar3,60000
Ralph Bucknall, for Contingencies2,49825
Messrs. Scudamore and Henshaw, by Peterborough's warrant of 1 Feb. 1706–79500
William Salter, for Contingencies95000
Earl of Galway, for Contingencies1,20000
Frederick Marks, Director of the English Hospital in Spain, for the officers thereof3,132184
Earl of Rivers, for Contingencies50000
Dr. Peter Amiott, for medicines30000
Earl of Peterborough, for 560 mules bought2,38046
ditto, for which he is accountable2,137100
ditto, for horses bought4,00000
ditto, received from Mr. Methuen1,57500
Earl of Galway, from Earl Rivers in part of 7,759l. 15s. 0d. (the remainder being made good to this accomptant)39750
(total imprests for 1707, 49,797l. 14s. 2d.)
imprests in 1708.
Col. Eliott, for works &c. at Gibraltar3,316100
Capt, John Webb, for same93796
John Sherman, for soft bread for the Garrison3,91414
Jervace Read, for materials for two windmills there9000
Col. Albert Borguard, for necessaries for an Expedition40000
Hugh Pierson, for same9500
Henry Vincent, for corn sacks2033
Capt. John Evans, Capt. of the Burford, for a parcel of silver to be delivered to William East1,20000
Isaac Teale, for medicines for the Hospitals in Spain1,127100
Nicholas Diran, for the sick and wounded from the Sorlings and Falcon pink in May and Dec. 17083359
Joseph Chilcott, for the Hospital in Spain8010
Gen. Carpenter, for expresses &c.20000
Mr. Le Fever, for the Spanish prisoners in Tarragona49809
(total imprests for 1708, 12,397l. 18s. 3¾d.)
imprests in 1709.
Col. Richards, Commanding the Train, for building 10 tin boats593150
Vincent Chabanes, Commissary of provisions, for 1,140 sacks67139
same, for 1,730 quintals of fish2,612100
same, for bisquet142100
Mr. Crisp, Agent of the Transports, for filling ships for the Expedition80000
John Durand, for necessaries for the fortifications at Port Mahon28500
John Jeffreys, Contingencies for the Pontoons and Spanish guns1,847311¼
Arent Furley, for Contingencies47500
Mr. Douglas, Commissary for the Stores and Clothing in Spain15000
Ralph Bucknall, for forage &c.9,00000
John Sherman, for soft bread furnished to the Garrison of Gibraltar 31 Aug. 1708 to 30 Nov. 17081,522140
Seignor Joseph Friere, for the fortifications53110
Major Bladen, for the like51120
Brig. Elliott's bill for coals for the works and garrison1,049100
ditto, for horses and accoutrement22500
ditto, for the works2,500152
ditto, for horses for the Garrison50000
ditto, for flour70000
ditto, for the works351010
ditto, for building mills and for corn2,0671310½
ditto, for freight of flour60150
ditto, for coals and fortifications16800
ditto, for 451 faneys of wheat and 258 faneys of barley652100
ditto, for repairs of works60000
ditto, for 3,027 faneys of wheat3,17769
ditto, for extraordinaries431140
ditto, for service50000
ditto, for 962 faneys of barley54126
John Sherman, for bread and corn for the garrison and for freight1,4139
ditto, on his contract for soft bread3,00000
Thomas Le Fever, for workmen to build a mill7200
James Holland, for saddles &c.112100
John Sherman, for corn1,20000
Col. Breams, for the masons on the fortifications233140
Dr. John Norridge, for medicines and contingents for the Hospital309121
Thomas Martin, for coals30000
Jonathan Keate, for medicines &c.9000
ditto, for necessaries for the flying and standing Hospitals18000
ditto for the Hospital in Portugal93000
Ralph Bucknall, for same50013
John Norridge, for Contingents of the Hospital522310
Frederick Marx, Director of the Hospitals598166
Mr. Vincent, for shoes and stockings for the invalids2240
Dr. Gibson, for medicines for the Forces in Spain15034
Dr. La Caan, for Contingents for the Hospital60550
ditto, for subsistence of invalids, widows and children561511
Maj. Gen. Charles Wills, for Contingencies of the Expedition under him1,00000
ditto for Officers en Second going on said Expedition547126
Mr. Le Fever, for Spaniards and masons working at Gibraltar19800
Lieut. Col. Thomas St. Leger de Bacalan, of Galway's Foot Regt., for prisoners taken in Portugal2,68790
(total imprests for 1709, 45,857l. 1s. 7d.)
imprests in 1710 within the time of this accompt.
Brig. Richard Gorges, for public money deposited in his hands in 1706 by the Earl of Peterborough, to be paid over to Mr. Mead, but stopped by him on account of work and provisions for the Castle of Alicante: for which he is to render an accompt1,39676
John Roope, for the Garrison at Alicante22100
Brig. Roger Eliot's bill for repairs of the works at Gibraltar1,33811
same, consigned to him by Thomas Morrice 8 May 1710 by the Queen's ship Rye47140
Capt. Gilbert de Paget, for fortifications at Gibraltar28160
ditto, for barley70576
ditto, for Contingencies40000
ditto, for the stablemen of the Garrison15037
ditto, for coals1,83284
Dr. John Norridge, Surgeon to the Hospital in Gibraltar, for Contingencies292011
Dr. John Le Caan, Physician to the Hospitals in Spain, for subsisting invalids, women and children in the Hospital at Tarragona from 24 Dec. 1709 to Jan. 20 following, when they embarked for Great Britain51136
ditto, for 12 days' provisions for same5721
ditto, for extraordinary officers of the Hospital from 24 Dec. 1709 to 31 March following9644
ditto, for 200 pair of sheets for the Hospital7500
ditto, for 10d. each per man per diem for the men entertained in the Hospital at Tarragona over and above the 5d. a day paid by the Regiments: viz.
1709 Dec. 31 to Jan. 315450
1709–10 month of Feb.2234
1709–10 month of March36192
1710 month of April79126
1710 month of May31912
1710 month of June1551110
ditto, for the extraordinary expense of the Hospital at St. Columba for the months of May and June 1710131410
ditto, for small necessaries for the Hospitals 1 July 1709 to 30 June 171021917
Vincent Chabanes, late Director of the Hospitals in Spain, for the extraordinary charge of the Hospitals from 1 July 1710 to Dec. 31 over and above the 1,779l. 17s. 5d. paid by the Regiments for the deduction of 5d. per man per diem9,491167
Dr. John Roviere, for the extraordinary charge of the Hospitals at Saragossa in 1710 over and above the 429l. 11s. 0d. paid by the Regiments on the 5d. a day2859
Dr. Charles Shadwell, Director of the Hospitals in Portugal, on his bills1,656160
ditto for the English Hospital at Estremos in Portugal20647
Jonathan Keate, Physician to the Hospitals in Portugal56275
_ Sandoz, Sub-Director of the said Hospitals, for the charges of the Hospital at Abeira175
Ralph Bucknall, out of forage and waggon money for the year 17101,06616
John Kelley, the like24000
Brig. Lewis Petit, late Lieut. Gov. of the Castle of St. Phillip in Port Mahon, for building of fortifications at the said port &c.18,00719
(total imprests within the time of this accompt, 39,471l. 0s. 1¼d.)
total of all imprests£256,3481610
and so this accomptant remains in surplusage on this accompt£11,38579
Declared 30 Nov. 1716.
Auditor's memoranda on this accompt:
(1) The 476,735l. 15s. 6¼d. allowed for subsistence, pay and clothing is to be charged on the respective Regiments on their being cleared. So much as they shall make appear not so to be chargeable is to be surcharged on this accomptant. Likewise chargeable on the Regiments &c. are the
1,718l. for extra Levy money.
764l. 13s. 3¼d. for clothing for Barrymore's Regt. which was formed into a Regt. of Dragoons under Col. Pearce.
40l. for medicines for Donegal's Regt.
119l. 14s. 0d. to Earl of Donegal for pay: on his pay.
23l. 3s. 4d. to Col. Cardellon: on his pay.
5,242l. 13s. 6¼d. for bread to the Garrison of Gibraltar: alleged to be allowed to the Garrison over and above their pay because of the excessive dearness of all kinds of necessaries there: but no warrant produced for this.
2,365l. 15s. 5½d. bounty to those at the Battle of Saragossa for accoutrements lost on their long marches before that battle and to Madrid after: for which no [royal] directions have been given.
6,558l. paid in 1705 for 499 horses delivered to Harvey's and Raby's Regiments, their horses having been taken by order of Marlborough at their going to Portugal. It does not appear how the horses so taken were disposed of.
129l. 17s. 8d. for recruit horses from Ireland remains to be adjusted: the receiving Regiments not yet known.
26,712l. for horses for six Regiments of Dragoons raised in Portugal. It appears by the 1710 and 1711 muster rolls of these Regiments that they were not complete. The Colonels are therefore to render an account of the horses actually bought.
2,036l. 2s. 11¼d. for freight for 1,582 men of the German Regt. of Horse under Lieut. Gen. Ech: a proportionable part thereof for the victuals included therein is to be charged to the accompt of the Emperor.
The Commissaries appointed to receive the clothing and accoutrements for the Forces in Spain and Portugal from the commencement of the war remain accomptable for same.
39,127l. 14s. 2d. for tents &c. delivered out of the Ordnance Stores between 8 Mar. 1701–2 and 9 Oct. 1712. Of this the sum of 26,605l. 16s. 7d. remains to be deducted from the Forces.
So likewise the sums paid for mules to Antonio Belvitches and Jos. Larissa and also 109321l. 13s. 9¾d.
So likewise 226l. 16s. 5½d. remaining unanswered by Ralph Bucknall of the 7,887l. 13s. 7½d. for prisoners at Almanza.
The 8,750l. paid to Brig. Lillemaris for the Dutch Forces sent on the Expedition "to" [under] the Earl Rivers is to be repaid by the Dutch Government.
The account of COL. CLEMENT NEVILL, Paymaster to the British prisoners taken at the battle of Brihuega in 1710 and of such prisoners of the Foreign Forces as were actually in the pay of Queen Anne: thereto appointed by royal warrant of 1 May 1711.
to wit for the period 24 Dec. 1710 to 3 April 1713:
directed to be allowed by privy seal of 16 July 1718.
Money received from James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, on bills drawn by this accomptant as by the said Brydges' account for the year ended 23 Dec. 1712180,02000
pay of the General Officers taken prisoners as above, between 24 Dec. 1710 [when this accomptant succeeded Lieut. Col. St. Leger de Bacalan] to 1 March 1712–13:
Earl Stanhope, to 23 Aug. 17125,76816
George Carpenter, now Lord Carpenter, to 23 April 17122,8848
Maj. Gen. Charles Wills, to 23 April 17121,1535
Maj. Gen. John Pepper, to 31 March 1710–11232190
Brig. Gen. Humphrey Gore, to 23 April 1712691197
William Salter, Judge Advocate378810¼
Arent Furley, Secretary, to 23 Aug. 1711115110½
Peter Erneste, surgeon, to 23 Aug. 1712288810½
Joseph Teale, Provost Marshal, to 23 March 1711–1232126
Marcellus Laroon, Quarter Master General, to 22 Jan. 1710–1110100
pay of the Officers and men from 1710 Dec. 24 to 1712 Dec. 23, the time they were shipped off from Bayonne in Spain, and of the sick and others (that did not arrive there by that date) until 1712–13 March 1, when they embarked for England from the port of Passage in Spain: (numbers of men not stated)
Maj. Gen. Harvey's Horse9,30946
Royal Regt. of Dragoons10,14176
Maj. Gen. Pepper's Dragoons9,795198
Gen. Stanhope's Dragoons11,54880
Brig. Lepell's Dragoons3,10006
Third Regt. of Foot Guards7,965168
Brig. Munden's Foot Regt.8,197110
Col. Harrison's ditto7,83106
Gen. Wade's ditto7,63736
Brig. Dormer's ditto8,79308
Brig. Bowles's ditto8,786410
Brig. Gore's ditto8,26060
Brig. Richards' ditto2,132211½
Col. Dubourgay's ditto1,89066
Brig. Dalzell's ditto15,92964
sick men who came from Passage as above: viz. of
Harvey's Horse9210
Royal Regt. of Dragoons700
Pepper's Dragoons7754
Stanhope's Dragoons81120
Munden's Foot13000
Harrison's Foot7758
Wade's Foot8280
Dormer's Foot9734
Bowles's Foot6408
Gore's Foot129154
(total for sick, 838l. 11s. 4d.)122,15610
all the said money being charged to the Regiments on their accounts stated by the Commissioners for Army Debts or to have been stopped from their pay in Ireland and to have been remitted by the Government there to James Brydges, who has surcharged himself therewith.
paid to sundry English prisoners taken in Portugal belonging to the six Regiments of Marines and to several Officers and soldiers belonging to 13 other Regiments of British Forces, prisoners, which were formerly paid by Lieut. Col. St. Leger de Bacalan to 1 May 1711:
Marines to the several times of their release.
Gen. Wills's Regt., to 23 April 171225900
Col. Churchill's ditto18100
Gen. Holt's ditto, to 23 Dec. 171216860
Visct. Shannon's ditto, to 23 April 1712950
Lieut. Gen. Seymour's ditto101150
Brig. Borr's ditto, to 23 Aug. 17129570
the said 13 Regiments to the times of their release.£s.d.£s.d.
Lord Barrymore's Foot, to 23 Aug. 17121,591116
Brig. Stanwix's ditto, to 24 Dec. 17122,27040
Lord Galway's ditto, to 23 Aug. 17123,026150
Lieut. Gen. Gorge's ditto, to 23 Dec. 17124610
Brig. Pierce's ditto30140
Macartney's ditto19150
Magny's ditto6180
Allnutt's ditto1570
Sibourg's ditto1570
Bladen's ditto, to 23 Oct. 171274160
Lord Paston's ditto, to 23 Dec. 17121570
Newton's ditto, to 23 Aug. 17121260
Count Guiscard's Dragoons, to 23 Dec. 171270110
extraordinary payments, detailed, for the service of the said prisoners1,36693
to the widows of sundry Officers (Lieutenants) till their release could be procured (Mary Sayer, Barbara Drew, Grace Danrothes)12976
to the Director of the Hospital for entertainment of sick on the Queen's allowance of 10d. a day above the 5d. a day1,0783
Mr. Micklethwaite, Secretary to the Commander in Chief, for his journey to England47100
small charges3515
total for English prisoners144,28115
paid to Officers and soldiers taken prisoners at Brihuega, belonging to the Foreign Forces in her Majesty's pay when taken:
the Imperial Forces and Artillery Train (1 Col., 2 Lieut. colspan, 1 Major, 8 Capts., 29 Lieuts., 1 Chaplain, 3 Quarter Masters, 3 Provosts, 2 Masters of Carriages, 41 Pages, 94 Appoints, 126 under Officers, 306 privates, all unnamed), from 1 Jan. 1710–11 to 31 Aug. 17128,47710
King of Spain's Forces (1 Col., 2 Lieut. colspan., 3 Majors, 23 Capts., 26 Lieuts., 31 Ensigns, 17 Serjeants, 2 Chaplains, 3 Adg., 1 Surgeon, 1 Lieut. Engineer, 17 privates), from 1 Jan. 1711 to 23 Oct. 17125,82012
King of Portugal's Forces (1 Lieut. Gen., 1 Col., 1 Lieut. Col., 6 Capts., 29 Lieuts., 8 Quarter Masters, 1 Surgeon, 56 Serjeants and Corporals, 1 Trumpeter, 346 privates), from 1 Jan, 1711 to 31 Aug. 17125,89393
sundry Palatine Officers taken prisoner at Arando de Duero (not detailed)98106
(total, 20,290l. 2s. 7½d.)
sundry Foreign Officers which were not in Queen Anne's pay when taken:
Lieut. Gen. Villa Roel and two Spanish Colonels, Lieut. Col, Engineer, Capt. and four other Officers taken prisoners with the Spanish Troops: to be charged to the King of Spain's subsidy99172
60 men of the Dutch Troops prisoner at Brihuega, as by the accounts of the Surgeon of the British Hospital and a Dutch Cornet of Col. Slippenback's Regt. of Dragoons: to be charged to the account of the Dutch in their demands before the Army Debts Commissioners7240
total to Foreign Officers and Forces21,35313
discount on 640l. in South Sea Stock disposed of by this accomptant at 97¼, 17l. 12s. 0d.: and interest on bills of exchange, 24l. 19s. 4½d.4211
loss by exchange of moneys charged on him at 4s. 11d. each dollar, but issued at 4s. 9d. each6,09307
money repaid to John Mead, Deputy to James Brydges1,16814
paid to Owen Abbott, Commissary of Musters to said prisoners, to 3 April 1713, the time of his return to England83200
ditto to his assistants, William Salter and Henry Courtney9600
travelling charges to same1,07989
postage of muster Rolls &c.47132
this accomptant's salary from 24 Dec. 1710 to 3 April 1713, the time he landed in England2,49600
his three clerks1,24800
rent of a house at Madrid for an office4086
expenses in soliciting the Court of Madrid for exchange of prisoners8000
charge of embarking the prisoners4000
clerk employed on his return to prepare his accounts20922
fees at the Exchequer on passing this account5000
paid for an express from Madrid to Earl Stanhope at Naxero20180
money paid back into the Exchequer by this accomptant 1 April 1721, being the balance of this accompt2115
And so this accomptant is even and quit.
Declared 28 Aug. 1723.
JOHN HOWE, Paymaster for disabled and superannuated non-commissioned Officers and soldiers in or belonging to Chelsea Hospital, for the year 24 Dec. 1709 to 24 Dec. 1710.
money received for the deduction of 12d. per £27,17617
money received for the deduction of one day's pay1,4675
money received for the rent of ground belonging to the said Hospital2700
money voted for the support of Chelsea Hospital by the House of Commons 20 March 1710–11, transferred to this account by certificate from the Secretary at War15,392171
total charge£45,10511
salaries and allowances of the officers and servants of the Hospital2,61390
provisions and necessaries for the use of the Hospital10,4944
pensions and other allowances respectively of 12d., or 9d., or 4d. per diem to invalids removed out of the said Hospital and to others not entertained therein: not detailed26,66153
sundry annual allowances payable out of the deductions of 12d. per £: viz.
officers of the Receipt of the Exchequer for fees on issues for the Forces3,54530
the Office of Secretary at War3,57618
salary of the Secretary at War36500
Michaell Hyde, Commissary of Musters' allowance15000
Exchequer Court fees for this accompt19166
Henry Powell, late Steward of the Hospital: allowance3000
money paid to sundry outpensioners by order of the Governors on their not claiming their pension in due time103177
total payments and allowances£47,62817
And so this accomptant is in surplusage at the determination of this accompt 2,523l. 6s. 7½d.
Declared 23 March 1713–14.
THOMAS MICKLETHWAITE, Receiver and Paymaster of the Transportation.
29 Sept. 1709 to 29 Sept. 1710.
Arrears: in this accomptant's hands124,98813
depending upon persons named at the foot of his last preceding accompt52,6563
money received out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term, 8–9 Anne74,33754
Michaelmas term, 8–9 Anne2,016134
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne78,00495
money received from divers persons for the service of this Office (balances repaid by agents &c.)9274
the value of Exchequer Bills received from the Bank of England in exchange for 57,000l. in tallies delivered over to the said Bank and for money received for several persons in lieu of 80,000l. in tallies on the Land Tax: pursuant to Treasury warrants of 7 June 1710 and 28 Jan. 1709–10 and 22 Sept. 1710 respectively102,90000
total of charge and receipts£435,8309
money paid for the hire and freight of several transport ships and vessels, detailed at length, being 371 in number, for transporting her Majesty's Forces, ammunition and stores159,781511
provisions for the use of the Forces in their transportation12,064210
necessaries and incidents and extraordinaries relating to the transportation2,90334
salaries of the Commissioners of Transports and persons employed under them, detailed2,77606
auditor's fee10000
tallies and orders delivered over to the Bank of England in exchange for Exchequer bills by them advanced for the better carrying on the service of this Office: and other tallies and orders disposed of at par to several persons towards paying off the debts of the Office102,90000
total of payments and allowances£280,524127
and so Remains 155,305l. 17s. 0¼d.
depending upon several persons, detailed, being correspondents and agents of the managers of the transport service, for money imprested to them to defray the charges of the Transport Service, the correspondents named being James Arnold and John Arnold at Portsmouth; Thomas Tyrer and George Tyrer at Liverpool; John Addis at Plymouth; Thomas Coates at Whitehaven; Messrs. Stepney and Goddard at Lisbon; Gilbert Wardlaw attending the Transport Service abroad; Peter Crispe, Agent for Transports attending the Fleet; and including 14,000l. for transport ships taken up at Ostend for bringing part of her Majesty's Forces to England upon the late intended invasion by the French£54,23211
And so this accomptant remains indebted at the foot of this accompt 101,073l. 5s. 7d.
Declared 11 Feb. 1711–12.
Auditor's memorandum.
No vouchers have been yet received of the disposal of the provisions nor for the money issued for the several services amounting to 179,101l. 0s. 3d. in the aforegoing accompt.