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'Declared Accounts: Navy', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24: 1710 (1952), pp. CLXX-CLXXXIX. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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The corresponding Pipe account is partly perished.
ROBERT WALPOLE, Treasurer of the Navy.
21 Jan. 1709–10 to 31 Dec. 1710.
arrears nil: this being his first accompt. money imprested to him out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne1,505,0908
Easter term 9 Anne260,30911
Easter term 9 Anne71,72172
Michaelmas term 9 Anne100,00000
supers and imprest bills paid by former Treasurers of the Navy and cleared within the time of this accompt: items detailed16,9301611
money received for goods and provisions sold out of the stores: detailed26,65618
sums received on account of the Victualling: imprests made out to several persons, detailed, and cleared within the time of this accompt2,67000
sundry Commanders and pursers, not detailed, being the balance of their accompts for victualling soldiers on board3,1311611
abatements out of bills for provisions844102
sums received from the executrix of Sir Thomas Littleton, viz. in Exchequer Bills in lieu of tallies on the Thirteenth 4s. Aid; and in tallies on the said Aid; and in tallies on the Tenth 4s. Aid and on the Twelfth 4s. Aid and in money imprested for the Navy and Yards and Marines and for New York and money received for old stores and for reversionary Annuities sold: all detailed434,98411
overpayments appearing on the ledgers026
total charge£2,423,7741610½
emptions and provisions, detailed321,73944
interest allowed on bills of store358
free gifts to several surgeons for medicines2,81262
salary and entertainments of the Commissioners of the Admiralty, the Navy Commissioners, clerks &c., detailed (the Admiralty Lords being the Earl of Pembroke, Earl of Orford, Sir Geo. Byng, George Doddington, Paul Methuen, Sir John Leake and the Earl of Wemys, Vice-Admiral of Scotland: and the Navy Commissioners being Sir William Gifford, Sir Thomas Hobson, Benjamin Tymewell, George Tollett, George St. Looe, Anthony Hamond, William Wright, Lawrence Wright at Kmsale, Isaac Townesend at Portsmouth)28,34393
pensions to the several officers of ships and others, detailed, 193 in all12,093211
half pay (Sir Stafford Fairborne, Matthew Aylmer and Robert Fairfax)528150
rewards and bounty to several persons upon several extraordinary occasions, detailed2,75524
disbursements of various natures, detailed11,675161
rebuilding and price of ships (William Johnston for the Looe, a new Fifth Rate of 553 tons; the Nightingale, a Sixth Rate frigate built at Blackwall, 253 tons; and repairs of the Dartmouth; James Taylor at Rotherhithe for rebuilding the Dragon, 719 tons; John Wicker at Deptford for rebuilding the Defyance, 921 tons)23,22255
purchase of lands at Deptford Yard; at Chatham Dockyard5,343153
travelling charges2,488111
victualling charges for volunteers on board several ships1,60095
hire and freight of several vessels, detailed, taken up for her Majesty's service, and for transportation of goods and provisions7,912152
wages or pay by bill (physicians &c.)2,03224
house rent of the Navy Office and of other places hired804100
salaries and wages to Commanders, officers and seamen of ships:
Assistance (July 1705–Feb. 1709)10,24713
Anglesea (July 1707–Nov. 1709)3,058162
Assurance (July 1705–June 1708)10,1144
August (July 1706–Dec. 1708)11,5149
Anthelope (July 1707–Dec. 1709)9,442174
Arundell (July 1706–June 1708)3,7218
Albro' (March 1705–June 1708)2,23035
St. Albans (Aug. 1706–June 1708)5,49368
Anne and Francis ketch (Dec. 1709–May 1710)72126
Anne hoy (Feb. 1709–May 1710)51176
Adventure smack (Aug.–Nov. 1710)13151
Burford (July 1706–Feb. 1709)17,10169
Bonadventure (July 1706–Feb. 1709)5,3252
Bredah (July 1707–June 1708)5,1561
Blast bomb vessel (March 1705–Dec. 1709)1,03482
Canterbury (July 1707–Feb. 1709)10,5751611
Chichester (Sept. 1706–Dec. 1709)21,463010
Cornwall (Jan. 1705–June 1709)7,21617
Centurion (Jan. 1705–July 1710)12,6414
Colchester (July 1707–June 1708)3,5321411
Cleveland yacht (July 1706–June 1708)1,22391
Charlotte yacht (July 1702–April 1710)3,73425
Content hulk (Oct. 1708–March 1710)5371711
Dreadnought (July 1706–June 1708)9,0581110¾
Dragon (Oct. 1707–June 1708)1,559810
Dunkirkes Prize (Dec. 1705–Oct. 1708)3,02714
Deptford's Prize (April–July 1710)32199
Experiment (July 1704–June 1708)6,118910¾
Expedition (Jan. 1706–June 1709)29625
Elephant storeship (Oct. 1705–Sept. 1706)4511110½
Firme (July 1707–March 1709)14,8021
Fowey (July 1705–April 1709)2,40611
Folkstone (July 1707–June 1708)2,63726
Friendship hoy (Jan.–Sept. 1710)73127
Fly galley (July 1709–April 1710)98169
Friend's Adventure ketch (Jan.–July 1710)35180
Gloucester (July–Oct., 1709)1,0058
Granada bomb vessel (June 1706–Dec. 1709)450146
Goodwill smack (Oct. 1709–Jan. following)52183
Goodwill hoy (June 1709–Jan. following)74310
Humber (March 1708–July 1710)12,618170
Henrietta yacht (July 1707–June 1708)619144
Hound sloop (July 1704–June 1708)2,5441
Ipswich (July 1705–Feb. 1709)17,63219
Jersey (Dec. 1707–June 1708)1,78554
Isabella yacht (June 1707–June 1708)224151
John and Bridget yacht (Dec. 1709–Feb. following)121810
John and James (Dec. 1707–Jan. 1709)329149
John and Mary smack (Dec. 1709–Aug. 1710)821611
John and Alice hoy (Dec. 1709–Aug. 1710)5842
Katherine yacht (July 1707–June 1708)621164
Lowestoffe (July 1704–June 1708)6,06713
Leopard (July 1707–June 1708)3,27919
Lark (July 1707–June 1708)2,0626
Lyme (July 1706–Sept. 1708)4,0455
Lenox (July 1705–Oct. 1710)14,894710½
Monmouth (July 1707–Feb. 1709)13,68499
Monk (July 1706–June 1708)9,29011
Medway (July 1707–June 1708)2,82311
Montague (same time)3,51474
Mary (July 1706–June 1708)7,64017
Mary yacht (July 1707–June 1708)667161
Mary and Anne (Feb. 1709–May 1710)36134
Martha Hospital ship (Sept. 1707–July 1710)3,754167
Newcastle (July 1707–June 1708)2,67213
Norwich (same time)3,5929
Newark (April–June 1708)55494
Northumberland (July 1707–Nov. 1709)3,47563
Oxford (July 1706–March 1709)12,66934
Orford (July 1705–June 1709)9,1729
Orford's Prize (Nov. 1708–May 1709)72127
Portland (Jan. 1706–June 1709)4,342113
Peregrine galley (July 1706–June 1708)2,197123
Phœnix fireship (May 1709–Nov. 1710)728197
Prosperous bark (Jan. 1709–April 1710)20120
Prosperous hoy (Jan. 1709–May 1710)3450
the said hoy between the 15th Jan. 1709 and 31 Oct. 1710 [sic]18788
Plymouth prize (Aug. 1709–Dec. following)17580
Queenborough yacht (July 1707–June 1708)95176
Royal Oake (July 1706–Feb. 1709)19,6561610¼
Restoration (Oct. 1706–June 1708)10,9221211
Rochester (July 1707–June 1708)3,562136
Reserve (July 1706–June 1708)5,42210
Royal Anne (July 1707–Oct. 1710)32,58898
Revenge (July 1707–Oct. 1710)16,64586
Royal Soveraigne (Dec. 1709–Oct. 1710)5,61941
Severne (Jan. 1706–June 1708)4,74501
Sweepstakes (Sept. 1708–April 1709)1,134910
Solebay (July 1707–Dec. 1709)3,8509
Salisbury (July 1707–June 1708)2,89418
Swiftsure (July 1706–June 1708)8,538311
St. George (Sept. 1708–Dec. 1709)12,082147
Success (June 1709–Sept. following)11225
Sorlings (Feb. 1705–June 1708)3,37512
Swallow (July 1707–June 1708)3,36820
Swallow prize (Sept. 1707–June 1708)4,9126
Smirna Factor (July 1705–Dec. 1709)2,1310
Star bomb vessel (March 1707–Jan. 1709)322181
Swift sloop (July 1706–June 1708)1,873178
Little Sarah (Jan. 1707–Sept. 1709)21727
Sarah pink (Jan. 1709–Oct. 1710)409125
Tryton (July 1705–Oct. 1708)8,32811
Tryton's Prize (March 1704–June 1708)3,13518
Tilbury (July 1707–June 1708)2,94364
Torbay (Jan. 1707–June 1708)1,80009
Thomas and Eliza[beth] pink (Jan. 1709–Oct. 1710)85114
Valour (July 1707–June 1708)99208
Vultur fireship (July 1706–Dec. 1708)1,76300
Weymouth (July 1707–March 1709)10,5417
Winchelsea (Feb. 1707–Feb. 1708)2,099135
Warwicke (July 1706–June 1709)2,39325
Warspight (July 1706–June 1708)7,3391211¼
Woolwich (July 1706–Dec. 1709)4,61781
Windsor (July 1705–June 1708)1,161154
William and Mary yacht (July 1707–June 1708)804108
William and Mary smack (Oct. 1709–Jan. following)40188
William and Elizabeth ketch (Dec. 1709–Oct. 1710)1171411
York (April 1706–June 1708)10,555711¾
clerks, officers, storekeepers &c. or employed in the Dockyard and on board several of her Majesty's ships for one year ended at Michaelmas 1709:
wages of shipwrights, caulkers, joiners, labourers &c. for one year to Michaelmas 1709: at
Deptford Yard27,791169
Chatham Yard36,381159
Harwich Yard2,970170
Portsmouth Yard71,70833
Plymouth Yard31,49248
Sheerness Yard8,56254
Woolwich Yard27,767193
Kinsale Yard1,28859
Ropeyard wages for one year to Michaelmas 1709: at
emptions and provisions246,16244
petty provisions and incidents93,17251
carriage of provisions to the Yards and ships &c.23484
sundry masters of ships and others for the balance of their victualling account22,751114
reparations at sundry places belonging to the Victualling Office4,31599
hire and freight of vessels attending the manning of her Majesty's ships of war or for transporting soldiers or naval stores from place to place and for demurrage31,830511
total Victualling, 431,911l. 12s. 4d.
salaries to the Victualling Commissioners, officers and clerks4,71216
rent of Victualling Office, wharves, storehouses &c.862710
necessary money and extra-necessary money24,127107
travelling charges20238
salary to this accomptant, his officers and clerks3,55120
ordinary allowances65168
total payments and allowances£1,683,392158
Remains 740,382l. 1s. 2½d.
Declared 8 May 1714.
THOMAS SAVERY, Treasurer to the Sick and Wounded Seamen and Prisoners of War.
1 July 1709 to 30 June 1710
depending as imprests upon sundry persons named at the foot of his last accompt39,6121510
money received from the Treasurer of the Navy for the service of the Sick and Wounded Seamen and prisoners of war (the separate payments detailed)73,2812
total charge and receipts£123,65918
paid for cures, quarters, and conduct money of sundry Sick and Wounded Seamen put on shore in 1709 (the entries giving the names of the Agents, Apothecaries, Physicians, Surgeons, mates, and chaplains, but not the numbers of men treated): at
North Shields567100
Port Mahon827177
West Indies1,33635
her Majesty's allowance of 2d. per diem to seamen in the London Hospital and for the quarters of others until they were admitted2,791152
sundry disbursements, detailed, for Sick and Wounded seamen and other her Majesty's subjects made prisoners of war by the enemy; drugs &c. provided for the several Hospitals and Hospital ships and for sick prisoners at Bilboa, Malaga, Genoa, Tripoly, Viana, Alicante, Piscataqua in New England, Lundy Isle, Boston in Lincolnshire, Penzance, Martinico5,296174
salaries of the Commissioners, officers and clerks2,434611¾
for the relief of [foreign] prisoners of war, viz. subsistence and contingent charges of the well prisoners and quarters, cure, funerals and other contingencies of sick prisoners (the numbers and names of the prisoners are not stated): at
North Shields255182
charge of transporting prisoners147176
incidents detailed (including charges in Newgate from Sept. 1708 to June 1709 of 15 French Officers taken in the Salisbury and for Monsieur Denovan who died 17 June 1709)245178
total of payments and allowances£50,9109
And so Remains 72,749l. 8s. 11½d.
against which
depending as imprests upon the following, being Agents or Surgeons, for the custody of sick and wounded in former years: at
on account of sick and wounded£s.d.
Hull: 1706, James Clarke, surgeon3200
Ireland: 1705–8, Thomas Batchelor, agent, et al.51923
Deal: 1708, John Huggins et al.54000
Dover: 1708, Lancelot Whitehall, agent5000
Dartmouth: 1709, Caleb Rockett87156
Edinburgh: 1709, James Hamilton30000
Gosport: 1708, Peter Levermore, agent30000
Harwich: 1709, John Aldrich, agent5000
Lisbon: 1707–9, John White3,62000
Plymouth: 1708, Francis Russell, agent1791210
Port Mahon: 1708, Pierce Griffith, agent50000
Rochester: 1706, Thomas Freame, agentnil
Rye: 1708–9, Jeremy Greble, surgeon1000
West Indies: 1705–9, Joseph Gyde, agent at the Hospital at Jamaica; Philip Rockby, surgeon at New York; Hugh Gaine, agent at Jamaica; William Roberts and Robert Carleff, joint agents at Barbados10,29808
Yarmouth: 1708, Dr. Hezekiah Clarke1000
ditto, on account of prisoners.
Deal: Lawrence Whitehall150187
Guernsey: George Lesley, agent, and John Bressey, marshal81500
Ireland: Gilbert Pepper, marshal2,37980
Jersey: Edmund Hammond, agent1,03000
Lisbon: Sampson Sherard, agent, and John Wilson, marshal1,20000
London: Peter Stanley, messenger to the Office2,55000
Plymouth: William Slaughter, marshal1,00000
John Peirce, for transporting prisoners60000
Yarmouth: Dr. Hezekiah Clarke6320
Imprests made within the time of this accompt.
for Sick and Wounded.
Bristol: Samuel Pye, surgeon3000
Deal: William Freame, agent25000
Dartmouth: Caleb Rockett20000
Edinburgh: Francis Pringle10000
Gosport: Peter Levermore50000
Hull: Benj. Wade, surgeon5000
Lisbon: John White1,80000
Plymouth: John Griffith40000
Pembroke: John Seymour13000
Rochester: Thomas Freame35000
Port Mahon: Pierce Griffith2,91500
Sheerness: Mr. Blackerby Fairfax5000
Shields: John Wilson3000
West Indies: Hugh Gaine, agent at Jamaica; Roberts and Company at Barbados; Philip Rokeby at New York; Capt. George Martin, New England; Capt. William Herriott; Capt. Seate; Capt. George Paddon2,026121
Weymouth: Jonathan Ledose10000
Yarmouth: Samuel Pake5000
for prisoners of war.
Dover: William Walley, marshal1,00000
Guernsey: John Bressey, marshal65800
Harwich: John Aldridge15000
Hull: Benj. Wade, surgeon20000
Ireland: Gilbert Pepper, marshal2,50000
Jersey: William Lasinby, marshal28000
London: Peter Stanley40000
Plymouth: William Slaughter4,50000
Southampton: Roger Clutterbuck2,20000
Sheerness: Blackerby Fairfax3000
Shields: John Willen2000
Weymouth: Jonathan Ledoze3000
transportation, John Pearce30000
total of imprests£50,2341111
And so this accomptant remains indebted 22,514l. 17s. 0½d.
Declared 28 Feb. 1715–16.
The Cash Account of Arrears of Prize Ships and Goods from 18 March 1708–9 to 29 Sept. 1715.
Remaining: nil, this being their first and only account.
depending upon sundry persons at the foot of the accompt of John Manley, late Receiver General for Prizes, ended 24 June 17092,19686
received for the arrears of several lots of prize goods for which they are set in super on the final General Accompt of the late Commissioners of Prizes ended 18 March 1708–9: viz. out of the ships
Hope of Stockholm187
Nostra Signora de Bon Hora203165
Hopes of Peace14816
Prophet Daniel5889
La Vierge1607
received from John Henley, late Receiver General for Prizes, in part of the balance remaining due from him on the foot of his account1,14000
received within the time of this accompt from sale of prize ships and vessels and goods and merchandise belonging to the Crowns of France and Spain and condemned as prize:
arrears of several lots of prize goods out of ships, detailed671141
South Sea Stock paid in lieu of money from the Victualling Commissioners for provisions out of the Queen Hester, Vierge or Windsor and the St. Michael18841
ditto from the Navy Commissioners for Tonnage and Gunnage of prizes: viz.:
Play or Child's Play privateer90200
Mocquart privateer40426
Rosignole or Nightingale privateer91114
prize goods sold at Falmouth15186
goods out of the Maria of Nantes150163
stopped from Capt. Swanton of the Exeter for embezzlements983
for negroes disposed [of] by John Balchin, Commander of the Chester5100
a security of Consul Kirke, late Agent [for Prizes] at Genoa10000
overpayment by said Kirke300
money for arrears of prizes from Sir George Parker and Charles Goring, Sub-Commissioners [of Prizes] at Portsmouth639011¾
William Kelly, ditto at Bideford14810
Paul Burrard, John Sands and Richard Norris, ditto at Portsmouth431
Edward Knatchbull and John Chetwind, ditto at Dover90144
Charles Bargrave, ditto at Deal1171
Nicholas Mannock, ditto at Rye700
Charles Dalston, ditto at Whitby29171
Anthony Ellis, ditto at Yarmouth299
Gabriel Soulden, ditto at Kinsale2319
Nathaniel Terry, ditto at Dartmouth92148
Ellis Terrill, ditto at Lisbon7003
Nicholas Holloway, ditto at Gibraltar127187
Thomas Kirk, ditto at Genoa1436
Christopher Crow, ditto at Leghorn48363
William Sherrard, ditto at Smirna361160
Giles Wheeler, ditto in the Grand Fleet in the Mediterranean186100
John Coleman, ditto at New England8300
Mark Proudfoot, ditto in the Grand Fleet90000
Thomas Wood and Joseph Gyde, ditto at Jamaica1,50000
Alexander Hamilton, Agent and Inspector of the Agents' Accounts in the West Indies and Agent in the Fleet4,212158
Col. Samuel Berwick, Agent at Barbados71430
Edward Perrie, ditto at Antigua46214
Consul Goddard, ditto at Tunis19520
(total of arrears from Agents, 11,138l. 15s. 11½d.)
received for interest and for premium arising on the sales, detailed, of South Sea Stock delivered to them for payment of Prizes1,16092
money paid to these accomptants by John Brewer and John Manley, late Receivers General of Prizes, being unclaimed captors' shares out of the 4,000l. rewards for gun money allowed by the Act of 10 Anne [c. 27, clause 14, and 13 Anne, c. 18, clause 66, and if unclaimed before 24 June 1713 then to be forfeit to Greenwich Hospital]: in all 212l. 10s. 4½d., representing the following unclaimed shares: viz.:
the Montague, Capt. Cleveland, in part of 134l. 1s. 1½d. for taking the Jeune Home of 18 guns10194
the Flamborough, Capt. Hughes, in part of 20l. 16s. 2d. for taking the Leverette of six guns05
the Warspight, Capt. Loades, in part of 24l. 7s. 8½d. for taking the Resolute of eight guns4141
the Chatham, Capt. Beckingham, in part of 105l. 6s. 7½d. for taking the Duchess of Maine of 14 guns1117
the Triton, Capt. Joseph Taylor, in part of 1,021l. 6s. 4½d. for taking the Royal of St. Malo of 24 guns; the Berringham of 24 guns; the Desmarist of 26 guns; the Entreprenant of 26 guns and the Harpy Volant of 16 guns4511
the Dunkirk, Capt. Greville, in part of 104l. 6s. 8¼d. for taking the Hocquart of 26 guns76
the Winchester, Capt. Hughes, in part of 156l. 18s. 2d. for taking the Robert or Robert Salee of 24 guns4210
the Exeter, Capt. Swanton, in part of 213l. 19s. 3¼d. for taking the Thetis (burnt at sea) of 44 guns1615
the Adventure, Capt. Hicks, and the Tartar, Capt. Leake, in part of 175l. 14s. 8¾d. for taking the Play of 24 guns1176
the Bonadventure, Capt. Rumney, in part of 19l. 8s. 7¾d. for taking the Prince of Conti of four guns14190
the Milford, Capt. Stanhope, the Fowey, Capt. Lestock, and the Rumney, Capt. Coney, in part of 244l. 14s. 4¼d. for taking the Mercury man of war of 42 guns1318
the Dover, Capt. Mathews, in part of 138l. 2s. 1d. for taking the Bien Aimée of 24 guns02
the Falkland, Capt. Underdown, and the Nonsuch, Capt. Clinton, in part of 230l. 11s. 2½d. for taking the Duke of Orleans of 30 guns77
the Ludlow Castle, Capt. Haddock, in part of 147l. 7s. 9¼d. for taking the Rosignole or Nightingale of 24 guns46
the Medway, Capt. Mordaunt, in part of 173l. 16s. 4d. for taking the Upton galley of 24 guns615
23 ships under Sir John Leake for destroying the Magnanimous and Lyss, French men of war, as in part of 964l. 14s. 6½d.608
item of difference between gun money directed and the sum payable upon average00
money unpaid on the 25 March 1713 to captors of prizes, being unclaimed within the time limited as above for ships as follows: viz.:
the Adventure for taking the Play privateer26110
the Tartar for taking the same17140
the Dunkirk for taking the Mocquart privateer3711
the Triton for taking the Berringham privateer411
the Newark for taking the Lady of Misericordia161411¾
the Ludlow Castle for taking the Rosignole or Nightingale of Dunkirk3617
the Experiment for taking the Jesus Nazareus de Nostra Signoria de Rosario3516
the Sorlings for the Queen Hester113
the Canterbury for the St. Michael231111
11 ships under Sir Geo. Byng for taking the Salisbury32414
money unpaid to captors of prizes paid by Agents in the West Indies; viz.:
the Portland for taking the Elgavillon36155
the Kingston for the same prize5070
the Dunkirk for taking the Nostra Signora de Caridad and Le Bravo40210½
the Assistance for taking the Jesus Maria Joseph63210
the Scarborough for the Cousen Mary and Renter galley366
the Suffolk for the May Flower1818
money surcharged for want of receipts on the salary bills of the Principal Commissioners of Prizes46176
total of charge and receipts£23,06617
money overpaid for several lots of prize goods, detailed, bought by computation before the exact quantities were known103310
paid to the captors (Officers and companies of ships) for their respective shares of the moiety of the nett proceeds of prizes and for gunnage:
the Newark, Capt. Samuel Vincent, for the prize Lady of Misericordia24416
the Experiment, Capt. Robert Bowler, for the prize Jesus Nazareno de Nostra Signiora de Rosario sloop carried into Jamaica249189
the Adventure, Capt. Edmond Hicks, and the Tartar, Capt. Richard Lake, for nine tenths of the prize Play privateer carried into Harwich75634
the Dunkirk, Capt. Algernoon Greville, for nine tenths of the prize Mocquart privateer carried into Plymouth31381
the Triton, Capt. Joseph Taylor, for nine tenths of the Le Berringhen privateer carried into Plymouth23416
the Ludlow Castle, Capt. Nicholas Haddock, for nine tenths of the Rosignole or Nightingale of Dunkirk carried into Hull87964
23 ships of war for the tonnage and gunnage of the Arrogant man of war carried into Lisbon7461610½
the Kingston and Portland for taking the Elgavillion; the Dunkirk for taking the Nostra Signore de Caridad le Brave; the Assistance for taking the Jesus Maria Joseph; the Scarborough for taking the Cousin Mary Ruyter galley; the Suffolk for taking the May Flower: all which prizes were disposed of in the West Indies27432
11 ships of war under Sir George Byng for the gunnage of the Salisbury, French man of war77232
the Sorlings, Capt. Jonathan Spann, for moiety of provisions out of the prize Queen Hester20148
the Canterbury, Capt. Walton, for the like out of the prize St. Michael104111
the tenth part of prizes adjudged to the Lord Admiral, paid to John Dodd, Receiver General of the Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty:
the Play privateer8404
the Mocquart34165
the Berringhen2620
the Prince of Conti157
the Mercury, man of war22125
the Ambuscade, man of war82147
the Pilot Man, hoy1162
the Hieureuse or Happy170
the Esperence of Callis1174
the St. Joseph21210
the Value33168
the Duke of Orleans52124
the Bien Aimée14159
the Rosignole or Nightingale97140
the Marquis de Vernier31911
the Upton galley3313
salaries to the late Principal Commissioners, Sub Commissioners and other officers, detailed, employed in the service of Prizes: by warrants of Treasurer Godolphin6,172100
salaries to officers, detailed, employed in recovering and receiving arrears of prizes2,667100
incident charges in the collecting4,716123
money paid for gratuities, rewards and other services, detailed1,988911
money paid to the Royal Hospital at Greenwich out of unclaimed shares of captors of prizes50000
money allowed to these accomptants for paying rewards of gun money30000
money allowed for over-charges in preceding accounts of prizes7494
money accounted for by Sir Thomas Littleton, late Treasurer of the Navy, being imprested to him for services, detailed, being rewards to Capt. Taylour of the Charles galley; Lieut. Edward Smith of the Somersett for services in the bombardment of Gibraltar and in the attack on shore, in which action he was blown into the sea; Capt. Baker of the Monmouth; Geo. Fairly, Lieut. of the Montagu, for services in the bombardment of Gibraltar, in which he lost a leg; Sir John Leake, Vice Admiral of the White, for care and good services1,507106
Depending in super:£s.d.
on John Portman, late one of the accountants to the late Principal Commissioners of Prizes67105
Joseph Lee, Solicitor for Prizes, for law business1231
Anthony Burnaby, late Secretary to the late Commissioners for Prizes1127
Thomas Baker, one of these accomptants, for dividends on South Sea Stock and Annuities due before Lady day 172423716
So these accomptants are in surplusage 480l. 11s. 5½d.
Declared 18 June 1755.
18 March 1709–10 to 29 Sept. 1715.
PIPE 2547.
arrears: depending upon sundry persons particulary named at the foot of the last General Account of the late Commissioners of Prizes from Midsummer 1708 to 18 March 1708–9, the date of the determination of their Commission: wherein is included the sum of 6,339l. 8s. 10d. resting upon John Brewer, late Receiver General of Prizes, and the sum of 8,973l. 3s. 3¼d. resting upon John Henley, another late Receiver General of Prizes38,5007
money received from the proceeds of the prizes and goods taken from the French and Spaniards by her Majesty's ships and brought into port and condemned in former years, but not before accounted for [by reason of] the Sub-Commissioners and Agents not having adjusted their accounts with the late [Principal] Commissioners of Prizes: viz.:
John Burrard, John Sandys and Michael Norris, late Sub-Commissioners at Portsmouth, for a parcel of lead ore1300
Christopher Crow, late Agent at Leghorn, for the ransom of the Grand Rebecq, taken by the Lime, Capt. Doleman, 2,035 dollars at 57 pence per dollar48363
Charles Blanchard, successor of Charles Powell as late Agent at Barcelona, for the prize Sancta Clara taken by the Sorlings, Capt. Robert Jackson, 7,950 livres 6 sols 5 deniers at 3s. per livre1,192110
James Smith, late Agent for Prizes in the Grand Fleet in the Mediterranean, for the prize La Gazette, alias St. Joseph, taken by the Somerset, Capt. Price, which was distributed to the captors by Sir Cloudesley Shovell's warrant249196
William Cornwall, late Agent at Hull, for cask &c. out of the Rosignole or Nightingale56140
Thomas Wood and Joseph Gyde, late Agents at Jamaica, for the Queen's moiety of prizes sold at Jamaica: viz. the
St. Hubert1,462109
Ruyter Galley494
Cousin Mary538148
Jesus Maria Joseph1,64615
La Brave9351410
&c. making 7,828l. 0s. 0½d. of Jamaica currency, making in sterling at 20 per cent. [deduction]6,51713
Alexander Hamilton, late Agent and Inspector of the accounts of the Agents in the West Indies: for the Queen's moiety of the prizes:
May Flower657164
Nostra Seignora de Caridad142179
Nostra Seigniora de Rosario416113
Young John of Flushing (afterwards restored)1,669124
&c. making 3,660l. 4s. 8½d. in Jamaica currency, which makes in sterling at 20 per cent.3,050310
Alexander Hamilton, exchange on receiving 671l. 15s. 6d. in Barbados currency of Robert Gibbs, late Agent there1514
Andrew Brown, late Agent at Jamaica, for money due from him obtained at Jamaica upon a long prosecution carried on by Alexander Hamilton for all prizes which he had disposed of during his Agency, viz. the Bonadventure, Acquillon St. Peter, L'Heureux, Superbe, Pontchatrain, La Hardy, Royal Angelica, Jolly, Mathew: in all 6,999l. 9s. 5d. in Jamaica currency5,832180
Edward Perrie, late Agent at Antigua, for sugar, cotton &c.155162
(total proceeds of ships and goods, 17,567l. 16s. 6¾d.)
for the tonnage and gunnage of ships of war and privateers taken, the whole produce of which is granted to the captors (except the Admiralty Tenth) by the Proclamation of 1 June 1702:
Play or Child's Play privateer90200
Mocquert privateer40426
Berringhen privateer32710
Rosignole or Nightingale privateer96114
all which ships were taken into her Majesty's service.
the Victualling Commissioners for provisions bought by them out of the Queen Hester, Vierge or Windsor's Prize and St. Michael18841
Capt. John Balchin of the Chester for some negroes which he sold out of a prize Ceran of Cain5100
balance due from Consul Kirke, late Agent at Genoa10000
Mathew Hutton on a judgment for prize goods at Falmouth15186
goods out of the Maria of Nantz taken by Capt. Archibald Hamilton of the Lynn150163
Capt. Swanton of the Exeter for embezzlements983
paid by Consul Kirke, Agent at Genoa, to Capt. William Scott300
(total of tonnage and gunnage, 5,065l. 17s. 5¼d.)
sums over-credited to Agents in previous accounts:
Charles Powell, late Agent at Barcelona662
George Wheeler, ditto at Newfoundland3380
Charles Thomas, ditto at Barbados2670
Robert Gibbs, ditto at Barbados81015
Col. William Cleeland, ditto at Barbados28772
interest received by these accomptants on tallies, Exchequer Bills and South Sea Stock delivered to them in payment for prize ships taken into her Majesty's service1,16092
money charged upon these accomptants as remaining unclaimed by captors of prizes and forfeited to Grenwich Hospital1,20914
balance remaining in the hands of John Brewer, late Receiver General of Prizes17266
balance in the hands of John Henley, late ditto77493
money paid by the said Henley to these accomptants1,14000
difference between the supers on the cash account of the said Henley and the final General account of the late Commissioners of Prizes41580
money surcharged on these accomptants in their cash account of this service46176
money charged upon Anthony Burnaby, late Solicitor of Prizes; for which he has credit on the discharge side of this accompt113100
money charged upon Alexander Hamilton; being so much received of several late Agents for Prizes7,6377
money overpaid by the late Receivers and Agents for Prizes1,185178
total charge and receipts£76,3977
overpayments on the last preceding account ended 18 March 1708–991511
money accounted for by these accomptants in their cash account for this service23,11776
office incidents and contingencies5,546161
allowances to several late Agents of Prizes for charges and disbursements (John Colman, late Agent at New England; John Parker and Nicholas Davy, ditto at Falmouth; Mark Proudfoot, ditto in the Grand Fleet; James Smith, ditto in ditto; William Cornwall, ditto at Hull; Thomas Kirke, ditto at Genoa; Alexander Hamilton, late Agent and Inspector of Accounts of Agents in the West Indies)2,848165
money remitted to the late Receivers General of Prizes by Agents, for which they had not then rendered any account, but the respective prizes are now charged in this account, viz. Thomas Wood and Joseph Gyde, late Agents at Jamaica; and Alexander Hamilton, late same in the West Indies3,431104
money accounted for by John Brewer and John Henley respectively16,8987
allowed to William Roche, late Agent at Plymouth, for a ship restored to the Lord High Admiral4300
allowed to Thomas Gibbs and Joseph Gyde, late Agents at Jamaica, as paid to the proprietors of the Young John of Flushing, seized by the Severn, Capt. Humphrey Pudnor, and sold at Jamaica but afterwards decreed to be restored to the Proprietors1,19840
allowed to Christopher Crow, late Agent for Prizes at Leghorn, as paid to the men of the Milford, Capt. Stanhope, and Enterprise, Capt. Davenport, for taking two French polacks and a satee from under the City of Piombino 2 May 1707, but the said last ship being lost at sea1,62919
money paid by several late Agents of Prizes to Alexander Hamilton and by him accounted for in this accompt (viz. Thomas Wood and Joseph Gyde; Arnold Brown, late Agent for Prizes at Jamaica, and Robert Gibbs, ditto at Barbados)7,6377
money [allowed as] charged upon Anthony Burnaby, late Secretary to the Prizes Commissioners, for a super twice charged on him113100
total payments and allowances£62,47414
And so Remains 13,922l. 12s. 10¼d.
against which
Depending upon sundry persons, detailed, late Sub-Commissioners or Agents for Prizes, for arrears remaining in their hands of prize ships and goods for which they are accomptable, 13,922l. 12s. 10¼d., and so these accomptants are Even and Quit.
Declared 18 June 1755.
The account concludes with a long memorandum by the Auditor detailing the prize ships of which the value has not been fully accounted for, as appears by a return made by the late Principal Commissioners of Prizes and by a certificate of the Comptroller of Accounts of the Prizes: viz.
To be accounted for by:
Arnold Brown, first Agent at Port Royal in Jamaica, and the abovesaid Alexander Hamilton (Bonadventure; Acquillon; St. Peter; L'Hereux; Superbe; Pontchartrain; L'Hardy; Royal Angelica; Folly; Mathew).
the said Alexande, Hamilton (May Flower; Nostra Seigniora de Caridad; Nostra Seignioria de Rosario; La Brave; Jesus Maria Joseph).
Thomas Wood and Joseph Gyde at Jamaica (St. Hubert; Dragon; Chartreuse; Elgavillion; Ruyter galley; Cousin Mary; Le Brave).
Not accounted for, as being re-taken or lost at sea:
St. Nicholas of Bulloign, sunk at sea.
Susan and Mary: re-taken by the French.
Bon Heur or Good Fortune: lost at sea.
Mariana: stranded on the Coast of Ireland.
Mary and Hope: cast away in coming home.
Thetis man of war; sunk at sea.
The prize John de Grace, taken by the Newcastle, Capt. Vincent Cutter, in 1708, was disposed of at Barcelona by the Earl of Peterborough's order for the service of the Army in Spain. No account has been rendered of the 1,067l. 0s. 10d. proceeds thereof.
Powder and bombs out of a satee taken by the Newport and Tartar were delivered at Niza for the use of the Duke of Savoy: value 1,650l. [not accounted for].
Artillery and stores out of a Genoese prize taken by the Lyme, Capt. Doleman, were delivered by the Earl of Peterborough's order to Capt. Scott, Governor of Denia Castle: value 2,060l.
The St. Simon taken by the Antelope, Capt. Cavendish, carried into Porta Spezia and delivered to Consul Crow. The 57l. 11s. 0d., being captors' moiety, hath not been paid by reason that the Antelope had taken a little time before a prize of very great value called La Mantenon of St. Malo and carried her into Genoa, which the captors disposed of themselves without the privity of Consul Kirke, the Prizes Agent, though they afterwards paid into his hands 1,982l. 8s. 8d., which they called the Queen's moiety, but went away without rendering any account of her real gross produce.
The Vigilant of Rochelle taken by the Colchester, Capt. Redman: the captors' shares have not been paid for a similar reason, they with the Experiment, Capt. Hercules Mitchell, having taken the prize Impudent, which produced 2,150l., but of which the Crown has only received 8s. 0¾d.
The Vierge or Windsor's Prize and the St. John Baptist of Audierne: the captors' shares have not been paid for a similar reason, they having been taken by the said Capt. Hercules Mitchell and not paid for.
The value of the following ships remains in the hands of the captors according to the original Register at Nevis and so certified 12 March 1706–7:
Snow of Fortune, taken by the Sheerness, Capt. Thos. Mitchell.
Sampson ketch of Guardalupa, taken by ditto.
Valent sloop, taken by ditto.
La Varenne, taken by the Lynn, Capt. Geo. Martin.
L'Affadene, taken by ditto.
Le Experience, a brigantine, taken by the Suffolk, Capt. Wm. Wakelin.
La Pouatuelle, taken by the Greyhound, Capt. Wm. Heriot, a French sloop, taken by ditto.
Capt. Hammond of the Antelope hospital ship took a small open boat with provisions, which by Sir Cloudesley Shovell's order was delivered to the said ship's company. The provisions have not been paid for. The ship was ransomed for 200 dollars, but the hostage made his escape from Hammond.
Sir Neville Granville, deceased, late Governor of Barbados, is accountable for 431l. 19s. 3d. for money received by him from Robert Gibbs, late Agent there, for the Lord High Admiral's Tenths of the prizes Amason, Jermaine and La Marie.
JOHN WARTERS, Comptroller and Solicitor of the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty.
26 June 1708, to 24 June 1710.
Remains on his last accompt for two years ended 26 June 17089514
money received to defray the charge of soliciting and comptrolling the Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty20000
total charge and receipts£29514
Money paid for prosecuting law suits and other expenses in suing for and recovering the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty, detailed82160
salaries and legal and other expenses, detailed470157
auditor's fee2000
So this accomptant is in surplusage 277l. 17s. 3½d.
Declared 4 July 1715.
JOHN DODD, Commissioner and Receiver General of the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty.
From 27 June 1709 to 27 June 1712.
Remains in the hands of this accomptant at the determination of the last preceding accompt ended 27 June 170982123
the Tenths of the appraised value of several prizes taken by privateers (not detailed)1,129187
the Tenths of prizes taken by men of war and other Rights of the Admiralty received from the Commissioners of Prizes118169
the produce or sale of prizes condemned as entire perquisites of the Lord High Admiral of Great Britain2,167193
Robert Lee, formerly an Agent at Guernsey, being the residue of 172l. 11s. 9d. recovered by process from the said Agent on account of prize ships and goods brought in since the beginning of the late war, whereof 104l. 13s. 8d. is accounted for by this accomptant in his account ended 27 June 1704, leaving to be accompted for in this accompt57181
Mr. Hamilton, Agent at Jamaica, on account of Tenths of Prizes condemned as Perquisites of Admiralty at Jamaica and received by him17200
Mr. Coutts, Agent at New York, on the like account25000
money received from William Crawley, late Receiver of Salvage Money and other Droits and Perquisites of Admiralty by the royal warrant of 8 March 1709–10 in full of 3,650l. depending on this accomptant at the foot of the said Mr. Crawley's account ended 8 Nov. 170975000
total of charge and receipts£4,739411
Salaries, allowances, rewards to captors, Admiralty fees and other incidents, detailed2,87000
196l. 16s. 6d. to Sir William Scawen, Agent at Galway, for seizing the Three Crowns, condemned as a perquisite of Admiralty and for his charges about the Eagle and Crowne and the St. Jacob and the Henry (196l. 6s. 6d.); Capt. Moxham et al., owners of the Grand Canary, for taking the St. John Baptista on the coast of Newfoundland, 360l. 18s. 0d.; and 100l. to Mary Shapman, widow of Samuell Shapman, late Commander of the Neptune privateer, for seizing the French prize Hope: and 238l. 8s. 7d. to Robert Keigwin and William Williams for expenses in seizing the Venture and Adventure of Dublin and condemning them as perquisites of Admiralty895131
incidents in appraising and condemning goods condemned as perquisites of Admiralty:
Mark Bingham, Agent at London3595
Nathaniel Terry, Agent at Dartmouth, in securing the St. Sebastion and la Joyeuse65189
Joseph Bulley for acting as a Commissioner in unlading a French prize at Dartmouth576
Mr. Lewen, Agent at Poole, re the Providence of Brest and the Rolland of Antigua31510
Thomas Cole, Agent at the Isle of Wight, re several ships unnamed81190
John Mellish, Agent at Portsmouth, and Jonathan King re the George hoy601011
Thomas Warrent, Agent at Deal, re the Gloucester pink1930
Anthony Trumble, Agent at Arundel, re the Sacrifice of Abraham22130
William Kelley re the St. Francis Xavia, driven ashore at Clovelly870
Thomas Warren, Agent at Deal, re the Hope and the Dorothy6260
stationery, office fees, charges and incidents60014
total of payments and allowances£4,731410
and so Remains 8l. 0s. 1d.
against which
Depending upon John Warter, Solicitor for the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty as imprest20000
on ditto for the nett proceeds of the ship St. Jacob, cast on shore at Killala in Ireland and condemned as a perquisite of Admiralty, received by the said Warter and to be accompted for by him39136
and so this accomptant is 231l. 13s. 5d. in surplusage at 27 June 1712
Declared 3 May 1715.