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'Declared Accounts: Civil List', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24: 1710 (1952), pp. CXCI-CC. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Civil List

The account for this year 1709–10 is missing in both the Pipe and Audit Office series.
PIPE 562.
29 Sept. 1709 to 29 Sept. 1710.
Arrears: Remains in the hands of this accomptant: nil: he being in surplusage on his last accompt.
receipts out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne138196
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne9,45336
Easter term 9 Anne16,931194
total of charge and receipts£26,52424
surplusage at the foot of this accomptant's last account ended Michaelmas 170912,16314
her Majesty's alms (Daily Alms and Maundy)91900
Serjeant Trumpeter John Shore10000
John Eccles, Master of the Queen's Music20000
25 musicians, not named, and an instrument keeper1,00000
clock and watchmaker, Thomas Herbert30000
officers of the Jewel Office, John Charlton, master, and three others275100
mole taker, Jonathan Hunt818
rat killer, Walter Martin4834
coffer bearers, Michael Woolrich and William Lovegrove54150
10 Grooms of the Great Chamber at 40l. per an. each40000
40 Messengers in Ordinary of the Chamber1,80000
Thomas Atterbury and William Sharpe, Clerks of the Cheque to the Messengers199130
Thomas Archer, Groom Porter55000
William Sanderson, and then Charles Dalton, Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter Assistant66134
William Vanbrugh, Comptroller of the Accounts15000
Piercy Kirke, Housekeeper at Whitehall65000
Jasper English, Under Housekeeper at Hampton Court32000
Richard Marriott, Keeper of the Privy Lodgings at Hampton Court20000
Theodore Randue, Housekeeper at Windsor Castle32000
Thomas Hutton, Housekeeper and Wardrobekeeper at Somerset House10000
Thomas Braddely, Gardener there5000
Daniel Child, Keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at Whitehall20000
executors of George Davenant, late Keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at St. James's, to 17 March 1709–10, his death, and Gray Maynard, succeeding him11000
Thomas Hall, Keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at Windsor Castle16000
officers of the Removing Wardrobe (Yeoman, two Grooms, three Pages)75600
Walter Chetwynd, Master of the Buckhounds1,10000
Physicians (Dr. Thomas Lawrence, first; Dr. Martin Lester, second; Sir David Hamilton, third; Dr. John Arbuthnot, fourth)1,15000
Apothecaries, James Chace, to the person; Daniel Malthus, ditto; William Jones, to the Household586184
Chirurgeons, Charles Barnard, Serjeant Surgeon to the Queen; William Gardiner, to the Household676134
Locksmith, Josiah Kay1850
Sir John Stanley, Secretary to the Lord Chamberlain6000
Gentlemen of the Chapel2000
Elizabeth Battersby, rent of the passage out of the Privy Garden into Channel Row3100
Elizabeth Jux, Strewer of Herbs2400
Thomas Rymer, Historiographer Royal20000
William Tate, Poet Laureate10000
John Clothier, Court Drummer2400
John Howard, Joiner of the Privy Chamber19118
Thomas Bland, Flourisher and Embellisher [of letters &c.]6000
the Guard of the Body (Captain &c. and 100 Yeomen of the Guard)6,50650
eight Yeomen Ushers8000
six Yeomen Hangers8000
Thomas Smith, a pensioner Yeoman1500
Simon Cooke, same, to 8 June 1710146
Watermen (John Warner, Master, 48 watermen and five pensioners)265126
Visct. Fitz Harding, salary46780
Peter Walton, Repairer of Pictures20000
William Vanhalls, Clerk of all the Wardrobes and Robes16000
Henry Lowman, Housekeeper and Wardrobekeeper at Kensington10000
Edward Browne, Underhousekeeper of St. James's Palace6000
Duke of St. Albans, for the Gamekeepers of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, Richmond and Hampton Court, Cookham and Bray26218
John Holbech, Clerk to the Treasurer of the Chamber10000
allowances on warrants signed by the Lords of the Council:
stationery bills1,70861
John Gauntlett, Underkeeper of the Council Records9000
John Cocks and Richard Grigson, Keepers of the Council Chamber72100
more to John Cocks6434
travelling charges to persons detailed, Physicians, Surgeons, Ushers, Yeomen, Pages, on Lord Chamberlain's warrants2,25919
Sir David Mitchell, Gentleman Usher Black Rod, for attending the Parliament4200
John English, Marshal of the Ceremonies, for attendance on Foreign Ministers3700
John Incledon, Housekeeper of Westminster, for looking after the [Parliament] House and for candles and extras in Westminster Hall during the trial of Dr. Sacheverell104134
Walter Martin, for killing rats57180
Joseph Forster, Child of the Chapel, whose voice has changed2000
Tho. Mountiers, ditto2000
Sir Godfrey Kneller, her Majesty's Principal Painter, for several pictures37650
the Joiner of the Privy Chamber, for gilded frames and cases [for pictures]4568
John Lenton, for mops, brooms &c. for the Chapel1000
John Holbech, for attendance in the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office1200
Thomas St. Hill for New River Water37160
Timothy Goodwin, printing lists of the Lent preachers29166
John Walsh, Instrument Maker in Ordinary, for mending and stringing her Majesty's musical instruments1200
Capt. Hugh Trevanion, for lodging the Chaplains in Waiting at Windsor2870
John Turner, for lodging the Maids of Honour's footmen at Windsor13100
Revd. Andrew Trebeck, for reading prayers at St. James's1500
bills of the Messengers of the Chamber, detailed3,562160
ordinary allowances8368
total of payments and allowances£41,29604
and so this accomptant is in surplusage on the foot of this accompt 14,771l. 18s. 0d.
Declared 27 March 1713–14.
For the account (Pipe 2844) covering the years 1708–1711 see Introduction to Vol. XXIII of this Calendar, p. ccxcvii.
For the account (Pipe 1766) covering the years June 1706 to June 1710 see the Declared Account in the Introduction to Vol. XXII of this Calendar.
The final accompt of the DUKE OF SOMERSET as Master of the Horse, covering the period 28 April 1709 to 19 July 1712, the day he was superseded in his office.
Remains: nil, he being in surplusage 3,045l. 8s. 10d.
moneys received out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne9,00000
Easter term 9 Anne3,00000
Easter term 10 Anne1,50000
Michaelmas term 10–11 Anne6,50000
Easter term 11 Anne2,00000
Michaelmas term 11–12 Anne7,00000
Easter term 12 Anne5,00000
Michaelmas term 12–13 Anne1,00000
Easter term 9–10 Geo. II.3,30912
Total charge and receipts38,30912
surplusage on his preceding account of this service between 14 August 1706 and 8 June 17103,045810
coaches, chairs, harness, saddles, bits and whips, mercers' goods, coach horses and saddle horses, charges of keeping the stud &c. viz.:
Edmund Aubery and Samuel Aubery, for repairing old and making new coaches 1706 Midsummer to 1711 Xmas4,014176
Henry Mills, coach painter, for painting coaches, chariots and chasse marees between 9 Sept. 1708 and 1 Dec. 171127366
John Harris, chairmaker, for a purple chair2400
John Gumley, glassman, for coach and chair glasses22300
harness of all kinds5,09600
founders' wares60500
saddlers' wares and liveries2,58700
Mary Ganeron, for embroidering with gold a rich saddle housing and bags on crimson velvet4500
bitmakers' work398140
whips of various kinds26170
mercers' goods, cloth, velvet, lace &c. for liveries to the Queen's servants entitled thereto (including Paduas, Shaloons, Hairshags, Rosettas, Serges, flowered velvet, black Genoa velvet, green Mantua, escalloped gold Orris lace, Seaming lace &c., 461 hats at 12s. a hat, William Story, tailor, for making liveries and mourning liveries &c.)11,669186
coach horses and saddle horses (including black stone horses, some at 17l., some at 29l. 10s. 0d., a black mare at 20l. 10s. 0d., a black horse for the Queen's chair at 23l., a black brown horse for the Prussian set at 20l. 10s. 0d., a black gelding for the leading set 38l. 2s. 6d., a black mare for her Majesty's chaise 24l. 10s. 0d., a chestnut horse and a bay gelding for the Master of the Hart Hounds 41l. 1s., &c.)948179
charge of keeping her Majesty's Stud at Hampton Court and the race horses at Newmarket, 215l. to Lord Ryalton for a match at Newmarket run by the Queen's order, 107l. 10s. 0d. in lieu of her Majesty's plate run for at Newmarket in Oct. 1710, including 2l. 10s. 0d. to John Booker for taking up the eye veins of a dun gelding &c.4,44411
repairs, workmanship and contingent disbursements, detailed, including funeral expenses of stable boys &c.1,93918
Exchequer fees, new year's gifts and charges in passing accounts1,0894
a moiety of repairs, detailed, of the stables at the Mews, St. James's, Somerset House, Kensington and Hampton Court78080
a moiety of other repairs at the Stables, including 14l. 8s. 2¾d. to Robert Abbot, painter, for painter's work in 1710501128
a moiety of repairs at Lieut. Gen. Meredith's house in the Mews whilst he was Gentleman of the Horse between April 1708 and Sept. 170951813
a moiety of the repairs of the house belonging to Peter Wentworth, an Equerry in the Mews730
tradesmen, detailed, for work done and goods delivered1,4365
total of payments and allowances£39,7417
Surplusage 1,431l. 14s. 4¾d.
from which sum is to be deducted 119l. 19s. 8d., being the debt on the foot of this accountant's account as Master of the Horse to the late King George: by virtue of a Treasury warrant dated 5 March 1730–1, so that this accountant remaineth on the determination of this his final account as Master of the Horse to the late Queen Anne in surplusage the sum of 1,311l. 14s. 8¾d.
Declared 1 June 1731.
PIPE: ROLL 3315.
31 Dec. 1709 to 31 Dec. 1710.
CHARLES DARTIQUENAVE, Paymaster of Works and Buildings.
Remains, upon the determination of his last preceding accompt8,964610¾
money received out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term 9–10 Anne12,434510¾
Easter term 10 Anne3,1143
Michaelmas term 10–11 Anne12,6003
surcharged upon this accomptant, being so much overcast in his ledger account of his monthly bills200
total charge and receipts£37,11419
Sundry works and repairs:
at the Tower of London:
emptions and provisions308107
task work, detailed viz.: new walls of the leads and stair case over Queen Elizabeth's Chapel at the Jewel Office and the Warden's house (including painting work by Thomas Highmore, Serjeant Painter, at the Jewel Office and Lyon Office and the Wardens' houses), the Record Office, the Gentleman Porter's lodgings, the Wardens' Hall, the Gateway before the Constable's lodging130610¾
at the Palace of Whitehall:
emptions and provisions1,63912
task work, repairing lodgings (including 257l. 1s. 0¼d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work at sundry lodgings and offices)1,9220
rewards (to Langley Bradley for looking after the clock in Scotland Yard, and Thomas Herbert for looking after the clocks of all her Majesty's Palaces, lighting the lamp in Scotland Yard, cleaning the main sewer from the sluce in the Park down to the lower end of the Dock in Scotland Yard)51146
at her Majesty's Manor House at St. James's:
emptions and provisions643199
task work (including 174l. 13s. 8d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work at sundry lodgings)1,2093
at the Palace of Westminster:
emptions and provisions3216
Robert Webb, mazer scourer, for pumping and clearing the vaults of the House of Lords and House of Commons and clearing of drains5700
task work viz.: works about the two Houses of Parliament, repairing the Bridge in New Palace Yard, stone work for the Parliament Office, Lobby and Painted Chamber (including 99l. 4s. 3d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work at the House of Commons Speaker's Room, Lobby and Clerks' Rooms), the Stair Case of the House of Commons in the Painted Chamber, Westminster Hall, Record Office, stopping several holes in the old stone walls at the Parliament Office6027
at Denmark House:
emptions and provisions50510
Jane Thompson, widow, for a fire engine3000
task work, wainscot work at several apartments (including 110l. 3s. 6d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work at several lodgings), in the Court and before the House at the Watergate and in the Stables45617
water from the New River at Islington23100
at her Majesty's House at Winchester:
for a labourer employed in looking after the buildings, stores, and for repairs8845
at her Majesty's House at Newmarket:
emptions and provisions5010
task work (including 4l. 12s. 6d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work in and about the House)1312
at her Majesty's Palace of Hampton Court:
emptions and provisions1,05612
rewards to Richard Marriot, Keeper of the Privy Lodging, and Jasper English, underhousekeeper (opening the gates of the Queen's meadows for the barge horses to pass through that draw up timber, stone &c. for her Majesty's service at Hampton Court)1060
task work, repairs of the battlements of the four towers in the first Court, the Silver Scullery (including 37l. 13s. 7¾d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work done at the lodgings of the Clerk of the Closet, and of the Duchess of Marlborough), the Lord Chamberlain's lodgings, Mrs. Masham's and Mrs. Hill's, 12l. to Richard Osgood, statuary, for two new wings to the Statue of Victory, two brass braces, two new trumpets to the Statue of Fame and repairing the cracks in the other figures362179
the Gardens1,6783
at her Majesty's House at Kensington:
emptions and provisions9951
task work (including 204l. 9s. 8d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work in several lodgings)1,776131
the Gardens5331910½
charges in erecting a scaffold in West-minster Hall for the trial of Dr. Hy. Sacheverell1,4134
public paving by the Park wall, Westminster, Whitehall, the Cockpit, St. James's, repairing the pipe work for drains about Whitehall, paving the Horse Guards and at the Park wall next Piccadilly57010
wages of the officers of the Works (including Sir Christopher Wrenn, 320l. 5s. 10d.; John Vanbrugh, 158l. 3s. 4d. &c.)1,78578
money paid by the Queen's warrants and warrants from the Treasury, detailed4,88723
fees at the Exchequer114150
total payments and allowances£27,67718
Remains 9,437l. 17s. 6¼d.
Declared 17 August 1715.
See this account in Vol. XXV of this Calendar.
PIPE: ROLL 3135.
JOHN, DUKE OF MONTAGU, Keeper of the Great Wardrobe.
Account for 9 March 1708–9 to Michaelmas 1710.
Remains: nil, he being in surplusage 78,793l. 6s. 5½d. on his last preceding account.
money received out of the Exchequer:
in Michaelmas term 7–8 Anne1,50000
in Easter term 8 Anne13,155186
in Michaelmas term 8–9 Anne1,50000
in Easter term 9 Anne7,900160
total charge£25,056146
surplusage on his last account78,7936
payments for goods delivered and works done:
Henry Bullock, consarcinator1,759139
William Portal, mercator822120
Jacob Davison et sociis, metaxarii393120
Samuel Orme, metaxarius72373
William Elliott, limbularius1,312610¾
William Weeks, fimbriator14113
William West, acupictor89100
Alexander Ross, acupictor52400
Jasper Cullum, lintearius1,114146
Benjamin Shute and partner, lintearii42576
Hamden Reeve, tapetarius9333
Thomas Roberts, junctor581190
William Johnson capsarius18226
Gerrit Jensen, capsulator105180
Thomas Rymell, capsulator155186
Robert Petre, scissor1731110
William Dixon, scissor10000
Robert Grahame, scissor1531510
Thomas Dummer, valettus scissor1,182173
John Vanderbank, valettus atrebaticus1,072160
William Van Huls, clericus robarum et garderobarum7200
Richard Akerman for white cloth11160
Nathaniel Witham, principalis pellio26134
_ Barnsley and James Royce, for white cloth48180
_ Portal, for services141184
Charles Hanbury, clericus de la cheque satellitibus vigil' reginae28000
John Bee, caligarius8206
John Smith, fibulator2098
John Horsfall, fibulator2356
[Maria] Sedgwick, pileo25150
William Haddock, baltearius3500
Nathaniel Slack, machaeropius7000
_ Waldron, lancearius1800
Anne Colthorpe, sutrex39193
Henry Parker, for mantles22170
John Warner, magister barcarum to the Queen's consort9120
William Crofts, magister puerorum capellae10100
Joseph Foster and Thomas Mountier, children of the Chapel whose voices have broken17192
Gerard Byrd, for the Yeomen of the Guard6000
William Churchill and Edward Castle, bibliopolius38657
John Dandridge, pictor for sash lights31185
William Clarke, coementarius636
Carolo Capell, pavitor6186
John Ellvington, for reparations31178
George Hutchinson, ditto20131
William Holmes, messenger of the Wardrobe84174
John King, porter of ditto26110
Matthew Burnett, ditto2000
John Sarjeant, cursor portarius66166
Martha Pearson, for work4200
payments by patents or dormant privy seals:
John, Duke of Montague3,85000
Edmund Dummer, Clerk of the Great Wardrobe52500
liveries, detailed, by patent7430
liveries, by dormant warrant (1703)121510
ditto, by royal warrant, detailed63990
ditto, by dormant warrant (1704)29050
ditto in 1705116196
ditto in 1706631432
ditto in 1707534
ditto [? 1708]68210
ditto [? 1709]534
ditto [? 1710]418180
vestures anciently allowed, detailed21486
fees and salaries, detailed31910
pro battalagio &c.1486
total allowances and payments£100,41511
and so this accomptant is in surplusage 75,358l. 16s. 8¾d.
Auditor's memorandum:
The surplusage appearing to be due to the accomptant consists of many particulars due to the tradesmen and others [by reason of] the ancient method of allowing the whole money [.. by] warrant, though a considerable part thereof may not be paid. no particulars thereof appearing to the auditor nor no acquittances.
Declared 12 April 1715.