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'Declared Accounts: Excise', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24: 1710 (1952), pp. CCXLVI-CCLXVII. URL: Date accessed: 21 October 2014.


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By the Commissioners and Governors of Excise.
For one year ended 24 June, 1710
To Remains
in the hands of these accomptants, their agents or Collectors89,15312
due from brewers, victuallers, retailers and others in the several Country Collections32,46414
due from brewers, victuallers, distillers and others in London12,954150
due from sundry Collectors in the Country25,579110½
due from several present Collectors in the Country2,83111
due from Edward Hyrne, late Collector in London port1019
due from John Franks and John Courtney on their bond for imported brandy17020
due from several Collectors of imported hquors in the outports1,1132
due on bonds for unported liquor in Plymouth port37134
due from Collectors of the Duties on Coffee, Cyder and Mead in London [port]1,35225
due from the Treasurer of the Navy for several bills drawn on him9961
resting to be accompted for by noblemen and others, being Excise money by them taken up in the time of the late Revolution [of 1688]18,72312
money imprested into the hands of the Commissioners of Excise or their Cashier50000
total arrears184,981311
To Receipts£s.d.
the produce of the whole revenues of Excise as they are expressed in the several Collections in the Country and particularly named in the Leidger Book of this accompt657,61810
ditto within the cities of London and Westminster and Bills of Mortality as particularly named in the Leidger Book thereof313,070611¾
ditto for the imported liquors in London and the outports [not detailed]17,72690
the Queen's part of fines in London in the year ended 24 June 1709713
received by Henry Meriton, late Cashier of Excise, for the rent of the old Excise Office in Broad Street140150
received from Anthony Fowler, a Supervisor, for salary overpaid in the Hertford Collection112
sundry overbalances paid into the Excise Office, London, by sundry Collectors and others for which they are to have credit in the next year's accompt: as due for the gross produce on Sweets, being mixed with Excisable liquors:
Country Collectors:
Morris Price, Collector of Bristol110
William Feast, Collector of Cambridge713
Thomas Bretton. Collector of Hants26511¼
William Rutherford. Collector of Marlbro'71310
William Walbank. Collector of Norfolk107
Michael Bird, Collector of Salop211
Charles Faile, Collector of Sheffield261
John Ferryman, Collector of Wales Middle01911½
George Spong, [Collector of the] Isle of Wight00
Phillip Bamford, Collector of Worcester213
Andr. Hacket, Collector of Lincoln986
Edm. Hallywell. Collector of Richmond0180
Thomas Strong. Collector of Northampton216
Charles Firth. Collector of Sheffield81
Collectors in the Outports:
Roland Davis, Collector of Cardiff port009
Walter Aldy, Collector of Chepstow port0138
John Dyer, Collector of Looe port084
Samuell Bincks, Collector of Portsmouth port00
George Spong, Collector of Cowes port412
the gross produce of the Duty on Sweets, [is] charged here [only by a token figure] as being intermixed in Excise vouchers with excisable liquors as by the Act of Parliament [which] commenced 25 March 1707705
total charge and receipts£1,173,845137
overbalances due to several Collectors and others, detailed, from the preceding accompt253107
salaries, riding charges and incidents:
Collectors salaries in the country69,42516
Collectors' riding charges4,90560
Collectors' incidents1,39015
taxes on officers6,0945
charges in returning moneys to London36314
charges of Foot Onslow, one of the Commissioners, for taking a view of the officers788
Philip Ryley, a same, for the like5000
Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, a same, for the like161210
Christopher Montagu, a same, for the like6700
allowances for exports as merchandise by Justices' warrants and Lord Treasurer's warrants and to the fishermen of Great Yarmouth1,057181
exports and overcharges allowed by the Excise Commissioners59960
allowances in London port for incidents and rum overentered2087
allowed poundage and salaries to Collectors and others of the Excise on imported liquors in the outports and incidents &c.62757
ready money received and had for the Excise within the time of this accompt (not detailed)901,38313
total of payments and allowances£986,666911
and so Remains 187,179l. 4s. 8d.
nett money of the revenues of Excise collected and received by the Collectors in one year to 24 June 1710 to be accounted for by the Excise Commissioners, these accomptants, in their next subsequent year's cash accompt90,7731011¾
money remaining in arrear on brewers, victuallers, retailers and others at the 24 June, 1710 (being the time of the closing of this accompt) in London32,5248
brewers, victuallers, retailers &c. in the country upon the accompt—
for beer and ale4,4413
for strong waters1,1481010¼
for low wines2,492811½
for coffee2,832510
for cyder1,30417
for mead4761811
for sweets2853
remaining in arrear and unpaid by sundry Collectors for balances of their accompts and bills of exchange unpaid at the time of the determination of this present General Accompt: viz.:
George Murray, late Collector of Bedford [Collection]1330
Richard Tooth, late Collector of Bristol, for a bill on the Earl of Danby2500
William Lyggon, for four bills of exchange unpaid53700
Henry Benson, late Collector of Durham2,3768
Sir Edward Bathurst, late Collector of Gloucester36167
Ralph Dean, late Collector of Gloucester2413
Ambrose Thelwall, late Collector of Hertford4537
Francis Hill, late Collector of [Co.] Lancaster28816
Thomas Benson, late Collector of ditto1,607610
John Stevenson, late Collector of Northumberland10000
Thomas Cowden, late Collector of Norfolk311710½
William Hornby, late Collector of Hertford, Lincoln, North Middlesex and Surrey1,249211¾
John Kiffen, late Collector of York, South West8013
Rivers Dickenson, being received by him of Andrew Clayton, late Collector of Middlesex and Surrey750120
Simon Donjoy, late Collector of Surrey1,3775
George Newton, late Collector of Wales East040
John Trotman, late an officer in Wales Middle912
Thomas Jervis, late an officer in the said Collection87
William Benson, late Collector of Westmorland3,439183
Ephrahim Sandford, late Collector of Westmorland93170
Richard Andrewson, late Collector of Wales North5110¼
Ferdinando Huddleston, late Collector of York North3,2581711
John Jennings, late Collector of Worcester32160
Thomas Bird, late Collector of Oxford and Berks00
Richard Braynton, being by him received of Thomas Clark, late Collector of Hereford2000
the Commissioners of Transportation54000
John Crundall, for the remainder of his note for 159l. 10s. 7d.59107
Peter Parr and Arthur Jefferies, part of a bill of 150l. on account of John Lyford, late Collector of Hants8000
Joseph Field, remainder of two bills of 150l. taken from John Rampley, late Collector of Suffolk13000
Sarah Dodd, remainder of two bills of exchange7502
John Gwin, upon a bond entered into by him in Hereford and Worcester Collections16000
John Grocer, for a bill drawn by him in Suffolk Collection20000
Jacob Sheldrake for a bill relating to Maeclesfield Collection14090
more on ditto relating to Worcester Collection51149
Henry Willet, late Collector of Suffolk6700
Thomas Woodward, for the bills drawn by him in Derby Collection40000
Jos. Reynoldson, for divers bills of exchange not accounted for6,13019
Thomas Combe, late Collector of Canbury44
John Hill, late Collector of [Co.] Lancaster54514
Francis Johnson, late Collector of Taunton017
Ralph Leicester, late Collector of Westmorland10487
Edmund Carter, being money removed from [the account of] William Hornby, late Collector of Hertford, and set upon the said Carter23000
Benj. Child, for part of a bill for 100l. drawn by him on John Spooner, directed to be set in super on the said Child by warrant of the Lord Treasurer 5 June 17108840
John Powell, late Collector of Exeter0311
remaining in arrear and unpaid by several Collectors for moneys in their hands for the balances of their accompts for Excise of this present year ended Midsummer 1710, as particularly named in the Ledger Books of this General Accompt for the Duty ending 24 June 17104,719511½
the like unpaid balances from several Collectors of the outports on their accompts of Excise of imported liquors of this year ending 24 June 1710, as similarly particularly named, and for arrears of Brandy for 1686 and 168799111
arrears and unpaid balances from sundry accomptants in London: viz.:
London Distillery389198
London, Coffee32918
London, Cyder1429
London, Mead4478
London, Sweets6120
remaining due upon sundry bills of exchange drawn upon the Treasurer of the Navy, remaining unpaid on the accompt of Collectors, detailed41961
(total of Collectors' arrears, 31,676l. 3s. 10½d.)
remaining upon several noblemen and others for Excise money by them taken up in the time of the late Revolution for which it does not yet appear that they have accompted.
[In the accompt of] William Harbord [as Paymaster of the Expedition to Ireland]:
Robert Bathurst, [Excise Collector of Berks8343
Ste. Coven, Collector of Devon1,03817
Henry Marten, Collector of Berks839
Peter Egerton, late Collector of Cheshire1,00000
Anthony Fothergill, late Collector of York North1,00000
Ferdinando Hudleston, late Collector of Northumberland and Cumberland58000
Francis Frewen, Collector of Northumberland45000
[In the accounts of the] Earl of Ranelagh [as former Paymaster of the Forces].
Thomas Osborne, late Collector of Bristol1,30200
Humphrey Grainger, late Collector of Dorset40000
Richard Tooth, late Collector of Gloucester45400
John Cowley, late Collector of [Co.] Lancaster25000
Francis Cleaver, late Collector of [Co.] Durham82000
George Newton, late Collector of Wales Middle65000
Augustine Heirdson, late Collector of Poulton port15000
John Trenchard [for Excise money by him had] of Thomas Osborne. late Collector of Bristol4400
Thomas Beaumont, Esq. [for Excise money had] of Bennet Martin. late Collector of [Co.] Warwick600
Anthony Row, Esq. [for Excise money had] of Stephen Coven, late Collector of Devon1,42711
ditto [for ditto had] of Richard Butler, late collector of Plymouth port20196
Sir John Guise [for ditto had] of Richard Tooth, late Collector of [Co. Gloucester]1,00600
Henry, Lord Herbert, [for ditto had] of Essex Sherborne, late Collector of Hereford41000
ditto [for ditto had of] William Benson, late Collector of Wales Middle157120
Sir John Morgan [for ditto had] of Essex Sherborne, late Collector of Hereford9063
Robert, Lord Willoughby, [for ditto had] of Thomas Reading, late Collector of Lincoln15200
Norris Bertie, Esq. [for ditto had] of Thomas Reading, late Collector of Lincoln53780
Henry, Lord Herbert, and Sir John Morgan, [for ditto had] of Patrick Gilmore, late Collector of Salop2901311
the Right Honble. the Lord Langdale, [for ditto had] of Thomas Fox, late Collector of York, East Riding50000
Sir Henry Godrick [for ditto had] of Thomas Fox, late Collector of York, East1,02000
ditto [for ditto had] of John Pilley, late Collector of York, North54000
ditto [for ditto had] of John Fletcher, late Collector of York, North1,25400
ditto [for ditto had] of John Kiffen, late Collector of York, South79600
(total for Sir Hy. Godrick, 3,610l.)
Sir Jos. Tredenham, [for ditto had] of Tho. Swanlon, late Collector of Falmouth port80111¾
ditto [for ditto had] of Daniel Gwinn, late Collector of Falmouth port6918
ditto [for ditto had] of John Kent, late Collector of Penryn port3218
Sir Peter Killegrew, [for ditto had] of John Kent. late Collector of Penryn port3500
Capt. John Shales, [for ditto had] of Thomas Osborne, late Collector of Bristol50000
ditto [for ditto had] of Humphrey Grainger, late Collector of Dorset50000
ditto [for ditto had] of Leigh Cooke, late Collector of Hants46100
money imprested into the hands of the Commissioners of Excise or their Cashier for incidents as by the warrant of 17 April 1701£50000
Sum total of Supers which do balance this accompt, 187,179l. 4s. 8d.
Declared 28 August 1716.
24 June 1709 to 24 June 1710.
Exhibited by the Excise Commissioners.
Remains in the hands of these accomptants on the foot of their last preceding accompt ended 24 June 170914,4831410¾
depending upon late Sub-Commissioners and Farmers of Excise and other persons before 25 Dec. 166032,6056
depending upon divers late Sub-Commissioners of Excise 1661 and 1662 and upon late Farmers of Excise for their rents at Michaelmas 1665 and Midsummer 1668 and Midsummer 1674 and on several late Commissioners of Excise and a late Cashier of Excise22,224124
from the Hereditary and Temporary Excise:
on the Duty ended 8 March 1701–23000
on the Duty commencing 8 March 1701–2:
in 1709 Michaelmas quarter124,14112
in 1709 Xmas quarter99,28018
in 1701 Lady day quarter116,338121
in 1710 Midsummer quarter110,26318
on the Additional 9d. Excise for 99 years from 25 Jan. 1692–3:
in 1709 Michaelmas quarter40,1899
in 1709 Xmas quarter31,55014
in 1710 Lady day quarter33,522141
in 1710 Midsummer quarter34,97110
on the Additional or Lottery 9d. commencing 17 May 1697 for 16 years:
in 1709 Michaelmas quarter41,8870
in 1709 Xmas quarter33,6536
in 1710 Lady day quarter34,6471
in 1710 Midsummer quarter36,04291
on the Additional or Bank 9d. Excise commencing the 17th May 1697:
in 1709 Michaelmas quarter40,1899
in 1709 Xmas quarter31,5401310¼
in 1710 Lady day quarter33,52214
in 1710 Midsummer quarter34,97110
on Low Wines to 24 March 1710–11nil
on the Additional 3d. on ale and beer commencing 26 March 17104,43573
on Low Wines commencing from 24 March 1705–6:
in 1709 Michaelmas quarter5,7108
in 1709 Xmas quarter5,842110
in 1710 Lady day quarter6,76131
in 1710 Midsummer quarter8,570145
London fines and penalties adjudged against brewers713
(total receipts, 898,101l. 0s. 10¼d.)
voluntary charge of these accomptants, rent of the old Excise Office in Broad Street at 185l. per an., less 14l. for two stables which the Excise Commissioners there hold for their use140150
total charge and receipts£967,5559
salaries to the Commissioners, officers and clerks of Excise24,3475
payments to tradesmen, artificers and others for work, materials and goods2,93666
paid to Spencer Compton. Treasurer and Receiver General to the late Prince George of Denmark, in full of a quarter's pension due at Michaelmas 17082,00000
paid to Charles, Duke of Southampton, for one year to Lady day on his pension3,00000
ditto to George, Duke of Northumberland3,00000
ditto to Charles, Duke of Grafton2,00000
ditto to the Duchess Dowager of Grafton1,00000
taxes on Excise officers' salaries1,484150
payments for malt, spirits and ale and cyder exported beyond seas as merchandise and for overcharges on vinegar40910
ready money paid into the Exchequer as by tallies, detailed:
on the Hereditary Excise for the Queen's Civil List and for the 3,700l. per week of Excise416,57512
on the Additional or Fund 9d. for 99 years from 25 Jan. 1692–3136,22311
on the Additional or Lottery 9d. commencing 17 May 1697142,050175
on the Bank 9d. commencing 22 May 1697136,223111
on [Low] Wines or Spirits of the first extraction and Sweets after 24 March 1705–626,131194
on the Additional Excise and the 3d. Excise begun 25 March 17103,9921111
and so Remains 66,171l. 16s. 2d.
whereof depending upon:
sundry late Sub-Commissioners of Excise at or before Xmas 166014,095181
sundry late Farmers of Excise in several counties payable by them at or before 25 March 165817,196160
sundry Collectors of fines and forfeitures due before 25 Dec. 1660 and upon two late Tellers in the Excise Office1,31212
divers late Sub-Commissioners of Excise for money received by them in 1661 and 16624,05365
divers late Farmers of Excise in part of their rents at Michaelmas 1665, Midsummer 1668 and Midsummer 167416,884111½
divers late Commissioners of Excise and a late Cashier of Excise for money paid without a sufficient warrant1,287311½
upon the present Commissioners of Excise for money imprested to their Cashier50000
on ditto for salary of a Country collector for which no voucher is produced2000
ditto for moneys of the Hereditary and Temporary Excise to 8 March 1701–212100
ditto for ditto since 8 March 1701–25,14010
ditto for the Additional 9d. for 99 years1,64576
ditto for the Lottery 9d. began 17 May 16971,65511
ditto for the Bank 9d.1,64574
ditto for the Low Wines &c. to 24 March 1705–600
ditto for ditto since 24 March 1705–6442154
ditto for the Additional 3d. commencing 26 March 1710279410¼
ditto for the Additional and Double 9d.00
ditto for the 2s. per gallon on brandy00
total of supers£66,171172
leaving remains resting on these accomptants 11,341l. 17s. 4½d.)
Declared 24 March 1712–13.
24 June 1709 to 24 June 1710.
Exhibited by the Commissioners and Governors of Excise.
arrears: nil.
gross produce in the Country Inland Collections for the period of this accompt:
for Malt at 6d. per bushel506,3055
for Cider at 4s. per hogshead7,573710
compounders in the said time4,68063
her Majesty's part of fines in the said time37115
interest received on bills of exchange returned, short computed on Exchequer Notes, and charge of protest126
surcharges from Examiners' Office51111¾
surcharges from Collectors' Ledgers320
for Cyder at 4s. per hogshead: gross produce in the outports487
gross produce in London port2511
for Mumm at 10s. per barrel: gross produce in the outports8010
gross produce in London port24014
gross produce in London for Malt at 6d. per bushel96819
ditto for Mum at 10s. per barrel5126
ditto for Cyder at 4s. per hogshead569134
overbalances paid into the Excise Office in London by sundry Collectors upon their accounts; for which they are to have credit in the succeeding year:
Charles Wynde, Collector of Chester217
John Teague, Collector of Cornwall1198
John Cowley, Collector of Derby160
William Milton, Collector of Essex11310
Edward Heming, Collector of Hereford00
Benj. Everrard, Collector of the Isle of Wight84
George Spong, Collector of ditto010
Edward Burghall, Collector of Lancaster00
William Hunt, Collector of ditto22
John Fletcher, [ditto of] Leeds2041811
Edward Rawstorn, Collector of ditto0180
Ezekiel Polsted, Collector of Lichfield230107
Darcy Wyvill, Collector of Northumberland0197
John Wildman, Collector of Oxon27819
Fletcher Powell, Collector of ditto612
Clement Warren, Collector of ditto00
Michaell Bird, Collector of Salop011
Charles Frith, Collector of Sheffield11610¾
John Ashcroft, Collector of Suffolk276
John Astry, Collector of Surrey91011¼
Benj. Everrard, Collector of Sussex00
George Strong, Collector of Westmorland418
Philip Bamford, Collector of Worcester015
John Brennand, Collector of York27179
Richard George, Collector of Reading217
money paid into the Excise Office proper to the Excise, but by mistake applied to this year's Malt accompt, "which being transferred in the next following year from Malt to the Excise in the Collectors' accompts, but not in the declaration part of the Cash Accompts, there is by that means so much more in the Cash Accompt of this Duty than in the cash of the Malt Collectors' accompts of this year: the whole sum is to be deducted in the succeeding year's accompt11219
total charge and receipts£522,0781810½
salaries, riding charges, incidents, taxes on officers salaries &c. for this Duty on Malt46,08114
money separately accounted for in these accomptants' Cash account for this Duty280,3132
total payments and allowances£328,1119
and so Remains 193,967l. 9s. 2d.
of which
in arrear and unpaid by maltsters and others in the country43,6814
remaining due from sundry Collectors in the country86314
resting to be accounted for by the Excise Commissioners for cash in the hands of the Cashier for Excise7,128211½
resting to be accompted for on account of sundry Collectors in the country, received after 24 June 1710141,79115
money to be accompted for on the accompts of several Collectors in the outports received after 24 June 1710148166
money resting to be accompted for on accompt of sundry maltsters and cyder makers in London, received after 24 June 1710353148
Declared 28 Aug. 1716.
24 June 1709 to 24 June 1710.
Exhibited by the Excise Commissioners.
Remains in the hands of these accomptants:
on Malt ending 23 June 17097,5734
on Malt ending 23 June 1708413162
on Malt ending 23 June 1707129
on Malt ending 23 June 1706409
on Malt ending 23 June 170552
on Malt ending 23 June 17048710
on Malt ending 23 June 1703214
on Sweets commencing 25 March 170752
on the old Duty on Malt and Leather ended 20 July 169900
on Leather ended 20 April 170000
remaining upon. Thomas Tresham, late an Excise officer, on Malt re-export debentures paid only in part68290
to receipts within the time of this accompt:
on Malt commencing 24 June 1709287,4415
on Malt ending 24 June 1709172,14214
on Malt ending 24 June 17081,1386
on Malt ending 24 June 170723314
on Malt ending 24 June 17061600
on Malt ending 24 June 17052416
on Malt ending 24 June 1704486
on Malt ending 24 June 17033111
on Sweets commencing 25 March 17015632
the old Duty on Malt ended 20 July 1699nil
the old Duty on Leather ended 20 April 17001000
total charge and receipts£470,4366
salaries of officers attending the said Duties1,43512
payments to tradesmen, artificers and others for goods furnished1,78116
payments by two special warrants, detailed, of the Lord Treasurer41112
payments for over balances due to Collectors for Sweets overcharged and for Malt re-exported5,26918
ready money paid into the Receipt of the Exchequer as by tallies, detailed:
on the Malt Duty commencing 24 June 1709277,763145
for Malt which ended 23 June 1709174,1890
for Malt 5 Anne57318
for Malt 4 Anne20298
for Malt 3 Anne19141
for Malt 2 Anne28120
for Malt 1 Anne4823
for Malt 13 Wm. III337
for Sweets commencing 25 March 170755518
then Remains 8,113l. 10s. 0¾d.
whereof depending:
on Thomas Tresham as above68290
on these accomptants for money in the hands of them or their Cashier:
of the Duty commencing June 24 17097,128211½
of the Duty commencing June 24 1708103184
of the Duty commencing June 24 17073911
of the Duty commencing June 24 170500
of the Duty commencing June 24 170400
of the Duty commencing June 24 170300
of Sweets commencing 25 March 170798
of Malt ended 20 July 169900
of Leather ended 20 April 170000
Declared 23 March 1712–13.
25 March 1709 to 25 March 1710.
Exhibited by the Commissioners for the Duties on Salt and Rock Salt.
in the hands of sundry salt proprietors at the end of the last preceding accompt36,219310¾
in the hands of sundry Collectors in money and bonds43,678155
in the hands of these Commissioners in money16,50319
money payable on Salt Duties:
Thomas Aram, Collector at Bideford2,2861711
Thomas Driver, Collector at Bishop Lydiard, Co. Somerset9026
John Vero, succeeding said Driver35900
Christopher Cole, Collector at Bristol3,357150
John Furnivall, Collector at Caerlyon, Co. Monmouth1,869310¾
John Vero, Collector at Chepstow1068
Edward Heming, succeeding Vero25197
John Cowley, Collector at Chesterfield400
Daniell Norcott, succeeding said Cowley8134
John Jon, Collector at Cockerham, Co. Lancs.12216
John Kent, Collector at Droitwich in Worcestershire56,827118
Thomas Stephen, Collector at Flimby in Cumberland634118
Thomas Johnson, another Collector there1,18518
Richard Bell, Collector in Flint1,29868
William Jeffryes, Collector of the Isle of Grain in Kent51010
Edward Andrewes, Collector of Hayle in Cornwall38311
Francis Sedgwicke, Collector of Lemington in Hampshire14,998176
John Troughton, Collector of Middlewich in Cheshire23,0711211
Jonathan Browne, Collector of Namptwich in Cheshire16,051168
John Wheelwright, Collector of North Shields in Northumberland42,566100
John Carvile, Collector of Northwich in Cheshire52,38100
Thomas Stephenson, another Collector there49,440197
Morrice Price, Collector of Pensford, Co. Somerset45805
Arthur Keay, Collector of Plymouth58400
Christopher Conyers, Collector of Portissick, Co. Cornwall78368
Robert Elliott, Collector at Portsea Isle in Hants4,69016
Harthory Brudenell, Collector at Sherborne in Dorset247118
Charles Jennings, another Collector there78050
John Carvile, Collector at Shirleywich in Staffordshire9,11934
John Jones, Collector at Shoreham in Sussex127134
Daniell Stow, another Collector there1247
Edward Heming, Collector at Sodbury, Co. Gloucester317
John Wood, another Collector there104110
John Bell, Collector at South Shields in Durham86,70968
Peter Burridge, Collector at Topsham in Devon1,3741510
Michaell Poulteney, Collector at Yarmouth in Norfolk6,2421211
Charles Jones, Collector at Bideford1,13968
James Bruce, Collector at Colchester3434
Thomas Cole, Collector at Cowes in Hampshire57900
James Jenkinson, Collector at Dartmouth2,21400
John Ball, Collector at Dover1,040134
Richard Score, Collector at Exeter0134
James Pilson, Collector at Fowey2,040134
Bernard Penrose, Collector at Gweek in Cornwall1,10400
Joseph Slater, Collector in London port1,445184
John Dyer, Collector at Looe790134
Henry Hare, Collector at Lynn in Norfolk1,45511
Ambrose Thompson, Collector at Penryn2,01000
Richard Score, junr., Collector at Penzance34100
Richard Usticke, Collector at Plymouth2,229134
David Morris, another Collector there599168
Ambrose Stephenson, Collector at Poole816134
Samuell Bincks, Collector at Portsmouth2,47368
Jeffrey Hafford, Collector at Sandwich67184
George Trotter, Collector at Whitby0134
Thomas Moore, Collector at Yarmouth11268
money payable for fines, seizures and surcharged [collected] by Collectors, detailed402121
money gained by interest on bonds and bills of exchange493
money overpaid by several Collectors detailed, within the time of this accompt4152
total of charge and receipts£496,3109
money accompted for in the Cash accompt for this year210,120182
money overpaid by Collectors, detailed, in the last preceding General Accompt ended at Lady day 1709 and here allowed, defalked and discompted42533
salaries and poundage allowed to Collectors, Surveyors and other officers, detailed at length9,571119
poundage at the rate of 12d. per £ allowed at the ports on foreign salt imported:
incidents of the Collectors &c.2,655611½
officers' taxes repaid1,09413
premiums paid for returns of money6421
discompt allowed for prompt payment of these Duties18,750137
money repaid upon debentures for salt, salted beef and fish re-exported: for salt re-exported, 86,767l. 7s. 3¾d.: for fish of English taking and curing exported beyond seas, 2,404l. 17s. 9d.; for salted beef exported, 7l. 5s. 0d.: the ports are not detailed89,17910
money allowed for salt lost at sea1,697163
abatements or allowances for rock salt refined, for the Duties by them paid for the rock salt by them used and melted in refining of salt39,7616
allowances for waste on salt carried coastwise9,92316
travelling charges308115
allowances in lieu of riding charges4000
total of payments and allowances£385,06415
and so Remains 111,245l. 14s. 3½d.
against which depending on sundry makers and refiners of salt and rock salt:
at Caerlcon.
John Higgins, late salt maker at Mayland in Co. Pembroke8134
at Chepstow:
Charles Reeve034
at Chesterfield in Darbyshire
Richard Dakeyne1400
Simon Gullin, Nathaniel Moore and Thomas Martin at Cockerham, 29l. 12s. 0d.; George Smith, Nicholas Hartley and Nathaniel Moore, 41l. 6s. 10½d.; Nathaniel Moore, John Boulton and George Stephenson, 8l. 18s. 0d.; Geo. Smith, Thomas Houghton and Humphrey Ellis, 48l. 2s. 6d.; Thomas Mealson, Francis Benson and John Catonby, 41l. 15s. 0d.97910
Joshua Lawson, Robert Freame and Thomas Walker1068
at Droitwich
Richard Smallbrooke and Abell Gower, 80l.; Robert Skyner, John Wall and John Lowerdey, 200l.28000
at the Islc of Graine.
William Armiger and Christopher Josten, 533l. 6s. 8d.; William Armiger, John Aynesworth and Christopher Josten, 639l. 10s. 0d.1,172168
at Lemington
Daniel Gates, 26l.; Damel Gates and Thomas Elmes, 85l. 6s. 8d.; Daniel Gates and John Edwards, 100l., Daniel Gates and Thomas Elmes, 183l. 6s. 8d.; John Carter and John Veere, 44l. 12s. 11½d.; John Durling, senr. and junr., 13s. 4d.; James Coffin, William Knapton and Joseph Hinxman, 20l. 10s. 0d.; James Coffin, Thomas Wilkins and Edward Cowper, 101l. 10s. 0d., James Coffin and Thomas Wilkins, 57l.61819
at London:
John Higgs, senr. and junr.111510
at Middlewich.
Ralph Throp and James Haynes, 80l. 9s. 2d.; Edward Hyde, Esq., 72l. 8s. 4d.; Charles Booth and John Holland, 172l. 9s. 7d.32571
at Namptwich:
Ralph Throp, Thomas Cartwright, Richard Knight and John Twemlowe, 203l. 10s. 10d. and 186l. 9s. 7d.; said Throp, Knight and John Baddeley, 221l. 6s. 8d.; said Throp, Knight and Sunderland, 267l. 16s. 3d. said Throp, Knight and Lunt, 234l. 17s. 11d.; said Throp, 149l. 3s. 6d.1,0565
at North Shields.
Valentine Kelstone and John Rutherford12000
said Kelstone, Rutherford and Christopher Francklyn6000
said Francklyn and Rutherford8000
said Rutherford, Francklyn and Andrew Johnson12200
Robert Cooke and Thonas Raffolds1368
John Pye, George Burrell, Henry Bayley and Benedict Erington105010½
said Pye, Erington and Alexander Hall236810¼
said Pye, Burrell and Robert Mills4215
Charles Coatsworth, Thomas Clarke and Charles Vaughan4368
Thomas Martin, John Doggett and John Weston40000
Charles Coatsworth, Francis Partis and Matthias Partis22000
Ursula Milburne, Francis and Matthias Partis33108
Michael Hall and said F. and M. Partis48118
Stephen Good and Charles Coatsworth36134
Ursula Milburne, F. Partis and Theo. Nicholson20000
Matthew Currey, John Doggett and John Weston166134
Thomas Martin, John Doggett and Benjamin Doggett10000
Charles Coatsworth. M. and F. Partis, John Wooseley3443
Ursula Milburne and said F. and M. Partis and Wooseley2633
said F. and M. Partis and Wooseley and Michaell Hall1561610
Henry Robinson, Thomas Banckes, William Mason and Andrew French6000
Thomas Granger and Ursula Milbourne166134
William Christian, Thomas Richardson and Robert Nicholson20000
Benedict Erington, Charles Erington and George Harbottle13368
Phillip Bickerstaff at Amble13917
Exchequer Bill, miscarried2041
at Northwich.
Robert Pownall, agent to Dr. Benj. Woodroffe298910
Ralph Broome and Nathan Blease18192
Thomas Neild, senr. and junr., and Ottwell Broome6168
Daniell Pecke, Thomas Hiccox and Thomas Nickson1,13944
Thomas Nickson, Ralph Nixon and John Deane73011
said Nickson and Nixon511168
same and John Deane647134
Edmund Soame, Thomas Nickson and Robert Whitlowe30468
Richard Ashton, Thomas Wright and Thomas Seale58368
said Ashton, Wright and James Tildesley374100
Robert Pownall, Thomas Edgar and Thomas Dale22700
Edmund Soame at Hilbree Isle in Cheshire42184
Ralph Broom in Northwich Collection3011
in Portissick in Cornwall
John Cann and Company51168
Nyott Doubt at Padstow1600
Richard Raw at Nether St. Colomb8134
John Atkin at Botreaux Castle2334
at Sodbury
Thomas Hooper18170
at South Shields:
Phillip Bickerstaffe114811
same and Jos. Milburne and Jos. Hutchinson7600
Samuell Cooper, William Mann and Ralph Pattison28134
Leonard Hitchin and John Congham2000
Michaell Hall and M. and F. Partis &c.343180
Robert Linton, F. Partis and Lancelot Cramlington &c.967129
C. Coatsworth and F. and M. Parts31368
said Linton, F. Partis and John Wooseley &c.1,22930
John Shaftoe &c.33368
John Pattison and William Kitteridge8868
James Wilkinson, William Metealfe and William Wightman3000
at Topsham:
Thomas Tounson160711½
Thomas Clap11700
Edward Yendall2510
George Borne834
at Yarmouth:
Thomas Bendish at South Town in Suffolk141131
John Barton at Cobholm in Norfolk6715
Francis Hollis at Gorlstone in Suffolk3736
William Maltyward at Yarmouth19136
John Goslin ibid.27196
John Bass at Woodbridge in Suffolk20000
Anthony Burward ibid.7580
Samuel Brandling at Ipswich145116
Jonathan Bass at Manningtree62130
Thomas Hollister at Colchester9315
at Berwick port.
Robert Cooke1368
at Dover port:
William Armiger and Christopher Josten£40134
at Fowey port:
William Williams, merchant65158
John Goodall and Company, merchants8100
Gregory Stribley and Company, merchants2100
at Gweek port:
Francis Jones, Henry Jones and Phillip Stephens2020
at London port:
Thomas Bryant and Abraham Trent and Amos Short1,59800
Robert Hinton and Christopher Blower14400
Elias and Thomas Measurier26100
William Armiger, Christopher Josten and William Randall3,867100
at Looe port:
Henry Chubbs, merchant0134
at Milford and Tenby ports:
John Higgens and William Field83815
at Padstow port:
John Curties, Thomas Flamancke and John Leverton64134
at Rochester port:
William Armiger and Christopher Josten1,591134
sundry collectors, detailed, for the Duties on foreign salt imported remaining locked up in cellars3,17300
sundry collectors, detailed, for moneys in their hands60,729192
money in the hands of these accomptants or their Cashier, being paid by the Collectors since the determination of this accompt19,9576
and so these accomptants are even and quitt.
Declared 9 April 1715.
25 March 1709 to 25 March 1710.
Exhibited by the Salt Commissioners and Governors.
Remains in the hands of these accomptants at the end of their last accompt2059
from the Collectors following: for the old Duty commencing 25 March 1694:
Caerleon in Co. Monmouth374
Cockerham, Co. Lancs105145
Flimby, Co. Cumberland1596
Flimby, Co. Cumberland12600
Flint, Co. Flint115
Isle of Graine, Co. Kent512
Isle of Graine, Co. Kent013
Lemington, Co. Hants3,6452
North Shields9,4161310¼
Northwich, Co. Chester4,323011½
Northwich, Co. Chester3,2723
Portsea, Co. Hants1,2279
Sherburne, Co. Dorset106
Sherburne, Co. Dorset600
Shirleywich, Co. Stafford2,400110¾
Shoreham, Co. Sussex710
South Shields14,713187
Dartmouth port1543
Dover port2191410¼
Falmouth port24825
Falmouth port3810
Fowey port36514
Fowey port0160
Gweek port8100
Ipswich port1015
Liverpool port235
London port223132
Looe port288311½
Lyme Regis port01
Penryn port384311
Penzance port3408
Plymouth port2115
Plymouth port1,20213
Plymouth port106711¾
St. Ives, Cornwall694
Nestlaw Greenwood, Receiver of Fines and Seizures in London14910¾
from ditto, detailed, of the East India Company's Fund commencing 25 Dec. 1699 and continued for ever148,4672
total charge and receipts£212,301611
salaries to the Salt Commissioners and officers, detailed4,55000
incident charges and disbursements4,0530
money repaid upon debentures for fish and salt exported28,91919
auditor's fee28000
money paid into the Receipt of the Exchequer:
on the old Duty commencing 25 March 169451,833184
on the East India Fond commencing 25 Dec. 1699120,48400
total payments and allowances£210,12018
and so these accomptants remain indebted 2,180l. 8s. 8½d.
Declared 9 April 1715.