Declared Accounts
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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Declared Accounts: Post Office', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24: 1710 (1952), pp. CCLXVII-CCLXXII. URL: Date accessed: 25 October 2014.


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Post Office

Account for 26 March 1709 to 25 March 1710.
Exhibited by STEPHEN LILLY, Receiver General of the Post Office.
depending upon several persons for balance of their accounts ended at Lady day 16852,12560
depending upon divers postmasters and others belonging to the General Letter Office for balance of their accounts at Lady day 170963,958101
depending upon several persons belonging to the Penny Post Office at the same time1,936111½
depending upon several other persons in arrear at the same time671141
depending upon several tradesmen for money advanced to them65000
revenue and profits in the Foreign Office [of the General Post Office]:
for letters brought in by the mails20,6571811
received from William Browne for letters carried to and from Lisbon not included in the mails6,9101411
received of Capt. Gray for the freight of passengers in the packet boat between the Brill in Holland and Harwich in 170981710
received of John Six of Amsterdam by his contract with the Burgomasters and Regents there dated 24 June 1677 for the freight of goods and passengers between England and Amstersdam at 1,200l. per an.1,20000
received of Zachary Rogers of Falmouth for the freight of passengers and letters between Lisbon and Falmouth1,433152
total for the Foreign Office31,019100
for the revenue and profits of the General Post Office:
money received for letters taken in at the windows2,27324
money received of the Letter Receivers89609
the Post Receivers' charge, being unpaid letters sent up from the stages in the country34,591114
the Postmaster's charge for letters sent from London into the country60,06964
money due upon contracts with several Farmers, viz.:
Edward Hall of Rye, Co. Sussex, Farmer of the letters between London and Hastings and Battle in Sussex and Cranbrooke and other places, detailed, in Kent: one year's rent to 1710 Lady day15000
Matthew Staughton and John Smith of Wellingboro, ditto between London and Sheffield and Chesterfield and other places, as by their agreement of 1702 March 27: for same1,57000
William Rawson and Sarah Wainwright, ditto between London and Ferrybridge and Tadcaster and Settle &c.1,47000
Thomas Atwood of St. Neots, Co. Hants, ditto between London and St. Neots, Biggleswade &c.: for same24000
John George of Thetford, ditto between London and Thetford, Massingham et al., Co. Norfolk: for same40000
Joseph Quash of Exeter, ditto between London and Somerset, Gloucester, Worcester, Oxford, Hereford, Devon, Shropshire and South Wales: for same70000
Anne Warren of Walden, ditto between London and Havering &c. in Herts, Essex, Sussex and Cambridge40000
John Brett of Tunbridge, ditto between London and Kent and Sussex33000
John Barnes of Chichester, ditto between London and Chichester, Arundel, Petworth &c. in Surrey, Sussex and Hants1,55000
Richard Bigg of Winslow, Co. Bucks, ditto between London and Weymouth, Stanmore, Milford and sundry other places1,18000
way letters taken in at one stage and delivered out at another, farmed to divers postmasters:
John Stucley of Plymouth23000
Mark Hayman of Dartmouth2000
Richard Cox of Totness1000
Joseph Quash of Exeter10000
Anne Woolfreys of Blandford300
Charles Cowen of Dorchester600
William Waterman of Sarum400
James Wansborough of Portsmouth700
Robert Redham of Berwick400
John Bell of Newcastle3000
Nicholas Paxton of Durham1000
John Wilson of Darlington500
Eliz. Harker of Northallerton900
Barbara Thwaits of Great Abridge200
Richard Gowland of Burrowbridge500
Katherine Dawson of York4000
Eliz. Engles of Hull5000
William Bardwick of Beverley400
Samuel Smith of Bantrey300
John Herring of Newark500
John Petty of Gainsborough1800
John Sharpe of Grantham500
Stephen Bridge of Boston1000
John Rishton of Spalden1000
Edward Tinkerson of Peterborough100
John Exeter of Lynn2000
Ben. Bigg of Chester8000
Jonathan Bens of Halston1000
money due from John Manley, manager of the Letter Office in Dublin, for letters sent him from Chester55335
more due from him for letters sent him from Holyhead1960
money due for By or Way letters sent to Dublin111150
money received of letter carriers for letters port taxed taken in by them124
money received of John Six of Amsterdam for ship letters directed into Holland1923
money received of several persons for the port of Express letters177130
money received of John Stuckley of Plymouth for West India letters12743
the revenue arising by the profits of the North British Office:
in 1709 Midsummer quarter84032
in 1709 Michaelmas quarter799106
in 1709 Xmas quarter760152
in 1710 Lady day quarter1,09047
the revenue arising by the profits of the Irish Office:
in the half year ended Michaelmas 17096,6801510
in the half year ended Lady day 17105,605151
total revenue and profits of the General Post Office in Great Britain and Ireland174,32714
profits of the Penny Post Office:
for 959,383 letters taken in by the officers of the Penny Post3,99787
produce of the second penny for 97,148 letters taken in by the Letter Receivers in London which were directed and delivered to several places in the country404158
the produce of letters taken in at the 60 several General Penny Post Offices, being 53,475 at 1d. per letter222163
money due and payable to the several Postmasters and others, being the balances of their respective accompts:
Monsieur Richards of Paris2,633189
Joseph Markman of Ashburton1162
John Cookson of Crewkerne0144
Edward Downs of Dartford Bridge43113
John Beauchamp of Stanes3252
Grace Carr of Belford0134
Ann Pybus of Thirsk1110
Mary Gaterfield of Bantry4134
John Simson of Bourn1720
Richard Harrison of Caxton7114
Sarah Clifford of Maidenhead8134
Edward Lock of Hounslow5180
Richard Wellington of the Hay1168
Margaret Bulkley of Beaumaris29121
John Draper of Conway16104
Jonathan Wickins of Towcester1180
Thomas Longbotham of Barnet3110
John Messer of Old Street1500
Thomas Giles of Ingatestone0109
Edward Hall of Rye9611
Mary Gardener of Southwark1150
Samuel Johnson of Walden25120
Margaret Griffith of Llaninidiffry2126
John Elliot of Hubberston062
Samuel Coats of Piccadilly44120
Maurice Owen of Holyhead2684
total of charge and receipts£251,24013
money due to several Postmasters and others for the balances on their accompts to Lady day 17093,746181
abatements out of the General Charge:
country letters brought from foreign parts and from the Deputy Postmasters in England, being first charged at the General Post Office in London and sent as directed to several persons in the country whereby the growing Duty of those parts where the letters were directed is increased and likewise charged to the Deputy Postmasters, viz.:
in the Foreign Office3,49199
in the Inland Office8,22485
letters and packetts of her Majesty and Members of Parliament delivered free:
her Majesty15,38687
Members of Parliament35957
letters charged on several Postmasters and Letter Carryers which were brought back to the post as the addressees could not be found1,86301
foreign letters and packetts wherein were inclosed bills of exchange, merchants' accounts, bills of lading &c. exempted by Act of Parliament, and overtaxed letters, errors and abatements48306
letters sent to the General Post Office by several persons who farmed the same, they being doubly charged5,69025
(total abatements as above, 35,497l. 15s. 4d.)
salaries detailed16,52668
the administrators of Prince George of Denmark6,25000
Duke of Grafton for the Duchess of Cleveland4,70000
Earl of Rochester4,00000
Duke of Leeds3,50000
Duke of Schonberg5,00000
Duke of Marlborough5,00000
Lord Cowper4,00000
Duke of Queensberry3,00000
Earl of Seafield3,00000
William Brockett40000
Maud Johnson30000
Rebecca Chadwick, late widow of Titus Oates30000
Charles Osborne20000
Guy Palmes25000
Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery3,75000
John, Earl of Mar2,25000
the Professors of Divinity in Edinburgh University21000
ditto in Glasgow University21000
Henry Andrews, Court Post, for carrying royal letters between the Court and the first post stage36500
several postmasters for charges of expresses by them sent for her Majesty's service1,821171
Richard Greg for sundry charges of Harwich packett boats, wear and tear, wages, victualling &c.6,877182
Edmund Dummer for the hire of several West India packett boats12,00000
Zachariah Rogers for the hire of the Expedition, Queen, Prince, Mercury, Diligence and other packett boats to Lisbon2,85458
wages for ditto4,0467
victualling for ditto3,689110
purchase of the King William packett boat62239
care and quartering of sick30344
cellar rent843
Mr. Rogers's salary as agent of the packett boats and postmaster of Falmouth187100
stores sent to Falmouth for the Lisbon packett boats37720
John Mackay, agent at Dover for the Flanders packet boats, for his salary at 150l. per an.15000
the ordinary charge of the four packet boats2,00000
victualling for soldiers162120
paid Mr. Brown of Ostend for two expresses103140
express to Ghent to Mr. Cardonnel226
charges of several expresses sent without mails8500
total for the expenses of the several packett boats34,94695
sundry incidents, detailed3,07408
allowances of various natures, detailed (John Six of Amsterdam for his moiety of frank letters from Hamburgh, the Northern Crowns and Italy &c.)2,27970
charges, detailed, of the Scotch Office (including franked letters of Members of Parliament, 885l. 6s. 1d.)3,071123
charges of the Irish Office, detailed (including 4,029l. 3s. 11d. for franked letters of State and of members of Parliament)11,244146
money paid into the Exchequer14,748135
and for the Penny Post Office salaries, detailed2,167110
rent of the Penny Post Offices117100
tenths of letters to several Letter Receivers3991410
returned letters5110
officers' taxes11000
money imprested within the time of the last accompt and discharged in this accompt15000
total payments and allowances£176,992167
and so Remains 74,257l. 17s. 1½d.
depending in supers, detailed:
due at Lady day 16852,12560
due from Lady day 1685 to Lady day 171068,199159
arrears due on account of the Penny Post at Lady day 17102,1611
money imprested in 170850000
money imprested in the time of this accompt60000
and so this accompt is even and quit.
Declared 27 March 1713.