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'Declared Accounts: Hanaper', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24: 1710 (1952), pp. CCLXXVI-CCLXXVII. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Michaelmas 1709 to Michaelmas 1710.
HENRY SEYMOUR, THOMAS EDWARDS and JOSEPH WHITEHEAD, Clerks or Custodians of the Hanaper.
respited moneys on the foot of the last accompt370183
money in the hands of Henry Seymour1,1112
receipts or profits of several charters, patents, commissions, indentures &c. as follows:
460 small patents at 2s. each4600
47 Sheriffs' patents at 3s. each710
Five Sewers Commissions at 5s. and 2s. 6d. each0126
23 Exemplifications at 16s. 4d. each18158
one Deanery [presentation], at 16s. 4d.,0164
three Archdeaconries and Prebends at 16s. 4d. each290
48 presentations at 16s. 4d. each3940
39 dispensations at 16s. 4d. each31170
four Congé d'Eslire, Royal Assent, Commendam and Restitution at 16s. 4d. each354
grants of office:
two for life at 32s. 8d. each354
three at 16s. 4d. each290
during pleasure:
11 at 32s. 8d. each17194
12 at 16s. 4d. each9160
one Denization0164
15 appeals and adjuncts at 16s. 4d. each1250
three annuities and pensions at 16s. 4d. each290
one indenture2110
Special Commissions, one at 32s. 8d. and six at 16s. 4d.6108
one Special Licence1128
two special pardons and de Cursu at 16s. 4d. each1128
one Confirmation31510
for the fines of the same1368
five grants magn' feod' at 7l. 11s. 8d. each37184
fines of Statute Staple and Original writs in Chancery28150
farm of the profits of the seal of the Queen's Bench and Common Pleas (George, Duke of Northumberland)1,653140
farm of the Fines of Alienation and Writs of Concord (the Lord Treasurer)1,546120
farm of the Sixpenny Writs or Commissions (the Countess Dowager of Newburgh)1,00000
total charge and arrears£5,97710
paid to William, Lord Cowper, Lord Chancellor, for diets, annuities and allowances1,08726
Sir John Trevor, Kt., Master of the Rolls and the eleven other Chancery Masters for Robes8280
George Wright, Clerk of the Crown in Chancery6000
retained by these accomptants for their allowances981
Jonathan Gorstelow Snow, Prothonotary of Chancery, granted to him and Charles Snow 3 Feb. 28 Car. II10000
Mathew Johnson, Clerk of Parliaments4000
William Oaker, Clerk of the Exemplifications of Patents2000
John Roberts, Clerk of the Writs in Chancery2000
the two auditors1000
William Smith, one of the Six Clerks in Chancery as Clerk Comptroller of the Hanaper1000
Thomas Harris, Chafewax, for provision of wax for seals36316
John Trevor, Cryer of Chancery810
ditto for parchment &c.282120
George Wright, Clerk of the Crown, for writing patents &c434134
William Smith, one of the Six Clerks in Chancery, for writing the Control Book of the Hanaper1368
John Walker, deputy of Mathew Johnson, Clerk of Parliament, for transmitting to Chancery enrolments of public Bills and transcribing several Journals of Parliament for her Majesty's service177126
Edward Castle, stationer, for necessaries112190
John Dawling, a clerk in the Office of the Petty Bag, for writing writs of Citation and election to serve in Parliament169172
Sherrard Serjeant for necessaries for the Lord Chancellor's Court28140
Charles Harper for stationery for the Office of Clerk of the Crown9814
Israel Harrison for stationery for the Hanaper Office4460
Jacob Tonson, senr. and junr., for stationery for the Chancery46917
William West for a rich velvet bag for the Great Seal of England &c.5500
for the increase in the price of parchment7340
Joseph Harvey, sealer to the Great Seal, for diets &c.4218
Thomas Harris, Chafewax, for wages28120
Joseph Harvey, sealer, Robert Lindsey, clerk to these accomptants and John Mence, deputy chafewax, for expenses of their journeys attending the Great Seal4500
Robert Briscoe, Messenger [of the Chamber], fee for attending the Great Seal112140
ditto for riding charges in ditto27500
William Weket, Joseph Richards, Samuel Clarke and John Barret, four Messengers attending the Great Seal and the Receipt of the Exchequer, for proclaiming Royal Proclamations in all parts of the kingdom36200
James Hunter for cleaning Westminster Hall168
auditors' allowance2000
these accomptants for the expenses of this account4000
Sir John Trevor, Master of the Rolls, for the custody of [Rolls] House for Converted [Jews], for the fee of two chaplains, one clerk and two converts, viz. Peter Samuel and John Meza, at 1½d. each a day2747
ditto as Clerk of the Petty Bag, for writing and examining Originals in Chancery1000
total payments and allowances£4,82510
and so Remains1,15203
whereof for documents sealed without fees taken, detailed37373
and so these accomptants remain in Debit778130
Declared 14 July 1712.