Declared Accounts
Stamp Duties


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Declared Accounts: Stamp Duties', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25: 1711 (1952), pp. CDXXVII-CDXXXII. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Stamp Duties

PIPE OFFICE ROLL 2925 [E351/2925]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2174, ROLL 153 [A.O.1/2174/153].
WILLIAM ASHURST, Comptroller and Accomptant General of the Duties on Stampt Vellum, Parchment and Paper.
31 July 1710 to 2 August 1711 (both days exclusive).
together with an Accompt of the Rates upon Monies to be given with Clerks and Apprentices from 1 May 1710 (the commencement of these Duties) to 2 August 1711 (exclusive).
Arrears: remaining in the hands of several persons particularly named on the foot of the last General Accompt67,167120
Receipts: money due and payable for the Stamp Duties in the year 1711:
for Stamps put upon Vellum, Parchment and Paper paid for and delivered out of the Head Office in London:
on the third Continued Duty31,96744
on the Additional Duty28,579811
for stamps put upon Vellum, Parchment and Paper delivered to the Warehouse Keeper to supply the Country:
on the third Continued Duty20,221126
on the Additional Duty17,22476
for the Duties payable by the Registers [Registrars] of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and by the Prothonotaries and other Law Officers:
the Registers of the Universities for the third Continued Duty25870
ditto for the Additional Duty1290
ditto for the second Continued Duty28220
the several Prothonotaries, Secondaries, Registers in Chancery and other Law Officers on the third Continued Duties1336
ditto on the Additional Duty659170
ditto on the first Continued Duty29150
ditto on the second Additional Duty616186
several Town Clerks for the third Continued Duty2250
ditto for the Additional Duty7610
ditto for the second Continued Duty53160
the value of paper and parchment provided by the Commissioners for furnishing the Country and lodged with the Warehouse keeper of Unstampt Goods with the profits of advancing the prices to the level of Retail prices (value of the parchment 1,746l. 2s. 6d., profit 575l. 19s. 2d.; value of paper and prints 712l. 1s. 5½d. and profit 365l. 6s. 0½d.)3,39992
total receipts as above 103,416l. 16s. 5d.
money upon bonds given by William Lowndes: for the third Continued Duty10000
ditto: for the Additional Duty10000
restitution money: for the third Continued Duty230
ditto: for the Additional Duty230
John Riley, Distributor for Radnorshire073
Walter Marshall, Distributor of Gloucestershire108147
Robert Grove, Register of Cambridge13480
Thomas Wall, late Distributor for Bristoll251311
Thomas Clarke, ditto for Yarmouth911
the value of damaged unstampt goods sold19416
money due and payable for the rates upon monies given with Clerks and Apprentices:
on Indentures brought to the Head Office at 6d. per £1 for sums of 50l. or under79620
on ditto at 12d. per £1 for every sum over 50l.1,9087
on Indentures brought to Country Collectors66837 7 5/12
3,372129 11/12
overpayments for the Duties on Clerks and Apprentices, detailed according to Collectors, named714
total charge and receipts£174,642129 5/12
money accompted for in the Cash Accompt for these Duties97,698210½
money overpaid in the preceding Accompt199611¾
allowances to Distributors for vending Stampt Paper and Parchment in the Country and for incident charges:
money discompted by Robert Isaacson, Distributor for London, for allowances made by him for Ten-pound parcels vended by him310
for the poundage allowed the several Distributors at 7l. 10s. per cent. on the value of Goods and Stamps sold:
on the third Continued Duty (for 18,749l. 8s. 6d.)1,4063
on the Additional Duty (for 13,908l. 7s. 7d.)1,0432
on arrears of the first Continued Duty (for 52l. 11s.)31810
on arrears of the second Continued Duty (for 5,080l. 1s. 3¾d.)3801911¼
for the poundage allowed the University Registers at 12d. per pound (for 552l. 18s. paid by them):
on the third Continued Duty12184
on the Additional Duty0125
on arrears of the second Continued Duty1421
for the money paid by the several Distributors for necessary and incident charges, etc.
on the third Continued Duty2405
on the Additional Duty35100
on arrears of the first Continued Duty4126
on arrears of the second Continued Duty857
total allowances to Distributors, etc., 3,154l. 1s. 0d.
money charged as overpaid upon wrong heads of these Duties251311
two parcels of stamped goods returned to the Head Office by Charles Lee122
damaged goods sold and loss in the sale thereof338811
value of Stamps sent to the Treasury010
money accompted for in the Cash Accompt of the Duties on Clerks and Apprentices of the Duties on Clerks and Apprentices3,1069
poundage allowed to the Collectors of the Duties on Clerks and Apprentices at 12d. per £1212
total payments and allowances£104,55517
and so remains 70,086l. 15s. 0 11/12d.
whereof depending on the several Warehousekeepers, Distributors and others, named:—
upon sundry Distributors for the third Continued Duty and the Additional Duty, viz.:
Henry Oxford, Wiltshire9434
John Adams, Radnorshire2061
John Amory, Somersetshire579811½
William Barnes, Norwich1,106163
Christopher Baker, Exeter23712
Stephen Bishopp, Oxford1,40116
Francis Blythe, Colchester41718
Paul Courand, Hampshire1,122199
George Clements, Salisbury16513
Thomas Cowper, Somersetshire34814
William Dowse, Huntington2681510¾
Ed. Eden, Durham61519
Robert Foulkes, Cheshire1,52219
John Foulkes, Denbigh66818
Henry Hawkins, St. Austell1,42816
Elizabeth Hall, Yorkshire6941610¼
Thomas Howson, Lincoln76550
John Handfeild, Kent72413
Thomas Hewett, Tiverton2,275410¼
Robert Isaacson, London442166
Stroud Knight, Reading6575
Thomas Lloyd, Brecknockshire15014
William Leeke, Shropshire3039
Richard Lowry, Westmorland63416
William Loveday, Worcestershire9044
Thomas Moore, Yarmouth29518
William Mathews, Herefordshire43611
Nathaniel Morgan, Carmarthenshire6451
William Marshall, Gloucestershire4217
John Newton, Sussex65235
Henry Nisbett, Derbyshire1,219168
George Newell, Staffordshire1681211¾
Benjamin Robins, Exeter1,38319
Robert Rhodes, Newcastle `Underline'64817
Thomas Russell, Suffolk7872
Charles Saunderson, Newcastle545130
Obed Smith, Daventry1,06612
John Stone, York1,88017
Nathaniel Thorne, Tiverton7677
James Taylor, Chatham15110
Edward Thomas, Glamorganshire8531
Jonah Taylor, Hertfordshire2,0800
Edward Vaudrey, Lancashire1,43390
Robert Lacey and John Usborne, Surrey274511¾
Gilbert Walmsley, Litchfield7711511½
John Ward, Nottinghamshire2124
Jeremiah Withers, Warwickshire425139
William Webb, Sussex2658
William Williams, Dorset63219
Thomas Day, Cambridge48319
Thomas Beresford, Taunton713146
William John, Exeter87013
Henry Jeanes, Somerset5591711¼
Thomas Oldfield, Glucestershire1,29812
Thomas Seaward, Dorsetshire464107
and upon sundry late Distributors for the Additional Duty:
Richard Aglionby, Carlisle37418
Anthony Boise, Hertfordshire1,1663
Humphrey Burton, Devonshire446
Joshua Claver, Hull41712
William Collins, Worcestershire6855
Peter Clinton, Dorsettshire98714
Benjamin Collett, Worcestershire1363
Charles Herle, Cornwall311166
Francis Isaacson, Lincoln23011
Charles Jones, Radnorshire351910
Robert Jackson, Carlisle0100
George Maynard, York63919
Timothy Wesley, Berkshire46212
upon several Distributors, named, for arrears on the Continued Duty and on the second Continued Duty6,42711
upon sundry late Distributors, named, for the first Single Stamp Duty granted for four years888197
upon the Warehousekeepers (Charles Howland, Warehousekeeper of unstampt goods, and William Curteis, ditto of stamped goods)15,9076
and upon several other persons, viz.:
Thomas Cator on bonds5000
William Lowndes on bond20000
John Baddeley, the Staffordshire carrier, for stampt goods which were miscarried43180
John Harrison, late the Chester carrier, for the like7000
Joseph Holden, for Bills delivered him for money due10000
George Cooper, Register of Oxford, for money due from him134117
Robert Grove, Register of Cambridge, ditto1349
and remaining in the hands of sundry Collectors, named, of the rates on monies given with Clerks and Apprentices25215
£70,086150 11/12
And so this General Accompt is even and Quit.
Declared 30 June 1714.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2911 [E351/2911]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2135, ROLL 16 [A.O.1/2135/16].
WILLIAM FRANKLAND, Receiver General of the Duties upon Stampt Vellum, Parchment and Paper.
31 July 1710 to 2 Aug. 1711 (both days exclusive).
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands nil, he being in surplusage.
depending upon John Mountagu, Solicitor20000
Receipts: money arising and growing due and received within the time of this Accompt:
for arrears of the said Duties continued after the first four years until 1 Aug. 1706731410¼
for arrears of the said Duties further continued from 31 July 1706 to 1 August 17105,705511¾
for the Duties further continued from 1 August 1710 for 96 years49,54691
for the further Additional Duties granted King Wm. III, his heirs and successors42,3721211½
also for the money arising, etc., from 1 May 1710 to 2 August 1711 for the Rates upon Monies given with Clerks and Apprentices:
at the Head Office in London:
at 6d. for every 20s. of every sum of 50l. or under79620
at 1s. for every 20s. of every sum over 50l.1,9087
in the Country:
money received of the several Collectors on the above rates4011911
total charge and receipts£101,004120
surplusage on the preceding Account00
salaries, etc.:
Edward Lloyd, Robert Pooley, Richard Martin and Richard Steele, Commissioners1,20000
Richard Dyott, ditto, for Michaelmas quarter 17107500
William Bridges, Secretary20000
William Frankland, Receiver General60000
other Officers, Clerks, etc.2,86000
rent to Thomas Atwill and Co. for the Stamp Office in Lincoln's Inn16000
parchment, paper and prints2,458311½
sundry necessary incident charges and disbursements, detailed1,43114
discount allowed on prompt payment at 6 per cent. per an.1,531210
the Entering Registers of the Court of Chancery for poundage3086
total for salaries, paper and parchment, incident charges, etc., 10,545l. 16s. 7½d.
money paid into the Exchequer:
on account of the Duties to 1 Aug. 1706 (by dates)7346
on account of the Duties to 1 Aug. 1710 (ditto)5,6832
on account of the Duties for 96 years from 31 July 171039,1051511
on account of the Additional Duties41,6183
salaries and incident charges and money paid into the Exchequer out of the rates upon monies given with apprentices 1 May 1710 to 2 Aug. 1711:
salaries (John Mountagu, Register and Comptroller, and Jabez Hughes, clerk)18046
necessary and incident charges, detailed19020
(total salaries and incidents 370l. 6s. 6d.)
money paid into the Exchequer2,7362
Auditor's fee to Arthur Maynwaring19000
total payments and allowances100,32212
and so remains 681l. 19s. 11¾d.
against which depending on John Mountagu, Solicitor, for money imprested to him to defray the charges of prosecutions65000
and on Charles Bridges for travelling charges2000
and on John Rolles, Ingraver1200
and so the Accomptant is in surplusage00
Declared 30 June 1714.