Declared Accounts
First Fruits and Tenths


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Declared Accounts: First Fruits and Tenths', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25: 1711 (1952), pp. CDXXXIX-CDXL. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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First Fruits and Tenths

AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1228, ROLL 188 [A.O.1/1228/188]. No Pipe Office Roll.
GEORGE TOWNSEND, Remembrancer of First Fruits and Tenths, and WILLIAM GLANVELLE, Receiver of the same.
1 Jan. 1710–11 to 31 Dec. 1711.
Arrears: depending upon William Glanvelle, Receiver of First Fruits1198
depending upon several persons particularly mentioned at the foot of the preceding Accompt54,8727
Receipts of the issues of First Fruits of Archbishoprics, Deaneries, Dignities, Rectories, Vicarages and other Benefices and Ecclesiastical Promotions in England and Wales (by monthly totals)7,6731863/8
Payments made by the Receiver of First Fruits for Exchequer fees, etc., for the examination of the Accompt (20l.), for the fees of the two Auditors of First Fruits at 6l. 13s. 4d. per an. each, (13l. 6s. 8d.) and to the Remembrancer for his care and pains (40l.) and for his fee of 100l. per an. with 20l. for his clerk (120l.) and to John Barber, comptroller of First Fruits and Tenths (150l.)34368
money paid into the Exchequer (by dates)4,86631
and so remains 57,338l. 15s. 71/8d.
whereof dependent on divers Incumbents for arrears:
for three years to 31 Dec. 166032047
for 25 years to 31 Dec. 16853,600510
for a year to 31 Dec. 168620103
ditto 31 Dec. 168760517
ditto 31 Dec. 1688499
ditto 31 Dec. 1689210
ditto 31 Dec. 1690391210½
ditto 31 Dec. 16912,699510
ditto 31 Dec. 1692212
ditto 31 Dec. 1693810
ditto 31 Dec. 1694310
ditto 31 Dec. 1695191
ditto 31 Dec. 169761413
ditto 31 Dec. 1698238
ditto 31 Dec. 170320140
ditto 31 Dec. 1704500
ditto 31 Dec. 17053380
ditto 31 Dec. 170623014
ditto 31 Dec. 1707 (besides 29l. 12s. 6d. paid this year)288411¼
ditto 31 Dec. 1708 (besides 856l. 18s. 0d. paid this year)787140
ditto 31 Dec. 1709 (besides 878l. 8s. 3d. paid this year)5170
ditto 31 Dec. 1710 (besides 1,604l. 11s. 1½d. paid this year)1,7641910½
ditto 31 Dec. 1711 (besides 1,839l. 19s. 10 1/8d. paid this year)5,83318
and dependent on Laurence Steele, deceased, late Receiver, for moneys received for three years to 31 Dec. 16599,0281211¾
more for money received from 31 Dec. 1659 to 24 April 166039514
and dependent on Sir John Prettyman, bt., late Receiver, for money received before his suspension from office19,86499
and dependent upon William Prettyman, deceased, late Remembrancer, in part of a debt3,165178
ditto for moneys received by him7,009181/8
ditto for a Receiver's surplusage374011½
and dependent on Robert Squibb, deceased, late Receiver44710
and dependent on Sir Charles Porter, deceased, late Remembrancer521677/8
and dependent on John Fenn, deceased, late Remembrancer06
George Townsend, Remembrancer, is even and Quit.
William Glanvelle, Receiver, is Indebted11983/8
Declared 11 Jan. 1714.