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'Appendix: Works at Windsor', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25: 1711 (1952), pp. CDLXI-CDLXIII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Works at Windsor

The following Account covering several years has been omitted from previous volumes and has been published here for the sake of completeness:
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 3457 [E351/3457]. AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2480, ROLL 280 [A.O.1/2480/280].
WILLIAM ROBERTS, Receiver of the Rents and Revenues within the Honour of Windsor.
Arrears: remaining in the Accountants' hands on the end of the preceding AccountNil
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas Term, 8 & 9 Anne, in full of 5,000l. by privy seal of 13 March 1701–2 and royal warrant of 28 Jan., 6 Anne54815
ditto, in part of 5,000l. by the same privy seal and royal warrant of 2 Nov., 8 Anne2,1228
Easter term, 9 Anne, in full of the same2,87711
ditto, in further part of 3,000l. for building Datchett bridge, by the same privy seal and royal warrant of 2 May, 5 Anne259158
ditto, in part of 5,000l. by the same privy seal and royal warrant of 3 Aug., 9 Anne1,4041611
Michaelmas term, 9 & 10 Anne, in further part of the same1,6309
Michaelmas term, 10 & 11 Anne, in full of the same1,96413
ditto, in part of 5,000l. by the same privy seal and royal warrant of 11 Jan., 10 Anne675
Michaelmas term, 12 & 13 Anne, in full of the same4,93214
ditto, in part of 10,000l. by the same privy seal and royal warrant of 15 Feb., 12 Anne5,95449
total charge and receipts21,76215
Surplusage due on the foot of the last Account1,057710¼
emptions and provisions8,1080
wages and entertainments: bricklayers at 3s. and 2s. 6d. per diem each, carpenters at 3s. and 2s. 6d. per diem each, masons at 3s. and 2s. 8d. per diem each, with labourers to attend them at 1s. 8d. per diem each, labourers at 2s. and 1s. 6d. per diem each3,37298
task work:
Benjamin Culcheith, painter, for painting work in the Queen's lodgings, the garden-house and at other lodgings, detailed, japanning a large screen for the Queen's bed at the garden house and for other work, detailed777103
Thomas Fort, master joiner, for work in the Queen's gallery and drawing room, the Lord Chamberlain's and Vice Chamberlain's lodgings and elsewhere, detailed2,517195
John Clark, Benjamin Jackson and Henry Bankes, successively master-masons, for setting up the arches in the Queen's privy kitchen, for paving and other work, detailed688113
Dominick Piles, bricklayer, for tiling at the tennis-court, paving cellars and vaults, new building part and raising the rest of the garden wall, etc.81321
David Lance, master playster, for lath and plaster work, etc., in several places, detailed80411
services of divers natures:
James Browne, for carting four bucks and for carriage of account-books, papers, etc.4317
the same for his attendance in making new roads by the Thames and in the Great Park, detailed, and from Windsor Town Gate up Snowden Hill, etc.187168
Henry Wise, gardener, for work in the Little and Great Parks, planting trees, sloping and levelling ground, repairing roads damaged by flood, and other work, detailed1,386150
the same for rolling and sweeping the terrace walk, etc.356100
Mansell Bennett, for mending and cleaning the Great Clock at Windsor Castle, April 1707 to April 171365196
Martha Worster, for cleaning buckets170
George Sorocold, for journeys about mending the water engine719
Thomas Douglas, for mending two water pipes2188
William Brookes, for felling trees for firewood for the Duke of Northumberland, Governor of the Castle1134
John Tayllor, for pulling the engine to pieces for repair, putting it together again, mending the waterwall, etc.10112
Joseph Roberts, engine keeper, for repairs, etc.14516
annual fees and allowances to the Officers of the Works at Windsor:
Sir Christopher Wren, Comptroller of Works and Buildings at Windsor, at 2s. per diem, 1 Oct. 1708 to 30 June, 171317380
John Ball, Surveyor, ditto, ditto17380
William Roberts, Receiver and Paymaster, ditto, ditto17380
James Browne, Purveyor, at 12d. per diem, ditto86140
to the Comptroller for his clerk, ditto, ditto86140
to the Surveyor, ditto, ditto, ditto86140
to the Paymaster, ditto, ditto, ditto86140
Theodore Randue, Keeper of the Castle gate, at 8d. per diem, ditto57160
James Browne, Keeper of the Timber Yard, ditto, ditto57160
John Churchill, master carpenter, at 6d. per diem, ditto4370
and to Thomas Foley for the Auditor's fee118150
total for the above payments 28,024l. 10s. 8¼d.
payments upon special warrants:
Grinlin Gibbons, carver, for his salary at 100l. per an. for cleaning and repairing several pieces of carved work; under royal warrant of 8 July 1702 and Treasury warrant of 26 Oct. 1710; 5½ years to Midsummer 171355000
John Finkell, in full of the charge of building the bridge at Datchet near Windsor; by royal warrant of 2 May 1706 and an Order from Samuel Travers, Supervisor General, of 22 June 1710259158
Exchequer fees3182
total payments and allowances£23,009169
and so the Accomptant is in surplusage1,2471
Declared 17 July 1717.