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'Declared Accounts: Navy', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26: 1712 (1954), pp. CLXXXI-CCIII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2348 [E351/2348].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1729, ROLL 154 [A.O.1/1729/154].
CHARLES CÆSAR, Treasurer of the Navy Royal and of the Victualling.
31 December 1711 to 31 December 1712.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands upon the end of the last Accompt632,29593
and depending on sundry persons named at the foot of the preceding Accompt84,290177
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Michaelmas term, 10 & 11 Anne, in full of 20,000l. [sic for 2,000,000l.] by privy seal of 19 May 9 Anne113,1991611½
ditto, in part of 2,000,000l. by privy seal of 29 December 10 Anne305,5741511½
Easter term, 11 Anne, in further part of the same1,044,926124
Michaelmas term, 11 & 12 Anne, in full of the same649,49811
ditto in part of 1,000,000l. by privy seal of 12 Dec. 11 Anne44,81033
supers and imprest bills paid by former Treasurers and cleared within the time of this Accompt; detailed9,94712
money received of several persons, detailed, for goods and provisions sold by the officers of the Navy out of the stores, etc.1,484,98762
on account of the Victualling:£s.d.
imprests paid by former Treasurers and cleared within the time of this Accompt; detailed1,8961510
money received for victualling soldiers on transport ships1,1251110¾
sundry persons for decayed, etc., provisions sold to them2,775181
the Paymaster of the Guards and Garrisons, for provisions furnished to the Garrison of Newfoundland in 1705 and 17081,67900
Thomas Cooper, by abatements made upon his bill0149
sundry masters and pursers, by like abatements51145
George Champ, by a like abatement2455
William Snelling and George Maxwell, for pebble stones and iron delivered them2163
Robert Rogers, purser of the Union, for money stopped from his bill to discharge a debt115
the value of several tallies and orders received of the Executors of Sir Thomas Littleton, bt., late Navy Treasurer, made out for certain annuities in reversion40,32900
total charge and receipts£4,417,41817
[on account of the Navy]:
Emptions and provisions, detailed652,68119
interest of money borrowed, being advanced by the Bank of England at 6 per cent. per an. or lent on the credit of South Sea Stock by Sir James Bateman and others at the same rate8,69655
salaries to the Principal Officers and Commissioners of the Admiralty and Navy and to their clerks, etc.£s.d.
David, Earl of Weymiss, Vice-Admiral of Scotland and Judge of the Admiralty Court1,00000
Sir John Leake, a Lord of the Admiralty and Rear-Admiral of Great Britain, with 12 servants1,37146
John Aislabie, another Lord of the Admiralty1,00000
Sir George Byng, another ditto1,00000
George Clarke, another ditto1,00000
Sir William Drake, another ditto1,00000
Sir James Wishart, another ditto1,00000
Sir Charles Hedges, President and Judge of the Admiralty Court; ¾ year to Mids. 171260000
Josiah Burchett, Secretary to the Lords of the Admiralty80000
John Fawler, Deputy Secretary60000
Dr. Henry Newton, Advocate General for the office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain21368
William Strahan, Judge Advocate of the Fleet; a year and 17 days191100
Edward Honywood, Deputy Judge Advocate; same time14680
William Ettrick, Councellor at Law to the Admiralty and Navy, in lieu of attendance fees10000
John Warters, his assistant, in lieu of all fees for attendance, clerks, office, etc.40000
Sir William Gifford, a Navy Commissioner50000
Sir Thomas Hopson, another ditto50000
George St. Loe, another ditto, at Chatham50000
Samuel Hunter, another ditto, from 5 July to 29 Sept. 171211223
George Tollett, another ditto50000
Isaac Townsend, another ditto, at Portsmouth50000
Laurence Wright, another ditto, at Kinsale50000
Richard Edwards, another ditto, at Plymouth50000
Sir Richard Haddock, Comptroller of the Navy (inclusive of 500l. of the Queen's Royal Bounty)1,00000
Benjamin Tymewell, Comptroller of the Victualling Accompts of the Navy50000
John Hubbard, Superintendent at Plymouth, 5 May 1711 to 29 Sept. 1712715181
Dennis Lyddell, Comptroller of the Navy Treasurer's Accompts50000
Sir William Jumper, Superintendent at Chatham (including 20l. for stationery)52000
Christopher Myngs, Superintendent at Portsmouth (including 15l. for stationery)51500
Daniell Furzer, Surveyor of the Navy50000
William Lee, another ditto50000
Thomas Jennings, Comptroller of the Storekeeper's Accompts50000
Charles Sergison, Clerk of the Acts50000
William Dale, his assistant30000
David Bartlett, Master Attendant at Lisbon20000
Jordan Bateman, Master Shipwright at Lisbon20000
Robert Frost, Master Attendant at Port Mahon20000
Richard Cheyney, Clerk of the Checque and Muster-Master at Lisbon; ¾ year to Mids. 1712 with 25l. for half a year's salary of an Instrument17500
Thomas Jennings, Storekeeper at Port Mahon, 25 Sept. to 17 Oct. 171110610
Thomas Warren, Clerk of the Checque and Storekeeper at Deal; with the salary of two Instruments for ¾ year at 30l. per annum each and 12l. per annum for sending to the Board a daily list of ships in the Downs20700
William Jones, Storekeeper at Lisbon (and for an Instrument at 50l. per annum); ¾ year187100
Samuel Steele, Clerk of the Survey at Lisbon (and for an Instrument at 50l. per annum); ½ year12500
Paul Stygant, Master Shipwright at Port Mahon; Midsummer 1711 to 7 June 1712190132
John Bridger, Surveyor General of the Woods in the Plantations on the Continent of America; ¾ year15000
William Prescott, Assistant to the Comptroller of the Victualling30000
George Atkins, Storekeeper at Port Mahon; 1¼ years25000
James Cunningham, Storekeeper and Clerk of the Survey at Port Mahon; 13 Dec. 1710 to 9 July 171111540
James Janeway, Clerk of the Survey of the Lisbon Yard; 12 April to 14 June 17123633
Robert Poulter, Clerk of the Survey at Lisbon; 7 June to Mich. 1712 (with the salary of an Instrument at 50l. per annum for 18 days)6273
Clerks in the Admiralty Office, detailed1,277100
Clerks belonging to the Clerk of the Acts, detailed58000
Clerks belonging to the Comptroller of the Navy, detailed755195
Clerks belonging to the Surveyor of the Navy, detailed329172
Clerks belonging to the Comptroller of the Navy Treasurer's Accompts, detailed202100
Clerks belonging to the Comptroller of the Storekeeper's Accompts, detailed625179
Clerks belonging to the Comptroller of the Victualling Accompts, detailed39870
Clerks belonging to the Ticket Office. detailed973111
Clerks to the Navy Commissioners, detailed614311
Clerks to the Yard Superintendents, detailed18000
John Colquitt, Storekeeper at Leith, and to keep an accompt of cruizers and convoys; 1½ years7500
Joseph Dawson, at Dublin, to keep an accompt of cruizers and convoys; 3½ years 8 days7089
John Elbridge, at Bristol, ditto; 3¼ years 99 days69129
David Graham, at Glasgow, ditto; 3¼ years 89 days341510
William Goodacre, at Milford, ditto; 1½ years 85 days1768
Anthony Isaacson, at Newcastle, ditto; 3½ years 8 days7089
Joseph Sewell, at Chester, ditto; 1¾ years 72 days19100
Nathaniel Smith, at Leverpoole, ditto; same time19100
Capt. Thomas Stafford, for care of the boats and pinnaces in Portsmouth Harbour; ¼ year with 6 per cent. interest for ¾ year3554
Luke Bennett, messenger to the Admiralty Office5000
Peter Owen, his assistant3000
Richard Ellistone, another assistant2000
Francis Cook, gardener to the Admiralty Office4000
Sarah Halsey, housekeeper4000
John Lindsey, watchman, and Ann Lindsey, sweeper4000
Benajah Pratt and Richard Waldron, two other watchmen5400
William Thompson, porter3000
James Graves and Richard Sydenham, clerks for examining books, etc.10000
Richard Larkin, clerk to John Louther, Clerk of the Check and Survey at Port Mahon; 1¼ years12100
John Purdew, senior, and John Purdew, junior, clerks at Deal; ¼ year1500
William Wood, for keeping the house for reposing Books, etc. of the Navy Office, etc4860
Thomas Appleby, assistant messenger5000
Thomas Kimber, assistant messenger3000
Elizabeth Champneys, housekeeper8000
Thomas Cartwright, porter2500
William Eastwick, doorkeeper2000
Edward Mould, ditto2000
Judith Maddocks, housekeeper4000
Elizabeth Moorfoot, employed on errands2000
Charles Cæsar, this Accomptant2,00000
Richard Burton, his Paymaster50000
Francis Hawys, his Accomptant40000
Clerks in the Office of the Navy Treasurer, detailed89738
pensions: Sir John Munden; Sir Edward Gregory; Sir Thomas Hopson; Capt. Robert Robinson; Phineas Bowles; Henry Killigrew; Capt. Lionell Ripley, Capt. Robert Wilshaw, Capt. Charles Stewart, Capt. Anthony Tollett, Capt. Woolfran Cornwall, Capt. William Hockede, Capt. John Anderson, Capt. Richard Carveth, Capt. Bartholomew Clements, Capt. William Fazeby, Capt. Lawrence Keck, Capt. Richard Lestock, Capt. John Lowin, Capt. John Mayne, Capt. John Redman, Capt. Humphrey Saunders, Capt. Robert Thompson, Capt. Samuel Tilley, Capt. Henry Tourville, Capt. John Triggs, Capt. Peter Watton, Capt. John Ward, Capt. Charles Adamson, Capt. Benjamin Hoskins, Capt. Seth Jermy, Capt. John Jackson, Capt. John Johnson, Capt. James Naylor; Lieut. Archibald Bowles, Lieut. William Cunningham, Lieut. Charles Carter, Capt. Robert Dobson, Lieut. Thomas Grimstone, Lieut. Peter Huzee, Lieut. Samuell Oates, Lieut. David Tavernour; Peter Britton, Henry Breamer, Richard Bond, Humphrey Cooley, James Christie, Francis Crofts, Nathaniell Doggett, Robert Forbes, William Hopkins, Robert Killner, Robert Kirktown, John Moyle, Edmund Oliver, Robert Pearse, John Phelps, William Robinson, William Sinclare, Joseph Storey, Thomas Seymour, Robert Seddon, Henry Worth, Gabriel Briscoe, superannuated surgeons; Henry Hall, superannuated purser; John Andrews, Thomas Absolome, James Almond, Mary Atkins, Mary Allen, John Brooker, James Bowman, John Barnett, William Banton, Edward Bishop, Michael Browne, William Batt, Richard Bayley, Richard Brinknell, Francis Burrell, Charles Bowler, Thomas Browne, Richard Ball, Joshua Bell, Sampson Bourne, William Browne, Stephen Barnard, John Bond, Richard Blackman, John Barclay, a superannuated surgeon, Reuben Bennett, Capt. Humphrey Blowers, James Bartlett, James Barclay, John Browne, a superannuated surgeon, Thomas Bates, Henry Bayley, a superannuated surgeon, Martha Bembow, Anne, Catharine, Arabella, Elizabeth, Henrietta and Christiana Beaumont (for the loss of their brother), Elizabeth Baker; William Chappell, Jeremiah Conyers, Thomas Corley, David Carr, William Coates, John Caple, Thomas Clements, Ralph Cox, William Crosselly, Lena Cowe, Elizabeth Chapman, Christian Castle, Mary Carter, Thomas Dobbins, John Denham, Peter Dupuy, a superannuated master, Sarah Davenport, Elizabeth Doleman, George Elliott, William Elford, William Erouard, Frances Emmes and her three sisters (for the loss of their father), William Force, William Franklin, John Fournier, Philip le Febure, Mary Fletcher, Daniel Garrett, John Gwenap, John Green, Peter Gandy, Francis Gascoigne, Robert Glandfield, William Good, William Gregory, Thomas Gosling, Charles Guillett, John Gliddon, John Gibbons, Joseph Godwin, dame Anne St. George, Cornelia Galloway, John Haydon, Matthew Hilliard, William Hodges, Daniel Hackman, William Holloway, True Hart, William Harris, Thomas Henton, Rebeccah Hayter, Elizabeth Harman, Philadelphia Hawes, William Haymers, Daniell Hawkins, Moses Jaqeau, William Johnson, William Johnson, John Jenkins, Hester Hollyman, Dinah Johnson and her three sisters (for the loss of their father), Frances Jennifer, John King, Frances Kenny, Edward Lawford, James Leake, William Lenton, John Lambert, Edmund Lowance, William Luckins, Sarah Long, Belthazar St. Mitchell, John Marrett, Thomas Millward, William Marling, Thomas Mollambe, James Markes, John Mingor, John Macky, Henry Morgan, Benjamin Marett, Mary Martin, Stephen Martin, a superannuated surgeon, Jeffery Nellson, John Oliver, John Oliver, Jane Owen, Edward Parry, a superannuated surgeon, William Pickman, William Parker, James Palmer, Robert Pitman, Nicholas Pearce, John Pye, Jacob Penn, Thomas Parsons, William Phillips, John Palmer, Elizabeth Pedder, Richard Rimer, Matthew Richardson, Thomas Rivett, John Sayer for the use of Mary Neville, formerly wife of Vice-Admiral Neville and now wife of Col. Thomas Salisbury, George Spilsby, Richard Scarvile, Thomas Sutton, Francis Saunders, William Stringer, Edward Simpson, Dorothy Searle, Anne Skelton, Francis Skelton, Dr. John Shadwell for Elitheria, Thomas, and William Carter (for the loss of their father), John Tooley, John Taylor, Jacob Tyley, Elizabeth Taylor, Francis Vacey, Elizabeth Urry, Sir John Werden, Henry Wynnell, Thomas Woodgreen, Philip Webber, Abel Wollard, Thomas Wade, Alexander Watson, George Wassell, the Lady Wheeler, Ellen Wrenn, Mary Watkins, Joseph Rydout, a superannuated surgeon, George Ramsey, ditto, William Skeate. ditto, Capt. John Votcar21,317160
Flag-pay and table-money:£s.d.
the Marquiss of Carmarthen as Vice-Admiral of the Red; flag pay Xmas 1709 to Ladyday 1711 and for a year to Mich. 17122,052100
Sir John Leake; flag pay and table-money as Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Fleet 26 Jan. 1710 to 31 Dec. 17112,04000
Sir John Norris, Admiral of the Blue; table-money 14 Nov. 1709 to 15 Oct. 1711; flag-pay 1 Jan. 1710–11 to 31 Dec. 17111,978100
Sir John Jennings; flag-pay as Admiral of the White; same time1,277100
John Baker; flag-pay as Vice-Admiral of the Blue; 1 Jan. 1710–11 to 31 Dec. 1711912100
Sir Edward Whitaker; flag-pay as Vice-Admiral of the White; same time912100
Sir Charles Wager; flag-pay as Rear-Admiral of the Red; 1 Jan. 1710–11 to 31 Dec. 1711638150
Sir George Byng; flag-pay as Admiral of the White; 13 July 1711 to 31 Dec. 171160200
Sir Hovendon Walker; flag-pay as Rear-Admiral of the White 27 Jan. 1710–11 to 31 Dec. 1711 and to complete his pay to that of Rear-Admiral of the Blue; 8 May 1711 to 8 Oct. 171185950
Sir Thomas Hardy; flag-pay as Rear-Admiral of the Blue; 27 Jan. 1710–11 to 31 Dec. 171159350
Matthew Aylmer; flag-pay and table-money as Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Fleet; 1 Jan. to 25 Jan. 1710–1115000
Sir Stafford Fairborne, as Vice-Admiral of the Red; 26 Dec. 1709 to 31 Dec. 171192000
Sir William Whetstone, as Rear-Admiral of the White; 26 Dec. 1709 to 31 March 171140376
George, Earl of Dartmouth, late Commander of the Katherine; for ¼ year due at Mich. 1684, with interest for ¾ year to Xmas 17113081
Sir Thomas Hardy, as Rear-Admiral of the Blue; 26 Dec. 1710 to 26 Jan. 1710–112800
rewards to Officers and others named, for cure of wounds, for instructing youth in navigation, for acting as Deputy Judge Advocate, as Judge Advocate and as Provost-Marshal, etc. detailed at length7,69122
disbursements of various natures; detailed at length15,569119
wages or pay per Bill, detailed2,842150
price of ships:£s.d.
Harcourt Master, agent to the captors, for the value of the Moor, a Prize Ship taken by the Bredah, the Warspright and the Berwick, and taken into the Queen's service2,752810
Richard Gay, master of the John and Sarah hoy, taken by the French while in the Queen's service329157
travelling charges, not detailed3,575125
victualling charges, ditto4,50029
free gifts for medicines5,11934
hire and freight of sundry vessels for transporting goods and provisions, detailed with dates:
Matthew Byers, master of the Mary and Catherine, for transporting stores to Jamaica199117
John Brooke, master of the John and Mary hoy, for her hire66176
John Brown, master of the Henry and Richard hoy, ditto571010
Richard Bristow, master of the Woolwich transport20150
Richard Beach, master of the Transporter hoy3150
Richard Burrell, for transporting stores300
Thomas Coalshurst, part-owner of the ship Leake, hired as a hospital ship4,813133
Thomas Crokendon, for hire of the Adventure hoy554165
Sir Ambrose Crawley, Kt., for transporting stores on the John of London520
Ralph Carter, for transporting stores300
Joseph Dunn, master of the Mayflower pink, for her hire698183
Thomas Duffin, master of the Success hoy34114
John Dulk, master of the Anne transport2900
William Dudding, for transporting stores11163
William Smy, master of the Elizabeth and Anne41197
John Evenden, master of the Endeavour ketch, for her hire6401
John Erwin, master of the John and Bridget yacht, for her hire61191
Robert Frost, for hire of the Success smack9232
Joseph Hawe, master of the Mutuall Consent394710
William Hawe, master of the Centurion26858
William Hudson, master of the Thomas and Elizabeth pink9458
Robert Hownsell, master of the Prosperous hoy71103
Thomas Hammerden, master of the Prosperous hoy5754
Lawrence Haslam, master of the Goodwell pink5000
John Hoystead, for hire of the John and Mary smack69711
Thomas Hipper, master of the Thomas and Hester, for hire of the said smack3606
Benjamin Joules, for transporting ballast65876
John Joules and Susanna Marrett, ditto727119
Thomas Jones, master of the Mary pink62127
George Jennings, master of the Joanna pink13099
Thomas King, master of the Blossom532143
Matthew Kent, master of the Success pink, for her hire20243
William Lloyd and Peter Backs, for transporting stores to Lisbon36674
Timothy Lidstone, master of the Good Success, ditto to Kinsale469151
Capt. Thomas Lovell, Commander of the Canada galley, for her hire as an hospital ship51268
Jonathan Mellish, master of the Woodstock galley, for her hire in transporting stores from Lisbon to Port Mahon694186
George Marley, master of the William and Elizabeth ketch, for her hire14186
William Mack-Williams, master of the Richard and John brigantine, for her hire689311
William Mitchell, master of the Rochester smack, for transporting stores and for hire of the Jane ketch and of the William and Mary smack15193
Thomas Mills, for hire of the Anne yacht and of the London yacht266196
John Maffett, for transporting ballast12696
William Ovett, master of the Providence pink, for her hire43153
Joseph Rabbenett, for transporting ballast12192
Melchia Rabbenett, executrix to the said Joseph, for ditto18634
John Roberts, master of the Joseph and Daniell, for transporting stores to Barbadoes3777
John Robbins, master of the Anne hoy, for her hire14318
John Stephens, master of the Owners' Goodwill41711
John Sparrow, master of the Society pink, for her hire420102
Joseph Spratt, master of the Sarah pink, ditto35897
William Salmer, for transporting stores9100
John Smith, master of the Friendship hoy, for her hire451311
Thomas Smith, for hire of the John and Sarah smack181142
Richard Sympson, for transporting stores3150
Thomas Taylour, master of the Adventure smack, for her hire461010
Bernard Thurman, master of the Anne and Francis, ditto53910
Henry Watson, for transporting stores4150
William Young, master of the John and Anne hoy, for her hire40210
house rent of the Principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy and rent of other places hired, viz.: Sir William Gifford, George Tollett and Sir Thomas Hopson, Navy Commissioners, at 80l. per annum each; Laurence Wright, ditto at Kinsale, at 50l. per annum; Samuel Hunter, ditto, for 85 days at 80l. per annum; William Lee, Surveyor of the Navy at 80l. per annum; Dennis Lyddell, for rent of a house for reposing books and papers of the Navy Office at 80l. per annum; William Dale, Assistant to the Clerk of the Acts, at 50l. per annum; Philadelphia Ryder for rent of the Broad Street Office at 160l. per annum; Edward Southwell for rent of a wharf at Kinsale at 72l. per annum for 1½ years; Sir Nicholas Morrice for rent of Mountwise in Devonshire at 100l. for ¼ year; Ruth Howard for rent of a barge house at Stangate, co. Surrey, at 18l. per annum828106
wages and entertainments of sundry Officers and Mariners serving on board the following ships£s.d.
the Advice (James Smith, gunner); 1 July 1707 to 27 June 171110,66619
the Albro' (Henry Smith, boatswain); 5 March 1705–6 to 30 June 17081,61312
the Arundell (William Mauditt, chaplain); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 170830685
the St. Albans (Samuel Hill, 2nd Lieut.); 30 Aug. 1706 to 30 June 17082,16449
Joseph Cornwall, master caulker, and other artificers at Port Mahon; 1 July 1710 to 30 June 17111,313210
the Bredah (Thomas Long, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 29 Dec. 171225,40611
the Berwick (Thomas Liell, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 2 Dec. 171225,7111
the Bridgewater (Thomas Laurence, Commander); 1 July 1707 to 7 Jan. 1711–1211,21813
the Bedford galley (John Jackson, Commander); 31 Aug. 1709 to 10 Oct. 17126,879111
the Bredah (William Padgecoat, cook); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170824716
the Bonetta (John Foulks, surgeon); 1 July 1708 to 2 Jan. 1711–123,112511
the Cambridge (Francis Dove, Commander); 26 Jan. 1708 to 23 Sept. 171214,25434
the Chichester (Richard Leake, Commander); 13 March 1710–11 to 2 Jan. 1711–124,68827
the Cruizer (James Herbert, Commander); 9 Jan. 1709 to 24 Sept. 17123,44886
the Colchester (Thomas Hall, carpenter); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170833218
the Charlotte yacht (George Breholt, Commander); 1 July 1702 to 24 April 17101,082124
the Dunkirk (Hon. Algernon Grevile, Commander); 1 Jan. 1704–5 to 30 June 170914,4150
the Dragon (George Martin, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 16 March 1711–1214,046161
the Deptford (William Rounswell, gunner); 29 Sept. 1708 to 19 Dec. 171211,8561510
the Dreadnought (Strickland Turwhit, First Lieut.); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 170858010
the Dragon (George Martin, Commander); 31 Oct. 1707 to 30 June 170845988
the Defyance (Thomas Griffin, gunner); 8 May 1707 to 30 June 170854448
the Delight (Samuell Pittman, Lieutenant); 18 Oct. 1709 to 15 Nov. 17123,3411411
the Diligence (John Rose, Commander); 10 June 1709 to 20 Sept. 17123,268141
the Discovery (James Dalzeel, Commander); 26 May 1711 to 20 Sept. 17121,450106
the Drake (Charles Carter, Commander); 9 Nov. 1705 to 30 June 17093,85647
the Dispatch (William Jones, surgeon); 1 July 1708 to 10 Jan. 1711–122,5371211
the Drake (Capt. Charles Carter, Commander); 1 July 1709 to 25 Sept. 17124,18664
the Edgar (Timothy Splaine, Lieutenant); 31 March 1709 to 15 Oct. 171114,879162
the Elephant (John Roberts, Commander); 1 Oct. 1706 to 1 Jan. 17092,08516
the Elephant (Charles Clark, surgeon); 17 Oct. 1705 to 30 Sept. 1706791
the Express (John Tonkin, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 30 Oct. 17123,649174
the Feversham (Caleb Leaky, gunner); 1 July 1708 to 7 Oct. 17116,34675
the Fame (Thomas Mellan, Lieutenant); 16 July 1709 to 21 Sept. 17101,14571
the Firme (John Bennett, Commander); 8 Feb. 1710–11 to 9 Sept. 17123,71179
the Folkstone (Richard Rimes, carpenter); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170817284
the Fly (Joseph Roydhous, Commander); 1 July 1707 to 18 Jan. 1711–123,233311
the Fly (George Mackorkle, surgeon); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 170763276
the Greyhound (Henry Langrish, Lieatenant); 1 July 1707 to 26 Aug. 171110,9891611
the Guarland (Walter Ross, Commander); 16 Feb. 1710–11 to 9. Aug. 17121,90313
the St. George (John Pearne, boatswain's mate); 26 Sept. 1708 to 31 Dec. 1709316175
the Humber (Daniell Mahon, purser); 26 March 1708 to 29 July 17102,227118
the Hind (Cæsar Blunt, Lieutenant); 13 July 1709 to 21 Sept. 17093422
the Hare (James Mellison, Commander); 11 Oct. 1709 to 17 July 17122,36518
the Hind (Robert Jennings, Commander); 30 Sept. 1709 to 29 Nov. 17112,521104
the Happy sloop (William Haddock, Commander); 25 April 1711 to 30 Sept. 17121,50572
the Hound (John Wall, surgeon); 1 July 1708 to 30 June 170962381
the Henrietta yacht (John Bowyer, carpenter, and Henry Roper, able-seaman); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 17082618
the Jersey (Norton Rockcliffe, purser); 13 Dec. 1707 to 30 June 17081471911
the Jersey (Edward Vernon, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 1 Sept. 171217,88574
the Isle of Wight (John Wood, Commander); 1 Sept. 1709 to 9 Aug. 17121,461100
the Isabella yacht (John Mihell, Commander); 9 Jan. 1707–8 to 30 June 17084221
the John and Elizabeth (William Mackgill, master mate); 16 April 1711 to 5 July 171219143
the John and Sarah sloop (John Oxford, master mate); 15 April 1712 to 11 June 171213310
the Joseph and Francis hoy (John Sexton, master mate); 27 June 1711 to 6 Sept. 1711110154
the Kingston (Edward Chaunt, Commander); 18 Nov. 1706 to 27 Nov. 171221,36415
the Kent (Robert Johnson, Commander); 29 Nov. 1708 to 30 June 17093,317138
the Katherine yacht (William Haire and Richard Colby, mariners); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 17081193
the Lenox (John Bennett, Commander); 8 Aug. 1711 to 20 Dec. 17128,24295
the Leopard (Thomas Gordon, Commander); 1 July 1709 to 18 Dec. 171213,36197
the Lynn (Joseph Denham, carpenter); 1 July 1708 to 23 Oct. 17129,332145
the Leopard (Thomas Gordon, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 30 June 17093,056173
the Lyme (John Tarlie, surgeon); 1 July 1706 to 25 Sept. 1708592198
the Lively (Ezekiell Wright, Commander); 19 July 1709 to 1 Oct. 17123,2291911
the Lark (John Bone, Commander); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 1708241114
the Medway (William Farquhar, surgeon); 1 July 1709 to 11 Dec. 171216,262911
the Montagu (James Luck, Second Lieut.); 1 July 1708 to 30 June 17094,304111
the Monk (Salmon Morrice, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 8 May 171112,5531611
the Montagu (John Skidley, surgeon); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 17081,26616
the Milford (David Soesbury, gunner); 1 July 1708 to 30 June 17092,28083
the Mary (Christopher Parker, First Lieut.); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 17082,347142
the Milford (David Soesbury, gunner); 24 Dec. 1705 to 30 June 17081,4711411
the Maidstone (George Wright, gunner); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 17092,0373
the Mermaid (John Chilley, Commander); 23 July 1707 to 30 June 17093,937144
the Margate (Edward Mansell, Commander); 10 Nov. 1709 to 27 Sept. 17123,584137
the Merlin (Toby Lisle, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 17 Sept. 17123,71316
the Martha (George Anderson, gunner); 27 Sept. 1707 to 8 July 17107011111
the Newcastle (Joseph Peach, First Lieut.); 1 July 1708 to 7 Jan. 1711–1213,038411
the Newark (Samuell Chadwick, First Lieut.); 1 July 1708 to 12 Feb. 1710–111,08250
the Norwich (Jonathan Spann, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 22 Oct. 171218,83655
the Newark (William Sinclair, surgeon); 7 April 1708 to 30 June 17087390
the Norwich (John James, corporal); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170827982
the Nightingale (Phillip Burrell, surgeon); 17 Oct. 1707 to 30 June 17091,842164
the Oxford (Charles Smith, Commander); 16 Dec. 1710 to 22 Oct. 17127,63251
the Orford's Prize (Golden Johnson, master's mate); 7 Nov. 1708 to 27 Nov. 170910316
the Otter sloop (Anthony Wilkes, Lieutenant); 6 March 1709–10 to 24 Nov. 17122,774135
the Portland (Elias Brand, Lieutenant); 1 July 1708 to 15 Dec. 171215,94791
the Portsmouth (George Bayley, Lieutenant); 1 July 1708 to 24 Oct. 17129,4651811½
the Pearle (Henry Lawson, Commander); 5 Aug. 1708 to 3 Dec. 17129,494171
the Plymouth (William Mason, First Lieut.); 25 May 1708 to 30 June 17094,475161
the Pembrook (Thomas Hitchmore, Quartermaster); 1 July 1708 to 29 Dec. 170978511
the Plymouth Prize (Thomas Boswood, surgeon); 24 Aug. 1709 to 21 Dec. 1709106136
the Penzance (Duncan Baine, surgeon); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 17095,468122
the Peregrine galley (Thomas Linders, carpenter's mate); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 170839178
the Queenboro' (John Phelps, surgeon); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 17093,014107
the Queenboro' (Samuel Peck and William Appleby, able seamen); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170816105
the Rochester (Thomas Rutherford, gunner); 1 July 1708 to 13 Oct. 171216,866114
the Restoration (John Hartnoll, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 9 Nov. 171120,105198
the Romney (William Powell, carpenter); 2 Dec. 1708 to 30 June 17092,304173
the Royall Anne (William Orchard, master's mate); 1 July 1707 to 17 Dec. 17091,69015
the Reserve (George Willey, midshipman); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 17086271
the Revenge (William Walter, purser); 1 July 1707 to 18 Oct. 17102,31463
the Royall Anne (Thomas Hargood, carpenter); 18 Dec. 1709 to 23 Oct. 171064326
the Rochester Prize (William Pearse, carpenter); 1 July 1708 to 14 Jan. 17114,440173
the Rochester (William Henceman, midshipman); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170835590
the Royall Anne galley (Nicholas Tucker, gunner); 2 March 1708–9 to 30 June 170938515
the Runner transport (William Taylor, master); 26 Sept. 1707 to 30 June 1710376127
the Swiftsure (Richard Griffith, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 23 Dec. 171226,96052
the Severn (Gilbert Wallis, First Lieutenant); 1 July 1708 to 10 Oct. 171217,635153
the Scarboro' (Stephen Hutchins, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 1 Nov. 17104,9061910
the Swiftsure (Richard Griffith, Commander); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 17081,57448
the Sunderland (George, Lord Forbes, Commander); 12 July 1708 to 30 June 17093,52002
the Speedwell (William Smith, carpenter); 1 July 1705 to 30 June 17081,98913
the Salisbury (Thomas Mabbott, First Lieut.); 3 July 1707 to 30 June 1708961119
the Sea-Horse (John Robertson, Lieutenant); 10 Nov. 1709 to 26 Dec. 17112,380178
the Sorlings (Robert Jackson, Commander); 18 Feb. 1705 to 30 June 17083,1051
the Swallow (John Sherwood, midshipman); 1 July 1708 to 30 June 17093,561194
the Swan (Hugh Kennedy, surgeon); 22 Sept. 1709 to 4 Dec. 17123,375311
the Swallow (Richard New, purser); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170832912
the Success (Charles Boyle, Commander); 9 June 1709 to 13 Sept. 17095877
the Swallow Prize (George Baddon, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 29 July 17115,788121
the Shoreham's Prize (Digby Dent, Commander); 12 Sept. 1709 to 1 July 17122,89401
the Speedwell Prize (Christopher Parker, Commander); 20 Sept. 1708 to 3 Sept. 17126,24147
the Seaford's Prize (John Totter, gunner); 12 May 1708 to 12 June 17123,953210¾
the Salisbury (William Rickets, master); 15 May 1707 to 30 June 1708150111
the Swallow's Prize (John Bowyer, carpenter); 18 Jan. 1704–5 to 30 June 1708636011½
the Swift sloop (William Jacobson, carpenter); 1 July 1708 to 25 Sept. 17125,1611511
the Star Bomb (Charles Truebody, surgeon); 30 Jan. 1709–10 to 29 May 1712562124
the Swift sloop (William Totton, surgeon's mate); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 1708162194
the Tyger (Titus Smith, First Lieutenant); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 17098,8731410
the Tryton (John Berkley, Lieutenant); 1 July 1705 to 5 Oct. 17083,78952
the Tilbury (Phillip Dunn, gunner); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 1708487136
the Torbay (Andrew Harwood, boatswain); 31 Jan. 1708 (sic) to 30 June 1708215158
the Tryton's Prize (David Condon, cook); 18 March 1704–5 to 30 June 170831910
the Valeur (Peter Anderson, Lieutenant); 1 July 1708 to 6 Sept. 17103,68455
the Valeur (Matthew James, gunner); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170842167
the Warspright (Gasper Hicks, Commander): 1 July 1708 to 13 Sept. 171223,931161
the Worcester (Richard Canninge, Commander); 1 July 1707 to 16 June 171219,31269
the Warspright (Leonard Sutton, boatswain); 1 July 1706 to 30 June 170852943
the Weasell (Charles Pool, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 22 Sept. 17125,364157
the Whiting (William Smith, Commander); 15 July 1711 to 14 Jan. 1711–1234648
the William and Mary smack (John Green, master's mate); 9 April 1712 to 30 Oct. 17124825
the William and Mary yacht (Robert Terrill, carpenter's mate); 1 July 1707 to 30 June 170818127
the York (Sir Nicholas Trevanion, Commander); 1 July 1708 to 30 June 17094,69297
wages and entertainments of Officers, clerks, artificers, labourers, etc. employed in the Dockyards and Ropeyards; with names of chief clerks, etc.:
Deptford dockyard in ordinary (year to 30 Sept. 1711)4,253180
Woolwich ditto (ditto)2,936710
Chatham ditto (ditto)9,278134
Sheerness ditto (ditto)2,608165
Portsmouth ditto (1½ years to same date)10,91210
Plymouth ditto (ditto)4,948133
Harwich ditto (ditto)2,18891
Kinsale ditto (year to 30 June 1711)1,71573
Deptford dockyard in extraordinary (year to 30 Sept. 1711)27,83093
Woolwich ditto (ditto)21,821124
Chatham ditto (ditto)36,60155
Sheerness ditto (ditto)7,335182
Portsmouth ditto (1½ years to same date)97,518127
Plymouth ditto (ditto)28,13347
Harwich ditto (ditto)4,266161
Kinsale ditto (year to same date)1,1621
Woolwich ropeyard (year to 30 Sept. 1711)5,80718
Chatham ditto (ditto)6,0671511
Portsmouth ditto (1½ years to same date)9,36987
Plymouth ditto (ditto)6,35535
total for the dockyards and ropeyards 291,111l. 15s. 2½d.
total as above for the service of the Navy 1,775,504l. 17s. 0¼d.
money paid to the widows and orphans of seamen slain in the Queen's service10,30167
on account of the victualling:
emptions and provisions451,71306
interest upon bills of stores17135
monies due to several pursers, masters of ships, etc., detailed, for the balance of their victualling accounts14,536175
workmanship, detailed5,747123
hire and freight, not detailed22,309101
disbursements, detailed706113
salaries of the Commissioners of the victualling, etc., Thomas Beere, Kenrick Edisbury, George Courtney, Samuel Hunter, Henry Lee, Sir Francis Masham, bt., Henry Vincent, William Stephens, Commissioners, at 400l. per annum each for varying periods; John Bishop, Accountant General, and his clerks; Joseph Martin, cashier; Sprig Manestry, secretary to the Victualling Office; John Clifton, storekeeper and clerk of the bakehouse; clerks, muster-master, purveyors, etc.4,35116
wages, etc., detailed13,90916
rents to divers persons, detailed1,15033
necessary and extraordinary necessary money17,57706
short allowance money17,587158
travelling charges189132
ordinary allowances on passing this Accompt:
to the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer6134
to this Accomptant16134
to Mr. Francis Hawes42100
money paid for satisfying the interest due from the Publick to the Proprietors of South Sea Company Stock540,32112
total payments and allowances2,876,36914
and so remains 1,541,049l. 2s. 9d.
whereof depending on sundry persons for money imprested to them:
to several persons named at the foot of the previous Accompt 8 June to 31 Dec. 171184,290177
and on accompt of the Navy to Thomas Savery, Treasurer for Sick and Wounded, by several Bills detailed, and to Sir Roger Mostyn, bt., Paymaster of the Marines, ditto174,74906
and so the accomptant is Indebted1,282,00948
Declared 10 April 1717.
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1825, ROLL 515 [A.O.1/1825/515].
MARTHA SAVERY, widow and executrix of THOMAS SAVERY, Treasurer to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded Seamen.
1 July 1711 to 30 June 1712.
Arrears: remaining in this Accomptant's hands upon the end of the last Accompt6,633211¼
dependent on sundry persons named at the foot of the said Accompt for money imprested to them54,78861
Receipts: money received of Charles Cæsar, late Navy Treasurer, by Bill dated 31 Oct. 17116,00000
ditto by Bill dated 25 Feb. 1711–124,00000
ditto by Bill dated 18 April 17121,674311
ditto by Bill dated 6 May 171287,90518
voluntary charge: interest on Exchequer Bills in the Accomptant's hands103
money received of the Paymaster General of the Forces, for the charge of maintaining sick land soldiers:
to be paid over to Thomas Code, surgeon of the hospital at Falmouth, for soldiers put on shore from 1 Sept. 1706 to 30 Sept. 170835875
to be paid over to the undertakers of the hospitals at Gosport and Deal, for quartering soldiers of Maj. Gen. Livesay's and Lieut. Gen. Farrington's Regiments of Foot, employed on Gen. Erle's Expedition20916
ditto, for soldiers of eight other regiments of the same Expedition69306
total charge and receipts162,2724
Charges of sick and wounded seamen; cures and conduct money, quarters, funerals and contingencies:
Boston: to Thomas Catterall for William Garmon, agent there, for quarters, cures and conduct money, 30 Sept. to 31 Dec. 1711370
Deal: Dr. Stephen Napleton, physician; Edward St. Leger and John Fawler, surgeons; William Freame, agent; Edward Lloyd, chaplain; Anthony Glover, waterman; for their salaries127100
Dover: Lancelot Whitehall, agent at Dover, for quarters, cures and conduct money, Mich. 1708 to Ladyday 1712; also for his salary, for conduct money paid to seamen returned from France and for necessaries purchased254139
Falmouth: Thomas Coade, surgeon, for a quarter's salary650
Gosport: Thomas Tucker, surgeon, and William Rice, his mate; Peter Levermore, another surgeon; Mr. Dugard, chaplain; for their salaries for the quarter67100
Harwich: Dr. John Dade, physician; John Aldrich, surgeon; for their salaries for the quarter62100
Plymouth: Elizabeth Griffith, executrix of John Griffith, late agent, for his salary; John Seymour, physician; William Wyat, surgeon; Nicholas Wynston, second surgeon; Thomas Woolcomb, agent; John Gaidge, chaplain; for their salaries1394
Portsmouth: Dr. William Smith, physician, and Robert Hart, surgeon, for their salaries for a quarter72100
Pembrook: John Seymour, agent at Pembrook, for quarters, cures and conduct money, Mids. 1709 to Mids. 1710148148
Rochester: Dr. Thomas Smith, physician; Dr. Robert Cony; Thomas Freame, agent; William White, chaplain; Richard Collins, late chaplain; for their salaries; also to Josias Alexander, for carrying sick seamen from the Nore and Sheerness to the hospital, 1 Oct. to 31 Dec. 1711; also to Robert Cony, for an extra mate139311¾
Sheerness: Thomas Clough, agent, for a quarter's salary1000
money paid the Apothecaries' Company for medicines, viz. at Port Mahon 383l. 3s. 9d., at Rochester 29l. 9s. 1d., at Plymouth 144l. 8s. 7½d., and at Rochester 91l. 4s. 4d.6486
the Queen's allowance of 2d. per diem to seamen in the London hospitals and for the quarters of others until they were admitted82534
salaries: Col. Philip Herbert, Dr. Richard Adams, Col. Thomas Lawrence, Dr. Peter Silvestre and Dr. Henry Plumptree, Commissioners, at 300l. per annum each, for three quarters 1,525l. 0s. 0d.; Mr. Francis Lynn, Secretary to the Commissioners at 200l. per annum, with 10l. per annum for his housekeeper, for the same time 157l. 10s. 0d.; Thomas Savery, this Accomptant, for himself and two clerks, for the same time 225l. 0s. 0d.; several clerks, named 290l.; doorkeeper and messengers, named 52l. 10s.; Edward Harley, for his fee as Auditor 100l.1,95000
charges of prisoners at war: subsistence, cures, conduct, funeral expenses and contingent disbursements:
Dover: Thomas Broadly, surgeon, for half a year's salary 15l.; William Walley, marshal, for a quarter's salary 12l. 10s.; and for subsistence, etc., Ladyday 1709 to Ladyday 1712 107l. 10s.13500
Tower Hill: Henry Middleton, surgeon, for a quarter's salary2100
Northfields: Joseph Robson, for half a year's rent of a prison1100
Plymouth: William Slaughter, marshal, for a quarter's salary12100
Pembrook: subsistence and quarters, Midsummer quarter 17101809
Southampton: Samuel Slater, marshal, for a quarter's salary 12l. 10s. 0d.; John Hubbard, surgeon, ditto 7l. 10s.2000
stationery wares: to Richard Mount (including 51l. 16s. 6d. for sick and wounded)8351
total payments and allowances4,7374
and so remains 157,534l. 19s. 5¾d.
against which depending on sundry persons for money imprested to them:
Bristol: Samuel Pye, surgeon [cleared]3000
Dartmouth: Caleb Rocket [cleared]20000
Deal: John Huggins, 500l. [cleared]; William Freame 390l. [cleared]89000
Edinburgh: James Hamilton, 300l. [cleared]; Francis Pringle, 100l. [cleared]40000
Gibraltar: John Norridge, surgeon50000
Gosport: Peter Levermore, agent [cleared]50000
Hull: James Clarke, late surgeon, 32l.; Benjamin Wade, surgeon, 50l. [cleared]8200
Ireland: Gilbert Pepper, marshal, 190l. [cleared]; Quintin Osborne, surgeon, 304l. 2s. 3d. [cleared]49423
Lisbon: John White, agent [cleared]10000
Plymouth: John Griffith, 300l. [cleared]; Thomas Wolcombe, 300l. [cleared]60000
Miscellanies: Capt. Richard Gibson, surgeon of the hospital ship Princes Anne, 200l. [cleared]; Capt. Thos. Matthew, Commander of the Chester, 55l. 16s. 6d.; Capt. Walter Riddle, Commander of the Falmouth, 200l.455166
Port Mahon: Peirce Griffith, agent [cleared]6,786134
North Shields: John Wilson, agent [cleared]8000
Pembroke: Howell Powell [cleared]5000
Rochester: Thomas Freame [cleared]35000
Rye: Jeremiah Greble, surgeon [cleared]1000
Sheerness: Blackerby Fairfax5000
West Indies: Joseph Gyde, agent at the Jamaica hospital, 4,291l.; Philip Rockby, surgeon at New York, 672l. 19s. 3d. [cleared]; Hugh Gaine, agent at Jamaica, 4,019l. 9s. 0d. [cleared]; William Roberts and Co. at Barbados, 4,382l. 1s. 3d. [cleared]; Samuel Cox, 219l. [cleared]; George Joyce, 20l.; Capt. George Martin for care of sick and wounded at New England, 59l. 13s. 7d.; Capt. William Herriot, 32l. 4s. 10d.; Capt. Teate, 9l. 3s. 11d.; Capt. George Paddon, 32l. 5s. 7d.; John Paine, surgeon, 100l. [cleared]13,837175
Yarmouth: Dr. Hezekiah Clark, 10l. [cleared]; Samuel Pake, 150l. [cleared]16000
on accompt of prisoners at war in former years
Bristoll: Samuel Pye [cleared]10000
Deal: William Freame [cleared]10000
Dover: William Walley, marshal [cleared]1,90000
Edinburgh: Francis Pringle, agent [cleared]20000
Guernsey: George Lisley, agent, 50l.; John Bressey, marshal, 2,173l. [cleared]2,22300
Harwich: John Aldridge [cleared]25000
Hull: Benjamin Wade, surgeon [cleared]40000
Ireland: Gilbert Pepper, marshall, 5,879l. 8s. [cleared]; Thomas Proby, surgeon, 300l. [cleared]6,17980
Jersey: Edmond Hammond, agent, 680l.; William Lazenby, marshal, 730l. [cleared]1,41000
Lisbon: Sampson Sherrard, agent, 300l. [cleared]; John Wilson, marshal, 900l. [cleared]1,20000
London: Peter Stanley, marshal [cleared]1,65000
North Shields: John Wilson, agent cleared]17000
Pembroke: Howell Powell, agent [cleared]20000
Plymouth: William Slaughter, marshal [cleared]2,06000
Rye: Jeremiah Greble1000
Southampton: Roger Clutterbuck, late marshal, 2,200l. [cleared]; Samuel Slater, marshal, 1,200l. [cleared]3,40000
Shereness: Blackerby Fairfax [cleared]3000
transportation: John Peirce for transporting prisoners90000
Weymouth: John le Dozé, agent10000
Yarmouth: Dr. Hezekiah Clarke6320
contingencies: Peter Stanley, messenger6,30000
imprests within the time of this Accompt:
on accompt of sick and wounded:
Bristoll: Samuel Py, surgeon [cleared]10000
Deal: William Freame, agent, 480l. [cleared]; John Huggins, undertaker, 300l. [cleared]48000
Dover: Lancelot Whitehall, agent5000
Edinburgh: Francis Pringle10000
Gosport: Peter Levermore, agent, 480l. [cleared]; Nathaniel Jackson, undertaker, 700l. [cleared]1,18000
Hull: Benjamin Wade, agent [cleared]20000
Harwich: John Aldrich, agent [cleared]10000
Plymouth: Thomas Woolcombe, agent, 200l. [cleared]; Samuel Slaughter, undertaker, 700l. [cleared]90000
Pembroke: Howell Powell, agent [cleared]16290
Port Mahon: George Boucher, surgeon1000
Rochester: Thomas Freame, agent, 260l. [cleared]; Thomas Knackstone, undertaker, 300l. [cleared]56000
Weymouth: Jonathan Ledoze, agent [cleared]15500
Yarmouth: Samuel Pake, agent [cleared]2000
office contingencies: Peter Stanley, messenger [cleared]1,73000
on accompt of prisoners at war:
Dover: William Walley, marshal [cleared]20000
Guernsey: John Bressey, marshal [cleared]5000
Hull: Benjamin Wade, agent [cleared]82122
London, Tower Hill: Peter Stanley, marshal [cleared]20000
North Shields: John Wilson, agent [cleared]10000
Plymouth: William Slaughter, marshal [cleared]1,327150
Southampton: Samuel Slater, marshal [cleared]60000
Yarmouth: Samuel Pake, agent [cleared]7500
and so the said Accomptant is Indebted94,7303
Declared 10 April 1717.
[Editor's note: the amounts cleared are shown in the margin of this Audit Office Roll; there is a figure of 156,274l. 10s. 0¾d. in Arabic numerals under the line "And so remains 157,534l. 19s. 5¾d."]
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2547 [E351/2547].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1820, ROLL 481 [A.O.1/1820/481].
The Account of THOMAS BAKER and WILLIAM GOSSELIN, Receivers of the Arrears of Prizes, from 18 March 1708–9 to 29 September 1715.
See Vol. XXV of this Calendar, p. ccxxxvi.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2539 [E351/2539].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1819, ROLL 480 [A.O.1/1819/480].
The Account of THOMAS BAKER and WILLIAM GOSSELIN, Receivers of the Arrears of Prizes, from 18 March 1708–9 to 29 September 1715.
See Vol. XXV of this Calendar, p. ccxliii.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2585 [E351/2585].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1829, ROLL 544 [A.O.1/1829/544].
The Account of JOHN WARTER, Solicitor and Comptroller of the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty, from 26 June 1710 to 26 June 1713.
See Vol. XXV of this Calendar, p. cclii.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2573 [E351/2573].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1826, ROLL 523 [A.O.1/1826/523].
SIR ROGER MOSTYN, bt., Paymaster of Marines.
5 September 1711 to 30 November 1725.
Arrears: none, this being the Accomptant's first and only Accompt.
Receipts: money depending on this Accomptant in the accompts of Charles Cæsar, late Navy Treasurer, detailed; 8 June 1711 to 14 Oct. 1714289,29595
ditto in the final accompt of John Aislabie, late Navy Treasurer, detailed, 1 Jan. to 19 March 1717–1834,17513
ditto in the accompt of Pattee Byng, Navy Treasurer, detailed, 1 Jan. 1724–25 to 31 Dec. 17257,03597
total receipts 330,506l. 12s. 8½d.
Voluntary charge: sums stopped for Exchequer fees and for the customary deduction of 6d. in the 1l., for dividends on South Sea Stock and Bank Annuities, etc., detailed (including 222l. 18s. for money sent from Barcelona for the Marines at Denia, 272l. 8s. 11d. for poundage, etc., 2,202l. 5s. 6d. for dividends on South Sea Stock, 1,891l. 14s. 3d. for ditto on Bank Annuities and 1,621l. 10s. 9¼d., for certificates from the Commissioners for determining the debts due to the Army for which the Accomptant issued debentures and for which he has credit in the discharge)6,44417
total charge and receipts£336,95110
Pay of the Officers and soldiers in the six Regiments of Marines:
the Regiment commanded by Lieut. Gen. Charles Wills in part of 94,759l. 10s. 5d. for pay from 25 Dec. 1708 to 24 June 1713 and thereafter to the several days of disbandment in 1713 and 1714; detailed39,5368
the Regiment commanded by Lieut. Gen. Henry Holt in part of 96,327l. 18s. 2d. for pay from 25 Dec. 1708 to 24 June 1713 and thereafter to the several days of disbandment in 1714, 1715 and 1716; detailed53,187152
the Regiment commanded successively by Col. Joshua Churchill and Sir Harry Goring in part of 89,812l. 0s. 11d. for pay from 25 Dec. 1708 to 24 March 1712–13, when the same was placed on the Irish Establishment, and for pay of supernumeraries from 25 March to 13 Nov. 1713, the day appointed for general disbandment of the Regiment and to the several days of disbandment in 1713 and 1714; detailed46,0151311
the Regiment commanded by Brig. Gen. Jacob Borr in part of 92,106l. 3s. for pay from 25 Dec. 1708 to 24 June 1713 and thereafter to the several days of disbandment 4 Sept. 1713 to 22 Feb. 1713–14; detailed41,94912
the Regiment commanded by Viscount Shannon in part of 97,017l. 3s. 2d. for pay from 25 Dec. 1708 to 14 June 1713 and thereafter to disbandment 21 Dec. 1713 to 27 July 1714; detailed50,7953
the Regiment commanded by Lieut. Gen. William Seymour in part of 26,549l. 10s. 1½d. for pay from 25 Dec. 1708 to 24 March 1709–10 when the Regiment was removed to another Establishment; detailed3,1411310½
the Regiment commanded by Col. Charles Churchill in part of 52,531l. 9s. 2d. from 25 March 1710 when the Regiment was placed on this Establishment to 24 March 1712–13 when the same was removed to the Establishment of Ireland; detailed32,0489
total for pay of the Regiments 266,674l. 16s. 7¼d.
money paid into the Exchequer for recruits raised in 1710, 1711 and 1712 to reimburse the Receivers of the Land Tax; also for bill money and tally money1,20926
money paid for bounty-money on disbandment1,355160
money paid for the Earl of Peterborough as General of the Marine Forces; 2 Nov. 1710 until disbandment in Feb. 1713–146,00000
extraordinary payments of divers natures, detailed:£s.d.
payments to Officers out of respits1,03519
salaries and allowances of Officers employed in the affairs of the Marines, viz.: the four Commissioners for disbandment of the Regiments and their staff 2,590l. 3s. 6d.; Lieut. Gen. Charles Wills for assisting to muster and disband the Marine Regiments at Southampton, Chichester and Canterbury 722l. 10s.; Samuel Lynn, Muster Master General, for himself and staff, etc. 2,750l. 7s.; Francis Lynn as Secretary for the Marines in the Admiralty Office, 30 Sept. 1709 to 24 June 1714, 812l. 10s.; money allowed this Accomptant as Marine Paymaster for salary, rent charges, etc. 10,477l. 7s. 10½d.; Auditor's fee 877l. 1s. 7d.18,2291911½
money paid to Charles Cæsar, late Treasurer of the Navy, for Exchequer fees for parts of the money imprested for this service34014
money paid to William Rogers, a Master in Chancery, out of dividend money on South Sea Stock, to be disposed on a Decree of the Court in a suit for the offreckonings of Lieut. Gen. Wills's Regiment1,12346
the sum transferred in capital stock of the South Sea Company to the Trustees for the sale of Public South Sea Stock25,00000
payments to several clothiers for interest due on Bank Annuities assigned them for clothing the Marine Regiments19180
money allowed this Accomptant on passing his accompt and for new year's gifts and other charges; detailed4,76230
money paid to Samuel Lynn, late Muster Master General of the late Marine Regiments, to reimburse his charges from 1 Feb. 1713–14 to 1 Feb. 1717–187991311
money paid to Sir Bibye Lake, bt., in satisfaction of assignments made by Richard, Viscount Shannon, by Maj. Gen. Charles Wills and by Maj. Gen. Thomas Whetham of the offreckonings of the Regiments under their command7,8063
total payments and allowances£334,5291
and so remains 2,422l. 8s. 6d.
against which depending:
money chargeable upon the late Walter Whitfield, the preceding Paymaster2,42286
and so the Accomptant is Quit.
Declared 13 December 1728.