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'Declared Accounts: Ordnance', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26: 1712 (1954), pp. CCIII-CCVI. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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PIPE OFFICE; ROLL 2697 [E351/2697].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1863, ROLL 122 [A.O. 1/1863/122].
The Hon. HARRY MORDAUNT, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance.
30 June 1711 to 30 June 1712.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands at the end of the last accompt166,10711
depending on sundry persons particularly named at the foot of the said last accompt421,7658
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Easter term, 10 Anne, in further part of 300,000l. by privy seal of 2 June, 9 Anne54,00500
Michaelmas term, 10 & 11 Anne, in further part of the same93,83718
Easter term, 11 Anne, in further part of the same75239
Voluntary charge: proceeds of stores sold, etc., including arms delivered for several regiments; detailed with names of purchasers, etc.85,84218
total charge and receipts£822,3110
Wages and entertainments of Officers, etc. on the Ordinary Establishment:
the Principal Officers: John, Duke of Marlborough, and Richard, Earl of Rivers, successively Masters General, at 1,500l. per annum for 1¼ years, 1,875l.; Thomas Erle, Lieut. General at 800l. per annum for the same time 1,000l.; William Brydges, Surveyor General at 400l. per annum for the same time 500l.; Christopher Musgrave, clerk of the Ordnance, ditto 500l.; Edward Ashe, storekeeper, ditto 500l.; James Craggs, clerk of the Delivery, at 300l. per annum for the same time 375l.; this Accomptant at 500l. per annum for the same time 625l.; James Craggs and Newdigate Owsley, successively secretaries to the Master General, at 200l. per annum for the same time 250l.5,62500
clerks daily attendant, named1,20000
three armourers and two furbishers, named18500
storekeepers, named, etc.1,117100
engineers, including Col. Michael Richards, Chief Engineer, Talbot Edwards, Second Engineer, and Christian Lilly, Third Engineer, and others, named1,50826
bombardiers, petardiers, fireworkers and other officers and labourers, etc.; including Maj. Jonas Watson, Chief Bombardier, and George Musgrave, Chief Petardier, Col. Henry Hopkey, Comptroller of the Fireworks, Col. Alexander Hara, Chief Firemaster, Charles Ball, waggoner, and others named5,24100
wages of several additional engineers, etc.:
six engineers, four sub-engineers, six gentlemen of the Ordnance, twelve bombardiers and sixty gunners, not named2,48426
allowances to several Officers of the Artillery Train in the late War, by Establishment of 14 Feb. 1698–9:
Edmund Williamson, Captain of the Ordnance, 60l.; Ralph Wood and George Brittenstein, First Lieutenants, 100l.; George Spencer and Roger Coleburne, Second Lieutenants, and Edward Glover, another, for ¼ year 90l.; four fire workers, named, 160l.41000
wages of Officers and others borne on the Establishment of the Field Train in North Britain dated 16 Dec. 1708:
Capt. John Sleezer, Commander of the Company of Gunners at Edinburgh; Capt. Theodore Dury, Chief Engineer in North Britain: David Levingstone, Lieutenant; Alexander Campbell, Commissary of the Train; gunners, bombardiers, storekeepers, wheelwright, etc.; some names and details given1,84212
total for wages, etc. 19,613l. 7s. 9¾d.
emptions and provisions: detailed with names110,5441210¼
cleaning and repairing of arms5,12312
repairs at several castles and forts, detailed:£s.d.
the Tower of London2,4041
Upnor Castle13992
Deal Castle10466
Calshot Castle298710¼
'Casbrook' Castle693
Southsea Castle1188
Sandham Fort71171
Windsor Castle31159
Yarmouth Castle658
Blockhouse Point, near Portsmouth5,86105
Edinburgh, Sterling Castle, Dunbarton, Fort William and Black Ness Castles, per Col. Tichborne, Clerk and Paymaster of the Works, etc. in North Britain4,625133
disbursements of several natures: storekeepers, named, at Woolwich, Gravesend, Sheerness, Kinsale, Berwick, Upnor Castle, Portsmouth, Chester, Greenwich, Pendennis, Chatham, etc. for contingent charges, rent, repairs, packing, travelling charges, etc.; James Bushell for trouble in saving guns from the Greyhound, cast away on the hard near Tinmouth; Richard Chapman, master of the Richard and Anne hoy, for the like from the Dover man-of-war on ground in Owsley Bay near Orford Haven; Sir John Delavall, bt., for disbursements in saving guns, etc. from the Greyhound; Edward Sisson, storekeeper at Tinmouth Castle, ditto; James Mayore, shipwright, for building the Marlborough hoy at Portsmouth; Mary Silvester, relict and executrix of Edward Sylvestre, for money paid to several persons on an expedition to Hudson's Bay; several Commanders, named with ships, for gunners' stores bought abroad; the Surveyor General and others for taking a general remain of stores in the Tower; this Accomptant for his disbursements; and other items, detailed21,9834
money paid for the service of the Trains of Artillery: to William Leathes, Paymaster of the Train in Holland; to William Musgrave, ditto in Spain; and to others for work and materials, detailed149,8706
land and water carriage of stores: to several owners and masters of ships, not detailed26,1051
salaries and allowances by debenture, detailed at length9,60917
travelling charges, not detailed4,18410
rent, detailed1,68350
gratuities and rewards: John Cox, late a matrosse in the train for the loss of his eyes, allowance for 1¼ years 18l. 15s.; Hannah, widow of Col. Browne, late Principal Engineer, for same time 125l.; Exchequer fees 3l. 6s. 8d. and Edward Harley for the Auditors' fee 310l.45718
total for emptions and provisions, repairs, carriage, etc. 347,619l. 15s. 8¼d.
money paid over to Charles Eversfield, the succeeding Treasurer and Paymaster: in money 4,517l. 9s. 6d.; in tallies 43,305l.; in South Sea Stock 89,663l. 4s. 10¾d.; by privy seal of 11 Oct. 1710137,48514
imprests cleared by Debentures subscribed into the stock of the South Sea Corporation15,6916
total payments and allowances£520,41042
and so remains 301,900l. 16s. 3¾d.
whereof depending on sundry persons, named at length, for money imprested to them, 26 March 1673 to 30 June 1712:
by Sir George Wharton, bt., late Treasurer and Paymaster:
26 March 1673 to 30 June 16731,85100
30 June 1673 to 30 June 16742,01300
30 June 1674 to 30 June 167532000
30 June 1675 to 30 June 16768000
30 June 1676 to 30 June 167717000
30 June 1677 to 30 June 1678 including 3,000l. for powder and 3,000l. for works at Gosport and Portsmouth6,71500
30 June 1678 to 30 June 167991500
30 June 1679 to 30 June 1680 including 3,400l. for works and carriages at Portsmouth4,54882
30 June 1680 to 30 June 16811,51624
by Charles Bertie, late Treasurer and Paymaster:
30 June 1681 to 30 June 168213500
30 June 1682 to 30 June 16838500
30 June 1683 to 30 June 168453934
30 June 1684 to 30 June 16851,53200
30 June 1685 to 30 June 1686305100
30 June 1686 to 30 June 16871,062011
30 June 1687 to 30 June 168892868
30 June 1688 to 30 June 16891,700142
30 June 1689 to 30 June 1690 including 6,620l. 12s. to William Hubbald for the [Artillery] Train7,52678
30 June 1690 to 30 June 1691 including 3,000l. to Sir Polycarpus Wharton, bt., for the powder works at Chilworth4,45517
30 June 1691 to 30 June 16921,17050
30 June 1892 to 30 June 1893531168
30 June 1693 to 30 June 169463714
30 June 1694 to 30 June 1695707193
30 June 1695 to 30 June 1696 including 1,593l. 15s. 0d. to Sir Polycarpus Wharton, bt., for gunpowder1,679145
30 June 1696 to 30 June 16971,83408
30 June 1697 to 30 June 169820351
30 June 1698 to 30 June 16992,5016
30 June 1699 to 30 June 17002,272162
30 June 1700 to 30 June 1701219160
30 June 1701 to 30 June 17021,631149
30 June 1702 to 30 June 17031,38820
Edward Hubbald, clerk to Charles Bertie, for the value of two Bills of Imprests: 200l. for the service of the [Artillery] Train and 160l. for paying Bills of Exchange36000
30 June 1703 to 30 June 170493911
30 June 1704 to 30 June 17051,4237
by the Hon. Harry Mordaunt, this Accomptant, Treasurer of the Office of Ordnance:
30 June 1705 to 30 June 1706, including 8,095l. 4s. 9½d. to Henry Cartwright for arms bought in Holland and 4,107l. to Lawrence Stanian for the [Artillery] Train in Catalonia18,1047
30 June 1706 to 30 June 170716,05217
30 June 1707 to 30 June 170819,09114
30 June 1708 to 30 June 170917,0155
30 June 1709 to 30 June 171023,57610
30 June 1710 to 30 June 171146,6151911½
and within the time of this Accompt, viz.:
30 June 1711 to 30 June 1712106,23816
and so the said Accomptant is Indebted 1,305l. 18s. 2d.
Declared 10 November 1715.
Memorandum. This Accomptant appears to have repaid by tally 16 April 3 Geo. II the sum of 1,305l. 18s. 2d. And so this Accomptant is Quit.