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Customs, Cash Account


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'Declared Accounts: Customs, Cash Account', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26: 1712 (1954), pp. CCCIII-CCCXXVI. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Customs, Cash Account

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1113 [E351/1113].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 782, ROLL 965 [A.O.I/782/965].
HENRY FERNE, Receiver and Cashier of the Customs.
26 December 1711 to 25 December 1712.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands on the end of the last Accompt10,1326
the value of sundry bonds and obligations for the payment of Customs:
for arrears of Customs to 31 July 171043,91412
for the present Customs54,60444
for the Additional Impositions to 31 July 17103,1681910
for the New Subsidy to 1 Feb. 1699–17001,80918
for the same to 8 March 1701–22,903311¼
for the same from 8 March 1701–282,9528
for the First Additional or One-Third Subsidy to 8 March 1706–71618
for the same from 8 March 1706–728,111311
for the New Duty on Coals to 14 May 170319150
for the same to 29 Sept. 17101481010
for the New Duty of 3s. per chaldron on Coals from 30 Sept. 17103,866119
for the Additional Duty of 2s. per chaldron on Coals from 9 March 17102,187138
sundry transport debentures taken for payment of Customs in 1703:
for arrears of Customs84310
for the present Customs5131311
sundry persons particularly named at the foot of the last Accompt for money imprested to them55500
(total arrears 235,748l. 11s. 7d.)
Receipts: money received within the time of this Accompt:
out of the Customs which determined 31 July 1710:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, Receiver Inwards, on the Grand Receipt443195
the Queen's Remembrancer, being money received on bonds delivered there to be prosecuted68134
(total London port 512l. 12s. 9d.)
Bristol (Jacob Reynardson)1,21741
Bydiford (Charles Jones)41127
Chester (Joseph Sewell)17118
Liverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)1,03114
Newcastle (Robert Hebburne)230010
Plymouth (David Morris)6900
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)2655
Deale (John Ball)11510
Dover (William Veale and Lancelot Whitehall)010
Fowey (Charles Jones)24315
ditto (James Pilson)11187
Lynn (John Kent)168
Stockton (William Douthwait)64710¼
Whitehaven (Joseph Sewell)91510½
(total Outports 3,221l. 1s. 3¾d.)
out of the Customs which determined 31 July 1712:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt, in money111,223145
ditto, on Plantation goods, in money63,996123
ditto, ditto, in bonds47,4441110½
ditto, on the Wine Receipt, in money63,9421311
ditto, ditto, in bonds1,0301911½
interest due upon bonds2816
(total London port 287,667l. 8s. 7¼d.)
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)3147
Berwick (George Moore)6119
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)25
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)21,9078
Bideford (Charles Jones)306177
Chester (Joseph Sewell)141811¼
Cowes (John Dale)3850
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)589
Dover (John Ball)2176
Exeter (William Chamberlain)83700
Feversham (John Smallman)873
Gloucester (Richard Cossley)73
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)14
Harwich (Jacob Bury)3941
Hull (Hugh Mason)1,12019
Ipswich (Samuel Kettleby)118
Lancaster (Joseph Bently)64114
Liverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)4,980128
Lyme (Thomas Jans)302100
Maldon (Robert Robjent)600
Minehead (Francis Webber)15000
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)6028
Plymouth (David Morris)30000
Poole (Thomas Chamberlain)1813
Rochester (John Pope)511170
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)12500
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)18319
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)30611¼
Swanzey (William Gwyn)126
Whitby (George Trotter)7110
Whitehaven (Alfred Lawson)3,04177
Exeter (Richard Score, late collector)3812
(total Outports 36,323l. 17s. 6¼d.)
out of the present Customs which commenced 1 Aug. 1712:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt, in money32,8344
ditto, on Plantation goods, in money54,76610
ditto, ditto, in bonds34,56107
ditto, on the Wine Receipt, in money9,269178
ditto, ditto, in bonds693147
(total London port 132,125l. 7s. 6d.)
Bridlington (John Bower)0161
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)5,36242
Bydeford (Charles Jones)10000
Chester (Joseph Sewell)7000
Deale (Samuel Rolfe)2911½
Dover (John Ball)2025
Exeter (William Chamberlain)78000
Falmouth (William Pye)3511
Glocester (Richard Cossley)114
Harwich (Jacob Bury)4917
Hull (Hugh Mason)59813
Liverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)5,524117
Lyme (Thomas Jans)1,65967
Minehead (Francis Webber)7900
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson)10000
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)6903
Plymouth (David Morris)30000
Rochester (John Pope)10000
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)600
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)1000
Whitby (George Trotter)00
Whitehaven (Alfred Lawson)1,164100
(total Outports 16,836l. 12s. 1¼d.)
(total for the Customs 476,686l. 19s. 9½d.)
out of the Additional Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, bt., on the Grand Receipt60000
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)2510
Bydiford (Charles Jones)41911¾
Dover (John Ball)032
Exeter (Richard Score)3418
Fowey (Charles Jones)210
ditto (James Pilson)103
Whitehaven (John Clough)5149
ditto (John Fotherby)227
(total Outports 106l. 8s. 1¾d.)
out of the Additional Impositions which determined 31 July 1710:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, bt., on the Grand Receipt15,8991211½
ditto, on Plantation goods2,37918
ditto, on Wines3,189510
(total London port 21,468l. 17s. 2d.)
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)2558
Berwick (George Moore)7184
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)38
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)5,182141
Bydiford (Charles Jones)20000
Chester (Joseph Sewell)5611
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)1817
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)3114
Dover (John Ball)590
Exeter (William Chamberlain)19416
Falmouth (William Pye)2011
Harwich (Jacob Bury)9715
Hull (Hugh Mason)77016
Ipswich (Samuel Kettilby)185
Lancaster (Joseph Bently)6510
Leverpool (Nathaniel Smith)360187
Looe (John Dyer)118
Minehead (Francis Webber)241011½
Newcastle (Andrew Isaackson)21000
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)153
Plymouth (David Morris)9065
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)1,300100
Rochester (John Pope)26755
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)5130
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)1969
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)43160
Swanzey (William Gwynn)9100
Truro (Richard Jennings)08
Whitby (George Trotter)316
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)85911¾
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)2149
Fowey (Thomas Bulley)8515
Deale (John Power)6158
Exeter (Richard Score)98
(total Outports 10,483l. 6s. 0¼d.)
out of the Additional Impositions which commenced 1 Aug. 1712:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, bt., on the Grand Receipt8,06681
ditto, on Plantation goods1,09759
ditto, on the Wine Receipt15716
(total London port 9,321l. 10s. 7½d.)
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)20000
Bydiford (Charles Jones)2000
Chester (Joseph Sewell)54895
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)216
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)3410½
Dover (John Ball)9132
Exeter (William Chamberlain)56150
Falmouth (William Pye)2313
Harwich (Jacob Bury)1415
Hull (Hugh Mason)10500
Leverpool (Nathaniel Smith)2200
Rochester (John Pope)5100
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)0180
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)3314
(total Outports 1,092l. 0s. 3¼d.)
(total for the Additional Impositions, 43,072l. 2s. 2¾d.)
out of the New Subsidy which determined 1 Feb. 1699–1700:
Leverpoole (Edward Scarborough, late collector)1349
Southampton (Adam de Cardonnel)17314
out of the New Subsidy which determined 8 March 1701–2:
Southampton (Adam de Cardonnel)18
Bideford (John Bolitho)3720
Whitehaven (John Clough)1964
ditto (John Fotherby)918
out of the New Subsidy which commenced 8 March 1701–2:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt, in money108,656109
ditto, on Plantation goods, in money36,030185
ditto, ditto, in bonds78,06615
ditto, on the Wine Receipt, in money45,68783
and for interest on bonds3240
(total London port 268,473l. 16s. 8½d.)
Aldeburgh (James Syred)77
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)39510
Beaumaris (William Lewis)72154
Berwick (George Moore)5234
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)43910½
Boston (Samuell Oldfield)73134
Bridlington (John Bower)2713
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)28,46019
Bydiford (Charles Jones)1,19114
Chester (Joseph Sewell)655121
Chichester (Henry Baker)316
Colchester (James Bruce)13388
Cowes (John Dale)19716
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)6410
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)981
Dover (John Ball)25817
Exeter (William Chamberlain)1,974161
Falmouth (William Pye)41213
Faversham (John Smalman)01
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)0120
Harwich (Jacob Bury)40000
Hull (Hugh Mason)3,1904
Ipswich (Samuel Kettelby)118
Lancaster (Joseph Bently)3451111
Leverpool (Nathaniel Smith)7,182710
Looe (John Dyer)109
Lyme (Thomas Jans)94311
Lynn (Henry Hare)1,05849
Milford (William Goodacre)3700
Minehead (Francis Webber)4952
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson)1,32310
Padstow (William Taylor)556
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)7938
Penzance (Richard Score)433
Plymouth (David Morris)1,741101
Poole (Thomas Chamberlain)152185
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)1,8772
Poulton (William Jennings)025
Rochester (John Pope)634182
Rye (George Shuckburgh)823
St. Ives (Richard Upton)2218
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)238
Scarborough (John Baines)59195
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)63622
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)2449
Sunderland (William Ettrick)71411½
Swanzey (William Gwyn)161511¾
Truro (Richard Jennings)255
Wells (John Keene)58410¾
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)17250
Whitby (George Trotter)226
Whitehaven (Alfred Lawson)1,5714
Wisbech (Robert Twells)12139
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)231
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)1,742146
Boston (Charles Northcotte, late collector)615
Bridgewater (William Cornish)236
Fowey (Thomas Bulley)23911¾
Milford (Joseph Sewell)1063
Poole (Francis Medcalfe)69140
Cowes (Thomas Cole)3212
Fowey (Charles Jones)313
Deale (Lancelot Whitehall)236
Poole (William Chamberlain)00
Shoreham (Abraham Aldersey)218
Bydiford (John Bolitho)35910
Whitehaven (John Clough)684
ditto (John Fotherby)1401
ditto (Warwick Arthur)22132
(total Outports 60,107l. 19s. 7½d.)
(total for the New Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage 329,292l. 13s. 9d.)
out of the Additional or One-Third Subsidy which determined 8 March 1706–7:
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)1000
Yarmouth (Thomas Clarke)20711¼
Fowey (Charles Jones)921
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur)6518
ditto (John Fotherby)3957
Leverpoole (Edward Scarborough)4155
out of the Additional or One Third Subsidy which commenced 8 March 1706–7:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, bt., on the Grand Receipt, in money36,85900
ditto, on the Plantation Receipt, in money10,47114
ditto, ditto, in bonds27,33530
ditto, on the Wine Receipt, in money14,95310
and for interest due upon bonds161411½
(total London port 89,636l. 2s. 8½d.)
Aldeburgh (James Syred)29
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)94177
Beaumaris (William Lewis)271910
Berwick (George Moore)18710
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)14911½
Boston (Samuel Oldfield)27911¼
Bridlington (John Bower)94
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)9,4145
Bydiford (Charles Jones)221169
Chester (Joseph Sewell)23115
Chichester (Henry Baker)014
Colchester (James Bruce)449
Cowes (John Dale)6698
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)1115
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)3418
Dover (John Ball)8012
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)75707
Falmouth (William Pye)1346
Faversham (John Smalman)00
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)040
Harwich (Jacob Bury)126171
Hull (Hugh Mason)920711¼
Ipswich (Samuel Kettilby)012
Lancaster (Joseph Bently)11119
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)2,264126
Looe (John Dyer)30
Lyme (Thomas Jans)428130
Lynn (Henry Hare)6122
Milford (William Goodacre)1600
Minehead (Francis Webber)315136
Newcastle (Anthony Isaackson)47200
Padstowe (William Taylor)14169
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)30117
Penzance (Richard Score)1356
Plymouth (David Morris)5507
Poole (Thomas Chamberlaine)441
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)71310
Poulton (William Jennings)00
Rochester (John Pope)13564
Rye (George Shuckburgh)2519
St. Ives (Richard Upton)712
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)7911¼
Scarborough (John Baines)2031
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)157510
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)83711¾
Sunderland (William Ettrick)298
Swanzey (William Gwyn)511
Truro (Richard Jennings)80
Wells (John Keene)817
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)4000
Whitby (George Trotter)6114
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)57000
Wisbech (Robert Twells)44
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)7133
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)61414
Bridgewater (William Cornish)715
Dover (Robert Breton)26245
Fowey (Thomas Bully)10
Poole (Francis Medcalfe)239
Yarmouth (Thomas Clark)08
Cowes (Thomas Cole)7711¾
Deale (Lancelot Whitehall)134
Shoreham (Abraham Aldersey)25
Whitehaven (John Clough)1056
ditto (Warwick Arthur)7912
(total for the Outports 20,337l. 10s. 4¾d.)
(total for the One Third Subsidy 110,533l. 17s. 5½d.)
out of the Second Additional or Two-Third Subsidy which determined 8 March 1711–12:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt22,53019
ditto, on the Plantation Receipt452911
ditto, on the Wine Receipt3,6504
(total London port 26,633l. 13s. 9d.)
Aldburgh (John Syred)492
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)678
Beaumaris (William Lewis)2810
Berwick (George Moore)25511½
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)537
Boston (Samuel Oldfield)26109
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)4,4445
Bridlington (John Bower)181
Bydiford (Charles Jones)3160
Chester (Joseph Sewell)17000
Chichester (Henry Baker)016
Colchester (James Bruce)1710
Cowes (John Dale)1612
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)1016
Deale (Salatbiel Rolfe)1112
Dover (John Ball)260
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)1317
Falmouth (William Pye)5110
Faversham (John Smallman)01
Harwich (Jacob Bury)8672
Hull (Hugh Mason)638126
Ipswich (Samuel Kettleby)14
Lancaster (Joseph Bently)42199
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)3251310
Looe (John Dyer)608
Lyme (Thomas Jans)716
Lynn (Henry Hare)488310¾
Milford (William Goodacre)1600
Minehead (Francis Webber)2035
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson)265210
Padstowe (William Taylor)14411½
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)961511½
Plymouth (David Morris)52064
Poole (Thomas Chamberlaine)013
Portsmouth (Samuel Binckes)32756
Poulton (William Jennings)01
Rochester (John Pope)3534
Rye (George Shuckburgh)411
St. Ives (Richard Upton)954
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)94
Scarborough (John Baines)3950
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)14503
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)48187
Sunderland (William Etterick)124
Swanzey (William Gwynn)112
Truro (Richard Jennings)012
Wells (John Keene)31211¼
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)127100
Whitby (George Trotter)106
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)761710½
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)156
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)300128
Boston (Charles Northcote, late collector)6811
Bridgewater (William Cornish)151011¼
Carlisle (Richard Eaglesfeild)26513
Dover (Robert Bretton)40713
Falmouth (Rawleigh Radford)1831
Fowey (Thomas Bulley)20
Gloucester (Arnold Aram)11
Poole (Francis Medcalfe)33103
Deale (John Power)86
Cowes (Thomas Cole)571310
Fowey (Charles Jones)184
Penzance (Charles Jones)1161
Exeter (Richard Score)279
Deale (John Ball)87
ditto (Lancelot Whitehall)20816
Bristoll (John Sansome)2,28113
Shoreham (Abraham Aldersey)410
Southampton (Adam de Cardonel)1224
Whitehaven (John Fotherby)212
Leverpoole (Sir Barnabas Scudamore, late collector)47166
Chichester (Samuell Bincks)3176
Leverpoole (Edmund Smith)7910
Minehead (Thomas Wolstenholme)31133
Padstowe (John Bligh)818
Wells (Alexander Middleton)1818
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur)7217
out of the Second Additional or Two Third Subsidy which commenced 9 March 1711–12:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt20,255168
ditto, on the Plantation Receipt1,304311½
ditto, on the Wine Receipt26,25780
(total London port 47,817l. 8s. 7½d.)
Barnstable (Robert Rowe)5000
Beaumaris (William Lewis)218
Berwick (George Moore)814
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)23164
Boston (Samuel Oldfield)149
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)3,975810
Bydiford (Charles Jones)14500
Chester (Joseph Sewell)3551011
Chichester (Henry Baker)013
Colchester (James Bruce)3912
Cowes (John Dale)10015
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)17
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)496
Dover (John Ball)1331810¼
Exeter (William Chamberlain)4593
Falmouth (William Pye)72011
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)080
Harwich (Jacob Bury)1331210½
Hull (Hugh Mason)1,2511810
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)231100
Looe (John Dyer)00
Lynn (Henry Hare)58412
Minehead (Francis Webber)148180
Newcastle (Anthony Isaackson)45000
Padstow (William Taylor)1131
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)1460
Plymouth (David Morris)938
Poole (Thomas Chamberlaine)879
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)7611
Rochester (John Pope)18226
St. Ives (Richard Upton)519
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)5155
Scarborough (John Baines)014
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)7417
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)9019
Sunderland (William Ettrick)26172
Truro (Richard Jennings)161
Wells (John Keene)131110
Whitby (George Trotter)230
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)2014
Wisbech (Robert Twells)893
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)33217
(total for the Two-Third Subsidy 98,146l. 15s. 9½d.)
for the New Duty on Coffee, Tea, etc. which commenced 1 May 1701:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt21,5662
ditto, on the Plantation Receipt2,356126
(total London port 23,922l. 14s. 9½d.)
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)8,27970
Bydiford (Charles Jones)10000
Cowes (John Dale)51164
Dover (John Ball)300
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)60011¾
Harwich (Jacob Bury)155
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)2328
Plymouth (David Morris)3455
Portsmouth (Samuell Bincks)3570
Rochester (John Pope)9106
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)14180
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)481210
Exeter (Richard Score)1019
Deale (Lancelot Whitehall)2160
Plymouth (William Peirson)134126
for the New Additional Duty on Coffee, Tea, etc.:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt24,6684
ditto, on the Plantation Receipt7818
(total London port 24,747l. 2s. 11d.)
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)69000
Bydiford (Charles Jones)10000
Cowes (John Dale)141810
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)028
Dover (John Ball)300
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)3116
Harwich (Jacob Bury)17122
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)191910
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson)048
Portsmouth (Samuell Binckes)3000
Rochester (John Pope)9106
Sunderland (William Etterick)280
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)124
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)026
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)50311½
Exeter (Richard Score)8511½
Deale (Lancelot Whitehall)320
Whitehaven (John Fotherby)1143
ditto (Warwick Arthur)41210½
for the Second 25 per cent. on French goods:
London port (Sir John Shaw)982411
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)687100
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)812
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)10800
Bydiford (John Bolitho)3843
for the Duty of 25l. per ton on French Prize Wine:
London port (Sir John Shaw, on the Wine Receipt)4,0871511½
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)1,605194
Bydiford (Charles Jones)919
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)19810½
Dover (John Ball)01510¼
Exeter (William Chamberlain)10183
Falmouth (William Pye)46312
Harwich (Jacob Bury)1316
Liverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)12711¼
Lyme (Thomas Jans)9408
Newcastle (Anthony Isaackson)01710½
Padstow (William Taylor)2079
Penzance (Richard Score)3629
Plymouth (David Morris)42420
Poole (Thomas Chamberlaine)18150
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)1,315177
Sunderland (William Ettrick)6911½
Swanzey (William Gwyn)3150
Truro (Richard Jennings)27
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)13000
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)01310½
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)3165
Fowey (Thomas Bulley)1597
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)101161
for the Duty of 25l. per tonn on French Wine imported:
London port (Sir John Shaw, on the Wine Receipt)7,06617
Beaumaris (William Lewis)6056
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)8038
Chester (Joseph Sewell)2,5822
Chichester (Henry Baker)92
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)313
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)167
Dover (John Ball)26053
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)312
Falmouth (William Pye)1617
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)188131
Milford (William Goodacre)3150
Minehead (Francis Webber)8500
Newcastle (Anthony Isaackson)12100
Portsmouth (Samuel Binckes)2500
Rye (George Shuckburgh)1416
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)16600
for the Duty on Whale fins which determined 31 July 1710:
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur)163
ditto (John Fotherby)473
for the Duty on Whale fins which determined 31 July 1712:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt3,2121
ditto, on the Plantation Receipt116210
Hull (Hugh Mason)217
for the Duty on Whale fins which commenced 1 Aug. 1712:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on the Grand Receipt1,87719
ditto, on the Plantation Receipt331910
total for the Duty on Whale fins 5,267l. 3s. 3½d.
for the Duty on Coals which determined 14 May 1703:
Yarmouth (Thomas Clark, late collector)221511½
for the Duty on Coals which determined 14 May 1708:
Yarmouth (Thomas Clarke, late collector)21415
Exeter (Richard Score)010
Lynn (John Kent)40000
Dover (Lancelott Whitehall and William Veele)00
Truro (Charles Northcote)001
Bydiford (John Bolitho)264
out of the Duty on Coals which determined 29 Sept. 1710:
London port (interest on bonds received from several merchants)9511½
Bristol (Jacob Reynardson)6000
Bydeford (Charles Jones)1209
Chichester (Henry Baker)1119
Padstow (William Taylor)2118
Wells (John Keene)14100
Yarmouth (Thomas Clarke, late collector)7471811
Exeter (Richard Score)2516
Lynn (John Kent)60000
Wells (Alexander Middleton)92150
Whitehaven (Warwick Arthur)69
Ipswich (John Knackstone)30000
Shoreham (Abraham Aldersey)352
out of the Duty of 3s. per chaldron on Coals which commenced 30 Sept. 1710:
London port:
Richard Peirce, Receiver of the Duties on Coals, in money49,24918
ditto, in bonds4,62353
interest on bonds received of several merchants11014
(total London port 53,983l. 17s. 9¼d.)
Aldeburgh (James Syred)16912
Barnstable (Robert Rowe)2937
Beaumaris (William Lewis)11314
Berwick (George Moore)614
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)2631610¼
Boston (Samuell Oldfield)1,3931211
Bridgwater (Nicholas Jeffrys)43500
Bridlington (John Bower)43656
Bydiford (Charles Jones)209410¼
Cardiff (William Morgan)01710¾
Chichester (Henry Baker)391310
Colchester (James Bruce)580111¾
Cowes (John Dale)59711¼
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)503
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)14110
Dover (John Ball)3105
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)27483
Falmouth (William Pye)9516
Feversham (John Smalman)36506
Gloucester (Richard Cossley)551110¾
Harwich (Jacob Bury)55412
Hull (Hugh Mason)1,0537
Ipswich (Samuell Kettleby)8745
Lancaster (Joseph Bently)180
Leigh (Charles Horwell)9617
Lynn (Henry Hare)3,9172
Maldon (Peter Robjent)50509
Minehead (Francis Webber)33797
Newhaven (Alexander Shoebridge)1200
Padstowe (William Taylor)158140
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)31184
Penzance (Richard Score)319
Plymouth (David Morris)4946
Poole (Thomas Chamberlaine)491
Portsmouth (Samuel Binckes)7691211¾
Poulton (William Jennings)02
Rochester (John Pope)788139
Rye (George Shuckburgh)776
St. Ives (Richard Upton)143011½
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)7539
Scarborough (John Baines)248134
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)35545
Southwold (Edward Davies)1886
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)21162
Swanzey (William Gwyn)4170
Truro (Richard Jennings)44126
Wells (John Keene)6686
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)114169
Whitby (George Trotter)1,14319
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)35
Wisbech (Robert Twells)24756
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)27518
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)4,65712
Bridgewater (William Cornish)4210
Shoreham (John Goldham)517
Exeter (Richard Score)1129
Poole (Francis Mecalfe)181411¾
Shoreham (Abraham Aldersey)40
out of the Duty of 2s. per chaldron on Coal which commenced 9 March 1710–11:
London port:
Richard Peirce, in money32,83354
ditto, in bonds3,08236
interest on bonds received of several merchants537
(total London port 35,968l. 15s. 10½d.)
Aldburgh (James Syred)11013
Barnstable (Robert Rowe)1777
Beaumaris (William Lewis)654
Berwick (George Moore)49
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)17517
Boston (Samuel Oldfield)95088
Bridgewater (Nicholas Jefferys)29000
Bridlington (John Bower)289133
Bydiford (Charles Jones)23000
Cardiff (William Morgan)01111
Chichester (Henry Baker)240
Colchester (James Bruce)40315
Cowes (John Dale)38113
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)339
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)891010½
Dover (John Ball)20618
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)1920
Falmouth (William Pye)6317
Faversham (John Smallman)243611½
Gloucester (Richard Cossley)3710
Harwich (Jacob Bury)38515
Hull (Hugh Mason)561310
Ipswich (Samuel Kettilby)650162
Lancaster (Joseph Bently)120
Leigh (Charles Horwell)6411
Lynn (Henry Hare)2,60468
Maldon (Peter Robjent)26980
Minehead (Francis Webber)285130
Newhaven (Alexander Shoebridge)828
Padstowe (William Taylor)1051310
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)214
Penzance (Richard Score)nil
Plymouth (David Morris)2921310¼
Poole (Thomas Chamberlaine)3016
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)451162
Poulton (William Jennings)0110
Rochester (John Pope)531164
Rye (George Shuckburgh)4184
St. Ives (Richard Upton)1008
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)45516
Scarborough (John Baines)2069
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)243160
Southwold (Edward Davies)12470
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)114
Swanzey (William Gwynn)234
Truro (Richard Jennings)4511
Wells (John Keene)47614
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)76110¼
Whitby (George Trotter)76310
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)23
Wisbech (Robert Twells)131104
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)1673
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)3,12811
Bridgwater (William Cornish)26912
Shoreham (John Goldham)3011
Poole (Francis Medcalfe)1210
total for the Duties on Coals 133,151l. 8s. 5¼d.
for the Duty of 15l. per cent. on Muslins, etc.:
London port (Sir John Shaw)56,6554
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)61310½
for the Coinage Duty:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, on Wines5,308105
ditto, on Brandy and Mum2477
(total London port, 5,555l. 18s. 0½d.)
Barnstaple (Robert Rowe)1012
Beaumaris (William Lewis)25
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)786510
Bydiford (Charles Jones)84310¼
Chester (Joseph Sewell)6000
Chichester (Henry Baker)0811¾
Colchester (James Bruce)026
Cowes (John Dale)017
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)2511
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)14811¼
ditto (Lancelot Whitehall)7284
Dover (John Ball)371311¾
Exeter (William Chamberlain)1182
ditto (Richard Score, late collector)8162
Falmouth (William Pye)2184
Fowey (Joseph Pilson)2610½
ditto (Charles Jones, late collector)01
ditto (Thomas Bulley)08
Gweek (Bernard Penrose)01
Harwich (Jacob Bury)340
Hull (Hugh Mason)1635
Lancaster (Joseph Bentley)1013
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)2519
Looe (John Dyer)031
Lyme (Thomas Jans)105
Lynn (Henry Hare)15000
Minehead (Francis Webber)1512
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson)3815
Padstow (William Taylor)611
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)505
Penzance (Richard Score)39
Plymouth (David Morris)2500
Poole (Thomas Chamberlain)271
Poole (Francis Medcalfe)027
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)79171
Rochester (John Pope)13136
Rye (George Shuckburgh)7010½
Sandwich (Benjamin Fisher)00
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)116160
Swansey (William Gwynn)170
Truro (Richard Jennings)01
Whitby (George Trotter)016
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)00
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)3000
Whitehaven (John Fotherby)29
ditto (Warwick Arthur)10711¼
ditto (Alfrid Lawson)7159
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)594
ditto (Thomas Clarke)01
for the Duty ofper cent.:
Thomas Scott, Husband for Plantation Goods13,2869
Samuell Cox, late collector at Barbadoes40000
Alexander Keene, late collector at Bridgtown in Barbadoes10000
for the Enumerated Duties:
William Sharpe, late collector at Barbadoes276165
William Gerrish, collector at Mountserrat211173
Peter Beckford, collector at Jamaica156120
Thomas Edwards, collector at Barbadoes124150
for the Prize Duties from the Plantations:
Peter Beckford, collector of Jamaica164140
Thomas Edwards, collector at Barbadoes688120
Thomas Byerly, collector at New York1,21368
for the Impost 1709 on Pepper, Raisins, etc.:
London port (Sir John Shaw, Receiver)20,4121
Aldburgh (James Syred)1139
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)5,16445
Bydiford (Charles Jones)17000
Cowes (John Dale)08
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)44
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)9114
Exeter (William Chamberlaine)20711
Falmouth (William Pye)6017
Harwich (Jacob Bury)42
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)14000
Lyme (Thomas Jans)50150
Minehead (Francis Webber)262177
Plymouth (David Morris)189110
Portsmouth (Samuell Bincks)97176
Rochester (John Pope)37610
St. Ives (Richard Upton)42
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)101163
Weymouth (Thomas Bower)47100
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)2127
Fowey (Thomas Bulley, late collector)17
Poole (Francis Medcalfe)704
Shoreham (Abraham Aldersey)31310¼
Exeter (Richard Score)721
for the New Duty on Goods exported:
London port:
Sir Thomas Crisp for Custom on Subsidy Goods Outwards17,044101
Timothy Thornbury for Custom on Leather35213
Charles Crisp for ditto4701
Richard Miller for Custom on White Woollen Cloth70100
(total London port 18,568l. 5s. 3d.)
Barnstable (Robert Rowe)1110¼
Beaumaris (William Lewis)579
Berwick (George Moore)296
Blackney and Cley (Thomas Shorting)060
Bridlington (John Bower)175
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)3,312011
Bydiford (Charles Jones)3512
Chester (Joseph Sewell)2,142101
Colchester (James Bruce)7080
Cowes (John Dale)46
Dartmouth (James Jenkinson)131510½
Deale (Salathiel Rolfe)20140
Dover (John Ball)486
Exeter (William Chamberlain)3412
Falmouth (William Pye)1958
Feversham (John Smallman)2000
Gloucester (Richard Cossley)876
Gweeke (Bernard Penrose)311
Harwich (Jacob Bury)2743
Hull (Hugh Mason)2,973011¾
Ipswich (Samuell Kettilby)3117
Lancaster (Joseph Bently)6612
Lanelthy (John Philips)18106
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)720169
Milford (William Goodacre)2000
Minehead (Francis Webber)1612
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson)2,78616
Penryn (Ambrose Thompson)2054
Plymouth (David Morrice)58190
Poole (Thomas Chamberlain)816
Portsmouth (Samuel Bincks)679
Poulton (William Jennings)1160
Rochester (John Pope)5879
Scarborough (John Baynes)409510¼
Southampton (Francis Medcalfe)5318
Southwold (Edward Davis)4178
Stockton (Thomas Lowson)8554
Sunderland (William Ettrick)69156
Swanzey (William Gwynn)17860
Truro (Richard Jennings)40418
Whitby (George Trotter)3012
Woodbridge (Oliver Newby)010
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)1,5305
Poole (Francis Medcalfe)319
(total Outports 17,459l. 17s. 6½d.)
out of the New Duty on Hides etc.:
London port:
Sir John Shaw, bt., on the Grand Receipt1,592152
ditto, on Plantation goods7884
(total London port 1,671l. 3s. 6d.)
Beaumaris (William Lewis)0119
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)15000
Cowes (John Dale)1191
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)14
Newcastle (Anthony Isaacson)1164
Portsmouth (Samuell Bincks)1100
Truro (Richard Jennings)0140
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)276
(total Outports 160l. 2s. 11¾d.)
out of the Additional Duty on Hides:
London port:
Sir John Shaw on the Grand Receipt8,89660
ditto on Plantation goods3019
(total London port 8,926l. 7s. 9d.)
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)33200
Harwich (Jacob Bury)3189
(total for the New and Additional Duties on Hides 11,093l. 12s. 11¾d.)
out of the Duty on Candles:
London port: Sir John Shaw on the Grand Receipt11811½
Beaumaris (William Lewis)016
Bristoll (Jacob Reynardson)020
Cowes (John Dale)020
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)24149
Whitehaven (Alfrid Lawson)0211
out of the Additional Duty on Candles:
London port (Sir John Shaw, bt.)11811½
Beaumaris (William Lewis)09
Cowes (John Dale)020
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)21011
(total for the New and Additional Duties on Candles 51l. 8s. 2½d.)
for the New Duty on Rock Salt exported:
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)53198
for the Duty on Hops:
Sir John Shaw2160
for the New Duty on Soap:
London port: Sir John Shaw, on the£s.d.
Grand Receipt4,6409
Beaumaris (William Lewis)0100
Dover (John Ball)212
Exeter (William Chamberlain)5664
Leverpoole (Nathaniel Smith)5000
Sunderland (William Ettrick)090
Yarmouth (Thomas Moore)9510¼
total Receipts for the Customs and New Duties as above 1,437,704l. 5s. 9½d.
money received of the Receiver General of Customs in Scotland:
on account of the Customs which determined 31 July 1712862911
more received for salaries of clerks employed in registering the trading ships of Scotland5000
total charge and receipts£1,674,3657
Salaries of the Commissioners and other Officers of the Customs:
Charles Godolphin, Sir John Werden, and Sir John Stanley for a year to Mich. 1712; Sir Matthew Dudley, bt., Thomas Newport, William Culliford and John Shute, Mich. 1711 to 25 Jan. 1711–12; Mathew Prior, John Bridges, Robert Williamson and Edward Gibbons 25 Jan. 1711–12 to Mich. 1712; Commissioners, at 1,000l. per annum each7,00000
Charles Godolphin, Registrar General of all Trading Ships50000
Charles Karkesse, Secretary to the Commissioners, for himself and clerks (three items)69000
John Manley, Plantation and Western Clerk13000
John Brydges and Robert Stevens, as Solicitor30000
George Medcalf, their Assistant10000
Charles Davenant, Inspector General, for himself and clerk1,20000
Arnold Sansom, Comptroller of Issues and Payments, for himself and clerks58000
George Langton, Inspector of the Out-port Collectors' Accompts, ditto60000
William Taylour, Usher, for a house-keeper etc.23700
the Staff of the Receiver General's Office34000
William Leech, Paymaster of the Incidents4000
Clerks (named) employed on the General Register of Shipping16000
four Examiners of the Outport Books20000
Harry Roynon, Examiner of the sufficiency of Officers' Securities94198
Henry Baker, Surveyor General of the Riding Officers50000
Thomas Hudson, Viewer of Tobacco Inwards and Outwards20000
Officers of the Warehouse (named)39000
Maurice Berchfeild, the Commissioners' Correspondent in Ireland10000
Officers of the Warehouses for prohibited East India goods (named)282011
Stephen Scott, Surveyor of the Navigation Act51199
Erasmus Evans and Edward Orton, Inspectors of the River Thames12000
watermen, appraisers, cooper, surveyor of the landcarriage, landcarriagemen, surveyor of the coastwaiters, coastwaiters, solicitor for coast bonds, clerks of the coast business, oarsmen, watchmen, noon tenders, weighing porters, computer, examiners, copying clerks, surveyor and two wine tasters, land surveyors, land waiters, tide surveyors, tidesmen, jerquers, searchers etc. (some named)14,17610
fees and allowances to the Patent Officers of of the Port of London:
Rowland Holt, Comptroller General1,00000
Sir John Shaw, bt., and Charles Shaw, Collector Inwards466134
Sir Thomas Crisp, Collector Outwards276134
the heirs of the Hon. Andrew Newport and James Halsell, Surveyor General50000
Charles Downing, Comptroller of the Great and Petty Customs25500
Thomas Gibson and others, Surveyor of the Petty Customs30000
Henry Ferne, this Accomptant1,00000
Sir William Fowles, Head Searcher, and the Undersearchers18000
Richard Bretton, Comptroller of the Petty and Pretermitted Customs20000
Timothy Thornbury, Collector of the Customs etc. on wool3674
John Needler, Comptroller of the Great and Petty Customs3000
George Hutchinson, Register of Seizures20000
Daniel Lawrence, Customer of the Petty Customs6268
Richard Miller, Customer of Woollen Cloth500
Christopher Tilson for making out an accompt15000
Searchers, Queen's waiters, etc92408
fees and allowances to the Patent Officers in the Outports (detailed)2,09677
fees and salaries of the Customs Officers in the Foreign Plantations:
William Alexander at Philadelphia, Pensilvania (1½ years)12000
Robert Armstrong at Piscataway, New England10000
Thomas Byerly at New York5500
Charles Blechendine at Salem and Marble Head, New England (half year)5000
William Buckner at York River, Virginia4000
Henry Brook at Lewis, Pensilvania (1½ years with boat and boatmen)17500
Maurice Birchfeild, Surveyor General of North America (for himself and clerk)41500
Thomas Broughton at Charles Town, S. Carolina (1½ years)9000
William Bladen, at Annapolis, Maryland (3 years)18000
Archibald Cummings, Newfoundland15000
Richard Chichester at Rapahanock River, Virginia8000
Nathaniel Chevin at Roanoak, North Carolina4000
William Carter, at New York5500
Thomas Collier at Williamstadt, Maryland (3 years)10500
William Dyre, Delaware Bay5000
John Dansey at Potuxen District, Maryland, 15 Nov. 1709 to Midsummer 1712208154
William Fasset at Wiccomoco and Munni, Maryland (1½ years)6000
Thomas Farmer at Perth Amboy, East Jersey (same time)6000
John Graves, Bahama Islands7000
Peter Jacob Guerard at Currituck, North Carolina (1½ years)7500
Edward Hill at the Upper District of James River, Virginia4000
John Jekyll at Boston, New England10000
Nathaniel Kay, Rhode Island, New England10000
Stephen Knight at Bahama and Sassafras, Maryland5000
Samuell Lowman at Newcastle, Pensilvania (1½ years with boat and watermen)19500
John Manley, Plantation clerk10000
John Moore at Philadelphia, Pensilvania16000
John Phelps, at Potomack, Maryland (1½ years)9000
Edward Price, ditto (3 years)18000
Col. Robert Quarry, Surveyor General of the Southern Continent of America (for himself, a clerk, a boat and two boatmen)49500
John Rolfe at Bidlington, West Jersey4000
Henry Scarborough at Accomack and Northampton Counties, Virginia4000
Robert Snead at Cape Charles, Virginia (1½ years)7500
annual and accidental payments out of the Customs:
Sir John Cope, bt., for the ground-rent of the Customhouse27400
Inferior Officers' taxes777120
Exchequer fees, detailed80124
the Queen's Remembrancer's fees (to John Morgan, Deputy to Simon, Viscount Fanshaw)45120
more to John Morgan for parchment etc.489198
the free fishermen of Middleton hundred, co. Kent, for damage sustained by ships performing quarantine in Standgate Creek oyster grounds35000
this Accomptant for levying tallies etc.704134
Edward Harley for the auditor's fee41000
Arthur Mainwaring for auditing the General Account of the Customs to Christmas 170750000
sundry annual payments and allowances, detailed:
out of the New Additional Impositions11000
out of the New Subsidy15000
out of the One-Third Subsidy6000
out of the Two-Third Subsidy11000
out of the Duty on Coffee, Tea, etc.2000
out of the Duty on Coffee, Tea, 15 per cent. on Calicoes, etc.19000
out of the Duty of 25l. per ton on French Wines3000
out of the Duty on Whale-fins2000
out of the Duty of 3s. per chaldron on Coals7021011½
out of the Additional Duty of 2s. per chaldron on Coals1611311
out of the Duty of 15 per cent. on Muslins44000
out of the Coinage Duty274126
out of the Duty of 4½ per cent.5,084106
out of the Enumerated Duties500
out of the New Duty on Hides4229
out of the Duty on Soap3730
sundry incident charges and disbursements in managing the affairs of the Customs in London port, detailed at length with names of tradesmen, etc.28,182910¼
(total for salaries, annual payments and incident charges 78,770l. 18s. 4¾d.)
money allowed for damaged and over-entered goods, for portage money, and for goods exported:
damages and over-entries7,74516
repaid upon portage bills1,744128
repaid upon debentures for goods exported:£s.d.
out of the Customs81,9303
ditto for corn exported33,7828
out of the New and Additional Impositions to 31 July 171024215
out of ditto to 31 July 17124,758910½
out of ditto from 1 Aug. 17122769
out of the New Subsidy from 8 March 1701–266,1544
out of the Additional Subsidy to 8 March 1706–73841
out of ditto from 8 March 1706–721,3465
out of the second Additional or Two-Third Subsidy to 8 March 1711–125,962131
out of ditto from 9 March 17114,36330
out of the New Duty on Coffee, etc. from 1 May 17011,7714
out of the [Additional] Duty on Coffee, Tea, etc. and 15 per cent, on Calicoes9,7421711½
out of the Duty on Whale Fins to 31 July 17105136
out of ditto to 31 July 171213353
out of ditto from 1 Aug. 1712166100
out of the Duty on Coals to 29 Sept. 171023310
out of the Duty of 3s. a chaldron on Coals from 30 Sept. 1710921111
out of the Duty on Coals from 9 Sept. 1710491911½
out of the Duty of 15 per cent. on Muslins40,697168
out of the Coinage Duty403
out of the Duty on Pepper, Raisins, etc.3,1666
out of the New Duty on Hides and Skins540
money paid into the Exchequer, detailed by months:
out of the Customs which determined 31 July 1712167,163127
out of the Customs which commenced 1 Aug. 171286,823178
(total for Customs 253,987l. 10s. 3d.)
out of the Additional Impositions which determined 31 July 17105130
out of the Additional Impositions which determined 31 July 171226,9951711
out of the Additional Impositions which commenced 1 Aug. 171210,08015
(total for the Additional Impositions 37,589l. 13s. 5d.)
out of the New Subsidy which determined 1 Feb. 1699–1700308311
out of the New Subsidy which determined 8 March 1701–2402137
out of the New Subsidy which commenced 8 March 1701–2226,6369
(total for the New Subsidy 227,347l. 6s. 11½d.)
out of the Additional or One-Third Subsidy which determined 8 March 1706–71589
out of the Additional or One-Third Subsidy which commenced 8 March 1706–775,4971111½
(total out of the One-Third Subsidy 75,656l. 1s. 9d.)
out of the Second Additional or Two-Third Subsidy which determined 8 March 1711–1233,70794
out of the Second Additional or Two-Third Subsidy which commenced 9 March 1711–1253,165010½
(total out of the Two-Third Subsidy 86,872l. 10s. 2½d.)
out of the New Duty on Coffee, Tea etc. which commenced 1 May 170130,87604
out of the New Additional Duty, on Coffee, Tea etc.15,6732
(total out of the Duties on Coffee, Tea etc. 46,549l. 3s. 0½d.)
out of the Second 25 per cent, on French goods and out of the Duty of 25l. per ton on French Prize Wine8,40212
out of the Duty of 25l. per ton on French Wine imported13,3253
out of the Duty on Whale-fins which determined 31 July 17123,208151
out of the Duty on Whale-fins which commenced 1 Aug. 17121,726172
(total for the Duty on Whale-fins 4,935l. 12s. 3d.)
out of the Duty on Coals which determined 14 May 1703421011½
out of the Duty on Coals which determined 14 May 170861713
out of the Duty on Coals which determined 29 Sept. 17102,10650
out of the Duty of 3s. per chaldron on Coals which commenced 30 Sept. 171077,63009
out of the Duty of 2s. per chaldron on Coals which commenced 9 March 1710–1151,44116
(total out of the New Duties on Coals 131,838l. 6s. 6½d.)
out of the Duty of 15 per cent. on Muslins15,52414
out of the Coinage Duty7,3186
out of the Duty of 4½ per cent8,70119
out of the Enumerated Duties77008
out of the Prize Duties from the Plantations2,066128
out of the Impost 1709 on Pepper, Raisins etc.23,32146
out of the New Duty on Goods Exported36,0283
out of the New Duty on Hides1,73275
out of the Additional Duty on Hides9,251106
(total out of the Duties on Hides 10,983l. 17s. 11d.)
out of the New Duty on Candles27173
out of the Additional Duty on Candles23110
(total out of the Candle Duties 51l. 8s. 3d.)
out of the New Duty on Rock Salt Exported53198
out of the New Duty on Soap4,55418
out of the New Duty on Hops2160
money paid for the salaries of extraordinary clerks employed in registering the trading ships of Scotland5000
total payments and allowances£1,359,765174
and so remains 314,599l. 9s. 11½d.
bonds remaining in the Accomptant's hands305,56012
South Sea stock remaining1,3574
depending on sundry persons for money imprested to them:
in the accompt of John Knight, late Receiver General, from Michaelmas 1696 to 23 Oct. 1697, detailed47500
ditto of Richard Hutchinson, late Receiver General5000
and on James Ball and John Cannon, Riding Officers in Kent3000
sum total of the bonds, debentures and supers aforesaid£307,47216
and so this accomptant is Indebted7,126134
Declared 24 March 1714–15.