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'Declared Accounts: Post Office', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26: 1712 (1954), pp. CCCLXXXIII-CCCXC. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Post Office

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2784 [E351/2784].
AUDIT OFFICE: ROLL 1959, BUNDLE 44 [A.O.1/1959/44].
STEPHEN LILLY, Receiver General of the General Letter Office and of the Penny Post Office.
26 March 1711 to 25 March 1712.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands on his last preceding Accompt.nil
depending on several persons at Ladyday 16852,12560
depending on divers Postmasters etc. of the General Letter Office at Ladyday 171169,10098
depending on several persons of the Penny-Post Office, ditto2,4388
and upon several other persons in arrear, ditto95061
Receipts: revenue and profits of the General Post Office, 25 March 1711 to 25 March 1712:
in the Foreign Office [of the General Post Office]:
the produce of letters brought in by the mails; by months23,418199
letters to and from Lisbon not included in the above7,68039
received of Capt. Richard Grey for the freight of passengers in the Holland pacquet boats between Brill and Harwich92533
received of Joseph Durden and Mr. Rogers for letters and passengers etc. between Lisbon and Falmouth3,15374
received of John Six of Amsterdam by virtue of his contract with the Lords Burgomasters there for freight between England and Amsterdam1,20000
received of John Payne of Brussells for letters sent him4000
total for the Foreign Office36,417141
in the Inland Office [of the General Post Office]:
money received for letters at the Inland window; by months2,042211
money received of the Letter Receivers94331
the Letter Carriers' charge for letters sent up from the Country; ditto62,506131
the Postmasters' charge for letters sent into the Country; ditto72,03556
money due on contract with the several farmers:
Edward Hall of Rye, co. Sussex, for letters between London and Hastings and Battle, co. Sussex, and adjacent parts of Kent; half year to Mich. 17127500
William Rawson and Sarah Wain-wright, for letters between London and Ferrybrigg and Tadcaster, Settle and Kirkby Lonsdale with towns adjacent; half year to Mich. 171273500
John Smith and Mathew Stoughton for all letters between London and Sheffield, Chesterfeild, Mansfeild, Melton Mowbray, Oakham, Uppingham, Woodburne, Ampthill and Bedford, Wellingbrough, Kettering, Rockingham and adjacent places in cos. Bedford and Bucks.; half year to Mich. 171278500
John George at Thetford, co. Norfolk, for Walsingham Branch letters; same time20000
Thomas Atwood, at St. Neots, for letters between London and St. Neots, co. Hunt., Bideswade, co. Bedford, Stevenage, Welling and Hatfield, co. Hertford; same time12000
Samuel Johnson of Walden, for letters between London and towns in cos. Hertford, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge, with the villages adjoining; same time20000
John Brett of Tunbridge for letters between London and Kent; same time16500
John Barnes of Chichester, for letters to and from Chichester, Arundell, Petworth, Hazlemore, Godalmin, Guilford, Kingston and places adjacent in Sussex and Surrey; same time77500
Richard Bigg of Buckingham, for letters between London and Edg-worth, Stanmore, Watford, King's Henley, Hemstead, Barkhamp-stead, Buckingham, Chesham, Agmondesham, Great Marlow, Wendover, Banbury, Warwick and places adjacent; same time59000
total due on contracts as above 3,645l.
way letters taken in at one stage and delivered at another, farmed to divers postmasters:
John Stuckley of Plymouth23000
Mary Hayman at Dartmouth2000
James Buckley of Totnes1000
Joseph Quash of Exeter10000
Abraham Hackett of Chelmsford300
Charles Coven of Dorchester600
William Waterman of Sarum400
Moses Baxter of Portsmouth700
Robert Rodham of Berwick400
John Bell of Newcastle3000
Nicholas Paxton of Durham1000
John Willson of Darlington500
Elizabeth Harker of Northalerton900
Barbara Twaites of Great Habridge [Greta Bridge]200
Richard Gowland of Borough Bridge500
Katherine Dawson of York4000
Mary Mould of Hull5000
Robert Pattison of Beverley400
John Herring of Newark500
Hannah Petty of Gainsbrough2400
John Sharpe of Grantham500
Francis Ward of Boston1000
John Rishton of Spalding1000
Edward Tinckerson of Peterborough100
John Exton of Lynn2000
Jonathan Benns of Halston on account268
total for way letters 616l. 6s. 8d.
money received from Isaac Manly, manager of the Letter Office in Dublin for letters sent from Chester within the time of this Accompt699142
ditto for letters sent from Holyhead1860
money received of Thomas Reynell of Chester for four months by-letters received in the Chester road35381
money received of letter carriers [for letters] short-taxed this year190
money received of several persons for the port of express-letters120178
money received for expresses sent to London by the several Postmasters11413
money received of Henry Price, Postmaster of Bristol, for American letters9850
money received of the farmers for four months advance on letters, 1 June 1711 to 29 Sept. 17111,575115
money received of Joseph Quash of Exeter for rent70000
money received of Francis Stanley of Wantage, for two months rent to 1 June 171115868
total for the Inland Office145,628106
in the North British Office [of the General Post Office]:
money arising by profits of the Scotch Office:
Midsummer quarter 171151446
Michaelmas quarter 1711994010
Christmas quarter 171172384
Ladyday quarter 171278042
total for the North British Office3,0111710
in the Irish Office [of the General Post Office]:
money arising by profits of the Irish Office:
for half year to Mich. 17116,0921711
ditto for half a year to Ladyday 17125,682156
total to the Irish Office11,775135
total for the General Post Office 196,833l. 15s. 10d.
revenue and profits of the Penny Post Office, 25 March 1711 to 25 March 1712:
the produce of 807,128 letters taken in by the Officers of the Penny Post Office at Id. per letter3,36308
the produce of the second 1d. for 70,738 letters taken in by letter receivers in London and directed and delivered to persons in the Country2941410
the produce of 52,139 letters taken in by the several Penny Post Offices at 1d. each217411
total for the growing Duty of the Penny Post3,87505
overpays remaining due at Ladyday 1712:
John Hiches of Winbourn202
Edward Downs of Hartford bridge3483
John Beauchamp of Staines15166
Richard Harrison of Caxton6166
Sarah Clifford of Maidenhead16114
Edward Lock of Hounslow2030
Richard Wellington of the Hay755
Margarett Griffith of Llanimdiffry [Llandovery]3154
Samuel Coates of Pickadilly2856
Maurice Owen of Holyhead2181
John Draper of Conway12151
Margaret Buckley of Beaumarris1416
John Mercer of Old Street1500
John Atkinson of Whitechappell13106
Mary Gardiner of Southwarke7104
John Simson of Bourn1822
Joseph Darden of Falmouth971310
Monsieur Richards of Paris2,633189
Thomas Longbotham of Barnet17135
John Palmer of Halston4165
total charge and receipts (viz. Arrears 74,614l. 9s. 9½d., General Letter Office receipts 196,833l. 15s. 10d., Penny Post Office receipts 3,875 0s. 5d. and overpays 2,991l. 12s. 1d.)
Abatements out of the General Charge and Revenue of the Post Office:
Country letters brought from foreign parts and from the Deputy Postmasters in England, being first charged at the General Post Office in London and sent as directed to persons in the Country, whereby the growing duty in those parts is increased, and likewise on the Deputy Postmasters12,812128
letters charged on several Postmasters and Letter-carriers, returned because the addressees could not be found2,272102
her Majesty's and Members of Parliament, their letters brought and delivered free20,26767
foreign letters etc. enclosing bills of exchange etc. exempted by Act of Parliament, errors, statements, and overtaxed letters allowed Postmasters59233
letters sent up to the General Post Office by persons who farmed the same at yearly rents and so doubly charged3,388165
money due to Postmasters and others for the balances of these Accompts2,990118
salaries: including Sir Thomas Frankland, kt., and John Evelyn, Postmasters General, for three quarters and 68 days to Ladyday 1712, 1,872l. 12s.; Thomas Foley, Auditor, 260l.; George Searle, Accomptant, 300l.; Stephen Lilly, this Accomptant, for three quarters and 68 days to Ladyday 1712, 280l. 17s.; William Frankland, Comptroller of the Inland Office, 200l.; Benjamin Waterhouse, Secretary, 200l.; Richard Swift, Solicitor, 200l.; Ashburnham Frowd, Comptroller of the Foreign Office, 150l.; several Postmasters, detailed at length 10,616l. 6s. 1d.18,75479
annuities and pensions:
the Dukes of Northumberland and Grafton4,70000
Henry, Earl of Rochester4,00000
Thomas, Duke of Leeds3,50000
the Duke of Schonberg at 5,000l. per an. for Ladyday quarter 1711, and thereafter at 4,000l. per an.4,25000
the Duke of Marlborough5,00000
Simon, Lord Harcourt, Lord Keeper4,00000
James, Duke of Queensbury, one quarter's pension75000
John, Duke of Argyle, ditto75000
James, Earl of Seafield, ditto75000
John, Earl of Marr, ditto75000
Thomas, Earl of Pembroke, ditto75000
John Hill, ditto25000
William Brockett, ditto10000
Maud Johnson, ditto7500
Rebecca Chadwick, late widow of Dr. Titus Oates, ditto7500
Charles Osborne, ditto5000
the Professors in the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow; year to Martinmas 171142000
Court Post: Henry Andrews for carrying Royal letters etc. between the Court and the first Post Stage36500
charges of Expresses:
Midsummer quarter 171136663
Michaelmas quarter 171146370
Christmas quarter 171131256
Ladyday quarter 1712480211
charges of the packet boats:
Richard Grey, for hire etc. of the Harwich packet boats, the Eagle, Despatch, Dolphin, Marlborough and Prince; details given7,13803
Zachariah Rogers, for ditto of the Lisbon packet boats, the Swallow, Expedition, Queen, Prince, Mercury, Diligence and others; details given11,17318
Edmund Dummer, for the Union, a new packet boat for Lisbon, and for a pinnace; detailed2,80350
Edward Swallow, for the Dispatch, a new packet boat for Lisbon, and for her tackle etc.2,72316
the Duke of Montagu for the frame of the Queen packet boat for Lisbon and James Herring, shipwright, and sundry tradesmen for finishing her and for her tackle2,40960
John Mead and Edmund Dummer for hire of the Resolution packet boat55600
John Macky of Dover, for disbursements etc. of the Ostend packet boats2,40340
Edmund Dummer for hire of the West India packet boats3,00000
sundry incident charges, detailed (tradesmen's bills etc. for stationery, candles, glazier's work, leather bags, upholsterer's work, plumber's work, smith's work, punches, brasses and stamps, newspapers; rent; extra allowances; Xmas box money; charges in passing the Accompt; coach-hire; 60l, to Benjamin Waterhouse, steward of the Post Office feast, for the half yearly feasts to the Clerks and Officers of the General Post Office at 20l. each feast; parish dues etc. to St. Mary Woolnoth and St. Mary Abchurch; New River water, etc.)3,112160
allowances of various natures:
William Brown, agent at Lisbon, for John Duart de Costa at 10 per cent, for all money paid; and for returning money563130
John Six of Amsterdam, for his mojety of frank letters from Hamburgh, the Northern Crowns and Italy1,0891410
Robert Walker, for the tax on Officers' salaries not exceeding 60l. per an.35800
John Travers, for the redemption of the Pembroke packet boat ransomed from the French, etc12976
Edward Warren, for his share of the Continent letters in America25200
John Stuckley of Plymouth, for his care of the West India packet boats for six years (less 17 days)8960
ditto, for examining complaints against Capt. Rogers at Falmouth10200
Thomas Reynell of Chester, for collecting by-letters19368
Richard Bigg, for settling the Oxford stages6469
allowed the several farmers for their trouble etc. at 10 per cent. for half year to Ladyday 1712674174
money remitted to John Sharpless, late Postmaster of Preston, co. Lanc., for his poverty and imprisonment (20l. to be paid in three months)81149
ditto to Ralph Rishton, present Postmaster there, in consideration of inability to pay (72l. 17s. to be paid)10000
charges of the Scotch Office:
George Maine, Deputy Postmaster of North Britain:
stationery wares6635
Members' letters26154
country letters charged to Edinburgh and not paid there, being sent forward to the Postmasters in North Britain9481010
Members of Parliament, their letters23263
insolvent letters returned to London and from the Country871811
exchange of money59100
charges of the Irish Office:
Isaac Manley, Deputy Postmaster at Dublin:
stationery wares641126
country letters charged to Dublin and not paid there, but sent forward to the Postmasters in Ireland2,089193
insolvent Irish letters and letters from Dublin through the Kingdom [of Ireland]44677
exchange of money remitted3871710
State and Members of Parliament letters4,3211010
ship-letters paid for by Postmasters32186
English insolvent letters returned to London15000
money paid into the Exchequer at several times detailed56,724177
total payments out of the Revenue of the General Post Office as above 160,559l. 2s. 6d.
charges of the Penny Post Office:
salaries and wages (Nathaniel Castleton, Comptroller; Edmund Green, Collector; Nathaniel Golling, Accomptant; Joshua Baker, Comptroller's clerk; six sorters; eight subsorters; messengers)2,136176
rent of the Penny Post Offices (the Chief Office, the Westminster, Temple, St. Paul's, Southwarke and Hermitage Offices and the Exchange House)117100
incident charges, detailed45217
several letter-receivers for tenths of 807,128 letters allowed them33660
the value of several letters returned as the addressees could not be found4910
Officers' taxes11000
total payments and allowances£206,041310½
and so remains£72,273143
against which depending in super:
arrears due at Ladyday 1685, detailed2,12560
upon several Postmasters, etc. detailed at length67,22164
arrears of the Penny Post, ditto2,255810
arrears due from several other persons (the Duke of Leeds and Anthony Rowe for money received; Oliver Hill of Spain; George Levet, purser of a Spanish packet boat; Mark Fletcher, for fitting up the Spanish Princess; Mr. Simonds, Master of the Irish packet boats; Mr. Manley for the feasts paid the Officers)671141
total Supers£72,273143
and so this Accompt of the Revenue of the General and Penny Post Office is even and Quit.
Memorandum.—In pursuance of the Act 20 Car 2 [19 & 20 Car. II, c. 7] the several Receivers and Postmasters abovementioned are chargeable with damages at 12 per cent, per an. for the respective sums received by them and remaining in their hands and here noted that the same may be charged on them by the Court of Exchequer.
Declared 30 June 1714.