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Stamp Duties


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'Declared Accounts: Stamp Duties', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26: 1712 (1954), pp. CCCXCI-CCCXCIX. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Stamp Duties

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2926 [E351/2926].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2174, ROLL 154 [A.O.1/2174/154].
WILLIAM ASHURST, Comptroller and Accomptant General of the Duties on Stampt Vellum, Parchment and Paper.
1 August 1711 to 2 August 1712.
JOHN MONTAGU, Register of the Duties on Clerks and Apprentices.
2 August 1711 to 2 August 1712.
WILLIAM ASHURST, Comptroller and Accomptant General of the New Duties on Stampt Vellum etc. for 32 years from 1 August 1711 and on Cards and Dice for 32 years from 11 June 1711.
11 June 1711 and 1 August 1711 to 2 August 1712.
Arrears: remaining in the hands of several persons particularly named on the foot of the last General Accompt70,086150 11/12
and depending on sundry persons particularly named at the foot of the preceding Cash Accompt68200
Receipts: money due and payable for the Stamp Duties in the year 1712:
for stamps put upon Vellum, Parchment and Paper paid for and delivered out of the Head Office in London:£s.d.
on the third Continued Duty29,992147
on the Additional Duty26,887182
for stamps put upon Vellum, Parchment and Paper delivered to the Warehousekeepers to supply the Country:
on the third Continued Duty18,17082
on the Additional Duty15,04042
for the Duties payable by the Registers [Registrars] of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and by the Prothonotaries and other Law Officers, etc., viz.:
the University Registers, for the third Continued Duty25070
ditto, for the Additional Duty070
the several Prothonotaries etc., on the third Continued Duty24716
ditto, on the Additional Duty66290
ditto, on the second Continued Duty41576
several Town Clerks, for the third Continued Duty7116
ditto, for the Additional Duty7116
money raised by penalties incurred for Deeds engrossed before they were stamped, for the third Continued Duty4000
and for the Additional Duty4000
Paper and Parchment provided by the Commissioners for furnishing the Country and lodged with the Ware-housekeeper of Unstampt Goods:
value of parchment1,29113
profit arising by advancing the prices to retail prices492120
value of paper and prints680171
profit as above36647
total receipts for these Duties as above 94,719l. 15s. 0d.
money due upon Bond given by William Lowndes and William Martin, for the third Continued Duty10000
ditto, for the Additional Duty10000
overpayments for the Duties on Stampt Vellum etc., detailed56612
money due and payable for the rates upon monies given with Clerks and Apprentices:
on indentures brought to the Head Office at 6d. per £1 for sums of 50l. or under7941911
ditto at 1s. per £1 for every sum over 50l.1,771111½
on indentures brought to Country Collectors at 6d. per £1, as above645910 1/12
ditto at 1s. per £1 as above580183 3/6
3,792100 1/12
overpayments for the Duties on Clerks and Apprentices, detailed220
money due and payable for the New Duties on Stampt Vellum etc. and on Cards and Dice:
for stamps put upon Vellum, Parchment and Paper delivered at the Head Office in London3,912198
for stamps put upon Vellum etc. delivered to the Warehousekeeper to supply the Country8,14774
and for the value of paper and parchment provided by the Commissioners for furnishing the Country and lodged with the Warehousekeeper of Unstampt Goods with the profits of advancing the prices to the level of retail prices:
for the value of the parchment etc.30971
for the profit arising thereon212199
out of the Duty on Dice at 5s. a pair12700
out of the Duty arising by almanacks etc. stampt for the Stationers' Company and for George Parker1,58150
out of the Duty arising by stock in hand on Cards and Dice made before 12 June 1711:
on Cards at ½d. a pack1,00117
on Dice at 6d. a pair26886
overpayment on these Duties3150
total charge and receipts£185,6341211½
money accompted for in the Cash Accompt for these Duties:
surplusage on the preceding Accompt00
money paid into the Exchequer (on the first Continued Duty 55l. 13s. 6d., on the the second 1,663l. 4s. 6½d., on the third 39,148l. 9s. 9½d. and on the Additional Duty 43,214l. 4s. 5½d.)84,08112
salaries of the Head Office in London4,86000
rent of ditto16000
paper, etc. bought1,98013
necessary and incident charges6667
Officers' taxes39100
discompt for prompt payment1,43981
Exchequer charges etc.34110½
poundage to certain Law Officers3312
Auditor's fee19000
money overpaid in the preceding General Account253011½
allowances to Distributors for vending Stampt Paper and Parchment in the Country and for incident charges:
money discounted by Robert Isaacson, Distributor for London, for allowances made by him for Ten-pound parcels vended by him678
for the poundage allowed the several Distributors at 18d. per £1.
on the first Continued Duty410
on the second ditto10312
on the third ditto1,43419
on the Additional Duty1,293511¾
for the poundage allowed the University 'Registers' at 5l. per cent.:
on the third Continued Duty1210
on the Additional Duty00
for the money paid by the several Distributors for necessary and incident charges, etc.:
on the second Continued Duty2000
on the third Continued Duty76161
on the Additional Duty3180
total allowances to Distributors etc. 2,956l. 0s. 6¾d.
money accounted for in the Cash Accompt of the Duties on Clerks and Apprentices:
money paid into the Exchequer3,144711
salaries to Mr. Montagu and his clerk15000
necessary and incident charges113164
money paid by the several Distributors for necessary and incident charges and allowed by the Commissioners37
poundage to the Collectors of the Duties on Clerks and Apprentices4496
money overpaid in the preceding General Accompt714
money accounted for in the Cash Accompt for the New Duties on Stampt Vellum, etc., Cards and Dice:
money paid into the Exchequer7,64148
necessary and incident charges at the Head Office271143
discompt allowed on prompt payment there941011
for parchment etc. bought to be stampt for furnishing the Country26897
incidents paid by the Collectors of these Duties090
total payments and allowances£109,44219
and so remains76,191135
against which depending on the several Warehousekeepers, Distributors and others, named:
Distributors for the single Stamp Duty first granted for four years:
Simon Babb, Somerset908
William Collins, co. Worcester427116
Edward Cowley, co. Lincoln58511
Charles Jones, co. Radnor127119
Henry Marriott, Norfolk11495
Samuel Wilson, Berwick126
Robert Warren, Suffolk58511
ditto for the first and second Continued Duties:
Richard Aglionby, Carlisle (331l. 6s. 9½d. and 125l. 4s.)45610
Simon Babb, Somerset (first Continued Duty)6124
John Adams, co. Radnor (second ditto)7719
Francis Blithe, Colchester (ditto ditto)33106
Anthony Boise, co. Hertford (98l. 7s. 7½d. and 1,340l. 9s. 7½d.)1,438173
Joshua Claver, Hull (second Continued Duty)414151
William Collins, co. Worcester (first ditto)4253
Peter Clinton, Dorset (ditto ditto)5132
Benjamin Collett, co. Worcester (ditto ditto)24171
Charles Erle, Cornwall (ditto ditto)329010½
Charles Jones, co. Radnor (ditto ditto)454
Francis Isaacson, co. Lincoln (ditto ditto)263410¼
George Maynard, co. York (second ditto)61013
Charles Vaudrey, co. Lancaster (ditto ditto)328
Jeremiah Withers, co. Warwick (ditto ditto)1014
Timothy Westley, Redding (ditto ditto)5236
Thomas Wall, Bristoll (ditto ditto)00
ditto for the third Continued Duty and Additional Duty:
Henry Axford, co. Wilts. (453l. 3s. 5¼d. and 336l. 9s. 8½d.)78913
John Adams, co. Radnor (76l. 7s. 9¾d. and 203l. 12s. 10½d.)2800
Stephen Bishop, Oxon (528l. 11s. 11¾d. and 495l. 1s. 2¼d.)1,023132
Francis Blithe, Colchester (217l. 6s. 0½d. and 179l. 4s. 4¾d.)39610
Paul Courand, co. Hants. (945l. 16s. 3¼d. and 704l. 9s. 2½d.)1,6505
William Dowse, co. Hunts. (145l. 4s. 5d. and 92l. 18s. 11¼d.)2383
Thomas Day, Cambridge (241l. 15s. 6d. and 210l. 12s. 9d.)45283
Edward Eden, Durham (402l. 1s. 11½d. and 331l. 19s. 9d.)7341
Hugh Foulks, co. Chester (847l. 9s. 2d. and 572l. 16s. 3¾d.)1,4155
John Foulks, Denbigh (332l. 15s. 3½d. and 389l. 13s. 8d.)722811½
Daniel Garod, Norwich (986l. 11s. 1d. and 603l. 12s. 10¼d.)1,590311¼
Thomas Beresford, Taunton (419l. 14s. 11½d. and 290l. 4s. 9d.)70919
Henry Hawkins, St. Austell (589l. 6s. 11¾d. and 545l. 7s. 8¾d.)1,13414
Elizabeth Hall, co. York (395l. 0s. 3¾d. and 343l. 2s. 4d.)7382
Thomas Howson, Lincoln (371l. 4s. 11d. and 336l. 11s. 10½d.)70716
John Handfield, Kent (475l. 9s. 5¼d. and 311l. 16s. 1½d.)7875
Robert Isaacson, London (225l. 13s. 2d. and 232l. 2s. 1¾d.)45715
Stroud Knight, Redding (370l. 7s. 6d. and 305l. 12s. 7½d.)6760
William John, Exon (687l. 7s. 10¾d. and 526l. 2s. 7½d.)1,21310
Thomas Lloyd, co. Brecknock (87l. 7s. 6¾d. and 71l. 9s. 11¼d.)158176
Richard Lowry, Westmoreland (332l. 9s. 11d. and 305l. 14s. 5¼d.)6384
Henry Jeanes, Somerset (615l. 5s. 6¾d. and 378l. 14s. 2½d.)99319
William Loveday, co. Worcester(441l. 16s. 4½d.and 396l. 6s. 2¾d.)8382
Thomas Moore, Yarmouth (121l. 14s. 6½d. and 89l. 19s. 5½d.)211140
William Mathewes, co. Hereford (323l. 14s. 11¼d. and 210l. 14s. 0¼d.)534811½
Nathaniel Morgan, co. Carmarthen (334l. 9s. 7d. and 254l. 9s. 1¾d.)58818
John Newton, Lewis in Sussex (431l. 4s. 8d. and 352l. 15s. 6½d.)7840
Henry Nisbett, co. Derby (639l. 11s. 0½d. and 546l. 10s. 4¾d.)1,1861
Thomas Oldfield, co. Gloucester (999l. 6s. 3½d. and 831l. 17s. 4¼d.)1,8313
John Freeman, co. Suffolk (214l. 0s. 4¾d. and 145l. 11s. 0d.)35911
Robert Rhodes, Newcastle-under-Line (370l. 12s. 1d. and 397l. 13s. 9/¼d.)768510¼
Thomas Russell, Suffolk (432l. 16s. 1¼d. and 263l. 9s. 3½d.)6965
Thomas Seaward, Dorchester (461l. 1s. 5¾d. and 283l. 10s. 10¾d.)74412
Charles Sanderson, Newcastle (420l. 19s. 1¼d. and 410l. 13s. 7¾d.)831129
Obediah Smith, Daventry (628l. 9s. 6½d. and 580l. 4s. 7½d.)1,208142
John Stone, York (1,273l. 1s. 6d. and 959l. 3s. 9d.)2,23253
James Taylor, Chatham (133l. 12s. 7¾d. and 58l. 8s. 8d.)1921
Edward Thomas, co. Glamorgan (308l. 9s. 3½d. and 349l. 10s. 7d.)6571910½
Edward Vaudrey, co. Lancaster (689l. 1s. 3½d. and 694l. 2s. 4½d.)1,38338
Edward Calverley, Burrough of South-work (241l. 4s. 5¼d. and 169l. 14s.)41018
Gilbert Walmisly, Litchfield (423l. 15s. 10d. and 144l. 17s. 8½d.)56813
Samuel Gibbs, co. Wilts. (459l. 2s. 1d. and 344l. 19s.)80411
John Ward, co. Nottingham (126l. 6s. 6¾d. and 46l. 3s. 9¼d.)172104
Jeremiah Withers, co. Warwick (207l. 13s. 10d. and 208l. 18s. 9½d.)41612
Joseph Stockwell, Abington (125l. 10s. and 46l. 10s. 2¼d.)1720
William Webb, Chichester (146l. 18s. 9½d. and 123l. 15s. 4¾d.)27014
Thomas Bedford, Bedford (128l. 9s. 8d. and 83l. 15s. 10½d.)2125
William Williams, Dorset (207l. 0s. 11½d. and 310l. 5s. 10¼d.)5176
John Rhett, Brentwood (252l. 14s. 5½d. 169l. 10s. 2½d.)42248
Thomas Phillips, Shropshire (218l. 7s. 9¾d. and 265l. 5s. 4½d.)48313
Nathaniel Thorne, Tiverton (1,412l. 13s. 11½d. and 1,184l. 7s. 1d.)2,5971
John Hamilton, Edinburgh (3l. 3s. 9d. and 3l.)639
and upon sundry late Distributors (for the Additional Duty unless stated):
John Amory, Taunton9712
Richard Aglionby, Carlisle37418
Charles Baker, Exeter129910½
Anthony Boise, Hertfordshire1,1663
Joshua Claver, Hull41712
William Collins, co. Worcester6855
Peter Clinton, Dorset98714
Benjamin Collett, co. Worcester1363
Robert Foulks, co. Chester05
Benjamin Robins, Exeter (third Continued Duty 288l. 12s. 5¼d., Additional Duty 557l. 6s. 0½d.)84518
Charles Herle, Cornwall311166
Thomas Hewett, Tiverton411010¾
Francis Isaacson, Lincoln23011
Charles Jones, co. Radnor351910
George Maynard, co. York63919
Timothy Westley, co. Berks46212
Robert Jackson, Carlisle0100
Jonathan Taylor, co. Hertford (third Continued Duty 360l. 16s. 11¾d. and Additional Duty 329l. 13s. 11¼d.)6901011¼
and upon the Warehousekeepers:
Charles Howland, Warehousekeeper of Unstamped Goods, for the value of goods in his hands charged upon the third Continued Duty87752
William Curtis, Warehousekeeper of Stampt Goods, ditto, charged on the third Continued Duty 8,021l. 9s. 6¼d. and on the Additional Duty 5,705l. 9s. 9d13,72619
and upon several other persons, detailed:
Thomas Cater on bond; William Lowndes ditto; John Baddeley, the Staffordshire carrier for goods miscarried; John Harrison, the Chester carrier, ditto; Joseph Holden, late Clerk to the Secretary for Bills, and the University Registrars for money due74276
and remaining in the hands of sundry Collectors, named, of the rates on moneys given with Clerks and Apprentices6031010¾
and remaining in the hands of sundry Distributors and others on account of the New Duties on Stampt Vellum, etc., Cards and Dice: in the hands of the several Distributors, detailed3,70288¼.
in the hands of the following Cardmakers:
Archibald Vaus, Thomas Whitton, Lidia Birch, Thomas Cope, Richard Tustian, Thomas Hearne, James Pemberton, Nathaniel Tilson, Gabriel Pink, Thomas Crawford:and of Henry Ladyman, Dice-maker143196
upon the Warehousekeepers:
Charles Howland, for unstampt goods15047
William Curtis, for stampt goods1,78015
upon several other persons:
the Company of Stationers, George Parker and Major Carpenter, entering clerk (for stock)85096
and upon sundry persons, named at the foot of the Cash Accompt1,065150
and so this General Accompt is even and Quit.
Declared 12 August 1714.
PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 2912 [E351/2912].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2135, ROLL 17 [A.O.1/2135/17].
WILLIAM FRANKLAND, Receiver General of the Duties upon Stampt Vellum, Parchment and Paper etc.
31 July 1711 to 2 August 1712 (both days exclusive).
Arrears:remaining in the Accomptant's hands none, he being in surplusagenil
depending upon several persons particularly named at the foot of the last Cash Accompt68200
Receipts: money received within the time of this Accompt:
for arrears of the Single Duties continued after the first four years until 1 Aug. 17065600
for arrears of the said Duties further continued from 31 July 1706 to 1 August 17101,6733
for the Duties further continued from 31 July 1710 for 96 years48,56811
for the further Additional Duties granted to King Wm. III his heirs and successors43,92215
also for the Rates upon Monies given with Clerks and Apprentices:
at 6d. for every 20s. of every sum of 50l. or under7941911
at 1s. for every 20s. of every sum over 50l.1,771111½
money returned by several Collectors on the above rates paid by several persons in remote parts before the Indentures were sent to be entered and stamped8422
also for the New Duties on Stampt Vellum and on Cards and Dice by the Act 9 Anne [c. 16]:
for stamps made out at the Head Office on sundry instruments3,912198
received of several Country Collectors for the same78516
more of the Stationers' Company in bonds1,30000
more of the several cardmakers at 6d. a pack1,545160
more of the several dice makers at 5s. a pair11800
more for the Duty of½d. a pack by the Act 10 Anne [c. 18]1,00117
more for the Duty of 6d. a pair on Dice by the said Act26886
total charge and receipts£107,2431210¼
Surplusage on the preceding Accompt00
salaries etc.:
Edward Lloyd, Robert Pooley, Richard Martyn and Richard Steele, Commissioners1,20000
William Brydges, Secretary20000
William Frankland, Receiver General60000
other Officers, Clerks etc., detailed2,86000
rent to William Atwill and Co. for the Stamp Office at Lincolns Inn16000
parchment, paper and prints (Henry and John Hatley, Edward Darrell, John Baskett and Thomas Simpson and Co. 1,29l. 1s. 3d.; Samuel Sheafe, Robert Vincent, John Brownhead, etc. 689l. 11s. 11¾d.)1,98013
necessary and incident charges, detailed6667
repayment of Officers' taxes39100
discount allowed for prompt payment at 6 per cent. per an1,43981
Exchequer charges, etc.34110½
the Entering Registers of the Court of Chancery for poundage3312
total for salaries, incidents, etc. 9,565l. 3s. 7¾d.
money paid into the Exchequer by dates:
on account of arrears of the Duty to 1 Aug. 170655136
ditto to 1 Aug. 17101,6634
on account of the Duty from 31 July 171039,1489
on account of the Additional Duties43,2144
salaries and incident charges and money paid into the Exchequer out of the rates upon monies given with apprentices:
salaries (John Montagu and Jabez Hughes for three quarters to Xmas 1711)15000
necessary and incident charges, detailed113164
money paid into the Exchequer, by dates3,144711
salaries, incident charges, etc., and money paid into the Exchequer out of the New Duties on Stampt Vellum, etc., Cards and Dice:
salaries, detailed656183
necessary and incident charges, detailed271143
Owen Lloyd, stationer, for parchment, etc.26897
discompt for prompt payment at 6 per cent. per an941011
total for salaries, etc. 1,291l. 13s.
money paid into the Exchequer, by dates7,64148
the Auditor's fee, to Edward Harley19000
total payments and allowances£106,1771710½
and so remains1,0651411¾
against which depending on John Montagu, Solicitor, for money imprested to him to defray the charges of prosecutions (1,045l. 15s.) and on Charles Bridges for travelling charges (20l.)1,065150
and so the Accomptant is in surplusage00
Declared 12 August 1714.