Declared Accounts
Hackney Coaches


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'Declared Accounts: Hackney Coaches', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26: 1712 (1954), pp. CD. URL: Date accessed: 21 October 2014.


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Hackney Coaches

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1587 [E351/1587].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1326, ROLL 18 [A.O.1/1326/18].
EDWARD WHARTON, Receiver General of moneys arising by the Licensing of Hackney and Stage Coaches.
Midsummer 1711 to Midsummer 1712.
Arrears: remaining in the hands of this Accomptant on the end of his last Accompt193100
depending upon sundry hackney and stage coachmen in arrear, etc.72200
Receipts: for the rent of 700 hackney coach licences at 4l. each2,80000
for the Queen's moiety of eight forfeitures at 5l. each2000
for the Queen's moiety of 35 forfeitures at 40s. each3500
for the Queen's moiety of one forfeiture at 20s0100
for the Queen's moiety of 18 forfeitures at 10s. each4100
for the rent of the licences of 200 hackney chairs at 10s. each per an. payable quarterly10000
for the Queen's moiety of 16 forfeitures for hackney chairs at 40s. each1600
total receipts 2,976l.
total charge and receipts£3,891100
Daniell Blake, Charles Heron, Abraham Magny, Edward Jollivett and George Clark, Commissioners, 500l.; Edward Wharton, Receiver, 62l.; Charles Bolton, clerk, 50l.; Humfrey Wanley, Housekeeper and Surveyor, 40l.; George Edes and Michael Browne, messengers, 80l.; Richard Colton and Edward Dickenson, Streetkeepers 70l.80200
Office-rent to Mrs. Joyce Collins of the house in Surrey Street3800
incident charges:
Edward Wharton; James Tisser, Solicitor; Edward Castle, stationer; George Grafton, ditto; the door-keeper of the House of Commons, on the Commissioners attending there; Robert Stephenson for mending the admeasuring wheel; Hugh Powell for his moiety of a fine upon the conviction, on his complaint, of John Norwood and John Osborne, chairmen to M. Vicetti, Envoy of Genoa; Michael Brown, for fees paid the Steward's Court at Westminster on being sworn as a constable and for his constable's staff; George Edes for expenses of executing warrants; coals; office necessaries, etc.; Charles Bolton for Treasury fees paid25834
Officers' taxes8040
total for the above charges of managing this revenue 1,178l. 7s.4d.
Auditors' fee; to Arthur Maynwaring1500
money paid into the Exchequer:
out of the money arising by hackney coaches1,673128
ditto by hackney chairs10000
total payments and allowances£2,96700
and so remains924100
whereof depending on several hackney and stage coachmen for arrears of rent of licences and for the Queen's moiety of forfeitures [as in Vol. XXV, p. cdxxxiii]72200
and so this Accomptant is Indebted202100
Declared 24 August 1714.