Declared Accounts
Hawkers and Pedlars


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Declared Accounts: Hawkers and Pedlars', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26: 1712 (1954), pp. CDI-CDII. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Hawkers and Pedlars

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 1737 [E351/1737].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 1424, ROLL 16 [A.O.1/1424/16].
SAMUEL ATKINSON, JOHN HENLEY and THOMAS EARSBY, Commissioners for Licensing Hawkers and Petty Chapmen.
24 June 1711 to 25 June 1712.
Arrears: remaining in the hands of these Accomptants upon the foot of their last Accomptnil
because in surplusage
depending upon several persons as upon the foot of the said Accompt2,388173
Receipts: money arising within the time of this Accompt for Licences under the Act [9 Wm. III, c. 27, continued by 6 Anne, c. 2]:
for 2,075 foot licences granted for a year to Midsummer 1712 at 4l. each8,30000
for licences for travelling with 159 horses at 4l. each horse for the same time63600
for 1,918 single foot-licences at 12d. each95180
for 157 licences for travelling with 159 horses at 2s. each15140
for 33 bonds for securing the latter moiety of the Duty at 12d. each bond1130
total charge and receipts£11,43823
Samuel Atkinson, John Henley and Thomas Earsby, Commissioners30000
Culverwell Needler, Solicitor5000
four Clerks, named20000
Thomas Wells, General Riding Surveyor and five Riding Surveyors, named70000
three London Surveyors, named15000
Richard Harrington, messenger3000
allowances for prompt payments:
for prompt payment of 4,080l., being the latter moiety of the Duty arising by 2,040 licences40800
and for prompt payment of 318l. (sic) being the latter moiety of the Duty arising by 155 licences for travelling with 157 horses3180
necessary and incident charges and disbursements, detailed, including stationery (199l.), office rent (15l.), law charges (10l. 10s.), remittance of money abroad (1l. 0s. 1d.), office necessaries etc. (50l. 19s. 10d.), inquiries as to sureties (10l.), Exchequer fees (6l. 11s. 6d.), stamps on licences, etc. (108l. 5s.), and Auditor's fee to Edward Harley (25l.)42665
total for salaries, prompt payments and incidents as above 2,295l. 14s. 5d.
money paid into the Exchequer, by dates6,92600
surplusage on the preceding Accompt30482
total payments and allowances£9,52627
and so remains1,911198
against which depending on sundry persons in arrears for their licences or for the value of bonds not yet answered:
for the year ending Midsummer 1698 [as in Vol. XXV, p. cdxxxv]377106
ditto 1699 [ditto]198150
ditto 1700 [ditto]306180
ditto 1701 [ditto]251100
ditto 1702 [ditto]51150
ditto 1703 [ditto]2776
ditto 1704 [ditto]16106
ditto 1705 [ditto]24100
ditto 1706 [ditto]600
ditto 1707 [ditto]16100
ditto 1708 [ditto]2500
ditto 1709 [ditto]2000
ditto 1710 [ditto]4400
ditto 1711 [ditto]50150
William Batchellor, a Riding Surveyor, for money by him received260114
James Mackburny, another Officer, ditto3300
Edward Gregory, a deceased Riding Surveyor, ditto3550
Philip Sanderson, another Officer, for money in his hands1421811
and upon these Accomptants for the latter moiety of the Duties on sundry licences granted within the time of this Accompt3200
and so these Accomptants are in Surplusage8177
Declared 7 December 1714.