Declared Accounts
Treasury Solicitor


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Declared Accounts: Treasury Solicitor', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 26: 1712 (1954), pp. CDVIII-CDXI. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Treasury Solicitor

PIPE OFFICE: ROLL 3020 [E351/3020].
AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2318, ROLL 38 [A.O.1/2318/38].
WILLIAM BORRETT, Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury.
15 October 1711 to 15 October 1712.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands on the foot of his last Accompt21843
Receipts: Michaelmas term, 10 and 11 Anne; on imprest1,30000
Easter term, 11 Anne; ditto70000
money received from the Navy Treasurer, towards satisfying several charges relating to the South Sea Company4,01018
total charge and receipts£6,2292
Charges and expenses of several prosecutions etc.:
v. John Clendon for a libel3888
v. Edward Shaw and Henry Wareing for seditious words spoke at Coventry59010
v. John Darby for a libel entitled 'The Observator'35113
v. Sarah Popping for the same1429
v. Sarah Popping for a libel entitled 'The Protestant Post-boy'1429
v. Sarah Popping for a libel entitled 'An Excellent New Song called an End to our Sorrows'11169
v. Sarah Boulter for a libel entitled 'Matt's Peace'11169
v. Rebeccah Bond for a libel entitled 'She Laud'1136
v. Rebeccah Bond for a libel entitled 'A Welcome to the Medal'1396
v. Henry Hills for the said libel1429
v. Thomas Harrison for the said libel1429
v. William Hart for the said libel1429
v. Anne Boulter for the said libel1429
v. Abell Roper for a libel entitled 'The Postboy'12129
to Mr. Solicitor to attend the Queen's Bench upon charging the above-named Defendants and for the clerk's fee370
v. Charles Collins for seditious words2956
v. Richard Cresswell for seditious words spoke at Batch1606
v. Randle Mackdonald for seditious words spoke at Bath1426
v. Benjamin Harris for a libel entitled 'The Protestant Postboy'1592
v. John Franklyn for seditious words spoke at Portsmouth8184
v. John Goulding and John Ben for a riot and assault936
v. Lord Hinchingbrooke and others for a riot and assault24122
v. Thomas Seaman and Edward Churchill for an assault2452
v. Jabez Rickson for a high misdemeanour committed at Pembroke47102
v. Thomas Ridge, Joan Player, James Dixon, John Rolfe, Jeremy Kelly, Thomas Best and John Tyhurst, brewers, prosecuted by the Queen's Order upon the Address of the House of Commons104186
v. the Trustees and Executors of the late Queen Dowager16160
v. Francis Addison for an intrusion into the Lutheran Church in the Savoy13192
v. the Corporation of Bewdley prosecuted by the Queen's Order on the Address of the House of Commons1,0651510
v. Nathaniell Shepherd for seditious words7192
v. Thomas Kirby for high treason committed at Antegoa341511
v. Charles Mason, late Receiver and Paymaster of the Transport Service3206
v. the Duke of Marlborough; proceedings by English Information in the Exchequer72168
James Jame, Edward Plummer and John Symonds, Constables of Reading, at the suit of William Clarke, being arrested for impressing the said Clarke and defended at the Queen's charge2110
v. the Mayor and Burgesses of Nottingham2706
v. Thomas Clement for setting up a project or lottery entituled the Multiplication1062
v. John Hammond and others in trover for cutting and carrying away several trees in the Forest of Holt and Woolmer14110
v. Carew Reynell and others by English Information in the Exchequer to prevent waste958
v. the Earl of Westmorland the like for preventing waste in Rockingham Forest9199
v. the Corporation of Portsmouth5000
v. Thomas Waples for counterfeiting the Lottery tickets anno 1711976
fees to Counsel re Dr. Bentley, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and the said College5260
ditto re the South Sea Company6600
paid the Attorney General for his Opinion on the case of Mr. Compton touching the plate of the late Prince of Denmark in his custody3130
ditto on the paper relating to Mr. Raffur for holding correspondence with the Queen's enemies5176
ditto on the papers of Mr. Forster of Northumberland600
ditto on the papers relating to the Exeter riot676
ditto for attendance in the Court of Queen's Bench for discharging or continuing recognizances27100
Mr. Harcourt, the attorney in the Crown Office, for the appearance of defendants628
to the several Officers of the Courts of Queen Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer for fees760
to William Borrett, junior, for attending consultations about regulating the Press580
ditto, for taking an Inquisition of Extent in co. Northampton on the estate of William Harbord, late Treasurer and Paymaster in Ireland38192
ditto for copies of informations etc. in London and Middlesex about riots and assaults committed by the 'Mohacks' etc.24180
necessary and incident charges etc.:
payments made upon the Lord High Treasurer's warrant:
fees in passing the Commission for the Privy Seal122114
ditto in passing the revocation of the Duke of Marlborough's Commission5133
to the Attorney General's clerks, named, for their trouble in drawing and copying Proclamations 31 May 1708 to 15 Sept. 17105450
to John King for recovering for the Queen's use a great book containing copies of the rates of the late Queen Katherine's jointure etc.2000
to John Brand for writing and embellishing a copy of the Act for settling the precedence of the Electress Sophia etc.3000
to William Pitt, keeper of Newgate prison, and others for care of the late Marquis d'Guiscard152180
charges relating to the South Sea Corporation4,010178
disbursements of divers natures, including 4l. 6s. 8d. to Mr. Eyre, the attorney in the Exchequer, for transscribing all the process of the Exchequer Office against Accomptants from the time of Charles II, 26l. 13s. 0d., for fees of passing the last Accompt and 70l. to Thomas Foley for Auditor's fee356188
total for necessary and incident charges etc. 4,798l. 13s. 11d.
total payments and allowances£7,00266
and so the Accomptant is in Surplusage773311½
Declared 21 January 1713–14.