November 1577


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'Simancas: November 1577', Calendar of State Papers, Spain (Simancas), Volume 2: 1568-1579 (1894), pp. 549. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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November 1577

21 Nov. 469. Juan De Aguirre to Zayas.
On the 31st ultimo and the 3rd and 5th instant, I wrote to you, and I now have to say that my master Antonio de Guaras is in very strict imprisonment, as also is his steward. This is a most extraordinary thing and we cannot learn the cause of such a tyrannical proceeding. It is to be hoped that his Majesty will not allow so faithful a subject as my master to suffer such misery and trouble as those of which I have written, but, if his Majesty does not order some redress, my master will be sorely distressed, and I again supplicate your worship to have something done for him.
I have just received a letter from your worship written to my master dated the 28th of September, to which I have no reply excepting to pray you not to forget him in his trouble.—London, 21st November 1577.