Warrants for the Payment of Money
1729, April-June


Institute of Historical Research



William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Warrants for the Payment of Money: 1729, April-June', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 1: 1729-1730 (1897), pp. 252-264. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=87297 Date accessed: 21 October 2014.


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1729, April–June

April 1John Scrope -1,00000Secret service -Order Book XIV. p. 158.
Augustus Schutz -3,00000Privy purse - -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 162.
Thomas Spence1,712100Annuity on benefit ticket (1710, latter of) not subscribed into South Sea stock.Ibid.
April 2Wm. Stanhope80000Extraordinaries for six months to 1728, December 24, as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the Congress at Soissons.Money Book XXXIV. p. 388, and Order Book XIV. p. 158.
Edmund Britiffe, Edmund Anguish, Jeffries Dyve, Paymasters of Exchequer bills.274,3185To pay off and discharge Exchequer bills remaining undischarged on the duties on malt, anno 1727.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 162.
April 3Sir John Fortescue Aland.98138For 20 days in Hilary term as one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas.Money Book XXXIV. p. 389.
April 4Pattee Byng, Treasurer of the Navy.8,92500Navy services (ordinary and wages).Disposition Book XXIX. p. 163.
April 8Officers and Keepers of New Forest.30000One year's wages, due 1729, Lady Day.Money Book XXXIV. p. 383.
April 9-232165Salaries and incidentals, Wine Licence Office.Money Book XXXIV. p. 391.
9770Salaries and incidentals, Wine Licence Office.Money Book XXXIV. p. 391.
April 10Thomas Lowther -1,00000To reimburse the like sum expended for His Majesty's service.Order Book XIV. p. 156.
John Baskett3,75579His Majesty's printing expenses.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 163.
Samuel Robinson1,00000His Majesty's charity to the poor of London.Order Book XIV. p. 169.
John Hedges, Esq. -2,00000Prince of Wales -Ibid, p. 160.
Thomas Cremer, Esq. -30,00000Cofferer of HouseholdIbid, p. 161.
- - -270100Salaries and incidentals of the Commissioners for Hackney Coaches and Chairs.Money Book XXXIV. pp. 390–1.
13678Salaries and incidentals of the Commissioners for Hackney Coaches and Chairs.Money Book XXXIV. pp. 390–1.
April 11Mr. Missing -8,75585Victualling Gibraltar -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 167.
Earl of Loudoun - -1,00000Half a year's annuity, due 1729, Lady Day.Money Book XXXIV. p. 373.
April 12Treasurer of the Navy330,26398Navy services (wear and tear and victualling).Disposition Book XXIX. p. 164.
April 15Arthur Collins, Esq.20000Royal bounty -Order Book XIV. p. 161.
April 16Paymaster of the Works1,00000Charles Bridgman, in part of his imprest of 5,000l. for finishing the Royal paddock, &c. at Kensington.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 164.
April 17
Win. Stith and Adam Dickie.4000Passage money as ministers to Virginia.Order Book XIV. p. 152.
John Clarke and others10000Proclamation reward for apprehending, &c. Peter Levee for robbery on the highway, in the parish of St. Bride's.Money Book XXXIV. p. 401.
April 18Lord Waldegrave1,20400- -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 165.
- - -93519Incidentals for the Post Office for Michaelmas and Christmas quarters, 1728 (detailed).Money Book XXXIV. pp. 393–5.
1,44729Incidentals for the Post Office for Michaelmas and Christmas quarters, 1728 (detailed).Money Book XXXIV. pp. 393–5.
- -2,151158Quarterly salaries of officers of General Post (detailed).Ibid, p. 396.
- -52914Salaries of officers of the Penny Post (detailed).Ibid, p. 400.
April 22Paymaster of the Forces109,7791510Services, anno 1729 - -Disposition Book XXIX. pp. 165–6.
April 24Charles Marquend and others.10000Reward for apprehendingIbid, p. 166.
Arthur Collins - -20000- -Ibid.
Heirs of Nicholas Yates2500- -Ibid.
April 26Thomas Cremer - -27,50000Cofferer of the Household's Office for the quarter ended Lady Day, 1729, and by way of advance for Midsummer quarter.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 167.
April 29John Willes -Easter Term's salary as Justice of Chester, at 730l. per annum.Money Book XXXIV. p. 402.
Thomas Chaplin -90106On his salary of 120l. per annum as Keeper of the Tennis Courts for 1727, June 11, to February 15, following.Ibid.
April 30John Tysoe -794011For gilt and white plate delivered into the Jewel Office for 1728, Christmas quarter.Order Book XIV. p. 161.
May 1Augustus Schutz6,00000Privy purse - -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 167.
The Chancellor of the Garter and Perigrine Duke of Leeds.66026- -Ibid, p. 168.
May 2John Scrope6,20000Secret service -Order Book XIV. p. 162.
May 5John Lord Hobart -Like payment to January 15.Supra- -Disposition Book XXIX p. 133.
May 6Wm. Finch -69600Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the States General for 1729, Christmas quarter.Order Book XIV. p. 166.
John Dayrolle - -41100Resident with the States General for same quarter on his ordinary of 3l. per day, and 150l. extraordinaries.Ibid.
May 6Richard Earl of Scarborough.5,00000His Majesty's stables -Ibid, p. 164.
Charles Du Bourgay -43500Expenses as Envoy Extraordinary to King of Prussia for 1729, Christmas quarter.Ibid.
Robert Jackson -26100Expenses as Resident with the King of Sweden for same quarter.Ibid.
John Clarke and others60000- -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 168.
Frances Wyndham, daughter of Dame Anne Wyndham.5000Quarter's pension, due 1728, Christmas.Money Book XXXIV. p. 413.
John Duke of Montagu12500Quarter's salaries for the Officers of the Bath for the quarter due 1728, Christmas.Ibid.
Sergeants at Arms -19180Salaries due Christmas, 1728, on their fees or salaries of 3s. per day, and allowance of 2s. 6d. per day for board wages.Ibid.
Henry Holt Henley -511811Salary as Clerk of the Pipe from 1728, July 1, the date of his entry into that office, to December 25 following, on his patent fee of 47l. 4s. 2d. per annum, and allowance of 60l. per annum.Ibid, p. 404; and Order Book XIV. p. 181.
Officers of Ordnance238510Fees for half year ended Christmas, 1728.Ibid, p. 405.
May 6Horatio Walpole - -1,30000Allowance as Ambassador Extraordinary in France for 1728, December 8, to 1728–9, March 9, at 100l. per week, and one bill of extraordinaries.Money Book XXXIV. p. 403.
40000Allowance as Ambassador Extraordinary in France for 1728, December 8, to 1728–9, March 9, at 100l. per week, and one bill of extraordinaries.Money Book XXXIV. p. 403.
Henry Masterman -2500Half-year's salary as Clerk of the Crown, due 1728, Christmas.Ibid, p. 405.
William Cowper, Esq. Knight Harbinger.46168Quarter's annuity and allowance, due 1728, Christmas.Ibid, p. 406.
James and Arthur Moore.52400Travelling charges for the Clerk of the Cheque Harbinger, and the band of Gentlemen Pensioners for attending the King at Windsor and Hampton court.Ibid, p. 408.
Thos. Pelham -10000Extraordinaries as Secretary to the Congress at Soissons for the quarter ended 1728, December 25.Ibid, p. 410.
John Willes ---Dormand warrant for arrears on his fee of 40l. per annum as King's Counsel, and for the payment of the said fee or wages to him in future.Ibid.
Bank of England17,76776Premiums on circulating Exchequer bills to 1729, April 24 (with note of the bills outstanding at that date).Ibid, p. 411.
Clerks of the Council -25000Quarter's salaries, due 1728, Christmas, for same quarter.Ibid, p. 412.
Charles Earl of Carlisle, Governor of Windsor Castle.43100Quarter's fee for same quarter.Ibid.
John Rollos -12100Quarter's salary as Chief Engraver of the Royal Seals, &c. for same quarter.Ibid.
James Bourchier, Professor of Laws at Oxford.1000Quarter's salary for same quarter.Ibid, p. 383.
—, Professor of Physic at Oxford.1000Same -Ibid.
Dr. Green, Professor of Physic at Cambridge.1000Same -Ibid.
Dr. Francis Dickens, Professor of Laws at Cambridge.1000Same -Ibid.
James Earl of Findlater and Seafield.50000Quarter's pension for same quarter.Ibid, p. 406.
May 7Executors of James Allardice.14168On allowance of 100l. per annum for 54 days, 1729, March 25 to May 18.Ibid.
David Casley, Deputy Keeper of the Cotton Library.4100Half a year, due 1728, Christmas, on his salary of 40l. per annum, and allowance of 42l. per annum for firing, cleaning, and necessaries.Ibid, p. 407.
Keepers of Cranborne Chace.1000Hay for deer for the half year, due 1728, Christmas.Ibid.
Elizaeus Burgess55500Entertainment, &c. as resident with the Republic of Venice, 1727–8, March 25, to December 25.
Appending. — Certificate dated 1728–9, February 3, by the Duke of Newcastle, of Burgess's departure from His Majesty's presence on that employ on the preceding 25 March.
Ibid, p. 409.
Augustus Schutz629198Office of Robes for the quarter ended 1729, Lady Day.Order Book XIV. p. 163.
John Jacob - -80000Royal bounty - -Ibid, p. 163.
Wm. Ellis - -75000Same - -Ibid, p. 163.
Officers of the Board of Works.148155Salaries for the half-year ended 1728, Christmas.Money Book XXXIV. p. 403.
Thomas Beake -20000Under Clerks of the Privy Council for year ended Christmas, 1728.Ibid, p. 404.
May 8John Cooke - -1368Quarter's salary, due 1728, Christmas, as Clerk of Foreign Estreats.Order Book XIV p. 169.
Robert Harmsworth and Edward Salter.1850Expenses as Keepers of the Council Chamber for the quarter due 1728, Christmas.Ibid, p. 186.
Duke of Newcastle and Lord Townshend, Secretaries of State.1,50000Quarterly salaries due 1729, Lady Day.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 169.
Foreign Ministers8,665106Entertainment, &c. for Christmas quarter, 1728.Ibid.
Paymaster of the Works50000Wages for callmen belonging to His Majesty's palaces.Ibid, p. 170.
Treasurer of the Navy -5,00000Naval services (wear and tear and victualling).Ibid.
Same -6,359511Same (wages) - -Ibid.
May 9Lord Castlemain -67100Ranger of Waltham Forest for 1728, Christmas quarter.Ibid, p. 208.
Augustus Schutz, Master of the Robes.629190- - -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 171.
Wm. Watkins, Henry Newman, Savoy Ministers,and others.1,92900- - -Ibid.
Clerks of the Council7500Quarter's salary, due 1728, Christmas.Order Book XIV. p. 193.
May 9Paymaster of the Works40,00000His Majesty's works -Money Book XXXIV. p. 408.
Treasurer of the Chamber.60,00000Service of the Office of the Chamber.Ibid, p. 409.
May 10Augustus Schutz -36,00000Privy Purse -Order Book XIV. p. 175.
James Underhill -25000Royal bounty -Ibid, p. 169.
May 13Thos. May -8000Disbursements as Sheriff of Kent.Ibid, p. 176, and Money Book XXXIV. p. 370.
John Trawley and John Kent.4000Same as Sheriffs of Lincoln -Ibid.
Laurence King-4000Same as Under Sheriff of Dorset.Ibid.
John Turvin -8000Same as Sheriff of Hertford -Ibid.
J. Scrope -3,00000Secret serviceOrder Book XIV. p. 162, Disposition Book XXIX. p. 172.
Thomas Cremer -1,00000His Majesty's household (expense of His Majesty's voyage to Holland, and allowance to the Envoy of Tripoli).Disposition Book XXIX. p. 171.
May 14Thomas Lowther -50000To reimburse the like sum expended for His Majesty's service.Order Book XIV. p. 156.
Treasurer of the Navy -3,00000Navy services (wear and tear)Disposition Book XXIX. p. 172.
John Lord Hobart, Treasurer of the Chamber.1,00000His Majesty's messengers -Ibid.
May 15Benjamin Keene690145On his Ordinary as Consul General at Madrid (1727, August 9, to 1728, December 25).Order Book XIV. p. 177.
Sir Joseph Eyles40,00000To meet bills of exchange drawn from abroad for His Majesty's service.Ibid, p. 170, Disposition Book XXIX p. 173.
Roger Bagshaw -20,00000Same - -Ibid.
James Archer - -20,00000Same - -Ibid, p. 171.
Andrew Saunders20,00000SameIbid.
Wm. Simpson -15,00000Expended for the King's special service.Ibid.
Persons of the Secretary's Office attending the King [at Hanover].1,24000Extraordinary expenses in attending the King going abroad.Ibid, p. 172.
May 15Officers of the Office of Secretary of State.84716Sign manual addressed to the Lords of the Treasury for the issue of sums amounting to 847l. 1s. 6d. to certain officers of the Secretaries of State for their attendance and expenses at Hampton Court and Windsor during the royal residence there in 1728. Given at the Court at St. James's.
Memorandum.—A warrant signed in the aforegoing, 1729, May 16.
King's Warrant Book XXIX. p. 385–6, and Order Book XIV. p. 174.
May 16John Hedges -4,00000Prince of Wales -Order Book XIV. p. 173.
John Scrope -6,50000Secret service -Ibid.
Charles Delafaye -1,00000Incidental expenses at the Court of Hanover for postage, estafets, expresses, &c.Ibid.
Wm. Richards-3,10000Special services performed to His Majesty.Ibid.
May 19Anthony Cracherode -1,00000Public prosecutions, &c.Money Book XXXIV. p. 415.
- - -3060Incidents in Office of Hawkers and Pedlars.Ibid, p. 417.
May 20Richard Carter -10000Salary as justice -Order Book XIV. p. 178.
John Verney -10000SameIbid.
John Trevor -10000SameIbid.
Hy. Beeston10000SameIbid.
Thomas Martin -10000SameIbid.
John Couraud -1,837310Expenses for creating Frederick Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.Ibid, p. 175.
May 21Earl of Warwick and others.4,33454- -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 174.
Treasurer of the Ordnance.43,829118Land services (deficiency of the ordnance, anno 1728).Ibid.
Paymaster of the Forces80,922166Forces, &c. anno 1729 -Ibid, p. 175.
Jonathan Forward, merchant.48000Transporting 96 persons from Newgate to Maryland (list ibid).Money Book XXXIV. pp. 417–9.
Sidney Godolphin -Warrant dormant for 20l. per annum as Auditor of the Land Revenues of Chester, &c.Ibid, p. 419.
Thomas Lowther1,00000To re-imburse expenses for the King's service.Ibid, p. 416, Order Book XIV. p. 177.
William JessopWarrant dormant for salary of 500l. per annum as second justice of Chester, Flint, Denbigh, and Montgomery, from 1728–9 February 24.Money Book XXXIV. p. 416.
May 22John Earl of Sutherland30000Quarter's allowance, due 1729, Lady Day.Order Book XIV. p. 179.
May 22James Nicholls -10721- - - -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 176.
Francis Walker -13311Cravings as late Sheriff of Salop.Money Book XXXIV. p. 420.
May 23Treasurer of the Chamber.7,666410Quarter's bills in the Office of the Treasurer of His Majesty's Chamber for the quarter ended 1729, Lady Day (detailed).Disposition Book XXIX. p. 179.
Earl of Findlater and others.80000- - -Ibid, p. 177.
June 3Bank of England -100,00000Appropriated to the Bank for the year ending 1730, June 1.Order Book XIV. p. 194.
Philip Earl of Chesterfield.1,30000Ordinary allowance as AmbassadorMoney Book
80000to the States General for the quarter ended 1728–9, March 12, and one bill of extraordinaries for the quarter ended 1728, December 25 (details ibid).
Appending.—Statement of the bill of extraordinaries.
XXXIV. p. 421.
Commissioners for Trade and Plantations.2,00000Quarterly salaries for 1729, Lady Day quarter.Ibid, p. 422.
Mayor of Macclesfield898For a preacher for the town of Macclesfield and villages thereto belonging for 1727, June 11, to 1729, Lady Day.Ibid, p. 423.
Lord Waldegrave -3,69150Allowance as Ambassador, &c. to the Emperor of Germany for half a year ending 1729, May 22, on his Ordinary of 100l. per week and two bills of extraordinaries.
Appending.—Statement of the extraordinaries.
Ibid, pp. 423–4.
June 4Sir John Lambert -13000For Walton's bill -Ibid, p. 436, Order Book XIV. p. 187.
16170For Walton's bill -Ibid, p. 436, Order Book XIV. p. 187.
Sir Clement Cotterell -44880His Majesty's present to Cossum Hojah, the Tripoline Envoy, now on his return home, his brother, interpreter, and servants, &c.Order Book XIV. p. 179.
Francis Child -70000Commissioners for inquiry into the state of the gaols.Ibid, p. 179.
Thomas Lowther and others.10,03650- -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 179.
George Fairbrother and others.10000- - - -Ibid.
Judges and others6,057100Quarterly salaries for Easter Term.Ibid, p. 178.
Duke of Richmond -25000Quarter's annuity due 1729, Lady Day, as one of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber.Money Book XXXIV. p. 425; Order Book XIV. p. 183.
June 4James Duke of Hamilton.25000Same -Money Book XXXIV. p. 425; Order Book XIV. p. 183.
Wm. Duke of Manchester.25000Same - -Ibid.
Charles Earl of Selkirk25000Same -Ibid.
Philip Earl of Chesterfield.25000Same - -Ibid.
Wm. Earl of Essex25000SameIbid.
Hy. Earl of Deloraine -25000Same -Ibid.
Hugh Lord Clinton25000SameIbid.
Thos. Paget, Esq. -25000Same - - - -Ibid.
Henry Herbert, Esq. -25000SameIbid.
Wm. Manners, Esq. -25000Same - -Ibid.
Wm. Stanhope -15000Quarter's salary due 1729, Lady Day, as Vice Chamberlain of His Majesty's household.Ibid.
Sir Robert Rich -12500Same for same quarter, as one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber.Ibid, p. 426.
Sir Charles Hotham -12500Same -Ibid.
Thomas Paget, Esq. -12500Same - -Ibid.
Charles Churchill -12500Same -Ibid.
John Selwyn -12500Same - -Ibid.
John Campbell -12500Same -Ibid.
James Campbell -12500Same -Ibid.
Charles Cathcart -12500Same - - -Ibid.
Sir John Locke and Sir Wm. Ogborne.73366Cravings as Sheriffs of London and Middlesex.Ibid, pp. 426–7.
Thomas Spence, Sergeant at Arms attending the House of Commons.36196Incidentals and messengers for the Session 1728–9, January 21, to 1729, May 14 (details ibid).Ibid.
John Wright, John Langley, Daniel Dwight.6000Passage money as ministers to Maryland, Nevis, and New England respectively.Ibid, p. 428, repeated on following day in Order Book XIV. p. 152.
June 5Francis Earl of Godolphin.1,00000Quarterly salary, due 1729, Lady Day, as Groom of the Stole and First Gentleman of the Bedchamber.Money Book XXXIV. p. 425.
Paymaster of the Works4,14819Charge of Office of His Majesty's Works, ordinary and extraordinary.
Appending.—Statement of same.
Disposition Book XXIX. p. 178.
Treasurer of the Navy2,00000Pursers of His Majesty's ships under orders of victualling.Ibid,p. 179.
Woodes Rogers - -10000Quarter's salary, due 1729, Lady Day, as Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Bahamas.Money Book XXXIV. p. 431.
June 6Francis Walker - -13365Overpaid as Sheriff of SalopOrder Book XIV. p. 181.
June 7Paymaster of the Forces100,00000Services of the Forces -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 180.
June 9Sam. Buckley - -37582-Ibid.
June 10Mr. Price and 16 others2,28456-Ibid,p 181.
June 10Nathaniel Blackerby -12,00000As Treasurer to the Commissioners for building 50 new churches in London and Westminster.
(Note ibid, “paid before on two warrants, 25,000l.”)
Money Book XXXIV. p. 432.
Charles Black - -15000Advance of salary as Consul at Algier, his said salary being to commence from 1729, April 25.Ibid, p. 433, Order Book XIV. p. 192.
June 12Earl of Buchan and 107 others.18,31412Pensions and salariesDisposition Book XXIX. pp. 182–3.
Richard Dunning -5000Expenses in prosecuting Philip Hooper for barratry.Money Book XXXIV. pp. 433–4.
Duke of Dorset -27500Quarter's pension, due 1729, Lady Day.Ibid, p. 435.
Same -37500Same as Constable of the Castle of Dover and Warden of the Cinque Ports.Ibid.
Sir John Grosvenor and Sir Thos. Lambe.26462Cravings as late Sheriffs of London and Middlesex.Ibid, pp. 435–6.
June 13Edmund Allen -80400Secretary at the Court of the King of Sardinia, 1727–8, February 17, to 1729, March 25, on his allowance of 40s. per day.Order Book XIV. p. 193.
Clerks of the House of Commons,viz.Michael Askew, Clerk Assistant; Hicks Borroughs, Edw. Joddrell, John Hookes, and Wm. Hester, under clerks; Thomas Ward, housekeeper; and Thomas Spence, Sergeant at Arms,47000Allowances for the Session 1728–9, January 21, to 1729, May 14.Ibid, p. 189.
Clerks of the House of Peers, viz. James Merest, clerk assistant, and Richard Turner for the eight doorkeepers.20000Same - -Ibid, p. 190.
Francis Jephson - -5900Attending the Speaker of House of Commons, 1728, August 8, to October 15, and during the last Session.Ibid.
Benjamin Hector and Richard Champneys.8000Disbursements as Sheriffs of Lichfield and Somerset.Ibid, p. 196.
John Simons8000Same (of Leicester) -Ibid, p. 197.
John Lidgold8000Same (of Bucks) - -Ibid.
Catlin Thorowgood8000Same (of Essex) -Ibid, p. 198.
Edward Clarke -16000Same (of Berks) - -Ibid.
Richard Harpur, Benj. Rhodes, Samuel Peake12000Same (Derby, Beds and Notts).Ibid, p 199.
Walter Chetwynde -10000Lady Charlotte Lovelace's quarter's pension, due 1729, Lady Day.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 181.
June 14Lionel Cranfield Duke of Dorset.27500Quarter's allowance, due 1729, Lady Day.Order Book XIV. p. 187.
June 14Paymaster of the Forces114,738164Offreckonings and clearings, 1728, June 25, to December 24.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 184.
June 16Alured Popple519310½Salaries and incidentals as Secretary to the Commissioners for Trade.Money Book XXXIV. p. 441.
June 17Francis Coleman -468150Allowances ordinary and extraordinary as Resident with the Duke of Florence, to 1729, March 25.Ibid.
June 18Paymaster of the Forces93,49140Services of the Forces -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 184.
John Lord Hobart, Treasurer of the Chamber.1,00000Advance to His Majesty's messengers.Ibid.
Treasurer of the Navy -7,05000Thomas Ripley on account of artificers employed in building the Admiralty Office and the houses adjoining.Ibid, p. 185.
Arthur Vansittart -63666Arrears of rent of Mote Park for two years due Michaelmas last.Order Book XIV. p. 195, Disposition Book XXIX. pp. 186, 187.
Arthur Onslow -50000Speaker of the House of Commons.Ibid, p. 193.
Earl of Essex - -22313Quarter's allowances (detailed) as Keeper of St. James's Park, for 1729, Lady Day quarter.Money Book XXXIV. p. 444.
Lord Byron25000Quarter's annuity for same quarter.Ibid, p. 441.
Lord Trevor -45000Quarter's allowances as Keeper of the Privy Seal, for same quarter.Ibid, p. 442.
June 19Paymaster of the Forces125,0191710Services of the Forces - -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 190.
Hy. Duke of Kent -50000- - - -Ibid, p. 185.
Casper Bergman -40000Lodging Cossum Hojah -Order Book XIV. p. 194.
Thos. [or John] Hodges8000Disbursements as Sheriff of Southampton.Ibid, p. 196, Money Book XXXIV. p. 438.
Thomas Lord Trevor -36000Quarter's allowance in lieu of diet as Keeper of the Privy Seal for the quarter ended 1729, March 25.Ibid, p. 190.
Jezreel Jones -19200Maintenance of Muley Abdrahhaman Shreif.Ibid, p. 189.
Samuel Shute -40000Royal bounty for services in administering provinces of Massachusetts Bay, as late Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire.Ibid, p. 191.
Arthur Vansittart22515Rent of Mote Park - -Ibid.
Edmond Lord Killmallock.15000Royal bountyIbid, p. 188.
June 14Lord Cornwallis416184Fees, &c. as Chief Justice in Eyre, for the quarter due 1729, Lady Day. -Money Book XXXIV. p. 442, Order Book XIV. p. 192.
Wm. Earl of Essex,10000Under Keepers, &c. of Hyde Park for the quarter due 1729, Lady Day.Money Book XXXIV. p. 443, Order Book XIV. p. 191.
Charles Duke of Grafton75000Quarter's annuity (Lady Day quarter).Money Book XXXIV. p. 442, Order Book XIV. p. 192.
Sir Wm. Chapple -Dormant warrant for 400l. per annum as justice of Carnarvon.Money Book XXXIV. p. 446.
June 20Mr. Charles Bridgman1,00000Finishing the royal paddock at Kensington.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 186.
John Duke of Montagu4,814178To clear the debt in the Office of the Great Wardrobe to Lady Day, 1729.Ibid, p. 187.
Walter Chetwynde -11,62056Quarter's pensions payable in his office for quarter ended Lady Day, 1729.Ibid.
Anthony Cracherode25000Half-year's salary ending 1729, June 11.Order Book XIV. p. 201.
June 25Lords of the Treasury and others.5,797144Quarter's salaries, &c.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 188.
South Sea Company -408,00000Four per cent. interest on 10,000,000l. and 8,000l. for charges of management in lieu of an annuity after the rate of 5 per cent. for one year to 1730, Midsummer.Order Book XIV. p. 202.
Duke of Grafton -75000Quarter's annuity (Midsummer quarter).Money Book XXXIV. p. 443, Order Book XIV. p. 192, Disposition Book XXIX. p. 188.
John Lawton -10500As above, March 26
Appending.—Lawton's certificate, “since Lady Day last I have, with three clerks—Mr. Stewart, Mr. Smart, and Mr. Whiston— cleaned and placed in order upon shelves the Rolls of the Court of Common Pleas of Edward V. and Richard III. and likewise a great number of Assize and Essoin Rolls of several reigns brought, amongst other Records, from the Gateway at St. Margaret's Lane End.”
Money Book XXXIV. p. 382, Disposition Book XXIX. p. 188.
June 26Richard Carter -10000Quarter's allowance as justice.Order Book XIV. p. 206.
John Verney -10000Same -Ibid.
John Trevor -10000Same -Ibid.
Henry Beeston -10000SameIbid.
Wm. Chapple (now Sir William).10000SameIbid.
Thomas Martin -10000Same - -Ibid.
George Dennis -8000Disbursements as Sheriff of Cornwall.Ibid, p. 202.
John Beresford and others.77100Clerks, &c. making up the incomes and issues of the Customs for 1729, Midsummer quarter.Money Book XXXIV. p. 379.
June 28Duke of Newcastle -462100Quarter's salary, due 1729, Midsummer.Order Book XIV. p. 201.
Charles Viscount Townshend.462100Same - -Ibid.
June 29Edward Hasell and Joseph Small.8000Disbursements as Sheriffs of Cumberland and Gloucester.Ibid, p. 223.
Gregory Gardiner -12000Same as Sheriff of Somerset -Ibid.