Treasury Warrants
December 1702, 1-15


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'Treasury Warrants: December 1702, 1-15', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 17: 1702 (1939), pp. 405-419. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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December 1702, 1-15

Dec. 1.Letter of direction for 8 items of Civil List payments amounting in all to 8059l. 3s. 5d. Of these items the Duchess of Somerset 250l.; Commissioners for Trade 3587l. 15s. 5d. and 581l.; the Privy Council clerks 200l. and the two chaplains Edwards and Squire 20l. each are entered separately as money warrants under dates Nov. 25 and 30. The remaining items pertain to the Judicial system as follows viz.: 3000l. for the 12 Judges of England for last Michaelmas term; 125l. to Sir Joseph Jekyll Chief Justice of Chester for same term and 275l. to the 11 Masters in Chancery for last Michaelmas quarter. Disposition Book XVI, p. 118.
William Lowndes to Lord Halifax to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Guy Palmes, late one of the four Tellers of the Exchequer, praying the surrender of his surety bonds as he has passed his accounts and obtained his quietus. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 95.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition of Capt. William Berry for allowance of half pay. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Henry Baker of the petition of James Porter, Steven Taylor and Thomas Peckham for remission of their fines in the Exchequer for importing silks and exporting wool. Reference Book VIII, p. 24.
Same to the Salt Commissioners of the petition of William Christian for allowance of loss by damage of a lading of salt as against 200l. which he owes for salt duty. Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of William Joyce, corn factor, praying to be discharged from his confinement for money owing to Simon Dojoy, a collector of Excise. Ibid.
Dec. 2.William Lowndes to Gregory King. "I received your letter last night at ten and have this morning searched for the [Treasury] Minute desired but find that the Minute Books for the time about the 4th of March 1692 are in the custody of Mr. Guy then Secretary of the Treasury and not in the [Treasury] Office which I desire you to intimate to the Honble. the Commissioners of Publique Accounts." Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 95.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Hen. Washington shewing that he is seized in fee of the fishery of great part of the river of Thames within the manor of Cookham and prays, in order to preserve the same for the benefit of the other proprietors and himself, a lease of the fishing of the ditches and ponds within the manors of Cookham and Bray adjoining to the said river for 31 years under the old rent of 15l. per an. Reference Book VIII, p. 137.
Dec. 4.Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a new Commission of Excise: viz. to Foot Onslow, William Strong, George Townsend, Phillip Ryley, Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Edward Noell and John Boyse. King's Warrant Book XXI, pp. 469–70.
Same to same for a same for a yearly rent or pension of 5000l. to John, Duke of Marlborough and his heirs male during the Queen's natural life: out of the Post Office: in support of his dignity as a Duke. Ibid., pp. 471–2.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 10,000l. to Edward Nicholas as imprest for such Establishment as the Queen shall sign [for her private pensions and charities]. (Money warrant dated Dec. 23 hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated Dec. 22.) (Money order dated Dec. 23 hereon.) Ibid., p. 472. Money Book XVI, p. 233. Order Book V, p. 423.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to constitute Thomas Yarburgh as Register of Excise with the fee or salary of 350l. per an. in place of John Thompson and Edward Noell, joint holders of said place by the patent of 1679 Aug. 23, the said Thompson being dead and Noell having surrendered by deed dated Dec. 1 inst. King's Warrant Book XXI, p, 473.
Same to Sir Robert Cotton and Sir Tho. Frankland, Postmasters General, for settling the rates for the port of letters to the Western Plantations (Barbados, Antigua, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Christopher and Jamaica) and from thence hither to London; the Queen being resolved that a Post shall be settled for the carriage of letters and packets to the said places: viz. as follows (being according to the rates and proportions of the Act of 12 Charles II) that is to say 9d. of English money for every single letter not exceeding one sheet of paper from London to any of the said places; 18d. for every letter not exceeding 2 sheets and proper tionable to the same rates for every pacquet of letters; and for every other pacquet of any kind of greater bulk 2s. 8d. for every ounce weight: and the like rates in the same manner for the port from the said places to London. Ibid., p. 474.
Same to Richard Crawley, Receiver of salvage money and other Droits and Perquisites of Admiralty, to pay (out of the salvage money of the ship May-flower) 105l. to Patrick Graham, John Cossen and other inhabitants of the island of Scilly as reward for their rescue of the said ship on June 2 last; being a perquisite of the Admiralty and within the Queen's disposal for the benefit of the public by virtue of a warrant of the Lord High Admiral dated July 27 last: it appearing that the said persons on the said 2d of June saw some ships coming from the West and a French privateer who came up with and took 2 of them and the next day, discovering the said privateer chasing another ship they (being about 26 in number) procured 4 boats, armed themselves and put forth to sea and rescued from the enemy one of the merchant ships called the May-flower, William Harvey master, and brought her into safety and delivered her to the Prize Officers. Ibid., p. 475.
Dec. 4.Same to Sir John Cook, Advocate General and Thomas Smith, Procurator General in the Court of Admiralty and Courts Ecclesiastical, to appear before Sir Richard Raines, Judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury or his surrogate and to apply for administration to the goods &c. of Horatius Stanton alias Boswell late of Drayton Co. Salop, a bastard intestate with no kindred. Ibid., p. 476.
Royal sign manual for 1026l. to the executors of Hugh Gregg deceased, late Resident at the Court of Denmark, viz. 846l. for 282 days on his ordinary of 3l. a day from 1700–1 March 22 to 1701 Dec. 29 and 180l. for one bill of extraordinaries 1699 Oct. 1 to Dec. 31. (Money warrant dated 1702–3 Jan. 4). (Money order dated Jan. 5 hereon.) Ibid., p. 477. Order Book V, p. 430.
Same for 8608l. 0s. 6d. to Charles Shales, late goldsmith to the Queen; 4132l. 15s. 0d. thereof to complete 14,132l. 15s. 0d. for plate and jewels for the service of the Coronation and the remaining 4475l. 5s. 6d. for gold works &c. furnished into the Jewel Office from March 26 last to June 24 last.
Appending: certificate of said gold works amounting to 4475l. 5s. 6d. (Money order dated Dec. 24 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXI, pp. 479–80. Order Book V, p. 420.
Same for 900l. to Mary, Duchess of Buckingham: as royal bounty: (Money warrant dated Dec. 16 hereon.) (Money order dated Dec. 22 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Nov. 24.) King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 480. Money Book XVI, pp. 214. Order Book V, p. 419. Disposition Book XVI, p. 116.
Royal warrant to the Treasury for 43l. 10s. 0d. to John, bishop of Chichester: to be satisfied by tallies to be levied on the said bishop for the like sum due for arrears of the Tenths for the Vicarage of Steyning Co. Sussex; it having been represented to the Queen by John Mathews, Vicar of said Steyning Church, that at his institution and induction the said sum was due for 29 years' arrears of Tenths to Xmas last of the Vicarage: the former vicars having died insolvent and left the vicarage house in such a ruined condition that he will be obliged to rebuild it. (Money order dated 1702–3 Jan. 7 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 481. Money Book XVI, p. 222. Order Book V, p. 436.
Royal sign manual for 500l. to Sir David Mitchell for the charges of his voyage to Holland and back last summer "whither he was sent by us upon a particular service." (Money warrant dated Dec. 18 hereon.) (Money order dated Dec. 29 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 482. Money Book XVI, p. 214. Order Book V, p. 426.
Royal warrant to the Commissary General of the Musters to muster and allow the 6 Marine Regiments (lately raised under Cols. Harry Mordaunt, Henry Holt, Tho. Saunderson, Edwd. Fox, George Villiers and Richard, Visct. Shannon) as follows: viz. the Field Officers as from March 10 last, the non-commission officers as from April 1 last and the soldiers as complete from April 20 last to August 24 following. King's Warrant Book XXI, pp. 546–7.
Dec. 4.Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt for the issue of 29,589l. 8s. 9½d. to the Earl of Ranelagh by tallies on the overplus of the Malt Duties: to be applied as follows:
in further part of 264,874l. part of 352,000l. for Guards and Garrisons in England for one year to 1702 Dec. 24
for clearings to the Troops in England from Aug. 25 last to Oct. 24 last (offreckonings included)858616
for the pay of the Garrisons for same time240817
for clearings to the Regiments of Lloyd, Bellasys, Seymour and the Fusiliers late arrived from the Expedition: to wit from June 25 last to Oct. 24 last11759166
for Col. Thomas Saunderson for levy money for several soldiers drawn out of his Regiment of Marines to complete the Regiments of Bellasys, Churchill and the Fusiliers at their going to sea on the late Expedition: as by the Queen's warrant of Aug. 21 last86
to Hezekiah Marshall, Commissary General to the soldiers to be sent to the West Indies under the Earl of Peterborough: on his allowance to enable him to repair thither200
in further part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. other part of the said 352,000l. towards maintaining 10,000 soldiers for sea service.
for clearings to the 5 Regiments lately gone for Ireland from the days of their musters to the days of their embarcation for Ireland2252138
for clearings to Lord Lucas's Regiment of Foot from Aug. 24 to Oct. 24 last733157
in further part of 700,000l. for 40,000 men to 1702 Dec. 25.
for the clearings of Maj. Gen. Churchill's Regiment of Foot late arrived from the Expedition viz. from June 25 last to Oct. 24 last356243
Money Book XVI, pp. 207a–b.
Allowance by same of the Hackney Coach Office salary bill for 1702 Sept. 29 quarter detailed (total 207l. 10s. 0d.) and incidents bill detailed (total 103l. 7s. 3d.). Money Book XVI, p. 215.
Letter of direction for 6000l. to Sir Benjamin Bathurst, Cofferer of the Household: for the expense of the Household as by the Establishment in force as from July 1 last. Disposition Book XVI, p. 118.
Dec. 4.Same for 1764l. 15s. 4d. to the Navy Treasurer as in further part of 2,080,000l. [for the Navy and Victualling]: out of any moneys appropriated for land and sea services of this present year: to be applied as follows viz.
to discharge the freight of a ship to carry powder to Barbary towards the Redemption of Captives and putting on board 2 months' provisions for them [such captives when ransomed] at whole allowance &c.1164154
for transporting the equipage of the Earl of Peterborough to his Government in the West Indies600
Ibid., p. 119.
Same for 7235l. 8s. 10d. to the Earl of Ranelagh out of the overplus of the public funds for the year 1701 viz. 4000l. out of the 15 per cent. Duty on East India wrought silks and 3225l. 8s. 10d. out of the arrears of the Additional 25 per cent. on French goods: same to be for the subsistence of the Troops in England for 3 weeks and 1 day Dec. 2 to 24 as in part of 264,874l. 10s. 0d. for the Guards and Garrisons in England for 1 year to 1702 Dec. 24. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners. The Queen has appointed some of the Privy Council to be present at the opening of the galeon now lying at Woolwich to-morrow morning. You are to be present then. (The like letter to the Commissioners for Prizes.) Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 95.
Same to the Commissioners of the Victualling. The Lord Treasurer thinks you ought to pay for the provisions taken out of the 3 French prizes and made use of in her Majesty's fleet. Ibid., p. 96.
Same to Auditor Done to prepare a state of two accounts of supers viz. 26,457l. 3s. 6d. set upon Sir William Scawen and partners and 2833l. 7s. 0d. set upon Mr. Molyneux and partners in the account of Charles Fox and Thomas, Lord Coningsby as late Joint Paymasters of Ireland. Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners for Prizes enclosing letters [missing] from Mr. Burchet and Rear Admiral Graydon to Sir George Rooke relating to the Prize goods on board the ships ordered round [to London] with Rear Admiral Graydon. Ibid.
Fiat by Treasurer Godolphin for royal letters patent to constitute William Gratwick as Customer of Chester port loco Richard Meredith. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 198.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Firmin, late boatman at Orford in Suffolk, shewing that he was sick when he should have taken the oaths to the Queen; for which he was turned out: but has since taken them: therefore praying to be restored. Reference Book VIII, p. 24.
Dec. 4.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Hyde of London merchant for new tobacco debentures in place of 2 such lost, being for tobacco sold to Mr. Carlton who exported same. Reference Book VIII, p. 25.
Report to the Queen by Treasurer Godolphin on the memorial of his Royal Highness [the Prince of Denmark as Lord Admiral] for the recruiting of the Marine Regiments. As soon as orders be given for recruiting same and the manner thereof care shall be taken for issuing the necessary money. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 484.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Queen's Remembrancer to stay process ad computandum against Sir Richard Haddock, Sir John Parsons, Anthony Sturt and Nicholas Fenn as late Commissioners for the Victualling. Ibid., p. 468.
Same to the executors of Robert Humphrys, late Deputy Auditor of Wales, to deliver to Sidney Godolphin, Auditor of Wales, all the records, books and papers belonging to the Office of the Auditor of Wales which were in the hands of said Humphrys at his decease. Ibid., p. 469.
Royal warrant to the Earl of Rochester, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to pay 1825l. 19s. 10d. to the Earl of Mount-Alexander, Master General of the Ordnance in Ireland; to be paid over to John Prat for providing 1356 Foot tents at 18s. 6d. each and 144 Serjeants' tents at 1l. 1s. 0d. each and 315 Horse tents at 1l. 1s. 0d. each for the service of the Forces in Ireland. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 244.
Same to same for a great seal for a grant to Trustees as follows viz. the Lord Lieutenant, the Chancellor, the Primate, the Archbishop of Dublin, the three Chief Judges of Ireland, Hugh, Earl of MountAlexander, Major Sir Thomas Erle, Francis Gwyn, Thomas Coote Attorney and Solicitor General and 9 others detailed of the yearly sum of 800l. for a term and upon trusts as follows: being for the establishment of the linen manufacture in Ireland: William III by his royal letters patent of 17 Aug. 12 Wm. III [see supra Tr. Cal. XV, pp. 273–4] having appointed Trustees for erecting the said manufacture with a grant of 2800l. per an. for 10 years to pay 8 per cent. interest on 10,000l. to be advanced by Lewis Crommelin: but no part of the said 10,000l. having been yet advanced; and other persons by his procurement have at their own expense erected several plain looms for weaving linen which are valued at 30l. each and other looms called Estilles for making fine linen in imitation of that of France and Holland which are valued at 50l. each: and whereas the said patent is determined by the death of Wm. III and the Queen is pleased to encourage the said manufacture and to accept the said looms and Estills as stock at the said value and to pay 8 per cent. interest thereon as if for so much ready money advanced: therefore hereby a patent is to pass the great seal of Ireland for a grant to the Lord Lieutenant et al detailed as Commissioners as above of the sum of 800l. per an. for the same term of 10 years for the payment of interest on stock as above or for interest on looms or Estilles to be hereafter erected within the said term. Ibid., pp. 266–8.
Dec. 7.William Lowndes to the Prizes Commissioners to advise with the Customs Commissioners about the immediate providing proper warehouses for the [Cadiz prize] goods that are to be taken out of the first galeon. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 96.
Same to Mr. Ryves, Comptroller of Prizes. In your statements of the prizes from time to time you are to certify the appraised value of all ships and goods. Ibid., p. 97.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of George Bohune for a lease of the stewardship of the manor of Chelesmore [Cheylesmore]. Reference Book VIII, p. 25.
Same to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Allin Gerrard surety for George Murray, a collector of Excise, for whose debt petitioner was in the Poultry Counter but released by favour but re-arrested on Nov. 10 last and sent to Wood Street Counter where he is in a starving condition. Ibid.
Dec. 8.Money warrant for 6l. 15s. 3d. to Elmes Steward for an overpayment on his account as late Sheriff of Co. Northampton for the year ended 1700 Sept. 29. (Money order dated Jan. 11 hereon.) Money Book XVI, p. 250. Order Book V, p. 436.
Warrant dormant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 27l. per an. to Thomas Doleman as Customer of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Money Book XVI, p. 263.
Warrant by same to the Trustees for Circulating Exchequer Bills (Sir James Bateman, John Heathcote and Henry Fermer) to apply 1000l. for half a year's salaries to Oct. 27 last to themselves and to their officers detailed (Lionell Herne, Secretary and Accomptant; Samuell Michell, assistant; Love Hawgood, clerk; Samuell Edwards, cashier; Charles Newman, Teller; 3 clerks, a messenger, a housekeeper and a cleaner.) Ibid., p. 230.
Money warrant for 30l. to Charles Whitaker, for 3 quarters to Sept. 29 last on his salary as Foreign Opposer in the Exchequer Court.
500l. to Montague, Earl of Abingdon, for half a year to same date on his fee or allowance as Constable of the Tower. (Letter of direction dated 1702–3 Jan. 6 hereon.) Ibid., p. 209. Disposition Book XVI, p. 136.
Same for 182l. to Henry Davenant for 3 months' advance of ordinary as residing as Secretary at Frankfort. (Money order dated Dec. 9 hereon.) Ibid., p. 210. Order Book V, p. 420. Disposition Book XVI, p. 130.
Same for 500l. to Henry, Earl of Romney, for 1701 Lady day quarter as Groom of the Stole and First Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the late King. (Money order dated Dec. 15 hereon.) (Letter of disposition dated Nov. 27 for 1000l., see supra p. 341.) Money Book XVI, p. 210. Order Book V, p. 418. Disposition Book XVI, p. 117.
Dec. 8.Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to distribute and apply 72,063l. 2s. 5d. to Deficient Funds as follows: said sum representing the receipts between Nov. 10 last and Dec. 8 inst. from branches of the revenue as follows viz. 7688l. 10s. 6½d. from Window Duties; 1402l. 9s. 0d. from Additional Impositions; 3098l. 14s. 11d. from the New Duty on Paper continued; 33,007l. 2s. 5½d. from the New Customs: 1868l. 11d. 8d. from Marriages; 24,997l. 13s. 10d. from Continued Impositions: the distribution and application to be as follows:
Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament.How they stood upon the Register the 8th Dec. 1702.The distribution and application hereby ordered.
First 4s. Aid5562210547455168221510½
Third 4s. Aid407372032892020360260
Fourth 4s. Aid9171011364076179135663
Second Quarterly Poll8927513480165134132012
Three Fourths Customs21344715914644715931578
Two Thirds Additional Excise1600000080015023661510½
Additional Impositions445177743510000065855
Vellom and Parchment22411471851061733154
Money Book XVI, p. 212.
Money warrant for 127l. 12s. 0d. to Col. John Granville, Chief Ranger and Keeper of St. James's Park, for 2 bills of disbursements in said Park in 1700 and 1701. (Money order dated 1702–3 Jan. 4 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated 1702–3 Jan. 6 hereon.) Ibid., p. 222. Order Book V. p. 434. Disposition Book XVI, p. 136.
William Lowndes to the Salt Commissioners to appoint William Johnson as Solicitor for Salt Duties at 100l. per an. loco Henry Palmer lately removed. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 97.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. You are to unlade the first galeon on Thursday next in the presence of the Prizes Commissioners. (Same to the Envoy from Holland to appoint some person to be present at the above unlading.) (Same to Mr. Burchett for the Lord High Admiral to appoint a Flag Officer to be present.) (Deferred on Dec. 9 to Saturday next.) Ibid., pp. 97, 98.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to employ Francis Ley as collector, waiter and searcher of the Customs upon the islands of Scilly loco George Treweek, unfortunately drowned. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 228.
Same to same to compound with Katharine Fleatham, widow of Edward Fleatham merchant, his debt of 201l. 5s. 0¼d. at 2s. 6d. in the £; being the same rate at which she was by Treasury warrant of 1697–8 March 8 admitted to compound other 952l. of his debt. Ibid., p. 229.
Dec. 8.Treasury reference to the Salt Commissioners of the petition of Francis Partis et al shewing that their book debts are in the hands of the said Commissioners; therefore praying that their case may be stated.
In the margin: notes of three subsequent references dated 1702–3 March 12, 1703 April 19 and June 8 with the Attorney General's opinion that it is in the Lord Treasurer's power to compound same under the Act of 12–13 Wm. III [c. XI, clause 29]. Reference Book VIII, p. 22.
Same to same of the petition of John Lawton of Lawton [Church Lawton] co. Chester Esqr. shewing that he let his salt works in said county to a person who died indebted to the Crown 1800l. for salt Duties which petitioner being only tenant for life and having 11 children is unable to pay: therefore praying to compound same for 800l. Ibid., p. 27.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests of the petition of Dr. Thomas Gill and Dr. William Daws, late Censors of the College of Physicians, shewing that they are set in super in the accounts of Mr. Harbord, Paymaster of the Army in Ireland, for moneys received by them for buying medicines for said army; that they have passed their accounts and 81l. 17s. 9d. remains due to them: therefore praying payment of same and of 20l. for the charge of passing said account. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Prizes Commissioners to unlade on Thursday next in the presence of the Customs Commissioners the first galeon [containing the plunder from St. Mary's and Vigo].
Appending: report of the warehousekeeper of the Customs House et al as to the capacity of the warehouses upon Coxe's Quay proposed by— Mellifont, the agent for prizes, for lodging the goods out of the said galleon. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, pp. 469– 470.
Letters patent by same re-constituting Charles Whittaker to his office as Foreign Opposer of the Exchequer as fully &c. as John Sotherton, John Morley, James Stanley, Simo. Harvey, William Cholmley his predecessors therein. Ibid., p. 470.
Warrant by same to the Prizes Commissioners to depute John Chetwind as Sub-Commissioner for Prizes at Dover loco John Boyse Esqr. removed to be a Commissioner of Excise.
Dr. William Oldys as Advocate for Prizes, he having been employed as such with Sir John Cooke and for the same time as said Cooke. Ibid., p. 471.
Same by same to Mr. Philip Ryley [Surveyor of Woods Trent South] for the felling of dotard trees in Whittlewood Forest co. Northants sufficient to raise 428l. 8s. 6d. and 60 loads of timber for the repairs of the lodges therein.
Appending: said Ryley's estimate of said repairs at Wakefield Lodge, William Bird the page keeper's lodge, Shrobbs Lodge, Hangor Lodge, Richard Annis the page keeper's lodge, William Murchiston the page keeper's lodge, Maggots Moor Lodge, Hasleborough Lodge, Jos. Sprat the page keepers lodge, Legullett Lodge.
Note: "all the page keepers lodges are built with timber and the panels fitted with watlings and lome only which will be every year to mend to make them dry and warm, but if the said panels were made up of brickwork 4 inches thick which will not cost above 50l. more that would prevent the constant charge and inconveniency." Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, pp. 474–6.
Dec. 8.Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin [to the Clerk of the Pipe] for records of surplusage for payment of the following sheriffs' surplusages out of the debit of 43l. 8s. 4½d. resting on the account of George Hewett, sheriff of Co. Leicester for the year ended 1701 Sept. 29.
Prefixing: extracts from the Great Roll of the Pipe concerning the said surplusages viz.
Nehemiah Tookey, sheriff of Rutland, anno 1700 for905
Thomas Earl of Thanet, sheriff of Westmorland. anno 1700 for1028
and ditto anno 1701 for528
Thomas Mason and George Jackson, sheriff for the city of York anno 1702 for192
Ibid., pp. 478–9.
Dec. 9.Letter of direction for 1000l. to William Lowndes for Secret Service. Disposition Book XVI, p. 91.
Same containing 24 items to be paid out of Civil List moneys to a total of 1564l. 7s. 6¾d. With the exception of the following 3 items. viz.:
Mr. Harris4113
Mr. Lawrence950
the under clerks of the Privy Council [apparently for the half year ended 1702 Lady day for attending Trade and Plantation business]20000
all the items are entered separately as money warrants under dates Aug. 18 (John Fitch: George Brown: Thomas Gardiner (Gardner); 8 Serjeants at Arms: Thomas Walker; L'Estrange Simes; the underkeepers of Richmond Park): Nov. 13 (Dr. Bentley, in this case the letter of direction is for 100l. not for 150l. as in the money warrant): Aug. 24 (Capt. Benjamin Bennett; Edward Proger or Progers; Sir Charles Cotterell; the Keepers of Windsor Forest): Aug. 29 (Peter Guenon de Beaubuisson.) Disposition Book XVI, p. 122.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed memorial or paper of observations [missing] relating to the enlargement of the time for drawing back the Customs on goods exported. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 98.
Same to the Excise Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Nathaniell Molineux late Receiver General of Taxes for Cos. Lancs. and Chester who is indebted to the Crown for Excise as well as for the said Taxes. Ibid., p. 99.
Dec. 9.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Lawrence Galdy for grant of a second certificate in place of one lost for some goods laded in Sept. 1700 for Guinea by which he was entitled to a debenture for a drawback. Reference Book VIII, p. 25.
Dec. 9 & 11.Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Principal Commissioners of Prizes to defer till Saturday (postea till Monday) the unlading of the first galleon supra p. 413. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 471.
Dec. 10.William Lowndes to the Postmasters General to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Mr. Blackhall touching the accounts of the Penny Post Office. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 98.
Same to the Prizes Commissioners to report on the enclosed account [missing] of prizes and plundered goods brought from Port St. Mary and Vigo. Does it agree with your accounts of goods [taken] in the same places? Ibid., p. 99.
Same to Mr. Blathwayte to prepare an Establishment to be signed by the Queen for Hezekiah Marshall as Commissary General of the provisions and victuals for the Forces to be sent under the Earl of Peterborough to the West Indies: viz. for the salary of 400l. per an. for himself and one clerk. Ibid., p. 101.
Dec. 11.Letter of direction for 1000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh: out of any money in the Exchequer applicable to the Forces: as in part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for 10,000 soldiers for sea service: and is for the pay of Col. Colembine's Regiment now going to the West Indies. Disposition Book XVI, p. 120.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to apply as follows the 100,000l. to the Navy Treasurer which the Bank of England has agreed to advance on tallies on the Land Tax and Subsidies now in the hands of the Navy Treasurer: viz.
for the ordinary of the Navy; being intended for bills of exchange, imprests and other services10000
for the Victualling viz. 10,000l. for bills of exchange and short allowance money; and 74,173l. 16s. 4¼d. for the Victualling Course8417316
for Richard Povey, Treasurer for Sick and Wounded in further part of the arrear incurred for Sick and Wounded in the last war: to be by him paid over (with 243l. 11s. 10½d. of imprests remaining in his hands) for quarters and cures of sick and wounded seamen as follows viz. 1416l. 9s. 0d. in the West Indies; 1368l. 5s. 10¾d. in the Mediterranean; 1011l. 1s. 7½d. for transport and subsistence of prisoners; 2143l. 1s. 2d. for apothecaries, hospitals and truss makers; 130l. 17s. 10d. for stationery wares making 6069l. 15s. 6¼d. in all58263
(The like letter to the Navy Treasurer.) Ibid., pp. 120, 121.
Dec. 11.William Lowndes to the Navy Treasurer to receive from the Bank of England 12,000l. on credit of tallies and orders in your hands on the Land Tax and Subsidies: and to pay some to Mr. Whitfield for subsistence for the 6 Marine Regiments from Aug. 24 last: and to be as in part of the charge of 10,000 soldiers for sea service. (The like letter to the Navy Treasurer.) Disposition Book XVI, pp. 123. 124.
Same to Mr. Wise. The Lord Treasurer has laid before the Queen your estimates of works and repairs necessary in St. James's Park. You are forthwith to go in hand with the same. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 99.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Works to report on the enclosed petitions of Thomas Highmore and Robert Abbott for the office of her Majesty's Serjeant Painter. which (as they allege) hath been vacant ever since the death of Charles II. Ibid.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests. Mr. Blaithwayte has represented that he is set in super in the General account of the Excise for 170l. taken up from Mr. Thomas Fox who was collector of Excise for the East Riding of Yorkshire 1689–90 Feb. 8 by Thomas Fotherby, for which sum Fotherby gave Fox a bill drawn on William Blaithwayte. Is Fotherby charged in his account for the said sum? Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to defer until Monday the unlading of the galleon which was intended to be unladen to-morrow. (The like notice to Mr. Burchett for the Admiralty: and to the Envoy from Holland.) Ibid., pp. 100, 101, 102.
Same to the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland for an account of the Aids and Supplies in Ireland which will determine at Xmas next: and also a state and estimate of the revenues and aids that do continue [beyond that date] and will be available to the support of the Government in the ensuing year. Ibid., p. 102.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners and to the Principal Commissioners of Prizes to deliver the captured goods as follows in order to their being divided amongst the army (the Forces who served on board the Fleet in this summer's Expedition) pursuant to the distribution of the Duke of Ormonde.
Prefixing: order of the Queen in Council dated St. James's Dec. 10 for such delivery in response to the memorial of the Officers of the Army "in behalf of themselves and the Forces who served on board the Fleet in the summer's Expedition."
Further prefixing: said memorial showing that during the time of the Army's being ashore at Redondella near Vigo all the plate, benellos, cochineal, grana sylvestri and balsam of Peru that was found there was divided between the English and the Dutch Forces by order of the Duke of Ormonde; that such part of the plate [and] benellos as was the dividend for the English Forces was distributed amongst the whole army on board the Ranelagh in the harbour of Vigo but the cochineal &c. was ordered on board the Delight frigate, Robert Spelman Commander. in order to be disposed of in London and the money [therefrom] to be equally divided: that on arrival of the ship in the Downs part thereof was seized by Mr. Bargrave, one of the officers of the Prizes and the rest is lodged in the Customs warehouse: that the dividend of the plate and bennellos which was on board the Triumph and belonged to the General Officers has been seized at Deal; also that [the dividend] of Col. Columbine's Regiment, Col. Foxe's [Regiment] in Southwark and the other Regiments at the places where they landed and that for Lieut. Gen. Churchill's Regiment was left on board the Prince George: therefore praying delivery as well of that part of the cochineal &c. which was taken out at Deal as of that which is deposited in the Custom House at London viz. to Lieut. Col. Thomas Moore, Major Francis Negus and Mr. Francis Wright for the whole Army; the said Moore, Negus and Wright being appointed by the [General] Officers abovementioned to dispose of the same in order to the dividend amongst the whole army: and that the plate and Benellos which has been taken by the Customs or Prize Officers or is now on board the ships may be brought to London and delivered to the persons to whom they belong. Followed by: account of said cochineal, indigo &c. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 472–3.
Dec. 11.Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Sir Robert Harrison, Receiver General of the fourth 3s. Aid of 1701 for Co. Oxford, showing that his Agent Fra. Haywood joined his name with petitioner's on the tallies for moneys paid into the Exchequer and on passing his account the Chief Baron requires said Haywood's oath, which he refuses to give: therefore praying that the tallies may be altered. Reference Book VIII, p. 25.
Same to the Attorney General of the petition of Benjamin Huggin for relief from prosecution for 300l. returned to London by bills dishonoured by the [drawee] person breaking. Ibid., p. 26.
Dec. 12.Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt for the issue of 39,931l. 10s. 0½d. to the Earl of Ranelagh: by tallies of pro on the overplus of the Malt Duties, next after 116,110l. 11s. 9½d. thereon: and also 10,068l. 9s. 11½d. out of moneys in the Exchequer applicable to the pay of the Forces; making together 50,000l.: to be for the subsistence of the Forces in Holland as in part of 700,000l. for 40,000 men to Dec. 24 next. Money Book XVI, p. 216.
Letter of direction for 641l. 18s. 0d. to Visct. FitzHardinge, Treasurer of the Chamber: out of Civil List funds: to be applied as follows viz.
to the surgeons for opening the body of the late King100
to the apothecaries for embalming it21280
to the joiner and plumber for the several coffins of wood, lead &c. and for the strong chest to put the bowels in329100
Disposition Book XVI, p. 125.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to appoint Charles Fitch as Surveyor of Liverpool port loco Mr. Colquit lately drowned. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 100.
Dec. 12.William Lowndes to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Dame Jane Milbanks and Francis Anderson praying to be relieved from the debt of 1572l. 2s. 9d. owing from Sir Henry Brabant for Excise Duties farmed by him under Charles II: petitioners being prosecuted by Dr. Brady who has a grant of said debt from William III. Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 100.
Same to the Prizes Commissioners. Three of your number are to attend on Tuesday next at the unlading of the first galleon and three others of you at the sale of prize fish which you have ordered for the same day. Ibid., p. 101.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to seal the goods of James, Earl of Seafield, at his lodgings in Whitehall in order to their transport to Scotland whither he is about to return. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 229.
Entry of a Treasury caveat in favour of Ann Horton widow (for herself and children) and Joshuah Horton (for himself et al creditors of Joseph Horton deceased) that no grant be made of the estate of said Joseph Horton till they be heard. Caveat Book, p. 56.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Shadrack Pride praying that he and his sureties may be set at liberty, they being utterly unable to answer his debt of 130l. for Hearthmoney. Reference Book VIII, p. 25.
Dec. 14William Lowndes to the Agents for Taxes to ascertain from the Duke of Bolton as to when Thomas Cobb's debt as Receiver of Taxes for Co. Southampton will be paid. for whom his Grace and others are security. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 102.
Same to same for an account of the arrears of taxes recovered since the last Session of Parliament. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Bridges to state the enclosed account [missing] of William Borrett of moneys expended by him in Crown Law suits from 1700 Oct. 15 to 1702 Oct. 15. Ibid., p. 104.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Dodge for discharge from 2 tobacco bonds for 16l.; he being very poor. Reference Book VIII, p. 25.
Same to the Postmasters General of the petition of Robert Knee, deputy postmaster of Gloucester, praying the like allowance for riding Chester stage as has been allowed to former deputy postmasters for same. Ibid., p. 26.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Samuell Ongley et al merchants showing that they are entitled to drawback on several goods exported and praying to be relieved. Ibid.
Same to the Salt Commissioners of the petition of George Airey for leave to compound a salt Duty debt for which he now lies in prison. Ibid.
Dec. 14.Same to Sir Christopher Wren, Surveyor General of Works, of the petition of Thomas Gilbert, citizen and mason of London, for the place of agent within the island of Portland Co. Dorset for preserving and taking care of the royal quarries of free stone and the cranes and piers in said island and of the raising of stone there for rebuilding the Cathedral church of St. Paul's, which office he alleges that he and his father have enjoyed for many years. Ibid., p. 30.
Subscription by Treasurer Godolphin for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated Dec. 8 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the delivery to Peter Hume, Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe of particulars detailed being on the lines of the warrant for the Fubbs yacht supra p. 140 for furnishing the yacht Sousdyke. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, pp. 481–2.
Dec. 15.Letter of direction for 4750l. 9s. 7¾d. to the Paymaster of the Works: out of Civil List Funds; to be applied to discharge what has grown due in the Office of the Works between March 8 last and Sept. 30 last. Disposition Book XVI, p. 125.
William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh to attend the Lord Treasurer to-morrow with an account of what you have received on the 700,000l. for the charge of 40,000 men and of the payments thereout and how much will complete said charge to Dec. 24 inst.; "and particularly how far the payments hitherto made have carried on their subsistence, offreckonings and clearings." Out Letters (General) XVII, p. 102.
Same to the Excise Commissioners for an account of the gross and net produce of the 9d. per barrel out of which the annuities with survivorships and other annuities are paid [as by 4 Wm. and Mary c. 3]: and also of the 9d. per barrel out of which the annuity to the Bank and the Tonnage Annuities are paid [as by 5 and 6 Wm. and Mary c. 20]: in both cases for the year ended June 24 last. Ibid., p. 103.
Subscription by Treasurer Godolphin for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated Nov. 21 to the Earl of Montague. Master of the Great Wardobe, for the delivery to John Warner, Master of the Queen's Barges, of liveries for himself and 48 watermen for the year 1702. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 477.