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'Table of Contents', Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 5 Part 1: 1534-1535 (1886), pp. 629-634. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Table of Contents

Jan. 3
1Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor1–4
122Count de Cifuentes to the Same5–9
"3The Same to the High Commander of Leon9–11
174Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor11–15
215Captain Aponte to the Same15–17
236Count de Cifuentes to the Same17–20
287Eustace Chapuys to the Same20–6
298The Same to the Same26–9
Feb. 49The Same to the Same30–1
1110The Same to the Same31–7
"11The Same to Granvelle37
"12The Same to the Same37–8
1213Summary of letters from Paris38–41
1414Dr. Ortiz to the Emperor41–44
15High Commander Cobos to Count de Cifuentes44–6
1416Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor46–53
2117Eustace Chapuys to the Same53–8
2518Dr. Ortiz to the Same58–9
2619Eustace Chapuys to the Same59–70
March 220Dr. Ortiz to the Same70–1
421The Same to the Same71
722Eustace Chapuys to the Same72–6
"23The Cardinal of Jaen to the Same76–7
"24Gomez Suarez de Figueroa to the Same77–8
2025Count de Cifuentes to the Same78–82
1726Eustace Chapuys to the Same82–3
2427Count de Cifuentes to the Same84–6
"28The Cardinal of Jaen to the Same87–8
"29Dr. Ortiz to the Same88–90
"30The Same to the Queen of England (Katharine)91
"31Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor91–5
3032The Same to the Same95–7
"33Lope de Soria to the Same97–9
34Advices from Germany99–100
April 235Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor100–5
"36The Same to the High Commander105–8
437Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor108–9
738Ferdinand, King of the Romans, to Antonio de Leyva109–10
1239The points discussed by the Emperor's Council at Toledo110–14
"40Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor114–18
1441Advices from Rome sent by a Spy119
"42Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor119–22
1543The Same to the High Commander of Leon122–3
1644Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor123–4
2245The Same to the Same124–31
April 2646Martin Vallés to the High Commander of Leon132–4
"47The Same to Granvelle134–5
"48Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor135–6
"49The Same to the Same136–8
50The Same to the High Commander138–40
51Deliberations in the Emperor's Privy Council140–5
52Do. on the English business145–6
53Cardinal Merino to the Emperor146–7
May 1054Count de Cifuentes to the Same147–9
"55The Same to the High Commander of Leon149–50
1156Advices from Paris150
1457Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor151–5
1958The Same to the Same155–66
2159The Cardinal of Jaen to the High Commander166–9
2960Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor169–73
June 761The Same to the Same173–4
May 3062Cardinal Farnese to the Emperor174
June 663Count de Cifuentes174–84
664The Same to the High Commander185–9
1165The Emperor to the Prince of Melfi189–92
1766Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor192–5
1967The Cardinal of Jaen to the High Commander195–6
2368Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor196–9
2769The Cardinal of Jaen to the High Commander200
July 770Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor200–5
1671The Same to the Same205–7
2172Count de Cifuentes to the Same207–17
"73——— to the High Commander217
"74Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor218–9
2775Eustace Chapuys to the Same219–26
76Account of what passed at Rome respecting the King of England's matrimonial cause.226–9
Aug. 177Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor229–31
"78The High Commander [Covos] to the Same231–2
479Count de Cifuentes to the High Commander232–3
"80Martin de Cornoça to the Emperor233–7
881Count Villanova to Ibrahim Bashaw237–41
8–982Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor241–2
Sept. 983The Same to the High Commander242
Aug. 1184Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor243–5
2085Count de Cifuentes to the Same245–8
2986Eustace Chapuys to the Same248–52
Sept. 1087The Same to the Same252–7
2088Count de Cifuentes to the Same257–61
"89The Same to the High Commander261–2
"90Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor262–4
2591Count de Cifuentes to the Same264–66
2992The Emperor to Count Cifuentes266–7
Oct. 393Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor267–9
"94The Same to the High Commander269–70
995Lope de Soria to the Emperor270–3
"96The Same to the High Commander274–9
1397Eustace Chapuys to the Same279–80
Oct. 398Aceves' report to the High Commander from Rome280–2
1699Consulta of the Emperor's Privy Council282–7
18100Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor287–92
"101The Same to the High Commander292–3
24102Eustace Chapuys to the Same294–303
Nov. 3103The Privy Council to the Emperor303–12
"104Cardinal Campeggio to the Same312
6105Eustace Chapuys to the Same312–3
7106Count de Cifuentes to the Same313–8
"107The Same to the High Commander318–9
"108The Emperor to J. Hannaërt319–23
"109Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor323–6
14110Count de Cifuentes to the High Commander326–7
18111Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor327–30
28112The Same to the Same330–33
113The Emperor to Count de Cifuentes333–5
Dec. 5114Eustace Chapuys to the Same335–9
"115The Same to the Same339–40
7116Instructions to Tello de Guzman for Rome and other countries341
11117Cardinal Palmieri to the High Commander341–3
19118Eustace Chapuys to the Same343–7
119The Emperor to Count de Cifuentes347–9
120—— to the Emperor from Rome349–50
Jan. 1
121Idiaquez' report on the affairs of France350–4
"122Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor354–7
2123The Emperor to Viscount Hannaert357–61
"124Instructions to Count Roeulz on his leaving Madrid for Italy, Germany, and Flanders.361–72
9125Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor372–4
5126The Emperor to Eustace Chapuys374
14127Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor374–82
20128Eustace Chapuys to Granvelle382–3
"129The Emperor's Privy Council. Report and opinion on the proposed invasion of France.383–5
31130Hannaërt to the Emperor385–95
131The Emperor's instructions to the Emperor's High Chamberlain for his journey to Italy and Germany in January 1535, as discussed in the Emperor's Privy Council.396–9
Feb. 5132D'Andalot to Hannaërt, Imperial Ambassador in France400–1
6133The Emperor to Eustace Chapuys401
12134Katharine to the Same401–2
26135The Emperor to Eustace Chapuys402
28136The Same to Hannaërt402–4
March 3137Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor405–9
4138Eustace Chapuys to the Same409–13
7139The Same to the Same413–22
140Katharine to licte. Medona422
17141The Same to Antoine de Granvelle423
23142Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor423–32
"143The Same to Viscount Jean Hannaërt432
"144The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle432–3
Mar. 23145The Same to the Same433
146The Emperor to Eustace Chapuys433
23147Count de Cifuentes to the Same433–5
April 8148Katharine to the Emperor435
149The Same to Eustace Chapuys436
17150Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor436–40
25151The Same to the Same440–2
152The Emperor to Count Nassau442–6
153The Emperor's Manifesto against Barbaroxa446
154Consulta of the Emperor's Privy Council on the affairs of Germany and Italy, the General Council, Duke of Camarino and other affairs446–51
155Mary Tudor to Eustace Chapuys451
May 5–8156Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor451–4
8157The Same to the Same454–9
10158The Emperor to the King of England459
"159The Same to Eustace Chapuys459
17160The King of England to his ambassador in France459–60
21161Lope de Soria to the Emperor460–2
22162The Archbishop of Toledo to the Same462–3
27163The Same to the Emperor463
"164Dr. Ortiz to the Same463–5
23165Eustace Chapuys to the Same465–71
"166The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle472
24167The Privy Council to the Emperor472–3
29168The Emperor to Eustace Chapuys474
169Dr. Ortiz to the Empress474–5
June 5170Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor476–84
"171The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle485
"172Cardinal Contarino to the Emperor485–6
173The Privy Council to the Same486–91
16174Eustace Chapuys to the Same492–4
17175The Empress to the Emperor494–6
20176Dr. Ortiz to the Empress496–7
21177Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor408–9
30178Eustace Chapuys to the Same499–505
"179The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle506
July 1180News from England507–10
11181Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor510–2
16182Count de Cifuentes to the Same513–7
25183Eustace Chapuys to the Same517–9
184The Same to Granvelle519–20
185News from Germany and England520–1
29186Dr. Ortiz to the Empress Isabella521
187Memorandum on the affairs of England522–3
Aug. 2188Dr. Ortiz to the Empress Isabella523–4
3189Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor524–5
"190The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle525–6
8191Katharine to Queen Mary of Hungary526
9192Lope de Soria to the Emperor526–7
10193Eustace Chapuys to the Same527–9
12194Mary Tudor to Queen Mary of Hungary529
"195James of Scotland to the Emperor530
Aug. 21196Dr. Ortiz to the Empress Isabella530–1
22197Lope de Soria to the Emperor531–3
25198Eustace Chapuys to the Same533–5
Sept. 3199Count de Cifuentes to the Same535
"200The Same to the High Commander536–7
6201Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor537–8
"202Vicount Hannaërt to the Empress Isabella538–9
13203Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor539–41
23204The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle541
25205The Same to the Emperor541–4
"206The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle544
26207Nicolas de Granvelle to Eustace Chapuys544
Oct. 6208Dr. Ortiz to the Empress Isabella545
8209Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor545–8
10210Katharine to the Emperor548
"211The Same to Pope Paul III.548
13212Eustace Chapuys to Nicolas de Granvelle549
"213The Same to the Emperor549–56
"214The Same to the High Commander556
"215The Same to the Emperor557
22216The Emperor to Eustace Chapuys558
24217Dr. Ortiz to the Empress558–9
218Mary Tudor to Eustace Chapuys559–60
31220Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor561–2
Nov. 1221Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor562–4
"222The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle564
4223Dr. Ortiz to the Empress565
5224Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor565
"225Dr. Ortiz to the Emperor566–7
10226Viscount Hannaërt to the Same567
15227Pier Luigi Farnese's Negotiation with Charles V.567–8
"228Eustace Chapuys to Nicolas de Granvelle568–9
21229The Same to the Emperor569–71
"230The Same to Granvelle572
22231Dr. Ortiz to the Emperor574
Dec. 7232Viscount Hannaërt to the Same574–7
233The substance of various despatches of the ambassador in France (Hannaërt) addressed to Granvelle.577–8
6234Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor578–80
9235The Emperor's Instructions to Pier Luigi Farnese580–2
12236Count de Cifuentes to the Emperor582–3
"237Katharine, Queen of England, to Dr. Ortiz at Rome583–4
13238Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor584–8
"239The Emperor to Thomas Cromwell588
"240The Same to Chapuys588
"241Eustace Chapuys to Nicolas de Granvelle588–9
16242Dr. Ortiz to the Empress589–90
18243Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor590–4
"244The Same to Nicolas de Granvelle594
29245The Emperor to Chapuys595
30246Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor595–600
247Instructions of Count Cifuentes to Tello de Guzman, going to the Emperor.600–2
Dec. 30248A discourse by Monsignor Claudio Tolomeo602
249Do. by the Same602
250Discorso sopra la corte di Roma by Guicciardini602
251Discorso sopra la corte di Roma (anonymous)602
Feb. 8
252Katharine of Aragon, Queen of England, to the Emperor603–5
Aug. 12253The Emperor's Instructions to Henry, count of Nassau605–6
Jan. 24
254The Emperor to Viscount Hannaërt606–7
26255The Same to the Same607–8
"256The Emperor to the ambassador in France608
Sept. 30257Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor608–11