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'Table of Contents', Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 5 Part 2: 1536-1538 (1888), pp. 587-592. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Table of Contents.

Jan. 11Dr. Ortiz to the Empress Isabella1
2The Same to the Queen of England [Katharine]2
93Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor2-6
4The Same to Dr. Ortiz6-7
105Dr. Ortiz to the Empress7-8
116The Same to the Same8-9
7The Same to Juan Vazquez de Molina9
128Jean Hannaërt, viscount of Lombecke, to the Emperor9-10
219Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor10-24
10The Same to Monseigneur de Granvelle24-5
2311Dr. Ortiz to Commander Juan Vazquez de Molina25
12Martin Vallés to the Same25-6
2913Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor26-9
Feb. 114Count Cifuentes to the Same30-2
15The Emperor to Luis Sarmiento [de Mendoza], his ambassador in Portugal.32-3
16The Emperor to the Empress33-4
317Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor34-5
418Count Cifuentes to the High Commander35-6
19News from France36
20Count Cifuentes to the Emperor36-9
1721Eustace Chapuys to the Same39-45
1822The Emperor to Luis Sarmiento [de Mendoza]45-6
2023The Same to Cobos46
24 (fn. 1) The Same to Luis Sarmiento [de Mendoza], his ambassador in Portugal.47
25The Same to the Same47-8
26The Same to the Empress Isabella48-9
27The Same to the Same49-52
2228Fr. Vincencio Lunel, General of the Franciscans, to the Emperor.52-3
2429Eustace Chapuys to the Same53-60
2630Report of the Privy Council in Spain on the Articles presented by France, sent by the Emperor to the Empress60-1
31The Empress Isabella to the Emperor61
2732Count Cifuentes to the Same62
2833The Treaty of Marriage of the illustrious Duke Alessandro [de' Medici].64-5
34The General of the Franciscans [Fr. Vicente Lunel] to the Emperor.65-6
Mar. 635Dr. Ortiz to the Empress66-7
1036Viscount Hannaërt to the Empress68
37Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor68-70
2538Dr. Ortiz to the Empress70
Mar. 2539The Empress to the Emperor71
2840The Emperor to Chapuys71
,,41The Cardinal of Mantua to Count Cifuentes77
2942Jean Hannaërt to the Empress Isabella77-9
April 143Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor79-85
2143aThe Same to the Same85-102
2444Pope Paul III. Engagement to keep neutrality102-3
2645The Emperor to the Empress103-4
May 146 (fn. 2) Count Cifuentes to the Emperor104-5
47Eustace Chapuys105-7
48The Same to the Same107-8
249News from England108-9
750T. Hannaërt to the Empress109-11
851Antonio de Leyva to the Emperor111
1152Francis I. to the Pope111
16-1753The Privy Council's report on the despatches of Sylva and Suarez de Figueroa of the 16th and 19th May.118-20
1854Eustace Chapuys to Monseigneur de Granvelle120-2
1955Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor122-31
2656Count Cifuentes to the Same131-2
,,57Viscount Hannaërt to the Same132-3
June 858Dr. Ortiz to the Empress134
11-259Jo. Hannaërt, viscount of Lombecke, to the Same134-6
,,60English news of Anne Boleyn's imprisonment136
,,61Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor137-62
,,62Dr. Ortiz to the Emperor162-3
1763Reginald Pole to the Emperor163-5
2064England : the Princess' intended marriage. Instructions to Don Diego de Mendoza and Chapuys.165
2165Instructions to Don Diego de Mendoça165
,,66Dr. Ortiz to Commander Molina166
2667The Same to the Same166
3068The Emperor to Eustace Chapuys166-9
,,69The Same to the Same169
July 170Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor170-87
871The Same to the Same187-97
,,72The Same to Mr. de Granvelle197-200
973The Emperor's answer to the Papal Legates [Caracciolo and Trivulzio].200
1374The Imperial Privy Council to the Emperor200-1
,,75The Same to the Same201-2
1476Eustace Chapuys to the Same202-3
2277The Same to the Same205-14
,,78Copy of King Henry's Letter to the Emperor214-5
,,79The King of England to the Emperor215-6
,,80Count Cifuentes to the Same216-7
,,81King Henry to the Same217
2382Count Cifuentes to the Same217-8
Aug. 183The Emperor to King Henry218
1184The Same to the Same219
,,85Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor219-21
,,86Count Cifuentes to the Same221-3
,,87The Same to the Same223-4
1288Eustace Chapuys to the Same224-30
,,89Count Cifuentes to the Same230-1
1690The Same to the Same231-3
1791Dr. Ortiz to the Empress233-4
2392The Emperor's answer to King Francis' manifesto234-5
2893Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor235-7
2994The Same to the Empress Isabella237-8
Sept. 295The Same to the Emperor238-43
796Dr. Ortiz to the Same243-5
1997Antoine Perrenot [de Granvelle] to Cardinal Marino Caracciolo, governor of Milan.245-6
2298Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor246-59
2499The Emperor to Chapuys259-60
,,100Dr. Ortiz to the Emperor260
28101The Emperor to Cardinal Caracciolo260-1
30102The Same to the Same261-2
Oct. 3103Eustace Chapuys262-7
7104The Same to the Same267-70
8105The Same to Count Cifuentes270-1
,,106Count Cifuentes to the Emperor271-3
14107The Same to the Same273-4
,,108The Emperor to Luis Sarmiento de Mendoza, his ambassador in Portugal.274-5
,,109The Emperor's answer to Reginald Pole275
110Eustace Chapuys to Empress Isabella276
15111News from England276-7
24112Instructions to the Bishop of Modena277
27113Count Cifuentes to the Emperor277-9
Nov. 5114Eustace Chapuys to the Empress Isabella279-82
6115Dr. Ortiz to the Same282
14116Eustace Chapuys282-5
,,117Count Cifuentes to the Emperor285-6
,,118Deliberations of the Emperor's Privy Council, at Genoa, on the eve of His Majesty's embarkation for Barcelona.286-8
15119Instructions to the Marquis de Aguilar going to Rome as ambassador.288-94
24120Count Cifuentes to the Emperor294-5
,,121Dr. Ortiz to the Empress Isabella295-6
26122Count Cifuentes to the High Commander (Covos)297-8
,,123The Same to the Same298-9
29124Dr. Ortiz to the Empress299-300
Dec. 1125Count Cifuentes to the Emperor300-1
23126The Same to the Same301-4
26127The Privy Council of the Emperor on the negociations with Pier Luigi Farnese and Pope Paul.304-8
Jan. 17128The Same (Count Cifuentes) to the Emperor308-10
Feb. 7129The Emperor to Chapuys310-2
130The Same to Luis Sarmiento de Mendoza, ambassador in Portugal.313-4
9131The Emperor's instructions to Alvaro Mendez de Vasconcellos, Portuguese ambassador in Spain, on the proposed marriage of the Infante Dom Luiz with the Princess of England.314-6
132The Emperor to Luis Sarmiento de Mendoza316
17133Luis Sarmiento [de Mendoza] to the Emperor316-9
22134Count Cifuentes to the Same319-27
Mar. —135The Emperor's instructions to the Marquis de Aguilar and Count Cifuentes on the affairs of Florence.328-33
1136The King of Portugal to the King of England333
3137Luis Sarmiento [de Mendoza] to the Emperor333-5
4138The Same to the Same335
9139The Same to the High Commander336
21140The Emperor's instructions to Don Diego de Mendoza and the Sieur d'Arbes, of his Chamber.336-43
24141Copy of paragraph of letter from the Emperor to Luis Sarmiento de Mendoza, his ambassador in Portugal.344
27142The Emperor to the Queen of Portugal344
143The Emperor's answer to the Bishop Aviete (Ariete) when he came to Valladolid, sent by the Pope.334-5
29144Luis Sarmiento de Mendoza to the Emperor346-8
May 16145Lope de Soria to the Same349
18146The Duke of Ferrara's agreement with Pope Paul349-50
27147The Marquis de Aguilar and Count Cifuentes to the Imperial ambassador in England, Chapuys.350-1
June 2148The Privy Council to the Emperor351-5
149The Emperor's instructions to Capn. Don Antonio Dixar355-61
150The Emperor to Don Antonio Dixar361
151The Same to Count Cifuentes362-3
152The Same to the Marquis d'Aguilar363-4
8153Oaths of Fealty of the Castellans of Florence, Pisa, and Livorno in the hands of Count Cifuentes364
154The Emperor to the Marquis de Aguilar364-5
155Monsignor Guidiccioni, Papal Nuncio in Spain, to——365-6
19156Instructions to Juan Mosquera de Molina going to Prince Doria and Marquis del Guasto.366-9
157The Emperor to Count Cifuentes369
July 3158News from France369-71
7159Luis Sarmiento [de Mendoza] to the Emperor371-2
10160The Emperor to Luis Sarmiento de Mendoza, his ambassador in Portugal.372-4
Aug. 20161The Same to Miçer Bernardo Aviete (Ariete)374
Sept. 15162The Same to Count Cifuentes374-5
163The Same to the Marquis de Aguilar375-8
164The Same to Lope de Soria578-9
Oct. 7165The Same to Miçer Bernardo Aviete (Ariete)379-81
31166The Same to Ambassador Figueroa382-3
Nov. 7167The Emperor's instructions to Lope Hurtado de Mendoza 383-4
14168Don Lope de Soria [to the Emperor]384-7
18169Eustace Chapuys to the Emperor387-90
29170The Emperor to Luis Sarmiento de Mendoza390-1
Dec. 21171The High Commander [Covos] to the Marquis de Aguilar391-2
172The Articles discussed with His Imperial Majesty at Monçon with regard to the Instructions to be given to Covos and Granvelle for treating with the Grand Master of France [Montmorency]393-415
Jan. 4173High Commander Covos and Mr. de Grandvelle to the Marquis de Aguilar.415-7
6174The Emperor and King to Lope Hurtado de Mendoza417
9175The Same to the Marquis de Aguilar417
11176High Commander Covos and Mr. de Grandvelle to the Marquis de Aguilar.418-21
17177The Emperor to High Commander [Covos] and Mr. de Grandvelle.421-2
19178The Same to the Same423-4
179The Same to the Marquis de Aguilar424-5
Feb. 3180The Same to the Same426-8
181The Same to Lope de Soria428-9
9182The Ambassadors in England [Chapuys and Mendoza] to the Emperor.429-33
12183The Emperor to the Marquis de Aguilar433-5
19184The Same to the Same435-7
20185Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza to the High Commander438-41
25186The Marquis de Aguilar to the Emperor441-5
Mar. 9187The Same to the Same445-7
12188Ambassador Figueroa to the Same447-8
13189The Emperor to the Marquis de Aguilar448-9
16190The Same to the Empress449-50
17191Instructions to Cornelius Scepper450-4
19192The Marquis de Aguilar to the Emperor455-7
23193The Same to the Same457-8
25194The Emperor to the Marquis de Aguilar458-60
27195The French ambassador's statement in the Emperor's Privy Council, according to instructions lately brought to him by L'Esleu, secretary of the Constable of France460-2
Apr. 9196Martin de Salinas to the Emperor462-4
197The Same to Mr. de Granvelle464-8
15198The Marquis de Aguilar to the Emperor468-70
21199Lope de Soria to the Same470-3
May 10200Cardinal de Tournon to Cardinal Carpi474-5
11201The Emperor to the Empress475-8
May 13202The Emperor to Lope Hurtado de Mendoza478-9
22203Deliberations concerning the Levant fleet479
30204Instructions to Commander Giron, appointed inspector (veedor) of the Imperial fleet479
June 19205Cardinal Siguenza to the Emperor479-80
206Diary of the Emperor's interview with King Francis at Nizza480-90
,,207Martin de Çornoça to the Emperor490-1
30208The Emperor's instructions to ambassador Figueroa491
209State in which the affairs of Christendom are, and particularly those of His Imperial Majesty.492-5
Mar. 30210The Emperor to his ambassador in France497
Aug. 11211The Same to Chapuys497-8
Feb. 2212The Same to his ambassadors in England, Chapuys and [Hurtado de Mendoza].498-506
25213Eustace Chapuys to the Queen of Hungary506-8
Mar. 11214The Same to the Same508-10
215The English ambassador in the Low Countries on the extradition of certain criminals510-8
216The Queen of Hungary to Cromwell517
217The Same to the Imperial ambassador in England517-8
218The Same to the Count of Nassau518-9
219The Same to the Duke of Savoy519
23220Eustace Chapuys to the Queen of Hungary519-20
24221The Grand Master of France to Cardinal Pole520-1
25222King Francis to the Same521-2
Apr. 13223Eustace Chapuys to the Queen of Hungary522-7
May 20224The Same to the Same527-8
June 17225The Same and D. Diego de Mendoza to the Emperor528-31
July 13226Diary of occurrences during the Emperor's and King Francis' interview close to Nizza.531-54
,,227The Emperor to the Empress554-61
18228The Same to the Same561-66


1 Wrongly dated the 18th.
2 Nos. 46, 47, and 48 are misplaced; the former (46) ought to have been 35, the second 46, and the third 47, according to their dates.