August 1556


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'Spain: August 1556', Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 13: 1554-1558 (1954), pp. 274-275. URL: Date accessed: 21 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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August 1556

276. The Duke of Savoy to the Bishop of Arras (Abstract)
24 AugustThe Duke is anxious to know what pay he is really going to receive. Time is passing and it seems that nothing is being done for him, because he never makes a fuss, although the truce has meant a heavy loss to him.
Attached is a memorandum of the pay he was to have received per mensem, in time of war:
as Captain General1,000 livres
to keep up 25 gentlemen1,100 livres
to keep up 6 trumpeters at 20 livres each120 livres
to keep up 50 halberdiers on double pay500 livres
2,720 livres
While the truce lasts, he is to have 10,000 crowns a year as from the day on which the truce was concluded (5 February, 1556) and until the truce is broken or ends. This sum of 10,000 crowns is to come from the revenues of the Kingdom of Naples.
Copy. French
Besançon, C.G.5.

July 1556