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'Index: I', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 30: 1655-1656 (1930), pp. 360-362. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Ider. See Hyde.

Idilles, Idiles, despatches dated at, 70.

Independents, formed majority in parliament; Cromwell broke off from on elevation, 307.

-, news from, 143, 169, 174.
-, trade in does not amount to declaration of war, 30; Penn to push well into, 51.
-, Lede to avert designs against, 56; plate fleet arrives safely from, 60; galleon from taken by Blake, 74.
-, Cromwell invited to conquer, 56; disorder of Spain's affairs in, 97; Cromwell only attacked for sake of money, 117, 133.
-, patache from delivers itself to Portuguese, 81; Portugal can supply fleets for, 119.
-, Blake instructed that England does not intent to break peace in, 98; Blake to fight and capture ships from, 99; difficult to dislodge Spaniards from, 117.
-, Cromwell sends disaffected troops to, 113, 306; soldiers promised share of booty from, 116.
-, danger of English corrupting native Christians in, 116; famine and disease destroyed English in, 118.
-, enquiry upon failure in, 118; Spaniards could drive English out of, while weak, 122, 125.
-, if attack on abandoned, England may turn against Turk, 122; Sagredo would have succeeded if came before expedition to, 125; English will abandon if driven from, 125–6; failure in makes English regret expedition, 133.
-, Cromwell asked for free navigation in, 129; Cromwell says must not lose heart from failure in, 137.
-, English preparing fresh fleet against, 134, 137, 152, 164; Spanish title to, denied, 140.
-, Levant an alternative to, 137, 139; enterprise of not popular with soldiers and sailors, 147.
-, perpetual war between Spaniards and English in, 140; expedition to not restrained by considerations of trade, 145; Cromwell will attack, 146; success in not hopeful, 164, 167, 170.
-, Cromwell thought enterprise of would be easy, 147; designs against persisted in, 155.
-, levies for Sweden limited in order not to drain troops for, 150; levies for Sweden easy because of aversion for, 157.
-, Spaniards sending usual fleet to, 159; Spain stirred by report of new attack on, 168; succour for arrives safely, 174.
-, attack on declared breach of peace, 159, 309; convenience of Portugal for designs on, 172.
-, 12 ships going to as reinforcements, 178; further reinforcements of ships for, 191, 194, 238, 252.
-, entire fleet said to be going to, 196; prayers for success in, 197–8; firm intention to attack, 250.
-, millions from reach Spain safely, 197; only three galleons arrived from, 209.
-, rich English ship from captured, 239.
-, committee set up to develop plans against, 252.
-, Spaniards equipping ships for, 271; second plate fleet about to leave, 280; Spaniards may have to stop it from leaving, 288.
-, prisoners disclose places most easy to secure in, 282; disaffected troops sent to, 307.
-, ship for with quicksilver captured, 286; squadron to threaten internal trade of, 288.
-, Dutch helped transport of plate from, 289; men taken from Barbados for attack on, 309; Sagredo arrived when England committed to war in, 311.

-, East. See East Indies.

-, West. See West Indies.

Innocent X., pope, death of, 26n.

Innsbruck, Ispruch [Tyrol, Austria], Sagredo at, 212.

Inquisition, Cromwell demands freedom from, for English, 60; Spanish tyranny of denounced, 140.

Instrument of government, Cromwell justifies exclusion of members by, 268; time of parliament under expired, 297.

interpreter of Venetian resident, salary of, 164.

Intrata. See Happy Entrance.

Ipschir, Ipsir Pasha, Grand Vizier of Turkey, faction of attacks Aleppo, 179.

-, vote to Protector for government of, 2; intention to root out Catholicism in, 63; majority cooped up in corner of country, 69.
-, troops from landed in Scotland, 17.
-, proposal to settle Vaudois in, 63; policy to drain of men, 143.
-, Henry Cromwell's instructions on going to, 83; his safe arrival in, 95.
-, opponents of government reduced to impotence in, 95; proposed union with England, 99; attached to king, kept down by force, 143; rising in, measures to put down, 201; quelled, 207.
-, free trade with France by treaty, 150; Cromwell grants France levy in, from desire to depopulate, 214.
-, report of troops sent to, a blind, 225; plot discovered in and suppressed, 261, 264.
-, three regiments sent from, to Jamaica, 277; Cromwell won renown by reducing, 303.

-, lord deputy of, viceroy of. See Cromwell, Henry.

-, Marquis of Lede will ask for levies of, 24.
-, Mazarin contracting for levies of, 207.
-, devotion to duke of York, 207, 214; Charles expects him to bring force of, 263; York writes to draw away from French service, 279.
-, levy for France, 214, 231, 250.
-, Charles raising two regiments of, in Flanders, 263.

Ispruch. See Innsbruck.

-, war in Flanders would mean peace for, 11; French turn thoughts to again, 21, 27, 52.
-, Mazarin's designs in, 56; supposed Anglo French designs on, 164.
-, Cromwell's soldiers as well equipped as officers in, 112.
-, journey of ex-queen Christina to, 123; letters from tampered with, 185.
-, Crete bulwark of, against Turks, 135.
-, pope fears consequences of Swiss disorders in, 166; arming of Swiss, Spaniards and French will light fire in, 172.
-, reasons why French will not join with England in attacking Spanish states in, 172; Giavarina to learn if such a design, 173; suspicion of English designs on, 179–181, 184.
-, Swiss expected to make Lutheranism supreme in, 178; French intrigues to close passes from Germany to, 182: fears of Swiss descent upon, 188.
-, reports of English intentions to get footing in, 185; England to keep ships at disposition of French for, 188: English fleet has no commissions for furthering French designs in, 190.
-, port in, to be consigned to England, 192, 214; offered to English, 217.
-, infantry for, kept at Madrid, 213; descent of Germans upon, 259; emperor's action in will lead to trouble, 290.
-, contemplated embassy to princes of, 251; Venice interested about, 260.

Iviza, Eviza, Balearic Island, fear of English seizing, 216.