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'Index: O', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32: 1659-1661 (1931), pp. 385-386. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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Obdam. See Wassenar, Jacques de, sieur d' Opdam.

Obigni, the abbot. See Stuart, Ludovic, seigneur d'Aubigny.

O'Brien, Murrough, lord Inchiquin, captured by Algerians off Lisbon, 137; returns to treat for ransom, 194.

-, William, son of, captured by Algerians off Lisbon, 137; father goes to treat for ransom, 194; Plymouth sent to redeem, 222; Basha will not release till promised ransom paid, 228.

Obson. See Hobson.

oil, English ship lading at Airassi, 160.

Oldenburg [German Empire], count of. See Gunther, Anthony.

O'Neile, Daniel, accompanied Charles to Spain, 75n.

Onslow, Onsloco, Sir Richard, trustee appointed by parliament for Arundel, 88.

Opdam, sieur d'. See Wassenar, Jacques de.

Oran, Algeria, beseiged by Moors, 160.

Orange, principality of, Jermyn and Walter Montagu at Court, about, 111; held by princess of Orange, 283.

-, prince of. See Nassau, Henry Frederick of; William II of and William III of.

-, princess of. See Mary, daughter of Charles I.

Orleans, duchess of. See Margaret of Lorraine.

-, duke of. See Gaston; Philip, duke of Anjou.

-, mademoiselle d'. See Anne Marie Louise.

-, princesses of. See Frances Magdalen; Isabella Margaret Louise.

Ormond, marquis of. See Butler, James.

Ostend [Prov. W. Flanders, Belgium]:
-, Lockhart narrowly escapes pirates of, 39; English coasts much annoyed by pirates of, 137.
-, Caracena to proceed to, for adjustment, 164.

Ottomans. See Turkey; Turks.

Overton, Robert, Colonel or MajorGeneral:
-, Barkstead expelled at suit of, 38; made joint lieutenant general, 79.
-, governor of Hull, not entirely satisfied but will yield to superior force, 87.
-, leader of Fifth Monarchy men, sent to Tower, 230–1.

Oxford, co. Oxford, letter written to Venice while Charles I at, 195.

Oxford, earl of. See Vere, Aubrey de.