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'Index: D', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 35: 1666-1668 (1935), pp. 357-359. URL: Date accessed: 26 October 2014.


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Dalziel, Thomas, lieutenant general of Scotland:
-, routs rebels at Pentland Hill, 117n.

Damme, Dam [Prov, W. Flanders, Belgium]:
-, Dutch demand as pledge for help, 199.

-, Lazzaro Mocenigo killed in attempting to force, 261.

Dauphin. See Louis, son of Louis XIV.

Dauphiné, France:
-, Huguenots of, invite English, 64.

Davis, Edward, takes part in capture of Providence, 97n.

Deal, co. Kent:
-, king goes to, 9n.

Defiance, royal navy:
-, going to the Strait, 123, 126n.

Delfino. See Dolfino.

Delmenhorst [Oldenburg, German Empire]:
-, Swedish claims to, 173.

Denbigh, earl of. See Feilding, Basil.

Denham, M., chaplain to English factory at Leghorn, 69n.
-, leaves, 123, 124n.

-, doubtful attitude to Swedish mediation, 2; Konigsmarck hostile to, tries to detach France from, 6.
-, appeals to Dutch for help, 7; proposed league to protect against Sweden, 24.
-, measures to exclude English from Baltic, 29; Dutch ask for ten ships, 46.
-, Sweden threatens if helps Dutch, 35; gains by French settlement with Sweden, 35; Dutch relieved of need to help, 36; France won alliance of, for Dutch, 52; pamphlet on declaration of war on, 157n.
-, Charles willing to include in peace, 68; he has little good to say of, 101.
-, regards Swedish attack on Bremen unfavourably, 95, 109; Bremen settlement a great advantage to, 110.
-, neutral place appointed for, 113; England withdraws objection to taking part in peace congress, 141.
-, piqued by paper about Berghen affair, 114; and place for congress, 137; will follow wishes of France about peace, 139.
-, Dutch trying to prevent Swedish attack on, 114; de la Roche going to, to command squadron for France, 139, 140.
-, proposed alliance with French and Dutch to overawe England, 153.
-, demands of, from English, not pleasing to Dutch, 157; proposed alliance for safety, 163.
-, deputies of, leaving for Breda, 157; gets month allowed for ratification of peace, 177; Dutch pressing for ratification of, 179.
-, waiting for subsidies promised by Dutch, 164; Dutch expecting 16 ships from, 169.
-, Swedes waiting for peace, to turn against, 173; peace forced on, by English and Dutch, 200; French proposals for trade with rejected, 331–2.
-, fleet:
-,-, proposed combination with, 17, 34; squadrons for Sound and Jutland, 29.
-,-, squadron sails from Texel, 29; convoying ships from Copenhagen, expected to join Dutch, 106; squadron promised to assist Dutch, 114; to cruise about and protect friendly merchantmen, 138.
-,-, king busy over equipment, 146; forty ships ready, waiting for sailors, 164; ships kept back for defence, 169.
-, King of. See Frederick III.
-, ships of. See ships, Danish.

Diamond, royal navy, escort for Gothemburg ships, 124n.

Dieppe [Seine Inf. France]:
-, Beaufort ordered to, 75; he reaches, 76, 78; Beaufort sails from, 82; English levies sailing for, captured, 191n.

Dillon, Illon, Thomas viscount:
-, offers Louis a levy of Irish, 166.

Dolfino, Delfino, Marc Antonio, Venetian noble imprisoned in the Seven Towers, Winchelsea visits, 225; thanks for courtesy to, 324, 331.

Dona, Donna, Christofle Delphique, count, Swedish minister at the Hague:
-, Charles asked not to sign treaty before negotiations concluded, 161.
-, leaves Breda, well pleased with negotiations, 164; takes place of Coyet, 168n.
-, tries to bring deputies together again, 174; to start negotiations with States, 198; representations to, for union of Sweden with England to save Flanders, 209; dies in London, 220, 246; Molina treated with about victualling troops from Bremen, 325.

Dorat, 9.

Dordrecht [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands]:
-, Cornelis de Witt burgomaster of, 170.

Dorell, Capt., sailed with Heemskerk, 139n.

Dorothea, daughter of duke of Holstein Gottorp:
-, marriage to elector of Brandenburg, 237n.

Douglas, Duglas, Lord George:
-, regiment of, expected at Dunkirk, 183; crossing to France, 194n.

Dover, co. Kent: 72.
-, mediators to meet at, 2; suggested for peace congress, 139, 144, 148.
-, English fleet off, 71; English troops cross from, to Ostend, 168; Colbert crosses to, 246.

Downs, Monk's force in, 7n; Allen sails from, 214n; Harvey detained in by bad weather, 271; passage of prince of Tuscany to, 320.

Draperis, Georgio, dragoman of English embassy at Porte:
-, informs Winchelsea of Ventelet's move, 43; gets Winchelsea excused from going to Adrianople, 44.

-, proposal to abandon French fashions, 101.
-, Mocenigo adopts English, for audience, 256, 283.

Druenstein, merchant:
-, wants English ship to take out munitions, 303.

Duca, George, hospodar of Moldavia, 221.

Duglas. See Douglas.

Duivenwoorde, Dutch navy:
-, in N. Foreland battle, 16n.

Dumfries, co. Dumfries, Scotland:
-, revolt breaks out at, 117n.

Dungeness, co. Sussex:
-, English defeat French squadron off, 82n, 96n.

Dunkirk [Nord, France]:
-, governor of, ordered to supply Ruyter, 41.
-, unfit for fleet because of plague, 79.
-, ships of to attack those of Ostend and Bruges taking goods to England, 130; English prize brought into, 146.
-, troops sent to, for ships built in Holland, 140.
-, reference to sale of, 173; inquiry about sale, 184, 193–4.
-, regiment of Douglas expected at, 183.
-, considered part of claim to French crown, 194; French offer to restore, 209, 276.

Dunkirk, royal navy, going to the Strait, 126.

Duquesne, Abraham, commander of French convoy squadron:
-, arrives at Vincennes, 73; squadron under, to enter Channel, 109.

Durazzo, Marquis Giovanni Augusto:
-, mission to the Porte, 26n, 96; relations with Casanova and Winchelsea, 160.
-, suggests keeping squadron of galleys at Tangier, 300, 304.

-, suspected of setting fire to London, several arrested, 77; Spain grants English same privileges as, in trade, 162.
-, levy of, for Venice, 208, 266.
-, See also Netherlands.