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'Index: I', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 35: 1666-1668 (1935), pp. 377-378. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Ibarra, Don Diego de, operations against Portugal, 149n.

Illon. See Dillon.

-, ship from, captured, 11.
-, war gives French chance to capture trade of, 18; French consider extension of dominion in, 98.
-, rich Dutch fleet expected from, 64; reaches Bergen, 65.
-, question of, in Anglo-Spanish negotiations, 66, 85; put aside for moment, 118–9.
-, friars of St. Bernard going to as missionaries, 77.
-, English attack Spanish islands in, 110; England may join with France to the hurt of, 120, 132.
-, French and Dutch would want to share any Spanish concessions to English in, 112; excepted in Spanish treaty with English, 136.
-, rich cargoes from captured by English, 133.
-, English frigates to escort merchantmen to, 138.
-, report of Dutch successes in, 141.
-, English excluded from, by treaty with Spain, 162; English demand free trade in, 195.
-, Spanish difficulty in granting free trade to English in, 200; Spanish ship for, taken, 253.
-, Levant trade more valuable than that of, 217.

-, French company of the:

reminded of financial obligations, 88, 98.

-, East. See East Indies.

-, West. See West Indies.

Innsbruck, archduke of:
-, patron of posts in Trent, 223.

Inquisitor General, Spain. See Neidhart, John Eberhart.

-, submitted, for destroying ships and Turkish fleet, 309.

-, French plan to make trouble in, 12; French contemplate landings in, 19; distinguished Frenchman goes to, with money, 24.
-, disturbances in, 24; risings in an opportunity for French, 32.
-, two Frenchmen arrested, going to make trouble in, 126; complaint of French raid on, 167.
-, English fleet to cruise off, 149; Dutch merchantman captured off, 177n.
-, French fleet for returns to Brest, 172.

-, lord lieutenant of. See Butler, James, earl of Ormonde.

-, levy of, for service in Flanders, 144–5; Dillon offers Louis levy of, 166.
-, levy for Venice, 310, 323.

Isabella, merchantman:
-, proposed hiring for Venice, 132, 136.

Isola. See Lisola.

-, ships from captured, 24.
-, Lisola travels to England via, 94n.
-, defeat of Spaniards in Flanders involves war in, 185.
-, princes of in no state to resist French aggression, 185; Charles asks about help of, for Candia, 258; stripped of troops and munitions by war of Candia, 284.
-, letters from, 270; letters for not to be paid for at Antwerp, 319.
-, Venetian policy to maintain liberty of, 318.

-, cargo of, from Guinea, 32.