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'Index: J', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 35: 1666-1668 (1935), pp. 378-380. URL: Date accessed: 17 September 2014.


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Jamaica, W. Indies:
-, news from, 253.
-, question of returning to Spain, 151, 162; reported recapture by Spaniards, 159; treaty recognises English possession of, 162.

James I, king of Great Britain: 321.
-, precedent with Spanish ambassador, 48.

-, duke of York, Hiorch, Jorch: 213–4.

-, goes with king to Deal, 9n.
-, will not pronounce on ownership of valuables deposited at palace, 81.

-, death of second son of, 166;
-, death of elder son, 166n.
-, quarrel with the king, 171.
-, son born to, expects greater popularity, 187; Clarendon secretly favoured by, 195; Clarendon's relationship to, 204.

-, Manchester entertains at Waltham Abbey, 226; made Warden of the Cinque Ports, 267.
-, Marchesini visits, asks about siege, admiration for Venice, 226; Colbert received by, 250; Marchesini takes leave of, 254.
-, coach of, at Colbert's entry, 252, 275; Mocenigo allowed use of house of, 273.

Mocenigo's reception by, 256; appointment for him with, 257; his audience of, 260–1.

interest in siege of Candia, 270; has plan of fortress, 305.

Venice relies on good will of, 272.

congratulates Mocenigo on arrival, 274–5; Mocenigo has audience of, 282.

stops coach going to Mocenigo's entry, 275.

leaves London for Audley End, 287; back in London, Mocenigo visits on birthday, 305.

profits of posts granted to, 319.

-, sons of. See Charles, duke of Kendal; Edgar; James.

-, duke of Cambridge, son of the duke of York, death of, 166n.

-, duke of Monmouth, Molmuth, natural son of Charles II:

arrives in Paris, 213; well entertained, talk of giving employment to, 214.

Mocenigo visits, 282.

king pleased by attentions to, 282.

Jeans, of Bruges:
-, instructor in tapestry work, at Paris, 300n.

Jelves. See Elvas.

Jermyn, Henry, earl of St. Albans, lord Germen, steward of Queen Henrietta:
-, sent to England about peace, 63; Venice interested about, 69; not returned, 99.
-, informs queen mother of fire, but says nothing of negotiations, 81; Swedes aware of activities, 91; return eagerly awaited in France, 121; only brought compliments, 133.
-, reports English determination for war, 101; asks for appointment of deputies to peace congress, 137; at conference about congress, 148.
-, at Chaliot, tells queen what he has done, 130.
-, at several conferences with ministers, 152; goes to see king, complains of raid on Ireland, 167.
-, French efforts to win over, 173; appointed ambassador to France, 191.
-, sees Lionne about expelling Clarendon, 206.
-, asked to favour requests of Venice, 208; gives assurance of good will, but speaks of considerations of trade, 210; suggests hiring ships, 211.
-, says English are cleaned out of money, 211; journey to London may mean proposals against Dutch, 213.
-, Venice wants to keep well disposed, 214; Giustinian to keep up correspondence with, 215; and to speak to about succour, 218; Giustinian to inform about Marchesini and Mocenigo, 219.

Jersey, Gerse, Channel Islands:
-, proposed French attack on, 31; plot against discovered, 54.

Jersey, royal navy:
-, escort for Gothenburg ships, 124n; sails for Barbadoes, 138n; in action at Martinique, 189n.

-, reported plot of English, of Liège, to kill de Witt, 147.
-, heretics ever ready to discredit, 148.

-, Ventelet stirs up against Gobbato at Constantinople, 225.

John, Don, Juan, Don Giovanni, natural son of Philip IV:
-, stands fast to opinion about Portugal, 192; universal desire for in Flanders, 233; preparations for reception, 241; reluctant to leave Spain, 253; ambition of, for crown, 299.

-, prince of Anhalt Zerbst:

claim to Delmenhorst, 173.

-, Casimir II, king of Poland:

situation created by abdication of, 294.

-, Frederick, duke of Brunswick Luneburg:

assistance to Venice, 222.

-, George II, elector of Saxony:

garter sent to, 236.

John and Margaret:
-, sails for Barbadoes, 138.

Joliffe, George, deputy of E. India Co. to Breda, 158n.

Jongestal, Jongostal, Allart Pieter:
-, appointed deputy to congress, 153.

Jorch. See James, duke of York.

Jordan, Sir Joseph, commander of Harwich squadron, 179.

Joubert, Jean, seigneur de Nantia:
-, mission to Spain, 145.

Juan. See John, Don.

-, make great progress in deciding owners of houses burned down, 158.

Jules Cæsar, Giulio Cesare, French navy:
-, lost in storm, 61.

justice, lord chief, of the Common Pleas. See Bridgeman, Sir Orlando.

Jutland, Denmark:
-, Danish squadron sent to north of, 29; Dutch frigates sent to, search ships, 37.

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