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'Index: E', Calendar of State Papers Relating to English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 36: 1669-1670 (1937), pp. 356-358. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Eaglet, ketch:
-, exploration of N.W. passage by, 144n.

East Friesland [German Empire]:
-, Dutch alarmed for, 100.

East India Company:
-, Algerine attacks on ships of, 24n, 43; method of distributing profits, 153; Dutch cut prices to undersell, 266.

East India Co., the Dutch:
-, treaty with King of Macassar, 63; squeezing out the English, 87.
-, ships from Batavia with goods of, 231; English and French upset by cutting of prices by, 266.

East Indies:
-, English ask for free trade at Dutch ports in, 38; Dutch trying to drive English out of, 108.
-, France and England could monopolise trade of, 58; harsh treatment of French merchants by Dutch in, 61.
-, Dutch fear union of French and Portuguese in, 115.
-, exploration to find passage to, 144.
-, van Beuningeny sent to England about trade of, 188; Dutch so strong in, that need no support, 231.
-, rich cargoes reach Holland from, 231.

Edgar, son of the duke of York, duke of Cambridge:
-, delicate, obliged to live in France, 9; seriously ill, 71; recovering, 73.
-, York striving to secure succession of, against Monmouth, 80.

Edinburgh, Edembourg [Midlothian, Scotland]:
-, parliament meets at, 128.

Edward, Palatine prince:
-, suggestion for Charles to marry daughter of, 200.

Elbe, River, German Empire:
-, Dutch attack on English ships in, 43n, 266.
-, New Exchange wrecked in, 318n.

Electors of the empire:
-, question of title for, 143.

Elizabeth, daughter of James I, queen of Bohemia: 200n, 301.
-, Palatine wants Rupert to restore jewels of, 79.

Embrun [Hautes Alpes, France]:
-, archbishop of. See Aubusson, Georges d'.

Emo, Pier:
-, attends Falcombridge at reception, 223.

emperor. See Leopold.

empire. See Germany.

Empoli [Prov. Firenze, Italy]: 204n.

-, 1669:
-,-, anxiously watching Sweden, 2; no spur to uphold triple alliance, 14.
-,-, weakened by Dutch war, 3; Dutch complain of, for not checking French aggression, 25–6.
-,-, Charles afraid of imposing new taxes on, 4; suspicious of king and impatient of yoke, 20–1.
-,-, has heaviest stake in Turkish dominions, 6; Turkish reprisals might cause disturbances in, 23.
-,-, unparalleled pride of, 14; jealousy between Dutch and, 26.
-,-, threat to recall Douglas and Scots to, 23.
-,-, warlike and outstanding, 26; queen says obedience not rooted in hearts of people, 49.
-,-, French complain of, as much as Spaniards, 37; Dutch intimation of consequence of leaning to France, 43.
-,-, jealousy of France and interest will serve to unite always with Spain, 38.
-,-, negotiating commercial treaty with Dutch, 38; importation of corn to, forbidden, 51.
-,-, justifies acts of hostility beyond the line, 41, 46; with France could monopolise trade of America and Indies, 58.
-,-, French policy to detach from triple alliance, 45–6; played her cards well about alliance, 63.
-,-, union with France likely to cause trouble in, 60; progress of commercial treaty with France, 65–6.
-,-, anxiety in, from absence of heir apparent, 61; progress of toleration in, 85.
-,-, Dutch treaty with Macassar to exclude from E. Indies, 66; Dutch anxious to cultivate good relations with, 87.
-,-, reluctance to admit surplus French wheat into, 68; French rejoice at commercial treaty with, 120.
-,-, desire of Louis not to alienate further, 72; “Politique Française” published to stir against France, 92.
-,-, petition for toleration from West of, 84n; union with Scotland prejudicial to, 124.
-,-, attitude to Franco-Spanish differences, 101; advantage of, in commercial relations with France, 103–4.
-,-, proposed guarantee of Spanish payment to Sweden, 118; demanded by Sweden, 135.
-,-, share in guarantee against French attack, 134, 156.
-,-, Molina's opinions of state of, 136.
-, 1670:
-,-, pledge to Sweden for payment, by Spain, 157; antipathy for French, 230.
-,-, great prestige from conclusion of alliance, 150; contribution under alliance, 166.
-,-, France submits to arbitration by, 158; Spain unwilling to offend, 177.
-,-, objection of, to union with Scotland, 167.
-,-, would welcome mediation of pope and Venice, 177; enjoys quiet procured by king's policy, 238.
-,-, would resent union with France, 178; attachment to triple alliance, 184.
-,-, suspicion in, that Madame poisoned, 226, 230.
-,-, French desire to detach from triple alliance, but considered impossible, 243; French count on alliance with, against Dutch, 272.
-,-, Dutch spread reports in, of king's absolutist designs, 273.
-,-, naval alliance with France and Portugal, against Dutch, 278; established principle of France to conciliate, 320.
-,-, unlikely to commit itself about Lorraine, 289; thinks to have done enough for common service and peace, 311.
-,-, continues to stand by triple alliance, 306; Spanish desire to work with, in defence of common interests, 321.
-,-, king of. See Charles I; Charles II; Henry VIII; James I.
-,-, merchants of. See merchants, English.
-,-, queen of. See Catherine of Braganza.
-,-, queen mother of. See Henrietta Maria.
-,-, ships of. See ships, English.

-, talk of levy of, for Dutch service, 136; many gentlemen and officers going over, 138.
-, difficult to tear themselves away from London, 154.
-, importance of king winning affection of, 184; his plan to secure mastery over, 305–6.

English Channel:
-, claim to salutes in, 86.
-, danger of sending letters through, in winter, 118.
-, Algerines reported at mouth of, 178.
-, Dutch sail round Scotland to avoid, 231.

envoys. See under ambassadors.

Ernest Augustus, duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, Lunemburg:
-, sends present of stags to Charles, 74; invited to join triple alliance, 76; Dutch trading with, 138.
-, help for Candia, 76.

Espartel, Cape d'. See Spartel.

Essex, earl of. See Capel, Arthur.

Estrades, Geffroi comte d', French ambassador in England:
-, affray with Batteville, 96.

Estrées, Jean comte d':
-, taking squadron to W. Indies, 2; harsh treatment of Dutch ships, 61.

Ewan, Thomas, engineer:
-, offers services for Candia, 117.