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'Declared Accounts: Navy', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21: 1706-1707 (1952), pp. CLXXXII-CCXVIII. URL: Date accessed: 24 September 2014.


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Declared Accounts: Navy Treasurer.
Navy Treasurer's Account for the Navy and Victualling
(Dame Anne Littleton, widow and executrix of Sir Thomas Littleton).
31 December 1705 to 31 December 1706.
Charge. l. s. d. l. s. d.
Remains in the hands of Sir Thomas Littleton upon the end of his last accompt 1,222,091 2 2
depending on persons named upon the foot of his said accompt 978,193 7 11¾
2,200,284 10
money by him received out of the Exchequer Michaelmas term, 4–5 Anne 673,945210¾
Easter term, 5 Anne 306,70210
Michaelmas term, 5–6 Anne 549,64814
money received in imprest bills paid by former Navy Treasurers and cleared within the time of this accompt (detailed, each imprest bill being listed separately) 9,77172
money received for goods and provisions sold out of the stores 16,4934
money received on account of rewards Sir John Norris50000
Capt. James Mighells of the Monk30000
Capt. William Coney of the Sorlings30000
Carried forward £3,757,94595
Brought forward 3,757,94595
on account of the Victualling
sundry Commanders, pursers and others, being the balance of their accounts for victualling soldiers on board3,4841711
damaged provisions etc. sold2,4051711¾
rent of two mills at Rotherhithe2350
rent of a tenement near the Hartshorne Brewery50100
received for an old hoy called the Mary not fit for the service7000
for 7½ barrels of very old decayed powder1400
beer cast and returned2520
freight of wine and lemons275106
from the Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons for victualling 570 soldiers of Handaside's Regiment at Jamaica for one day on board the Moderate in their passage from Portsmouth to Plymouth1450
from the Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons for victualling 888 soldiers and 89 of Lord Paston's Regiment on the Royal Oak and Ipswich for one day46136
from the Commissioners for Sick and Hurt being what the victualling of 48,272 men for one day at Jamaica exceeds 7d. per man (369l. 8s.d.) and for victualling sick and wounded at said island, 273l. 16s. 11¼d.6435
Capt. Thomas Mathewes of the Kinsale, for wine in lieu of beer on his intended voyage to Newfoundland but not proceeded on and not used14176
John Foster, purser of the Portland, for the like237160
provisions spared by Capt. Cha. Smith of the Pembroke to the Barbados Merchant of Liverpool taken by him in his passage to England656
Richard New, purser of the Roebuck, for value drawn from the Terceras in August 1704 and paid by Stephen Biss, agent victualler at Lisbon2563
Capt. John Knapp of the Expedition, being overpaid out of 175l. 9s. 11½d. Short Allowance money received from Phineas Bowles, Agent Victualler to the Fleet3047
William Pugsley, commander of the Charles and Elizabeth transport, for abatement of victuals106
Thomas Andrews, ditto11211
overpayments 1013
total charge and receipts £3,765,69009
Discharge. l.s.d.
Emptions and provisions detailed 392,046185
interest to tradesmen etc. on bills of store 7,372120
salaries and entertainment to the Admiralty Commissioners, Navy Commissioners, clerks, etc., detailed, of the Admiralty, Navy Office, Comptrol Office, Ticket Office etc. 29,542130
pensions to Officers and others of ships and for services, detailed at length: l.s.d.
Sir George Rooke2,46300
Sir Thomas Hobson18800
Sir John Munden240126
Sir Richard Rooth15000
Sir Robert Robinson112100
Sir Ralph Delavall48150
Capt. Lyonell Riply92163
Sir Edward Gregory22500
Sir Charles Hedges30000
Capt. Robert Robinson16500
Phineas Bowles15000
Capt. Ozee de Coran3000
Capt. David Condon26140
Lieut. Robert Peck27100
Charles Stewart7500
Capt. Thomas Willshaw7500
Capt. Samuel Tilley4150
Capt. John Votear10326
Capt. Peter Walton92163
Capt. Robert Thompson68150
Capt. John Clements16500
Capt. Richard Carveth5500
Capt. William Fazeby11000
Lieut. Charles Farr (died 22 July 1704)2110
Capt. Edward Good137100
Capt. Benjamin Hoskins137100
Lieut. Francis Hollis27100
Henry Killegrew, Esq.12500
Capt. John Mayne141150
Daniell Garrett30134
Capt. Woolfran Cornwall262178
Thomas Croomer4100
Francis Skelton600
Peter Chaseloup, a French sea officer and refugee15000
Moses Jaqueau7500
William Marretts22100
John Marretts22100
Peter Gandy52100
Lady Wheeler15000
Martha Bembow15000
Dame Anne St. George, daughter of Sir John Lowson [Lawson]187100
Rebecca Hayter22500
Elizabeth, Anne, Henrietta, Katherine, Arabella and Christiana, sisters of Rear Admiral Bazill Beaumont30000
Mary Carter25868
Hannah Roomcoyle7500
Ellen Wrenn7500
Carried forward £428,96235
Brought forward 428,96235
Hester Hollyman7500
Ann Skelton5000
Mary Allen10000
Cornelia Galway4500
Anne Popwell4500
Elizabeth Harman52100
Elizabeth Taylor37100
Elizabeth Urry37100
Elizabeth Chapman3000
Mary Fletcher10326
Frances Jennifer68150
Dorothy Searle4150
Frances, Martha, Katherine and Elizabeth Emms, daughters of Capt. Fleetwood Emms10868
Philadelphia Hawes5434
Francis Burrell44139
Thomas Markes44139
James Bowman44139
John Gwenap4440
Walter Barnaby (superannuated Master of a Second Rate)61176
John Haydon ditto61176
Ralph Cox4150
Peter Farewell4150
William Pickman4150
Ralph Rawlins4150
Francis Saunders4150
William Parker67160
Simon Flew28190
Thomas Corke, to 29 May, the day of his death1120
Thomas Browne (superannuated Master of a Third Rate)30189
Charles Bowler30189
William Force30189
Robert Glanfield30189
William Hill30189
William Harris30189
Pascoe Neilder30189
Stephen Barnard30189
William Franklyn30189
John Gliddon30189
James Markes30189
John Taylor30189
Richard Brincknell30189
Henry Gilbert (to 17 November 1704 the day of his death)26133
John Oliver4113
Benjamin Pitfield (to 24 October 1704 the day of his death)2483
John Lambert21143
Capt. James Davison35159
Carried forward £428,96235
Brought forward 428,96235
Gregory Cornish (superannuated master of a Fourth Rate)27100
William Good27100
Thomas Hurlock27100
William Lenton27100
John Way27100
Thomas Woodgreen27100
Thomas Corley, superannuated boatswain of a First Bate ship3957
John Green3957
Thomas Ferraby3957
John Gray, superannuated boatswain of a Second Rate3476
William Miles3476
George Spilsby3476
Thomas Gosling, superannuated boatswain of a Third Rate2993
Edward Knight2993
William Holloway2993
James Naylor2993
John Reynolds2993
Abell Woolward2993
John Gibbons1471
John Whitnall281811
William Gregory22121
John Andrews, superannuated boatswain of a Fourth Rate24110
James Willon24110
Samuel Gleed, superannuated gunner of a First Rate3957
William Hodges3957
John Jenkins3957
John Dennis, superannuated gunner of a Second Rate3476
George Henos3476
John Traherne3476
William Browne, superannuated gunner of a Third Rate2993
Thoms Chadbourne2993
William Luckins2993
Jacob Penn2993
George Wassell2993
William Banton2993
Thomas Parson, superannuated gunner of a Fourth Rate24110
William Chappell, superannuated purser of a First Rate3957
Thomas Sutton, a superannuated purser of a Second Rate3476
Carried forward £428,96235
Brought forward 428,96235
Edward Lawford3476
Richard Blackman, superannuated cook of a Second Rate1256
Thomas Revitt, superannuated cook of a Third Rate1256
Thomas Masters695
Nathaniel Bayley, superannuated cook of a Fourth Rate1256
Richard Ball, superannuated cook of a Fifth Rate1256
George Barnes, superannuated cook of a Sixth Rate11157
Joseph Goodwyn, superannuated carpenter of a First Rate3957
John Adams1300
John Barnett, superannuated carpenter of a Second Rate3476
John Bond3476
Daniell Hackman3476
John Newberry3476
Thomas Wiggens3476
Henry Hurlbert, superannuated carpenter of a Third Rate2993
Edmund Lowance2993
John Piggott2993
Mathew Richardson2993
Alexander Sotherland2993
William Stringer2993
Henry Wynell2993
John Spiars1171
John Evans, superannuated carpenter of a Fifth Rate19129
Robert Kirktowne, superannuated surgeon of a First Rate: on his monthly rate and his twopences for the ship's complement72102
John Somervill72102
Mathew Thomas7204
Humphry Cooley7204
Joseph Storey6916
Henry Worth6916
Patrick Campbell6170
Richard Chaplain, superannuated surgeon of a Second Rate7466
Joseph Rideout6466
Thomas Bayle6595
Nathaniell Doggett6595
Carried forward £428,96235
Brought forward 428,96235
Robert Pearse6595
John Moyle63311
Richard Bond, superannuated surgeon of a Third Rate48107
John Barclay48107
William Hopkins4503
William Skeate4503
John Kent80140
Henry Carter4182
Thomas Barfoot, superannuated surgeon of a Fourth Rate3108
Capt. Richard Vittels, superannuated master attendant of Chatham Yard7500
Simpson Bourne, same7500
Thomas Stollard, same at Plymouth7500
Henry Morgan, same at Sheerness5664
John Founder, master builder of the Bomb vessels15000
Flag pay and Table money to the Admiralsl.s.d.
Sir Cloudesley Shovell2,17200
Sir John Norris617150
Earl of Peterborough1,47000
Sir Stafford Fairbourn1,077100
Sir John Leake912100
Sir George Byng903100
Sir Thomas Dilkes638150
Sir John Jennings605100
George Churchill1,277100
Marquess of Carmarthen1,736160
Half Pay
Mathew Aylmer, Vice Admiral of the Red 1,272100
to persons detailed at length for extraordinary services 5,44716
Incident disbursements of various natures, detailed at length 32,89741
wages or pay by bill, detailed 1,65620
rebuilding and price of ships 12,95318
travelling charges 3,04781
victualling charges of volunteers on board 2,777161
pilotage 5,359142
free gifts and medicines to surgeons for furnishing their chests 785180
hire and freight of vessels taken up for her Majesty's service, and for transportation of goods, provisions, etc.
Gloucester yacht, Thomas Ashby428184
Three Brothers smack, William Atkinson48192
John and Martha hoy, John Addis7190
Carried forward £520,39214
Brought forward 520,39214
Sea Flower smack, George Betteris2721
Endeavour hoy, Thomas Boare210163
Supply hagg, Peter Blackston187175
Samuell & Elizabeth transport, Arthur Bass54101
Hopewell ketch, Tho. Bolton79010
Nicholson transport, Peregrine Brown79211
Woolwich smack, John Chelsom43136
Gravesend yacht, Thomas Cooke4363
Ann hoy, James Cuthbert154131
Mudd pinck, Francis Coxen69159
Thomas and Elizabeth hoy, Thomas Cook82111
Thomas and Edward ketch, Edward Constant30436
Welcome smack, Ralph Carter34193
Willing Mind transport, John Coller300
Fordwich ketch, Jeremiah Culmer386129
William hoy, Thomas Duffin34107
Benjamin ketch, John Dunn275180
Friendship transport, Sir John Duddlestone5,394510
Constant hoy, John Edmonds321911
John and Bridget yacht, John Erwin3844
Deptford transport, William Evans7150
Little Thomas hoy, William Edwards12182
Holygoland hoy, Daniel Furzer1519
Gravesend yacht, Tho. Fry5564
Grape pinck, Tho. Fearnley19976
May Flower hoy, Mathew Flower24511
John hoy, Edmond Geale2666
Maryland Merchant transport, Humphry Gilbert96165
Anne transport, Richard Gotley1,439911
Princess Anne transport, Charles Guy3,57421
Montserrat Merchant transport, Richard Hodges1151810
Thomas Helby for transport20260
Unity smack, Miles Hart35611
Thomas and Hester smack, Tho. Hipper33129
Mary and Sarah transport, Hugh Hayward600121
George and Anne smack, George Hakes43107
Southampton sloop, John Harman103104
Mary sloop, Robert Havers, master43186
John and William hoy, John Hoare16156
John the Younger of Emsworth, John Hedges2182
Henry Johns et al, barges11822
Lydia hoy, William Horton1300
Two Brothers hoy, Thomas Horton9600
London yacht, Thomas Ingledew194133
Thomas and Gregory transport, John Jennings7089
John's Adventure transport, John Jose30166
Joanna hoy, Charles Jacobs19144
Friendship ketch, John Lister10628
Unity hoy, Richard Ladler593129
transport of Edward Nott, Governor of Virginia24200
Hunter hagg boat, Tho. Nisbett31790
Carried forward £520,39214
Brought forward 520,30214
Transporter and Lyon boys, Jeffry Nellson500
Anthony galley, Edward Monk35193
Major pinck, Richard Mighells2721111
William and Mary smack, William Mitchell17526
Adventure ketch, Thomas Moyse76181
Wellcome smack, Tho. Merriton4306
Prosperous smack, Tho. Merriton27189
Goodwill hoy, William Mann1150
James and Mary transport, Jeremiah Pearce2,30220
Two Virgins of Weymouth, Peter Pearce17170
Robert Pearse et al. lightermen16038
Peace flyboat, Phillip Pentyre1,45957
Francis and Lucy brigantine, Tho. Parrott223166
Henry and Mary hoy, Henry Roberts6110
Endeavour smack, Ralph Robinson12107
Sarah ketch, John Richardson10887
Jefferys transport, Thomas Robinson3,658134
Susanna smack, John Rogers25120
Margaret hoy, Giles Russell1077
Sarah pinck, Joseph Spratt20360
Harley smack, Christopher Staffe95175
Rebeccah ketch, John Spragg37911
Bristol Merchant transport, William Smith1,935135
Phenix transport, Cornelius Sarjeant1,351189
Richard and John, pinck, John Stephens42192
Henry Skenard et al. for barges169172
Lyddell pinck, Gregory Shipton308105
True Love smack, Abraham Speciall1664
Adventure smack, Thomas Taylor12355
John and Abigail transport, Thomas Thompson119113
Ann and Francis ketch, Bernard Shurman245150
Adventure smack, Tho. Seer33193
Elizabeth of Weymouth, George Thomas12186
Thomas and Elizabeth transport, John Upton6916
George and Isabella hoy, George Woodall3677
Post Boy ketch, Josuah Wrangham10115
True Love hoy, John Wheeler3980
Joseph and Mary hoy, Tho, Wells1500
George and Mary hoy, Geo. Watson16097
Jacob and John hoy, Tho. Kelham24100
Joan hoy of Plymouth, Tho. Winchelsea422
Thomas ketch, Tho. Kindersley13155
house rent of the principal officers of the Navy 84710
wages and entertainment of officers and seamen on board her Majesty's ships and vessels
Assurance (July 1703—June 1705) Robert Hancock, Commander8,9556
Assistance (July 1704—June 1705)4,0733
Association (December 1704—June 1705) Samuell Whitaker, Commander4,5721610
Carried forward £552,2116
Brought forward 552,2116
Adventure(July 1704—June 1705)2,84918
Anglesea (July 1704—June 1705)2,9955
Princess Ann Hospital ship (February 1704–5 to October 1706) Charles Guy, Commander2,47916
Albemarle (December 1705 to September 1706) William Rezz, Commander4,03311
Bonadventure (July 1704 to June 1705) Edward Rumsey, Commander3,58816
Burlington (July 1704 to June 1705) Robert Long, master4,1371111¾
Barfleur (December 1704 to June 1705) Richard Canning, Commander3,168179
Bredah (December 1704 to June 1705) James Moody, Commander1,50718
Britannia (December 1704 to June 1705) James Stewart, 2nd Captain7,18080
Blackwall (July 1704 to October 1705)4,242122
Britannia (July 1705 to October 1706) John King, master16,713108
Boyne (September—October 1706) Christopher Byngs, Commander74249
Centurion (July 1704 to August 1705) John Herne, Commander5,039126
Content hulk (April—September 1705)19789
Cumberland (December 1704 to June 1705) Hovenden Walker, Commander1,78810
Cambridge (July 1704 to June 1705) Richard Lestock, Commander6,1388
Crown (June 1704 to June 1705) Tho. Liell, Commander3,11817
Canterbury (July 1703 to June 1705)8,04712
Chatham prize (April 1704 to June 1705) John Pepys, Commander1,04496
Commet bomb vessel (December 1704 to March 1705–6) Francis Peirce, Commander6457
Cleaveland yacht (July 1704 to June 1705) Charles Disborow, Commander646111
Chester (July 1704 to June 1705) Robert Stevens, Commander3,50056¾.
Coventry (July 1703 to July 1704) Kerrell Roffey, Commander3,27415
Chatham (July 1703 to September 1705)8,3106
Content hulk (October 1705 to March 1706)175811
Charles galley (July 1704 to June 1705)2,318186
Carcass bomb vessel (January 1704–5 to October 1706) John Barter, Commander1,04004
Dunwich (July 1704 to June 1705)1,65819
Dorsetshire (same time) Sir Edward Whitaker, Commander6,205134
Dolphin (same time)1,9224
Dilligence brigantine (same time) John Warner, Commander7726
Devonshire (December 1704 to June 1705) James, Lord Dursley, Commander3,468311¾
Dover (July 1704 to June 1705) Nicholas Trevanion, Commander4,027142
Dartmouth (same time)4,03917
Carried forward £52,211 6
Brought forward 552,2116
Defyance (July to August 1693) Edward Gourney, Commander7918
Exeter (July 1703 to June 1705)15,6145
Essex (July 1704 to June 1705) John Hubbard, Commander6,16119
Eagle (same time) Lord Archibald Hamilton, Commander6,1261011½
Expedition (July 1704 to September 1706) Thomas Coale, Commander12,12804
Fly brigantine (July 1703 to June 1705) Robert Jackson, Commander1,5861210¼
Firme (July 1704 to June 1705)3,24016
Firebrand (same time) Henry Turvill, Commander91885
Ferrett (September 1704 to June 1705) Sampson Bourne, Commander660117
Faulkland (July 1704 to June 1705) John Underdown, Commander3,84218
Faulkland prize (September 1704 to December 1705)3,53197
Feversham (July 1702 to June 1705) Phillip Cavendish, Commander7,03295
Furnace bomb vessel (January 1704–5 to March 1705–6) William Faulkner, Commander655124
Faulcon (December 170–4 to June 1705) Charles Stewart, Commander 1,1201710¾
Flambro' (July 1704 to October 1705) 1,829122
Fowey (March 1704–5 to June 1705)46614
Greenwich (July 1703 to June 1705)8,509109
Gosport (July 1704 to June 1705)1,5751710¾
Guernsey (July 1703 to May 1706)10,3301810¼
Gloucester (July 1703 to September 1706)13,75719
Hampshire (July 1704 to June 1705)3,3470
Hunter (same time)825144
Henrietta yacht (same time) William Moses, Commander63351
Hastings (July 1703 to December 1705) 6,01068
Hauke fireship (December 1704 to June 1705) John Williams, Commander32011
Humber (September—October 1706) John Hubbard, Commander7231710
Jersey (July 1704 to June 1705)3,37914
Jefferys (February 1704–5 to June 1705) Tho. Robinson, Commander404811½
Isabella yacht (January 1704–5 to June 1705) Tho. Cook, master276711
Kinsale (July 1704 to June 1705)2,23113
Kingfysher (July 1704 to December 1705) Anthony Tolatt, Commander5,713158
Kingstone (July 1704 to April 1706)6,8491110½
Kent (July 1704 to June 1705)5,96159
Kingstone (May to June 1706)814
Royal Katherine (December 1705 to October 1706) Isaac Townesend, Commander7,20118
Litchfield (July 1704 to June 1705)3,3016
Lynn (July 1703 to December 1705) John Watkin, Commander5,3429
Carried forward £552,2116
Brought forward 552,2116
Lancaster (February 1705–6 to March 1706) Henry Lumley, Commander11277
Looe (July 1704 to December 1705) Timothy Bridge, Commander3,4314
Lizard (June 1704 to June 1705)1,59412
Lightning fireship (July 1704 to December 1705) Archibald Hamilton, Commander1,1975
Larke (July 1703 to June 1705) Benjamin Allen, Commander6,0078
Lenox (July 1704 to June 1705) Sir William Jumper, Commander6,1140
Lewis prize hulk (same time) Richard Long, master70311
Lyme (July 1703 to June 1705) Edward Lechmere, Commander4,56710
Litchfield prize (July 1704 to September 1706)5,2751
Monk (July 1704 to August 1705) James Mighells, Commander5,30164
Maidstone (July 1704 to June 1705) Robert Coleman, Commander1,47233
Merlin sloop (July 1703 to June 1705)1,3787
St. Michael (October 1705 to June 1705–6) Richard Brown, Commander130174
Mary (May 1704 to June 1705) Edward Hopson, Commander5,4161911¾
Medway (July 1704 to June 1705) James Littleton, Commander5,23113
Moderate (July 1704 to February 1705–6)5,39718
Mermaid (July 1702 to March 1705–6)6,951108
Mathew Hospital ship (February 1704–5 to June 1705) Edward Mathews, Commander2794
Monmouth (July 1704 to June 1705)5,9633
Margate (July 1703 to June 1705)3,5631311½
Mary yacht (July 1704 to June 1705) John Guy, Commander65739
Nassau (July 1704 to December 1705)8,79833
Nottingham prize (October 1704 to June 1705) Francis Gregory, Commander3110
Norwich (July 1704 to April 1706) John Watkins, Commander6,015146
Nightinghall (July 1704 to June 1705) Seth Jermy, Commander1,77378
Namure (same time) Christopher Myngs, Commander8,63080
Nottingham (June 1703 to June 1705) Samuel Whitaker, Commander9,063158
Namure (July 1705 to September 1706) Christopher Myngs, Commander11,2632
Nottingham prize (July 1705 to July 1706) Francis Gregory, Commander48216
Royall Oake (July 1704 to June 1705)5,6735
Oxford (July 1703 to December 1705) Josua Moore, Commander8,37013
Oxford (July 1704 to June 1705)6,558132
Postillion prize (July 1703 to June 1705)1,61011
Phoenix fireship (July 1704 to June 1705)83293
Carried forward £552,2116
Brought forward 552,2116
Portland (same time) James Jesson, Commander3,65618
Peregrine galley (same time) William Sanderson, Commander1,10293
Pendennis (July 1703 to October 1705) 7,92315
Plymouth (March—August 1705) Henry Mitchell, Commander964146
Portland (July 1705 to August 1706) 4,1301011¾
Queenbro' yacht (July 1704 to June 1705) George lies, master11222
Queenbro' (July 1705 to June 1706)1,51817
Resolution (March—June 1705)1,357120
Rochester prize (July 1704 to June 1705).1,28863
Russell (December 1704 to January 1705–6) Samuel Vincent, Commander..5,33687
Revenge (July 1704 to June 1705)6,4521011¼
Rumney (same time)3,4671911¼
Rye (same time)2,1884
Rochester (July 1703 to June 1705) Edward Owen, Commander7,7989
Swiftsure (July 1704 to June 1705) Robert Wynne, Commander6,123154
Strombolo (May 1704 to June 1705) Mathew Seate, Commander2,1830
Solebay (November 1701 to June 1705) John Cooper, Commander6,241510½
Sheerness (July 1704 to June 1705)2,02279
Sommersett (same time)6,298130
Soesdyke yacht (same time) Humphry Sanders, Commander655410
Severn (July 1702 to March 1705–6)11,8097
Speedwell (May to July 1702)6066
Speedwell (September 1702 to June 1705) Geo. Camochie, Commander5,96750
Shrewsbury (July 1704 to June 1705) Joseph Crowe, Commander7,53611
Swann (July 1703 to June 1705) William Bloyes, Commander3,009103
Southampton (July 1704 to June 1705) Joseph Soanes, Commander4,34812
Sunderland (December 1704 to June 1705) Tho. Long, Commander1,0533
Royal Soveraign (January 1704–5 to June 1705) John Hartnoll, Commander3,443186
Smyrna Factor hospital ship (February—June 1705) Jacob Saunders, Commander35510
Swallow (July 1703 to June 1705) Richard Haddock, Commander..8,0440
Scarboro' (July 1702 to June 1705) Henry Fowlis, Commander5,6501411¾
Suffolk hagg boat (July 1704 to May 1706) Robert Watkins, Commander2,57719
Sorlings (July 1704 to October 1705) William Cony, Commander2,9111311½
Seaford (July 1704 to June 1705)1,91815
Sun prize (same time) John Bennett, Commander1,11776
Carried forward £552,2116
Brought forward 552,2116
Royal Sovereign (July 1705 to October 1706) John Hartnoll, Commander13,36411
Squirrell (November 1704 to July 1706) Robert Jackson, Commander2,7149
Starr bomb vessel (January 1703–4 to December 1706) Henry Cremer, Commander1,5111110¼
Tilbury (July 1704 to June 1705) George Delavall, Commander3,7677
Tartar (July 1703 to June 1705)4,57711
Torbay (July 1704 to April 1706) William Caldwall, Commander11,67112
Tryton (July 1703 to June 1705)6,5516
Terror bomb vessel (June 1703 to October 1704) Isaac Cook, Commander878
Tryumph (December 1705 to October 1706) Richard Edwards, Commander..5,715134
Vulcan fireship (July 1704 to June 1705) John Clyfton, Commander853110¼
Weazell sloop (November 1704 to June 1705) John Jeff coat, Commander49713
Warwick (July 1703 to June 1705) Geo. Clement, Commander7,14719
Winchester (same time), Richard Wyatt, Commander8,62714
William and Mary yacht (July 1704 to June 1705) John Robinson, Commander829177
Windsor (February to June 1705) Fred. Trevor, Commander1,13119
Winchelsea (July 1703 to June 1705)4,0471211
Warspight (July 1704 to April 1706) Edward Loades, Commander8,829310
Worcester (July 1703 to June 1705)7,45714
Winchelsea (July 1705 to June 1706)1,71817
Weymouth (July 1704 to October 1706) John Mitchell, Commander8,6238
Yarmouth (July 1703 to January 1705–6)13,17615
Yarmouth (January 1705–6 to March following) John Edwards, Commander295154
Amity hoy (December 1705 to April 1706) James Throgmorton, master3034
Adventure ketch (December 1704 to May 1706) Tho. Moyce, master226111
Anne yacht (January 1705–6 to June 1706) Tho. Mills, master80168
Anne and Francis ketch (December 1705 to July 1706) Bernard Thurman, master8566
Amity hoy (June 1706 to September 1706) James Throgmorton, master4529
Benjamin ketch (April 1705 to October 1706) Harry Gyles, master6851
Bonadventure hoy (September—;December 1705) John Beachman, master37011
Content smack (January 1705–6 to May 1706) Tho. Ellis, master51410
Coronation pinck (December 1705 to June 1706) Peter Cramp, master7250
Churchill smack (December 1705 to September 1706) Jack Hobdy, master941110
Carried forward £552,2116
Brought forward 552.2116
Daniell and Christopher (February 1705–6 to May 1706) John Hobdy, master30119
Endeavour pinck (March 1705–6 to May 1706) Tho. Boare, master251111
Endeavour smack (December 1705 to June 1706) Ralph Robinson, master6710
Francis and Luc y brigantine (December 1704 to December 1705) Thomas Parrott, master154133
Friendship ketch (September 1705 to February 1705–6) John Lister, master..69194
Fortune pinck (January 1705–6 to March following) John Janverin, master2761
Friends' Adventure hoy (December 1705 to June 1706) William Baldwin, master72198
Friendship hoy (December 1705 to September 1706) Charles Crickett, master10450
George and Mary hoy (December 1705 to December 1706) George Watson, master441610
George and Anne smack (February 1705–6 to April 1706) George Hakes, master..21109
Goodwill smack (November 1705 to April 1706) John Day, master4962
George hoy (December 1705 to September 1706) John Green, master9063
Gloucester yacht (same time) Ebenezer Herbert, master103190
Hopewell smack (January 1703–4 to July 1706) Samuell Burgeland, master317125
John and Joseph hoy (April 1705 to March 1705–6) Arthur White, master140128
John ketch (December 1704 to April 1706) Stephen Baker, master20675
John and Anne smack (December 1705 to April 1706) John Brown, master4114
John and Susan smack (December 1705 to May 1706) Richard Rice, master48197
John and Mar y smack (February 1705–6 to April 1706) Thomas Elliss, master..25410
John and Elizabeth smack (January 1705–6 to April 1706) John Bart, master36174
Jumper hoy (December 1704 to November 1705) Thomas Overden, master152190
John and Bridgett yacht (December 1704 to September 1706) John Erwin, master21641
Jane ketch (December 1705 to October 1706) Peter Taylor, master132140
Joseph galley (April 1706 to November 1706) Hugh Price, master87158
John and Jane (January 1705–6 to December 1706) Benjamin Joyce, master124100
Lyddell pinck (December 1704 to November 1705) Gregory Shipton, master150198
Lemon Flower pinck (same time) Gerrard Cody, master13805
Carried forward £552,2116
Carried forward 552,2116
Lawrell ketch (May 1705 to December 1705) Tho. Merriman, master99177
Leak pinck (February—July 1706) William Mason, master5994
Mary dogger (January 1705–6 to March following) William Tapley, master271610
May Flower pinck (September 1705 to May 1706) William Barbar, master104144
Mary yacht (December 1705 to September 1706) John Ashwell, master114124
Mathew tender (February 1705–6 to March following) William Hawkins, master..81811
Marvelous tender (July 1705 to October 1706) John Thomas, master244113
Owners' Adventure smack (December 1704 to February 1705–6) Thomas Teer, master124126
Owners ' Goodwill (January 1705–6 to August 1706) John Bennett, master..100126
Prudence sloop (February 1705–6 to March following) John Callis, master..7113
Provident Mary hoy (December 1705 to April 1706) Leonard Cullan, master16199
Plow hoy (March 1705–6 to April 1706) George Coliott, master14611
Pretious sloop (December 1705 to March following), Thomas Dowstoe, master2462
Peter hoy (December 1705 to April 1706) Lewis Dutot, master4590
Prosperous hoy (January 1705–6 to May 1706) Tho. Winchelsea, master411510
Prosperous smack (December 1705 to July 1706) Tho. Merriton, master7312
Richard and Margaret ketch (May 1705 to August 1706) William Fletcher, master204126
Rochester ketch (January 1705–6 to October 1706) Richard Brown, master95169
Seaflower pinck (December 1705 to April 1706) George Bettris, master38411
Sarah pinck (same time) Jos. Spratt, master481211
Speedwell hoy (same time) William Vaughan, master4157
Susanna smack (December 1705 to September 1706) John Roger, master95153
Supply hoy (December 1705 to July 1706) John Henderson, master7997
Success smack (December 1705 to November 1706) Robert Frost, master116153
Speedwell hoy (September 1706 to December 1706) William Vaughan, master321010
Thomas and Hester smack (December 1705 to April 1706) Tho. Hipper, master3935
Three Brothers smack (same time) William Atkinson, master3935
Thomas and Katherine smack (October 1705 to April 1706) Tho. Smith, master62179
Carried forward £552,2116
Brought forward 552,2116
True Love smack (December 1705 to September 1706) Abraham Speciall, master9613
Thomas and Mary hoy (February 1705–6 to August 1706) Peter Halfknight, master781811
Two Brothers dogger (January 1705–6 to August 1706) Giles Wiggaver, master..92 187
Welcom smack (December 1705 to April 1706) Tho. Merriton, master37 13
William and Mar y smack (January 1705–6 to April 1706) William Pashley, master31 182
William and Mar y hoy (December 1704 to October 1706) William Mitchell, master240 181
Woolwich smack (January 1705–6 to June 1706) Ralph Carter, master5857
682 9311
officers, clerks, artificers and labourers of the Dockyards and Rope Yards detailed 197,553175
total for the Navy £1,432,6965
money paid to the widows and orphans of seamen slain in the service (no names given) 8,413146
Victualling l.s.d.
Emptions and provisions 310,278168
carriage of provisions 5954
interest on bills for the Victualling 5,295610
balances of Victualling accounts detailed 21,24906
workmanship detailed 3,70112
hire and freight of vessels for transport of soldiers and stores and provisions (not detailed) 34,054125
miscellaneous disbursements 2,07805
salaries to the Commissioners, officers and clerks of the Victualling, detailed 5,58559
wages to persons employed in the Victualling, detailed 15,651134
rent of storehouses etc. detailed 2,30472
Necessary money and Extra Necessary money 29,110175
Short Allowance money 5,708123
travelling charges 278194
total for the Victualling £435,355187
ordinary [auditing] allowances 65168
salaries to the Navy Treasurer and his clerks 3,6691911
total of payments and allowances for Navy and Victualling £1,880,20115
and so Remains 1,885,488l. 5s.d.
Depending for imprests (not detailed) for the Navy and Victualling:
imprests, detailed, within the time of this accompt (with marginal entries of the date of clearing of some of the items respectively)88,58625
and so this accomptant at the end and determination of this accompt remains indebted 653,239l. 11s.d.
Declared 23 March, 1712–3.
Declared Accounts: Navy: Sick and Hurt.
Thomas Savery, Treasurer to the Commission for Sick and Wounded Seamen and Exchange of Prisoners at War.
1 July 1705 to 30 June 1706.
Charge.l.s.d.l.s d.
arrears: none, this being his first account. money received from the Treasurer of the Navy
for subsisting prisoners at war to January 1705–611,20000
for clearing the Office debt to Lady day 1705 29,61300
for clearing quarters for Sick and Hurt and Prisoners to Michaelmas 1704 17,16000
for answering the charge for Sick and Wounded etc. at Lisbon, Barbados, Jamaica and other foreign parts4,00000
to complete the subsistence for January, February and March 17063,80000
for Sir Lambert Blackwell's disbursements at Genoa48750
for conducting French and Spanish prisoners to Nottingham and other places115810
65,67513 10
money defaulked for imprests paid by Richard Povey, the former Treasurer, and cleared by this accomptant (imprests detailed) 3,87011
total charge and receipts £69,5464 10¾
Discharge. l.s.d.
paid for cures, conduct money, quarters, funerals and other contingent charges of Sick and Wounded seamen in the ports of Bristol6326
West Indies (Barbados and Jamaica)1,70104
goods delivered on board several ships and charge of quarters, cures and subsistence of seamen set on shore at places detailed..3,55716
salaries of the Commissioners, officers and clerks2,43118
contingent charges and disbursements detailed557121
her Majesty's allowance of Twopences for quarters of seamen discharged from the London Hospitals400142
payments for subsistence, cures, conducts, quarters, funerals and other Contingent charges for the relief of prisoners Bristol8003
Colin Campbell, for the ransom of the sloop Friendship by her Majesty's commands..107100
Carried forward £27,66714
Brought forward 27,66714
Scilly (5 French prisoners)50011
necessary and contingent charges (stationery, printing, conducting the Bishop of Quebec and his ecclesiastics from Rochester to Farnham, August to November 1704; conducting the Marquis d'Alegre to Nottingham, March to April 1706; conducting the Marquis Moravoux [Marivaux] and other prisoners to Dover, April 1706; etc.18487
paid to masters of ships detailed for transporting English prisoners of war from several ports of France into England: viz. from
Guernsey and Jersey138142
St. Malo1,11150
Robert Mitchell384100
total of payments and allowances £40,7571911
and so Remains 28,788l. 4s. 11¾d.
Depending upon persons detailed, surgeons, agents etc. for imprests for Sick and Wounded atl.s.d.
West Indies2,229130
for Contingencies to Peter Stanley, one of the messengers to the Commissioners75000
the like imprests for prisoners of war at Dover86000
for miscellanies13500
transporations (April 1706)100120
total imprests£26,8721711¾
and so this accomptant Remains indebted at the end and determination of this accompt 1915l. 7s. 0d.
Declared 22 April 1709.
Declared Accounts: Navy: Prize Ships.
John Brewer, Receiver General of moneys arising by sale of Prize Ships.
24 June 1705 to 24 June 1706.
Remains in his hands on the foot of his last account 44,53613
Depending on several persons for prizes bought by them as at the foot of the said last account 32610
Depending on sundry persons for imprests as at the foot of the said last account 1,317106
moneys received upon the sale of prize ships and goods adjusted within the time of this account (within the three aforegoing years but not adjusted therein, and likewise within the year of this accompt)
coffee out of the Bonheur (1703)24415
goods out of the Juffro Maria (1704)29071
ships and goods condemned in 1705
St. Anthony of Nantes362160
goods out of the Aldworth alias Aylward5689
Count de Triers (Tryers)550184
goods out of the Elephant3,64959
Golden Eagle207124
Great or Grand Caesar241153
Juffro Susanna34950
Immaculate Virgin87791
John and James1,34886
Sta. Margaretta41151
St. Mathew of Nantes9000
Neptune of Stockholm665130
St. Peter of Bulloigne5800
La Seine man of war1,479147
Sta. Theresa3,62233
Unity or Michaell29426
Virgin's Grace41979
Young Benjamine3,949105
ships and goods taken within the time of this accompt
Belle Brune382140
St. John Baptist14000
Mary Rose977192
money received on the sale of prizes of which the accounts were not adjusted within the time of this accompt
St. Antonio de Padua 17044,6281611
Prophet Daniel69150
ships and goods condemned in 1705
St. Anne of Stockholm1,2261111
Catherine Maurice1,839147
Fortune of Brest72120
Hope of Stockholm5,080176
James of Roscoe1,04800
St. Michaell of Bulloigne550
Post or Postillion1,5981911
Providence of Dunkirk7600
St. Paule2600
Carried forward £69,263410¼
Brought forward 69,263410¼
ships and goods taken within the time of this accompt
Angel Raphael1,74328
Hope of Cork177128
Nostra Seigniora de Bonhora2556
a Spanish satia taken by the Kent314183
St. Thomas alias Langden frigate68878
Royal Angelica6155
goods taken in 1702 at Vigo and Port St. Mary
out of the Albion frigate339
out of the Antelope1391411
guns delivered to the Ordnance17,67155
out of the Tauro galleon641711
out of the Joseph80411
out of the Mary47211
out of the May Flower751
out of the Providence8100
out of the Susanna52131
money remitted to him [this accomptant] by the [prizes] Agents at the outports of England and in foreign parts for prizes disposed of there, viz. from
money for the value of [the Lord Admiral's Droits on] French and Spanish privateers taken by her Majesty's ships, which prizes by the Queen's Declaration of 1 June 1702, she has given to the captors, less one Tenth for the Lord Admiral's Droits, and likewise money received for gunnage and tonnage for Spanish and French men of war so seized: viz.
privatiers condemned in 1704
Envoy privatier14970
Sun of Dunkirk1,34617
St. Sulpice86800
La Tour de Montfort4510
privatiers condemned in 1705
Great Fisher50300
Susanna of Calais7500
Sans Pareil36300
Three Provinces69100
Carried forward £121,73002
Brought forward 121,73002
privatiers condemned within the time of this accompt
Bien Venu7500
Francis and Paul33500
Harpy Volant30000
La Treza (Freza)25300
[prize] men of war taken into her Majesty's service at the rate of 10s. per ton and 10l. per gun
Hazardous (taken in 1704)1,00000
Martiall (taken in 1704)558100
taken at Vigo in 1702
La Firme1,34400
14, 515177
Money received to clear imprests and to discharge the balances of accounts
Richard Crawley3000
Thomas Smith2000
Nicholas Mannoock, agent at Rye4022
Mark Proudfoot, agent in the Grand Fleet under the Earl of Peterborough and Sir Cloudesley Shovell7151
total charge and receipts £136,343150
money overpaid for several lots of prizes bought before the exact quantities thereof were known: detailed661110
money paid for Customs on prize goods in prize ships detailed3,21704
money repaid for the value of ships and goods afterwards decreed to be restored: detailed2,44511
incident charges in condemning and selling prizes detailed1,28395
paid to Charles Bargrave, agent for prizes at Deal: for services etc.312510
paid to John Dodd, Receiver of Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty, for prize goods condemned as perquisites of Admiralty 9200
paid to John Coode, attorney, for charges detailed2000
Carried forward £8,03118
Brought forward 8,03118
money paid to the Companies of her Majesty's ships, captors of ships, for the moiety or the nine-tenths thereof granted to them
in the time of this accompt
Triton for their share of the St. Francisto Zavier9286
Monk and Dover for their share of the privatier Count de Thoulouse404122
Rochester for their share of the privatier Ambitious1347
Exeter and Medway for their share of the St. William of Croiswick1042
Medway for their share of the privatier Count de Revell72798
Fowey for their share of the Justitia7431410
Tiger for their share of the Aaron of St. Malo and St. Margaret of Grandville2,8181210½
Orford, Warspight and Rye for their share of the Michael galley635178
Rochester for their share of the Bonadventure of Grandville1549
Flamborough for their share of the Hope of Calais76127
Adventure and Portland for their share of the Prophet Daniell55287
Adventure for their share of the Triumphant9315
Adventure for their share of the Gracious and Immaculate Virgin77916
Montague for their share of the Lady of Rosary, St. Joseph, St. Francis Zavier1,0347
Roebucke and Antelope for their share of the Europe, St. Clement, Patience, Lady of Coro, St. Barbara, and St. Francis Zavier2,4921
Rochester for their share of the Bonadventure of Grandville1549
Flamborough for their share of the Hope of Calais76127
Adventure and Portland for their share of the Prophet Daniell55287
Adventure for their share of the Triumphant9315
Adventure for their share of the Gracious and Immaculate Virgin77916
Montague for their share of the Lady of Rosary, St. Joseph, and St. Francis Zavier1,03472
Roebucke and Antelope for their share of the Europe, St. Clement, Patience and the Lady of Coro, St. Barbara and St. Francis Zavier2,4921
Woolwich and Litchfield for their share of the Prudence, Joshua, Teresa, Victory and Sovereigne Medecin, Infanta of Ollone, Bon Viago and St. John Baptist4815
Triton for their share of the Marvilleux privatier and Sans Pareil privatier7922
Triton for their share of the Virgin's Grace82919
Carried forward £8,03118
Chatham for their share of the Constable of St. Malo, privatier52916
Chatham and Arundell for their share of the Dutchesse du Maine, privatier15770
Arundell and Shoreham for their share of the Riense of St. Malo, privatier10011
Orford, Litchfield and Warspight for their share of the Hazardous man of war894198
Litchfield for their share of the Martiall man of war48411
Litchfield for their share of the Mercury of Ollerone826
Rochester for their share of the Great Fisher privatier60611
Tyger for their share of the Jesus Nazareus20815
Chatham for their share of the Golden Eagle of Calais7964
Rye for their share of the Governor of Narva93189
Worcester for their share of the Hope of Dunkirk and St. Antonia de Padua5736
Worcester for their share of the St. Mathew of Nantz8416
Worcester for their share of the St. Anthony of Nantz13477
Deptford for their share of the Uffro Susanna61312
Advice for their share of the St. Sulpice privatier8533
Expedition for their share of the La Reine580
Grafton for their share of the Lady of Rosario6062
Hound for their share of the Lewis Marcell privatier316
Maidstone for their share of a dogger, name unknown174160
Charles galley for their share of the St. Mathew privatier829
Medway for their share of the Phillipeaex privatier of St. Malo and Bonadventure privatier of Dunkirk and Goddesse Minerva privatier94126
Medway for their share of the Bayonne or Lamb1010
Medway and Nonsuch for their share of the Firme privatier of St. Malo, and Gentile privatier9771
Faulkland for their share of the St. Francis privatier of Dunkirk60511¾
Sheerness and Bonadventure for their share of the Esperance or Hope of St. Malo4611
Seaford for their share of the Rusee privatier of St. Malo and Heureuse privatier of St. Malo3445
Rye for their share of the Mary Rose37112
Larke for their share of the Hirundell of Marseilles502161
Rochester for their share of the Therese and the Gracieuse man of war1,5541210½
Rochester for their share of the Nostre Dame de Consolae privatier4592
Rochester for their share of the Suprenant privatier4488
Dreadnought, Falkland and Fowey for their share of the Rainbow privatier and La Seine2,59216
Litchfield for their share of the Sun privatier of Dunkirk1,1759
her Majesty's ships Royal Sovereign, Ranelagh, Triumph, Somerset, St. George, Mary, Barfleur, Torbay, Prince George, Cambridge, Bedford, Grafton, Lowestoffe, Orford, Essex, Kent, Northumberland, Monmouth, Terrible, Lightning, Hawke, Grenado, Swiftsure, Griffin, Hunter, Vulture, Isabella, Fubbs, Berwick, Phoenix, Basilisk, Mortar, Terroar, Association, and Pembroke for their shares in the prizes at Vigo in October 1702 32,614120
paid to John Dodd for the [Lord Admiral's] Tenth part of the net proceeds of privatiers as follows
St. Mathew, Jean Sebelle, Commander406
Dutchesse du Main, Jno. Esnoul, Commander18121
St. Anthony of Port Lewis, Caesar Mercoir, Commander1105
Hope of Calais, Francis L'Brune, Commander1078
St. Anthony of Havre de Grace, Tho. Antell, Commander0110
Cheate, Julian Gaillot, Commander..088
Constable of St. Malo, Michael Baudron, Commander27183
L' Merveilleuse, Oliver L'Megro des Bots, Commander20105
Sans Pareil, St. Alain Bridnon, Commander311410
Triumphant, Nicholas Tilley, Commander10184
Gracious, John Baptista Channell de Sonnell, Commander359
Lewis Marseil, John Morin, Commander0137
Phillippeaux, William Gorden, Commander3330
Susanna, Gideon Bloquet, Commander530
Great Fisher, Peter Augett, Commander4258
St. Sulpice, du Rochier L'Dispenser, Commander82111
Fortunate Princess of Calais, Robert Lequilloe, Commander336
St. Francis of Dunkirk, Francis Maliniere, Commander791
Harpe Volant, Francis Pol de Coeur Bocage, Commander251110
Bien Venn, Ines Lossieux, Commander4113
Darquin, William Morin, Sieur de Maurier, Commander211411
Heureuse, Le Pommeais Poitevin, Commander14113
Rusee, James Stafford, Commander11110
Envoy, — Derrie, Commander12110
La Tour de Montforte, Francis Walkaniere, Commander2810
Surprenante, Anthony Bratton, Commander521
Nostre Dame de Console, Anthony Leffevre, Commander588
Francis and Paul, Michael Caillouel, Commander27176
Sun of Dunkirk, Cornelius Sans, Commander129144
Three Provences of St. Malo, Julian Hubart, Commander63185
Salaries of the Principal Commissioners, Sub-Commissioners and other officers of the Prizes detailed 9,043103
rent of Prize Office, necessaries and incidents 1,44342
rewards to Commanders etc. detailed 3,0351
rewards for discovery of embezzled goods 6151
gunnage money allowed to privatiers for taking privatiers of the enemy in fight (the William galley, William Brock, Commander, for the Nostre Dame de Bon Secours de Calais) 4000
money paid into the Receipt of the Exchequer 9,40000
money repaid to clear imprests 8000
money paid on bills of exchange detailed drawn by Sub-Commissioners and agents at the outports and imprested by them to defray incidents 3,729111
total payments and allowances £99,1949
and so Remains 37,149l. 5s.d.
depending as imprests upon Anthony Burnaby, Secretary to the Principal Commissioners113100
Tho. Parry, a cooper10000
Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy1,007106
John Wynne, Deputy Solicitor to the Prize Office11000
and so this accomptant remains indebted at the determination of this account 35,818l. 5s.d.
Declared 29 January 1708–9.
Note: The above account is the Cash Account for Prizes for the year 1705 June to 1706 June. The succeeding roll, No. 470, is the General Account of the Principal Commissioners of Prizes for the same year. The relation between the two accounts has been already explained (see Introduction Vol. XX, p. ccxxv.) In this instance the General Account adds only the following items of historical interest and names of prizes to the information given in the Cash Account.
given in the Cash Account: viz.:l.s.d.
remittances from Sub-Commissioners or Agents at the outports and in foreign parts for prizes sold
Henry Hooke, Henry Darrell and Samuell Foot, Sub-Commissioners at Plymouth (St. Anne of Stockholm, Sta. Theresa, St. Mathew of Nantes, Angel Raphaell, Hope of Cork, Nostra Seigniora de Bonhora, John and Susanna, Juffro Margaretta)691190
Sir George Parker and Charles Goring, Sub-Commissioners at Portsmouth (Neptune)2,52500
Edward Knatchbull and John Chetwind, Sub-Commissioners at Dover (St. Antonio of Nantes)9250
Samuel Powell, agent at Deale (goods from St. Mary's)2416
James Holden, Agent at Faro (Two Freinds)23794
Ellis Terrell, agent at Lisbon: for Our Lady of Porta Coeli12,51414
La Bibby (Bibbe)94553
Our Lady of Rossary1,58297
Jesus Nazareus1,019129
Hirundell or Swallow1,50753
Sta. Margaretta4.363195
Our Lady of Coro, and Santa Barbara and St. Francisco Xavier1,90151
(total from Lisbon 24,337l. 6s. 11d.)
Gabriel Soulden, agent at Kinsale (Alworth)938179
Hugh Jones, late Agent at Falmouth (Hazardous man of war)27610
John Parker and Nicholas Davy, agents there (same ship)2771
Thomas Bower (agent at Weymouth) (a dogger, name unknown)4111
Robert Lee, late agent at Guernsey (Pembroke man of war)11011
Thomas Newman, agent at Dartmouth (James and Sarah)968
Richard Mannoch, agent at Rye (St. John)60130
Mark Proudfoot, agent with the Grand Fleet under the Earl of Peterborough and Sir Cloudesley Shovell
a French tartau123150
St. Francis Xaxier27000
a French satia9000
a satia, name unknown148100
St. George brigantine1,08000
a Tartan4500
Amongst other prizes not mentioned in the Cash Account are
Neptune of Stockholm
Count de Triers
Bourdemay of Rosco
Unity of Youghal
Dragon privatier
Mary Ann of Rochelle
Diligence of Rochelle
St. Mark
Lady of Zeer Les Animos
Lady of Soccoro and Balbaneda
St. Stephen of St. Sebastian
Nostra Dame or Lady de Guardia
St. Maria or Pellican
Good or Bon Union
Nostre Dame de Sepulture
Golden Starr
Nostra Seigniora de la Mercede
James Pilgrim of Ollerone
St. Andrew of Purney
Queen of Angels
St. John's paper
Juffro or Lady Margaretta
Nostra Dame de Bon Deliverance
The statement in the General Account is briefly as follows:
arrears, depending57,0957
money arising by sale of prize ships and goods94,2472
money received from Sub-Commissioners and Agents30,931910½
money due and payable for privateers sold14,53978
money received to clear imprests etc.8688
money paid by John Brewer and Sub-Commissioners etc. by order of the Principal Commissioners3,729111
overpayments etc.3,048198
total charge and receipts£172,746172
overpayment in 1705313112
money paid by John Brewer as per Cash account99,1949
money detailed paid by Sub-Commissioners and Agents15,10917
moiety of prizes paid to the captors by Mark Proudfoot806115
money paid out of the Queen's moiety by Sub-Commissioners and agents detailed68412
brokerage on prizes4061511
total payments and allowances£116,5365
Remains 56,210l. 11s.d.
whereof depending on persons detailed 56,210l. 11s.d. and so these accomptants are Even and Quit.
Declared 28 July 1709.
Declared Accounts: Navy: Admiralty Droits.
John Dod, Commissioner and Receiver General of the Rights and Perquisites of the Lord High Admiral of England, which by deed under his hand and seal are to be disposed of for the use of the publique during the continuance of the present war.
27 June 1705 to 27 June 1707.
Remains in the hands of this accomptant money received within the time of this accompt 3,369189
the Tenths of appraised value of several prizes taken by privatiers4,789710
the Tenths of prizes taken by her Majesty's ships of war, received from the Prizes Commissioners1,10332
the produce of several prizes condemned as perquisites to the Lord Admiral1,790193
received of Richard Crawley, Receiver of the salvage money and other Droits of Admiralty90000
total charge and receipts £11,95990
allowances and salaries:
Earl of Pembroke for two years to 1707 June 273,00000
John Dod ditto68000
John Warters ditto60000
William Carpenter ditto80000
John Tregarthen et al. for taking the Hope of Bordeaux3664
Sir Lambert Blackwell, agent at Leghorn43166
Simpson Rattenbury and Company for taking the Trinity of Rochelle4356
Richard Pratt for seizing the St. Dorothy for trading with the enemy16000
Benjamin Edwards and John Edwards for seizing the Freindshipp coming with wines from Bordeaux in time of war..20000
William Conolly for seizing the Mary Ann pink in Castlehaven harbour4641
Thomas Warren for taking care of Admiralty Droits at Dover, Deal and Thanet6000
Edmund Dummer for his care in managing the West India pacquet service1,21530
Hartstongue Mainwaring for seizing several ships and vessels2136
Joseph Dudley, Governor of New England, and Thomas Povey, Lieut. Governor, for seizing pirates' effects36000
Duke of Bolton for seizing the Marie Anne of St. Valiere with brandy driven by stress into the Isle of Wight31,1910
ditto for seizing the Grand Alexander of Calais driven by stress into Thorne Bay7941410
Henry West, master of the Brothers' Love, a. moiety of the net goods which he fished up out of the river of Vigo50169
Peter Hill, Agent at Falmouth for his poundage of the White Lamb171110
John Saunders, master of the Smirna Factor for a moiety of a silver dish brought from Vigo500
fees due to the officers of the Admiralty-detailed 1,63124
sundry necessary charges and disbursements:
William Dobree, Tenths of the Catherine of Rotterdam ordered to be restored2516
John Rose and Thomas Speackman, prize Officers for waiting on board the Friendship7100
Edward Eyres, Agent at Galway, for poundage of the Eagle and Crown and Three Crowns2063
Simon Paw, informer at Penzance concerning the Pearl400
Jeffrey Glazier, Admiralty Proctor, for the Friendship, Nicholas and White Lamb59130
ditto for goods from Vigo in the Brethren's Love608
cooperage of derelict wines out of the Hannah of Plymouth970
Customs of said wines773130
freight of ditto20180
wharfage of ditto380
Customs and Excise of brandy out of the White Pearle51180
Bartholomewe Avent for his agency of the Havre de Grace and Dorothy20180
Pipe Office fees10174
Thomas Page and R. Mount for stationery36410
Register of Admiralty on Doctor's Commons for charges of condemnation of goods fished up at Vigo13179
necessary and incident disbursements .. 318177
money imprested to John Warters, Solicitor for the Rights of Admiralty 1,10000
Auditor's fee 15000
total payments and allowances £12,64319
and so this accomptant is in surplusage upon the end and determination of this accompt 684l. 10s.d.
Dated 11 September 1710.
Navy: Salvage Money and other Droits and Perquisites of Admiralty.
John Dodd, Commissioner and Receiver General.
27 June 1704 to 27 June 1705.
arrears: Remains in this accomptant's hands 3,20016
moneys received for the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty
Tenths of prizes taken by privatiers as by certificate from John Warter, Comptroller of these Rights3,6159
Tenths of prizes taken by her Majesty's men of war and other Rights of Admiralty received from the Commissioners of Prizes657121
sale of prizes condemned as Perquisites to the Lord Admiral2,82516
total charge and receipts £10,299145
annuities and salaries:
Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery: for one year to 20 May 1705..1,50000
William Carpenter, as by the royal warrant of 19 May 1703: for 1¼ years to midsummer 170550000
John Robins by ditto of 28 April 1704: for three quarters to Lady day 1705..37500
John Warter, Comptroller and Solicitor of Admiralty Droits37500
John Dodd, Receiver of Admiralty Droits34000
Thomas Jenkins, of the Griffin pink, for a moiety of Vigo booty brought by him1168
Capt. Henry Hammond of the Antelope for ditto44011
Capt. Richard Upton, for four eighth parts of the moiety of the White Lamb seized by him886183
Capt. John Norris for a moiety of the St. Nicholas prize4181911
William Taunton, Commander of the Portland Castle for three eighth parts of the moiety of a small French vessel..319
Col. Bryan Townesend for four eighth parts of the Bonadvenlure prize22100
Capt. Upton for the moiety of the Hope alias Anne7241
Capt. James Garfield for avoiding disputes with the States General by compounding claims on two Dutch prizes10000
Carried forward £5,150142
Brought forward 5,150142
disbursements by agents for Admiralty Perquisites
(Hartstong Mainwaring at Jersey; John Smith at Liverpool; George Shuck-burgh at Rye; Alexander Alchorne at the Isle of Wight; Thomas Eykins at Scilly; Gabriel Soulden at Kinsale; John Bolitho at Bideford; Edward Eyre at Galway; Bartholomew A vent at Plymouth; Nicholas Le Fefvre at Dublin) 379158
John Roos for seals 10250
overpayment on the Jeune Homme 2108
John Brewer, Treasurer for Prizes: charges 7100
freight decreed and goods restored 60830
incident charges detailed 12920
allowances to this accomptant 149151
total payments and allowances £6,529157
Remains 3,769 18s. 10d.
Depending upon John Waiter, Solicitor for Prizes 400l. 0s. 0d.
leaving this accomptant indebted 3,369l. 18s. 10d.
Declared 27 June 1705.
Declared Accounts: Navy (Salvage Money).
Edward Crawley, Receiver of Salvage money and other Droits and Perquisites of Admiralty.
From 1705 March 25 to 1709 November 8.
Remains in the hands of this accomptant..758411½
depending on John Dodd1,00000
received between Lady day 1705 and Lady day 1707 for salvage of ships taken by the enemy and retaken by her Majesty's ships and appraised and one eighth part of said appraisal taxed for salvage
Diligence (1703)6176
between 1705 and 1707
Richard and Sarah (Thomas Wilkinson, master) by the Rochester, Capt. Edw. Owen1,3041210
John and Susanna (John Hutchins, master) by the Worcester Capt. Canning721610½
Carried forward £1,758411½
Brought forward 1,758411½
Emma and Arthur (Joseph Lee, master) by the Advice, Capt. Salmon Morris..4628
Juffrouwe Maria (Juriau Jansen Sansen, master) by the Expedition, Capt. Gold12517
Catherine (William Browne, master) by the Sun, Capt. John Bennet2763
Elizabeth (William Webb, master) by the Sheerness, Capt. Mitchell1318
John and Margaret (Robert Anderson, master) by the Queensborough, Capt. John Jefcot5010¼
William of Rye (Robert Hounsell, master) by the Fly brig, Capt. Joshua [Josiah] Roydhouse2400
Abraham (John King, master) by the Monmouth, Capt. John Baker4461
Traveller (Samuel Winter, master) by the Rye, Capt. Edward Vernon1213
Mary galley (Francis Mutton, master) by the Warwick, Capt. Raymond616
Barbadoes Merchant (William Oliver, master) by the Pembroke49110
Tyger of Boston (John Holland, master) by the Swallow, Capt. Haddock45186
Friends Adventure (John Simonds, master) by the Merlin, Capt. William Clarke..1817
The Lord High Admiral's Tenth of Salvage for the Bachelor's Endeavour (John Ashton, master) retaken by the Hope privatier. Capt. Samuel Perand, Commander 2600
goods of pirates condemned in the High Court of Admiralty 30 May 1706, seized by Capt. Mathew Lowth in the Margaret, Samuel Burgess, master1897
goods and effects of John Quelch and other pirates convicted and executed at Boston in New England in June 17043,164198
Fines set upon sheriffs of Surrey for not attending the Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer for the Admiralty of England 500
Received for the Salvage of ships and goods between Lady day 1707 and 8 November 1709
Providence (Robert Hatch, master) retaken by the Dover, Capt. Thomas Mathews2517
Diligence (Peter Gerard, master) by the Dunkirk, Capt. Grevel2619
Henry (Edward Totterdell, master) by the Bridgewater358
Anne (John Dun, master) by the Seaport, Capt. Geo. Rogers381
Moody galley (William Carter, master) by the Garland, Capt. Charles Stewart407
Carried forward £7,4141210¾
Brought forward 7,4141210¾
Bolch or Whiting (Tunijs Muijs, master)..16176
Jonathan of Amsterdam (Daniel de Young, master) by the Rochester, Capt. Aldred38929
Land's Welfare of Amsterdam (Cornelius Thomassen, master) by the Rochester, Capt. Aldred39718
Young Isaac of Amsterdam (John Simonse, master) by the Montague41899
Edward and William (John Granger, master) by the Nightingxle816
John and Susanna (Thomas Rowland, master) by the Nightingale75011¼
Resolution (Patrick Galway, master) by the Shoreham, Capt. Saunders7176
Owners' Goodwill (John Bennet, master) by the Rupert, Capt. Fog52176
Friendship (Tho. Walkup, master) by the Charles, Capt. John Hager17100
Julian alias Judith Anne (Richard Allen, master) by the Rye galley5918
Sarah (P. Gawden, master) by the Mary, Capt. Hobson219
Mary galley (John Cuthbertson, master) by the August, Capt. Tho. Scot40113
Little John (Richard Gay, master) by the Chatham, Richard Hughs, Commander6113
Fly alias Flying, Passage Boat (Peter Montack, master) by the Chatham, Richard Hughs1315
John (John Mallack, master) by the Revenge, Capt. William Kerr3000
William and Thomas (Daniel Whislad, master) by the Scarborough84
Susannah (John Darracot, master) by the Ludlow Castle, Capt. Nicholas Haddock1372
Sarah (Henry Phillips, master) by Sir John Norris72171
Margaret (Alexander Kynack, master) by Sir John Norris3113
Elizabeth (David Stevenson, master) by Sir John Norris11518:10
Hopefull Binny (Alexander Stark, master) by Sir John Norris11216
Christian (Duncan Glasford, master) by Sir John Norris204159
William (William Wightman, master) by Sir John Norris7403
Rachael (Nicholas Clare, master) by the Charles galley4829
Two Brothers (John Stevens, master) by the Dartmouth, Capt. Stewart44100
Port Royal (Richard Pearse, master) by the Chester6017
Five Sisters (Richard Pearse, master) by the Assistance2613
Log (Lawrence Veijkers, master) by the Deal Castle, John Codner, Commander3612
Sandyford frigate (Francis Franklyn, master) by the Expedition packet boat, Francis Clyes, Commander104189
Elizabeth of Bristol (William Webb, master) by the Medway and Plymouth..681310½
Ruth (John Wicksteed, master) by the Speedwell, Capt. Camocke33445
Joseph (Benjamin Hunt, master), by the Romney74120
Conqueror (John Brent, master) part of the recaptures in the year 1704 by the Charles galley, Capt. John Taylor2439
Industry (William Jordan, master) by the Nonsuch, Capt. Carlton12715
total charge and receipts £10,838170
paid to re-captors, detailed, of ships by order in Council of 13 December 1705815129
ditto by like order of 26 March 17067640
fees to officers detailed of the Court of Admiralty and Appeals1,04732
paid into the Exchequer 24 March, 6 Anne..50000
paid into the Mint, 30 March. 5 Anne of the goods of John Quelch, pirate, and by the Mint coined into guineas and paid into the Exchequer3,164198
allowances to this accomptant and others7793
total payments and allowances£7,070172
and so Remains 3,767l. 19s. 10d.
against which
Depending upon
John Dod, Receiver General of the Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty, to be applied by him by directions from her Majesty as by warrants detailed 3,650l.
and so Remains 117l. 19s. 10d.
which sum was paid into the Exchequer 13 November, 10 Anne.
Auditor Harley's Memorandum: the salvage for the lading of the ship Conqueror, John Brent, master, standing out un-recovered on his former account is not yet recovered for that the said ship being carried to Portugal and delivered to Mr. John Holden, Consul at Faro, he without any authority delivered the ship and lading to the master, taking security at Faro for payment of the salvage so that proceedings are had against the said Consul in the Admiralty Court.
Also that the ship Winchelsea, an English man of war, was retaken [from the French] by the Chester for which the Queen is to pay one eighth part [of the appraisal] for Salvage: but it is not yet received.
Also that the ship Fountain (William Chandler, master) in her passage from London to Cork, 27 April 1709, was taken by the French and on the same day re-taken by the Bridgewater and carried into Kinsale. The ship and lading were restored 11 May 1709 to Peter Hollander and Company of London paying one eighth for Salvage according to appraisement but before any appraisement was taken out the Captain of the Bridgewater delivered all to the merchants concerned so that the Salvage is not yet recovered.
The account ends with marginal notes to the effect that John Dod accounted for his super of 3,650l. in his accounts for 1707, 1709, and 1712 respectively.