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'Declared Accounts: Civil List', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21: 1706-1707 (1952), pp. CCXX-CCXXXVIII. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Civil List

Declared Accounts.
Cofferer of the Household, Francis, Viscount Ryalton.
1 October 1705 to 30 September 1706.
arrears as at the foot of the preceding accompt 28396
money received out of the Exchequer in the time of this accompt as by the privy seal of 30 October, 4 Anne, 11,500l. and 30,838l. 2s.d. under authority of the Act of Parliament of 12 January, 5 Eliz. and 19 March, 1 James I 42,3382
First Fruits nil
foreign receipts nil
sales [of provisions etc.] nil
total charge and receipts £42,6211110¾
solut' in offic' Pistrin'669189
Buttill' et cellar'2,5607
Aul' et camer'1,0544
Stabul' 11,684 9
Vadea diveus' personis Hospitii, Camerae et Capell' 3,5774
scriptura computi 20100
feod' Auditor' 3000
diversi creditores: viz. expenses of diet and other extraordinaries pro famil' Reg' viz..
at Windsor and St. James, October 1705..5321410
at St. James's, November 17052495
at St. James's, December 170526611
Stables: Kensington and Windsor 1 October—31 December 17059115
famil' Reg. St. James's and Kensington, February 1706–53771310¾
Brought forward 65,8847
famil' Reg. St. James's and Kensington, March 1705–6606190
Maundy at Whitehall 23 March 1705–678169
Stabul: Kensington, 1 January 1705–6 to 31 March 170674211¼
famil' Reg. at St. James's and Kensington April 1706539111
famil' Reg. at St. James's and Windsor, May 1706616210¼
Praefect' et locum tenent' Civi' Londin' at Windsor, 3 June 17061127
famil' Reg.' at Windsor, June 17067585
stabul: Kensington and Windsor, 1 April to 30 June 1706292123
famil' Reg' at Windsor, July 17066968
famil' Reg' at Windsor, August 17066276
famil' Reg' at Windsor, September 17068669
Stables: Windsor and Kensington, 1 July to 30 September 1706496157
pro hospital Sid Hamet Cardenaes, Regal' Imperatoris Morocc', 8 April to 30 September 170672983
total of payments and allowances £74,11212
and so the said Cofferer remains in surplusage 31,491l. 0s.d.
Declared 10 February, 6 Anne.
Declared Accounts.
Treasurer of the Chamber, John, Viscount FitzHarding.
29 September 1705 to 29 September 1706.
arrears: remains in the hands of this accomptant 1615
money received out of the Exchequer Michaelmas term
on the privy seal of 13 March 1701–2, 4–5 Anne12100
on the privy seal of 15 November, 3 Anne6,134198
Easter term, 5 Anne17,1829
total charge and receipt £23,4554
wages and annual allowances to officers of the Household and others pursuant to the Establishment of 23 December 1702
her Majesty's alms91900
Sergeant Trumpeter (Wm. Shore)10000
Musicians John Eccles, master, 24 musicians and an instrument keeper1,19915
clock and watchmaker (Thomas Herbert)30000
officers of the Jewel Office (detailed)275100
moletaker (Jonathan Hunt)818
ratcatcher (Wm. Hester)4834
cofferbearers detailed54150
10 Grooms of the Great Chamber40000
39 Messengers in ordinary1,75500
Garrett John Nijs, an additional messenger, from 17 September 1704791210
clerks of the Cheque to the messengers (detailed)1801910
Groom porter (Thomas Archer)55000
Gentleman usher Daily waiter assistant (William Saunderson)66134
this accomptant (Viscount FitzHarding)31414
Comptroller of the Accounts of the Treasurer of the Chamber (Hugh Chudleigh)15000
Housekeeper at Whitehall (Peircy Kirk)65000
Wardrobekeeper at St. James's (Peter Hume)11000
Daniell Child, late keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at Whitehall20000
Thomas Hall, late keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at Windsor16000
Jasper English, housekeeper of Hampton Court32000
Robert White, housekeeper at Richmond7800
James Marriott, keeper of the Privy Lodgings at Hampton Court20000
Theodore Randue, Housekeeper of Windsor Castle32000
officers of the Removing Wardrobe, detailed79000
Physicians (Sir Edward Hanns, Thomas Lawrence, Martin Lister, Sir David Hamilton)1,15000
Apothecaries (James Chace, Daniel Malthus, William Jones)586184
Chirurgeons (Charles Bernard, Thomas Gardiner)676134
Locksmith (Phillip Harris)1850
Secretary to the Lord Chamberlain (Sir John Stanley)6000
Gentlemen of the Chapel (in lieu of 3 deer)2000
Elizabeth Battersby for rent of the passage out of the Privy Garden into Channel Row3100
Strewer of Herbs (Elizabeth Jux)2400
Historiographer Royal (Thomas Rymer)20000
Poet Laureate (Nahum Tate)10000
Joiner of the Privy Chamber (John Norris)19118
Court Drummers (John Clothier, William Gardiner, John Skryme)7200
the Guard of her Majesty's Body (Marquess of Hartington, Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard; William Fielding, Lieutenant; Richard Uphill, Ensign; clerk of the Cheque, corporals and 100 Yeomen of the Guard)3,95650
eight Yeomen ushers8000
six Yeomen Hangers and two Yeomen Bedgoers)8000
pensionary Yeomen (Simon Cook, Thomas Smith)3000
watermen (John Warner, master; 48 watermen, 7 pensionary watermen)271176
Allowances by Royal Warrant
William Vanbrugh, Deputy Comptroller10000
Viscountess FitzHarding as Governess to the late Duke of Gloucester60000
Peter Walton, Repairer of pictures20000
William Vanhulls, clerk of all the Wardrobes and Robes16000
Henry Lowman, Housekeeper at Kensington10000
Duke of St. Albans (for the three gamekeepers for Berks, and Bucks.)12000
underhousekeeper at St. James's (Edward Browne)24000
total for salaries etc 20,667311½
Travelling charges and other services on Lord Chamberlain's warrants
Stationers' bills71400
underkeeper of Council Records (John Gauntlett)9000
travelling charges of officers et al. of the Guard, chapel, music, etc. detailed1,97995
messengers' bills, detailed2,7001410½
total for travelling charges etc 5,4844
arrears due in the late King William's time paid within the time of this accompt 13330
ordinary allowances 216134
total of payments and allowances £26,50147
and so this accomptant is in surplusage 3,046l. 0s.d.
Declared 21 April 1708.
For the account to 25 March 1706 see Introduction to Treasury Calendar, Vol. XX, p. ccxlviii.
For the account to 11 August 1706 see Introduction to Treasury Calendar, Vol. XX, p. ccxlv.
Declared Accounts: Works.
Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of her Majesty's Works and Buildings.
1 January 1705–6 to 31 December 1706.
Remains: nil: this being his first accompt.
money received out of the Exchequer Michaelmas term, 5–0 Anne, on the privy seal of 30 November12,41112
Easter term, 6 Anne, on same privy seal12,3757
Michaelmas term, 6–7 Anne, on same privy seal11,56617
150l. part of 76l;. 5s.8d. paid to Charles Hopson, joyner, by Thomas Lloyd, late Paymaster of the Works, for task work at the Records Office in the Tower of London: here surcharged on this accomptant 15000
total charge and receipts £39,50317
works and repairs in and about
the Tower of London (including 20l. 3s. 8d. to Thomas Highmore, Sergeant Painter, for painting at the Constable's house etc.)1,28163
Whitehall (clearing the main sewer from the sluice in St. James's Park to the lower end of the Dock in Scotland Yard: 176l. 11s. 6d. to Tho. Highmore for painting etc., 20l. to Francis Bickerton for plotting down in a map the whole palace of Denmark House and 5l. to William Dickinson for contracting the said plot into a less scale and fixing it neatly into a frame, with copying the book of the inhabitants for her Majesty's use)3,72219
St. James's House (work in the Duchess of Marlborough's lodgings: 263l. 1s.d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work; slating over the Spicery; renewing the grass burned up by the dryness of the summer)3,469151
Westminster (pumping etc. at the House of Lords and Commons; 1l. 16s. 9d. to Thomas Highmore for painting at the Treasury of Records etc.)81763
Denmark House76140
Winchester: her Majesty's house there11273
Newmarket: her Majesty's house or palace there which is fitting up for her Majesty's reception: (26l. 10s.d. to Thomas Highmore for painting there)91019
Hampton Court (32l. 11s. 11½d. and 42l. 3s. 10d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work: the pump in the Kitchen Garden etc.)3,04210
Kensington (7l. 12s. 6d. to Grinling Gibbons, carver; 213l. 18s.d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work)8,39300
salaries and entertainments of the principal Officers of the Works detailed1,24818
riding charges of principal officers of the Works26462
repairing the Horse Guardhouse at Kensington [Palace]39132
new Greenhouse at Kensington (164l. 12s. 0d. to Thomas Highmore for painting work)80251
new summer house at Kensington55579
public paving366010¼
work done at the Record Office in the Tower of London (10l. 13s.d. to Thomas High-more, sergeant painter1,6779
money paid by her Majesty's warrants or directions from the Treasury (gardens, cleansing the streets before Whitehall, keeping the Mall, repairs at the Convocation House adjoining Westminster Abbey, the Queen's private roads, lights for the Houses of Parliament6,23018
Exchequer fees138150
ordinary allowances6200
total of payments and allowances £33,242193
Remains 6,260l. 18s.d.
Declared 20 August 1708.
Declared Accounts: Great Wardrobe
Ralph, Duke of Montague, Keeper of the Great Wardrobe.
Michaelmas 1705 to Michaelmas 1706.
Remains: nil, because in surplusage 67,136l. 14s. 6d. nil
money received out of the Exchequer
Michaelmas term, 4–5 Anne, on the privy seal of 31 March, 1 Anne10,20000
Easter term, 5 Anne, on the same privy seal5,00000
total charge and receipts £15,20000
Surplusage at the foot of the last accompt 67,136146
paid for merchandise delivered in and work done for the Great Wardrobe:
John Kirk, consarcinctori1,55386
William Portall, mercatori1,58226
James Davison, metaxario2,26219
Samuel Orme, metaxario26100
William Elliot, limbulario2,5942
Thomas Carr, fimbriatori69950
William West, acupictori1,240100
Henry Furnese, mercatori98016
William Capper, linteario2523
Carried forward £67,136146
Brought forward 67,136146
John King, linteario22196
Hampden Reeve, tapetiario984126
William Dixon and Robert Petre, scissoribus436164
Elia de Rit, val' scissori58100
Thomas Dummer, val' scissori628110
John Vanderbank, val' atrebatico operatori513173
Moses Pajolas and Charles Sedgewick, principal' pellion'42158
John Bee, caligario7270
George Parkes, sexton8100
John Smith, fibulatori678
William Haddock, balteario126180
Thomas Waldron, lanceario1500
John Hawgood, macheropeo3100
Mary Chidley, millinariae1550
Mary Franknoll, sutrici4139
Henry Parker, pro superpelliciis2070
Anne Althorpe, sutrici1126
Gerrit Jansen, capsulatori56450
Richard Pigg, capsario9480
William Johnson, capsario910
Thomas Roberts, junctori55940
William Churchill and Edward Castle, bibliopolis169120
Joustano Chase, plumario50180
John King, for two Garters1200
Hans Sloane, for the Prince Elector of Brunswick Luneburg, Knight of the Garter0000
Gregory King, for the insignia of same26100
William Vanhuls, clerk of the Queen's Stoles3600
Charles Hanbury, clerk of the Checque to the Guard of the Body, for watching cloaks for them14000
William Shore, chief Trumpeter, for a livery detailed6000
Dr. John Blow for the ten children of the Chapel10100
Robert Maugridge, drum major, livery detailed4000
John Warner for the King's watermen12120
Josia Priest, Nathaniel Priest and William Watkins, children of the Chapel whose voices are broken26189
John Elrington, for crimson taffeta1120
William Portal, for the Wardens of the Tower6276
Henry Doogood23310
Edward Jeffrys, glazier1102
William Holmes, salary9922
John Sergeant, porter of the Wardrobe3383
Joseph Bunting, same2000
Bridget Horseman, wardrobe at York Buildings in Great Queen Street15150
Martha Pearson, ditto550
total for goods and work 16,5114
Carried forward £83,6471811½
Brought forward 83,6471811½
liveries detailed by letters patent under the great seal and by dormant warrants etc. 4,008116
vestments and fees detailed of officers etc. of the Exchequer and Great Wardrobe 41458
ordinary allowances 9124
total allowances and payments £88,0798
and so this accomptant is in Surplusage 72,879l. 8s.d.
Declared 4 August 1710.
Declared Accounts: Queen Anne's Private Pensions.
Edward Nicholas, Paymaster of the Annuities and Pensions established by the Queen by several royal sign manuals (fn. 1) [Paymaster of Queen Anne's Private Bounties and Pensions].
24 June 1705 to 25 March 1707.
Charge. l.s.d.
Remains in the hands of this accomptant 1,7398
money received out of the Exchequer at times and in sums detailed 75,4312
8 per cent, interest of 500l. lent by her Majesty towards the loan of 250,000l. to the Emperor of Germany 4000
total charge and receipts £77,2101010¼
payments for several annual pensions, charities and allowances as her Majesty's royal bounty upon several Establishments under her sign manuals and other particular warrants: viz.
Annual payments commencing at Xmas 1701
Mayor and Church Wardens of Windsor for the Church and poor (100l. per an.)22500
La Croze, Vicar of Old Windsor (25l. per an. for tythe)2165
Church Wardens of Hampton for the poor (50l. per an.)137100
Vicar of Hampton for tythe (31l. 1s. 8d. per an.)6234
St. Margaret's. Westminster, for the poor (100l. per an.)20000
St. Martin's in the Fields, for the poor (100l. per an.)22500
St. James's, for the poor (50l. per an.)112100
Annual payments commencing at Midsummer 1702
George Sayers, Vice–Chamberlain to the late Queen Mary (500l. per an.)1,00000
Henry Bulstrode, Gentleman Usher and Daily Waiter to same (150l. per an.)30000
Jean Remij d'Montigny, a same to same (150l. per an.)30000
Abr[aham] Kemp, Page of the Presence to same (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Dorothy Cason, a Woman of the Bedchamber to same (200l. per an.)40000
Mrs. Martha Lockhart, same to same 9200l. per an.)40000
Mrs. Dorothy Ireland, sempstress to same (100l. per an.)20000
Henry Killigrew, an Equerry to same (150l. per an.)30000
Mrs. Susanna Barry (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Mary Lee (50l. per an.)10000
Mrs. Elizabeth Worksop (20l. per an.)4000
Mrs. Eleanor Ross (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Frances Barrow (30l, per an.)6000
Mrs. Mary Ashton (30l. per an.)6000
Mrs. Dorothea Torway (50l. per an.)10000
Mrs. Mary Lanee (20l. per an.)4000
the Bishop of London for the Ministers in New England (100l. per an.)20000
Mrs. Mary Doyly alias Walter (40l. per an.)8000
Lady Mary Prestwick (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Anne Allen (50l. per an.)87100
Monsieur de Nenfuil [Nanteuil] for house rent (20l. per an.)4000
Monsieur de la Fontaine for Harman's children (40l. per an.)8000
George Holder (22l. per an.)4400
Richard Miller for Monsieur de Brasseley's children (44l. per an.)8800
Richard Cawthorne, clerk, for reading prayers at Hampton Court (50l. per an.)10000
Kensington parish, for the poor (25l. per an.)5000
the English Church at the Hague (30l. per an.)6000
Mrs. Anne Frankland (210l. per an.)42000
Madame de Venneville (44l. 10s. 0d. per an.)9900
Madame Charlotte Justell (60l. per an.)12000
Rowland Brock (40l. per an.)8000
John Campbell for Dame Isabella Elphinstone (100l. per an.)17500
Mrs. Katherine Russell (25l. per an.)5000
Dame Elizabeth Hamilton (44l. per an.)8800
John Conway (22l. per an.)16100
Monsieur 1' Vassor (60l. per an.)12000
Mrs. Anne Richbell (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Arabella Hunt (100l. per an.)10000
Mrs. Alice King (100l. per an.)20000
Mrs. Anne Eden (100l. per an.)20000
Williamina Bunce (50l. per an.)10000
Dame Sarah Newcomen (50l. per an.)112100
William Conyers (50l. per an.)10000
Mrs. Anne Fitzharris (50l. per an.)10000
Mrs. Mary Stedman (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Mary Mitchell (20l. per an.)4000
Mrs. Martha Francys (50l. per an.)10000
Mrs. Isabella Gwillims (2,0l. per an.)4000
Mrs. Rabsbey Smithsby (20l. per an.)4000
Elizabeth Disney (20l. per an.)4000
Mrs. Anne Disney (20l. per an.)4000
Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds (10l. per an.)2000
Mrs. Ursula Church (40l. per an.)8000
Dame Margaret Lunsford (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Cath. Iremonger (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Sophia Nevill (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Susanna Woodward (20l. per an.)4000
Mrs. Martha Bastin (20l. per an.)4000
Hester d' Civill (30l. per an.)6000
Martin Carbonnell (20l. per an.)5000
Mary Brincknall (20l. per an.)4000
Jone Launee for Thomas Fry (10l per an.)2000
ditto for Thomas Gummins (10l. per an.)2000
ditto for William Bawkham (10l. per an.)2100
ditto for Anne Head, Catherine Roberts and Susan Clarke (at 10l. each per an.)6000
ditto on her own pension (10l. per an.)2000
Dame Elizabeth Jennings and Elizabeth Lenthall (10l. each per an.)4000
Bevis Gough (10l. per an.)1500
Anne Silver (10l. per an.)22100
Sarah Madge (10l. per an.)2000
Richard Yeates, Kath. Tessin, and Margaret Marshall (10l. per an. each)6000
Margaret Jolliffe (20l. per an.)4000
Mrs. Elizabeth Churchill (20l. per an.)2500
John Stevens (12l. per an.)2700
Mrs. Magdalene Thomas (10l. per an.)2000
Hester Walker and Elleanor Pendrill (20l. per an. each)8000
Mrs. Anne d' Veile (50l. per an.)10000
Margaret Abernathy and Jane Pigott (20l. per an. each)8000
Mrs. Sarah Hussey (20l. per an.)5000
Mrs. Aymee Debat (20l. per an.)4000
Mrs. Mary Du Chail (20l. per an.)1000
Mary Barnier, Hester Verangevile, Susanna Champigny and Elizabeth Marmande (20l. per an. each)16000
Mrs. Susanna Petit (40l. per an.)8000
Mary and Magdalene d' Alix (40l. per an.)8000
Edward Crips (10l. per an.)2000
Ellen Morgan (10l. per an.)2000
Richard Brayne for Susanna Foxton (100l. per an.)20000
Sarah Miller (13l. 4S. 0d. per an.)2680
Monsieur De Lettang for the Society of French gentlewomen at the Hague (200l. per an.)40000
Mrs. Ellen Carlisle (100l. per an.)15000
Mrs. Elizabeth Bedford and Mrs. Margaret Whittle (40l. per an. each)16000
Mary Simpson (50l. per an.)62100
Mrs. Margaret Morison (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Mary Bocock (40l. per an.)9000
Martha Simpson (50l. per an.)10000
Theophilus Garlick, Melbourne Maddocks, Thomas Smith, Matthias Ascough, Richard Letham and Sarah Ross (at 30l. per an. each)36000
Mrs. Frances Mackenzie (40l. per an.)8000
Mrs. Sarah Matthews (100l. per an.)20000
Mr. Bernard Gates for himself and a Turkish girl (80l. per an.)16000
Richard Bradley and Rowland Pierce (40l. per an. each)16000
Mrs. Susanna Benson (50l. per an.)10000
Mr. Gregory Genuini (22l. per an.)4400
Dame Jane Douglas and her daughter (70l. per an.)157100
the Lord Almoner for her Majesty's private pensions and charities at 800l. per an. and for the Arabic Professor at Oxford for his pains in instructing two youths in that language at 20l. per an. and for their maintenance at 80l. per an1,80000
Mr. John Ernest Grabe and Mrs. Elizabeth Grove (100l. per an. each)10000
Anne Dartiquenave and Ferdinando Gaffarelli (20l. per an. each)8000
Walter Butler (30l. per an.)6000
Annual payments commencing at Michaelmas 1702
Martha Farthing (300l, per an.)60000
Theodorie Balisy (150l. per an.)30000
Katherine Hildesley (50l. per an.)10000
Elizabeth, Oliver and Henry Quin (40l. per an. each)16000
Mary Shelley, Elizabeth Tattersall, Elizabeth Harris and John Edmonds (20l. per an. each)16000
Mrs. Elizabeth Bernard (10l. per an.)2000
Mrs. Catherine Coay (10l. per an.)7100
Mrs. Teresa Wroughton (6l. per an.)1200
Bernard de Vignau (80l. per an.)16000
Mr. Richard Drury and Mrs. Mary Simmons (20l. per an. each)8000
Mr. Samuel Pack and Mrs. Mary Watkins (10l. per an. each)4500
Mrs. Catherine Buck and Mrs. Sarah Marshall (15l. per an. each)6000
Mrs. Frances Otway and Mrs. Mary St. Loe (10l. each)4000
Mrs. Elizabeth Atkinson, Mrs. Catherine Devenish and Mrs. Dorothy Wanley (70l. per an. each)42000
Mr. Henry Walter (40l. per an.)7000
Mrs. Hester Dawson (30l. per an.)6000
Eliah Clauson and Mary Austin (8l. per an.)3200
Thomas Andrewes and Sarah Wright (20l. per an.)8000
Thomas Green (9l. per an.)1800
John Garrard (19l. per an.)3800
the Countess Dowager of Lincoln towards maintaining her son the young Earl of Lincoln (200l. per an.)40000
William Killigrew (150l. per an.)30000
John Baptista Draghi (100l. per an.)20000
Annual payments commencing at Xmas 1702
Mrs. Anne Carey towards the maintenance of her son Lucius Henry, Viscount Falkland (200l. per an.)40000
the Duchesse de la Force (500l. per an.).1,00000
Castiliana, Countess of Cavan (50l. per an.) and towards maintenance of her younger son10000
Edward Howard Esq. (150l. per an.)30000
Col. Phillip Howard (120l. per an.)24000
Mrs. Judith Sturton for the maintenance of her son (30l. per an.)6000
John Gostlin, clerk (50l. per an.)10000
Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey (100l. per an.)..20000
Lady Margaret MacCarty (200l. per an.)..40000
(total on the Great Establishment, 20,783l. 16s. 4d.)
on the Establishment dated 30 May, 1704.
Annual payments commencing at Lady day 1702
Mr. John Menard, minister of the French chapel at St. James's (160l. per an.) and for bread and wine for the Holy Communion (8l. 12s. 0d. per an.)33740
Mr. Abraham Gilbert and Mr. Phillip Menard, two other ministers at the said chapel (160l. per an. each)64000
John Peter Brisac, Reader there (40l. per an.)8000
Frederick Furton, pastor and sexton [there] (10l. per an.)2000
Bernard Hoef Nagell, minister of the Dutch Chapel at St. James's (160l. per an.) and for providing bread, wine and candles for the Holy Communion (20l. 12s. 0d. per an.)36140
John Peter Mucella, another minister at the said Chapel (160l. per an.)32000
Mr. Sebastian Vander Eyken, Reader [there] (30l. per an.)6000
Frederick Furton, porter and sexton there (5l. per an.)1000
Annual payments commencing at Lady day 1703
Magdalene d' Alix, widow (20l. per an.)..4000
Frances Purcell (40l. per an.)3000
Capt. Roger Raven (27l. 7s. 6d. per an.)54150
Alice Vaughan, widow (20l. per an.)4000
Mary Urseline de Stirum and Amelia de Stirum (50l. per an. each)20000
John Pellett (60l. per an.)12000
Amila Keysers (24l. per an.)4800
Claud de Venneville (20l. per an.)5000
Constance de la Marie and Bonna Green de Percour (20l. per an. each)8000
Anne du Cloux and Tabitha Horton (10l. per an. each)4000
Helene and Margaret de Marancin (15l. per an. each)6000
Elizabeth de la Barre (2l. 10s. 0d. per an. each)500
Henriette and Mary Louvigny (15l. per an. each)6000
Annual payments commencing at Michaelmas 1703
Elizabeth Calvert (30 l. per an.)6000
Mary Marshall (30 l. per an.)6000
Annual payments commencing at Lady day 1701
Katharine Seigler (25 l. per an.)5000
Charlotte Killigrew (200 l. per an.)40000
Henry Foubert (250 l. per an.)50000
Richard Sydenham and Grace his wife (40 l. per an.)8000
Robert Cleeter for the use of Anne Acton (20 l. per an.)1000
Robert Cleeter for the use of Victoria Slingsby, Amy Goldsborough, Elizabeth Hall, Margaret Pretty and Jane Bell (20 l. per an. each)20000
Jane Berkeley (200 l. per an.)40000
Katherine and Mary Armstrong (200 l. per an.)40000
William Fanshaw (200 l. per an.)40000
Susanna Leighton (100 l. per an.)20000
Robert Cleeter for the use of Elizabeth Slingesby (20 l. per an.)4000
Anne Duke for herself and children (45 l. 12 s. 6 d. per an.)10213
Mary Hutton, Penelope Hutton, and Martha Russell, grandchildren of Capt. Kettilby (36 l. 10 s. 0 d. per an.)..7300
Capt. John Baker (30 l. 10 s. 0 d. per an.)45126
Mary Anne and Magdalene Ross (30 l. per an. each)16500
Margaret Buss, widow, and Anne Collins (20 l. per an. each)8000
Robert Cleeter for the use of Dame Mary Slingesby (20 l. per an.)4000
and [for] Edward Duke (24 l. per an.)600
(total on the Establishment dated 30 May 1704, 6,048 l. 8 s.d.)
on the Establishment dated 30 September 1704
Annual payments commencing Lady day 1703
Sir John Chardin for the Vaudois ministers (425 l. per an. for 2¼ years to 1706 Xmas)95650
ditto to be remitted to the School at Offenbach (30 l. per an.)67100
ditto for Monsieur Arnaud (100 l. per an.)22500
Abell Tassin d' Allonne (300 l. per an.)60000
Benjamin Power, a schoolmaster at Wapping, for teaching seamen's children4000
(total on the Establishment of 30 September 1704, 1,888 15 s. 0 d.)
on the Establishment dated18 December 1704
Annual payments commencing 24 June 1702
Thomas Hyde and Elizabeth his wife (50 l. per an.)10000
Annual payments commencing Michaelmas 1704
Phillip Raleigh, Esq. (100 l. per an.)10000
Mrs. Elizabeth Minshull (50 l. per an.)..10000
Mrs. Elizabeth Wandesford (50 l. per an.)10000
Judith Fitzharris (80 l. per an.)4000
(total on the Establishment dated 18 December 1704, 440 l.)
on the Establishment dated 17 Apirl 1705.
Annual payment commencing 24 June 1704
Margaret de la Croisette (20l. per an) 50 0 0
Annual payments commencing Michaelmas 1704 on the same Establishment.
Hester Gobin (15l. per an.) 33 15 0
(total on the Establishment dated 17 April 1705, 83l. 15s. 0d.)
on the Establishment dated 25 June 1705
Annual payments commencing Lady day 1705
Antonio Verrio (200l. per an) 350 0 0
Nehemiah Arnold for the maintenance and education of Susanna Arnold (30l. per an.) 52 10 0
(total on the Establishment dated 25 June 1705, 402l. 10s. 0d.)
on the Establishment dated 2 July 1706
Annual payments commencing Midsummer 1705
Mrs. Sarah Browne (11l. per an.) 16 10 0
Annual payments commencing Michaelmas 1705: on the same Establishment.
Susanna Mollien and Margaret d' Villeneuve (40l. per an.) 50 0 0
Jane de la Milliere, and Magdalene Vandiere, Elizabeth Sixte Dahlem and Magdalene de la Martinere (30l. per an. each) 150 0 0
Utresia Astley, Anne Daniel d'Grangues, Jane de la Salle, Elizabeth Salenave and Susanne de Cantiran (15l. per an. Each) 250 0 0
Mary and Kath. Du Chail (20l. per an.) 25 0 0
Judith Roux, Susanna de Blanc, Edward Purcell and Francis Purcell (20l. per an. Each) 100 0 0
Magdalene de Chamiere (25l. per an.) 31 5 0
Annual payments commencing Xmas 1705: under the same Establishment.
Richard Elford (100l. per an.) 100 0 0
Frances Raleigh for the support of herself and family (60l. per an.) 60 0 0
Annual payments commencing Lady day 1706: under the same Establishment.
Rebecca Flower and Susanna Pallier (20l. per an. [each]) 30 0 0
Anne Bynns (40l. per an. ) 30 0 0
Elizabeth Waggett (80l. per an.) 60 0 0
Dame Barbarah Killigrew for the support of herself and daughter 112 10 0
Mary Killigrew, relict of Henry Killigrew Esq., for the support of herself and the children of the said Henry (100l. per an.) 75 0 0
Rebecca Paulden, relict of Capt. Thomas Paulden (25l. per an.) 18 15 0
(total on the Establishment dated 2 July 1706, 1,159l.)
on the Establishment dated 26 August 1706
Annual payments commencing Lady day 1706
Sir John Macleane (365l. per an.)273150
Capt. George Porter and Capt. Richard Fisher (260l. per an. each)39000
Capt. George Harris and Capt. William Boys (156l. per an. each)23400
Thomas Bertram and Robert Inwood (78l. per an. each)11700
John Lunt (52l. per an.)3900
Edward Browne (26l. per an.)19100
(total on the Establishment dated 26 August 1706, 1,073l. 5s. 0d.)
Annual payments commencing from 1701 Xmas: on the Additional List.
the Vicar of Hampton (to make up the 31l. 1s. 8d. on the former Establishment unto 36l. 1s. 8d.)1000
Annual payments commencing from Midsummer 1702: on the Additional List.
Lucrece de Chavernay (50l. per an.)10000
Claude Davennes (40l. per an.)8000
Mary and Anne de la Borde (34l. per an.)4800
J. Derossieres, attorney of Henriette Hautcharmoy (36l. per an.)7200
Katherine and Mary Dehubac (20l. per an.)4000
Isabeau de Brasselley and Mary Boudon (20l. per an. each)8000
Judith du Bruggeire, Elizabeth de Vebron and Mary Verveillon (12l. per an. each)7200
Elizabeth Hautclair and Blanche Tourniere (25l. per an. [each])10000
Charlotte and Mary Malleray (24l. per an.)4800
Louise and Aimee de la Maugere (30l. per an.)6000
Mary Jolly de Chadignae, Mary Berault Jeane de Sussac and Sussanne de Culan St. Meine (12l. per an. each)9600
Mary and Sille Dumont (30l. per an.)..22100
Louise de Lannoy (20l. per an.)4000
Francis and John Marioge (15l. per an.)..3000
Charlotte Montguion, Susanna le Clerc and Judith Beconne (15l. per an. each)9000
Mary and Catherine Laferriere (24l. per an.)4800
Esther, Mary and Susanne Champlorien (24l. per an.)4800
Mary de Champagne (40l. per an.)8000
Henriette and Mary de Louvigny (30l. per an.)6000
Charlotte Pommeau and Bernardine Falquerolles (12l. per an. each)4800
Mary and Susanna de Bette (20l. per an.)4000
Frances Pasques (6l. per an.)1200
Angelique Dondar (12l. per an.)2700
Mary Jouneau (10l. per an.)2000
Esther and Lucrece de Longuevergne (20l. per an.)4000
Andre Pierre and Anne Henreitte Laprimanduy (15l. per an.)3000
Elizabeth and Katherine Tourteron (33l. per an.)6600
Susanne Penotier (25l. per an.)5000
Anne Gabriell de Montmeillan (15l. per an.)3000
Francoise Sarette. Mary Dnbreville, Mary Chabanes and Mary St. Faussevicouse (12l. each) ........9600
Magdalene de Touchimbert and Magdalene Dornaunt (18l. per an. each)7200
Susanne de Morolles (12l. per an.)3000
Emerand le Grand (2l. per an.)400
Martha Dollon (30l. per an.)4500
Susanna de Serrieres (18l. per an.)3600
Mary de Rozell (12l. per an.)2400
Helene and Margaret Marancin (40l. per an.)8000
Elizabeth de la Barre and Henriette Bellefons (25l. per an. each)10000
Catherine Seigler (25l. per an.)5000
Henriette de la Largere (50l. per an.)10000
Claude Duncan and Elizabeth Perigoiz (20l. per an. each)8000
Jaqueline de Godeau de la Roche (17l. per an.)3400
Charlotte Dangeau (100l. per an.)20000
Henriette and Mary la Muce (30l. per an.)6000
Victoire Pardaillon, Cath. de Dollon, Anne de Boisruisseau and Frances Plunkett (30l. per an. each)24000
Mary Lisle, Anne de Lauguerac, Peter la Touch and John Lauze (50l. per an. each)40000
Susanna de Renevall (9l. per an.)1800
Anne Donavan (22l, per an.)4400
Peter Persode (100l. per an.)20000
Anne Poltocke and Sir Winwood Mowat (40l. per an. each)16000
Henry Quin and Matthew Clerke (20l. per an. each)8000
Thomas Chamberlaine and Oswald Fawne (18l. per an.)7200
Elizabeth Duke (4l. per an.)800
Katherine Herlackenden (40l. per an.)8000
Anne Gourney and Margaret Barker (20l. per an. each)8000
Sarah Bridgman, Deborah Roleston, Sarah Okeover, Elizabeth Macdonnell, Winifred Whaley, Magdalene Cunningham and Elizabeth Mac-Craken (30l. per an. each)42000
Annual payments commencing at Michaelmas 1702 on the same Additional List.
the Duchesse of Hosteine Bee (200l. per an.)40000
Dr. Cockburne (60l. per an.)12000
Annual payments commencing at Midsummer 1703 on the same Additional List.
Col. Richard Baggot (100l. per an.)20000
Capt. Henry Thomas (50l. per an.)7500
Capt. Thomas Paulden (50l. per an.)62100
Major Math. Hill (50l. per an.)10000
John Barford (27l. 7s. 0d. per an.)2016
Hasting Baldock, William Fachin, John Button and John Breres (27l. 7s. 0d. each per an.)21900
Frances Jones and Anne Lloyd (100l. per an.)20000
Thomas Browne (50l. per an.)10000
the afternoon preacher at Kensington (20l. per an.)4000
Elizabeth Richards, Henry Wood and Alice Shipton (20l. per an. each)12000
(total on the Additional List, 6,057 10s.d.)
total for pensions and other annual charities 37,93707
Money paid pursuant to several sign manuals and warrants of the Lord High Treasurer.
payments to several persons as her Majesty's free gift and royal bounty.
under the royal sign manual of 17 April 1705.
Susanne de Mollien, Jean Debenne Louvigny. Elizabeth Houston and Rebecca Pride (20l. each)8000
Dame Anne Silvius and Mary Rowe (100l. each)20000
Charlotte de Marmande, Mary Fullerton and Elizabeth Collier (25l. each)7500
Judith De proistz dept. de Tugny1500
Susan Mary St. Legere de Bacatan [Bacalan]12100
Claude de Margarite de Neufeville, Mary de Vicouze la Court, Jean Braguier D'Entragues and Mary Barquette (10l. each)5000
Francois Dallons, Vassolet de Regnier, Catherine de Quirchamp [Quinchamp], Magdalen Chamier and Catherine D'ollard (12l. 10s. 0d. each)62100
Judith Ricard, Louise de Foissac, Marguerite de Bar Montmelian, Isaac Malleray and Charlotte de Trotte (7l. 10s. 0d. each)37100
Susanna de Serriere3100
Hester Renaud, Francoise Marie Renaud, Mary Pinyott and Louise Pinyott2400
John Dacquin and Arthur Reynell (13l. 13s. 9d. each)2776
Nahum Tate for his Supplement to the new version of Psalms; John Butts in consideration of his pretences to arrears as Consul at Elsinore under Wm. III, and John Crowne (50l. each)15000
by her Majesty's warrant of 17 September 1705
the Countess of Cassilis 100 0 0
Thomas Cornwallis Esq 50 0 0
by her Majesty's warrant of 13 August 1705
Elianor Vaughan, widow, and William Killigrew (100l. each) 200 0 0
by her Majesty's warrant of 19 June 1705
Mrs. Mary Chetwinde (late Mary Berkely) by her attorney Barbara. Viscountess Fitz Harding in full of her 200l. per an. as a Maid of Honour to Queen Mary 350 0 0
by the Lord Treasurer's warrant of 24 December 1705
Capt. Crofts 100 0 0
Mary Pavin for carrying herself and family to Barbados 60 0 0
Margaret Countess Dowager of Marlborough and John Crowne (50l. each) 100 0 0
Martha Fitzhugh 20 0 0
William Tagg 10 0 0
by like warrant of 9 July 1705
Sieur Antonio Verrio, over and above his 200l. per an 100 0 0
by like warrant of 23 September 1706
Thomas Lowther 550 0 0
by like warrant of 23 August 1706
Peter Flournoy for support of Lady Clancarty's children 250 0 0
by like warrant of November 1706
John Crowne Esq. 50 0 0
by warrant dated 26 December 1706
Thomas Cornwallis and Edith college (50l. each) 100 0 0
Rebeecah Pride 20 0 0
William Tagg 10 0 0
by warrant dated 3 August 1706
Peter Paul Gendrault (100 guineas) 107 10 0
Anne Chirstian, widow of William Chistian, Elizabeth Collier and Anne Mauclere (25l. each) 75 0 0
Katherine Talbott, relict of Capt. Henry Talbott 30 0 0
Margaret, countess Dowager of Mariborough 50 0 0
Lewis de la Prade, minister of the French church at Wapping, to discharge arrears of rent for the said Church 20 0 0
Dorothy Wansborough 20 0 0
by like warrant dated 23 September 1706.
Frances Jones and Anne Lloyd for arrears of pension due to them to Midsummmer 1703 75 0 0
by like warrant dated 27 September 1707
Elizabeth Winstanley20000
Mathew Dirchson4500
Thomas Lowther for so much paid by him to several persons by the Queen's directions476211
by warrant dated 19 November 1707
Francis Home, gent60000
annual allowances by particular warrants
Lady Essex Griffin (warrant 4 July 1705)22500
Countess of Arlington (warrant 8 July 1706)1,00000
Peter Flournois for the late Countess of Clancarty's children (warrant 29 January 1706–7)50000
John Howse for rent of Capt. Porter's house (warrant of 30 November 1706)..13500
Col. Moncall and Magdalen Moncall (warrant dated 12 October 1705)15000
payments for fees at the Treasury and Exchequer
names of officers etc. detailed1,6101910
money paid for the poor distressed French ministers and laity by the Queen's orders of 20 July 1705 and 22 August 1706 viz. to Stephen de Guillon for the French ministers and John Braguier el al. for the French laity 30,00000
arrears due on the late King William's Establishment (four items detailed) 183150
this accomptant's salary 70000
ordinary allowances 19284
money paid over to Spencer Compton the succeeding Treasurer and Paymaster of these Bounties 1068
total payments £77,2101010¼
and so this accomptant is Even and Quit.
Declared 17 August 1708.


1 This Establishment originated in Queen Mary's list of her private bounties and pensions, The list is noticed ambulando in the course of this Calendar. As an act of piety and affection William III continued the Establishment after the death of his Queen; and after the death of William, Queen Anne continued it as her own and added to it as she saw fit. Her sign manuals establishing new names or amounts are all given in this Calendar under their respective dates, The Establishment is completely separate and distinct from the parallel series of royal bounties and pensions granted on the initiative of the Lord Treasurer and payable out of the Exchequer direct or by the hands of the Secretary of the Treasury as the usual paying agent for Secret Service. As a matter of fact both Establishments were paid out of the Civil List revenue but the Queen's Establishment was particularly her own private benevolence, and operated entirely on her own initiative; whereas the Treasury list or Establishment was public and might be political.