Miscellaneous 1706


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'Appendix: Miscellaneous 1706', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21: 1706-1707 (1952), pp. 531-532. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Miscellaneous 1706

Appendix to Minutes of Date 1706 June 4 and 1706 June 10.

The incidence of the following paper is explained in a prefatory note in Vol. XIX, p. 79 of this Calendar.
When compared with the final form of the Minutes for 4 and 10 June 1706 supra Treasury Calendar Vol. XX, pp. 79 and 80–84 it explains the procedure of the Treasury Secretary or clerk in writing up the Minute Book.
4 JUNE 1706. Weddall, Robt.: He must apply to the Officers of the Mint.
Brisac, Danl.: Rejected. [Entry struck through].
Greenway, Robt.:When there are any arrears. [Entry struck through].
Heron, Ed.: If these resigna. . . . [Entry unfinished and struck through].
Fitzwalter, Lord and Ward, Jno.: securities for Mr. Rich late Receiver of Essex. Ref [erred to the] agents for Taxes. [Entry partly struck through].
10 JUNE 1706 at Windsor Castle. Present: Her Majesty, Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Abstract of papers to be laid before the Q[ueen] is read.
Mr. Stuart: If some employment in Ireland [could be found for him] it would be better.
Capt. White and Capt. Murragh: To be restored to half pay: and Capt. Hill to have the like.
Major General Hamilton: Ordered. [Entry struck through].
Jno. Netterville: rep[ort from the] D[uke] of Ormond. The Queen takes notice His an old pretension. [Entry struck through].
Culleford and Ogelethorp: Granted. [Entry struck through].
Mr. Morris: he is a person [who] deserves the Queen's favour and shall be considered when there is an opportunity. [Entry struck through].
Two widows Killigrews: 5l. a week to be divided between them.
Governor and Deputy Governor of N[ew] England. Granted. [Entry struck through].
Hen. Wise: 1616l. additional allowance for Gardens granted from last quarter day.
Lieut, Col. Sutton. [Entry struck through].
Elford: Granted per Mr. Nicholas. [Entry struck through].
A[rch]bishop [of] York for F[rench] minister at Wapping: Granted: to be paid to the Abp. who is to take care that the duty be performed.
Lady Arlington: 1000l. a year from Xmas last on Mr. Nicholas' list. [Entry struck through].
Lord Falkland: pension of 200l. a year to continue as it is. [Entry struck through].
Hastings: speak with Lord Bradford.
Mrs. Waggett: to have something on Mr. Nicholas list.
Mrs. Ralegh: continue part of the pension 50l. or 60l. a year.
The Spaniard: Give him 20l. to go into Spain.
Mrs. Winstanley: Speak with some of the gent, of Trinity House.
Mr. Nicholas' list with some additions is read. Give Mrs. Wagget 60l. a year and Bing 40l. a year.
Wid[ow] Paulding: To have half her husband's pension.
Widow Talbott: To have something.
Thanet Countess: report is read: to have 300l. a year.
Col. Philips: to have as usual.
Cornwallis: to have some employment. [Entry struck through].
Countess Dowager of Marlbro and widow Christian: not to have pensions but some bounty. [Entry struck through].