Warrants for the Payment of Money
1731, April-June


Institute of Historical Research



William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Warrants for the Payment of Money: 1731, April-June', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2: 1731-1734 (1898), pp. 163-177. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=91719 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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1731, April–June

April 1Nicholas Paxton -1,00000Crown law expensesOrder Book XIV. p. 474.
April 5Land Tax Commissioners.8912Incidents, 1731, Lady Day quarter.Money Book XXXV. p. 468.
Paymasters of Exchequer bills.6,2371510¾Application of savings by East India Company's Fund, same quarter.Ibid, pp. 474–5.
Commissioners for Duties on Houses.900Incidents, same quarterIbid, p. 462.
John Hedges2,00000Prince of WalesKing's Warrant Book XXX. p. 48.
April 9Wm. Earl of Essex50000Equipage and ordinary in advance as Minister Plenipotentiary to king of SardiniaMoney Book XXXV. p. 477.
72800Equipage and ordinary in advance as Minister Plenipotentiary to king of SardiniaMoney Book XXXV. p. 477.
Wm. Lord Harrington1,10000Ordinary to 1730, June 13, date of return as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the Congress of Soissons.Ibid, pp. 477–8.
John Trevor, counsel-at-law.Any arrears of fee of 40l. per annum.Ibid, p. 478.
April 10Spencer Earl of Wilmington, Lord President of the Council.944810½1730, December 31, to 1731, March 25, on his salary of 4,000l. per annum.Ibid.
April 10Civil List, Scotland9,065491731, Lady Day quarter -North Britain Book X. pp. 76–9.
April 12Duke of St. Albans -34326Same quarter as Master of Hawks, and pension.Money Book XXXV. p. 57.
25000Same quarter as Master of Hawks, and pension.Money Book XXXV. p. 57.
Officers of Customs, Scotland.6,16750Salary bill, 1731, same quarterNorth Britain Book X. pp. 80–93.
John Earl of Sutherland.30000Same quarter's allowanceMoney Book XXXV. p. 475.
Archibald Earl of Ilay, and George Campbell, goldsmith.10000Half-year due 1730, Christmas, as trustees for children of Wm. late Lord Forbes.Ibid, p. 476.
John Earl of Kintore -10000Same on his annuity -Ibid.
George Lord Mordington.5000Same on an additional annuity of 100l. per annum.Ibid.
April 13Thos. Missing -6,30613Two months victualling of Gibraltar.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 189–90.
Same -1,64700Same of Placentia and Annapolis.Ibid, pp. 190–2.
Taxes Commissioners -15000Lady Day quarter's allowance.Order Book XIV. p. 455.
John Plumptre, Treasurer and Paymaster of Ordnance.100,00000Land and sea servicesMoney Book XXXV. p. 432.
April 14Thos. Lowther -50000His Majesty's service -Order Book XIV. p. 452.
Catlin Thorowgood -5058Overpayment as late Sheriff of Essex.Money Book XXXV. p. 483.
Robert Jones - -10168Same as same of MonmouthIbid.
Wm. Shipman -3789Same as same of NottinghamIbid.
Samuel Newton3000Same as same of StaffordIbid, pp. 484–5.
Nicholas Paxton3,161186Executors of Nathaniel Halhed, for purchase of 45 acres of woodland adjoining Richmond Park.Order Book XIV. p. 483.
Ben Elhaz Mustapha -5000Royal bounty - -Ibid, p. 484
Edmund Lord Kilmallock.30000SameIbid.
Augustus Schutz -99726Expense in Office of Robes, 1731, Lady Day quarter.Ibid.
Francis Earl of Godolphin.1,00000Same quarter as Groom of the Stole.Money Book XXXV. p. 479.
Eleven Gentlemen of Bedchamber, detailed.25000Same quarter's annuity -Ibid.
Seven Grooms of the Bedchamber, detailed.12500SameIbid, p. 480.
Sir Charles Turner, a Teller of the Exchequer.147100Repairing house belonging to him as a Teller.Ibid, pp. 480–1.
John Smith and Wm. Leslie, Deputy Chamberlains of Exchequer.302110For joining tallies to value of 3,025,500l. 17s.d.Ibid, pp. 481–2.
Heirs of Nicholas Yates.2500Lady Day quarter's perpetuityIbid, p. 21.
April 15Commissioners of Trade2,00000Same quarter's salaries -Ibid, p. 482.
April 17Charles Sibourg - -30000One year, due 1730, Christmas, as Lieutenant Governor of Nevis.Order Book XIV. p. 493.
Woodes Rogers30000Three quarters of a year, due 1730, Christmas, as Governor in Chief of the Bahamas.Ibid.
Thos. Diggs20000One year, due 1731, Lady Day, as Lieutenant Governor of Montserrat.Ibid, p. 495.
April 19-4000Fees for passing accounts of the Duke of Chandos as Clerk or Keeper of the Hanaper in Chancery, for year ended 1729, September 29.Money Book XXXV. p. 486.
April 20Corporation of Lyme Regis.10000Keeping the “Cobb” pier -Order Book XIV. p. 489.
April 22Edward Earl of Warwick.20000Lady Day quarter's pension -Ibid, p. 452.
Arthur Collins10000Royal bounty -Ibid, p. 488.
John Westley and Randolph Greenway.36000Rewards paid as Under Sheriffs of London and Middlesex.Ibid, p. 491.
John Lord Hobart, Treasurer of Chamber.5000Allowance for Edmund Britiffe, Hobart's chief clerk.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 194.
Richard Tucker -4000As keeper of cranes, quaries, &c. in Isle of Portland, out of duty on Portland stone.Money Book XXXV. p. 490.
per annum.
April 24Bishop of Sarum -28526Lady Day quarter as Chancellor of the Garter.Ibid, p. 21.
April 26Wm. Noake -4000Disbursements as Sheriff of Berks.Order Book XIV. p. 490.
Charles Cole -8000Same as same of Southampton.Ibid.
James Brooke - -4000Same as same of Kent -Ibid.
April 27John Scrope -6,40000Secret service -Ibid, p. 486.
Samuel Kent16000Disbursement as Sheriff of Surrey.Ibid, p. 489.
April 28Wm. Lord Harrington1,83800Extraordinaries, 1730, March 25, to 1731, June 13, as late Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Congress at Soissons.Money Book XXXV. p. 487.
April 29James and Arthur Moore.1,50000Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, 1731, Lady Day quarter.Ibid, p. 489.
April 30Excise officers in Scotland.1,84312Salary bill, 1731, Lady Day quarter.North Britain Book X. pp. 95–96.
Same2673Incidents bill for same -Ibid, pp. 97–99.
Sir Clement Cotterell -39450Royal present to El Hadgee Mohamed Assay'd, Envoy from Algiers, now on his return home.Order Book XIV. p. 490.
April 30Charles Wither -1,00000Work of laying six ponds in Hyde Park into one.Order Book XIV. p. 488.
Philip Earl of Chesterfield1,30000Extraordinaries, 1730, June 25, 1731, March 25, as Ambassador Extraordinary to States General.Money Book XXXV. pp. 487b–488.
John Lethieullier, Remembrancer of City of London.100160City bill of impost on wines for year ended 1730, Christmas.Ibid, pp. 488–9.
May 4Poor of St. Margaret's, Westminster.17914Royal pension established by George I.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 203.
Abraham Stanyan and Robert Jackson, Keepers of the Privy Seal.600001730–1, January 1, to 1731, April 30.Money Book XXXV. p. 491.
Jonathan Forward59000Transporting 118 felons, named in detail.Ibid, pp. 495–8.
Nicholas Paxton -1314Samuel Grey, messenger of the press for marking for evidence all pamphlets and newspapers published in London, 1730, November 13, to 1731, May 11.Letter Book XIX. p. 41.
Same -10240Charge of 36 reports made by Attorney and Solicitor General.Ibid, p. 42.
8060Charge of 36 reports made by Attorney and Solicitor General.Ibid, p. 42.
John Hedges -2,00000Prince of Wales -King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 48.
May 5Peter Leheup5,05718To be paid over as His Majesty shall direct out of Virginia quit rents.Ibid, p. 198.
Thos. Lowther1,00000His Majesty's service -Order Book XIV. p. 453.
John Duke of Montagu3,936194Debt in office of Great Wardrobe, Lady Day, 1731.Letter Book XIX. p. 41.
Stephen Poyntz -2,05500Extraordinaries as late Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Congress at Soissons.Money Book XXXV. pp. 492–3.
May 6Walter Chetwynd -17914On an unsatisfied order for payment of late King's debts.Letter Book XIX. p. 46.
Charles Wither -1,55498Repairs, detailed, in royal forests and parks.Money Book XXXV. pp. 494–5.
Jezreel Jones -52100Charges, &c. of attendance upon Elhadge Moham'd Assay'd, Envoy from Algiers.Ibid, p. 495.
May 7John Gore7,333174Bills of exchange presented for His Majesty's service.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 204.
Richard Samborne30000His Majesty's special serviceIbid, p. 206.
Parsons and Trotter4000Reward paid as Sheriffs of Lincoln city.Order Book XIV. p. 497.
May 7Henry Bell8,67067To be paid to Henry Frederick, Baron de Sohlenthal, for arrears due at death of George I. to Prince Charles of Denmark, lately deceased, on his annuity of 4,000l.Order Book XIV. p. 494.
Wm. Richards -4,33000His Majesty's special serviceIbid.
David Polhill8317101730, September 7, to 1731, March 25, for digesting, &c. records in the Tower.Money Book XXXV. p. 491.
May 10Thomas Lowther1,00000His Majesty's service -Ibid, p. 499.
May 11Col. Joshua Guest -798167Necessaries for barracks, North Britain, 1730.North Britain Book X. pp. 101–5.
Thos. Robinson, Minister at Vienna.1,00000Royal bounty -King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 210.
John Scrope -5,90000Secret service -Order Book XIV. p. 486.
May 12Nathaniel Acton -4000Reward paid as Sheriff of Suffolk.Ibid, p. 497.
Wm. Shipman -3789Overpayment as late Sheriff of Nottingham.Ibid.
Lord Harrington694Forty-two days as Vice-Chamberlain to 1730, May 7, when he was succeeded by Lord Hervey.Money Book XXXV. p. 499.
John Hervey, Esq. commonly called Lord Hervey.53015Fee to 1731, Lady Day, as Vice-Chamberlain.Ibid.
May 13Stephen Poyntz, Receiver General of Excise.20000Advanced for public service to Gervase Clerk, who failed.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 359.
Wm. Richards1,574136To answer bill drawn abroad by Earl of Chesterfield and Peter Butler.Order Book XIV. p. 496.
Mary Gotere, et al.10000Reward for arrest of Robert Sandford for robbery.Money Book XXXV. pp. 500–1.
Dr. Geo. Paul - -592Arrears as Judge Advocate to 1730, Michaelmas.Ibid, p. 502.
May 14Charles Lord Lynn -17500Lady Day quarter as Master of His Majesty's Jewels.Ibid, p. 341.
May 15Charles Duke of Grafton75000Lady Day quarter's pension -Order Book XIV. p. 499.
May 15Charles Lord Cornwallis.37500Same quarter's allowance as Warden Chief Justice, &c.Ibid.
Nicholas Paxton -1,00000Crown law expenses - -Ibid, p. 499b.
May 18Philip Le Geyt and 15 others934210Damages sustained in late tumults in Jersey.Ibid, p. 498.
Arthur Onslow -500001730–1, January 26 to May 6, as Speaker of House of Commons.Ibid, p. 499.
Samuel Buckley -1,028126Special disbursements for His Majesty.Money Book XXXV. p. 503.
May 18Thos. Spence, Sergeant-at-Arms attending House of Commons.327136Necessaries for service of the House, detailed.Money Book XXXV. p. 503.
James Merest, Clerk Assistant of the House of Peers.10030Services in last session, 1730–1, January 21 to 1731, May 7.Ibid, p. 504.
Richard Turner, Doorkeeper, ibid.10000Same for the eight doorkeepers of House of Peers.Ibid.
Francis Jephson, Sergeant-at-Arms attending same House.5500Allowance, 1730, July 14, September 24, November 19, December 17, days on which Parliament was prorogued, and in above session.Ibid, pp. 504–5.
Michael Askew, clerk assistant, Hicks Burroughs, Edward Joddrell, John Hooks, and Wm. Hester, under clerks of the House of Commons, Thos. Ward, housekeeper, and Thos. Spence, Sergeant-at-Arms.47000Attendance, same session -Ibid, p. 505.
May 20Bank of England -18,105811Circulating 2,602,300l. in Exchequer bills, three months ended April 24,Money Book XXXV. p. 202.
John Deane -20000As Consul in Flanders -King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 213–15, 236–7.
per annum.
Duke of Montagu -20,00000Imprest for office of Great Wardrobe.Ibid, p. 215.
David Polhili - -50000As Keeper of the Records in the Tower, to date from 1730–1, February 17.Money Book XXXV.p 506.
per annum.
May 21Peter Leheup -1,00000Royal bounty to Thos. Robinson, minister, &c. at Vienna.Order Book XIV. p. 501.
John Wace -1,00000Bills of exchange for His Majesty's service.Ibid.
May 24John King -30000Half-year ended Lady Day as out-ranger of Windsor Forest.Money Book XXXV. p. 65.
May 25Duke of Kent -50000Lady Day quarter's pension -Ibid, p. 51.
Jane Kien7500Same as house and wardrobe keeper at Kensington Palace.Ibid, p. 53.
Richard Bentley5000Same as keeper of His Majesty's libraries.Ibid.
Thos. Walker - -5000Same as keeper of Newmarket Palace.Ibid.
Sir Clement Cotterell5000Same as Master of Ceremonies.Ibid, p. 54.
Same -2500Same for allowances usually received out of office of Treasurer of Chamber.Ibid.
May 25Heirs of Colonel Fairfax.25001731, Lady Day quarter's perpetuity.Money Book XXXV. p 54.
Corporation of Lyme Regis.2500Same quarter, keeping “Cobb” Pier.Ibid, p. 55.
John Cooke -2434Same as Clerk of Foreign Estreats.Ibid.
Corporation of Dartmouth.1000Same on King Charles II.'s perpetuity.Ibid.
Ministers of Isle of Man.2500Same quarter -Ibid, p. 56.
John Inglis2500Same as Marshal of the Ceremonies and Assistant Master of the Ceremonies.Ibid.
3000Same as Marshal of the Ceremonies and Assistant Master of the Ceremonies.Ibid.
Daniel Graham -28150Same as apothecary to His Majesty.Ibid, p. 57.
Mayor of Macclesfield2500Half - year for a town preacher.Ibid, p. 58.
Corporation of Berwick2500Lady Day quarter for keeping Tweed Bridge.Ibid.
Provost and Fellows of Eton College.10100Same quarter's perpetuity -Ibid.
Earl of Harborough -2500Same quarter's annuity -Ibid, p. 60.
Edward Salter and John Spencer.22100Same quarter's fees and allowance as keepers of Council Chamber.Ibid, p. 61.
1850Same quarter's fees and allowance as keepers of Council Chamber.Ibid, p. 61.
George Turbill5000Same quarter as Keeper of Records relating to Forfeited Estates, England.Ibid.
Wm. Cowper -51168Same as Knight HarbingerIbid, p. 64.
Dr. Green, Cambridge10001731, Lady Day salary -Ibid, p. 506.
Dr. Bourchier, Oxford1000Same - -Ibid.
Dr. Dickens - -1000Same - -Ibid.
Dr. Woodford -1000Same -Ibid.
Richard Sutton45000Ordinary and extraordinary as Envoy Extraordinary to Wolfenbüttel and Cassel.Ibid, p. 507.
37500Ordinary and extraordinary as Envoy Extraordinary to Wolfenbüttel and Cassel.Ibid, p. 507.
Edward Finch -450001731, Lady Day quarter's ordinary as Envoy, &c. to Sweden.Ibid.
Arthur Stert45000Same quarter as Commissary to treat with those of Spain.Ibid.
John Goddard45000Same - -Ibid, p. 508.
James Earl Waldegrave.40000Extraordinaries as Ambassador, &c. to France.Ibid.
James Lord Tyrawley45000Ordinary and extraordinary as Envoy, &c., to Portugal.Ibid.
15000Ordinary and extraordinary as Envoy, &c., to Portugal.Ibid.
Thomas Robinson455001731, Lady Day quarter's ordinary and extraordinary as Envoy, &c. to Emperor of Germany.Ibid, p. 509.
150001731, Lady Day quarter's ordinary and extraordinary as Envoy, &c. to Emperor of Germany.Ibid, p. 509.
George Woodward27000Same ordinary as Resident in Poland.Ibid.
John Crookshanks18000Same as secretary to Stert and Goddard.Ibid.
Charles Black15000Same as Consul General at Algiers.Ibid, p. 510.
Wm. Reed9500Same as same in TripoliIbid.
John Russell62100Same as Consul at Tetuan -Ibid.
Wm. Cayley5000Same as Consul General at Cadiz.Ibid.
May 25Benjamin Keene -275001731, Lady Day quarter's ordinary as Plenipotentiary and Consul at Madrid.Money Book XXXV. p. 510.
125001731, Lady Day quarter's ordinary as Plenipotentiary and Consul at Madrid.Money Book XXXV. p. 510.
James Dayrolle -27000Same, and extraordinaries as Resident with States GeneralIbid, p. 511.
15000Same, and extraordinaries as Resident with States GeneralIbid, p. 511.
Sir Cyril Wich -27000Same as Envoy, &c. to the Hanse Towns.Ibid.
7500Same as Envoy, &c. to the Hanse Towns.Ibid.
Elizaeus Burgess27000Same as Resident at Venice -Ibid, p. 512.
10000Same as Resident at Venice -Ibid, p. 512.
Francis Colman - -27000Same as same at Florence -Ibid.
10000Same as same at Florence -Ibid.
Thomas Pelham -18000Same as secretary to the Embassy in France.Ibid.
15009Same as secretary to the Embassy in France.Ibid.
Walter Titley - -15300Same as Resident in Denmark (including “mourning for the death of the late King of Denmark”).Ibid, p. 513.
319140Same as Resident in Denmark (including “mourning for the death of the late King of Denmark”).Ibid, p. 513.
John Stanhope -18000Same, ordinary as secretary to Extraordinary Embassy to States General.Ibid.
Edmund Allen18000Same as Secretary at Turin -Ibid.
Melchior Guy Dickens18000Same as Secretary at Berlin -Ibid.
Charles Holzendorff -10000Same for services abroadIbid, pp. 513–4.
John Anstis senior, and junior, Garter King at Arms and other officers at arms, detailed.21000Same quarter's feesIbid, p. 514.
John Duke of Montagu, Grand Master of the Bath.12500Same quarter for officers of the Bath.Ibid, p. 515.
John Anstis, junior, Blanch Coursier Herald.3368Same quarter -Ibid, pp. 515–6.
Richard Viscount Castlemain.67100Same quarter for officers of Waltham Forest.Ibid, p. 516.
James Earl of Berkeley.52100Same for keepers, &c. of Dean Forest.Ibid, p. 517.
Sir Charles Dalton5000Same as Gentleman Usher Black Rod.Ibid.
Eight Sergeants-at-Arms detailed.19800Same quarter -Ibid, p. 518.
John Rollos12100Same as engraver of royal seals, &c.Ibid.
Hugh Earl of Loudoun.50000Same quarter's pension -Money Book XXXVI. p. 1.
Wm. Lord Byron -25000Same - -Ibid.
Captain George Munro10000Same -Ibid.
John Earl of Crawford and 12 others, ut supra, p. 154, except Mordington.75000Same - -Ibid, p. 2.
Earl of Bucban and six others, ut supra, ibid, but omitting Haldane.1,20000Same as Commissioners of Police.Ibid, p. 3.
George Middleton -15000Same quarter's incidents for same.Ibid, pp. 3–4,
May 25Archibald Earl of Ilay and George Campbell.50001731, Lady Day quarter for Lord Forbes's children.Money Book XXXVI. p. 4.
John Earl of Kintore -5000Same quarter's annuity -Ibid, pp. 4–5.
George Lord Mordington.5000Same -Ibid, p. 5.
Sir Patrick and Martha Johnston.37100Same -Ibid.
12100Same -Ibid.
Charles Earl of St. Albans.4500Same quarter's allowance as Governor, &c. of Windsor Castle.Ibid, p. 6.
John Pitt8500Same as Governor of Bermudas.Ibid, p. 7.
Frances Wyndham -5000Same quarter's pension -Ibid.
Hugh Howard -4000Same quarter's allowance as keeper of the Paper Office.Ibid.
John Rollos -39510Seals engraved for the Welsh counties and the Order of the Garter.Ibid, pp. 8–9.
Richard Arundel -20000As keeper of His Majesty's private roads and guide of the royal person in all progresses.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 218–9.
per annum.
May 26Mungo Haldane - -40000As a Commissioner of Police in Scotland, vice David Haldane.Ibid, pp. 220–1.
per annum.
Robert Smith - -15000As master of mechanics to His Majesty.Ibid, p. 231.
per annum.
Andrew Drummond868120Royal bountyOrder Book XIV. p. 502.
John Cooke -1368Lady Day quarter as Clerk of Foreign Estreats.Ibid, p. 11.
Sir Clement Cotterell25001731, Lady Day quarter's allowance as Master of Ceremonies.Order Book XV. p. 10.
George Woodward27300Extraordinaries as Resident in Poland.Money Book XXXVI. p. 6.
Richard Sutton37500Extraordinary as Envoy, &c. to Wolfenbüttel and Cassel.Money Book XXXV. p. 507.
May 27Wm. Earl of Essex430168Works in St. James's Park -Order Book XV. p. 11.
Christopher Rhodes -1,50000Incident charges of 1731 lottery.Money Book XXXV. p. 515.
Sir Clement Cotterell -38396Present for Baron Sohlenthal Envoy from Denmark, “he having had his audience of leave for return home.”Order Book XV. p. 13.
May 28Thomas Minors76307Gilt and white plate delivered into Jewel Office, 1731, Lady Day quarter.Ibid, p. 502.
May 31Edward Greenly210155Law expenses for substantiating merchants' claims against Spain.Ibid, p. 15.
June 1Thos. Lowther50000His Majesty's service -Money Book XXXVI. p. 13.
Augustus Schutz -3,00000Privy Purse - -Disposition Book XXIX. p. 383.
June 1Benjamin Keene -2,05500Extraordinaries, detailed, as Plenipotentiary in Spain (including attendance on the Court in their present progresses, entertainments made on His Majesty's birthday, express from Malaga with letters from General Sabine and Admiral Cavendish).Money Book XXXVI. p. 10.
Zaccheus Duckett -5000Recovered on an outlawry of Wm. Martin.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 232.
Wm. Finch72000Lady Day quarter's ordinary as Plenipotentiary to States General.Order Book XV. p. 14.
Sir Luke Schaub -56000Ordinary to same date, as special Envoy to Poland.Ibid.
Claudius Rondeau -8368Same for taking Thos. Ward's place as Consul in Russia on Ward's death, 1730–1, January 24.Ibid.
John Hedges2,00000Prince of Wales -King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 48.
June 2Wine Licence Office378147Incidents, 1731, Lady Day quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 11.
Same - -577100Same quarter's salary bill -Ibid, p. 12.
June 3Richard Carter, John Verney, John Trevor, Henry Beeston, Sir Wm. Chapple.100001731, Easter Term, as Welsh justices.Order Book XV. p. 19.
John Birch -10000Same as Fifth Baron -Ibid.
Sir Theodore Janssen -146170Royal bounty to John Walton.Ibid.
Thos. Lowther -1,00000His Majesty's serviceIbid, p. 17.
Wm. Richards2,50000Same -King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 239.
Wm. Matthew30000Half year to 1720–1, March 12, as Acting Captain General, &c. of Leeward Islands.Order Book XV. p. 16.
Thos. Lascelles -27000Inspecting demolition of Dunkirk.Ibid, pp. 16–8.
Paymasters of Exchequar bills.350,00000To pay off Exchequer bills, 1730.Disposition Book XXIX. p. 383.
June 4Nicholas Paxton -2,688160Purchase of Cranborne Lodge and furniture and custody of walks in Cranborne Chase, from estate of late Richard Earl of Ranelagh.Order Book XIV. p. 115.
June 10Hugh Howard, Paymaster of Works.40,00000Imprest for Office of Works -King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 240.
Augustus Schutz -36,00000Privy purse - -Ibid, p. 241.
Nathaniel Blackerby -5,00000Commissioners for Building New Churches.Order Book XV. p. 17.
June 11Royal Africa Company10,00000Maintenance of British forts and settlements on coast of Africa.Order Book XV. p. 18.
Samuel Newton -9917Overpayment as late Sheriff of Stafford.Money Book XXXV. p. 483.
June 12John Scrope -5,20000Secret serviceKing's Warrant Book XXX. p. 208.
June 14South Sea Company -408,00000One year's interest on 20,000,000l. to 1732, Midsummer, and 8,000l. expenses of management.Order Book XIV. p. 202.
Wm. Lambe -12000Rewards paid as Sheriff of Beds.Order Book XV. p. 22.
Francis Blake Delavell4000Same as same of Northumberland.Ibid.
Bernard Turney -4000Same as same of BucksIbid.
Richard Symonds -4000Same as same of Warwick -Ibid.
Samuel Mee -8000Same as same of Gloucester -Ibid.
Beilby Thompson -8000Same as same of York -Ibid.
Richard Woolley -4000Same as same of WorcesterIbid.
June 15Wm. Richards -1,85000His Majesty's service -Ibid, p. 17.
Francis Blake Delavell13146Overpayment as Sheriff of Northumberland.Money Book XXXV. p. 455.
John Lidgold - -5129Same as same of Buckingham.Ibid.
Sir John Napier -975Same as same of Bedford -Ibid.
John Daniell -11329Same as same of ChesterIbid.
Samuel Scott -15000Out of Minorca revenues, as Vice-Consul at Majorca.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 243.
per annum.
John Westley and Randolph Greenway, Under Sheriffs of London and Middlesex.20000Rewards paid for apprehending felons.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 16–8.
June 16Richard Earl of Scarborough.5,00000Extraordinary expense of Stables.Order Book XV. p. 24.
Robert Smith, master of His Majesty's mechanics.4631111½Arrears to 1731, Lady Day -Money Book XXXVI. p. 23.
Mungo Haldane100001731, Lady Day quarter's allowance.Ibid.
John Deane114150Consul at Ostend, Newport and Bruges, to 1731, Lady Day.Ibid, p. 24.
Samuel Burton, late receiver of Savoy rents.24000Allowance upon final accomptIbid, p. 25.
June 17John Bentley, land surveyor, Liverpool port.20000Services and lossesCustoms Book XIII. p. 198.
June 21Thos. Lowther -1,00000His Majesty's service -Money Book XXXVI. p. 13.
Wm. Steuart - -50,00000Pensions establishments -Ibid, p. 28.
June 22Nicholas Paxton -1,00000Crown law expenses -Ibid, p. 39.
June 22Duke of Newcastle3,00000Secret serviceKing's Warrant Book XXIX. p. 246.
Lord Harrington -3,00000SameIbid, p 245.
June 23Hugh Howard, Paymaster of Works.40,00000Imprest for His Majesty's works.Money Book XXXVI. p. 40.
Edmund Britiffe, Edmund Anguish, Edmund Ball, paymaster of Exchequer bills.500,00000To discharge the like principal in Exchequer bills on land tax, 1731.Ibid.
Same -750,00000Same on malt, 1731 -Ibid.
Abraham Stanyan and Robert Jackson11000Keeping Privy Seal, 1731, May 1 to June 12.Ibid, pp. 32–3; Order Book XV. p. 36.
[? 168.]
John Shepherd45000His Majesty's service -King's Warrant Book XXIX. p. 246.
June 24Dr. Exton Sayer -10000Half year, due June 24, as Surveyor General.Order Book XIV. p. 375.
Lords of the Treasury -2,000001731, Midsummer quarter's salary.Money Book XXXVI. p. 28.
Sir Robert Walpole -40000Same as Chancellor of Exchequer.Ibid, p. 29.
John Couraud, Latin secretary.5000Same quarter's allowance -Ibid.
Thos. Thurkettle, Messenger of the Chamber.1534Same -Ibid, p.30.
1534Same -Ibid, p.30.
Edward Webster, Thos. Bowen, Robert Burnbury, Peter Leheup, Christopher Lowe, Charles Lowndes, W. Erdman Fox, Edward Burnaby, Thos. Pratt, Henry Fane, William Windham, Thos. Gibson, clerks of the Treasury.187100Same quarter's salaries -Ibid, p. 32.
Wm. Ireland25001731, Midsummer quarter's extraordinary services in office of Anditor of Receipt.Ibid, p. 33.
George Holmes -2500Same, digesting records in the Tower.Ibid, p. 34.
Charles Valence Jones5000Same as Solicitor for Affairs of the Treasury.Ibid.
David Polhill -37100Same, digesting records in Tower.Ibid, pp. 34–5.
Sir Philip Ryley and Thos. Spence.5000Same, salaries and allowances as Sergeants-at-Arms.Ibid, p. 35.
Wm. Crew -4000Apprehending Aaron Madox, a deer stealer.Ibid, pp. 35–7.
June 24Thos. Mann, Thos. Thurkettle, Wm. Richards, Wm. Empson, John Shepherd, attendants, &c. in Treasury Office.1271091731, Midsummer quarter's salaries.Money Book XXXVI. p. 36.
George Holmes23619Salary of Keeper of Records during vacancy of office.Ibid, pp. 38–9.
Richard Andrews, junr.371001731, Midsummer quarter's salary as solicitor of affairs in the Exchequer Court.Ibid, p. 25.
John Symonds, Sheriff of Warwick.4000Paid for seizing felonsIbid, p. 18.
Wm. Hawkins, same of Berks.4000Same -Ibid.
June 25John Lawton - -1000Midsummer quarter as senior Deputy Chamberlain of Exchequer.Order Book XV. p. 30.
Nathaniel Cowdery -12100Same quarter, keeping register of public loans in office of Auditor of Receipt.Ibid, p. 32.
Henry Fane - -5000Same quarter, sorting &c. Treasury Books and Papers.Ibid, p. 28.
Edward Millward, porter at the Exchequer gate.500Same, as allowance for better securing His Majesty's treasure.Ibid, p. 29.
Duke of Newcastle, Lord Harrington.462100Same quarter's salaries as Secretaries of State.Money Book XXXVI. p. 31.
Customs officers, London.7,9412Midsummer quarter's salary bill.Customs Book XIII. p. 198.
Same in outports11,97622SameIbid.
John Beresford -6500Clerks for making up Books of Revenues, 1731, Midsummer quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 39.
12100Clerks for making up Books of Revenues, 1731, Midsummer quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 39.
June 26John Clavering50000As a Groom of the Bedchamber.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 255–6.
per annum.
June 28Walter Chetwynd1,50000Out of 4½ per cent. duty for services as Governor of Barbados.Ibid, pp. 256–7.
Thos. Missing - -1,63800Victualling Placentia and Annapolis.Ibid, pp. 251–3.
June 29Same -7,812118Victualling GibraltarIbid, pp. 249–50.
Receiver General and Cashier of Customs.1,6751810Half year's salary of establishment of Customs, detailed, in the Plantations.Customs Book XIII. pp. 206–8.
Post Office -2,151158Midsummer quarter's salaries to officers of General and Penny Post.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 188–90.
52914Midsummer quarter's salaries to officers of General and Penny Post.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 188–90.
Richard Arundel, Surveyor of Works.3000For the six gate-keepers on the private road belonging to the Crown leading from the back side of Buckingham House to Fulham.Ibid, pp. 54–5.
Sir Luke Schaub -76700Extraordinaries as Special Envoy to Poland.Order Book XV. p. 33.
Duke of Grafton -750001731, Midsummer quarter's pension.Money Book XXXVI. p. 41.
June 29Earl of Wilmington -1,000001731, Midsummer quarter's allowance as President of the Council.Money Book XXXVI. p. 41.
Samuel Grey - -3000Half year as Messenger of the Press.Ibid.
Commissioners for Hackney Coaches.270100Salaries and incidents, 1731, Midsummer quarter.Ibid, pp. 42–3.
8619Salaries and incidents, 1731, Midsummer quarter.Ibid, pp. 42–3.
Earl of Warwick -20000Same quarter's pension -Ibid, p. 43.
James Duke of Hamilton, and ten others.25000Same quarter's allowance as Gentlemen of the Bedchamber.Ibid, p. 44.
John Hervey, commonly called Lord Hervey.15000Same as Vice Chamberlain -Ibid.
John Campbell and six others.12500Same as Grooms of the Bedchamber.Ibid, p. 45.
Earl of Godolphin1,00000Same as Groom of the StoleIbid.
Nicholas Paxton -25000Half year as Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury.Ibid, p. 46.
Alured Popple287100Salary and incidents, &c. Midsummer quarter, for Board of Trade.Ibid.
2517Salary and incidents, &c. Midsummer quarter, for Board of Trade.Ibid.
Duke of St. Albans -2681411¾Officers of Windsor Forest, for half year.Ibid.
Mr. Paxton10000Perusing and observing on pamphlets for six months, to 1731, June 22.Ibid, p. 47.
Charles Duke of St. Albans.34326Fees and allowances as Master of the Hawks, 1731, Midsummer quarter.Ibid.
Same25000Same quarter's pensionIbid.
June 30Thos. Lowther -50000His Majesty's serviceIbid, p. 13.
John Jacob -80000Royal bountyOrder Book XV. p. 37.
Wm. Townshend, Usher of the Receipt.1,836134Necessaries for the Receipt, 1730, Michaelmas and Hilary terms.Ibid, p. 40.
Same -471176Same for several new offices, to Lady day, 1731.Ibid.
Clerks of the Council -10000Attending Board of Trade, Midsummer quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 52.
Robert Smith - -37100Same quarter, as master of mechanies.Ibid, p. 53.
Heirs of Nicholar Yates2500Same quarter's perpetuity, granted by Charles II.Ibid, p. 54.
Hawkers and Pedlars Office.432100Same quarter's salary bill -Ibid, p. 56.
Attorney and Solicitor General.10500Attendance on Board of Trade for year ended 1731, June 11.Ibid, pp. 56–7.
Attorney General -8168Patent salary for same year -Ibid, p. 57
Solicitor General -7000Same -Ibid.
James and Arthur Moore.1,50000Gentlemen Pensioners, 1731, Midsummer quarter.Ibid, p. 58.
Goodman Jenkyn, et al.30000Reward for arrest of Jeremiah Fitch, an incendiary.Ibid, pp. 58–60.
Wm. Sampson, et al.30000For same of Hall Bromhead, same.Ibid, pp. 61–3.
June 30Duke of Newcastle -3,00000Secret service - -King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 259.
Lord Harrington3,00000Same -Ibid.
John Hedges2,00000Prince of Wales -Order Book XV. p. 12.
Wm. Noake, Sheriff of Berks.4000Paid for seizing felonsMoney Book XXXVI. p. 18.
Thos. Gwynne, same of Carmarthen.4000Same -Ibid.
Paymaster of Works -10,51285Excess of expenditure in Office of Works for 1727.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 257–8.
Officers of Customs, Scotland.6,06313Salary bill, 1731, Midsummer quarter.North Britain Book X. pp. 117–30.