Warrants for the Payment of Money
1731, October-December


Institute of Historical Research



William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Warrants for the Payment of Money: 1731, October-December', Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2: 1731-1734 (1898), pp. 187-197. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=91721 Date accessed: 25 October 2014.


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1731, October–December

Oct. 2John Hedges -2,00000Prince of Wales - -Order Book XV. p. 12.
Oct. 5Paymasters of Exchequer Bills.40000Application of victualler's duty surplus.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 128–9.
Bank of England -2835SameIbid.
Commissioners of Hackney Coaches.2141211½Incidents, 1730, Michaelmas quarter.Ibid, p. 129.
John Earl of Sutherland.30000Allowance, same quarter -Ibid, p. 130.
Wm. Duke of Devonshire88513Fees, &c. as Keeper of Privy Seal, for 1731, June 12 to September 29.Ibid, pp. 130–1.
Kingsmil Eyre -151120Sunday clothing and accoutrements to invalids serving at different garrisons, 1731.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 298.
Earl of Wilmington -1,000001731, Michaelmas quarter -Money Book XXXVI.p.41.
Hackney Coach Commissioners.270100Same quarter's salaries -Ibid, p. 42.
Clerks of Council25000Michaelmas quarter's salaries.Ibid, p. 52.
Same - -10000Same quarter's attendance on Board of Trade.Ibid.
Robert Smith, master of mechanics.37100Same quarter's salary -Ibid, p. 53.
John Westley and Randolph Greenway.20000Paid for arrest of felonsIbid, p. 20.
Oct. 6Customs Officers, Scotland.6,136120Salary bill, Michaelmas, 1731North Britain Book X. pp. 157–71.
Oct. 6Stephen Poyntz - -6,00000Annual allowance for Duke of Cumberland.Order Book XV. p. 81.
Earl of Warwick -200001731, Michaelmas quarter's pension.Money Book XXXVI. p. 43.
Officers and Clerks of the Tally Court.13240Striking 1,322 tallies of loan, 1730, September 29, to 1731, September 29.Ibid, p. 131.
Commissioners of Hawkers and Pedlars.43114Michaelmas quarter's salary bill.Ibid.
Post Office - -2,151158Same quarter's salary bill to General and Penny Post.Ibid, pp. 191–3.
52914Same quarter's salary bill to General and Penny Post.Ibid, pp. 191–3.
Oct. 7Col. John Armstrong -1,40400Services, &c. when sent to the Court of France in February 1729.Order Book XV. p. 80.
Oct. 12John Scrope - -5,00000Secret service - - -Ibid, p. 81.
Earl of Goldolphin, Groom of Stole.1,00000Michaelmas quarter's annuityMoney Book XXXVI. p. 134.
John Harvey, Esq. commonly called Lord Harvey.15000Same as Vice Chamberlain, of Household.Ibid.
Wm. Duke of Manchester and 10 others named.25000Same as Gentlemen of the Bedchamber.Ibid, p. 135.
Sir Robert Rich and six others named.12500Same as Grooms of the Bedchamber.Ibid.
John Clavering -190188As same from 1731, May 7 -Order Book XV. p 83.
Wm. Earl of Denbigh -15000Same quarter's pension -Money Book XXXVI. p. 136.
Horatio Walpole, Esq. Cofferer of the Household.100,00000Imprest for His Majesty's Household.Ibid.
John Baskett -4,678510Printing Acts, proclamations, speeches, &c. 1730, June 24, to 1731, June 24,Ibid, pp. 136–7.
Bank of England -30,00000Annuities on the million lottery, 12 Geo. I.Ibid, p. 137.
Jonathan Forward -54500Transporting 109 felons named in detail.Ibid, pp. 138–9.
John Shepherd -302180His Majesty's serviceOrder Book XV. p. 82.
Hawkers and Pedlars Office.1824Incidents, Michaelmas quarter.Money Book XXXV. p. 93.
Bank of England -60,00000One year from 1731, Midsummer, 4 per cent. on 1,500,000l. part of 2,000,000l. as by 11 Geo. I.Order Book XV. p. 85.
Alured Popple -287100Salaries and incidents, Board of Trade, Michaelmas quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 46.
267610Salaries and incidents, Board of Trade, Michaelmas quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 46.
Charles Duke of St. Albans.34326Michaelmas quarter, as Master of Hawks.Ibid, p. 48.
Same - - -25000Same quarter's pension -Ibid.
Heirs of Nicholas Yates2500Same quarter's perpetuity -Ibid, p. 54.
Thos. Lowther1,00000His Majesty's serviceIbid, p. 13.
Oct. 12Civil List, Scotland9,1511814½Michaelmas quarter -North Britain Book X. pp. 172–5.
Sir Edward Hill -5200As King's waiter, London port.Customs Book XIII. p. 243.
per annum.
Oct. 13Augustus Schutz1,3420Expense in Office of Robes, Michaelmas quarter.Order Book XV. p. 86.
Oct. 19Philip Earl of Chesterfield.1,30000Quarter's ordinary, due September 7, as Ambassador, &c. to States General.Money Book XXXVI. p. 142.
James Earl Waldegrave.1,30000Same, due September 19, as Ambassador, &c. to France.Ibid.
Wm. Hartley - -880183Overpayment on 10th 3s. aid, 1728, as Receiver General of Bucks.Order Book XV. p. 87.
Bank of England -70,00000One year from 1731, June 24, 4 per cent. on 1,750,000l.Ibid.
Same -50,00000Same as same on 1,250,000l.Ibid, p. 88.
Oct. 20Nicholas Paxton1,00000Crown law expenses -Ibid, p. 27.
United East India Company.128,00000One year's annuity from 1731, Michaelmas.Ibid, p. 90.
Duke of Grafton75000Michaelmas quarter's pensionMoney Book XXXVI. p. 142.
Wm. Earl of Essex, Ranger of St. James's Park.226163Same quarter's fees for self and under keepers of St. James's Park.Ibid, p. 143.
Same, Keeper of Hyde Park.10000Same for Hyde ParkIbid.
Lord Cornwallis - -416134Same quarter as Warden Chief Justice, &c.Ibid, p. 144.
Taxes Commissioners557Same quarter's incidents, land tax.Ibid.
Same257711¼Same for house dutyIbid, p. 145.
John Scrope -4,282160Secret serviceOrder Book XV. p. 81.
Rev. Daniel MacDonald2000Passage money to Virginia -Money Book XXXVI. p. 119.
Commissioners for Taxes.15000Michaelmas salaries - -Ibid, p. 64.
Same -677100House duties salary bill, same quarter.Ibid, p. 69.
Nicholas Paxton -1,00000Crown law expensesIbid, p. 39.
Oct. 26Wm. Earl of Essex -88800Ordinary, May 11, 1730–1, to September 29, as Minister Plenipotentiary to King of Sardinia.Money Book XXXVI. p. 145.
Lord Tyrawley48500Same Michaelmas quarter, as Envoy Extraordinary to Portugal.Ibid, p. 146.
John Goddard48500Same as Commissary for treating with the Commissaries of Spain on matters arising under the Treaty of Seville.Ibid.
Anthony Stert -48500Same -Ibid.
Oct. 26John Crookshanks -19400Michaelmas quarter as Secretary to Goddard and Stert.Money Book XXXVI.p.145.
Richard Sutton - -79500Extraordinaries as Envoy, &c. to Duke of Wolfenbüttel and Landgrave of Hesse.Ibid, pp. 146–7.
Same - -48500Michaelmas quarter's ordinary as same.Ibid, pp. 147–8.
Thos. Robinson -48500Same and Extraordinary as Envoy, &c. Emperor of Germany.Ibid, p. 148.
42600Same and Extraordinary as Envoy, &c. Emperor of Germany.Ibid, p. 148.
Edward Finch -48500Same as Envoy, &c. to Sweden.Ibid, p. 149.
12500Same as Envoy, &c. to Sweden.Ibid, p. 149.
James Dayrolle -29100Same as Resident with the States General.Ibid.
15000Same as Resident with the States General.Ibid.
Elizaeus Burgess -29100Same quarter's ordinary as Resident at Venice.Ibid, p. 150.
Sir Cyril Wich - -29100Same as Envoy, &c. to Hanse Towns.Ibid.
Benjamin Keene29100Same as Minister, &c. to Spain, and Consul at Madrid.Ibid.
12500Same as Minister, &c. to Spain, and Consul at Madrid.Ibid.
Walter Titley - -29100Same as Resident at Court of Denmark.Ibid, p. 151.
George Woodward29100Same as Resident with King of Poland.Ibid.
Francis Colman - -29100Same as Resident at Court of Florence.Ibid.
Wm. Reede -9500Same as Consul General at Tripoli.Ibid, p. 152.
Charles Black -15000Same as same at Algier -Ibid.
John Russell -62100Same as same at TetuanIbid.
Wm. Cayley -5000Same as Consul at Cadiz -Ibid.
John Dean -5000Same as same in Flanders -Ibid.
Edmund Allen -19400Same as Secretary to King of Sardinia.Ibid, p. 153.
John Stanhope -19400Same as same to States General.Ibid.
Melchior Guy Dickens19400Same as same at Court of Berlin.Ibid.
Thos. Pelham -21400Same as same to Embassy to France.Ibid.
Charles Holzendorff -10000Same for services abroad -Ibid.
Sheriffs of England and Wales.4,00000Patent fees for 1731, detailedIbid, pp. 154–5.
Commissioners of Trade2,000001731, Michaelmas quarter's salaries.Ibid, p. 157.
Oct. 27James and Arthur Moore.1,50000Same quarter for Band of Gentleman Pensioners.Order Book XV, p. 90.
Wm. Matthew, Lieutenant General of Leeward Caribbee Islands.67711¼Moiety salary of Captain General, ibid, 1730–1, March 12 to April 23, when he set out for England.Ibid, p. 100.
Same - -20000One year due October 26, as Lieutenant Governor of St. Christopher.Ibid, p. 96.
Charles Lord Lynn -17500Michaelmas quarter as Master of His Majesty's Jewels.Money Book XXXVI. 163.
Oct. 28John King -30000Half year due 1731, Michaelmas, as Outranger of Windsor Forest.Money Book XXXVI. p. 163.
Henry Duke of Kent -500001731, Michaelmas quarter's pension.Ibid, p. 90.
Mungo Haldane -10000Same quarter - -Ibid, p. 23.
Hugh Earl of Loudoun50000Same quarter's pension -Ibid, p. 1.
Wm. Lord Byron -25000Same -Ibid.
Captain George Munro10000Same - -Ibid.
John Earl of Crawford and 12 others, ut supra, p. 154.75000Same - -Ibid, p. 2.
Earl of Buchan and six others, ut supra, ibid.1,20000Same quarter's allowances as Commissioners of Police.Ibid, p. 3.
George Middleton -15000Same quarter's incidents for same.Ibid, p. 4.
Earl of Ilay and George Campbell.5000Same quarter for Lord Forbes's children.Ibid.
John Earl of Kintore -5000Same quarter's annuityIbid, p. 5.
Lord Mordington -5000SameIbid.
Sir Patrick and Martha Johnston.37100Same -Ibid.
12100Same -Ibid.
Oct. 29Sir Theodore Janssen -146170Royal bounty to John WaltonOrder Book XV. p. 97.
Daniel Graham28150Michaelmas quarter, as apothecary in ordinary.Money Book XXXVI. p. 100.
John Cooke -2434Same as Clerk of Foreign Estreats.Ibid.
Provost and Fellows of Eton College.10100Same quarter's annuity -Ibid.
Edward Salter and John Spencer.2450Same quarter as Keepers of Council Chamber.Ibid, p. 100–101.
1850Same quarter as Keepers of Council Chamber.Ibid, p. 100–101.
Corporation of Dartmouth.1000Same quarter's perpetuity -Ibid, p. 101.
Richard Bentley - -5000Same quarter as Keeper of His Majesty's Libraries.Ibid.
Corporation of Berwick2500Same quarter's allowance -Ibid, p. 102.
Same of Lyme Regis -2500Same - - -Ibid, p. 104.
Heirs of Colonel Fairfax2500Same quarter's perpetuity -Ibid.
Dr. Dickens and Dr. Green, Cambridge; Dr. Bouchier and Dr. Woodford, Oxford.1000Same quarter's fee -Ibid, pp. 104–5.
Ministers of Isle of Man.2500Same quarter's pension -Ibid, pp. 105–6.
George Turbill -5000Same quarter's allowance as Keeper of Records relating to Forfeited Estates, England.Ibid, p. 106.
Jane Kien -7500Same quarter's allowance -Ibid, p. 107.
John Inglis -2500Same as Marshal and Assistant Master of Ceremonies.Ibid.
3268Same as Marshal and Assistant Master of Ceremonies.Ibid.
Sir Clement Cotterell -2500Same as Master of Ceremonies.Ibid, pp. 107–8.
5000Same as Master of Ceremonies.Ibid, pp. 107–8.
Earl of Harborough2500Same quarter's annuity as Chief Justice in Eyre, north of the Trent.Ibid, p. 109.
Oct. 29Wm. Cowper, Knight Harbinger.511681731, Michaelmas quarter's annuity, &c.Money Book XXXVI. p. 115.
John Rollos -12100Same quarter's fee as Engraver of Royal Seals.Ibid, p. 152.
L'Estrange Symes -1234One year's salary as Comptroller of His Majesty's Revels.Ibid, p. 153.
Wm. Finch77600Michaelmas quarter as Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to States General.Ibid, p. 156.
Sir Luke Schaub48500Same and extraordinaries, “His Majesty having appointed him to go to the Court of the King of Poland on special affairs for his service.”Ibid.
10000Same and extraordinaries, “His Majesty having appointed him to go to the Court of the King of Poland on special affairs for his service.”Ibid.
Claudius Rondeau -12500Same ordinary as Consul in Russia.Ibid.
Thos. Lascelles -291001Same for inspecting demolition of Dunkirk.Ibid.
Eight sergeants at arms, detailed.26136Same quarter's fee of 3s. and allowance of 2s. 6d. per day for board wages.Ibid, p. 157.
Frances Wyndham -5000Same quarter's pensionIbid.
Hugh Howard - -4000Same quarter, Keeper and Register of His Majesty's Paper Office.Ibid, p. 158.
Richard Hammond -1436Same as Foreign Apposer in Exchequer Court.Ibid.
Wm. Earl of Essex -20000Watering Ring in Hyde Park, 1731, summer season.Ibid.
Richard Earl of Tylney, Warden of Waltham Forest.67100Michaelmas quarter for officers of Waltham Forest.Ibid, p. 159.
Sir Charles Dalton5000Same as Gentleman Usher Black Rod.Ibid.
James Earl of Berkeley521010Same for Keepers of Dean Forest.Ibid, p. 160.
John Duke of Montagu12500Same for Officers of the BathIbid.
John Pitt8500Same as Governor, &c. of the Bermudas.Ibid, p. 161.
John Anstis and 13 others named21000Half-year as officers at arms -Ibid.
Executors of Francis Cudworth Masham.25141730, September 29, to 1731, May 16, day of death as Foreign Apposer in the Exchequer.Ibid, pp. 161–2.
Mayor of Macclesfield -2500Town preacher to instruct the towns and villages adjacent in doctrine, &c. of Church of England.Ibid, p. 162.
Thos. Missing -5,03440Victualling Gibraltar -King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 313–4.
Excise officers, Scotland.1,85219Salary bill, Michaelmas quarterNorth Britain Book X. pp. 178–9.
Same -7801Incidents, same - -Ibid, pp. 180–1.
Oct. 30John Hedges - -2,00000Prince of Wales -Order Book XV. p. 12.
Nov. 9Charles Lord Cornwallis.416134Midsummer quarter's fees, &c. detailed, as Warden Chief Justice, &c. south of the Trent.Money Book XXXVI. p. 88.
Wm. Earl of Essex -22313Fees and allowances for St. James's Park, same quarter.Ibid, pp. 88–9.
Nov. 12Samuel Stevenson -2572Overpayment as Sheriff of Warwick.Order Book XV. p. 53.
Nov. 28Gertrude Countess Dowager of Albemarle.50000Half-year's pension, due 1731, September 29.Money Book XXXVI. p. 127.
Nov. 30Stephen Poyntz, Cashier of Excise.611711For carrying 2,655,731l. 7s. 8d. into Exchequer for 1730, June to 1731, June.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 415.
Benjamin Bishop of Sarum.28526Half a year as Chancellor of the Garter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 164.
Wm. Emerson6500One year as keeper of the gate in Hyde Park. “This allowance is issued separately only when the Court is not at Kensington. When the Court is there, and the road is watered quite through the park, 'tis included in the 200l. paid to the keeper.”.Ibid.
Stamp Commissioners -4818Apprentice duties, incidents for half-year to February 3, 1729–30.Ibid, p. 165.
Same97126Same for half-year ended 1730, August 3.Ibid, p. 170.
Same4,20414Incidents, 1729, August 2, to February 3, paid by Henry Cartwright, Receiver General of Stamp Duties.Ibid, pp. 166–7.
Same -9,0821010Same for half-year ended August 2, 1731.Ibid, pp. 168–9.
Francis Colman37800Ordinary as Plenipotentiary to the Grand Duke of Tuscany at Parma from 1731, June 18, day of appointment, to October 22, day of his return to Florence.Ibid, p. 170.
Wm. Earl of Essex -100001731, Michaelmas quarter's pensions to Lady Catherine Hyde and Lady Charlotte Hyde.Ibid, p. 171.
Post Office - -1,626192Incidents, Christmas quarter, 1730.Ibid, pp. 174–5.
Same -1,68477Same for 1731, Lady DayIbid, pp. 176–7.
Bank of England14,849161Circulating 1,810,300l. in Exchequer bills, three months ended October 24.Money Book XXXV. p. 202.
Nov. 30Charles Duke of St. Albans.48100Michaelmas quarter as Governor, &c. of Windsor Castle.Money Book XXXVI. p. 120.
Wadham Locke, Under Sheriff of Wilts.12000Paid for arrest of felons -Ibid, p. 120.
Percival Lewis, same of Surrey.24000Same -Ibid.
Wm. Hawkins, same of Berks.4000Same -Ibid.
Wm. Francis [Fraunceis], same of Somerset.4000Same -Ibid.
Warner Perkins and Randolph Greenway.24000Same -Ibid, p. 21.
Francis Gulston -241210¾Overpayment as Sheriff of Herts.Ibid, p. 80.
Dec. 1Sir Wm. Chapple -100001731, Michaelmas term, as Chief Justice of Carnarvon, Merioneth, and Anglesea.Order Book XV. p. 106.
Thos. Martin -10000Same as Second Justice, ibid -Ibid.
John Trevor and Henry Beeston.10000Same as Chief and Second Justice of Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan.Ibid.
10000Same as Chief and Second Justice of Carmathen, Pembroke, and Cardigan.Ibid.
Richard Carter and John Verney.10000Same as same of Glamorgan, Brecon, and Radnor.Ibid.
10000Same as same of Glamorgan, Brecon, and Radnor.Ibid.
John Birch2500Same as Fifth Baron of the Exchequer.Ibid.
Wine Licence Office5401910Incidents, 1731, Michaelmas quarter.Money Book XXXVI. p. 11.
Same - -577100Same quarter's salary bill -Ibid, p. 12.
John Greenfield1143Moiety of money seized out of the “Black Bitch” bound for Lisbon.Customs Book XIII. p. 234.
Dec. 2John Selwyn -6,671100Year's establishment to Princesses Royal, Amalie and Caroline to Michaelmas, 1732.Order Book XV. p. 102.
John Hedges2,00000Prince of WalesIbid, p. 12.
Elizaeus Burgess -10000Extraordinaries as Resident at Venice.Money Book XXXVI. p. 178.
Walter Titley -10000Same as Resident in Denmark.Ibid.
Dec. 7Thos. Lowther -1,00000His Majesty's service -Ibid, p. 13.
Nicholas Paxton -1,50000Crown law expenses -Ibid, p. 39.
Duke of Montagu20,00000Imprest on account of the Great Wardrobe.King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 318.
Arthur Onslow -50000100 days, 1731, August 14, to November 22, as Speaker of House of Commons.Order Book XV. p. 103.
Thos. Minors556184Plate delivered into Jewel Office, 1731, Michaelmas quarter.Ibid, p. 104.
Samuel Robinson, Chamberlain of London.1,00000His Majesty's charity to the poor of London parishes.Ibid.
Dec. 8Walter Chetwynd, late Paymaster of Pensions.638136Incidents bill, 1731 -Warrants not relating to money XXIV. 419–20.
Dec. 11Wm. Townshend, Usher of the Receipt.1,02217Necessaries delivered to the ancient offices in the said Receipt, 1731, Easter and Trinity terms.Order Book XV. p. 108.
Same4663Same to the several new offices, detailed.Ibid.
Dec. 14James Earl Waldegrave81000Extraordinaries, Michaelmas quarter, 1731, as Ambassador, &c. in France.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 179–80.
Thos. Pelham -18000Same for same quarter as Secretary to Embassy, France.Ibid.
Benjamin Keene55000Same for Lady Day and Midsummer quarters as Minister, &c. in Spain.Ibid.
47100Same for Lady Day and Midsummer quarters as Minister, &c. in Spain.Ibid.
Dec. 15John Scrope5,84200Secret service - -Order Book XV. p. 108.
Dec. 20John Walker, Chief Usher of Exchequer Court.28606Allowance of 5d. per day for diet and necessaries delivered, 1731, Michaelmas term.Ibid, p. 110.
Managers of the Lottery, 1731.6,75000Rewards for servicesMoney Book XXXVI. p. 181.
Christopher Rhodes -6000To complete incident charges attending drawing of said lottery.Ibid, pp. 181–2.
Edward Burton -80000Incidents attending exchanging tickets as by the Act 4 Geo. II. for raising 1,200,000l. by a lottery.Ibid, p. 182.
Dec. 21John Earl of Dunmore1,00000As a Gentleman of the Bedchamber.Ibid, p. 320.
per annum
Thos. Missing5,047115Victualling Gibraltar and insurance of victuals.Ibid, pp. 325–7.
461139Victualling Gibraltar and insurance of victuals.Ibid, pp. 325–7.
Executors of Wm. Watkins.1888Salary, 1730, December 25 to March 7, day of death as Keeper of His Majesty's Private Roads, &c.Ibid, p. 183.
Thos. Lowther -50000His Majesty's serviceIbid, p. 13.
Dec. 22John Scrope -5,00000Secret service -Order Book XV. p. 108.
Lieutenant General Wade.28148To complete 3,281l. 4s. 8d. for making roads and bridges in Scotland, 1731.King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 327–9.
Vicar of Westminster and minister, schoolmaster, Poor and Charity School at Kensington.221147One year's pension -Ibid, p. 330.
Executors of Thos. Walker.41150Salary, 1731, June 24, to day of death, September 14, as housekeeper of Newmarket Palace.Money Book XXXVI. p. 183.
Thos. Lowther -1,00000His Majesty's service -Order Book XV. p. 17.
Mr. Paxton -10000Perusing and observing on pamphlets, six months to December 22.Money Book XXXVI. p. 48.
Same - -25000Half-year as Solicitor for Affairs of Treasury.Order Book XV. p. 38.
Dec. 23Board of Ordnance -1,14513Nicholas Grueber for gunpowder.Irish Book VIII. p. 384.
Salt collectors -17,66614Salaries, poundage, incidents, and premium bill.Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 427–9.
Richard Stear - -1200As King's waiter, Bristol port.Customs Book XIII. p. 273.
per annum
Clerks and officers, detailed, of the two Secretaries of State.1,55100Attendance and expenses at Hampton Court, 1731, June 10 to October 28.Order Book XV. p. 112.
Dec. 24Jeffry Elwes, Treasurer to Governors of Queen Anne's bounty.14,7411411½One year's bounty as follows:—Out of first fruits, 3,076l. 12s. 9d.; out of tenths, 11,665l. 7s.d.Order Book XV. p. 111.
Executors of Dr. Exton Sayers.1201011½Salary and allowance as Surveyor General, from 1731, June 24 to September 21, day of death.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 193–4.
484Salary and allowance as Surveyor General, from 1731, June 24 to September 21, day of death.Money Book XXXVI. pp. 193–4.
Dec. 27Nicholas Paxton -25000Half-year's salary as Solicitor for the Treasury.Ibid, p. 46.
John Beresford -77100Clerks for making up books of revenue, 1731, Christmas, quarter.Ibid, p. 39.
Lords of Treasury -2,000001731, Christmas salaries -Ibid, p. 28.
Henry Fane - -5000Same - - -Ibid.
Sir Robert Walpole -40000Same as Chancellor of Exchequer.Ibid, p. 29.
John Couraud, Latin Secretary.5000Same quarter's allowance -Ibid.
Thos. Thurkettle -14100Same -Ibid, p. 30.
14100Same -Ibid, p. 30.
Clerks of the Treasury187100Same quarter's salaries -Ibid, p. 32.
William Ireland -2500Same - -Ibid, p. 33.
George Holmes -2500Same -Ibid, p. 34.
Charles Valence Jones5000Same -Ibid.
David Polhill -37100Same - -Ibid, pp. 34–5.
Sir Philip Ryley, Thos. Spence.47170Same quarter's salaries and allowances.Ibid, p. 35.
Thos. Mann, et al.127100Same quarter's salaries -Ibid, p. 38.
John Lawton10500Same, digesting records in Receipt of Exchequer.Order Book XV. p. 30.
John Lawton -1000Same as Senior Deputy Chamberlain of Exchequer.Ibid.
Richard Andrews -371001731, Christmas quarter's salary.Money Book XXXVI. p. 25.
Dec. 28Edward Millward, porter at the Exchequer Gate.500Quarter's allowance for better securing His Majesty's treasure.Order Book XV. p. 29.
David Polhill - -12500Christmas quarter, as Keeper of Records in the Tower.Ibid, p. 43.
Nathaniel Cowdery12100Christmas quarter, keeping register of public loans.Ibid, p. 32.
Brinley Skinner, Consul at Leghorn.33228Disbursements from May, 1726, to July, 1730, (computed in dollars=53¾d.).Ibid, p. 116.
363130Disbursements from May, 1726, to July, 1730, (computed in dollars=53¾d.).Ibid, p. 116.
Duke of Newcastle and Lord Harrington.462100Christmas quarter, as Secretaries of State.Ibid, p. 114.
Earl of Wilmington -1,000001731, Christmas quarterMoney Book XXXVI. p. 41.
Dec. 29Wm. Earl of Essex10000Christmas quarter's pensions for Lady Catherine Hyde and Lady Charlotte Hyde.Money Book XXXVI. p. 195.
Executors of Francis Cudworth Masham.Arrears on allowance of 100l. per annum as a Master in Chancery.Ibid.
Commissioners for Hackney Coaches, &c.1008Incidents, 1731, Christmas quarter.Ibid, p. 198.
Same -270100Same quarter's salaries -Ibid, p. 42.
Edward Jones -40000Royal bounty -Order Book XV. p. 115.
Robert Lord Walpole, Clerk of the Pells.19584One year, due Christmas, on his allowances of 50l. for locking up His Majesty's treasure, and of 100l. and 45l. 8s. 4d. for attendance, &c.Ibid, p. 113.
George Earl of Halifax, Auditor of Receipt.20000Same on allowance for extraordinary business in his office.Ibid.
Charles Duke of Grafton.75000Christmas quarter's pension -Money Book XXXVI. p. 142.
Wm. Earl of Essex -220113Christmas quarter for self and under keepers, &c. of St. James's Park.Ibid, p. 143.
Same -10000Same for Hyde Park -Ibid.
Lord Cornwallis416134Same quarter as Warden Chief Justice, &c.Ibid.
Customs officers in London post.7,9757Salary bill, Christmas quarter, 1731.Customs Book XIII. p. 257.
Same in outports12,45954Same -Ibid.
Same in Plantations1,602100Same -Ibid.
Feb. 18
Henry Wm. Lawman and Herman Hobourg.Arrears for year ended 1731, Lady Day, on pensions of 1,000l. on the Irish establishment.Irish Book VIII. p. 385.
1731Thos. Mann, et al -1271001731, Lady Day quarter, for services in the Treasury.Money Book XXXV. p. 86.
John Beresford, et al -77100Clerks for making up books of revenue, same quarter.Ibid, p. 87.
June 1John Miller -6100As Customer of Chichester port.Customs Book XIII. p. 196.
per annum